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Red Sox Road to Redemption World Series Round Table Discussion - Hour Three

Oct 22, 2013|

Mike Mutnansky, Rob Bradford, Alex Speier and Joe Castiglione preview the World Series match-up against the Cardinals.

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The roundtable continues here from Jerry Remy six of the ballpark. Like -- -- Alex -- rob Bradford both WEEI dot com -- stately old. Voice the Red Sox nice that the joint effort here pyramid you're over there at the ballpark yeah. -- was amazing I just went over Iraq and some of their batting practice it was drizzling a little bit and I looked up -- center field is a huge range ball. Right over the scoreboard in center field what a great only. That is -- an overnight over the get over our battle and I don't listen all I'm not a goal -- that he chuckle out of trees they'll clinch the win and they'll be here at Fenway and not on the road this time they're going to -- in one game to that is that means is that what a prediction to start the show here today one game block that out -- just you guys fall -- notre predictions are happy that. You guys were over there not all star would you Joseph you were at the ballpark you kind of feel for. This team all year. He gets the World Series in and you feel like this team is tense at all -- -- it being around this club that the moment is going to be too big for them when they play game one tomorrow night. Now this club is that. Had the same attitude from day one. And I think it's a veteran presence I think it's the manager Rick he coaches. They he had -- are used the word dead relentless many times I think that is. Really a captures this entire this ballclub and I don't see any kind of nerves or panic or anything like that you got the ultimate that clutch player and David are these -- or relax in the biggest moments ever and so many others you. Followed in his footsteps in that regard as we saw was Shane Victorino went the other night I told you we Harry said he was nervous but -- look at the results. Either way Joe's. Great call them Victorino -- home run off balance it out what's been a lot of fun you know it was unexpected you know to pitch two for 23 at all I actually could not find another example of a post season 02 Grand Slam ever really I tried to do you know baseball reference has this great. Index where you can look up things and I think they're they're pitch counts when we go back about twenty years but that was the only one that they had on that well you know Jose Veres can throw 95 he throws. 377. Mile an hour curve balls in a -- Well you look at how Veres approach Victor Reno which who has every single pitch but to a ball where her calls. And they told victory no reason to throw curve balls and he's done nothing to really dissuade him from doing that and then finally he gets the curve ball and he'd gone down the tunnel. Right before that right before as it back to work on specifically that which would. Staying back on curve balls that paid off. Well it to me that it. Of all the moments we see him this season and the regular season post season. That's one that stands out the emotion of Shane Victorino running those faces and see him -- -- tour for 23. And for people dealt. Questioning wise and Daniel lobby and he's a left here against a righty and for Ferrell the stick with him these guys talked a lot early in the round table looked and sharing in the credit he deserves. I think the job that John Ferrell is done in sticking with these players throughout even when they've gone through slumps for -- and Stephen Drew weather's been Shane Victorino here in the post season. To stick with these guys in the trust in these guys I feel like that is any major part. On this team come and get our -- I'm -- in my making too much out of the impact John -- how honesty and the trust he's -- this team. I think that all the players recognize the BS considerable trust in them let's also not overlook however the fact that he changed to the lineup spot sure over the course of the ALCS and so that's something to Terrell. Just addressed really a few minutes about an hour ago. When he said -- -- time of year when yeah I'm going to manage a little bit more based on my cut in just what I feel in terms of which players. Are kind of psychologically. Brian's for these moments and so we see that we see the change of course with Jonny Gomes in Daniel -- we're Jonny Gomes is a media -- player but. I think what's remarkable and in the Ferrell influences really the fact that he can have that conversation with them. In that even though every player has a right to be ticked off every player wants to wants to maintain that starting job and in this moment he still has enough trust from his players. -- both Daniel -- will -- sign up and they say OK we understand where you're coming from. This is all about the team concept is all about it's all about putting us in the best position for a trophy -- so there's -- in there and that's that's meaningful to. That's right is manager on the door and a hit sudden say coach says manager and that he's not afraid to make moves that John that. Has -- been loyal