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Danny Picard and Rob Bradford on Sports Sunday: What to Do with Jacoby Ellsbury?

Nov 3, 2013|

Jacoby Ellsbury was clearly a major contributor to this World Series championship, but will he be with the team going forward? The boys discuss what it will take to keep him here, what he'll be looking for on the open market and if Jackie Bradley Jr can somehow replace Ellsbury.

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That's -- l.'s very. Talking about his world champion Red Sox. Not necessarily talking about free agency. Which he will be one we'll get that right now this is sports Sunday and WEEI. On -- Danny Connie with rob Bradford. Hit -- 1 o'clock. Patriots at 425 today and home against Pittsburgh will get to some Patriots line a little bit also some Bruins DJ -- From WEEI dot com Bruins beat Friday he will join us at eleven talk about this Bruins a loss last night. In Long Island. But I'm not panic about panic in about the Bruins -- -- some things to say about the team at a government taken by. That's OK although there was a long trip to Long Island Saturday night. Backup goalie for an Landry. Panel about. Honorable doubted that would stick with the Red Sox and that Jacoby Ellsbury it. That we just listen to that audio clip it it. It it brings us to free agency and you don't. Like to talk more about free agency at this point on his day then I actually would prefer to I know you're still ballot because it's -- I am basking in the glow of -- world championship looking back at some moments but you don't lie could I have a qualifying offer news tomorrow. That's qualifying offers have to be in by my clock tomorrow what's the notes on armed him to say I have to chase qualifier to face it. -- the chase it's a year into it Jacoby Ellsbury. What's -- asking for 130. Mil. War all the fact you got Utley -- at least he's asking for more. What's the deal with Jacoby Ellsbury a lot of people said yesterday he made the comment to report is out I'll be back in 12. That's not the first time -- -- but some people might say it's the last time he says it and a Red Sox uniform -- we've heard the last of him. Clark yeah I years you watch -- you walk off the field on getting off the duck boat yesterday. You have to take a moment and realize that might be the -- last time we see him wearing a Red Sox uniform. By what do I think is gonna happen I had to guess right now I think some team is gonna overpay form. It -- go beyond what the Red Sox are willing deep to pay women and their ego is just the Red Sox. Way of doing things right now it's just so different from what it was even a year ago. Where if there's a semblance of a team. That really really wants Jacoby Ellsbury and they offer him this six year contract worth millions and millions hundreds of millions of dollars. And the Red Sox. Just don't see it that way they're gonna go to. What why do you why do what you do the Red Sox last year they were disciplined in the way they handled contracts. And they caught a lot of heat for well nothing of a world championship. They also have a player which everyone understands is going to be good and Jacoby Ellsbury out of the gate but cannot -- bill living Jackie Bradley. You have the better benefit of the doubt you'll have to take the credit he had to take heat you do Atlanta. But it is a guy if there is a god that that you might think -- to a man in house together at such front office if there's a god that might be worth that money don't. Don't have to get away from that strategy that you have last offseason of you think he's worth the money. -- so you don't pay big huge yankees work the ball is -- let me ask this route -- is it more if they don't bring Ellsbury back. The people that they don't think he's worth the money or more that they just think Jackie Bradley junior is ready to go. It comes back to how you're allocating your money all of this every time you sign a guy the thing the you have to think about does signing this guy. Prevent us from signing someone else we really want that we really targeting. You there's nothing wrong with signing free agents. Re signing guys signing guys to extensions if you feel like that is the right guy. But you have to make sure that that is the right guy -- we found out the any what happens when it's not the right guy you get him strong and you have to rely on. The the are the most desperate of teams in the Dodgers to bail you out. -- go back to Jacoby Ellsbury and you say the Jacoby Ellsbury is -- -- -- this -- probably represented of year what you have -- Jacoby ultra right yeah you'd agree with that I would -- all right so -- their numbers. He you have unity batting average 781 OPS nine home runs. 52 stolen base solely for cart steals but it would be good for him. That's a good year very good year. 7810 yes. Is that worth being a top ten guy in the major leagues and being paid is that worth. Allocating. An enormous about a resource is so that you can't do other things. But my argument and you keep bringing up this