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Mustard and Johnson: It's not Sports Saturday...It's SOX SATURDAY

Oct 26, 2013|

Craig and Larry break down all the big spots from Game 1 and Game 2 of the World Series and look ahead to Game 3 tonight in St Louis.

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Oh what a sports Saturday. -- in is mustard and Johnson here in -- only Boston. Meanwhile the scene shifts to Saint Louis tonight for game three of the World Series and we got it covered for you. Just about every important person at this radio station. Is that the Saint Louis beginning at 11 o'clock Dennis -- went up there as I said just about every yard person we haven't read it as -- to have children of WEEI. But that's OK that's fine they've got great coverage out there we are guarding the proverbial -- back here making sure all is right for the Red Sox and cardinals. Wraps come back for game six. Next week so it is game three tonight. And believe it or not yes it is hard to ponder we're sitting here as we're getting ready for the show. And based on what you saw on Wednesday night I am by shocked shocked. That the cardinals are able to bounce back so we have a series it's all tied up 211. And tonight Jake Peavy not to play. Buckles goes to the mound as the Red Sox look to take -- to a 21 lead. What I do find interesting about the year this series obviously want the Red Sox to win about it was arm of the game two was it was a very exciting games that -- at game one it was just like an onslaught of of powering hits and in scoring runs it will and I think everybody started falling into that. Pattern of you know is is you were talking about the history of the last time they played the cardinals and sweeping in everything. So I think gain to kinda knocked us back into reality. These different players different teams a couple of hold -- Ortiz and the like but it's it's a different series. Little did I know about the cardinals enough to know that they would have a bullpen is good or got -- that we -- our favorite of these flame throwers. That was really rude. Of the cardinals not to take a long ban law. Off from the World Series or maybe some of those other tiger relievers feel that's what the cardinals yes but but no I thought it was. That the most interest in saying to me about baseball and football and I believe it's right date these other two most important. Sports. Of interest to fans ratings and the like by the way what -- got me on July 11 so. We are gonna you know open up as we usually do and number got to go to the phones early so if you wanna -- and Colin early because we're only on 211 today. But I I I find that what's fascinating about football last week -- the jets at the in the patriots and that field goal in the end a call by the raft. They're -- it was -- in the role pork it also in baseball strike that double steal and Napoli just appeal of that off balance. And the throw opening up the first base line Saltalamacchia. Instead of like you know you gotta you gotta go off the pace of NAFTA package that the legacy got to touch the ball. -- and then our Breslow who's been growth rate. Ears went up over the third baseline we all -- all the story in the cardinals go on to win afforded to that's unfortunate 'cause or lack. Key again pitched his brains out but the point I'm getting at is why people love these -- sports so much is it the a second guessing. It's just day care in Ferrell can go from genius hero won game two than the next game though. Why didn't he do this while he was out managed in the cardinals came up with a double steal. It is just fascinating to me how you can go from an idiot to ingenious. Actor an idiot again on one play. Well because that's what we do it's the occupational hazard of being a manager particularly in an intense baseball town like this and we've had this discussion I haven't really. Heard a lot of that because the Red Sox coasted to the AL east crown they won their 97 games and obviously the second -- has come out. Of the woodwork after a loss you heard it all day yesterday on this radio station I'm sure you hear it again. In general. The job of a manager and you know this Larry we've had this discussion it's not necessarily. Deciding when to bring a guy in from the bullpen it's not necessarily. Quarter started shortstop or third base or left field really is managing 25 guys you know as well as I do. The John Ferrell has been spectacular. At that job -- we all know everybody. Is. Always going to be second guessed if you're in a dugout and a Major League out of Major League team that's is gonna happen. But John Ferrell. I I look at him he's gonna stay with the people that got them there and make some adjustments tonight as you well know knob is gonna go out in left field that's a good move. He's gonna stand pat. We have drew in -- the left side of the infield of course he has no choice but to put David Ortiz at first base and so far we don't know about Saltalamacchia but looks like salt. -- -- -- well Ortiz he's eating through 68 and in the pro season and he's got five home runs. In and he is dead on. He's just I like I heard a call Wendy -- shortly several. Ortiz has this square -- swagger about him like he's just some bad. Dude is a problem with that is it I set myself -- grab him skipping up to the plate yeah I mean scampering -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- For the Ortiz home run he said. On the file ball when he ripped it down the right field line in the file -- that this guy is in his own he's a lot reliant in locked in so throwing an off speed pitch 85 mile law now her off speed pitch to David Ortiz. Out of did. The greatest idea about say what this is McCarver is last series he's going out on top and I I think he's been absolutely superb let's get back to this. I heard last week through the grapevine that I was accused of using controlled substances. When I stated you on crack but what is a I have not -- either wow that you can -- that pragmatic I I'm mostly been a Coke guy in my life in Iraq are correct I cannot bunkers okay. And apparently I'm on some sort of illegal substance because I proclaimed. Pardon me for being. A little deranged here in deluded. That David Ortiz game tying home run off -- The Grand Slam might have cemented his hall of fame and trying men five years after retires and apparently some people accuse me of being in -- And that I thought you know and crack -- but I think I. Can you -- But I you know eight and again I like coming here week after week and I'm always open to. To change or to be dogmatic about -- I think Brady has -- horrible lately in. You claimed it was more on him and in May be it is I just know he looks like a guy who's frustrated on the -- union. I don't know how many times a guy can come up it maybe it does not even clutch ball I don't know what you want to call it. Went every time the guy comes up when it really matters he delivers speeches I've never seen anything -- yeah. To do is look at Jayson stark has a great piece and espn.com. Breaking down the 1717. Post season home runs and David Ortiz has hit many of them. Have been late in the game. Several have been either tying -- putting them ahead or putting putting the team within one run. The guy is immense and I've never seen anybody close I mean we cherish yes is great year Diaz was out there. On Thursday night. Probably the single greatest season of all time that eyewitness and most people we'll tell you the asked Triple Crown here amazing. But he never had any of these walk off clutch Koppel. But nothing next to Ortiz now is Ortiz had plenty of opportunities to do it in the post season many more. Obviously and yet. They're Reggie Jackson but I did. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Cannot go to the hall and I know there is no DH in the hall I guess -- -- played half his career. As a designated hitter. This guy is is to weasel Rockies this year and how anybody even question. I do I do have to concede to you -- young -- stupid you suggesting to the plate -- he meant that one plane by a -- noble as it because he needs you more I don't hottest items on I don't know what what do you mean did he mean maybe you misinterpret resided here. Did he mean that he already is in the hall of fame that he did not need to do that teachers doing. Or more -- let's. Go over that while I was gonna argue there I've just yet he didn't say that now. But the point as it you know you -- series. We got a series you want drama by the way. I -- really like Beltre and I've probably him for a long time I think he's a terrific player Lotta people questioning. His pain thresholds for coming out of the game out after banging himself into the wall he made a terrific catch. Man I hate to play that role. I hate to jump over somebody and say he should he should have stayed in the game -- -- come out -- are really. You know every bit of the -- were not broken and we understand that put -- let me ask you this anyway he came here you can't remember too and knocked in Iran if you remember. When he made the catch it was a terrific catch. That that was actually a sac fly because a runner came in -- Grand Slam it was a sacked -- I. And the game was now five to nothing I think that was the judicious move for both. Carlos Beltran and and Mike would be because as you just said he came back and play terrific game in game two and they're not gonna win if he's not available so. That was a Smart move all around it's a series now and you know John to mossy in the Boston Herald this morning has some interesting questions we've all been asking them but their right here. On the page. I think at this point it's a no brainer David Ortiz has the play over Mike Napoli. And Napoli is nineteen strikeouts runaway dad he's you know he's a feast or famine kind of player. We saw the bases clearing double the other night after the gaffe at second base which the umpires finally got. I'll charge if it was so I'm the only thing or -- -- shocking. With women equality and out. Regained -- of I don't understand all how can you be. Designated as one of the top six umpires because you have to earn your way to the World Series. And make that kind of a play that makes god -- injure. Look like he has 2010 vision I mean that was just absolutely as they got it right -- thing though it anyway. My point is some question about well will Napoli played one of the games I go back to our earlier discussion couple minutes ago. Replace a hall of Famer. Ortiz past the billionaire. For the three games I'm sorry Mike Napoli you've had some big hits you've been instrumental to this team's success you've had a lot of experience in the post season with Texas but David