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World Series game one

Oct 23, 2013|

The guys opened the show discussing the start of the World Series tonight. It is going to be a tougher task than beating the Tigers and Rays.

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It's Dennis and Callahan. One home. Play and -- drive right field. It's gone way laid back she is wow. Then not being good to win over him. And when we assemble teams and spring training in Fort Myers it was clear that this was a group of veteran guys that have come from -- -- environments and we were getting a core group back that was healthy. -- -- -- -- The -- -- and -- he struck him out hits off hurt and a Red Sox are headed the American League Championship Series Jerry Kelly and throwing high. Still little right. -- -- In as the season unfolded. -- -- Group that we know today. Started and we felt like we had a good team which I'm Dennis. Think that's what makes this -- special everybody pulls for one another. We'll have a good time doing -- and I think that's the biggest thing that has made this team who it is Koji ready -- Leo killed so. Let's get the World Series. And -- you. Roasters comfortable and might do. On Sports Radio WE. I can't wait. Who watched Napoli and go mystery out of the World Series guy yeah -- you -- -- bogeys because some people have done some pretty disgusting things with the World Series all that try and throw the bottom of aerial views it -- I saw about. I think people -- -- and -- Plummeted and been around yeah it's got like 101000 names as it's -- I -- I still think that Dave -- look at pretty clean about getting -- sanitized before they -- -- champagne I mean it's why when you see you look for the name you can actually see -- group's name on Lou Gehrig's name the ground there for a I brought -- -- rock and a world to see here. You know what this means what we do around here is trying to. Placate the manner it's important he sees. A -- and vengeful side Patrick and on his side and doing so made do did they don't. Come up with the latest one from ten years ago when the -- provides retirement talks. Let's get all the sport's greatest hits and everyone's done that currency. And compiled them and played them because one of the Medicare a much longer. And you know we'll do will pretend we're TV anchors like -- on the heap on the anchor desk yes you know -- Harding and no one else anymore or Brooklyn and they play the mayor and then when they do they say. He got them than ever in doubt about it and got some witnesses may -- officer and they listen to this. Utter gibberish from a matter of any major city and then they say. Think rate is the -- just some. Wouldn't you agree that Marty called earlier what you Dan Walsh a -- Are gonna provide any this comic. Did you watch the debate last night knowing you know it -- I'd Laporte detail how much of a five minute awesome it's. It's the most ridiculous thing it's in here at it like -- -- in on the public TV palace yes here at the Taj -- the -- repeat if they have a couple of welfare recipients. In work for the corporation. -- doing work everyday and they at Rome soft balls. And then -- it's -- stacked with special interests and all the -- trying to discredit her here. The -- -- -- -- -- said -- that GBA yeah -- that it was must have been a gigantic. House we -- -- member of that big auditorium right I think it was where Jeff Brown was introduced to -- that's right that today fond memories. -- it was a nice -- it was a I mean I think -- a watershed moment in this company's market orchestra you know everybody over -- -- 150000 including the people who were peeling grapes from the -- for the moderator -- You know and they had a big big problem Jim Martin -- that. Jim Rogers an instrument from -- music a blessing in which he had tubes were title and now she's on the dole -- working for mr. for her previous good for her ultimate control. We loved the somatic cargo to the plate didn't give me some there can be some Mormon any mobile quick -- -- yeah -- that -- got one more -- -- one of the bubble headed Leach wants its -- or Ken dolls on the anchor desk sic ago isn't really that many here. That's what people from other cities will we talked about this a couple of years ago when -- at the mayor's convention here right and or may. Was the real suspensions the democratic yeah. And he gave the opening welcoming speech I said do you what do you think the over under number of people in that auditorium. It will say at the guard will say the following. That's the Boston Bruins at some -- fine from Spokane some cut a deal if you like at 101000 people present it to be over in about 9000 either way it's get worse it's getting worse which is understand he's our -- All right he's Erica is our catalog. Behave yourself you've got to -- public drinking and we're gonna miss them in and and he's gonna be involved here probably gonna throw the game first it's always. The game seven -- game seven -- a you