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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Kanye and Kimmy K engaged

Oct 22, 2013|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Today they discussed the newly engaged Kanye and Kim K.

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And all kinds suggestions on how to drink my moxie. Really yet on I dislike -- -- but moxie Jack Daniel's obviously with -- yes I'm sure it's good all the years you probably would have done that once upon yeah. It's good for hangovers so you can -- this you don't have at the night before you can have a the next morning right -- Boxee box oh. Yeah you know -- the best that rang it was like big Greece to bring us Greece now it's -- he said is now it's the best thing fried eggs I'm Monty is terrific -- would be it is true. And nice tall glass of Coke yeah. Seeking -- first -- feels better I -- to get the purpose was invented by an alcoholic. That's I don't think it's true and it in the so called stimulus. Via the -- invented by an alcoholic who wanted to hang -- -- I'm with I'm with you on an early investor call or go with Ty Cobb made millions on -- -- down and elegant injured. Noted tigers put there you go full of information will be used in the on this it's a Smart water revived yet. This it's this. Is the -- stopping across the bedroom floor giving to a headache don't know real after -- -- last night during its noble past him right bananas. -- if that's true. -- eighty jets to punch the what do we saw this punch the female patrons and the video that went. To all over big issue -- on the planet Kirk. -- -- is that right pesky -- he's 38 years old we find it was convicted of criminally negligent homicide and sentenced nearly four years in prison. For killing and the upper believe it is seventeen years old during a fight outside a pizzeria. In 1980 why doesn't that surprise teenager you know liberal gets and little talk him into trouble when -- -- -- I don't remember killing. I don't recollect. He killed the guy. This poor socially -- copies I'd missed a female pats fan should consider yourself lucky. Got to punch in the Maldives shortly on the picture to stop us face and it's got punched harassing us bigger. Hong can be certain when bush should be on the Jersey shore -- I those guys at central -- complete -- in a bizarre twist. -- news reports he was best pals of Marty tackle off behind bars. A tech office convicted in the -- in 1980 killings wealthy parents and freed. After sentence overturned in 2000 -- was -- -- and he felt that if it is mom passed his mom weighs in yesterday didn't vote -- -- hit the girl was simply being defensive. He's a good boy -- issues with him. While this happened dignified dinner. Does she know there's video. What -- was on purpose the dual purpose. -- really accidentally punched her in the face his dad is a 62 year old retired south the Suffolk county police officers he said. There make him out to be a criminal in the animal. He's very upset about this can kill the guy. I punched a woman faces. And other looking into equity as those big earrings -- those big wooden columns -- -- make you know -- make -- -- make -- -- the stretches it -- -- How much would you pay honestly if you could -- Pakistan face all of them do you know -- human dignity how much you pay departure. -- -- doing a good corporate related and eight dollars and that you are. What else we hear it already Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. Now what caters to people people cared tonight. You know talk. So what -- -- And their marriage to Bruce Jenner and other Kardashian is getting married to -- in the west. Read it out AT&T park it's different Cisco last night you propose to keep Gord ash. That nice read about the park -- up to par with that go for. The speculating about 75000. Just empty park for a while and we had to be -- like at home plate. I imagine. We didn't say it was the 36. Friends and family and therefore he's doing two shows in the area. Coming up here over the weekend so he wants to marry this game wouldn't advocate of course -- make it right. I'll obviously get people to make an honest woman acts time. -- entire ballpark -- would anybody else there were lights around the family yet. That magic and ultimately is that they help us how they have a catch. On the -- she catches your recent news yet she sure does that have a of six dollars seems. I don't know what Tony has guided the -- imports from Edward would you propose here in Newport, Rhode Island. By the by the -- she surprised. Not nauseated her -- it's got some notes of course handcuffed the adrenaline. Yes he has. You zoom yes right away. Yes San Diego it -- saying you know Kent Ohio. By the ocean yet by the ocean and Delilah didn't do it again now if you found that what we won't you do your main guy that would be a vital water yeah yeah. If your beat yourself -- probably like a nice vacation away to resort for the recruits. Now. And -- -- overboard and I thought well. They've. Typically low for a couple months she had just lost all the big weight on has been excited he's really proud of recess and now we decide that I think this overpasses that -- going to be the poll -- -- JoAnne Woodward area over forty years fifty years. I think -- like the prince fielder's contract no absolutely no chance at least eight year that is exactly what kind of Bagram air yet. And he married 2017. -- Now. That's four years -- now sixty. Now get divorced. Over under be about a year and a half. The -- imminent Felix got slightly over six months has yet to get rid of that Chris Humphries stigma of like -- to -- the force of the process again it's right dose at say six months of marital -- and then a year of and divorce negotiations -- lawyer negotiations. So baby north's proud Papa. Mama getting married and divorced he can call himself the north could dash mr. Norquist assures the dumbest Americans. North -- and naming it I would name. Dog north they -- an -- in north -- -- into the channel just today and they had on TMC. Bruce Jenner running from restaurant to -- parking garage. Look like a thirty races paparazzi chasing him and urged threatens some screaming stuff out of like pretty sure -- plastic surgeon and I. I mean I'm an rapids here threaten audience I'll punch you and then get -- get it's that you do it on tape of him. Threatened it narco state opera he is the greatest athlete in the world still -- yet we have pretty good I was still has got to pony tail now. Got a good look -- in the record holder in the decathlon for men and women. It is a different no one else can claim that it are. Are ready for best -- that's -- though