you can't do all the -- I don't say they have a body can do whatever you want that's not how it works. Follow works is why because number one I noticed that sometimes you go that route I think there -- situations and maybe you could you. Big money deal to a certain player that you think is is worth it sure it won't. It's shortened of it shouldn't affect arguing why on the things his. Budgets every what does budgets even when they were throwing around money -- budgets and now the budgets -- even more tangible because you have this 189 million. Watermark you can't go past the go past it you're going to be hit like. Know what the Yankees are going -- that's all you want -- to know. So. It's. You have -- have a budget they have to allocate their money wisely. And you can't get caught in these contracts if nothing else didn't need a spot you talk about the year in the now. This talk about going down the road win you get through the fifth in six years of these contracts. And you have your -- to Kobe Jacoby Ellsbury point two million dollars a year. Well. Is that gonna work out we're trying to build the rescue team -- the Angels. The Angels in 2016. Will be paying for guys. Over ninety million dollars. Josh Hamilton Jered Weaver. Albert -- holes. And C. J. Wilson. Those four guys. Over ninety million dollars and that's not even including Mike Trout so when might throw it comes up. Because you have those four guys. Are you gonna be able find my -- I don't know but it it enters in the conversation. That's -- you know I think. Jacoby Ellsbury post season on the -- -- his regular season via post season hit 340 at 344. Scored the most runs in the team. Fourteen. No home runs but six obvious but I look at runs scored I look at at the batting average. On -- Ellsbury to me is a guy that. And again I don't necessarily know how many years. He wants -- we nominee as he wants that's you have to budget that's the biggest thing to me all the years -- he's thirty years old. Okay how many years has he asked if I have so that's definitely the first question I have -- you're. -- all the -- the answer would be a lot of years like six years and here's the reason why. Because all these contracts are set up to. What's your next contract and can you get another big contract well Jacoby Ellsbury using -- -- a four year contract. And then try to get another deal at 34 years old no. He's gonna try to get his big contract right now and at six years and others say six years so. If these other four year deal right Dayton he said the forty deal at what -- million a year. That you get to that. You become a free agent again you think at the age of thirty for -- five he's gonna get a chance to have a two year deal at twenty million dollar a year now so he wants his six year deal at one million a year right now. So it would be the years I would I would wonder if on the Red Sox but then it would also be able already is Jackie Bradley Jordan. And how -- do you think he has run. Is not Jacoby Ellsbury already what do you think that Jackie Bradley junior could step up and I think I think you probably -- -- -- be an everyday player in for the Red Sox right now Major League player the problem to me. Is that. Jacoby Ellsbury presents a lot of things that you can't get right now -- Jackie Bradley junior doesn't necessarily mean he can't beat that by lead off hitter Jacoby Ellsbury is a pure leadoff this year. And that's -- -- in baseball. Right yeah. So. You -- slide Victorino up there okay whatever you can win without Jacoby Ellsbury it's just more difficult to as the mid table setter this offense. And -- all I don't know that Brett I don't think we know the Bradley can religion to be a good outfield. -- do we nobody can get that lead off spot and I'd be maybe he evolves into her over the course of the year. Did you go over visited dynamic player -- he's just a dynamic player he's big very very good player. But yeah. So. It's it to be interesting decision I just think what they'll do is it they'll set a price for Jacoby Ellsbury. And if some team goes -- which I think they will. Then they'll move on so where we think Ellsbury Rolen is a Seattle because that seems like -- -- to -- talk about -- -- -- -- yell Texas yankees Seattle at yankees. I mean idol seasons I look at yankees I don't think. They needed Ellsbury -- to get done well. If anything yankees needed it and I don't believe that what they need better starting pitching true and they also need to I think they need to part way through Robinson can now. I don't think an old. I think it's I think it's there and bigoted but nobody's gonna give him 300 mile -- -- -- for animals that's outrageous. He's just come down off that all the old the only team it seems that'd have to throw caution in the wind was his -- nine million mark is the Dodgers so. Would they go after about I don't know by yankees should do exactly what I just said. Which is set a price of the goes over it and move on an inside three players with that money. That's should do they won't do it because Roberts can no means so