Ortiz is a hall of Famer and discussion would you even consider -- -- playing for I don't think there's an argument there kind of lost now room. Where we got a golden -- now I mean really well I mean you you go back and forth you wanna know we know why I draw I don't know what I wanna reliant numbers. The numbers say -- obviously should be. -- -- 30 -- in five games. I games small samples are not his fault now I I think that's the right and wrong. Visiting 156 minutes you know right. Anyway I am saying to me that's a non debate I I I think probably I so I think it's a bigger field. I think economic and cover more ground for you I do think one thing I love about this series and we've certainly learned from the Detroit series every hadn't before. -- I'm stating the obvious here but defense does matter. Everybody I I know drew drew isn't hitting his weight. In people's -- just make it routine plays where finding how. Some other routine plays not being made guys they're dropping balls and I mean when is that first game and you say that the bar drop between the pitcher and -- -- I'm saying that. All over right it's all in the -- for Walter Matthau and come out there -- -- butter maker I'm not alone I don't I think Saltalamacchia. And Jack and David Ross I think it's a noble -- fundamentally. Such case only -- calling catcher here's the problem when you play in the nationally park as you well know. The pitcher is going to be -- night. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't think it'll steel -- that you were -- -- -- but he wouldn't allow one now with a double steal for the play of the play well maybe borrow all of that it right and I have to borrow stock atop the market -- the boss stuck -- right. And and so you -- he waited Andrew in spite of his. I want our guys after about -- got it it third in an abort system on the bench to use the that's why. Yeah that's -- keep the left side of the infield -- problem businesses and I think the biggest issue here really is all the verses Ross. Because you're looking now at a bottom third of this lineup comprised of David Ross Stephen Drew with a pitcher. That is very feeble and that's it does the Red Sox have. On that he had but on the other hand -- -- Red -- -- the National League -- the last two World Series haven't lost. So as much people can whine and complain bow they shouldn't have to set the roles in its that this is the rights -- of the greatest indicator of all time. While a great designated hitter has played very successfully for his base. -- -- -- two World Series -- won every game while the other debate and it's not really a debate you elect. Last year and you go out Lackey and IIIQ I am so throw -- rat art experience that they gave Lackey the ovation they gave. That guy pitched his hot binary was shot with. Three runs but naturally in my opinion you really only gave -- only gave up the one he inherited Bryant went left and Bravo. You know they came in. I think if it's not a debate I don't know what it is to discuss the third force -- for the arts. You feel comfortable if your red -- and you feel comfortable with that art if you're completely new way to edit your card and you feel comfortable with Kelly in -- I mean we're gonna see Padilla. Whole different ball game model weighs. In Saint Louis because I don't know if any of these stars in the next two games yielded different game five win. Wainwright and and Lester pitch again but I think -- for these next two games. I figured I think it is in the big premium. Don't you I do but I I I. He'd be and I felt so bad for the guy because he wants so grab the come out and play well this for a World Series. His post season racquet in his chest parable. At an average is right yes terrible votes -- let's forget about the numbers for a second look at the two starts he's made the Red Sox. People forget and -- The reason whether it's -- able to dispose of the rays in four games Jake Peavy gave you very good start game four but most people don't remember that. Was it pretty focusing on the fact that he couldn't get out of the fourth inning in Detroit. So he's pitched well once. On the road and portly once on the roads are now as a third time. To redeem himself would you rather at this point in spite of the fact that he has struggled a bit. Would you rather have he'd be game three right now -- looks likely balk colts is reverting -- what I previously. I'd rather now what Red Sox Nation would -- back half we can't yet. We've park called in I don't know armada doctor I don't know what this is about him that. Is the psyche himself RO is physically I mean he's been checked by everybody. They said he's fine but yet he says he's worn out all right. I don't know what it is. He says he has a -- sensation. In his shoulder we know that James Andrews doctor James Andrews has cleared him several. Or weeks ago actually couple months ago. And he hasn't pitched well. In the post season certainly not to the standards that we have seen over the last couple regular seasons. And I I was watching the baseball show last night Comcast in it will always been actually fantastic why shouldn't he be. What was absolutely convinced -- I said this on the radio station yesterday I was teaching that he doesn't believe that buckles is gonna start the game game -- the journal of dance right now. -- -- had a really good