but in this case I think it's great that he's going to he's instinctive. To go with the guys that there's. He thinks will give more. They shot well yeah to a ballplayer I think one of the subtle. Changes that you received with Franklin Morales staying on the roster as it was going to be that guy Franklin Morales what the other game. Because really didn't have that situation so there were flying blind to a certain degree. And so now they say -- you know what maybe got isn't the ideal spot for Morales maybe two bronze better be viewed dancers better. But that's the tiger thing words you will won't hesitate changed. We got surprised I was surprised morale stayed on the roster only because he came in to face Prince Fielder. And then throw a strike committee -- one thing if field and it went in the gap Bonham and Victor Martinez got and after that. He doesn't throw strike -- like that's enough daylight they like you -- so much and that's the reason he -- always -- out and getting you know thirty stormed the post season -- instruct anybody on that five base -- of the stuff in September. Is not translate to here to posting. I would I would also submit that perhaps a few extra -- has been primed for more important set up role media left on left situation. Ben Franklin Morales might have just been moved into being an innings absorbing guy. So that they don't over tax the rest of the staff and -- -- thought I had was it might go with an extra position player because you don't have the DH and you use -- pinch hitters. And as somebody like -- McDowell yeah it's it's exactly I have the same thought talked McDonald's yesterday he was kind of excited. About the prospect of someone who that you know has waited his whole life for for an opportunity like this but you know at the same time he looked up and soccer and different look there's the World Series logo on my cap. This is an unbelievable moment that I. Question for you guys my wife asked me this question I know in. The ALCS if the guy gets hurt you can replace him on the roster with that guys ineligible for the World Series what about the World Series. He's ineligible for all of the next year no I'm just -- -- It can be replaced him and I think they died you know there's there's no consequence to. Well with this TV talk about that too -- did make Gomes in left field and obviously Zander Bogart's at third base and and Alex Rodriguez simple written extensively. About senior Bogart's and it and the progression from last year to this year Mike Hazen talks about. We want him to work on and he wanted to work on. Taking out taking pictures being more patient the plate and see the walk cities had guys in this post season I don't remember a young player. Having those type of what I called -- -- at bats and anyone the organization believed he'd be at this point after what happened last year. Know in the reason why you can recall a young player doing this is because their only been two other young players in baseball history who walked it's many times in the post season. At age 21 or younger. In those two had a lot more at bats in -- stood at this point those are. Andruw Jones in -- when he was in nineteen year old which is extraordinarily. As well as Edgar Renteria in the 1997 World Series. But knowing the organization thought that everyone thought that -- had unbelievable attitude it's why he's been on the fast track throughout his entire career no one thought he would be able to make the progression from a guy who walked once in 97 plate appearances at the end of 2012. In double play. Someone who could walk I -- -- news at eleven plate appearances over the course of the post season so far down. So I ask them about that yesterday at the year worked out I said how did you go from one walk 97 plate appearances to. What you are now laying off these tough change ups from mushers are in the sliders. Any said that when he got the double way he'd always been a selective hitter -- he got the double play was always a 1020. Right and that's all it was a big jump. For him to go for made a double plays its biggest jump probably it in the minor leagues for Eagles made a double play. And he said he was always go into when they were pitching him -- he didn't expect. So he swung the bat after that and now he's. In fact he's only had 21 years old but the ability to adjust is incredible the figures struck. Be right out of the gate with him. Was how calm he was and we see the columnist at the plate now. But really to me it was first in the field. Where everything he did was still a social. Relaxed for a guy who hadn't played that position a whole lot third base. And we saw the other night where he was almost too relaxed. It does it make you throw over to second base. But that's what you want he he is not rushing through things which you would think would be the natural reaction for a player that age. I think he's most charismatic athlete have been around since Pedro Martinez while. An incident like -- he's -- -- someone who's fluent in the number of languages she's incredibly intelligent words would you call me a polyglot earlier you were insulting. That for once yes it -- the line now microscopic that it. More