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Joe McDonald, ESPN Boston, joins Danny Picard to talk Bruins and Red Sox free agency

Nov 9, 2013|

The Bruins hit the ice tonight and Joe McDonald brings the latest news heading into tonight’s game. McDonald also gives Danny his take on the pending Red Sox free agents.

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Welcome back. Sports Radio WEEI Emmett Till 3 o'clock. Bruins tonight at all against the maple -- Celtics. And Miami. I know everybody's thinking about Red Sox free agency. And some of the guys on this team last year this past -- championship club will be back who won't. Talk about that and bring -- this may Belize Bruins game tonight I Brendan. Joseph McDonald from ESPN. ESPN boston.com. Jordan back going on I don't know. I'm not much Don -- down at. The god today for the morning skate Maple Leafs Bruins. Year and any changes any changes to the lineup tonight that we should expect or is this pretty much what we saw the other night against Florida same lineup. Albeit at a an optional skate this morning here on and to please not skate Bruins had an optional and I don't expect any changes at all and that's called all the sort of elegant Panthers. You know his. Granted it was a there's a full on win against pretty pretty bad here Christine bite you saw a good thing for the Bruins and coach -- wants to see that continue. Gary in such comment please which obviously is one of the best teams in the in the united conference. I'm so I as a ring no no changes and to the rest will be that the broad side. And did you know their directives. And the standings they might show Toronto to be ahead of the Bruins but I mean it. These two teams and I know local Julia what he said he said at Toronto's legit but. A lot of that has to do with that even people from the outside much of Toronto right now but in the Bruins based on the records but the Bruins. Joseph long term hand how concerned at war people in plays that role -- an -- -- losing -- that they had. Last week and leading into the Sagan game nobody was really too concerned whether about that means you -- 82 game season they got a bounce back they have the talent to do it. They know that this is still a group that. That that wins the must win games late in the season in the playoffs didn't there wasn't much concern that are ones that. No I don't believe any concern at all being -- in Iran and in this Citigroup cut. Has been through this many times without. You know they don't let I'd get too high middle -- -- -- A tool I mean I know it's Lou you know very. Very cautious but it's true that this group in the one thing we've learned about her -- -- of actually years. Is that when you go through these these kids. It doesn't appear like these guys that are -- I'm nervous callers they they understand that they wanted to go through the matter of getting out of their right time. And they've always done that actually goes in you're not that it's right at the right time and then it could -- even admitted black children playoffs and those. Finally you know depression. The pilot error coach admitted when he said look. You when you get some how to we have on this team yet you know guys trying to take some time off during the regular season you know because it's a long season but. They have the talent is to hear from those those -- here's. When I'm council and I think that her and that her yet. I think tonight is -- going to be a great cast her for the Bruins and then make a lot of Monday it would and bay lightning or also an electric team. This year so I ended up and -- with with the -- and we'll see what have grown a lot and I. Speaker -- Joseph McDonald ESPN boston.com or on the AT&T hotline on WEEI indeed jolt. When this team does break out of losing skid one of the guys that needs to step up his Brad Marchand and he's needed to step up his game most of this season he scored the other night putting most impressive in the goal what he sort tapped then. That that snuck through the goalie was the play that -- the Blue Line to be able to. You don't get rid of the defender keep that puck and his own and create that real created the goal. I sent it descended and all that this is a guy that pain if you're took out not -- -- rectum of importance of this Bruins team needs more than others. But it -- no I don't even I don't think there's a question. This team needs Brad Marchand to be to have his -- game to you know to be that spark plug. More than maybe anybody on this team and when he does that you see what they can do. And of course and game and you know we're we start to see him had a fine game the last couple here in the and the one thing that you do a lot more. Against Florida on Thursday -- -- chirping you know who's getting picked me you know only opponent gotten you know really get negotiations. And really movies -- garageband and the corner and and you mentioned applicable I mean that was kind of that you played in the Big Ten. At the blood because it doesn't work out and is an odd man rush -- on the other land on to -- so. Important for him -- -- in the one thing about strategies is you know last