piece of that -- in in you go back to gronkowski. That's the comparison I make is like. Everybody wants you to play you look fine you look healthy you're out there running around long tossing. But at the same time it what price. Like do you give up the resting your career I don't know and then you turned up bringing do -- tip back. This is going to be a series -- if I don't you know. If directs -- I I have great confidence in them in the clutch hitting and being able to overcome obstacles. And I also wanna hear from you don't forget running onto eleven so we're right after the break when we come back we're gonna go right to the phones. But I also want to hear from you won your grade apparel so far. I'll act is distracted by saying great pick Greg is the reality is this is this this is the way that the nature of the sport if you've been listening to the station. I would I would do this would rate is I don't mean I literally mean give them a great idea that five -- -- -- let's get out of migrate them for virus and how do you feel about how Farrell has been. You know people give -- -- manager are kind of credit for the double steal and every evening it why can't we come opera stuff like that. Double summer that's very that's the -- -- the ball that's the nature. Of practice I don't of traction at a -- in the way of that you'd like to have that little I don't mean -- -- literal grade we don't wanna do that are just talking about. I don't I don't think he's done anything that bad I don't know I did he leave Lackey -- long but you know everybody has the luxury of -- vote it tweeting -- study to reveal that a lot of people don't know what they think they know everybody's giving opinions. On high -- -- tweeting and then after the play happens and they turn out to be Ron Paul. For at this where a lot of people are very confident here inside red Red Sox Nation after Wednesday night's romp now there is may be just go it'll discomfort that was not there on Wednesday we'll talk about it with you. 61777979. -- 3737. 937. Is the telephone number what do you do -- what do you do with salt they eat. On -- left feel good -- your thoughts your comments mustard and Johnson Sports Radio WEEI. I've been fortunate to. To be in the game post playing on a number different sides understanding what it takes him to can be part of building an organization. To putting together. A system that that feeds a Major League team. And probably the thing that stands out most it is dealing with individual players and and having some compassion towards. Cases where guys have needs and not -- to turn away from their abilities because they might be struggling. At a certain point time in their career. As John Ferrell explaining what he brings in a way of expertise to the Red Sox dugout and -- -- few disgruntled denizens of Red Sox Nation we'll get to you at 617. 77979837. -- get this straight. You wanna keep Stephen Drew he of point 095. Batting average four for 42 in the post season like him exactly where he has. I would give him one more game his bat obviously is the edge. And how they get indeed. Little more ammo from the from the hitting side which taking Napoli out. Do you make that -- adjustment. In -- -- -- it was not like -- -- was light the world on fire either he was hitting about 174 so there's -- -- realities only about three -- four guys really carrying this team -- -- -- -- -- aren't so we agree -- keeping the left side of the infield intact we agree on -- over -- we agree on novel -- -- I keep -- -- just because I need -- that even though that bad guys are our roster fundamentally they lost that game number two because of the catching situation as well as other things -- You've got to have defense up the middle let's get to the phone 6177797937. Andrew you're gonna kick us you could hit leadoff -- -- and it's a real effort promoted shall. He gonna steal this time we just gonna stay on first. Things don't go whole group here at for a total destruction -- will pay homage to the political -- just brushed away from the 21. For the occasion. The thing wrong. Both mentally reformer about it and control of to the victory. Was needed -- -- ruled. The overall eleven year old yeah without spending and spending to a player. Wouldn't you almost say. The vols who hadn't seen them play shooting Weis when he was under he was like we're sure you're like Ray Allen of this. The nomination are both worked me out with the ladies of pure shooter and you know legal battle. Yeah I I I've been saying this many times on the -- not recently. During the NBA strike couple years ago -- Comcast showed 1963. Game was -- his last game game six against the lakers. And Allie Sherman a retired by that point. Just to watch the old timers. And they they looked a little bit differently but boy that they have that came down fundamental. And here's the other thing I just wanna make as little bit more in my lifetime certainly saw him on the bench when the lakers won in 72. What a great team that was in Sharma was able to convince will not to be assistant rebound guy. And let's give this going to Goodrich in Weston and Jimmy McMillan and -- that was the probably the greatest coaching. Move of all time be able to convince -- to the -- the year he led the league in assists SMU and a half. Florio don't you did it before your ankle again. -- I've got a way that I'm