don't think that that the now Sox -- gonna involve the mayor they get that sweetheart deal from the city there gonna make sure war. The -- prognosis is that signed sealed and delivered. No it's not all of it will be illegal just. You mean the it's been challenged to someone's appeal yet seriously don't you -- think that it like 27 all -- -- the use of yawkey way for the next hundred got to purchase an expense. The governor Red Sox hat on Jack you know from the dugout in the talked to buck and McCarver right in the fourth and and it's hard for Atlanta. Airport -- going to be -- without -- assures them -- on to the good of god -- from my house that the -- also -- you know he'll go on -- auto show some news shares -- from -- is -- -- and not for later from -- -- -- farm and the weeks -- what do you think you mix up your pitches and they just -- those guys the government some -- with a relaxed they -- yeah move -- No they don't Metheny with the union the -- player and into the cardinals. Both managers we're going to the game to it is due legal and heated it would he refused to go to walker sometimes he's the pitcher the next night that -- -- obviously one line as well he's young he's you know I'm boring yeah boring. Good well the puck out from corporate tied in with the cardinals maybe they get a good gap somewhat it's a spark today have a moment to Jon -- who that was -- this maybe. I think park does find him to -- Hollywood deceased estate Joe -- as some people of my usual with -- on the right Jack -- Or Jack -- yeah right but no one of the -- items in the inside track India. On the World Series -- as Joe -- having lunch. Jon -- about cardboard box could buddy's house -- It all like -- Joe Buck would kick Tino is NASA that cell phone contest -- the most famous and ultimately a question yeah now Joe Buck mr. Portman. Right well you know we should set up. Kind of cellphone content via cellphone. Celeb cell phone my off my my rotation only goes my line happily goes about. Sixty. Yes sixty job you know what -- probably doesn't anyone this phone's not that's right -- -- -- -- -- That if we -- now a cheerleader wife yet -- is merited. She's -- famous she's achieved and map them. Ethnic and he was going to join us tomorrow hopefully that this may -- I always cities he deficits that you were right I got it 'cause we laugh I thought as HBO -- eight. -- -- like a Monday -- -- -- an underrated ultimately takes a beating on Twitter but he does you want. Completely. -- looking forward you won't hear any bodies. To India to the cardinals even knowing who open Saint Louis yes easily go the other way and telling these guys force it to make it seem like they're not gonna talk bad about the cardinals -- -- -- -- victory though on my uncle was -- From this. -- that's a good call. There's there doesn't get away there's something inherent that comes with the job description of being a national announce whether to play by play or color that no matter how good you more how fish you war. And this this goes beyond every city thinking you're biased against their particular team right there is justice animus this hatred out that we see on the attack machine all the time. Joe Buck there's nothing wrong with a player by whether Joseph balked at 36 a bunch of heat. I heard -- is the big discussion on the radio in the day about how bad or read this Chris Collins were it is his job. -- goes -- -- that's where was not a constant press congress taxing is the worst. I mean why you feel they don't 09 people just feel obliged to attack national announcers. Why why he -- -- thing on showtime which is kind of -- where he stands literally on the soapbox. And as a yeah it's commentary and record. And for -- is that a lot of audiences it's just like the crew which like the small audience some -- -- -- and he did -- rate in the head to rant against the Redskins name has to be -- how did -- tell -- it's not a good look he -- Kostis is notes basically and ran with it and but he's. Unbelievably. Articulate for a player. And we took a few hits yeah -- he went to Florida right way to Florida State and Florida. And pretty Smart as hell or play happens and after it happens called Werth walked you through it tells you something you didn't see which you almost never exceeds that of course on the right like -- -- -- right around how we did it because it's easy to line he sees the secondary level. He -- the backfield. He's telling you something that you didn't see on the play that means he is probably either one it's more about the popular by watching all money to live right right right because he says stuff and it's why why do you see that play -- -- they isolated there was any. It's not a hint of behind hustler or agenda. With a medal haul it's like you mean you don't get the sense that he's. Gives a damn who wins or loses anything evident but the point is there is just this this right this. Nugget of hatred out there or anybody who was on the year in particular national announcers