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Curt Schilling in the Car joins Mustard and Johnson

Oct 19, 2013|

Curt Schilling gives Craig and Larry a call to discuss the Red Sox big ALCS Game 6 tonight. Listen here as Curt breaks down the game and what the Red Sox need to do to win and continue into the World Series.

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If they hate to cut you off but here to talk about that in many more things that has. Little bit of an insight into championship spot moments and pressure -- clutch situations -- from -- feel you are next on Sports Radio WEEI hello -- -- -- -- -- Hey tiger what's going on what what's happening this -- campaigning I did have you did you. All know did not. And how you know and -- -- got married a day so you're responding to me a decent conversation that we just that. All torn apart about the and its impact and -- -- Are -- comfortable right now. He didn't like. It all artwork that he argued and you do you want to -- on the plot the -- about something. Get up here elegant Lerner we are pretty easily predictable plot that could work. I like it worked you're in -- I don't want the Indians right. About or don't work out. Well it's cute that's what -- preaches -- -- -- updated Archie and not be right guard tenure. But but it -- -- -- Draw the delicate contract technical paper for the program will work you are so focused foreign. It's about what happened to our primary states girl -- But we did not do about it distributor are trying to get our guys the ball on the first pitch and again. I saw how is it different -- obviously you understand game six is very well on you know I I I apologize I boarded the most important game six at Yankee Stadium. I seem to remember that somehow or another. How is the focus different when you're down 32 you were on the mound that night as opposed to being up three -- Because you need to remember we play right it we played ball -- and pepper every other New York. There's no way to students. I retreat by certain. So -- and it -- Abdullah. But out of bed and sometimes the answer -- people allow these parents are you ever get your. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Property the spirit I mean a couple of but it won't -- -- -- the bulk of you know we don't -- Right situation that we want because all of this out of it you probably got. We catapults me or whatever jet went up actually part time spoke -- aren't at that thirty seconds and part of that. Wouldn't mind boggling how did you can get very quickly it can also make cents -- -- -- right like it opened. Opens the -- but he -- your new -- happening it would each happening are all. -- -- probably about -- -- focused are bad and that's all a part of it and it's pretty would be eighteen that are. I remember one time you arm of us and you said something that absolutely intrigued me you said that when -- warming up in the bullpen. Bash just what you're doing but you really don't know what kind of stuff you have -- you get in the game. Patient and October -- I can. Fortunately when I was -- -- but -- are always -- but what. -- open about. What was stopped because. Aren't all the crowds do mean warm welcome our party in New York property cheaper -- while our future. It could be council only all of the equipment like it and that's why he got the bit about watching this group. All they are trying to pinpoint why why -- -- happened and why it is -- would be Arnold does anyone really. There should not. As much about to tell what it is incredibly -- -- And I don't bury bury their pulp declared war. So chemistry is not over rated. They. Want to note that players will never argue would be over a minority but it's government or it. But a number to -- my arm but what you -- -- think you're they're and are there are people. When they like playing here. And don't like them played her. Am I got a couple of them. -- It seemed upbeat. You don't directory open it up or. Not a player that that could play at a bar right it might get like anger and -- in -- as well as the Paribas open. That they eternity because there aren't people like you because by. It'll probably wanted to double and a -- They understand. All I ever get to -- -- could you beat all the -- You also told us that the difference between being a stop our in our calls or was it different being a man or woman. When -- -- your hair out there what are you thinking when you see what this guy is doing. I hate Larry I'd I don't nurse or thirty some years our identity card -- a baseball any any city. I gotta distribute crack at an art like -- -- are always looked a bit like a console borrow or -- for a -- big open. -- pick apart like a great because I don't is not about the -- attributable third straight -- it is -- Yeah numbers. Aren't popular largely due buffalo are at an open trial. Anywhere in the country. I guarantee they'll be a high and the like across orbital can be it would probably a better stop the EU. Members are Craig Campbell. So so there's something dark and Apogee. I'll repeat victory not -- pitcher bat that terribly off speed of one -- -- you don't want out because more suitable -- In the -- and split it disappears. Did you approach pitches constituent calls its order for places of the strike -- -- it up and away. Little. Kids it's -- when you watch him work. Yeah. It's a bit the oil and it looked as if it will be. Egypt you'll wait to predict what. You are. -- that until. It's what a lot to work and getting. He gets into the -- -- -- -- would always be imported to the commitments all good. But he kept all 88 spot can follow exactly what to expect that any. And here's the problem has been down this year. Current how was he able to do this at age thirty any kind of a journeyman in Major League level is this fair all is what what's what's going on here. Eight just do it could mechanics the -- the delivery. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Put a lot of sitting up -- -- do any price went up and -- right all the talk about it in order to try to make imported cheap or are. Do dispute that ball asks when are you get it's it's a cute in her upbeat. The other -- he mixed. You don't walk off the number one because people like numbers. Can guarantee a little -- Also all well off its. Back so you're quite distressed about spoke little doubt that the white or mostly although apple. Ability -- already get -- all a lot of hurdles and they get right next guest book. You've got to keep keep on Berkeley are what you don't at all or are -- see it didn't look good and -- -- -- because locker. Clay Buchholz calls you on the phone this afternoon and says Kurt you've been in a lot of key games including a big game six. How to -- mentally and physically prepare for tonight's game. You keep it and I am expected to animal. You're white you get there are multiple agents BP wouldn't be good -- and it doesn't always happen. So believe -- inspect all right from jump street -- I would open -- -- to be brought in 95929394. -- do a little while. Don't look at that -- you know become overbought I got to control myself what I would look at it under people order matter what I wanna do if it's gonna be there. Insurance the issue hallmark -- to -- -- paper yeah I'm gonna keep the ball. As compared the -- -- involved at all. A little bit of everything important properly government and you can SP. Particularly -- -- or. Listen how are you became obviously in my opinion hall of fame pitcher so you are everything became comfortable playing the game. Have you become as comfortable being an analyst yet. Joseph and Mary great I get to talk about one thing it's the one thing I don't know better than anybody know -- -- That's what -- do and don't try to talk about it at all white people are. Here to provide its. You -- Baseball players popular topic but it didn't do. I -- I -- a -- of it right and I would probably tell you are a lot more bit you know more teaching anybody a lot of but he combined. Because that is sent to an art and you crack the way. Prospects right you know why does it kind of -- 88 way better -- I thought well. Well I can block you -- -- a second most important thing pitch control a little -- all the great. I studied it from the IPO from the outside which comprise the prospect of pop up -- -- -- studied everything that picture ever being in -- -- -- Procter and not been all but there's a million waist deep crater that's. And it's one thing and -- about an -- brought LaRoche. Try to explain to people. OK but that's the mechanical part of the game. How do you broadcast the game any analyze a guy like PV which falling apart you know he's pitching his priorities doing the best he can. And now you're gonna criticize a. And you don't want to criticize he didn't pitch well in most public talk about when you're not doing well BP -- cannot say anything legal already. He didn't -- -- need to not tremendous perhaps all I -- at 240 I don't. That's the other thing every every -- I watched every scenario that aren't talking about aren't blackjack game I don't mean I don't again. I bet I've got an -- and petty and cruel and most 90% of -- just got older I know -- I know that games are important it's funny because. The baseball scene that the production team they try to step battery although I -- a warm up our game. The problem or -- -- don't go to somebody like most Penelope it's like well here and it happens. Because that was such -- -- OK. ERG I want everybody else they were watching some pretty total ball. They could I got to ask you this I know you're great men of faith and I love you for that but. What have you learned about yourself over the past five years. Weren't something that they're the war -- early on which was able GDP. Cannot able. On Monday just I'd ever wish you didn't think so -- -- I -- I. Think. It's it's it's unbelievable which we believe what you can't. I'd go to bed every night and yet you're gonna aren't able to my heart is probably ought to my life. But I still had actually helping the -- to figure out why are you think about the -- I've been able to whip the people have been able to be. But came back and able to be involved in my truck for a strange children I don't want to. Who was also chipped it to a parent isn't -- why -- -- every art. I'm going for the most part now. I mean I'll bet I'd be happy I am grateful I don't be so I concede that might hurt the child and got the pulpit. -- -- Paterno I -- are able to -- -- -- important step Ito has. So much so what was you know in this state so we understand because normally pick up to a smaller house. There's probably quite sort uncomfortable. It's good -- -- open because. -- -- which is my stocks. Arm into an awkward and you know I think it's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- apparent collapse and to wanted to talk a couple of you need to -- our console. I'm -- -- anger and -- -- -- -- in support system and friends and family in the automobile and she's wonderful Mike Cameron art. Actually you know occur at the last time I actually saw you was -- the old friendlies which is now a Dunkin' Donuts if you were on the phone the whole night in the next day he retired. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I walked out they said she is on the -- awful long time on that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Are a bit what capital murder I would go to my blog and end. And but he was just about it because they wanna beat all press conference -- recovered and I was. I was at peace spell that -- and I remember right I was one of those people that allowed Chiu. Walk away in my own terms and and then that was another thing to be probably. Well I'll tell you what you do -- I'm not saying this is Iran if ever person was born to be an ESPN analyst it is you with your credentials as a player. You were the greatest interview of all time any questions that you know how to answer it. And we thank you for calling and again. -- -- -- share available any and I have a lot of command I'd never 38 himself the bloody side -- being sick.

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