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The Danny Picard Show: Red Sox and Pats Analysis with Boston's own Danny Picard

Oct 26, 2013|

Danny Picard is in on a Friday night reviewing his thoughts on the first 2 games of the World Series and where he sees this series going now that they're in St. Louis. He also touches on the Pats looking to get back on track against the Dolphins this week.

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-- floor olives from an all. We will be right in the middle. Of game three. Of the World Series in Saint Louis. Series even at water. There is some knows at this -- John Farrell the press conferences Donna and Saint Louis. They already took place couple I was -- news is. Daniel mama's gonna go in left field Jonny Gomes will stop on the bench. And David Ortiz will be at first base as he should be this is the data to got you here on WEEI. I am -- Danny got a don't know why am I I write for Comcast sports net New England website CSN an. I have a webcast every morning called on -- saying which might be familiar way I -- here until midnight. Our fault lines are open for -- 617779798376177797937. And -- jacked up about tomorrow night's game three is a darn the next two volleys will look back. A little bit at what happened last night at Fenway in game two loss for the Red Sox look forward to game three tomorrow night look forward to game four. Which will be on Sunday game five on Monday so the 232 series look I'm not a big fan -- 32 series does not I mean you see the NBA. -- the NBA is going back to a 222111. -- the NBA is going back to a 22111. You know that Major League Baseball has some issues I mean other Major League Baseball Major League Baseball has its issues anyways and those issues are only get worse with. The challenge flags. For manages next but that's for home all the time I don't like 232 series. I think it puts a team that should have home field advantage at a serious disadvantage. If you split the first two games. In your own ballpark I just 'cause the Red Sox split the first two that means they should have played three more. Three straight games on the road I do not agree. With a 232 series in any sport and I -- patient looking to change and I think you'd be better suited as 22111. Because then you really do give the advantage because. Right now what if you split in the first 20 you mean you have to play three games on the road. The other team has three chances in their own ball clocked -- close it out that's not right. The cardinals will have a chance to do that I don't think they will dates this thing is common back to Boston and tomorrow night it's going to be. Joseph Kelly against Jake Peavy. Clay Buchholz has been pushed back to game for some people wondered whether -- not Clay Buchholz. Is it gonna get that game force dot now I seem to believe he has. That's just my personal opinion on an amendment to back that up all the then. I have a theory on Clay Buchholz. -- and I have that hearing on May be. Why he will start game four why nobody else will he will be to got to do it just -- a very very shall Leach. I'll give that just won't back to the news of the day. Which is you have the press conference is now on the day off the managers speak it's a big deal John Farrell talks he goes over its lineup everybody wants that'll. You can't -- failed. Is it going to be Jonny Gomes is a going to be Daniel -- that's the news that. John Farrell's gonna put -- -- and left field I think it's a good decision and that it has absolutely nothing to do. With how Jonny Gomes played in the outfield in the last game. And last night in game two you know about that seventh inning went on the Red Sox. In the sixth they got the two run home run from David -- David Ortiz and at that point that's what -- are up. If get a Red Sox last night right to get -- a hundred pitches. Into the sixth then. I did get -- may -- hangs a changeup that nasty changeup that all changed but it has maybe get a Mac and you can make them pay David Ortiz made -- pay put in a monster seats. Red Sox ticket to one lead. At that point with a two run home run in the sixth and you get to the seventh I mean this. This is not chart up Lackey goes in the seventies take -- welcomes an -- pres husband rock solid it's disappointing. I have to put this one on -- you have to do I mean he's been so good this post season Breslow has been so reliable -- not go back in this post season that. That clinching game against Tampa. Right TV spots that game peavy gets into the middle innings they are a lot of people when John Farrell came out to take -- out. And -- -- to breslaw there -- a lot of people. On who complain at the time saying why -- -- him Rezko why you're doing -- why take -- peavy got peavy pitched he was asked to get what the output Farrell. Relies on -- enough to do more than that come up the next -- the goal against it right he's big on Friday still Longoria. What is Bristol don't keeps loaned his own slide it down and then. Gets Longoria same thing -- Zobrist slighted -- and an end Desmond Jennings nasty changeup blown away. It gets to swing and managed and he gets out of that he end up going to the next thing. Mean Breslow is a reliable guy about his reliable as you get to this Red Sox team here in this post season. So when he comes in that game last night I'm thinking all right this is good. This is a good time to get Lackey out it's not a -- a couple sliders. -- -- and he's better reliable he's critical to it didn't he can give you. You know he can go against lefties and varieties. And you can let him finish the seventh debt that is always in the eight and get to you we are in the ninth when it teaches that home run in the sixth. This is all you -- -- through the Red Sox. Put Breslow even before Breslow literally threw the game away and the left field. He was just not so Red -- that is best and you could say this about a lot of pitches I know all I get that that if you keep it down in the zone you'll be good. But -- will really is when he has that slot and a changeup down his own you know right away he's gonna be good and right away he was leaving pitches up. And even the 32 noted there's Kelso. I thought was inside try to promise sliding inside to -- the pitched it. You know what are you don't try to get his trying to make sure you wrote something that's close to play. That's gonna -- that's gonna get out of the zone -- campaign that's a strike and get him to chase on I thought that was a bad it's election. But if you're gonna go to its election. It was close it and Jessica have got called it the way out there was good cult called a ball he has that walk. And next thing you know. Top and hits the sac fly to left Jonny -- that's where we get into the discussion you know we throws he throws that ball home. And make no mistake about it if that is a good role. We -- probably talking about out at the plate and the Red Sox. Still lead 21. Right instead that runs score as the ball sort of gets away Bristol picks up. And you'd just say it even wanna run scores and ties it as bad as may be that role from Gomes was. You still yelled at the TV yeah Alan if you're at Fenway yeah I'll eat it. Rezko needed just eat it at that point and I -- closes market I don't need to gold is a college resonate with you you've heard before. He's a Smart kid he just let packing away from but even overthrow his -- I -- the decision to even make that throw was worse. And wrestled through that game away and that's what made that so much. That's what made that profit today. Right that's what made that. A tough pill to swallow. Obviously get the loss but the loss like that and have to put it on that -- decade have been so good for this game not just at the end of the regular season in the second -- the route. But in the post season. One more reliable guys not just in this kitchen staff put on this team. A major reason why the Red Sox are the World Series right now -- program breslaw. And I'm not gonna tell you that the brits are gonna lose his World Series but let's say they do. We are going to be looking at that -- on the left field not just probe into the decision. And you know it's it will be. It even tougher pill to swallow known how good he was before the all I can go right pectoral it's a no -- Situation. Even before the throw all his stuff was that he was leaving and up in the zone. Of the double steal. I've heard some people criticized salty -- for not being able to hold onto that ball. Well I don't issue with a pitch and if it was of assault that he's going back to the backstop. That that's that's allotment into Nevada home. I mean I was about pitch from reds wanted that that double -- that much easier to McConnell in that spot. But this time around a sac fly dredged up throws it away to go ahead run. And then Beltran with a single fourteen cardinals it did and ended up not going away. You write it up if you -- -- -- and here we -- series tied at one but it brings us that whole situation again but the Gomes broke. And ice I don't -- a firm believer that Daniel -- should be planned. But it has nothing to do with battlefield play it is nothing to do with Gomes is -- -- play. And to be honest it it it it's not a knock on Gomes in my opinion at least from my standpoint. And I said it on this station I said it I was in here on sat this Saturday morning. After -- it's sunny morning the Sunday morning after game one. Of the ALCS in which Anibal Sanchez was just as nasty as you could possibly imagine. I was in here