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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - 11/01/13

Nov 1, 2013|

We discuss four topics around the Boston Sports teams that didnt make today's agenda.

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Those -- for four and and now our Silicon Valley school. Rate Fuller and more powerful for. Me PE. We solved it Kelly. On sports radio and WE. -- four brought you by Marvin windows then what do we have. Well Tom Brady's been having a terrible year by his standards the defense that was key injuries all season in the wide receiving group is -- a long time to get going and get on the same page. You're absolutely right about that -- after eight games the pats are six and two do you want to change your prediction for the patriots right now. Make the problem with what and it's he said to vote for and so with a tendency. Sorry whatever it is -- wanna stay with us. -- short that the and I certainly believe we're gonna make the playoffs and a Miami one last night we'll keep play. Against the Pringles in overtime you guys got about two thirds of our football fails again. But I think they're the best team in the AFC east so at the very least. Divisional champs and they got a shot but got a shot in a conference where. Broncos. And chiefs are very good but I don't think far away about the -- Yes I am. -- hours ago can fix it is my prediction they have to lose four games the rest of the way. Why I'll probably have to go up to 115124. I guess the possibility that Lebanon five fuels more likely. They have to play the Broncos gonna have to play. The ravens. Texans viewers in the regular left in this in this schedule. Either aren't that good or are having a great year but we've seen they can lose to a team like yet they could lose the bills -- -- -- him again part Steelers I think he'll be nervous feeling they're it's the Steelers are bill. I think they're better than those differences. But it's Pittsburgh. They're better -- you can -- It. -- So I would say I was they'll go to Lebanon by the twelve or certainly would be a possibility that that we does he do with it but Pittsburgh you'll hear from every. -- importantly and John in Cambridge who's. Do you think you gave me. To stay away. We are Michael Johns got has been suspended seven games and -- -- -- -- 6000 dollars for his hit on Louis Ericsson does the punishment. Fit the crime but the punishment I mean I you know. In general I would love for him to be suspended -- incredibly long time as long as -- Ericsson is going to be out and recognize that that's probably not going to be happen. This -- not gonna happen seven games does seem like they've legitimately made a statement. Jon Scott and I hope of something happens the next time that you really get extra -- 26000. Dollars and that's a lot of money. Not pretty good seven games 26 million dollars is. Yeah I think the I think it's a good punishment it starts to tell. -- makes me at 26000. Some odd number. What what are excellent at 125 -- are -- thirty usually we deal in increments of 526000. Seems a little odd but I'm sure -- came up with a brief summary. -- The Celtics appeared to be dreadful team right now and seemed to only be playing for the injured in sweepstakes. Will the Celtics end up with the worst record in the NBA well first of all I gotta say I am excited. Going to that game tonight young your column I'm going really Ellis tickets are -- But I'm not going to watch -- all the -- is excited. It's the hall is the whole. It is. Yes -- they start play yet to have a late game aren't you know they play Toronto they win now broken and lost by six. Their parents indictment dented the third quarter 1000030 it was almost -- You know it's like tonight the Milwaukee -- -- they -- community. To donate to Milwaukee Bucks. Luke Wilson there. You know I don't know about current current parents Ray Allen. I'm a little while Dario was there governor Arnold Michael Redd made an art no hope Michael -- our candidate key pieces of -- at least -- -- what -- they ran Jennings. Very Brandon Jennings that's nice I get a name -- one amoral but he's not there well. That Detroit is what these were two point guard. About it Brandon Knight. Larry Sanders Butler. Not Ilyasova Ilyasova nice player Milwaukee and I into the store -- test everybody on the head coach they do have it goes. -- your head coach it to new head coach -- Nokia Larry Sanders and the other -- it's a pretty good for. What's your head coach Larry centers. Schools are -- -- there's nobody we were just talking to Milwaukee Bucks you really need that larger Larry and I. I. I don't know about that but. I'm excited to be there they will not be the worst in the NBA two bad teams and leagues here. They'll be voted. Hours they'll be among the worst with the -- the bad and they won't be quite bad enough to get underway. Yesterday on DNC Billy