sorry about that -- will referenced it was -- it was a championship the relative -- Philadelphia. I wrote it Greg Gumbel members. And Lotus thing that I am glad -- I told him little -- -- novel you don't do things you might get a -- he wicket it was a page -- leading candidate given taught. I think that's a great move. Hope -- large they're you're third on which they were true which -- stated I think if you movement that would criticize a product. We're gonna disagree or agree with Larry I would too much laughter. The -- gave the magnitude difference of what it. The other thing is happy with -- really charged in the last outing I think lots can settle down. And I don't like shall be brought against -- bat against the bigger hard throwing right hander ignited by the -- -- seven mile an hour. Because we're -- -- while national international we. It was shorter than. I think he brought applause. What has surprised you so far in this series partly what has surprised you so far in this series. But what do what do we -- -- potentially put food including -- What disrupting them coming you can look through the beloved series like the British support political apartment in the united expect that. And not on the ball. Russell Long characteristic is -- I think every I think having the biggest surprise even including the Detroit series is the collapse of fundamentals. And I just and I know it's a pressure. Packed situation and loved writes a brighter and how do you perform you know when the games are really really do matter. But I was surprised at some of the I was making reference that it took a pop up in the infield but the catcher in the -- pitcher to. Creating err I mean well you know what it is though we now at two games to see and I give the cardinals tremendous. Ovation for being resilient but psychologically and physically coming backing team to really double Saddam's doubles DL where it really. Sent the message that. Metro again and I think their run and -- the result would rot in there are typical liberal. Well wait a minute NEC in the numbers there the seconds. At least team wherever however you say they've sold fewer bases anybody except Detroit during the regular here. It's -- Google project to run a very big big in -- guitar and everything it's what I do are worth a dual Russian American. All the people much hope you can both play at -- told that I think you look at the period. We've got to protect. -- a little about the -- -- Are right well we'll take it wanted to aim it at times there's a crash Davis might say Jim and PB the year next on sports rated morning Jim. It regularly alliance and Craig -- Arafat from every time it was a little substitute teach. And I say yeah. Junior did they try to get your -- is but he wasn't available. Yeah you know what I'd like like to laugh at that but you've you've probably heard the interview where a Favre admitted that he is he's already having memory lapses. 550 sacks he's been hit too many times -- remember while his daughter I'm not I'm not making this up -- he doesn't remember. His daughter playing a soccer season has no recollection of it. My -- for the Sox are being ourselves elsewhere on the line of questioning judge. Freeman concussions. -- -- -- -- Now where was there was this on the station. Yeah I figured it was it was yeah and a half time mile and he visited some type retirement was alone it was not on not NBC not what we're out as a pro football I don't know where one. You know what I've always and I hear a lot of guys is that -- these fancy microphones and headsets and everything and we make these judgments from afar are. Whether belt train -- he he's -- fake it and I'd never take myself I. I I just don't know who are we -- two to question. Somebody on that level you don't know the extent of the injury and I you really willing to. Risked -- resting your career. Union in the rib area let's face is sporting a -- like I mean that's it's not a day at the beach -- Rodney you know we know how dedicated he is to team and we know how dedicated he needs to do he'll do anything he can get back on the field. As we well now we understand that we also another running back who was a Kevin turner. Kevin turnout SA LL SU really they don't run all right I. Think the you have to be very careful in this day and age particularly around a concussion you can not question. When in doubt leave that player around I I cannot believe the Rodney Harrison made that comment apparently he did I hope we apologize for it 617. 7797937. Tax -- get some of those coming up to 379. B 37 it's mustard and Johnson on Sports Radio. WEEI. Is what I'll look for my whole life -- an issue on my whole baseball careers site. Does have this opportunity to to go out her own the biggest stage and have a chance to help your team won a World Series game and a World Series titles so. Obama's prepared -- BJ. TVs have been around awhile won a Cy Young in San Diego in 2007. And of course now has is a chance for a first World Series win. He gets the ball game number three tonight we'll have -- all for you right here on Sports Radio WEEI it's baseball baseball. And more baseball all day long as we head out to saint -- And 11 o'clock we have John and Jerry incur -- -- Bradford in Mott. And Alex beer. Got an all covered for your course right now. We flying out after the show. Right afterwards to