much of that organization they need to find pitching. They need to fight -- sabathia Kuroda Phil Hughes didn't work out. The eighty defied pitching I mean you do that by -- your resources wisely but I also feel like they need -- back and I. Know that so that's -- they nickel back for the and I don't you wanna look at his 45 and six of contracts. But you also have to look at the first three years of contract and the next three years of your organization. What's gonna beat that up for the Yankees second marriage I think they need out of -- over to bring back at all because I don't think he's gonna go wash. Choi but we'll be able to get that no money go ahead and do that still you'll think you'll make whatever makes you -- he won't make three billion. But will he make close to 200 million. Probably. If you do that argue hams strong. Because for the rest your roster going for that's what you have to ask. I think the Red Sox look at it Ellsbury in the situation. I think they need to look at. The first to a three years of the contract. I think it Ellsbury escalate said I -- I attributed that nice to me to do that but I'm not sign the check I understand. But what I mean I don't -- hole I don't know I don't care about here at five and six I -- but. Right now right all it's it's not effective. But that's the that's what he says that's what that that's a lesson that they should have learned. From the Carl Crawford contract from from Adrian Gonzales contract is that. You you figure out. It's just got to work when we're building a team in years 3456. Right you have to your assessment here about how I feel like it's a different situation. What it would help rough -- right so. You're absolutely right the idiot and I do think that's a good point. Because I do think that. That you should value the ability to play in Boston they didn't do that the past John Henry said that they are going to do that going forward that. Jon Lester ERA in the American League east Jon Lester has more wins the American League east of any pitcher in the -- the last five years. You value that. So I agree. Jacoby Ellsbury can play in Boston you know what he can do as a Boston Red Sox you didn't know what Carl Crawford could do that backfired on you you do. Factor that in. But all I'm saying is that there's going to be some team I think that is good. As some other issue that's the third thing that I second thing is what does Jackie Bradley junior thing. Bring to the team the next couple years my my next question is one -- other teams. Going to -- Jacoby Ellsbury that's that's the next issue yeah because obviously we know with Boris. Ellsbury they got to take the big east. -- only -- out -- there's no hometown discount as you said both the post season doesn't hurt golf courses caught 61777. On 7937617. 7797937. Assists what Sunday. WEE. Welcome back sports Sunday WEI on host did it for -- a -- to rob Bradford of studio. Talk and Red Sox and we got a little free agency talk and Jacoby Ellsbury what do you think. They should do also you have a moment you'll look back on. I wanna hit that moment I wanna hear what -- thoughts. Was the biggest moment of this championship run are now on well if you -- eleven. We can't just stick to 2013. If you want to DJ -- for WEEI dot com does the Bruins who we know join us 11 o'clock local. Breakdown his Bruins lost last night look forward to I would -- again retired this week and talk about load Giuliani's comments that the team. Given a little kick in the behind or at least trying to. Not sure it's gonna work given the fact that it's -- Oh like you said it was a it was a rainy night in Long Island on Saturday. -- not not much can be. Practice 6177797937. Which stretches in Maryland it's up patrician. Sky and I the -- thought they were alive and well down here you go. And that I -- let it rock act ugly and he did there in the play out like that you and then overnight you're like wow I'm not that was the best. Where the weather is that I I think it's a blur to me Patricia to be on so that. Yeah that -- into a -- after the game you would get on there and get everybody liked it that. But you know I like talking about it was grade is -- -- they said before. It was just great baseball game of baseball is a real winner -- -- news it was it was it wasn't only the post season which we haven't had here in a few years. But they were really good teams that we could talk about baseball because we couldn't talk about baseball last year. Been happy gained the so I think it and went seven that it was born and Lester. Though you know it means so much and I'm I had a couple questions about that a very situation. The latter not have a business instinct at all on why would they take -- -- with Pedroia not anybody else that's question one. Question two part of the problem with a long contract that these guys at a bad character and -- thinking that a lot of integrity. And then number three like how much that they active in the fans believe that they didn't. Maybe they don't stop it say as a matter people wouldn't admit then