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Fantasy Football Podcast: Week 7 Sits and Starts

Oct 18, 2013|

Welcome to Week 7 of the Regular Season! Jim Hackett and Pete Davidson are back to address this week’s NFL action and all of the Fantasy Football implications. This week, Jim and Pete focus on players ‘on the watch list’ whom Fantasy Football owners would be wise to target now AND offer an update on the players for whom you should “Buy Low or Sell High” for your Fantasy Football trades. Lastly, Jim and Pete offer some insight into this week’s starts & sits.

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This is the fantasy football. My kids and Pete Davidson in the -- Does he flew home. Presented by a Mohegan Sun -- and don't. Welcome to week seven -- the yeah I -- -- podcast presented by our friends at Mohegan Sun a world that play I'm Jim Hackett and I'm joined as always by our fantasy football expert Pete Davidson. The chief Tennessee football writer for wrote a bond dot com the fast track to Tennessee football domination here are -- -- Friday Pete. On the heels of Thursday night football. We talk a little bit about that dive in but. Would be would be crazy not to just jump back about five days really quickly talk about that pats game one and ending patriots saints. Well who we think we have to go back because we know we overloaded podcast but yes I'm. That was quite an ending I I I have to say though I wondered did. Do the -- -- the folks up in New England focus. Like all the aspects of that final play or they just choose to be the -- fighting like it depicted the controversy -- -- I'm gonna come and it's just -- brutally honest I was on my way to the Red Sox game and I'm on the radio and they went it did Brady threw along interception. And literally the commentators like it's over and -- like you're probably right in park the car walked over to SM way. With my beautiful wife we get in line in the skies into -- you -- we want to -- we want somebody saints and it goes all the -- They want president elect are. So I'm not want to miss the end of the game pretty much ever but I actually -- that you. -- football game pitcher -- a baseball playoff game I don't think. I think the sport contradict -- and I appreciate that -- and I got back comeback that night which is great. Thank you what we're curly from New York we have a similar experience wave back in the day. In the 1998. Bet there. Atlanta series are we -- jet game. And we literally had to lead we we left dejected and hoping we get tickets for the exploding star. And the traffic was so bad like OK do we bailout into this sport sports we can feel -- were to receive traffic kept carefully in the seventh inning. And we literally blow up left and we had tickets to cause we don't want to miss it. Yeah sure richer export baby yeah this absolutely -- and sportsmen no better than on Sunday. -- it could appear in Boston so by your thoughts. 200 I was two weeks -- 200 metric to integrate an assistant that. We had a good time appear and just your thoughts from a football perspective first. A fantasy football perspective after that in what is soft particularly. You know as the as the clock during dwindled down that game. Put into perspective we're gonna read you know it's not to get all Welsh Wes Welker here but we're gonna reshape the snow globe. It's public -- -- it would back it will talk about later soap. You know I think you know we go back into the lab for the patriots this week -- circles -- would have we're gonna do what it looks like. You know with -- But as far as last week's game -- to -- -- both sides. No I'm not complaining here but. Boy. Who put the left tackle since sort of right. And sold and it sold. Yeah way to get a little the last play yeah my whole body. -- I didn't know you held their end. Yet his Jersey it will look as pretty upbeat because between left grabbed the Jersey that was bad and the Olympic Ike Taylor out of court radio meaning peace. A lot of the guys. But it's really did indeed. Arm yeah it is but it's better than -- can be -- you know you might you wanna give him credit for knowing that the back judge -- on the other side right. The body it's funny I haven't heard I didn't really hear that people about it until the other -- I -- I think that's -- at all. But yet have been some articles out there and none patriot land and I was wondering if folks up in Boston. That's spoken much that I guess you guys have better things to direct. This is that was the first you've heard of it but. Yeah but Tennessee football fans rejoice and you know Brady looked like his old. You know insists its lowest. -- across the field itself and what a catch by -- there and you can just you can see now in the regular season. What people are excited about the pre season with Bagram. Yeah I mean I don't know I don't quite frankly it wouldn't like to play but. Gotta be in it to win it you know I don't I don't think that's said anything I