the park background first class you know maybe north they would pay me in my right back to the phone to his his policy at a season racquet is just brutal sell you. You wonder everybody responds. Differently. I would say. The surprise. To me so far in the in this post season series all of it. He's been Lackey this guy has taken a verbal beating for out the year and last year and the like it he deserved it. But I'm telling you you can't ask for two betting games. In some one can even debate whether or not they took a month tour early via the other night he's but the guy has been unbelievable. He has been and when you can out dueled Justin Verlander in Detroit and you know Michael Wonka. Walker had a very good game at Iowa and in looking at from the Saint Louis perspective and they really were -- was almost like it was a let's analyze. Locker as much as weekend in in in almost overshadowed maybe it was good for. John Lackey the focus seem to be so much John Walker. On that national broadcast in May -- just in from the baseball he's Carolina the other guy -- yeah these Democrats -- point Berlin Europe against. Some guy to read -- compelling -- yeah and you know and walk. Was commanding in his own way to a made that mistake to Ortiz but. A much better game and text -- by the way in the nine. 78 says Larry save this tax. The Sox will be swept in saint lowest. Next Saturday at your show will be a day of eulogies. Where is the night was a dagger game -- you believe them off the bring in my funeral book what are your feelings about the Red Sox out in saint. I tell you I don't like I just say this -- regard to the phones I don't like the combination of PD. Buchholz. In into Bryant I do not like the -- however that it ends up coming Ali are the right to our current it boggles my come out and pitched two innings. Would be an I don't feel good about it I tell you that. Well you don't wanna be I thought the -- -- ahead of four. Two nothing lead going to Saint Louis obviously that changed dramatically. In the seventh inning here to opine on that in many other things any in -- -- -- -- getting. Now right guys who went from an assembly and do you detect spot machine out while that was -- that was -- -- -- -- prediction. Guy that was a joke oh my god. I'll I'll try to be out. Drive drive the hell don't forget highways -- Yet so well. And I've got to get a little adrenaline -- into -- important -- jockey and he is not not dry humored and well liked parts I think it would be an update your assessment of the series so far and do you like changes. When it definitely can make that -- -- it was played like crap and then and I'm not acidic which people would then go to sleep and then what you're disabled cattle Tibetans dead. The second game and that's panic and the students. It does not -- -- -- on -- where did it's yeah it is tied. Talk about fundamentally sound it was the first. Again the Red Sox have really played out. Fundamentally sound baseball again that never had a bad defense supply game. I don't remember in a long time any kind of defensive breakdown like we saw them now. You know I don't mean that didn't even that it's baseball but. I -- I direct your opening statement saying about a manager at. You know we that they wanted to -- and there's an app that they apply of 162 but I don't apply in the postseason. All right tell me it was all right OK okay well so far. The Red Sox in their first two series had not been taken to limit they've been able to eliminate. Their opponents in the second to the last game the pen ultimate contest. And I would say that part of that is because John Ferrell essentially. For the most part. Bob has made all the right moves whether or not you see them on the diamond or not. I quite agree we will let it but I do admit -- Anything the bullpen in the picking stuff is the single most important thing. An American League manager can joke. The baby sitting the sixty -- account of the postseason and how we gonna go to our National League park. And -- -- got -- these kind of like position I want a situation so he's really going to be tested. Yeah out but you know what we all thought that Francona was going to be tested those apparently nationally -- -- -- I think he's not capable of I'm trying to address your statement that. The babysitting duties are also a manager wouldn't about x.s and -- Our I would tell me give me specifics what x.s and knows I have. Merrill not executed. -- eye candy looking thing comes up. Those who we play Napoli -- key technologies is gonna be India however don't Red Sox. A -- at RBI -- -- -- won't even know what believed that he gets it again. Not a potential and -- right. And that -- Napoli. The action that's a different. System he's got to box gets yelled at meadowbrook is coming off the bench so they let him bench strength increased system. Very good point. Excellent point Danny you always seem to get the it could find the point somewhere in there. And that's one thing that I have not heard a lot about. Again I did hear yesterday shows but because of their superior bench because of Merrill's ability. To use 45 players when you need to be. In a nationally part or pinch hitting is at a premium. This -- can pay off great point. So I was down -- at the racquet is doubtful for the White -- so pretty much at least they thought I had all the team like that you