Howard Stern's wife right especially loves and just for his personality I think you know his charm when they met. -- he thought he was nobody don't believe she really wise try to stern says no I was sick. It is yet not saying it's a page doctor -- the holder we once they didn't like him yeah yeah. Police that are now. He is in somewhat of Tennessee where it comes to her like suck -- and since it's true love now estimate Howard Stern -- this if it was his competitors wife. -- -- the wife of radio giant Howard Stern the television personality or. His -- -- emcee and the host of the hallmark channel's inaugural Campbell. Which is scheduled to air on Super Bowl Sunday February 2. Marathon event will be co hosted by. John Sterling. No -- voice of the New York Yankees see that almost sounds mean provided play by play commentary is the symbol kittens perform their feet to the public process opera Lester. What is the greatest -- showdown in cable television history. It didn't bowl consist of two playoffs and championship match. Obstacles hurdles tunnels hoops jumps on Micah blurs lasers no customers were Imus and his trophy wife or former trophy right I'm sure stern -- mocked that and not at all. In my son don't want. Pittsburgh you know could cause these four straight -- stern is. Fed at this point I still I listen I laughed but this is I mean it's you would. Kill her for this of this is Imus is wife and sterling took this only because Castiglione turned it down -- thought that he was their second choice Suzyn Waldman they're not an hour. Hidden Olympics right there I -- -- bobcats and I hate capital Howard Stern loves to love yes he like six of them I would donate. If you -- blower brigade an off the face of the I would donate 101000 dollars that right now years values can -- -- that -- monkeys. For medical resource from -- closer to humans raps yeah they are. Rats are -- humans. -- -- -- Possibly -- secure -- of these diseases that it. You know it's not talking about cured cats but this -- Motorola -- or human in this case item worth the extra secure cats that point screwed Schneider worth -- him -- duty you. They just creepy they're -- gross. While the matter to them -- me to sneeze in my eyes what value they bring. People -- in the company and only the only statement like if they if they had a hand instead of a pot they'd flip the bird every time -- and out on the count up your leg after they want something like cats I don't hate them you have low -- Or more. -- Stern there is that Howard at Spencer I. I. Pretty much everything that. That's that's that -- -- then it item that -- always says the people pressured by having kids now this woman that's happened because. It has developed the vagina August I don't know what upsets to apologize sit next that's that I don't indicate they have here at Kennedy's love people says that we don't have kids we have a dog like he replaces the cued off course. I -- once from the hairless cat that the it was the coolest and and well hideous. That's what liked about it that was like skinny and -- and yes skinny and in the clicks and rats or some I was. Up I was. Got back in the dating game some girls that you -- If you could do it sure. Would hate like. Goldfish you know -- that -- don't area don't have any person they don't make me -- sustainable in the -- won't you know do you -- like every other kind of pet -- Just go right for the dog to waste time this is what happens they say it will have a durable -- the Guinea pig or -- under the rubble and we talked with a rabbit. Get a rabbit negated the ugly the -- eleven to know cats I'm. Woman you're having an affair with O'Connor often -- the bunny. It's true -- -- that -- right yeah right one more -- to one yet cubist art 61777. -- 7937 who has more famous people. To its claim Boston. Or Saint Louis and plot like who are famous people would be. Are famous people like. Matt and apple and Affleck and Damon and I mean less store clear currently. -- or all -- historically. A -- -- I mean. Ben Franklin originally from here went to Philly. I think he was from yet he was from which -- before Franklin Chelsea front and pass and went to Philadelphia and excel Paul Revere right yes. Operators know you got you know John and cost us is still OK for small little 300000. People city. Are so it was fun facts as we get ready for our trip to Saint Louis a year you'd have legal and -- Or so as far as you know as far as -- a portion of your -- on -- you -- I don't anybody not going. I'm not sure what reloading -- -- got a rundown -- travel updates -- -- -- you think these guys are -- -- our travel there's worse. Analyze what's that a debacle through Wheeling paid day you'll -- it so. All other shows are leaving Saturday were leaving Thursday. I don't get that either. By Thursday because they want us to go to Saint Louis to watch the Red Sox and cardinals at Fenway Park from Saint Louis Howard can you explain levels on Thursday there's also in the wake up Friday morning into a show there. What can we -- to show here and filed Friday. You have an answer to that because they want us on our regular day Friday. To be in Saint Louis I know I don't understand why no one's ever watched the workout. Obviously when I could see the work out -- not the Red Sox won't be able there's a rain out this week to be playing baseball in Boston on Friday. To explain baseball -- on Thursday and will be sit in in the O'Connell lodge in Cape Girardeau, Missouri right -- -- hoping to have cable. Anyways so much Lou fly out Saturday morning out of Providence. And actually easy is it -- yeah. -- here's -- -- like right now they're sliding back into Boston -- so that they're doing a show here but I got a car from here after the show. To Providence if IR. Datagrams getting a cars so be it Providence at 3330. All day in the 5 the next morning. We stuck at some hotel completely it's an products that's a good. You know like after 9/11 hours out of the water on the hotel models I feel happy about going to wielding by comparison to Providence for the way over the -- Saturday afternoon flight back in the Boston. Get back here get their cars globe. -- Scrutiny suffered all his osu right -- first class about Mikey. My -- it's a good question I don't think so although I don't know about Michael should be there. I agree I mean I got my ticket is sure that town up his cousin Matt's plan for this for a cardinals whose. Mikey has to be there he's the only one will be -- -- trouble that's true. -- all lights flashing 61777979837. At a show after will join -- in the 8 o'clock powerful lines open will talk with you next.

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