with rob Bradford from 9 AM 1 PM -- -- four hours trying to figure out what went wrong and -- and there wasn't much to analyze it was really just Anibal Sanchez. Was. As for -- eleven B average and his -- is a good pitcher but Anibal Sanchez you start the next game in game 50. Out are a little bit. And -- look at. I was in -- the next day and we talked about the lineup change and read tech bench coach story develop came on. The show with us and he basically said yeah golf is. Gonna go the next night. In left field and arm and having this conversation would rob Bradford and I haven't every day on my web -- with myself beat because you know to webcast and I think mostly be listeners and not live at 9 AM -- -- automatically archive not iTunes later in the day. But so I'm at the time I'm talking myself at apple. Radical residual Bradford and I gave him my opinion is that why the -- stay in the lineup and that I'm not even -- and my reasoning doesn't even. It's not really a phrase of not. And it's not a knock on Golden's depressive Gomes because gold is is a special guy. What in this Red Sox lineup for the first eight innings and then yanked him for a -- Especially mine's Red Sox lineup that's the assumption. That not that he has the stuff the fund. -- He has that certain. I don't know ice in his veins they wanna call at second step in again in a big spot with a runner front runner in scoring position a runner on second. And it can come off cold. And you could sick cold but he does go down and take his tax. In the batting cage before it gets up it's still put a helmet on the put the bats gloves on to get the department -- out. And step in that box in a big spot when you have a -- candidates in the dugout all -- that's a tough spot for a lot of players and it is a tough thing to find somebody -- consistently. Come into that spot and be as good as Jonny Gomes is. And because of that I want him I want him available off financially. I think he is that that's a major Egypt and now especially when you get into the National League ballpark. And we're talking about. And -- for the pitcher we're talking about double switches we're talking about make him move you look at the left side of the infield for the Red Sox and no been no moves there. Right -- gonna go a third. I drew is gonna go short. I I it's all vote drew his defense. I mean we heard the Red Sox say about Bogart's that. Is still some things to work on defensively I think they trust drew and this teacher -- John Farrell trusts Stephen Drew like you wouldn't believe. And you know I get back to restore a whole lot outs up. I'm sitting in the press conference pregame press conference for Comcast sports and one. The question and a -- -- -- the -- -- on the -- the big -- -- -- and -- dominant against -- candidates. And the question was asked the John Farrell lucky break -- got up. Now right handed had to give the kid a shot. Andrews. But to have drawn -- line up to faced at the top lefty. It was tough on lefties. Awfully tough on lefties. So why why -- why do and that's why you keep drawn a line up a -- got. This is a perfect opportunity would seem to give him a shot to give him a couple a couple packs and Major League ballgame. And John Farrell gets it -- watching him defend Stephen Drew and I'll never forget how much I like. Because. What he reported said you know what. But analysts pats. Get in the way of how reliable Stephen Drew was bad for us all season long. And when he said that. He didn't just meet at the plate. He met in the field he -- actual. He meant that they trust him and he's not much splits it and why not let's not get in the way. And it hit him in a good jump out of a lot of numbers to get in the way of taken note of this -- did he could let a dental. Because Steve Rogers opposite -- a terrible. We know that. So he could make this world. And he could maybe middle and let's face -- metal products in that game -- ALCS. Started that David Ortiz Grand Slam rally with a single to left field. He started that. But you got to give him credit there. -- Brooks has more big hits and Stephen Drew. There in the post season and it's just want long but it's -- So if you wanted to based -- that maybe -- about -- got a short middle Brooks adored at least for the time being. Bogart's at third and -- which shall. And that's because they trust drew out -- because you see some of the plays he makes in the -- you see that game six the clinching game and ALCS. -- you get into that did half inning before that victory -- -- Grand Slam Miguel Cabrera at the plate two runners on. Ball up the middle Stephen Drew met Ivan play gets up makes the perfect throw and and -- I mean it's a little and you could say little. Because it's really one I'll show an -- in the grand scheme of things in a nine inning game one play could be considered little book when you look back at it it was a little. And that's why they rely on hand at that spot and -- to continue to do that. And even of the deepest offense continues to struggle like this and -- mistake we've got -- we have competency knew that at some point. -- get a break out of this would have to fight right now against these varieties Joseph Kelly he's a right tomorrow night. Lance Lance -- On Sunday. And at right back -- with right right. On Monday. One of these games we we are confident that you're gonna bust out of -- whatever funk you're in right. And it is a bad -- disgusting. But defensively. Stephen Drew. Is somebody right now at the -- extra so yeah it's not looking like it does what it is going to be any changes there. Left field I agreed not and bombs that's not a knock on that's actually praising them for being a guy. That is available. -- that can be available coming out of they're coming off the bench late in the game especially in the National League what you're gonna have to make so many moves. I'd I'd like golf has been available off the bench late and at first base. David Ortiz John Farrell says David Ortiz will play game three -- official of games for a five but you cannot take David Ortiz is that out of the lineup. I have -- feeling that got a 41 game. Maybe it depends on what happens in game three I don't know all. But I do have this feeling that Farrell is gonna give Napoli one game and -- look I like Napoli. IE. I'd have a tough time if they didn't let him take at least one -- in all three of these dams which means that. You know maybe he does pinch hit at some point. In it and I don't know you know maybe maybe he doesn't. But you can't -- over David Ortiz. Enough to get to a situation in which David Ortiz gets in game one of these games and struggle and and they bring him you know left the up and may you think about navy but still. David Ortiz the way he's been swinging the bat I don't know how you can't have him in the lineup I would like to see him in the lineup all three these National League games. You know and don't give me the analyst I don't even know like people. What talking about Napoli behind play I mean that's outrageous. That's I had. Brian MacPherson Providence journal rats -- the -- in my shell. Earlier this week and we brought up that topic this is before Farrell even. Even shot down I we couldn't believe that it was even being talked about. If Napoli hasn't caught all season long for any of these pitchers you wanna put him behind the plate the -- game in the World Series not gonna happen. Not gonna happen and shouldn't happen -- shut that down real I mean I can't believe was brought up. I can't even believe that was brought up. Napoli the play. So you do see David Ross. Whip whip Lester obviously. And. I think that David Ross is a guy that hey if an end of that whoever behind the plate to make it comes down to what the -- pitcher wants. If -- if it's good to want to take part of what did the change you are right now if the Red Sox -- all boats dot pitch and. And one thing I look back on his regular season. Is the only reason a Red Sox turned it around this year you could do I know we love to talk about. Personalities in the clubhouse. How good that is this organization to get those personalities back let's be real let's be realistic. This team made the turn around -- did and won the division pajamas to showed up and you know outside of that mid season slump which she was awful he started the season great and he finished even better. And here is do we do now John Lackey while Lester struggled in the dog days of summer and -- to start John Lackey was the team's -- You trade for Jake Peavy and don't forget that buckled in the first half of the season until he got hurt. He was the best pitcher in baseball -- write him an out of the best pitchers in baseball. So starting pitching is what brought this team back -- have little things all around that helped. Get them all the top and ultimately -- -- would seal the deal on the division. Division championship but the reason they even got back in that discussion. Is because it's not pitch and so right now at a Red Sox. You look at -- look at a TV don't look at Buchholz all get into an apocalypse situation tonight hit a midnight. I want your take on at fault lines opened 6177797983761777. On. 7937. The lineup for game three is in novice in laughed Ortiz. Is at first how do you feel about that we get into some patriots dolphins if you want we -- Sunday at Gillette Stadium. -- -- says he's he's ready to golf. We'll see what the offense is gonna look like if that is the case with rock that it -- force -- at the -- You would hope not because that was a bad strategy that's we -- -- and we have some Bruins still root like tomorrow night. Against the New Jersey Devils and they are coming off a big one and against the San Jose Sharks last night at the god I. I was there but Comcast -- that when I political story. About the David Ortiz home run and the Bruins. Yeah I don't sounds a little weird well. Argued that story and I'll take you. Phone call 61777. On 79837. This is Danica -- on WEEI back after this. Definitely something that sucks right now -- You know being a post season in its. You know it's not that I'm. I try to figure things out and working. Well and I impress them much and I'm taking good swings is just you know misrepresent anything yet. He's missing a lot of them. That's David drove. This is the David -- on WEEI hit a midnight phone lines open for his sixth once seventh. 