you know about my question. Well first of all -- very that's a culture Ellsbury was going. To free agency regardless mind Boris is not gonna let him Boris wants him -- he says Gil -- you're -- test for it yet that's the first yet to compare those two. Well I think that threats that. Yeah he had been. Why they why when they allocate. A long term deal as he goes when the questions like it they did with Pedroia and while they are Pedroia number one they felt like he was a foundation guy he represented everything they want. They want him to be a leader going forty felt confident that you can be able to produce and they also got slightly below the market value for arms so. All those things lead to Dustin Pedroia signed an extension. The last question I think Patricia said was they -- fans wanting him back not really I do think that. Wouldn't you remember going back to 2007 Michael -- that World Series MVP there's a lot of fans all over the place -- parade Lions already -- he signed Michael Reese I'm Michael wall. No I think that that's where ownership might get involved. But at the end of the day the Phillies offered more from Michael than a Red Sox did so they still reached the limit what Mike -- So I don't think did the fans are gonna drive the bus. In regards to how much money you spent and the Red Sox could of offered Ellsbury. You know a 108 that kind of often in the world and it was a -- of course is gonna say well we're gonna use that in free agency. Welcome sign anything right now nick is in Weymouth what's up neck. -- I it and dole wants. Only twice. Bomb -- at sailboats up -- I bill and you. I'm great. I -- make that judgment and what I that's solid that you would do it applies -- that you don't a great -- any thank -- I agree that. And rob I don't know if you're a number of those I thought doing the -- issue on the rainbow -- And and and guess what you build a better job -- that off thank you thank you -- that I that I love his style okay. Always upbeat -- -- -- -- -- think you're on everything you know everything. Is that you can't you that you don't want I want you might figure on and now. Yeah well and you know I don't know what it tempting though wanted a car you know again -- caught in the -- -- the one difference yet. -- Lack the firepower that. He had no I know you know him well it's that so it's OK we've would know more at 2:30 in the morning like in the playoff -- of good to talk what are you got what -- got a Red Sox topic. Well yeah you know -- -- thinking and the bullpen blows but but but the other that's what I think is. I've been battling would write openers since the beginning -- Bell Barry took a wildly -- he came back and and by that I mean you get there -- it's for people. Well you know -- thought simply. Connected so there has. Going forward again this I don't know dean's sudden Greek acts are we OK it happens great and I don't have those teams. I'd like competitive team currently Al Barry is -- that. And I think he's irreplaceable. Can't get Hank and Jackie Bradley junior couldn't replace -- -- -- and on and what do. He. Acting out and in the outfield but would be eight points and -- -- then I'm in danger get smacked with the ball. On defense on top of that -- I'm. And so it is is killed. That the red sucks horribly lost and I understand -- and rely on him leave the outlook of the. That Don -- of -- call we buster for a few seconds there at least there and I had phones but I'm I mean what -- buried. Jackie Bradley junior -- Ellsbury is irreplaceable I just I just don't know all I don't know what. -- -- really know if -- well nobody knows what Jackie Bradley junior is going to be. We thought we might only CC sabathia is opening. Falls I don't -- -- draws a lot I did all right. As the man of your rookie you have -- I'd like that. I got excited that I needed I did you excited fanatics or but he yeah every -- it is great that's great thing about you did. I've kind of been a big blocks and a big -- about it and there was really the of all it's appropriate at -- lots -- odds and loves. -- victory you're -- by the particular -- Sandra Gus Jerusalem. March the locks if anyone. -- you wanna talk about big blocks -- You wanted to say that David Ortiz is Grand Slam dramatic moments of Red Sox is very. Oh god it's a big -- to go back laws big blocking tight game for the 2004 ALCS these dramatic moments we want to relive -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Six -- 7779798376177797937. DJ bean. Bruins inside of the WEEI. Dot com is gonna join us at the top of the all we are gonna go all his bruins' loss last night. Look forward to this team for next month that's all. I'm not gonna get into what this team should be traded for the deadline yes some people talk about Claude. At some some does help the -- -- -- -- get -- helping get this team together a plan together. Judge judge it was a net last night till I. Did it needle join us at the top of the dollar I love this sport -- -- are you island back at this time.

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