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The Bruins get back on track

Nov 8, 2013|

Dale Arnold and Steve Buckley opened the show discussing the Bruins win last night over the Panthers and the welcome given to Tim Thomas. They also covered the drama surrounding the Dolphins and Jonathan Martin.

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It's Dennis and Callahan. -- -- -- The dude is the difference maker you can't deny how much you -- when John Dennis yes. -- really hear your support for which she interviewed the overwhelming but we -- really hear anything supportive on the moment. That's because critical thing you know. That's good news or use Gerry Callahan and hard -- Oil like honored that they found -- But because he's he's got there you I -- anchored. Good morning -- commodity though they've killed my eight year old -- Sports Radio W. There's no -- that we're running right into the ground is there it's been wait too long guy right now. As they say that might quit a few minutes ago fleet quit my -- good morning sports review them you guys this is the Dennis Kelly and more -- We'll head down here John Dennis and -- Allen and bill -- and know that field. We have lots Dale Arnold Steve Buckley filling in hero riding good morning buck. I owe you an apology I was regale you with stories but you're not likely try to listen to the all -- I don't like I'm totally funny story entails. Adequately open with him sorry buckets he had stories to tell -- he wasn't a little thing like the open get the way of telling them -- public -- -- it'll wait just as the flash was going on we were just so happy to see port Jerry York land on his feet -- now get a contract extension through the 20192002. When he season. Good for him item young guy try to make -- the business voting for him -- how he's turned his life around. It has probably at that but you know it's away it's a square right now he might be actually. And as we were saying during them. When the open was playing. On the planet who has anything bad to say about Jerry York -- I've never madam. I asked seemed full of bullets and not what and it's a military not -- -- -- I said is is Sheri Eric. -- -- yell -- people that. NEC sneaky mean exactly what that means that's the jeans. And go to the Dunkin' Donuts in Watertown square right now you'll find out my friends. Sneaky mean I was I was baffled last night at the Bruins game and I sometimes get baffled by. By what sports fans elect to do we're not do and let me just the little provides with beginning of this you pay your money. You go to the game you have every right people if you want to tell you who you should boo we're not -- I just get baffled sometimes by who fans decide to boo or not. Phil -- comes back down as a member of the Toronto Maple Leafs and I actually understand the fans who bulletin. He was dealt away but the Boston Bruins reportedly because he had one play here they were going to be able to re sign him. And you know it's that we you don't like us we don't like Q type of thing you -- and I understand that. Tuesday the Dallas Stars come to town Tyler Sagan is in town. Minute he touches the puck. They blew the crap out of the guy now. Didn't ask to be traded unlike Phil Kessel he didn't want out of town. He didn't do this you know I don't -- playing your stupid city anyway he got traded by the Bruins. Impact expressed dismay that he was traded by the Bruins by. I didn't quite understand it now last night. He wasn't in uniform -- still injured but Tim Thomas was at the garden as a member of the Florida Panthers. And I know that I know that the -- gardening crew. They some they reportedly had this whole video tribute prepared forum as they did for Sagan and -- by the way on Tuesday. Open a cup in this town -- you deserve a tribute video. -- and they wanted to show it but they wanted to show him immunity to showing out of nowhere seemed a little strange. And they couldn't find him for for being tagged in the confined in my guesses he was working -- download in the locker room he's trying to come off -- injured reserve. Filing in the third period he apparently showed up on the ninth floor. Because they they when they finally found him. And they showed them on on the big screen. They actually didn't have time to show the video afterwards but they showed him Thomas he stood up and gave a wave. And got this rousing standing ovation from the fans at the TD garden which he deserves. If I say can do that incurred the -- of Bruins nation person by what the fact that hockey's the only sport where if you don't play it and it is that the sportswriters. Which is -- could there be a better product that they're that close to a public flogging right there's so. So you know he's going to be some -- -- let's just they was on the same or what exactly. Cheek to jowl with. Yet Al because -- got -- air polluted oceans how are somebody he was on that ninth floor by I'm. Happy seek his I don't know that we've ever had this conversation but I'm happy that you. That we're on the same page because sportswriters. And media people are famous for the year. High eighties when it comes to -- bullet this guy you must not boot this guy who bought their tickets. -- they want at an and I'm not against suggesting they shouldn't have booed Sagan I'm distraught -- State and didn't deliver the goods vs what was expected. However. It wanna leave here by -- by all measures didn't didn't talk his way out of talent is way at a town. And I also think he's -- wrote I was at the garden bill billion Monday for him. And I also think. Don't think I know he's 21 years old he's a child he's just a kid and I'd -- I do believe he's going to figure it out and be -- darn good hockey player. It won't be in the -- -- that by the way that's we -- that's fine. And done which it by the way is also not a recent so much to say he's going to be Gretzky agree column to saying that it he's gonna be a -- is gonna be -- I think is like you know castle just amazes me some -- figured it out now. I mean what