week we could have. Haven't seen him. And help on Iraq yards by a third after the game you know you lose. It's like okay this is -- coach and stats as. That really work with a lot this year they don't want a game but he you know he needs to find a balance between being that -- And here on the right. But he also has the leader and as you mentioned you what those guys that when he's going well the team is. All is well in the one thing about him exact. You know playing alongside. Iran and we Ericsson. I mean it is dynamic line and I think that as the season progresses here I think -- and -- better -- from those -- so. And again I think it starts and I -- I really wanna see how these guys play against one of the best teams in the conference and you know given all the excitement and the energy that on the -- in the media have put on this team since the first one since it's so much here -- Quarterfinal. So you write in and then LP about -- this week is you know -- -- we've we've been saying his -- -- all these years. You have my standard CI a called a monster on the hall it's gotta take at. Time to get used to that you all I mean my share my shot but the bottom of the -- he's just playing games that people. -- -- -- I think that I had no idea if that's what you look in the past you said it really didn't matter what people called likely. I just to see that you know that side of this week is just. It'll only mean good things came on here. Now wall however you pronounce -- he wants his name pronounced -- -- It's good to see not much on -- -- and on to say on the same line as bird's role now and Louis Ericsson Mets. The top two lines Tuesday to get that third line joke Soderbergh Kelly Smith and Riley Smith I got the -- got overlooked in the -- say again trade. I've loved his game and it took me maybe a month here maybe even a little more than that to really figure out what call Soderbergh is. You see him skate after a guy. You know and he just jumps out of the at least on TV. He jumps off the screen with his puck pursuit going after a guy his stride and jacket -- a perfectly he has -- -- full stride. And it really does impress I'd like soderbergh's game. Is this line of -- -- and I guess had to put a playoff lineup out there right now not that he's going to but -- its signature trying to figure out what does Ross is gonna look like moving forward. It must win games. Is this reminds Soderbergh Kelly Smith with with smoke around it is bestowed on them its third month. Out of the right now again it is and the one thing about the old style with which sort of greens and you know here's -- -- it was so let's talk about him last year and then. When the -- we're gonna get him and Landon and when he was going to be able to sign of Wear and there was so much hype from the sky and at the time I. My application -- of it anyway well. Why is he played over in Europe and so on and off hot to meet you what -- -- -- any challenge that had to be recent. And obviously he struggled when he came over here posture toward the end of the season and into the playoffs the limit their motto was kinda. But he -- but you know coach Julien -- Mano -- he could play strong physical. You know you bring that violence at the -- game. And I think it's starting to see that over the last few gains and brought it. I'm very you know it -- in campers and even though a guy who walked Shiites you know we've seen in the room. You can tell he's a lot more -- a lot more confidence. And he is too strong dying and he just like him you know become that type of power forward or almost swear you know he's able to. Could wreak Havoc in the order of torture and create a scoring chances because you know you look at a guy like Eric Elliott. And -- Smith to -- you mentioned rallies net meaning here's the issues. Really played well the growth this year and everybody's -- but. He may be used as a -- and Sony Ericsson trade -- a without -- development and scouting rallies that since that -- -- the Miami although Iowans. The -- like -- centric Kawika card go. You know for the Bruins. To be able to hear from Ameritrade I think was was very give it his team and obviously makes pop up because they give him a lot of what kind. Yeah -- basically been on the third line but he's plywood pressed on an -- a point this year in March it was we struggled and on the power play. And he's making some pretty pretty impressive plays into. -- areas are so I think there's a lot of upsides and rallies this game and the look and we -- -- which was kind of cool. Even though he grew up in Toronto he's got to -- police say that you -- -- -- trade red ring finger really not so it's they'll you know little interest -- conduct but. -- -- -- I I do I actually do because. Like begging -- you grow up and try and Owen in. Last year that's all he talked about you know playing to people so -- absolutely it was used to try to why wouldn't they -- To plan tonight. It's make or Joseph McDonald ESPN Boston. The dotcom era Sports Radio W yeah -- Bruins Maple Leafs tonight we talk about that -- launch Soderbergh -- -- And -- Julian teams in the past the -- characteristic is -- roll four lines you have