don't think that was that play wasn't indicative of -- these great definitely threw up there the guy got it. Would like to place now is edited yet but I -- -- that that makes it's so incredible there and there's a -- into the states. The holding call made it even more credible but none holding college students. Needed more credible -- huge -- because the games over. You know that's kind of thing where you have the patriots get that touchdown in the first quarter -- cause they'd go well yeah I call right up until three quarters ago figured out. When you get battle lastly given the -- that's cool. That's that's bitter pill to swallow. That's tough one of them with the saints though to. Nom -- offenses a little surprising from a fantasy perspective right now -- not a great game. He's got a new face in the backfield Kerry Robinson. And in the targets in terms of where the receivers are who's getting -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There's a real similarities to between the saints and the patriots hall of fame quarterbacks -- you tell the yeah and you know you've got obviously distinct injuries don't. Even remotely stack up to the patriots in the -- you know we will we will consider -- Hernandez's as an injury but clearly -- missing piece right that the patriots. Didn't have the appropriate amount of planning for I think that's the one thing that. Sometimes people get lost in the an interesting enough it happened in January. There isn't time to make up for -- have been OK anybody drop a little differently than -- -- free agency a little differently -- -- Welker get away extracts it was you know I think that's for the sucker punch the whole thing was that it happened. More than half which they -- to -- him. Little bit like the saints last year. Yeah I -- I know I obviously if we -- distinct case you know they -- was coming to them. You know I think I know a lot of people like sort of -- and end this thing up but the patriots like they should've known or whatever it -- out -- that that's what ever happened to Hernandez -- -- exact. But you know the saints obviously yet it's a team wide. Issue. You know and an actual football issues here you know not that I agree with what compelled bit they're rarely do agree with what -- -- does with just about anything so. Couple players out just yet I'm home with him and a couple players that. -- probably worth -- get in terms of its last Sunday's game between the saints and pats are. Are couple that I highlighted on the most recent version of the watch list should ask featured. Eric zeroed it yeah this week was Wednesday on October 16. The watch list the fourth version of that which is an article pretty robust one about people keep an eye on May be you know get. More cheaply now than you would. You know once they actually explode on the field -- -- scampering for them on the waiver wire -- a couple people watch it just talk a little bit about one he's talked about in the past and past podcasts but down. This seems to be a little bit and evolution of the saints' offense which is. The by receiver Kenny stills and then whom I talked about just a little bit earlier been teased basically -- robinsons -- were you seeing on on that some of all those guys. Wolf still that the guy immediately just go to Google Kenny stills and wrote about they're gonna you'll find a couple articles that we did -- him go all the way back to before the draft in the right after the draft. Computer guy we felt it was just under appreciated you know considering he went I believe in the fifth round and he was pretty much targeted for about that area of the draft yeah. And we just you know it was sort of like go back to the various smaller a couple of years ago where we are sort of doing the Tom Hanks in big -- other. We don't get it could. You know what. Why is this guy not being drafted higher just doesn't add up. But -- you know sometimes is the smallish receivers will slip. But certain guys elected there is more like Kenny stills that just moved NFL ability. Talent -- that's an enemy and Kenny -- played the game with a little bit of a -- But he's the kind of guy where it doesn't take it at least not too often do that to that level to get in trouble -- you know and I think it's. That we like guys like bad guys who could really play hard play with a purpose but I don't you know -- -- -- Backed down from anything but they're not idiots sure -- other and there's a fine line there -- you know there's a fine line between you know Brian oxen. You know. Brian Bosworth. Yeah right or the kid on the they can on the Eagles always mouthing off inappropriately again. -- Yeah I didn't go out and who. You don't -- obviously with bill and I were talking about. He -- you know if you put a lot of -- think -- that we've seen over the years it's you know it's about opportunity if Beckett starts getting fifteen touch is looking out. I don't think he's going to. But it you know if something appeared public