than one line and -- that and you guys talk about the fielding and the the -- of the plate. About the raw power and a double the other night where that hit up on the wall that is a lot of ballparks that out of dinner tonight for you guys that was a weird hit -- active. It like it hit right into the teeth of the wind and seemed to hang in the air a little bit longer I don't really you don't really see that too much where. You know -- the jet stream at the very and now it's not wasn't rising. Might just kind of hung up and it higher in the wall that I think you normally would be the way you're right that's right with a win was line. -- flattened down -- -- -- Bogart's afterwards I talked to amendment during that clubhouse celebration you think what's going on I can't hit a ball and you know yeah if I hated to feed to the right now because -- gone. He thought he had walked on how well I mean in hindsight either won the game but. What the storyline would have been if they lost that game where is the combination note probably would -- to the of space between the left field foul pole and then the top of the wall with -- Not to mention Bogart's is that where you just do more yeah. A total of -- and Bogart's with you afterwards -- winning admit he admits. He really didn't know what went on that first at bat and he says he's -- a slider that he normally would never take any. He's telling you after the game just sort of laughed to myself and do that as this is one of those like that's -- belief is it's amazing I mean that. And I said to only use the Jimy Williams line about Nomar you've been here before. This -- no I haven't into the playoffs. Only once in double play like that what I meant was you know you're. -- You're in another life. Yeah. He acts like he has been there wasn't trusting Jonny Gomes talking about yesterday which he said. The playoffs in the post season is made for youth. Do you think you'll be just a reverse. But he -- because these guys have no idea what they're going through. They're just still playing the game of baseball. And that was interesting to me it because because. Would you look at Bogart's says can overwhelm -- 21 year old kid and it didn't he still just playing the game of baseball that I was overwhelmed was Prince Fielder. Yes he really felt the pressure I think that from inside the sources and the Tigers that he really feels the pressure. I think that it's it's a good thought on jones' part but I think that we shouldn't overlook the fact that there's this -- the Alex I'd like you personally I. Think we've we've seen the opposite -- while we sovereign -- deal. Right in we've seen you'd get drastically overwhelmed in those situations so we shouldn't take for granted -- because Bogart's is youthful thing that's the reason why. You successfully it takes he -- that's special combination of youth and talent sure why that talent we we can agree talent place is is why. Bogart's is the guy to. In this hour at this time to be out there on the field Allen plays he's the most one of the most talented guys out there and you can't ignore that you can have a moment then. If we're gonna talk about youthful talent it -- to strictly the St. Louis Cardinals because is at it as much as we wanna say Detroit. Had that great pitching staff in Tampa. -- -- man another good pitching staff I feel like this cardinal team. Is by far the most complete team they face and the youth of walker. Joseph the use -- Rosenthal closing out games this team. This is -- that he's using younger players the way the Red Sox or Bogart's in some meaningful spots you'll see one of them in game 21 of them closing out games of the gets them. Part it's amazing the arms they have Carlos Martinez throwing averaging a hundred miles an hour and most of them home grown needs it just have -- incredible what they've done that. Lose Albert Pujols and turn around that quickly last year when -- within one game of the World Series ended. And at 31 lead that they blew -- LCS and now back to the World Series again within almost an entirely different. Work speaks volumes about their scouting development. And it also speaks to the fact that they've been able to sustain this across people leaving you know the fact that Jeff -- now. Was the guy who was the kind of the scouting guru there and rightly deserved an incredible amount of acclaim for what he did with the amateur scouting and player development. But then they turned that over you left to beat the Astros GM and you know was the next guy in line who drafted lockup so now they turn over players they -- over personnel. This is an extraordinary organization. That has sustained something amazing over the course of more than a decade. Join you have to go here a couple of minutes someone asked you if you could. Compare this cardinal team to say the Rocky team they faced in 2007 the -- cardinal Theodore and on. You know out of all the teams have looked at 97 wins. Same number as the Red Sox this feels like of the three World Series it -- until four. It feels like on paper the biggest competition the biggest test of those three you feel the same way before. They won over a hundred games course they did not