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The Spaceman joins the Planet to give his take on the World Series Champions

Nov 1, 2013|

Bill "Spaceman" Lee joins Mikey, Ryder and Lenny to talk about the Red Sox magical run to their third World Series title in the last nine years. Spaceman explains how chemistry can at times be overrated when looking at the success of certain teams.

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-- OK here we go. -- Well well well this there's one guy. In this entire country. Who could relate to not only Red Sox and winning baseball and World Series activity and long beards. It's my very good buddy. Member of the Red Sox hall of fame. Talking to us from a is a California or Arizona -- -- basement where target in Arizona are you still it -- AD we want the semifinals I beat the Tucson -- -- nine and 88 degree heat. That three of the eight but sucked it up. And at a base hit the eight we got three more and I had a perfect ninth inning. And we're going to the championship the big dance I got -- appeared on that's nice -- has always. How how you don't have everything okay yeah yeah I'm fine on my right shoulder. BR been dislocated her body weight but it's getting better every -- -- -- and threats have been on the Atkins and outcome homage Dave I'll look like complete joke. Of course you're welcome back now this this or -- remarkable week he went through here bill and an unbelievable -- tell you what if you would. About -- the guys didn't mention a few names to about the guys on this team. -- you. You saw a contributing you know the game of baseball is and always about hitting a walk off home run. Somebody is about making the right -- the right pace but this team is loaded with guys who know how to play this game. Well updated -- the spirit got in yet and I'll pay when that Pedroia hit that ball foul awful awful walk his best fastball he knew he was dot. -- Saudia ages just tail curled up in his ladies start to get wild with. He walked people -- next time around and he was caught in. And that's for you to rookie he was stopped. You -- like the catcher Molina going up there and grab at him and look at it right in the eyes and tell them you know you'll you'll have a better day you'll have another chance that -- down past class guy a great game in automate. We stuck it to the public and added on would that have been piling on too much. Lackey sucked it up you know he got us where we had to get. And the bullpen did -- arrest and Saint Louis really just try to pay what we're all happens when they won that ball game. By accident. When they gave on the play -- -- middle Brooks is laying on his back right they they didn't know how to react. And they just didn't play after that it was like you get a midwesterner guest. And he'll lay down on the middle of the road for. Instance it was so cute. And I know we're gonna win I was striving to Victorville at this tournament and I pulled -- Noah restaurant about 7:30 in the morning and we came out of the desert. On a horse with no name no good to get out of the rain. Comment there and there's this bomb on the side of the road and he hadn't eaten in about four days he said my game when he talks are going to the restaurant. And their plight and they're play and sweet Caroline in the restaurant in Arizona in Eric it was actually that wasn't -- it was and Victorville California California -- -- -- the desert in what I heard that and I gave the twenty dollars away I said this is a gift. And we will win it from -- -- -- we want you know we've won three straight it was humbling. You know you and I talked about Lester western powers pain and try to be Q with the Carter and you know he was just a different pitcher than we've seen. In a Red Sox uniform are tired of that. And then this year and I don't know how much of it you got a guy obviously give credit to a lot of different people cherish them for putting this group together. Ferrell for being a really you know weigh in control manager but Jon Lester bill -- stepped out. And became every bit the ace especially the post season that we all expected from him what he'd do differently. To AA he he had a better back door breaking ball he was hit in the corners he had pinpoint control. He was mixing them up you know he did. Paint with that screw ball away or he would never give operatic in and it's like I mean if he can pitch both sides of the plate with the ball -- in different directions. He is unbelievable but I I think it was respect from. He had more spectrum on the ball and it was able to break. More than that I -- tub of -- did you ever use that stuff when you touched all I used any thing I can get a hold -- I was a rough and trees. I was just like every -- -- -- -- strike was where my arm was hurt. I had K one lie and it worked hard my body it was like anything you can do to make the ball move in the strikes out. But you're my arm was hurt and I had to come back to that two year period. Where I was and agony and that it. Show up they don't tea. As I said it was resin would you zig was Dillard's I was brought the idea that is here now a lot of