so the -- you know he has a six week ankle injury or something like that happens mr. Robinson. -- didn't do a nice neighborhood. And he's he's a planted Mark Ingram. It because of health -- not only that -- do you think just on in talent as well but he can bring in the south. You know I have a tremendous talent I thought -- actually play good football the last eight weeks -- last year you but yeah I mean he's she's you know the health. Problems seem to pop up at the worst country. -- and there does seem to be a bit of and some people say he doesn't fit this same offense I I don't know if that's actually the case I don't. Quite buy that I think the problem living group has is that he's not. With the exception of maybe power running. For anything you might want him to do the -- have somebody who can do it. Better yeah yeah I think that makes sense to. And that's an issue so you know you got Sproles taking the top off of any running backs value and that's as bright as you can see all the third don't use and he can come in and passing situations and so on and so forth. And then you have to. Pierre Thomas is sort of a sacred cow in that organization. You know to patent and quite frankly for good reason to secret capitol police parties fundamentally sound to good. Doctor Nancy gains yards you can get in the end zone. Good after contact -- you know he couldn't pass protection I mean you know Pierre thomas' absolutely sort of an unheralded. Yet good football player he is. To me he's sort of their Kevin Faulk. But I come back Kevin -- a lot but you know if you just one of those great fundamental football players and and didn't appear -- it is like a power version Kevin Faulk. Yeah so you know -- never going to be that -- darling because their opponent specific they're going all over the place every week QB in the game plan to be out of it. So -- wise she's always a roll of the dice but he -- good football player. -- hurts working because they're not -- picture comes to go away from him they're knocking it takes balls will roll away from him up and you've got a group who sort of a fuel running back who needs to get up until the latter going. To show what he can really do what -- never gonna happen. Let's just like that that the dolphins doing with slump with son Daniel Thomas to -- he needs rhapsody. Or preferably. -- Lamar Miller is getting the reps but if you got to get on the ball get the ball. Now we're splitting reps always were lower Miller seems to get carries and even he didn't get enough. There's actually there was a pretty good article this morning and its peers in the about the the dolphins' offense -- this -- out basically said. What I said on the podcast last week so no need to repeat of but he. It basically said. You know if you don't burned and you're just really couldn't figure -- gonna run. The Astros they're -- pin their ears back does come after quarterbacks that don't you know don't telegraph which -- doing giving the and an -- Packers is as an example you know the Packers are -- Iran last week at least you're doing a good job and even with injuries Rogers stretches past. Yeah so you know -- concept -- the past it's. It's not like this is something new. Tickets and having a tough for decades or aren't. And speaking of that -- -- the team keeping your years that got Thursday night football. Last night with the Seahawks visiting Arizona. Palmer was under duress that old game they just couldn't get things going against Seattle not surprising -- got a great defense but. Get to that saying a minute guide com. Did they can really look at that to mean Arizona in terms of the -- weapons there. It's jets to get it going and they obviously tip their hand in some way because of Seattle's exceptional what -- -- in terms of locking out locking down. Receivers and and cutting off. Areas and they get open and coming after the passer but it was dogs -- in jailbreak on Palmer all night last night. Seattle got great athletes over the field and it got such great closing speed once they get free in the backfield they run your quarterback down it sought a couple times published probably produced. You could tell you shocked. That they -- gentle so quickly. Are Manning stepped up and away from it it was urban one player. They've -- I become popular over the tobacco problem. You know knock that thing was slower than that that's tough stuff I mean. -- -- -- again I -- like to rank a particular publications that are publications Warner read about how awful polymer was sort of like. I don't know I -- get cute and good put gosh I mean. He was under duress on almost every play in seconds -- seconds of the world. Yet there are a whole lot of quarterbacks who were gonna do well. In issues last night there really are. It didn't act with that game having said that. Of one of talk about the watch list article that because one of the people -- top of the article is someone that wrote a bond and you yourself. Have been talking