have their race Chris carpenter's injury hurt them that was very big in the Red Sox really shut down the they're Big Three in the middle of the lineup pujols and Edmonds and Rolen. So this is a different team my I don't know if he really can compare that to I'd say this team is probably a little bit more like Colorado to Colorado -- one. Great hot streak winning with 2122. Began the year. This cardinal team I think is great balance it's a lot like the Red Sox team without quite as much experience in this. Overall might be the toughest that task because I think he had a better idea what -- -- getting with the old four Cardinals and this team is a period with the 07. Rockies I would think. Yeah I think that -- clearly I agree about the Rockies comparison I had it's it's a loaded team you know quite frankly we look at let me say. I don't know if they really have the superstar caliber player I think that might be a flaw. Based on the thinking well we saw what happened when you build a team that well moreover I think that it overlooks the fact they have a lot of players who we formed an extraordinary levels this year. Carlos Beltran and you know Matt Carpenter is an amazing player. Four of them you know I think that even a player like John Jay is is pretty overlooked as a as a center fielder with very good on base percentage could. Can move pretty well Matt -- Allen -- these are impact. Guys and also when you look at it the cumulative effect it is it does have that very similar to the Red Sox feel. With guys who have we're just matches up and down and then a really impressive array of arms I think that they don't have the starting rotation that the Tigers have -- I don't know that anyone that's. Actually the third fourth starter down but I think guys -- bullpen though right on the tiger showed off his body not even close it by the day if you look at the Astros I agree I -- you attack. -- -- -- Usually they took the Astros closer so you look at the two -- you look at the Red Sox and you look at the Cardinals very similar teams I think that. There's the difference might be might be the third for starters that's where the Red Sox might have yet to hear it now I think people here at Fenway Park -- you need a rude rude awakening for the first started. The Cardinals are -- roll out there they're very good they can match up with anyone but third fourth. That might be the separated. Joseph thanks for hanging out first few minutes and I got some duties over Fenway Park we'll see if for game one -- a great and we want you guys look forward to seeing all Saint Louis I am. We will be there -- Jokester -- some of the Jonas you know he's gonna take off Alex spear rob Bradford of -- week yet dot com. Are gonna stick around gonna mixing your phone calls here as well for those you driving home stuck in traffic. I get set for World Series game one of your calls -- on the roundtable 617779. 79376177797937. We come back you guys are -- there for the announcement. John Lackey in game two. But it kind of I'm muddled picture of what's gonna happen going forward as their method behind the madness for John -- what he's doing with this rotation last Alex and rob. Hear from Jeremy next. Not Joseph and -- the highlights and be back in studio great way to get us back into it. Not spear Bradford hanging out the Red Sox roundtable Jerry -- he's right next to Fenway Park -- to make your way. To the ballpark for any of these games during the World Series stop five grammys. Get the lobster roll rob was the eight all the lobster rolls here. No -- display of lobster you share yes a little while lobster this postseason. That's me he tried to catch -- look up your lobster ratio. On baseball reference baseball media referenced during the break Detroit may have lost the series but they won the post gave me you celebrations let me tell you the -- is consumed above replacement. -- -- writer rob little words and I their historic historic performances. On those lobster paradox. All obstacle what was it eight -- nickel and dime and there's a bit and that the. Are you guys were over there John -- made the announcement will be Jon Lester in game one not a surprise it'll be. John Lackey game -- I like John Lackey in game two for a couple reasons one of the held them off until game three. It would have been what eleven days ten days between starts October 15 ninety's when I spent nine days of rest between starts -- a long time this time a year. And I think -- can use the extra couple days Jarno you guys thought about to start but. To run out of gas the way he did rob is sort of makes you feel like. He might not have the stamina at this point to deal would go on regular rest then come back in pitching game six we're getting the extra day. And I have a -- if I need to game seven with -- all hands on deck behind him so. I like this move a lot by Jonathan. The is -- with clay buckles and three starts on the post season. Even going into the last start you look at the numbers the first four innings batting average against about 221 -- man. The full -- five and six jumps up to 400 and it helped form. Got through five they hit me in trouble in -- slowly getting in trouble to this