that depth. With this team certainly when that lines -- away -- the -- Kelly would imagine handy -- get yemenite returned from a Jesse Winchester. Leads his feet puts the -- lot suspended three games that they wanted to suspend this kid for five games of all about it I don't go back and forth and all these hits in what's dirty and what's not. And I don't like to do which all the president is a lot a lot of hits that. I think players put themselves in vulnerable positions. Along the boards but this is one sort of an open eyes and what's in the corner. But it was an open ice. Leave his feet elbow comes up this is the exact type hit you tried to eliminate from the game. And it wasn't the one thing that you know. Prevention and look that was. You know he he's a heart kind of tender you know he did you know -- -- gonna panic and lakers. Without our even Chris Kelly out in the export -- -- -- in the Bruins that he was okay need to return right away. And -- -- -- -- what could -- -- without any -- you know I I know Jesse Winchester you know I played with -- he's not a dirty plays one of the night -- in the end it was probably don't and but then -- -- will be to look at the replay and you left to ski. That you -- court it would be elbow when and he -- you -- I didn't I didn't look at the replay and probably will do what they. When it. Seeing it being necessary to do and in this case what the three games which I think being the first -- -- is. Is good you know it's it's. It okay you know I don't think he -- anything more than that. But that. I'm Veronica and certainly shouldn't even though the way that we watched and eliminate each had shots. I'm so or not I have no problem brigades mentioned you know but more importantly likely you know Chris Perry. Chris Kelly I'm not injured on the play in and he's fine and obviously played. How is he Tim Thomas ovation I watched on TV sorting get to see it how is it in person. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know the water -- and then coach -- mean what can I give him clearance to play. In the water you wanted to play. -- return to the lineup he's been building groin injury but he -- practiced practiced that morning turned more exchange. And you you know want to -- -- kind of fortunately here. The -- decided against it they want him helped keep the long term I'm not too because. And -- one game. So eligible this point that I want you kind of beat such and you would you would get -- What it was preparing. Pat on the night or only a few minutes initial on the Jumbotron and everybody in the building any let up in the cheered me in the nice summation and -- commit its current and up late in the hands. It would Goodman and opened -- you know that you would be able to playing and really see and really. Get the ovation any dessert because -- I mean he played very well very near Austin. And he was one of the main reasons why they wanna cup in 2011 so. But it was good to the reception likely given the fact of saying it was an error a week echoing you can get at least but it could see. And public perception and -- Joseph before you go all you cover the Red Sox as well so I can't let you go without asking you a couple -- such questions what you think about free agency and the couple names -- a thrown out here. That the Red Sox and might be interested in Tim Hudson. Carlos Beltran won't what do you think either of these two guys those realistic possibilities I mean I know -- very I think we're all. We all. Nobody believes he's going to be back so what are we -- what -- you Aaron Tim Hudson Carlos Beltran and maybe even the catcher position we have Brian McCann but they. They opt them a qualifying office over at such that if the Arab draft pick what what are you are not on these names Hudson can Beltran. -- that they would Beltran in and -- is that these two players -- our advantage has been in the including Yelp last year around this time so a note though it surprised me and the one thing that everybody. He popped on here is that while they won the World Series wondering ethnic looking -- -- will be able to bring back. -- and -- -- in -- of the -- and so he had to go out. Any -- and improved team in the current. Category that he that he knows that they mean because when they won the World Series. It was in Maine raises his coaching Oden and allow. And you can add arms -- you can add -- and of course couldn't do that. You know Beltran and remember a whole different situation that means that -- got to go out. And get this guy and you know then maybe you know victory -- and -- which opens and said that -- pot -- but they really liked. Victorino in right field with the way he played this year and then finally catch situation there a little thing about salt is a lot of games last year while. Low -- you know did a solid a couple of concussions and he played well offensively and that's a year. At a local input into the area in Indian city of like -- come and come to the realization that it might have played my lack immigrants are beautiful. I don't think that it is I think red -- so I really don't look at -- -- -- they typically make any decisions but what surprised