from -- called in and well that's what happened. Billy's -- and -- Billy. They would have been good morning. You know I don't wanna be negative or anything but and so felt so -- A lot of crappy decisions. I I. I agree Billy and fire let's start with the top 31 of the worst moves he made last night. Well you know -- and we've now -- idiotic black. Yeah yeah let's do it if it -- the dog -- what else what else -- Ridiculous what -- workers hit. Well brutal did in the last movement has DH last who -- a -- Officers. Assigned to us today you know record says they want it but me. About pitcher in game three a -- Gloria not Smart. Well. Has -- become too jaded -- all the success out of the last twelve years it has Boston become too jaded or has believe firmly and become -- it's good thing because Billy is clearly too jaded if that's his commentary the next day after championship that's. That's surprising because Boston big round yesterday then you don't know when Billy from lender represented you know Andy Hawkins Billy from -- how you got doesn't. That they represent you know. Just one guy what has also become too jaded I don't know maybe Yemen has been a lot of championships it's hard to imagine feeling truly negative after a championship means. These teams are good. I do I really as I say I've said before I think that we Europe really Russian. The Boston Red Sox the patriots. The Bruins if you're really crushing them your troll. -- is that it's the only real -- -- that you can't be hard on them should be thought he can't hold them accountable enough that you can't criticize moves -- we should do all of those things. But to truly crush them over and over and over again day after day afternoon after afternoon. I would say that you are being neutral you know it's. You've got to be miserable like Billy from land. You really gotta have some things going -- -- On the morning after your team wins -- championship. You call -- Sports Radio. That managers. Some things now like to achieve its point -- morning. Mr. Or any time -- -- it's one missed six games. Maybe that's the conversation for April. Or or the offseason is there are right now we've about. We've had the glow of the championship bout incorporated's overall that step -- and there offseason moves. As you go in the spring training to 2014 we have to be right I would hope I did all this stuff all the winter meetings spring training. We got to be a stop at lap track where the spring training winter meetings there. But as you go -- next season maybe you start talking about some things you like from the previous year. But to do it on Friday next Thursday -- -- is that there's two options either he prays that negative human being or get a diesel fraudulent not to -- address this very quickly because as you bring up the Dennis and Callahan Show there. And the work fraudulent I thought this would be good opportunity to very quickly address all of your text tweets etc. whether or not I'm going to respond to -- and hands tax. I imitation this morning first thought but the imitation was great I am not gonna spend a lot of time to spend about ten seconds and that's it I get to expect respect for use the audience. You guys don't wanna hear about the real housewives of WEEI today or yesterday I'm assuming that you was sports fans wanna hear about sports especially. Two days after the Red Sox win a world -- on market spent a lot of time in this that's not what we do. I only say this. I don't believe a word that comes at a -- -- on the -- it's a great character he plays. But it's a fraudulent character either that or he has a multiple personality disorder 'cause I know or. But this is the same guy -- called me up after every change at the station in order to ask advice and say hey how would you handle this what do you think you know radio you've been around. So the fact that he quote unquote doesn't like the way do radio or anything else. In addition to being a weasel and a -- Apparently he's also -- fraud and we'll just move on it's a nice character he plays on the radio. But it's for a -- he calls you up. Always call me a bunch of times yeah hey what do you think after you for your -- think about this week what do you think this new guys can do is like a new wrinkle I know colleges there is no sound you know this is breaking and the people in on what's really going on -- -- -- a call to be real -- a lot of us. I see it on Twitter from Jon -- revealed that people here eight. There's the reality that character he plays the nice character but doesn't make it real and we'll move on because this is not what I think you guys want. 61777979837. Is our phone number the phone lines the blaze and all day wanna talk about David Ortiz. The future these Boston Red Sox and I really wanna play the Bobby Valentine card as well. Attack coming up next alcohol WE.

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