stuff was backing up bottom that you went from a night three mile an hour fastball. And 89 mile an hour fastball. -- little bit baffling -- it does make you wonder a little bit about the physical condition sure because you would think that he would have enough time to AM -- at by this time did not have that happen. John Ferrell did say that there is not an injury issue that is it is caused this side this alignment of the rotation or that has. The be lack of a set order for games three or four. But -- you know even if there's not when I guess that we did see you know as much as they tried to -- that sort of thing this dressed just wasn't as. Ernie does different it and I heard you guys talked about it is like spring training right and -- -- -- that a hundred what was a 106 pitches -- 106 was his final start an inning yes and I heard you guys talking about it that that's the equivalent of eighty something in the post season. Alou has been talking about I thought I figured I'd -- right on by starting game one of the post season Lou has been talk about the stress of the the playoffs so as you sit out I'm assuming he starts game three. Terrell didn't make that announcement today that he also said Buchholz is healthy so why why would he be. -- why would he make that announcement today any sort of idea in your mind why he would do that too. Possibilities one is kind of -- that's in normal strength testing that they do in between starts they wanna make sure that Buchholz is. Even though it's not an injury per say that he's maximized in terms of strength that he's gotten you know city's operating with a full tanks and that it gives him the best chance to have the best possible staff secondly. You wonder whether or not there's -- there's a possibility that he's saying well what happens if we need to use one of them in the bullpen in games one or two. In which case that would you know if if for instance he says okay this is you know let's say that there's an extra innings game all of a sudden Buchholz needs to be employed four. For for one of those than it would change the alignment of I went -- but that's just speculation. We asked John -- that but he didn't really didn't really -- -- -- -- talked about why he wanted Lackey in game two which was he didn't want to get too far away from that outstanding start against Justin Verlander. -- he gets a pitchman home in this series and looked it. We went through some of the split during the break and none of these pitchers -- really been touched up. By the opposing offense in fact that a couple cases the Cardinals have not seen Buchholz. The Red Sox have not seen some of the younger pitchers for the Cardinals so. That's scouting process the feeling out early. I know you guys have at written about the coaching staff a lot this year I guess my feeling would be. It is very busy right now trying to prepare for walker trying to prepare for Kelly Lance -- guys if they really not seen much of this -- looked. Aaron Ross and -- this on -- yesterday and I told mites and I've identified you as the most important player in the entire World Series. And -- reason is it's he painted anything because of a gray in the beard that's what we absolutely. -- But that the thing is that this is the guy a year removed from the National League as a catcher. He knows these guys you can have scouting reports you have video work. But there is something to be said for a guy like David Ross being able to college game. With the players he's familiar with from playing with -- National League over the last few years. -- let's get some phone calls and here is promised 6177797937. Red Sox roundtable -- you set for the World Series Alex -- rob Bradford. WEEI dot com mark is in Connecticut and I he joins us we're live at -- say mark. Eighty about the punch him up back there brother I've while I thank you very much mark are you. Trying to get mark on here. -- there are so loose I see mark there mark is our he's going oil down there there's market marte do meant. -- -- They go -- Connecticut -- the note don't give Missouri and spent a lot of time tracking you down mark so I hope you brought something here on this phone call. Yeah excited about this year you know we capitals started the Detroit that will pretty much wiped out what. Well -- she had to live in this World Series and certainly. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Series. Well first mark I don't think the chances are very good and you should be very pessimistic that path a path and there there's no reason to be excitable and off I bought this Red Sox team in the World Series. But in terms is hinder him in Ross. They can turn that all around a bit let's be honest -- Bogart's is playing because he's an extremely talented guy who has. Has succeeded in setting up what he wants disease Zander and Ross and lineups it's gonna be there it is -- -- -- over there at him and I guess he's the starter yeah Norman Brooks is now coming off the bench and -- Ross is this probably I would imagine being a starter for -- -- in game one yeah he's been he's now catching him. And you know I think Saltalamacchia is it the catcher for Lackey but. He's at Ross's -- Lackey pretty