me if Hulk is back in the in the Mike can you should be because you worked with the with the coaching staff very well -- respect them he's well respected all around and call out and I like to see him back but. You know it's fired weapon and didn't you know via free agency or trade or anything along those lines you know it. Bring back in the -- that they need to -- need to meet conditions. To make it even better going at 2000 what it's like a -- give meaning coming up. That would -- coming up in a month now I think -- -- and Doug -- can make and to try to make it he struggled at 2000. Yeah how -- been canned because again he -- -- -- -- off to get -- a draft panic. I didn't think that there is a future at the salty in Boston I IE I agree with not. -- in the qualifying offer fourteen point one -- I actually agree with given drew. A qualifying offer because I think if you Stephen Drew -- And we hit our knowledge that he's gonna look for a deal out in May be a multi year deal I think it's a it's a good decision on his shot plot and some people say what fourteen point one. Given the playoffs and yet why wouldn't Stephen Drew except this like he's not gonna accept it won't because he wants a multi year deal. -- to be accepted. Fourteen point -- note this is in his last year Major League Baseball. The red shorts at some -- moving on is going to be Mel Brooks in their bowl got a short and quite obvious spot for drew. Want to arm at least -- person next season what do you think happens it's -- -- that he accepts an offer else that we both CNET. No I don't think we'll see American ball and ineptitude of the sites or else. And could could pay per share in the red -- that nick -- -- an opera because of what it and in return that he does such a world. But the one thing about -- -- it again Scott Boras client he would support a long term deal in the arts will probably not you know give him. What you want to show that they want him back because look what he did apparently the entire season in on -- tablets aren't I'll stick with him. In the -- in the world in the jail here and again in the World Series because. Defensively he would go round and he made solely plays and made a big difference the World Series and Adam that you have will -- -- should get into -- so I think he'll move forward they're very cold all. -- knowing that they can put Bogart's in electro optic equipment -- took third they also have -- You know homegrown talent coming up that could challenge but look -- -- what. You know Sunday at -- positions but it aren't even -- concern I don't think we're gonna see him back call it anything air. Any political comeback for that of now one year and and really try to have a stand out breakout year and I really don't look a long term deal because obviously. You know he's a the prime of his career and you know he's he's got a lot of -- a -- -- -- -- -- -- And I'd be very surprises in respect the right. Yeah I would -- I don't think on with Pam I think if I put myself -- shoes I see with the Red Sox have a the last Saturday in field. And fictional I stick around and there was a case in which they want to stick -- -- got a short -- stirred. That might cost me some money on the line for multi year deal so likely to be Stephen -- eagle for the multi deal right now and there it's SARS the financing did -- get a draft pick. In return Joseph finally. Real quick Mike Napoli. EE was given -- qualifying offer but. He's gonna explore free agency I think he's just he's just you to me it's a no brainer to bring him back he's just playing in the game right. I think they'll I mean you get -- -- they -- a year. You've earned that right to -- and explore free agency and see what the deal you can get out here but it's given. How well he's been in the clubhouse and seeing him on almost every day basis -- spring training all the way to the early to the World Series and Eddie. I would do walk around -- about a -- on partying with a look into what would like you guys coming back. The -- for the reds side so. You know from a health and quite what I think -- probably was. He's been anywhere adamantly they had. Hope with the I do I really believe. He's you were they want back who's going to be packed. Because I really did you genuinely good players in the evident by the way you. He -- consultants and the World Series or. I think Napoli -- several types and you know it's a lot of multiple. Ideas Joseph McDonald ESPN boston.com. Joey Mac thanks a lot great job the -- decent. Joseph McDonald right there it's a great stop inside -- the Bruins he was at the TD garden this morning for the morning skate. Says no change is expected. To grass in net tonight against the Toronto Maple Leafs and Kelly even after taking -- hit the other night. Looks to be okay retired and I came in heaven -- sometimes after the game you get checked out may be -- -- not. And fortunately he is okay for him he's okay and his health after that hit Winchester is suspended three games. And I am fine with that your phone calls up until 3 o'clock 61777979837617. 7797937. This is Danny cut -- Sports Radio W yeah.

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