don't look at out. Play it wouldn't -- gets a lead early in the game. They are much different team than that and you still I don't really got to get on ending out particularly the two guys that made this team tick off say the wrong. You get the playing -- -- win this -- is a different team and yeah I certainly don't gonna get -- -- -- birdies on the opinion adorning didn't really even that split the running game is its. Huge that is Q and so I think. That is important Libya I think a lot of what the stats -- but I don't know let's split the two guys at the top of the order can mitigate any particular post that. But you know the other side of the baseball the old school baseball says you never Ron when you're behind. We understand that but it's always been quite late in the game. No I mean look at look at that in documents I don't know. Seem to remember that. Of course it's not going to be easy to run against the cardinals -- -- that catcher is phenomenal. -- I think did not know -- to be more time but the only thing that that I question is. I would have roster behind the plate I just think that you have PV coming out. Probably a little unsettled from the last outing I just think Ross gives me a better fundamentally sound veteran catcher -- I don't know if you don't disagree with that -- that get peavy to a point that a guy that weighs what I want. Yeah unarmed black. I'm Danny his old -- -- pro seasons that's -- brutal. I definitely pink I look at is what that was against the trade. -- I think he's gonna help pick the performance I mean in Atlanta a week ago that as if he never pitches another quality Nagin and his team -- -- -- and the World Series. Detroit pocono there's been a successful one because he got a good -- Quite a few par might win that tournament but a few bombs out today. Annika is still now and then lose this series. Optimum position and that and that it would be a referendum on the trade actually related question about it can you do need to panic I just put the put -- over the top and he did not think that. -- -- -- you when you wanted to make one more point. I can't remember just to put his respect output is performance. I -- -- that in perspective. He's got lit up the first inning against Verlander under the past the -- he's going to do about it particularly I think it -- everything -- -- people. So but he got it right and it came back and pitched this well so. -- -- I immediately swallowed as they. I guess I understood that you begin the other night as well but you know sometimes. I'd -- -- -- -- started a lot of roaring 2001 when he got to the bottom. That's what they're saying Detroit right now they currently at war or without them them. Like -- and -- parks -- about keeps cutting overtime tell Lackey in the dugout though it's like they want is the matter of frustrated just another pretty into. This team player -- head over -- Bridgewater Tony you're next holiday idea. They're very they'll no idea -- there is going to act like it's almost that -- -- the -- They're aware of hot most of our beat -- straight -- lost three straight -- this year already but. Are you dump the first of all day you know write it out on the paper PP ain't gonna get out of there and it. That they think destruction -- or while -- tropical green or it's terrible right at the eyes on her. No no problem area I can see so happy your view if peavy gets knocked out early would you would you bring and. You can that -- -- get it straight and they want. And it did -- public and a critic glaciers that. Although I said number I said if peavy gets knocked out is you are predicting who would you bring and. The score Harry Reid sticks to succeed and bring you bought it it. Stubborn about certain abortion ought to ringgit. Don't stop. Well if you bring in -- -- where you gonna say this I don't see this is right on it. Tony -- don't hit the ball better governor six experiment a bit then they go out the web. Great. Yeah I ran it -- -- I did write that down the the that the evidence of teams winning. The third game is overwhelming at at. The winner of game three has. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I -- everybody that we buy you all want saying yeah. July. And the poor are the sole income their darkest -- the plot to approach -- -- straight -- allowance where you want collapsed. People -- all that like I spoke with coach. About how you look lately yeah I gotta go right I would rather have the job. You don't even want it -- so they're like art the art underwear -- to stop all your. It's direct -- -- at all it would -- are urged we're not seven games are called. -- -- -- You set for Chrysler combating malaria using. And name in vain our corporate Saltalamacchia. -- about it. People have brought -- state like this idea is to check. Are they wait wait what all of this -- -- have been reports. That a reported nine attached to diet struck out. What it was about. Lots of all go walk. I doubt they will talk all. Oh yeah when it didn't get it out of the lot that brought it up. They also quite let the -- -- that's right that's why rock. Should be put it should be playing today so it sounds as if file will take that comment as -- vote for David Ross to be behind the plate 6177797837. We're back for our number two coming up on Sports Radio W media.

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