77979837617. 7797. 937. I told I would give you the story and how blessed I was Didi got last night work for Comcast sports net wing and I cover all the major. Sports for CS and NE dot com and a member like the Bruins game last night. I was -- -- god my hot was -- one. But happy. Body was at the garden the night flaw hot was a fan but -- the Bruins. Dressing room after again. And meanwhile Lucic whose stock and we get over you know we huddle around and I actually wasn't because my stores -- -- grass -- he had done -- Duca had already dark. After we got a locker room then we don't talk to -- Julianne -- coastal Juliana but again -- -- wait until they kick us out of locker room they have a big projection screen and the Bruins room. And they had the Red Sox game and David Ortiz gets up. In the bottom of the sixth with Dustin Pedroia on base with the Red Sox trailing one up on set the scene -- And short order comes out of the back room I don't know after the game he rides the bike or whatever dollars after woods and he comes out he's watching he's rooting David Ortiz and. He hits the home run and Sean Bell was going knots and it was awesome. He was going nuts I wish that -- I wish I was on video maker was edged NC it. But that was skeptical moment. This ceded the play is not all the teams in this town really embracing that and not just embracing the preparation -- that much a point where you're gonna go absolutely. Blockages in front of the media watch in the game of the big projection screen in your own room. After -- -- let's face it the Bruins. Last night against San Jose if you didn't watch a play rapid Tuukka Rask. I won that game for afterwards I know they talked about how much fight they had they are got outshot sixteen to three by the San Jose Sharks in the first period. The Bruins play the night before and hard fought win in buffalo data travel back San Jose was in town wait form. Regardless of fight in regardless of the fact that David Krejci redirected. I shot from appointment point eight seconds left to score and again what got his first goal on a goal that was sort of you know a shot that went wide hit the board -- bounced out to -- right post and knocked that in. I guess the flight was they about let's be realistic if not -- -- -- making Perrier and not just 38 saves. Probably 28 of those saves were. -- phenomenal. He's got a lot of those shots from outside I don't agree that a lot of from outside. Outside. That was a tough game for the Bruins last night and still pull it out got the W. But even after that to see the players and a team embraced -- -- that much it was called state it was cool you don't get to see that. Every day in the opposing team's role I've been in the Red Sox club policy couple times in which. This Celtics play officer -- and they were -- forms specifically. -- Cody Ross was rose. Extremely invested in that game. Emotionally after after its first game and richest club possibly watch a little that would that's always a cool thing. The C when all the players in this town a room up passionately. For the other teams in in the playoffs and and last night Sean Dolan just Golan knots and the Bruins room. Went after their game when David Ortiz as we watch together David Ortiz hit two run home run and and the Red Sox they should've finished it out the way they. Write it up put reds will not was not good and -- threw that ball to left field. And that was it. Game over series tied at one. Game three of the World Series in Saint Louis will be tomorrow night 24 hours from now we'll be right in the middle that probably somewhere and the fifth or sixth inning. And Joseph Kelly and Jake Peavy I assume by animal. Still be pitched 61777979837. Up ball is in Westfield topple. This evening Brian how are you sir I did a good Ali -- any. But it's all good. Yeah I am. We have. Look who's been bureau with our poetry but before we get into a little quick -- a lot of look commend you -- bringing up a point with Turkey did not play in the first loses -- capability. It's. Mandatory idea. It. I agree yeah I mean you cannot take David Ortiz on this lineup on it and -- you know what. Paul even have David Ortiz wasn't swinging a hot that right now I would I think that would still sick you have to put an end. Because he always says that once one potential I don't Napoli has that once when potential -- but -- realistically if -- to take two guys. Victim -- a lot of up against the wall just pick an insane would you rather -- -- game take one -- and went in the seats would be David Ortiz -- -- Yup absolutely. Tea with people that are trying to crap are being pitched -- we have to listen to -- quick. Comment that we weren't sure what I'm about to print of your -- -- you mumble it 11 you go social survival. We just getting started in Hugo and decided. We're at the big dance and you guys got -- -- But it. The couple Paul -- not great job red dead that's actually run only that we'll put those runs -- -- -- the -- Red Sox drive Bruins run to beat the patriots front maybe patriots -- it's a lack someday get your predictions and had to stay away from that seven. -- -- I -- dolphins -- good team pitches that's not cupcake game the patriots -- and it all it's easier to play rockets going to be is second. We back. You know will will see on the defense -- was planned or not. Kelly believe what's going on with down or let's let's see what happens. But this is regardless this is no cupcake camp for the patriots I take your calls and the pats -- in if you want pollen on the -- Over 61777. On 79376177797937. I'm here on a Friday night. And I just will look look ahead to tomorrow night's game three and that kitchen match up which is Jake Peavy joking -- Now all Jake Peavy in his last dot closed not very good and it ended early. What if you go back to that and I go back to it and I remember talking about this on my -- the next day. Which was I thought he'd he had good stuff and back. I know it was taken out early but. He -- first of all he did to himself he walked Austin Jackson -- -- of first of all you can't walk dot Austin Jackson anyways and they continue to do. I mean they continued to let Austin Jackson get on base he was having the worst playoff spot any player in Major League Baseball. And the Red Sox camp -- You would think that Austin Jackson Iglesias in that series were easy outs and for some reason for her took pictures that they were not. I think it was more the Red Sox pitching staff wasn't don't. And you saw that with Austin Jackson's heart that block against people bases loaded the score that run. And then you get the double play ball outs and got out of the -- only trailing one up and and Pedroia drops that look Pedroia catches that. A hundred more times and turns to a hundred more times we know that but it did make a bad mistake. And it kept that inning alive and it didn't and good. And -- these night didn't end the way you know two innings after that it didn't end the way everybody. I expected but I still think that peavy had I don't think -- get that stuff and that's not so what -- expect out of Jake Peavy tomorrow night in game prints and Lois. Is unexpected and to be jacked up as usual on expect -- to be on the on the mile and a curse that himself. And I expect Jake Peavy to give of that 92 mile per hour fast ball movement the next up the pitchers David act on it. And you know that changeup down and away to lefties. Which is that this essentially this the same movement as the fastball just different speeds in. I'm gonna look at TV did you get. 56 tenants may be even at 66 and a third 62 hurts tomorrow night and you know what Joseph Kelly -- -- the same thing. But if there are two games -- the Red Sox offense could open up here even without a DH it's gonna be against Kelly. And Lance land in three and four more that it would be against the top two dogs and saint louis' rotation which is. -- Wainwright and as you saw last night walk. It's so league game three I expect PV to be out if that six -- still -- -- that legal -- -- you know what I expect don't do as well. And what UF what this what these playoffs have been all vote. Is. It just starting pitching is good enough to get you to the fifth sixth at least on the Red -- side. You know you bullpen is going to be good enough and I know last night it was -- and they had some mistakes but that to me is an aberration. I don't -- you got to see that normally normally I still put my money on this retired bullpen coming in the way you write it up and and close you know. -- Don't but the way this has got to go down is you about it somebody's got to need to make one at least on pitchers pay for mistake because finally -- -- And