well Dubai do you think I don't know now it's -- and I think Saltalamacchia chips -- to. Yeah I think that you know I painted the struggle for offenses such that you probably do want Saltalamacchia has potential to make an offensive impact is left handed bat in I think they have an awful lot of faith. In his signal calling and realize that David Ross has a long earned a long and hard earned reputation as one of the best defensive catchers. In the majors rightly so but Jarrod Saltalamacchia is made such extraordinary strides that I don't think they're about to just. -- being in let's talk a little bit about Saltalamacchia and obviously better from the left side so you have that option -- the other of the left handed batter. But when you're getting you know playing now obviously not starting now that. Then he becomes your primary pinch hitter -- by car. And I think it's an interesting conversation that was what the pinch hitting roles are gonna. Of all do in this series especially when you get to Saint Louis where now we have to look at how Mike Napoli is is a. HM not very good we look at the numbers in his career he's not gonna -- pinch hitter that we put the numbers earlier today in that and now. Drawing a blank but it's somewhere in the low two hundreds in terms of you coming out of the. It -- for a pinch hitter though you know you have to -- your expectations too that I wanted to 400 pinch hitting out that's very reasonable -- I don't know if you do this but Dustin Pedroia the very dependent that are. Very good pinch hitter so you're saying Dustin Pedroia I think you do not only on the bank -- start. I. And he just made just the right moment with playing second that night when it doesn't matter it doesn't -- Brooks. But what their backups are like that back a second base and still is you know -- that this is how we have to view Daniel -- now we have to view him a little different different light until -- Jonny Gomes strikes out nine times in. And doesn't his intangibles don't take company. Good point in the east in the couple games Daniel -- pinch hitting ability is going to be key in these games -- let's talk to -- Jerry who's in West Springfield he joins us here. As Lima Jerry Remy -- the ballpark I -- I go excellent good -- I actually play Duke opened the and that -- definitely catching up Christian I know not saying that definitely night and we who we think there were surprising that. Think that he he can keep book that he keep -- their on track I really liked -- here. But local tourism tickets to accurate that you get out there music computer class that I have -- I could care. This is what a watershed moment for my life -- continues with that. Padilla it's everybody's. I don't think the Red Sox and I don't even think this is gonna go six games. Put on. Would it starts with against the you know nationally kitchen. Wainwright against or any of those schemes against the young American -- like in the yum. If you utility. And it's great American interleague play. And we played but against American and Murton hitters I'd be curious if you could throw some numbers though because I. I don't really I really think to rent a cadet series with Detroit a player -- -- watch baseball and sixty. I don't think that that who watched -- -- -- you know entertained that much but that would that Detroit's hitters that that was absolutely. Incredible. It was at first series it did not go seven games Jerry and Al hard pressed to think of faith. A more competitive more exciting series with the two grand slams day you mentioned. 02 Grand Slam going back and looking was there ever one of the other great stat in the history of baseball. Have -- not be completely accurate. They experienced as I tell you I would -- right one thing he's dominant usually dominant but also those -- that -- so for me one walk. What block the entire postseason yet which continues a regular season which he had what like 35 walks -- about 240 innings yes so this is someone whose ability due to attack the to attack the plate. With a variety of pitches suggests that the interleague phenomena and shouldn't be too I shouldn't be too great a hurdle. For him at least in my mind he's only the guys presented dominant stuff. It should get both sides -- And dominant against this Red Sox lineup the guys he's gonna face you just look at his. As some his stats lifetime that is not a lot of at bats every four plate appearances. But chain victory know two point seven Stephen Drew 105 David Moss when he threw two for -- night I'll also tell him you know in three and 12 point 12 ERA this year thing is 46 and two thirds innings thirties. -- like a lot of rules you argue about. Q what's Dottie stats across the -- 500 batting average pinch hitter and yet have a sub one ERA this you know you open as well but I think that. As I gaze over across the -- they are prepared to read these. Patio here daisy do I I think the usual fan and I actually got it back yet it's not her a good though the people who are are going to be filtering is. In there tomorrow are going to be in for a rude awake he would Adam Wainwright. Did they -- I don't think the understand how good this. Guy is I mean you saw