and whether that's -- for Collins worth or are gonna get ready for. Because both they both the play by play guy and the color man from Saint Louis and the Red Sox fans right now are in the -- the nation. Is the nation not rooting for him loose to win the recruits next -- I'm convinced the just sick and -- and Boston and while everybody. Bonded together and and and sympathize during the bombing that was a long time ago do you think that that train left the station yet yet you people via people ignorant talks now national yet. If you don't care but the comeback story in a terrible question you're -- -- -- -- -- evidence of this -- I don't -- what you're saying but I haven't -- a lot of the -- if they -- while the battle why do you hear somebody watching in -- and yet chesterfield Missouri. A little far away for missing and it's also idols that -- that's that's actually closer to Boston Saint Louis carried to the editor for the rest good point. I think people look at and see this Cardoso in offensive that the sale right now. You need to give anybody nationally is so boring will cut. Carry the day. And and their beards and there's nobody -- -- strong well outside of Missouri it is nobody's ever heard of any of the cardinals they don't know them yet -- -- -- on hate them they don't care is just -- apathy with the cardinals I'm convinced. You cannot say the great thing about the cardinals is that they play the game right. That doesn't resonate with the that the nation don't tune in its own good and I got to fundamentally sound. I got to watch team's secondary lead here at. -- watched because we do is just the opposite you watch the -- yeah just off this train wreck we have to wreck. He's style at all we slide in the third I mean you watch for that kind of player. Is any -- in national fan of says it -- excited to see the return of Allen -- Good boost -- -- -- -- -- who could play is that Jenny is other good -- we don't know yet for fifteen -- runs and scored does it right I feel like we've mourned the death of the Dodgers wondered you mourn the death of family member at this point. Wondered to all over yet another way the tigers to the tigers right our fundamental fundamentally a -- -- yeah. But there was certain it was a certain charisma to the -- via. Had the best player in baseball destructive and Joseph Maddon even -- you'll make fun of that park even the campus. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The best fans in baseball game although we don't disagree because we've been their doctor of them. And the whole aura about it is it to me it's the only baseball town. In America the only. There's no other town where baseball. Is bigger and better than football none. I would set up until this year Cincinnati might have been in the conversation. The Bengals are now relevant now that you buy any barometer I don't know I don't know this for a fact any barometer feuded TV ratings if he did. Attendants if you did season -- Jersey sales all that stuff yeah. You know you would an abduction she sat with the local version of John Dennis and Berkman and the return of course football's bigger. This is -- -- oh yeah. It's football country. There's nowhere else other than Saint Louis. And by the way if the rams didn't suck every year if the rams were any good to be a walk over it would be like every other town -- and the cardinals don't have. Right they're following and there are appeal and we've seen every -- -- mean they have. Millions of fans all 65 year old white guys would gray hair and in red red jacket this week but. What other town would you say is a baseball town first and football -- -- one I can top this with is the one I'd have to convince you that that's not the case and what do you talk to people in Cincinnati. And they think they are the equal street Louis they think they are the same thing as the St. Louis Cardinals -- but it may have changed again the Bengals are now relevant to -- are in first place the angles are ahead of the ravens here's where I think. -- -- football certainly carried the day I always say you're a baseball game it's atlas. I have yes there is it's it is a remarkable phenomenon there is nothing. Anyone other cardinals could do. That would evoke -- scorn and ridicule. From the stands right we saw back in the day some got hot pitcher got caught in a rundown it was a. Former Red Sox pitcher. -- John -- -- one. Started right yes yes well let's talk start sexton caught off the bottom third base tripped. Like couldn't run the -- it makes a -- just over don't feed it makes you -- fielder base running thing were Saltalamacchia fell on top -- removed him the you know three feet short of the dot. Seemed like a great baseball play. And you didn't. I struck out nicely and try good efforts. It's like -- and -- -- -- fielder got booed I mean you know fielder would. You like it potency and -- field. -- appreciate sloth like. Slaw some winners critters they don't appreciate that -- nets until a figure that year was this what happened tents. 