went during the spring when they play Toronto in the playoffs there was some. It was one particular rush up the ice it was not war like but. He had the puck behind his own net and he skated through it was like Rondo in the paint that like how that happened up. And Andy's got a burst -- him. That you don't expect from a guy who who doesn't look. Like he could do that physically but bull -- -- -- and and it's a moment in moments like that I think which Kessel -- you would have loved -- seen him play -- we use here. -- -- -- Listen they obviously wanted to money here as I wrote The -- the other day they didn't trade -- they got rid of him. That was the mission I don't think they want in there and announced that the black -- and he must go but. That's probably -- my idea I mean I -- think that's fair now ironically. Tim. Thomas did two things that really kind of made Bruins nation a little upset. The first was the White House visit and I'm not talking about the politics of I'm talking about the -- aspect out. Whether you you know you worry a staunch Republican or right liberal Democrat. For many folks the idea that he set himself apart from the team and didn't make the trip to the White House upset some people. Now there were some people who loved the politics of the statement but I'm trying to set that aside for a moment. Just you know -- your -- being honored you should be there with your team and he elected not to. Then when he decided he was gonna sit out a year when he had a year left under his contract just decided you know what I'm gonna Colorado. I know the joke around here is gonna sit in the bunker and then on all that's up but he he elected to remove himself. From your team. His decision not the Bruins decision. There are two actions there and I've I've heard people talking about on his radio station even yesterday and -- the reaction -- to Tim Thomas. And -- and you would think that those two things alone would have pat would have brought about a smattering of boos I didn't hear a single -- last. As I said it was a pretty rousing standing ovation. Deservedly so. That was what I call the couple -- Sure and end well to serve even -- Sagan was on the team is well worth it. But it it's it's almost beside the point I thought it interesting yesterday morning for clothes media availability after the morning skate. The oaks on the media were trying to get him to talk about what Tim Thomas meant to the Stanley Cup championship years ago. And I'm paraphrasing here but what -- said was like he was great. But Tim Thomas doesn't play as well as he did if the team didn't play well in front of him in other words. He was spectacular he deserved the tunnel -- I response but he's he's trying to point out that you know there were a few other guys involved with winning that Stanley Cup championship. I'll tell you this. -- didn't say anything the players in that dressing room haven't been thinking for two and a half years -- you know it's almost like you know was he the only guy on the team that year. And so. -- up below that so Satan gets -- Tim Thomas gets the rising Cassel gets booed just look at every time he touches the puck even up tomorrow night when Cassell comes to town. Counting playoffs it'll be the thirtieth game Phil Kessel is played against the Bruins. Did not know -- and it sort of snuck up -- everything they're ready to regular seven's Arlington from the seven playoff games. And to -- will be the thirtieth meeting for castle against the Bruins and the minute he touches the puck -- -- -- -- -- bygones be bright note on OK so take take what you just said. Now we go to baseball. This has always been my favorite. Johnny Damon really one to combat. Reflects that not so much so he goes to the Yankees. Because the -- Alex did not want him. And I don't think any form without tape player in that there was the whole blow things up this offer. And it's almost like threats or don't want it appropriate. You know an idiot and that was back when no one who was running the team in the you know Theo was in the through the monkey -- know that. And so. So Johnny Damon. Signs with the Yankees I don't think any former Red Sox player. Has been booed so much over the years -- named because he committed the unpardonable sin but signing with the Yankees. One of his teammates on the World Series champion Boston Red Sox and he -- four sides with the New York dot dot dot mess. And Pedro comes at and it's just like rose -- and his feet. So when you up on a blackboard. It's hilarious castle no. I was saying no -- Thomas yes check it -- -- check mart Johnny Damon no. And it went Bledsoe get the lucky in other -- -- to this day Apple's. And and I'll add it to the list explained to me how any. Self serving patriots and can ever boo Adam Vinatieri that's a good one that's a great -- -- explain me how how your head. You you get to the point where you're gonna blow Adam Vinatieri who you're right I was -- I was trying to think -- that anyone else out there and that's a perfect because he got booed badly. Is also -- suitable and in empathetic or well here. And what is he supposed to try to -- at the evidence. But I really like those people back into English. And and I I still say of all the eight championship that have been procured over the last twelve years. Capital for their first 86 years and Babe Ruth and all that. But I'm not so far behind second place is that went -- programs. Brought to you by Adam visits here Tom Brady you know take it needed a field -- little -- -- and -- reaction from the fans. In my mind takes away the global worldly rooting for laundry. Because as you said Pedro comes back in the and we love Pedro -- Mean -- Roger Clemens didn't get -- as badly as Vinatieri did when he came back for -- now. It is blue jays uniform he was it wasn't as bad. It was a Saturday afternoon awaits -- -- -- evident when he walked up Amani pointed up to it looked up there. And then he bailed -- -- after with the said now's the end of my family and don't warrant that they edit it up there could