that -- ball back can you remember the curve ball from 2006. -- you know that was just. Such a dominating pitch in the gave they gave Carlos Beltran nightmares for years of his life really. -- the most you know as clutch a post season player as there is rebounded the he's done a tennis and spend. Wainwright was talking about dreams that he was having with Beltran and not winning the World Series this year in seeing Beltran winning one with the Yankees next year calling it nightmare very strange enough -- I'm good dream talk is we get set for game one a lot gazing talk threat we a lot of that and lobster rolls when rob Bradford rob Bradford -- spear -- -- hanging out -- early -- the ballpark. I'm mixing your calls until 7 o'clock we'll go to planet Mikey at that point 6177797937. AT&T text line. It's 37937. I want to get these guys thoughts are on this cardinal team. And you look at this matchup many think about the American League in the National League and talk about little bit early to the impact of the DH and how the Red Sox in the lack of a DH nationally park. Is that a big factor is it over and alas you guys we come back where -- you Sports Radio WSCR yeah. Obviously Walker's been a great job in this post season so -- Wainwright and you know we are going up against him do you hope that they make a couple mistakes within the game and you don't and our offense score some runs. Hear from Jerry Remy is next to the ballpark. Mike -- -- Alex Grier rob Bradford will be all over this World Series. At WEEI dot com and I'm sure -- different shows across the platform was wearing an -- here will be Saint Louis. -- -- guys what do what do you do at Saint Louis but he was here what's your goatee thing. The arch not a lot of people know this but Miami big time. Fan of heights so I plan on doing a lot of pipeline tomorrow night's a big inning somebody told -- Saint Louis in the -- He beat kite none of that area Q Terry here -- on on the -- -- -- -- -- there are certain things you can carry on now and I have the right package like. The guys -- like for golf clubs in that plastic thing. I can put a couple of kites and air. -- a good for all weekend that is going to be some that. Editorial -- when I think so against the arches out with the clouds in the back well I grew up in DC so the Washington monument of course the central and. I don't need to try to read you right now clock ticked. I'm telling you ought to be doing my -- I -- doing outsiders you -- seen the movie vacation. Like national averages syndication yes and -- -- never seen that on our look at Al's guys out of our fill out desires simulate driving through -- you say I don't know I'm giving our hub -- don't have to that it happens to it but yes stimulants that fit into that. That and yeah. And it. So we had this debate today on our show I know the guys -- holly talked about a team you play three games in Saint Louis and you could have. No DH and it sounds like the David Ortiz gonna start at least two of those three. Mike Napoli may get one start and I feel like especially for a team like the Red Sox and invested this much money -- DH he's this good. Huge disadvantage right in my -- over -- the disadvantage of not having a DH available 387 games now. I mean obviously -- by their roster construction was built around having these two guys in the middle of the order and you just -- one of them out now. I remember that in 2007 Kevin Youkilis was basically the hottest hitter on the planet. In the first couple rounds of the of the post season he was unbelievable and he sat there with his -- of admits in his you know -- Barca. You know those three games in American girls and guys and that was the that was the benefit they had -- -- they could move positions around right -- little more hands right now ends more in moreover John -- talked on multiple occasions about how Mike Napoli is someone whose timing is a hitter is reliant upon his steady playing time in that this is clearly a disruption that right. He's the flip side of that obviously. Is he's been better when he's got -- rest but he's got enough rest I think and yes thought I hit it's it's I don't over shortsighted to look at it this way but if Mike Napoli has a huge game in game two. Then how do you sit him down mean he's that type of hitter where you want to ride the hot streak why you have it it then it becomes a very difficult conversation. Meanwhile they put out the -- and Allen Craig -- it's not like this is some team that has nobody to DH it's not a fourth fifth outfielder to utility players gonna fill that role. This guy that can rate gets got a Chris Duncan said or -- showed today compared to Albert pools now I think Chris Duncan diamond mind. When he says that when he has a lot of respect for many watch him every single day. Any cant field right now so what we can do was hit in so. It -- their first two games here they add Allen Craig your next three games in Saint Louis. You'll lose Mike Napoli and to me that's a major disadvantage for the Boston routes well especially when he's a terrible thing generic going to might might -- Mike Natalie played it out awful -- pull the myopic in outlook yeah. And Chris Duncan