2004 -- in the World Series yeah all right Jeff soup to the right thing but right and by the way Missouri's like number five in the country right now I would be shocked. If the number one teams the cardinals' number two teams Missouri Tigers. And then the rams ownership of the South Carolina and without without. -- Bradford. It's hope yes so and I guess the rams took a big hit and -- that other plane. And that would be playing against Monica though they are playing against. Sunday. Is its -- innovators is Sunday. Like late game. Where it is just not going to be anybody interested in the in the ramps and that was the back -- quarterback. -- Rumors -- in Cuba. I don't think they got Tebow occurs pretty sure -- -- Monday night game Seattle Saint Louis in a Monday night we'll be ahead at Saint Louis at saint let's look at gone. At Saint Louis which means. Won't be in parking downtown. Which is okay so that's weird nowhere near that we don't have to worry about that but did you get the good news to you know they. They're analyst Monica. The told the told Kirk. Give the big Iowa credit -- yeah and he said a -- sent one Mini Cooper you know August 2 -- we get to rent a car. We do. There were allowed were each allowed a car with another person who we each get half a car release represent what how it's what how to how to total cars for 1234. Five people what would -- -- you're falling into the trap that's our mama tried the summit last night don't do that are mono single Kevin gets a car and you guys get another car. He did it says yes it does not. In any way related to us on this trip that Kevin doesn't have to go to the -- right for and the more I think we should make a -- I passed him up a I said I'm Matt to me it's it's I said -- -- what you get on the day you get on your plane did you go down to the rental car you get a car you go to your hotel. I didn't know we needed permission to Jew I just thought you read that a car yeah LLC get I don't would you disagree when -- 83 miles from the parked in the airports. Else I got a great idea this could be a learning moment this could be a teaching moment. We don't rent cars we each take individual happens that's a good idea airport to hotel hotel to studio studio to games dating back to the hotel I mean we can -- up like. Thousands and thousands of dollars an inferno sheets and express the problem is the you know do you think there are a lot of cabs available in Chester. -- story that 4 in the morning. It's like that's like. There -- him and guarantee of the -- -- in the whole town and they're not the cab drivers are and you know -- not available aren't. I know for a fact -- sometimes one goes by the fishing hole. Sometimes one goes by Mabel Steiner are now out of that more table but it's a fighter right. Guys come and get that idea the idea that we could. Pots -- that's even an option is ridiculous you'll see. We will see it's going to be European -- that it. Get delivery. In a limo. -- delivery I'll cut it struck -- -- -- and attempted to pick it up try to make the cover of whoever. What is -- driver yeah -- to an idea. That he can take it the game you don't have to worry about parking and it was his team stuff -- in the -- of the -- credential to the he has connections speaking of the game tonight my one and only goal by decide to go tonight. Is not to have to sit with John Travolta. -- -- -- -- Goal for me tonight why I would like to see really I don't -- opposite them. -- A nice guy heard it's uncomfortable. Birdies in nine signs autographs takes pictures he's not -- in this hotel room mes yeah gold of the games hang out meet the people. Kelly Preston you wouldn't want no I didn't -- -- -- -- Kelly Preston is. Reports have said she's run into the wall. So what I'm just it's -- fifty years old CC Christie Brinkley lately looks great highs 59. She's -- to issue 59 to. But she she does look great right now that -- morning on the Pakistan feel kind of like I'd like to confirm or I don't. But I mean Christie Brinkley is also -- like the greatest super -- double time -- that I was Preston is just and other issues. She still is in judgment and Bradford said not so much -- really yeah. Excellent kicker out of that Andrea sure does it do a pretty set that excellent question of the 508 text or any strip clubs in chesterfield. -- not have all of your research I I saw the map. There's a couple of really nice car dealers in the area. Ball is a very nice -- -- ball out that has a chess game which is your favorite right at an analysis of Barroso also for dinner for us to the subway amid business subway also got a movie theater pretzels with the little's -- Tankersley got -- -- well water in the first and foremost shattering it we have to find pizza for. Tonight here yeah repeat tonight Saturday. And the real challenge is going to be trying to find a place that has the patriots game on Sunday -- the work on the no we -- We're working on -- and Mona party said when not to