guys use -- right rods and -- saliva. Makes pine tar pine -- is illegal. Hitter continues trying to carpet pitchers can't use pine -- but resin is okay Syria you can make it gui if all you want is a little more purchase. You want Yo-Yo ma ought to be planned. Block without resin on his ball is -- pair. Thank you here at -- of your pals from 75 -- we all thought you course with the beards everywhere you know however before we go to get that. Tell us the story of when you had you're you were looking kind of hippie ish. And you what you jog to the ballpark was at LA Dodgers stadium resort and they wouldn't let you win because they didn't believe you're on the team they torturous some bomb. He had a backpack and that's all I had I had long hair appeared and they stop Munich called security and they finally had to call have a club house and eat dirt so. Traveling secretary of normal that there are certain pitchers today. If so you do is start did you leave you pretty wrote. I almost got arrested the first day of spring training with the -- -- showed up they stop Miette that part in Daytona -- and the cops had me they were gonna cut me and I have micro Marty goes out of goes no no we just traded for him. Now a Louie -- and -- fist out there and my -- battery mate and you had two hall of fame battery mate between Carter and fist we talked about those guys the past. -- and and fizz ball throw out the first pitch. But I'm thinking about that 75 team and others as 78 and at how how close you guys came. You know Orioles beat the big red machine. And and it's almost in an impediment to a tragedy in a way that the players like yourself and other other champions that played -- the at that team American League champions. Get that what extra steps to have this magic -- -- it it doesn't change how you feel about with a Red Sox actually get it done does it. No no no I am so happy in 2004 I was with Charles -- there -- in Maui and they want it there and and I. It's amazing. You look at it if Sarah had a demanding 75. If we had a picture managing instead of a catcher. -- series because he appeals we -- Brewster for play rights by asking the home plate umpire to ask for help. They all get together they say yeah there was a collision. And they call the batter out in -- and the runner back the first banks changes everything that changes everything just by one little thing it's -- little things. That happened in this team did the little things at the right time. And they had a hard and they made assault believe. And that was a great ride you know it's flooded a lot of skeptics they're all the back they also at all with the wheels gonna fall off. But Pedroia is that it passed in March you said this team's special get on board and he was a little team leader and Ortiz had that meeting and they came back and won that ballgame and then make our run and they won the next still. And you know they all believed in each other and they had a great ball and I'll pay that sick closers and racist guy in the world is under great kids. And appreciate around for eternity. You know -- the the guys in your in your era and and and we're not just talking near 86 you know all the guys that didn't quite get there before. I think there in the fans' eyes now that the the pain of whatever the curse of the bambino -- wanna call it. Is gone. That all you guys get elevated to the point where. You know there you know maybe new found respect for all the things you didn't practice or bill but there's a classic example he came back here and they gave a standing ovation tears in his size. Yeah I know he always has tears. After it pledged commitment goes back in American League itself -- just. A paper it's on its. It's it's a great it's like hey we knew we did good we're all there we all pick each other up you know I'm an eight or ten and I music and Mo Vaughn's bat -- guy -- Long time ago and -- this company went out of business it's 36 inches 38 ounces it is a beast of a bad is all they do is. Just keep it above my shoulders dropped their head in the ball just -- -- -- -- no -- was there it was a signature moment I gained a moment. When the comment that was pushing the Red Sox. Jamison -- can you reflect on any one you know. I always said in its people forget that you know my cup pitted dramatic off the bench first pitch Grand Slam in Tampa lane this season had. Is gigantic I -- that was a tremendous that was the best moment. -- got a kick started that that they knew they can come back -- you know and it would that was an amazing I remember that putting that like at the top of the chart at that time. But then you think of all the clutch hits in what they had to duke it -- to its year they were not the best hitting team. You know they were great defense this team and I think they had. You're starting pitching and they had great pitching a big best. All overall and they proved -- match whether the champions I think it was a pitching staff and timely hitting that. Hey bill on you know -- -- I know you've been asked this quite a bit never journalists are so I'm published its chemistry -- does even matter the F lab in those