I expect it's solid start on TV I know some people don't know what to expect bases last stop I look at the stuff. He had in his last start against Detroit. Outside of some mistakes -- -- walked Austin Jackson and at a botched double play from Pedroia I don't peavy still pretty good stuff. Mike is nickel pass -- what's up -- He thinks the time thing. Enjoy -- -- -- a little bit of. Mike Russo. Down in New York because it. I'll thank you thank you he would say he's a legend in the business to show. Thank you represent you get onslaught from that they'll. Yeah a great passion your voice and you know you should do in the morning show. -- I'm I'm not come yet on there right now Friday night still in let's do this show what you got you wanna talk about the World Series in that mail and and then like just to. Lamar. Like that to the call. -- wanna talk Red Sox you talk Red Sox 61777. On. 793761777. On 7937. Yeah yeah and after game three when you won't look past that is the question -- Clay Buchholz. Now will get a debacle -- before midnight on hit a midnight but this is the Danny conch shell. Hobbled get into the buckled stuff and delegate it to some patriots and maybe abroad -- abroad play tomorrow night I -- -- -- I don't not a lot of people will be watching. The Bruins and the only reason I'll be Luxembourg is because I'll be epic game covering them but believe me. -- -- -- Some illegal website watch and it's not him on my laptop for -- 61777. On 79837. This is that it got you Sports Radio W. Welcome back. The David -- -- on Sports Radio WEEI. Friday night at midnight it's 1046. Via. Taking a phone call 61777. On 798376177797937. As we get set for game -- -- World Series in Saint Louis started to return to series. You know I hate it. -- section not at the plate three -- and Saint Louis. Well. Steve is in Newport would topsy. -- -- -- -- -- I'm wondering hey you are just I just our turn on the radio and heard a comment about. The Bruins another order have a direct armed government that can. Another we preached -- as a sport -- broke a number here but the reality is. That I think not succeed the way out going back -- target not a knock our -- you know America which can insert yankees. And you look at -- you -- -- that. I might think they're really does have a huge impact on the other sports teams in the area because our -- beat up just -- the other approach in the area but other. And support -- follow your earnings of one hoping we get to experience. Jack gives a monger for a championship so -- added after the Bruins. You know last night -- to go back for people adjust to an end Steve -- when did you talk about the story I gave the Bruins -- right now -- and at and for the people of wireless and and basically after the game I was cover the Bruins Wii remote. In the dressing room. And -- -- stock and Shawn -- rocket body games in the big screen and Sean Porter -- not says David Ortiz it's the home run and he was going nuts and it was great to see. But you know for bruised and it's got to play now. You know all almost 75 more games did that even debt playoffs you know sometimes it's like this -- -- to stay hungry because it's awfully easy. Analog season to get complacent and that it does say. Do I really wanna -- this Tuesday night -- men in Ottawa you know right now and that does it mean anything. And then as you go along here early and you get to see something like that choice it's something that that might rejuvenate a little bit that it is great to see the other team support to. Oh absolutely and you know -- -- -- I guess a lot of it has -- in my life you know as I grow up a spot and it secured by. Back in the day it was usually just south or haven't incessantly on the other struggle here. And she could turn around and -- get annual best. Your your era and it's a great thing out and certainly something that I think we shouldn't be granted. Now absolutely not Steve Gregg called thanks for the call appreciate it 61777979837. This is the David Koch on Sports Radio WEEI. And the team support I mentioned it last night the Bruins. Jared for. Red Sox I'm not sure how many people I get the chance to -- for the Celtics this yeah but. -- -- -- As a tip of the Red Sox Dolly can all share for the patriots do because the patriots will be on the playoffs and it's it's a long ways away I know it's only week age. There on Sunday at Gillette against the dolphins. But certainly when they wanted to get the playoff will be talking about. May be injuries -- and got back obviously -- won't be back obviously mail won't be back. With CNET and -- dole did practice the next and you can ask the question -- the majors the more defensively they need to leave that on any Kelly. I know they sign on Americana I don't know what to expect from I mean I find it odd to believe even though he played in for the patriots already I find it hard to believe that you can just. Come off of the street and jump into the patriots. System and even though you don't even -- debate before. A couple years later jumpin and just -- again. Right away I probably do that plane replied I don't I don't think well maybe you'll see him. But I just don't know how much -- -- even when Andre -- would be ready to play consistently for in a tie game. I mean even at that point. What does he do for that what did you -- do this difference. It comes -- chairman John I honestly thought this patriots team and its identity was gonna be pass rush and having a ferocious pass rush pass rush but had a lot to do well Philippine -- That had a lot to do wit. The army Kelly right next door and they don't have those two guys right now and look. That the two kids out of step then. I have been done any. A decent job. What you -- have to credit Chandler Jones this being somebody that even without -- a Kelly has really held his own Aniston as continued to be a beast. I mean he is just an absolute animal off the corner and you need depth to continue. Now to leave if whatever he returns. Clearly helps a secondary and clearly they Needham. -- If you get a pass rush on a team. Like the way to patriots should be -- Russian if they had everybody helping then I'd bank debt. Yet the league makes that much better but may -- you can you can still go out and win some games with a solid pass rush and without -- But without relieved you can see how many times -- a wide open they need him. But they also made any Tommy -- well. So we'll see I know Tommy Kelly he's gonna be out but relieved an adult seat -- status. A big game against the dolphins this is a began because this is not an easy game for the patriots dolphins. Three and three they're a team that. Won their first three. Games of the season and a hell making that leap from first at the second year player and we have from Belichick all the time that some players make their biggest -- and the National Football League. You who saw the teams that they be they went into Indy and be ending we just saw Indy. Beat Denver I mean it is a good team. And he's a very good team. And Andrew Luck is. Is going to be one of the game's best quarterbacks if he is an hour and a couple years. So all you support what. The dolphins can do they beat the falcons. -- falcons are seen as struggles this year but he can't tell me especially early on that they weren't good team at best and a good team they beat. And the last three games I know the dolphins are coming off three straight losses but two of those games -- absolute dog fights. Right against the ravens and against the bills and a couple games they lose on the last play -- this dolphins team as a competitive team this is not gonna be a cakewalk for the patriots. And they're gonna have. Tough task and hands especially -- Tommy Kelly big and in need Talib did they need Evan -- in this one the win. I think more -- this strategy needs to change in the decision taken from Tom Brady. I've heard so much about Brady and the struggles this year. And how he's -- awards season in his career and -- -- the touchdown numbers are down and -- the accuracy isn't that while I ankle. This sometimes that the accuracy I don't know that. What I -- -- criminal if its accuracy -- miscommunication. If it's miscommunication who's at fault I don't think we're gonna -- Because this is a lot of times I see -- -- or adoption. You know stricken down the left sideline and Brady -- psyche of the rose. And then he -- he Brady's body language and you can if you -- if you read his lips he says come back for the -- then ball. Any element. You know that's on the receiver if that's the case and there until he doesn't -- that and you wonder well is just really -- and not trying to show the receiver opted. You know whose fault was that. Derrick Todd obviously when he as a guy streaking down the middle of -- all the -- and that's operated at accuracy then I get it. For the most part I would get last game with Brady. And I say to myself this decision making was bad on his. It was one aspect of the offense I thought would improve. When -- returned was not just like rock was gonna retarded got to get ground -- and just -- to 1617 times and at first didn't I didn't debts. If you told that the strategy I would say bad strategy. The strategy should be our crowd comes back you see teams obviously got to account for him they know how good he has. And it. There are going to be sometimes in which adult men pumpkins dobbs and. You name it even some random -- out of the backfield are gonna have some open space it would Brady can finals guys. Time for gods were open -- You forced it to ground to many times. And I think that's a decision they can make -- pain on his pot. Now we give him credit food doing things at the line read the defense the -- -- call them like we get all the credit he does that. When he's doing what he did -- gets the ball drops back you know it's his decision average defense and make direct call. But I mean a lot of bad raids last weekend. You you know then ultimately. You get to a point in which. You do a lot of the officials. Decide again and they decided again. I don't wanna get it back all because we've already spent the full week on. We -- -- wanted to Miami I know I sound like a patriot right now but we are movement on the Miami. At the top of the I'll I'll get back to Red Sox and look past game three and a little -- the game for the does Clay Buchholz in the story that. Is something that people want to know about him. I have known little will block colts theory. -- -- -- At the midnight. This is the -- -- Sports Radio WEEI fault lines are open 61777979837. Back at this. Back. 1104. AM on this Friday night. No ballgame and I get ready for game three of the World Series tomorrow in at 24 hours from now. We'll be right in the middle of that probably around like seven that social. There at 11 o'clock 78 day. TV Kelly. Lot of people will look at a block cults in game four. And I understand. The concern. Because. It is clear and buckled his last two starts that he has not had a he's not been able to go as deep. In the ballgame as you would like. And whether that at the time when you watch it coming in to. All locked in and game six what do you thought that was because of injury what are you dot that was because of fatigue we are here in the -- now dead all. We I era in that park colts knowing all notches to Aaron -- always -- in Buchholz put back -- game four. There are some out there that pinky still might not even make that stop now. All under the impression apocalypse will make this stop. And I just believe they'll have a short leash Ottoman and I think he's been pitching. Is a dead all but I just my personal opinion on what I saw and I start that day until that sixth -- 7580 pitches and he -- a changeup up it. How Miguel Cabrera is back I mean that. Yeah even when Buchholz is fatigued. And I'll you that's not a pitch that's not easily and -- pitched itself. Something was wrong I had a feeling something was up after that -- -- Maybe there it's -- didn't and that's why connecting to your Europe and how long it took for them to even get -- up on the -- A game six they -- around 7580 -- that you could shot -- other the wheels fall off a little in the fifth a little lack of a lot lack of velocity. And some some bad location in the late in the fifth and get that sixth you know short leash I think on short -- -- game -- but I do -- he will pitch. Six -- 7779798376177797937. Fault lines are open for him. Whether he is in Milford what's up let me. An -- but I'm sorry about that I'm I'm I'm not problem -- I want to weigh in on the are about. All. -- you were talking about you know how. That the Irish certainly receivers that are analog inaccurate she doesn't maybe don't know where they're get a -- kind of wandered. Maybe maybe Britney not show you an inaccurate quarterback -- -- and only then somebody's inaccuracies and they're just I because. I don't like Wes Welker had guys like. Rent you must do any word -- -- it would go. And yield spectacular catch at all we love don't know that we don't have that guy may not spectacular catch China. Those those currently still get away with they're just not -- just -- more help. But -- don't think a lot of that has to do it miscommunication. I guess. I get to -- -- -- want -- Oceanic. It's so yeah so your view what are you but what are you -- -- you saying that Brady right you know right now the inaccuracies you put in law. It it's it sounds like -- coordinate more on him and maybe you wanna make it sound like the receivers made him a better quarterback -- he is because I when I look at Brady. I I -- it the other way I think the -- made a lot of guys around him better than they actually I mean I have a one example why I think about this season. Is even with some of the plays that that pumpkins may. As made even what adoption you know what would these two guys even being on an NFL team and if they work would they be run in with the ones. I think that Tom Brady makes them to be better football players and actually -- Ehrlich a -- I'm I had just gone out -- all that spectacular. Catch getting more Wes Welker with. The order Eric doesn't trot out in the director Bangkok where you were to bend over -- or drop all. And all -- says what are may actually open or will it change. You know how short leash all the work that because book or make you look at and I agree -- it's a shame -- you went up he's not Miami that you -- Nobody talked about -- Miami or that you all chamber. But. -- Jewish street again. Yeah and -- look and banks and a colleague idea looking now for a grunt grunt back in the a look at him to make those big -- -- lot. We invited added checker I got a chance that that is the jets are on Sunday lot of bad of a well. Had a shot -- it did is an answer attempting. -- -- Are not too bad just check in an ideal target talked about how worried are -- getting hurt. Not how well I got an odd that I actually -- he actually is heard already deputy pitch games two and six -- that's what I think. -- I think he does goal I just think that they know resort and they know that you know there's a limited they can't leave about it through the six dollar and past eight pitches. They know that I think fatigue is involved. Because is it an injury we -- one -- to miss timed it it was soreness right I think he's probably -- some of that -- again. Again this is just my opinion about what I sorry that game too. When he throws that changeup to Cabrera and Cabrera put the seats. The look at -- -- gave into the dugout was a look of hate -- not right. And it took the Red Sox an awfully long time -- remember that game to get somebody warmed up and Buchholz was legal -- on his own he'd lost some velocity. And then in game six they were pretty quick to almost as if I that may be -- told them hey I'm not myself but I am going out to give you something. And they a lot of to do that I -- are those two games was. Even with him pitch in May be so all banged up. He's still gave them five solid innings and he did -- for. He -- and and great client because do you want to brought. Look I know and I'm not trying to take anything away from what LeBron did the regular season. But let's be honest who do you feel what do you feel comfortable with the brought -- in the World Series game because I don't. Now not at all I mean. Then he's been lights out but he Marat and not spend you know. Makes lot of people are so sure are -- game six and they're fantastic. -- admire -- while our. There was a lot of fun you wanna talk about its latest wanted to talk about buckles. You that you gotta go yeah he's got a -- on on in game four. I actually -- you know what I think is gonna dark I think. They're going to be stripper I think keeps her I think you are more than not. What people think I think I did not. Might depend on what we get smarter way to achieve it I repeat these aren't out there and still. -- -- -- gamer so yeah all art is a game -- complete that you know we're in need in that situation out there compete. Absolutely and a -- called. -- -- Well I want a string and a public switched we're proud of our. There and bought belts because I think Michael do better off without ever. Are terrible and it. We know what I'm. You know why -- like puck in macabre and people will will kill me at all like -- -- all right well you know what it is what I hear their voice but again I know what's it again. You know or and I don't we look you could put any announcer -- and I think we're gonna find we're gonna and we're gonna find something that they say that we don't like. And and I just look at I think we're not yet their voice and again I know that it's a began at and I know that -- again you probably should -- so that's why like. Such a good life at that point it sure they are. But -- they don't forget. And it does bring -- sure. I'd de Mexico all appreciated and you mentioned peavy -- a bull dog he's got to be on game three also part of that decision. That -- has to make his quality if he knows that's strong -- colts aren't you can spot I'm just gonna have a short leash. You don't stop again three -- because. Whoever is the game three starter in the series is don't game seven. That's just the way it's spread out again once thought is going game five on normal rest against him started going in game six on normal rest and get to game seven. -- dampers ought to go on normal rest to you want it Buchholz about the apocalypse or or -- I'll take -- to -- healthy -- -- seven by guest you're gonna have to get it. And I get a decision you have to Google TV and that's not that's not such a bad thing Dan is in Boston went up -- Hey what's going on man and -- aren't they like you're on the radio -- yet again on. Acumen appreciate that. Yeah at night you know and tell them to look like I'm abroad cat he -- -- people complain about that. That just did it at that brought -- in May not home in and out and out better route for the -- -- And you know look I had a lot to complain -- have a lot in the game that they were given out in Berlin document prep her nails yet like belly