about a lot. Not only on asked David throughout the summer into routier's -- camps in preps for draft is Christine Michael. Get backup running back for Seattle is a lot little bit of Robert -- last night that you've got. I believe -- first Kristen but I'm not a 100% showcased yet but yeah that's a good. -- could not -- what it all that much more yeah my children they. Sadly it's not is that choosing between which and LeRoy for us and putt. But he's got to watch listen you see -- universally -- less than 15%. Bombed out which is a great back diesel these tense as tenancy. Get beat up a little bit is just runs so hard and it's right dominant style so Michael's a guided look at. Yeah I mean I know -- he he sort of the he'd like the perfect watch list. Player and I believe you called blockbuster article but I mean that's part articles are published I know I mean it's. Essentially what we're trying to do and then watch what this sort of an evolving. -- thing that I've been -- that we've been doing it's it's sort of where. We're taking the drafting in reverse concept and sort of pushing it into the regular season. Sure it had a week. Like a biweekly basis. We sure updated as time goes on it's it's what we're really trying to do it that is you know when you didn't for people who -- in the weeks. You and I played in one of those types of leagues and you do it into the waiver wire and some of these leagues and it's like oh wow that you know maybe one out of every fifteen named that he and so when -- -- right. You know it kickers in defense is basically. Well I didn't you know and receivers you know the -- been talkers in the of the world's. He is what we're trying to do with the watch list is suck the air. Out of that long list of names and and reduce it you know the fifty yourself names. Saying -- look for you know when -- go to free agency looks looks for these players see if any of -- ability to the people who might. Jump out of that list and become so there. And then Michael the guy who we didn't qualify confused you have Leo right. As you know he was up over 25% them initially. But. Just people buddy did and confidential. I think immediately to cut right but there is some speculation that and since he's technically third on the depth chart until -- is definitely playing ahead of him. But you know. You have to get down to what Hancock really did what Erika fizzling you know that's but. You know it's it's window when the starters Garland what happens that's when you get into and right. And Utah -- to my thinking and Obama alone in this. You know if you can you know if if if Marshal shoppers this season ending injury. I don't think the depth chart necessarily hold or at least it don't hold for law. It also depends on where you are I think coach's goal. Gamble with their got a little bit morrow sesame you know little bit more meaning in the first quarter of the season right up until week four. You might actually go see a coach go right by the depth chart it's a week's seven week eight week nine week ten in that back half of the season it's got its gut instinct time baby. Yeah I think there's -- to that I mean I think in Seattle it's more of horses for courses kind of thing yeah. It is because we don't Michael Michael's job is what. Marshall and stuff yeah so he's up first and second set down pounding tailback. But I don't think he is good is Robert -- you know immediate passing situations looked like that and that's what the second back is targeted for. It would just help decent not to mention -- got that you're in the offense and Michael doesn't he's so we don't. For your basic game they're gonna -- turbine this year because he's got everything down they don't have that. It was much actual work with them any better passing situations if which is gone now all of a sudden you're looking at stocks first and second down. Now Michael interpreter both active you know my guess is you'll be looking at you know some -- of split in the first game but but you know. -- again this is just based on what we've seen on film they are projected in short order Michael would break it up front were he would start taking over first and second. Attic and accents that makes perfect sense I wanna go on talk about a -- different. -- He's name keeps popping up and it's interesting if you look at statistically. You know getting carries. Also on the watch list is Mike Tolbert and we talked about the Panthers. A little bit consistently. In each of these podcasts. Because it's so hard to figure out it's a unity they've got -- so significant cells on the -- the -- -- Angela -- on forever. So -- and adjusting god -- -- Ever really. But you don't Tolbert. She's popping up on looks like this and so it's wanted to get a little bit of a deeper analysis from you. On what you see and why. You think you might -- you guys it's worth it time to look at if government states. We've definitely got a big. You know what Michael what's -- guy where if you're sitting