all those guys who like one another for the most part. Yeah he had a of the gaps out -- Saint Louis that hate each other right -- without any openings in the case three years eroded 82 other borrowed time and -- -- -- like each of them 176567. They like each other. No no no -- sick. But this team was -- these guys are a bunch over cheaper. This is a team that Billy -- would've liked yeah you know except for Ortiz I call it Ortiz in the seventh horse -- -- -- -- -- -- every. Sort out shoulder bad bad if you have got to make it -- planet says yeah they get Jonny Gomes was a stroke victory announcement. You know they all had rap sheets it's and then the funny thing is they they overall but they're all great guys here nor does he can't. When they get that duck boat from thank god they didn't go up to date there have been blown all over they've been epic space harbor. With the win yet a ride on the duck boat would joke is Dick Leon tomorrow bill. And dad and dad Dave O'Brien is is -- -- -- big thrill for -- they talk a little bit about Koji because his story is more than remarkable here's a guy 38. With a whip of old point 57. I -- I tweeted out a stat on him after the the first of July. He walked one batter. On boy what is better unable to give up one earned run on his last 040 get a. Home run to that kid on there's security went down and got a daughter that's fourteen I'm Antonia to stop this isn't. He's the most amazing. Sleight of hand back I've ever sitting. Driving young's amazing president. They -- brought Campbell threw the strike started Norton. -- a camel can look at that. And and gentlemen let me just try to get -- mental image of a -- throwing your animal you have been added an airplane armed. That's company. And -- becomes an accidental. You know close all the things that had happened that before he got the job I mean it's like I don't you know I mean -- when they signed him. You know asked the other guys and you know if you follow baseball you knew who he was right but I had a friend who -- face -- deal lefty or righty indeed either didn't know when and -- two guys have a go down before he got this great. Three guys control -- in there. It's amazing he was off the scrap heap. If they couldn't get it snapped in Texas you know they just -- they had a beer before it hit a lot of shaved it off our bodies is right. I don't. The other time of the different Beers. Are you always have a lot of wooly bully Beers and your day pitching you know obviously in that era but. A -- they made such a strong comeback now all the players -- a memorial he would some big thick long stuff. But certainly. Junichi says I was you know you could fit more of those little tiny bags enamel. Napoli has got to get an old -- day yet PO ST yes. Edit the post man and his band goes to post man. And he is. Spitting that's got to -- the oath of walk around all winter. Everybody's got to go up in just rebel spirit of its -- good -- go Buddha belly. Yeah I did that get a Dell walked into a store. Somewhere out in the desert and some old lady comes walking managed heated up and I got to rub your beard and it was just. It's just there's all these car make -- sparring sides everywhere signs. And you know -- pregnant woman's belly in some states you can get arrested for that. Now what you have here look at president Ali -- you gotta do that. And so you're out of it now is they don't know much about the games that you know they did that super slow -- on fox woman of god makes contact you see the -- actually -- when he. When he makes content what. Waivers now you you got -- bad company Jimmie you're making. I make I make. The only access that reverend Fall River with Louis -- bill. And it's a great that is a good it's going to governor based -- -- month Don. Gary -- web site called that cost dot com and that. You're gonna be I just wanna make that's for kids I want kids to -- in the right -- right leg -- and grow up without evident need steroids. All right and without needing those stupid metal bats man all of metal bats are dead seriously it would -- -- and neighborhood stuff. I just want to say that I have been -- -- -- what about this shamelessly bill you avenue tattoo it's on my junk and it says bong. But when I get excited says Boston's strong. They have a puppet government you back from California. I -- I gotta get out there I got -- any Nick Harper. -- 37 days so I'm looking for someone has. As a four wheel drive to get my driveway for 37 day let's work on that okay Libya by. Thanks for -- is that there's space man Billy from my. From California San Raphael -- always in Arizona still -- doing -- -- on the call -- look again at a time in my house he was put -- his -- -- -- kind of fundamentally -- F 150 veterans -- California still pitching at sixth and he went on Italy as dealership that wants to give bill an F 150 he'll -- lawyer commercials for -- TNT radio and he he'll take up the mountains and Vermont now to California almost all the wild stuff he does not and not to be the commercial spokesman he'd be he'd be fine and anything -- -- -- --

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