kind of the best pitcher in the game. When you watch the national basketball game went well rock on the court they -- -- and think Ronald Brock just an Alice. And you know when they say things. And if they say things about the Red Sox -- -- to get Red Sox fans -- say all we already know all that I mean -- Elvis stuff we know but I think we forget. There's a lot more people watching these games that Red Sox fans I mean this is the World Series so they're trying to give. The generic information that that. You know people like me really you know forced down your throat all season long there's a lot of people that don't know this simple stuff from mr. -- him. That are national broadcaster and -- -- -- public art that metal and you know but I detailed look at a situation I mean. It it's not -- is that right now that much better than David dropped out. Because I thought David -- you know Iraq that'd be pretty great game in Detroit will be topic in Detroit. Electorally in private bank yet and yet in that game the plate and how old are you didn't -- anything at the plate right now. I don't over the even over like a Mark Campbell I -- will -- it -- Better at the plate and -- drops but I like rock behind the plate for the pitchers and -- it what's the difference to their bat right now at the moment. No there's not the man and look I'm not sure that we Noelle what pitches preferences on that it was sold. Dan that the pitchers preference the -- is that a a grown to salty I'll give preference is salty because I think at this point if you Farrell. Let's say that. Let's say that is a match up some let's say it's all these dot swinging a hot that the next couple games and you're gonna get to game five. And it. You know let's say Farrell -- should lets all be behind the plate because he's going -- that we need the offense. And let's say Jon Lester goes back to him because you know we wouldn't say yep but I hadn't pitched my -- with David -- you picked John Farrell I mean there's no way the John Farrell would be able to keep salty in that lineup you have to do at this point what's best for you pitching staff so automotive. If I'm John -- I'm not even concerned about offense. You're right. I would go with what the pitcher feels most comfortable with I don't. That the pitches that are out this sang it well we'd rather have Ross I assume that maybe less is doing that but it's considered an insult these in the games. I'm gonna assume that these guys feel comfortable with -- They're -- point he's been like Eric I failure line that -- you know what that play the other night went well because he has put on home plate. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Followed Watson -- a little elite player now we're like beta program all around -- and -- and that's like. I thought it thinking about would like to hold onto the ball and I don't think that it. You know that they're locked in that game left in the -- just got a lot and over and -- in the ball -- to pick up the ball and you know that are brought to court statement. I I stand thanks for the call I look back at at -- and all I can remember yellen is the breslaw east it is need cash. What I did no one even relevant I mean to throw it bad enough the decision to throw was worse. I mean is known to throw the ball all the argument of bombs city of even thrown playoff situations and the greats will -- -- I -- -- the great. Players in Major League Baseball history. If you asked them about important plays in playoff games and World Series games they will tell you that rose from the outfield. That need that certain throws it needs to be cut off to stop to prevent the patronage from advancing in even further. So. You could I guess this might be something that's -- -- even what did golf even throw water agree with that question because Gomes had a chance to -- -- home. Gomes had a chance to throw let time run out. Wasn't the worst roam the world but it was not a good role when he had a chance to make group grow. And I thought he makes a good -- Then that's at all. No question about it I'm not sure that David Ross could have done anything differently on that play. I don't put up plants all got put out a throw from Gomes wasn't perfect and needed to be perfect get out. So what would catch is behind the plate. And the decisions that John -- gonna have to make. Especially when you get to game five look let's say -- games -- -- three for four a couple of -- He's drive and on the gap like we used to see in the regular season. Because we were used to sit on the support of the season where. I felt more confident and Jarrod Saltalamacchia -- that spot then maybe anybody amnesty. It's instead he was gonna drive one -- the gap let's not forget is a game when he hit yours I don't game two of the ALCS up the series playoffs. Game two of the ALCS -- you know the big poppy David Ortiz home run. You know. And the cock jump -- and and -- -- up in the bullpen and we look at that that's that's the highlight second. You forget -- -- he drove in the winning run they say it's it's here all the bags. At a -- Not big property so that's all have some big hits and it'll be interesting and I did get on a roll here. And people bring up the question in all of this is or if you're a situation which they need offense now this is all. What dance and I know -- and I don't even -- really play this game but since we are looking ahead. In this series and with no game tonight would not much more to break down and we've already broken down everything that happened and game two -- do you like it stated. It to -- Atalanta and we've already done that let's let's focus let's move on now let's go Bill Belichick yeah in the World Series we've moved on again three. I've moved on -- game three it's 11:20 PM on Friday night. I've moved on again three. So. Even after game three games for a five. What do you do -- play I think that hey whatever Farrell. Danks is in the best. It would -- Farrell thinks that his starting pitches. I gotta feel more comfortable -- that's the guy you go behind the plate you have nothing to do with the offense even if they -- desperate for. Because they are gonna win it did desperate for offense I still wanna see this team and you should still wanna see this team. Go out and do their best -- this dot kitchen and put themselves in a position where you can make one this dock his pay on a mistake pitch. -- one -- delayed or 21 lead and then finish it out. The way they didn't finish out last night. Last night when you get at David Ortiz home run. And a monster seats you may block a pay you did -- job. In new you're facing a tough pitcher you know that the momentum from game one the game two is as good as walked always going to be. And he was damn good he's got that fastball gone that's unhittable with that I'll change. You work an account doing your job get him to wander pitchers going in that six -- and all in that six then fine. We dealt when he if you if you trail and get the -- adult you know not kind of shot and a shot. Good luck. Good luck -- Rosenthal. I you know that if you watch the NLCS or even that -- -- -- this guy he Ken you can ramp up to wander through lots if he needs to. But before that you do your job you get Scott pitched a lot of pitches in the sixth edit -- you try to make them pay -- one mistake pitch. You get their middle relief started on a setup guide to make a mistake pitch again wanted to runs. And then you get your bullpen to close it out you ball on the console. Damn reliable -- all you along last night. -- -- even pitches high Macon mental mistakes. That's an aberration finished -- on telling you right now -- right back to what you have the chance tomorrow night game three and he's gonna get the job done. He's been a major part of this team you do not give up a lot of legal right pectoral. And you trust them if you need to trust them for a full and thought if we need to trust them for off before routes go ahead. Bought way you win this series is trusting your spot -- -- afford it in the first. Oh keep a close game make one of their pitchers -- -- mistake pitch and a close valuable but it's dot switch dot pitch and judge John Farrell whether it up on a play. You make sure that's the god that that's not pitch on that night feels most comfortable with. 61777979837617. 