there and you know say you say you're just having the real -- trip. Fantasy football -- you know you put a lot of excellent David Wilson basket and you know you have Stephen Jackson maybe and you know it's still a lot of stuff going wrong and you've got five weeks in you're just sitting there and you're like wow. Google have a running back this week. Well Michael James. And -- particular -- actually not even playing mixer. And they know it you know most of us -- in that situation every week but someone is in that position every week you -- -- it's so. Told it's one of those guys pick him up you know you can get -- such as. And when they get down we're going to got a good chance to score. You know if you consistent threat intensively no absolutely not shouldn't be roster. But for those of us who play and you know the big leagues. He's the guy. Yet I don't know about -- if you were the only back in Carolina he could be a really good fantasy players back out didn't fifteen carries a week. And if he was playing more snaps than it even more involved in the passing game he could accommodate him. Sure sure. Let's suck let's wide receivers that because that some of the names on the watch list the sexy ones that ticker at the receiver position and irrelevant like almost at the moment but with some of these people. At the top I would say the first. Break -- week of the season for Riley Cooper makes him an interesting look. Pat Riley Cooper's guided that we always sort of liked we'd like them when you know when he was when he was a college player when he is definitely with Tebow. And we put out there may be two weeks but we're clearly he's not running for five. Which he used to he's lost a little bit at some probably put a little weight but he still a good sound technical football player. And he's playing in his system. That really appreciates his strength. He really the perfect guy for them to be playing opposite should Jackson's life because ditched DeSean Jackson can't block is way out of the paper bag. Is it just has no willingness Syria that. Right and then -- and the thing -- they don't want it to they've got other things for him to death to do it yet they need Riley Cooper the other side because. You know giving good downfield blocks and outside box it's huge chip Kelly's system yeah. Yes -- because it's it's -- all the momentum. Great I mean you'll put that you know whether play goes for five yards or is a big play can have a lot to do with the field peripheral blocking. And Ann -- is very good at that and you get to a certain point so -- -- It's big dip in any guitar kit. -- I mean that that keeps them on the field and then the fact that. She is actually a better than advertised receiving talent. Won't show up sometimes and certainly dipped last week and I think. That the key for Cooper is that offense functioning well he is the kind of guy. -- -- sometimes good candidates backed up a good but he kept the job yeah right Cooper can have back kind of the situation if that offense starts heating up if they're getting a lot of goal line red zone action he can become a very. Effective fantasy player because he's big and he couldn't read so. Yeah the -- an impact right now it's like you were in the -- weeks. It's let's play our third line. It is bigger athlete he's a -- pressure yeah. You know I mean if you're attempting league Riley -- and guerrilla radar right if you're in sizeable twelve team league tenure if you don't feel as we go into two teams on the -- -- the raiders and. Read but as I alluded to -- the waiver wire we're heading into the -- -- weeks and I think you know in weeks 89 we've got what about. Happily gonna buy it right one of those two weeks. So yeah eight weeks 89 guys like Riley Cooper could help a lot and look the let's let's not checking -- -- Riley Cooper itself to have a bye that week but. Right but it have a -- -- Syrian suffer for our listeners. Out what we're saying with the with the watch list is. You've got these big big bye weeks coming up now's the time to get and if you've got the -- -- -- got a ticket to come up her for 01 dollars two dollars depending upon the make up -- free agency in your league. Go get him now because it -- to ask is a big week this week and that's two weeks in a row now suddenly he's a thirty dollar freeagent play. And by the -- -- -- -- twelve social -- can help -- a -- -- 89 and I I I think that it that would encourage people to think about based on what you just said. It is. -- -- which are shooting night we're in week seven now -- if you've got a little bit of play in your -- set up your replacement players for weeks 89 now because when you get into the free agency period for week 89. There will be a lot of activity and it's gonna be hard to get your first second and third option is everybody going to look at it can -- glad you decided that -- decided that. So you can be your week ahead. Because the cases that we can't just support their wives and jobs