about being traded for Julio Lugo and what that did your psyche another one -- -- -- -- Chris Duncan is gonna none out and not miss it's written down Chris Duncan. Was so pro cardinal today that we're gonna have a -- hopefully drop the course of the series because he went he was good gave you could take but he was so pro cardinal wanna see we sounds like if it every Yzerman being treated for earlier Larry Allen Allen asking about that there's a lot of things to ask about what was his. 27 games -- like in 2009 yeah you know -- cup of coffee there. Who who's next. Who was -- -- -- he's ever gave it my -- Atlanta the role next yeah you feel I'm the only -- -- if that they probably take the catcher. A draw -- OL and to lose is -- on next -- -- -- back going to be an excellent season. After that's exactly the DH a major disadvantage -- because because -- that this is the perfect role for Craig given his limitations. It affected their questions about whether or not he can play a position. It couldn't work out any better for it for the Cardinals in this position and you're absolutely right. This is a guy who's over who's kind of a monster run producer you look at that you know batting average with runners in scoring position. It's a statistic that has its applause granted but. He hit over 400 doesn't -- I think the important thing for the Red Sox as they got to get some of these other guys -- because if you. If you're gonna take out a Napoli Ortiz you gotta get a Saltalamacchia -- on -- and yet it Gomes. Just have to get somebody else don't -- may need RBIs -- Stephen Drew they would throw him well you have to get some hits feel from Stephen Drew and go from there by. It would be interesting to see is in a bogus continues to on this road if he gets bumped up in the oral open especially. When you take out in the National League. Especially right it doesn't have many. He has the bats seventh -- from -- in group B as any sort of series here. In the first two games I hope that Ferrell wins yet as a sign of disrespect but if the bottom of that order in the National League Bogart's through pitcher. Day 8011. They wanna do too is they like to break up guys who might. Lead to quick innings so another words. A pitcher hitting is -- is not gonna take up a lot of -- -- sure thing so you want a guy hitting in front of -- who might take some pitches you don't want that -- getting that nine pitch inning where all the Sun Bowl but that just. Back on the -- -- big picture standpoint the one. Major offseason question like you're gonna have no matter what happens is Jacoby Ellsbury he's heading into what could be his final four 456 or seven games. With the Boston Red Sox zero to 100%. I -- opinion we will hold you to this. The nice that he is back with the Red Sox. Following this World Series in 2014. And beyond that -- very plays again in a Red Sox uniform -- don't know percent chance. -- got to go first why do I have to deal for wanna give out the chance to think Alex is like this -- like to -- you react if you stumble like that I stumbled time. -- -- humble and now he's trying to. I actually have but I'm going to break some news zero personally I can indeed a nice player on in the middle of the World Series. And if so it does have to be position player for position player now getting to the -- question I'll go -- 60%. You have the -- -- hasn't won six guys know. I like it 60%. Maybe 60% odd that we now we all glued to that that's staying that you adding that he won't be value down -- -- at the question was that he would be that I get that it's always important is that important that dot dot dot. 60% dot dot -- he won't be back so forty I have him with a 16%. Likelihood they'll be back by the guy like now it's it's yes -- It is not it's nine point 37%. Because were on 93 -- WEEI boom that's the answer. You guys did a great job and I thank you did as well out -- you like lobster roll another -- for the rode Rob -- Gurode via MLB gala. Where you weren't reach our trump. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I was not even beaten I think its -- On and as the star of the day was great today via the -- Alex and rob thank you guys so much continued. How good work we hope to see guys up from double CO -- tight don't fight nite cant wait to. -- with a carry on out of Providence at 740. On Saturday morning we got to get out there before -- do -- give me a chance to win thousand dollars how about that. Your chance to win as right now that a WEEI dot com slash cash. Enter the code word saving SAB ING get ten minutes enter. Enter saving. -- WEEI dot com slash cash and do it now. The pages mobile friendly she can enter with your -- your next shot to win tomorrow morning with DNC at 9 AM. We got to get out of your thank you Doug -- this whole thing together here for Brad he's the great spokes of grammys with that rob ovals lobster rolls very nice of them. I'd ever wanted to are here today and the pack in studio great job as well. Planet Mikey will continue from our Brighton studios and the NC tomorrow morning with the chance when Red Sox tickets at 830 right here in 93 point seven. WB yeah.

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