7797937. It's 11:22. PM on this Friday night this is the David -- show. On it till midnight taking -- calls we get some patrons -- the -- Bruins play tomorrow night it's -- doubles at all and they did have a big win last night. Point eight seconds left we can -- some of these if you want or we can stick with the Red Sox game three World Series. Tomorrow night when he four hours from now. Sports Radio W yeah. We've got to continue to play every inning there and look to win every inning this team has responded well to two challengers on the -- -- home. I know will be ready to go on on Saturday over there put them. On the that this time here are guys embrace -- challenge that comes your way and we're looking forward to that on on Saturday. Red Sox manager John Farrell. The news today after they have all the press conferences Donna Saint Louis. That they don't lovers in left field David Ortiz will be at first base for game -- material World Series series. Tied it on. You know I don't like this to a 32 all like it one bit Red Sox should not have the like to Allman then played three. Straight all the grown adult like amateur at the top of the show when I got got on 10 o'clock if the NBA. Is changing. Series to 221 on one. Then Major League Baseball needs -- -- -- I think the territory to gives the advantage. To the team that shouldn't have -- field advantage and and -- sample if you split up he split. You should just have to go out and play to. On the road and then come back -- Back on the road if necessary and back all alone should be 202111 it will not. Instead three straight -- Saint Louis. Now waivers peavy tomorrow night. -- -- -- On Sunday. And then on Monday I'll have the rematch of game one last the -- 617779798376177797937. This is David -- all around Sports Radio. WEEI. WEEI on the -- until midnight it's 1130. Right now and Murray. Is in Johnston what's up -- I I -- -- -- at the big game and aren't night 8 PM. I would. My reference back to -- -- and that is that it that it that change and immediate way and -- let him -- true they Beltre and then number one guy happy Larry looks so Arnold in the deal are the way that connection meant. What can still limit kitchen trapped Belcher and that's when I was being number actually it at all. Somebody's ass I'd get I'd I realize what -- same at someone's got to be ready and and I think that. The way -- a witness Red Sox team has relied on -- especially as of late it doesn't just bad for one guy. And it hasn't just been against lefties I mean he has got some big outs against some big time right handed it is. In the only reason he wasn't pitching to Cabrera. NLCS was because his ala you know had that big strike out against them in the one game -- pounded fastball away. And then after that it got him to ground into a double play so this yeah you -- -- gonna keep this is all and that's spot but there's no question that is always struggle and then. I don't think Farrell would have. Any -- doubt in his mind to put razzle despite its temporary and that series we've seen him get big outs against right handed -- so. I'm not so sure and Beltran is it's obviously it's from both sides but that right against breslaw you have to have someone ready wanted to like that the Red Sox. They just rely on him did it to be shut down guy even against began. Big time rights. Maybe it's it's the first time -- the world there aide -- that's a little bit of and but -- and the other pilots make it I'm so well let you know and the -- got in the game might think he has been such go to. I'd and he's not a complainer and yet I've seen them and it wouldn't in nineteen recently at one of that -- at bat to make yet and yet I know we didn't last night the boat that was so lights out. So like that I'm. Thrilled about that piece of that and and I'm -- I love the heat that would connect game. After the marathon with the death sporting event at at a moment like make it there. -- actually watch and go off. -- I am -- it's -- words out of I'm all joy to watch and I. You know we get back to why -- why is this team and a joy to watch you don't why has this group then. Such a fun loving bunch and you can I guess get into the hole personalities in the clubhouse that. But -- Jonny Gomes is one of those personalities and let's face it this Red Sox team is a better team. Started again with Daniel love in the lineup and not Jonny Gomes. So in debt and you're right on with Dana lava because he has banned somebody that's gonna hit 300. He has banned any top ten and that average G did the numbers don't lie would Daniel -- He's been a great -- for the -- And he's somebody that I think should be stopped what field will be starting in left field -- Game number three tomorrow night and again I mentioned earlier and I imagine all the time. That's not a knock on Gomes because I think Gomes is at his best and his team is at their best one -- is available come off the bench in a big spot. With a runner in scoring position eight the -- is tough to find a guy. Where it's that type you know -- -- to be able to comment on that spot and you know he's got to give yet. A -- yet. You know he has. And I would rather see him in that position then not have him available to come off the bench in a close game. Late shall Matt is in Tampa what's up Matt. -- Pat but yet they think that that course differently -- -- here in the top of the elite didn't -- the red hot side and now. -- -- The playoffs the only -- Barack. It will -- that -- already pitted against each body you know and they didn't want to play and also threatened. It is now well and can't millionaire. But I think I don't think they can only recently that has -- -- because in a big part of that -- that he won't second page and the -- kept. I know they have -- why I've -- in the regular season Matt thanks for the call. Call from Tampa on a Friday night it's good stuff and I think that all year -- you heard Farrell talked about aggressiveness. You know from the get offers for -- and certainly. You know it if if Ellsbury and -- regional. If those guys to get non you know I IE I am not opposed to it I'm not opposed to -- I'm not host this summit runs. There coming up next couple days against because you know you'll know that the couple under that. You mullah Null if you TV try not to walk the leadoff hitter and noted that makes it a whole lot more typical of the tunnels to do that. -- Are you look at the top of the order and I guess the next couple games that that's another thing you know Ellsbury victory don't. Called victory not obvious we know he has some big hits all -- I do have a feeling that at some point yeah. In the next couple nights -- game three -- for. We're gonna have the talk after again next day a ball a spot and which may be victory -- drop one down. Lay one down. We had it in the Detroit series we get a conversation we will have it again and this one because I did you got to see some close games. And you got to see positions which is the Red Sox fans screaming at the TV just walk around -- but there's more Alba. I understand that what you also have to understand. What Victorino can do when he swings. So all of the mindset of if you wanna promote that -- be my guest. What if you want victory don't just went away -- called it too because I know Victorino can do. 61777. On seven. 98376177797937. This is the -- to cut show on Sports Radio WEEI hit a midnight. Jim is in Providence would subject. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- what I wake up tomorrow and throughout Perot might join turtle slippers. You really have Jon Farrell's. Are here I have my my -- numbers -- out. Playoff baseball on Saturday -- ordered the book arched. Or short stock and over you know shirt on -- tell you -- Street insurer now IROC don't think you think if you look up a beach ball tomb he keep hit it to right field. Here is the biggest liability right now on offense expression -- With the pitcher hitting and -- managed by that until March -- reporting team the cardinals. Ever heard anything it may be you know you know -- fitting that -- chill out somewhere out there. It's it's too much into your pocket getting hit a lot of -- ball merchant short I want to -- Mel -- -- third. We need ought trench and no we have a few guys hitting it well and the majority of the team not hitting. I know I know it sure didn't purchase degraded blood you know like at some point you gotta bite the bullet I don't know -- suit -- it is true. Should stay or apply outscored at some point you know Cheryl started eating traffic at parent and I'll watch it I want you bullets -- short hours in order thought. What do you what are what are you wanna see more do you wanna see -- got to short -- you wanna see Mel Brooks. At the plate what you wanna see more. I wanna -- bull market sure how I want -- you're not at all not at all public -- soaring. And striking out on five pitches and missing the ball quite. Twelve -- -- every. See I think if John Farrell makes this decision a middle Brooks in -- it's going to be more about wanting middle Brooks in the game and to see what they can get out of him. You know coming off the bench and I don't but I don't think they gonna get away from -- Choi I just don't that you got to do you and Jim you mentioned liability. And I think the only liability the Red Sox would care about. Would be delighted if there what were liability at short now I'll what do you we -- watchable got a short -- regular season you're from that neck again. Where he hit his first home run and made that it that in and play. I mean that was a phenomenal play he's a good I'll feel that's Judy good infielder. What. What they will tell you that. You know he still has to work on some things that short and I think when you see Stephen Drew and make some of the double plays that determine. Maybe they don't feel comfortable with with -- got it -- know what he's going to be low scoring games no one at the -- got to keep them it is wrong. You know it's gonna below or get your dog catcher -- right now we're gonna throw. The number to reinforce our. Kelly is a good tell he's a good pitcher though I've seen him pitch wellness policies and I can't I can't I'm not gonna look I think that if these two guys. In the -- rotation at the Red Sox could light up it would be alien land. What I'm not so sure they will because I've seen these two guys pitched very well in big spots -- and policies. The writers Deborah tickets are such that opportunity to preserve only an appellate Napoli Napoli not important targets attention in the way in extra. They need offense they need offense early. And they can't wait to their their down to warn everyone you know to recoup back from the seven minutes could promote those early -- Saint Louis. Utley like I am not call Rudolph the Red Sox mature crowd support because those -- that was -- they were -- they're they're actually. We -- early and we had run off and we'll. Yeah Jim thanks for the call I IE. I think if I need to get Milbrett and this game if I put my John -- slip is all like yeah got an alarm on I don't have those. I don't have John Farrell slippers. Lot. I do have a bloody sock. Somewhere in the closet so maybe put that on and make a decision as to what I do at ad in the -- setting -- I think that if I needed to get over to him again. I'd probably take poll that's out I do like jurors defense. The word liability comes to mind I don't pick off -- clearly we know -- not it offensively. He's flight is on them. I just think they are -- his defense way too much taken on a game in a lot. I've seen some rock solid defense from in his post season and plays that if he did make. We might not even be having this come assays -- an accurate -- might not even be in the World Series nick is in Rhode Island what's up next. I. Giorgio. They elect calls the -- The other ethnic community. Leaders to discuss the football real and use use the swallow it throughout the entire week it. That can be a big problem. What a well I mean not -- pitcher and it's it is dominant it it it that's I mean you look at -- -- against Maryland. That that Lackey pitched I mean you get you've got a -- mistake pitch and Napoli -- pay and that's that's you know that that's really all unique. At times if you stop and kitchen can be dominant. Of course they are on display in the in this in the I want I don't latency multiple runs on the -- -- particular. You know less stressful ball. Absolutely but I think it it makes the less stressful on nick actually call but I think these games have been so great -- on line on the. It if I had to tell you what type ball game I wanna see right all the talk when I turn on even in the regular season I wanna see one up the game I wanna see two to one game. I wanna see pitches dual policy two guys all the -- battle on. I wanna see moves out of the -- I wanna see those guys dominate and I wanna see somebody come up and a big spot and make somebody pay for mistake. D.'s I know this stressful -- but they're exciting game 61777979837. As the phone on the lines are open. 6177797937. This is the data to cut show. They're on Sports Radio W yeah I hit the mennonite back at this time. Welcome back. David -- shoulder on Sports Radio WEEI hit a midnight. A couple of minutes left. So -- what would get to is. Well we'll talk more about this. Game three tomorrow night. Saint Louis. St. Louis Cardinals. Boston Red Sox World Series on jacked up about it TV Kelly. And then the next night Lance land Clay Buchholz I think pop cultural spot -- think that he might have been kitchen. Which some soreness there against Tampa and then again at. In game two and I remember my reaction when he through that -- would buckles through that changeup to Cabrera in game two and that's extended. What 7580 pitches and change up eighty miles an -- up at the neck. And Cabrera put that the monster seats and I remember my reaction was oh -- out of my reaction. And all my show the next day -- my podcast. IA can't remember asking that question sand. I wonder what I want all I want to what's going on -- If he is banged up if he still has that soreness or if that's just fatigue commission three months I want to what it is and. I think when you get to game six. Because they -- Red Sox law and even get somebody warm up. And -- was almost look at -- to the dugout Saturday. You know. Let's -- I'm not right you have to do something about this. -- like -- public beta right now that was not a -- changeup up red -- Cabrera is odds. So you don't see that some astronomy I don't feel like that was his reaction and they left and into long and it got out of hand and then. It gives I feel like he might have that told them -- get some. And at a game six. He wanted to pitch. They let him pitch and -- wheels look like we're gonna fall off maybe like the fifth they got someone warmed up ready for that six that -- It didn't go well. And NATO and I think now to push him back because of mall openings and. One being that and I and I know some people might then they'll deny it. It's not like John Farrell would say. I'm looking at game seven of the World Series because no man is gonna attack. What I'm sorry if you are not trying to set our nation up potentially. But he -- the six and seven all. Then yeah not to job in -- -- you know you make sure you play is not -- but as a manager you have to be. You don't say publicly you don't know maybe you could tell the media and operated scrub you don't tell you play as. -- in your own office when the door shut and -- that sheet Friday. And you'll look interpreter series yeah I think that. Certainly if -- John -- You. You have to think about decades -- and I think if you think about -- seven and awaited series matches up winds up. You got if you -- that sparkle or if you know that the colts. Can't give you more than 75. Pitches out of the senate. Then. You don't started at three and -- -- that that would be a guy get seven. You stop TV. TV will going to three or colts game four and I I know some people that question but I would go oh I'm still old buckles. I'm still all buckled because. I think even him. -- some if he's injured at all but everybody. I that you had the same issue with the and the last two games. It just caught up -- quicken that it would if he was on a percent. You have to watch him cents when the wheels might fall off and have a short leash but I'm okay with that. We talked about haven't the extra -- In on the roster we talk about Dempster I don't if you got to give me got to commend it to be honest it's Workman. But if you wanna stay away from that no one how -- -- -- few and later it's like it's got. Eight annual but I invited depicted brought the depths of the -- if it's a drop. And I don't wanna see you brought start again. Wants and that's not to take anything away from what do brought has done this season because I think when this is all said and done. One of the most overlooked story lines might be. Felix who brought a guy who almost didn't even make the post season roster. If you watch the regular season. And you didn't watch the post season. And and and I told that goal in the post season there was even a question. Of what did you -- would make the postseason roster you would pick -- -- What there was go to the post season dale was that debate should he be in on the postseason -- Felix to -- And. I don't think it had any you know -- late in the season. There was that and get all you DNA exit. The getting to build it up we don't do broad does a guy that when -- -- build up these. You know he's not he's not a reliable guy but for good 171819. Stocked stretch in the middle of the season. And a dog days of solid -- COLT was hurt while Lester was struggling. And Lackey was your -- seeded and number two under brought was -- -- it brought was the guy you were thrown out there. And you know you're gonna have a chance to went. Maybe not. Real late in the season. Because again he debt innings number at the bet that get up. And we know that he sort of falls off when that -- summit itself. But for the most -- I think one of the most overlooked story lines this season will be. The role Felix -- brought in the regular season and it shouldn't be overlooked. That doesn't mean -- not a World Series. Wrapping up the show here on this Friday night. Again and it's a midnight effort and demand I assume the show will be on the website WEEI. Dot com. I I wanted to. Wrap it up with. I guess. Some died and I did my picks I'd give up my podcast I get my next. Next next recall my neck and neck so we called expects every. Friday idea -- what the spread five games. And I feel like I should close out the show it would only be right Friday night midnight it already right to do it expects there on WEI. We got a little music. A -- or not produce at night -- a great job by the glass bottle of tunes yeah. -- We don't wrap up the show. 49 as. Minus sixteen and a half in Jacksonville. What's the point where I pick anybody against Jackson went deployed unless it's. A seventy -- seventies that much but sixteen. Forty not a sixty app like favorite I'll take San Fran G men and Philly. Other giants I don't awful start but they had a big win. Last week and Minnesota and I think that the giants have potential. To rattle off a couple wins there in Philly. We don't have a division don't go away giant to get five points or five point doc I'll take GMAC Steelers minus three and open. I'll take. Pittsburgh at minus three. Against. The raiders by the Pittsburgh is about team that stumbled early but they have all the potential the world to finish out strong. Falcons. Plus two in Arizona falcons -- dang good team deal with some injuries had a tough start. They lost a dolphins team that will be at Gillette Stadium Sunday. I would stay away from dolphins patriots minus seven. Falcons they'll take an a plus to an Arizona and finally Denver Broncos minus thirteen. At home against the Redskins Brock was coming off a tough loss -- -- -- has won by 24. The 49 is minus 68 and a half giants plus five -- was modest three falcons plus two Broncos minus thirteen. Matt -- on my producer. Special that stands special thanks to everybody here at W yacht for ever did tonight. -- -- -- -- --

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