it be -- box. And he's. I think you're right at that they were I think he got booed but I think there were a smattering of -- because you you know rocket and outlets that -- you're right it was epic game and Escobar came in the pitch tonight in that game very well. -- Make street guys understand I'm not telling you that you were right in this case and wrong and -- with -- and I and on and and I met trying to suggest this you should believe this guy you shouldn't be that guy. I'm always curious what brings it about how. I mean Tim Thomas last night got this rousing ovation and again deservedly so. Do you win a Stanley Cup championship in 2011 without him absolutely now you don't. Without him playing at that level he won the Conn smythe trophy for a very good -- Adam Vinatieri to do anything wrong here effect could have been the model citizen during his time in -- patriots uniform. And you know what they said he's a football player I love it when -- every have a place -- like makes that tackle. He's a heck are -- a football player. Guys on the team and I'll -- -- kicker he's a football player with the senate vote on all of the jets is Evelyn -- plan and that's fine and I I'm just sometimes baffled by. What do ideas about some guys. Like a senate as far as I know Tyler Sagan. Never expressed any interest in leaving now he loved it here. And maybe love -- parts of it more than a year yet is that -- might be part of what the reaction was from the crowd it maybe that the fans. Almost feel like there was a talent wasted here you know. You had three years here that were okay they should have been great with a number two pick in the draft as you've pointed out. Number two pick in the draft should perform at a certain level. And and you'd into everything you could do to perform at that level so on the W when you -- but I was less surprised by the ovation Thomas Scott because I figured he'd get. And in because it was a otherworldly postseason for him and amid a save against Tampa Bay at the stick across the trees and and it was just like oh my god and with with -- and I I was surprised that but there could be a sort of -- did work golf but good luck and I was. Way off one well he got a great ovation last night. He knowledge that very graciously in fact he stood up and wave which surprised me a little bit he. He's not known you know outward displays of emotion if you think about the post. Stanley Cup championship run he was. He's a fairly reserved. Person to begin. You know he's gotten he's not given it -- -- yep they're singing black and yellow with Brad Marchand you know it's that that's not. Tim thomas' style he's going to be a little more subdued than that but he stood up and waved and acknowledged it and it was a nice moment last. -- favorite off vice moment during the post season with Tim Thomas during that run was that night that Luongo. Got pulled from the game that put Schneider and that was one of the Stanley Cup games. Well and pulled from both the cane syrup and -- -- it was at both of them he got pulled from a couple of -- and it and I think one of the goals was like I've. You know like some icing pass like -- downtown management between is if something's or horrific. After the game someone. I asked him to you know they bring you all -- -- room there and and -- -- someone said you know what what what do you think it was like him a good pulled from the Stanley Cup playoff game like that Stanley Cup finals. Into Thomas discount look was likely really sold it this kind of looked -- said. I don't know on them and pulled -- in the company. And police as. -- -- All that in the -- I didn't realize it was my job to pump this yeah I mean there was a couple of pretty good lie and that their bit but always under played always under -- -- I really just like W it and those of you who have been following the story and if your sports and how -- you missed it following the story. Over the last week what's going on Miami areas even more information available out there it seems to be if it's a funny thing. If you're on sports talk radio if your sports talk show host or caller. I have no problem with I I hate this one -- wait till all the facts drip of stock. -- -- -- You're gonna react to what the information -- of the day and as the week has gone on the information is changed in your reaction is probably changed. And you know then not that anybody. No one not not a single person on the planet. Would find -- way to justify. The the voice mail and allegedly the text messages that were left for Jonathan Martin by Richie and clog me up you know which -- getting now now you're getting. You know the guys on the team in relief money and the guys on the team saw that laughed at it and here's my favorite. I I I told -- earlier this morning the single dumbest phrase I've ever heard in my life. He's an honorary black program. The timing could try harder to justify. A guy doing something stupid. And to try to use the phrase what he's an honorary black man. I could agree to more ball I'm. We'll take a break we'll get to all of that is well I hope it's operator I -- Jake -- this morning trying to take and we're endeavoring to get Jake -- in the -- you spoke to for peace in today's herald this explaining that you know -- he did not buy the duck boat and a drunken stupor. But he may have bought a few other thing I mean he -- think about it and it blogger cocktail dress -- through that he doesn't mean I don't know all that I don't. Look Mike Napoli bought three duck -- so I do liking it and I've below we're -- -- -- Jake -- a minus and colleague Deb Barry Petersen will join us a little bit later on. And Jeff Darlington who has done an incredible job on this. On this South Florida Richie in cog -- -- Jonathan Martin's story for nfl.com will join us as well. We got a bunch of stuff we're gonna get -- would get to your calls in just few minutes as well. It's Dennis and Callahan without either of those guys -- Bucky and Sports Radio W media.

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