and well we didn't. I don't know what you guys do anything they do a -- and see what the -- well this is so little work you guys' skin can do the show on Sunday of gold somewhere what's patriots then Monday morning Carrie should there's no. You guys won't be able to participate QB not have no adamantly oblivion audio happen yes or no deal footlocker at the small absolutely true -- I say to them. They. Cause UNC and -- I think we're doing this one of these days I'll pay for myself. If this -- portrait studio. I don't. The three of us would do it right. Magic sweaters yeah at least you want atmosphere from Saint Louis you've got the players -- gonna do we you with the chesterfield mall. We feel the heartbeat the pulse of the -- David conducts. What is that nursing -- snow. That I scream please take that futuristic ice -- if you do this -- very. Probably similar. How many feet do you know if an American girl store keep its commercial -- Victoria's Secret. The and me did not. Man don't know I'm sorry every bit they do they do that's make setter night fun and they -- great American cookie -- to. Like I like I just don't think will be able to fine -- and I just -- the collection that would do the shell. If you just wanna go hang comply with this like just I am making some arrangement behind the scenes that we are going to be doing four days in four different shows correct Friday Saturday Sunday Monday well it sounds like -- sun is -- -- -- year. It is. Parties in a month do either of us through -- to get our hands there I've never. I've never done a Monday show without watching the patriots never to did you say you're not doing this to my stay to the -- really volume. I didn't know -- just now that we were supposed to be going on the greatest six. Now happen in three to 606. On Sunday so whose -- to -- five time was right about some of the Little League and yes the -- happen. My question would be -- to KG what happens if something like last week happened in the game and we're not watching. And recently before was because everybody knows who were on -- -- microphones and I understand it for a fully -- to -- oil supplies sit we -- DB do you think they have DVRs in the chesterfield the college -- VHS. So we could -- -- -- -- the mayor just manager's office what they're going to watch that at. If we don't want to guarantee that something controversy days yeah yeah so Belichick and a fist fight with. Yeah Joseph Philbin yeah yeah imagine that this for the case last week we mommy here in summit but that push call Saudi push us crazy but I'm -- Illegal use the hands. This is something crazy can happen in these two. Problem in this -- is so crazy gonna happen I think last night we heard the -- -- might have an issue. So while that's the first yen. We've ever seen with this team that's not gone swimmingly since -- remember when I am amazed since the playoffs are right there pretty much emphasis since what the trade. A year and 23 months ago. And and he may have an issue he may not it would explain why he doesn't look like him so not -- the -- dominant excel and I'm not sure that changes the Ceres has. He's not the case right now he's not obviously not start in the first two games is the case. Kamal settle a movable feast on this commitment and that's but I will say if if he's hurt like this and it's this seems like. She Bradford says well mobile mobile mobile already get into -- this the I actually show was salty you don't learn anything. I try to god and I'm -- guy I like to get my hands dirty use. I was going to begin this is 603 before we jump off one -- as the mayor. Due to begin with the fun stuff about the World Series or the intrigue and the subterfuge. And we've dealt with the fog stuff so far we. Which -- a few more just for -- -- mall. I think it's overblown John Travolta I'm not gonna bring Amy. Close to Saint Louis that you're going to use on -- plane just not -- -- we need on the ground shots from the ball and shots I was thinking about places like Missouri -- -- the movie theater there's an AMC movie theater reversing in the grossing movie. Friday the growth of four -- Phillips may -- You turn descent to gravity captain Phillips you -- triple header that that the movies price nighttime the price for movie seven box. Not bad reasonable ups and box -- What is popcorn. 45 cents but for the correction dollar will upgrade -- -- by L zero coat fuels global -- play the cartoons first -- the movies are. 617779798370. A lot of supplement that we are going to give away a 1000 dollars at 9 o'clock. But probably more valuable to our listeners would be. We are making available. Separate events. Tickets for tonight's game and tickets for tonight's game. One as -- auction one as a giveaway explain all that win we get back Ken Rosenthal will join us a little bit after 9 o'clock. All lines open will talk with -- game won the World Series but mayor cannot wait to drink out of the World Series.

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