if kids. You know -- habits whatever armed clashes -- whatever the -- they've paid. My. And -- it could. Right Chad Chad has played. I don't think people tend to deal with this stuff when it's in their face right so if you can stay a week ahead of the curve you will benefit. I agree let's look at some more players like that the ticker at the receiver position because in most leagues you're starting three receivers and oftentimes a wildcard. Can be a receiver that's 34 people all week and. To protect not just a bit while I got an email this week and it's an email I got I -- in the past that it was it was about. Flexed players smaller leagues and it just just to clarify for some folks when I -- I'm talking about a flex player at receiver or running back. I would you know group we do all of our winning you have to have some type of benchmark what you do we always -- twelve team league as a benchmark. With with reasonable rosters and flex spot when we -- -- we don't mean flexed. We will be your third receiver spot to be a running back. We're talking about attempts starting player. So when actually the flex option that means he's not good enough to be a third receiver or -- second back. He did next got up and at that the wild card yet you -- I didn't realize this could I know you only play in big leagues. But -- a lot of anti leagues that's like is actually the third receiver spot yeah. So it's just to just reported clarity here what do what world are -- talking about he -- this week. That means he would be the equivalent of a third running back or 84 perceive. That's appointed -- -- -- that they because that they a lot of people. Ticket their arms around how you communicate about Tennessee football -- it relieves different -- -- rules different sizes so definitely makes yeah so it's important to clarify that week for a Wii tennis. We focus more on the players like this could actually people who are there leaks they need to know is what what -- -- these players what's gonna happen so. It lets -- catch up again. Not attack but suck but a few more now yeah we've got as as said we eight and nine. Are brutal by -- him in and out half the league is out. And there are a lot of receivers out there demolition order. Like what get a -- do with a schedule. Yeah I know it's it's it's hard. Yeah I agree. This -- Maybin and if you look at it you look at that week for two byes weeks 54. Then back to two for six and seven. And then you're looking at 123456. And we gate -- 234567. In a week. That week -- looking at four in your back to two. And -- for twelve. It is just -- to make off course and that there were three or four every week. As they can either particularly good. I -- -- -- yeah I don't know it particularly right now with you know Major League Baseball on the playoffs that television conflicts you would think. You would do if you gonna wait it's you'd you'd want like weighted down now see -- more are more games there -- opportunities from a competitive standpoint but. Luck yet I don't know look we're sort of talking ever blank because you know I got to believe me I have all the should -- -- multiple -- schedules it's hard. But but it is sort out the way they're staggered and this year. You don't usually like that. I agree but it is what it is simply gets a week eight week nine looming with Dave -- one of let's focus a little bit more time on some of these receivers and players -- -- help people. Terrible what is an interest in one on the watch list. And I personally picked him up in a league is Criss Starr from the receiver for the alliance the gators he made his name when mega Tron was out a couple weeks ago. But there's a lot of reasons to keep your eye on this kid. I Nagano -- there's a lot of good -- so these. If so the -- way to pick this guy out there. I did a senate so that it's -- yeah. But outside you know that that's how upon it. You know fight there over the guided we reviewed positively of the when he came out I believe it was our first year -- -- -- of -- second of -- the -- pick -- the the scatter report but we've always thought he was. -- -- -- I think you know a lot of it was a bag slow he's taller golfers guilt but he actually catches the ball really well -- These people have been talking about is drops but a lot of them have been forced drops. The weird drop by the way I'm going off attention again but yeah I see you talked about -- people calling things drops that are not strong. It's an epidemic in the media this year. Is that it is it's it's not just days now -- -- particular -- the receivers hands. Is in between imputed to defender's -- is between the receivers to end and that at -- an intelligent adults who. And I dropped up. That's good defense yeah. You know and -- see this all the time where the other receivers the other contacted for the ball gets there there's no flag gonna call it dropped. Well the first slot should have been a penalty second vote. Concerned look out of the typical good defense tonight. But yeah I mean drops -- -- the ball is thrown reasonably accurately into the catching area and the guy doesn't cope with the catch up you know. Side I don't know it's it is -- -- boy but I'd rather be watching Thursday that football too much. They are -- darkest. Not yet insists is new buzzwords on Iraq so there is us it does things like about Durham in August he's got a relationship with some Stafford. From college right he's got good hands like you say this is -- pretty good situation you know a few weeks ago Ryan royals is a big free agent pick up. Hasn't hasn't done much of this injuries there. You know there's -- you know. But kind of a three tied and monster there depending upon where they are on the field he looks to me like a possession guy and those guys get receptions and they got up. Yeah I think if you want if you wanna try to. The builder -- -- I could potentially gain steam do you think -- better. I think you know its its size in the fact you know you know when you get a big group of big possession receiver. Is a red -- threat yeah. You know see you know look at a guy that would David Wilson who used to be if -- -- -- Nelson used to be at the build out the jets. He's a decent example. It so we -- afforded himself. You know it was a tight -- used to be receiver utilities guys you know you could be big guys down to the goal line there there is -- throw to and so Durham. If he can hang around and continue to be a part of the offense and carved himself out a -- and day in the that process starts clicking it its -- like Riley Cooper. Is there. Epic target could -- inning get the ball to right. And I don't know if only on the 9% only excelled at some opportunity there while more. Isn't it is a new name he did not want a cure. Yes he did this guy did not appear on watch list 12 or three. He's and a new addition to the watch list version fourths Timothy Wright for the Buccaneers new quarterback there. All quarterback out. Lots of turmoil and looks at a lot of opportunity the guys that you would keep your eye on as soon. Definitely got to keep driving the guy I won't watch more personally I mean I think yeah actually looks pretty good so far he's not a guy that I broke down college state -- receiver. And they've they've switched him over to tight end and -- it's a pretty good move you know yeah -- Yeah I mean you see a bit but I think I've brought up in just about every situation. That we written about him. You know what would it when it comes to right. Look at the Buccaneers yeah I'm OK there's an injection double covered there's Michael Williams. He's got a bad hamstring then they would have a democracy now they're not -- the -- a whole lot. I think need. Desperately need places to throw the football. And so you know it you know it's it's easier way to BenJarvus green Ellis Paul Powell scenario -- receiver -- -- you know that's essentially what you've gotten so. He's a guy just. Just -- -- -- didn't throw the football. So gotta keep an eye on and again. Totally totally he's got a hole right now if you need help that -- -- you know I mean -- I I plan -- looking at him. This week an independent and keep an -- may be -- decided a long term bias but the one thing for sure is that he could be targeted this week. Yep for sure and -- on on tight end airlines is in the lowest etc. so which is it just yet interesting development in what a difference. A week -- -- can make in the NFL you know Jared Cook was at GM. The first part of the season was not but you know yeah getting great production from Jared Cook suddenly. He's -- -- in an outfit at an. Very strange you know how people talk about that the circular they would Matt Flynn yeah -- -- to Seattle loses job. Before anything gets it goes dole could lose his own sleeve they get that this is sort of like that the you know I mean when you. When -- when you look at cook. When he was with the tightly when he was in Tennessee and -- is coaching the big thing -- you know which can use cook -- -- the ball and it it. Yeah yeah -- losing perhaps to a lesser player because the -- was a more complete player global -- you know for years we are a lot of -- court. And Edward -- becomes a free agent they want to -- native I really don't use him very much his -- coach goes out over pays for a and now the same scenario playing out front of you you can make it out. Yeah and that's an end and the person who looks like is supplanting him right now. Where's -- X he was a bit of a flash in the pan and a guy a guy that -- Jack guy looks like someone deal that I can maybe get late in the draft. It's at least disappeared now he's back. How is that -- didn't understand as you know Kendrick was a guy we thought who played reasonably well you were hoping for more. -- -- -- -- -- -- The country who broke his first couple games the rookie had dropped I wasn't really a long term problem. But Brendan Haywood got cooked like okay they're going for the big move that's all right and that comes back to what you and I spoke of in the pre season which is -- Unfortunately it is -- football we have no choice but I have to just -- -- -- -- -- -- yeah that is -- the most frustrating things out there when when the team is starting the guy who you think. Should be second that. The -- with the Ramsey talked about the rent this season in the presumably got my strategy is trapped collapsed want to they were playing the guy I like to which Stacey here. Well that that this is sort of a similar. Kind of situation. Yeah -- Hendricks is. The better player. But his own team win out. And incidentally somebody you know like a quarter we supposed to say yeah I mean that it is Big Brother spent all but guaranteed ready to get Jerry -- Exactly USA yes the judging by their actions they did go through that money into the wind. Because they felt like throwing money into the wind they obviously have an idea on what they would do with this player. And now let's. Unpopular -- And this is really have you know. I don't like kill the rants but look at didn't look at the table and -- -- it's the same thing. You boot up. In the draft to get to get a player at a position that you already have too much quality depth that. Yeah and a lot of similar depth to -- similar skill sets. Right so. We're sitting here saying okay well I mean they obviously have really clear idea. Of what they plan on doing which -- Austin. Because you don't -- to eat in the draft to get a receiver. If you don't respect -- just do what you can obviously should -- -- to generate a -- they obviously didn't. Let me ask you this because of an interest which it is amazing. It brings up an interesting discussions on a couple things just let artist organ ago. Keep updated the buy low sell high article. Just yesterday on -- Obama gonna talk about that. We'll get into this week starts -- system before that this is a really interesting. Philosophical question about Tennessee football something -- wanted to address of the in this this topic with the rams brought up. In my mind. Yes so security as. You know each week is different because of matchups right and we've we set -- a million times about Chris Johnson for example terrible match it's the first eight weeks of the year. You know a guy you wanna avoid unless you really need them you know -- -- Yet. So but what -- is the balance. It knowing that NFL teams and coaches do these things that mystify vast. You've got the better player on the bench you know he's -- Tennessee guy please put him in the game they don't. Knowing that the coaches in the NFL and operate this way. And knowing that match up next week to week are so important in the NFL in Tennessee football. Is the subject or bring up his balancing. Balancing. Streaks. With players verses match ups. Meaning you're seeing for instance like you seeing winds -- -- you know. Commercial that you're seeing Chris Durham in Detroit become more relevant some of the players were talking about on the watch list becoming more relevant. Riley Cooper you know last week in now in this week as a as a good matchup. When and how much weight do you put behind it measuring and do you at all. Can I do measure up Puerto streak a team on a streak with a player. That they're going to consistently. Verses the actual matchup that happened on Sunday and I give an example. Peyton Manning when he was an Indianapolis it would sometimes he would pick a receiver wanted someone to rise and just hit them Collie Collie Collie Collie Collie just keep hitting them. They're releasing a match up more than a receiver but yeah. Yes so are some gesture is when you're looking at it trends like the SEC let's is a guy like let's Kendrick or Riley Cooper OK there emerging right now. So let's say this been like a two week trend with a getting a little bit you know more action you seeing things in the film that you bring down a little bit more. You're reading that stuff and a matchup stakes. Who wins. It totally depend on the matchup the lot of matchups stinks and the and the players' ability to to defeat the particular matchup. Our body that you -- -- his attempts between match ups and statistics which sometimes you'll see you know up you know. Then again I got a lot of bad about any particular organization but well there's one place that you and I both read a lot and you'll hear stuff like. This particular team -- held -- for the titans to seven point oh infinity points per we can play really the has been captured now. How -- hit it. Don't think what I have been why is there can't reason why and what teams that they played you know then you go back and sometimes I get curious so go back -- looking you'll find out yeah. You know they played Tampa. There is so. He could literally don't have to try and I don't know -- they've been doing well against the team that pulled out. It's told you know that statistics are dangerous and now yes sir so open and some people consider that to the other so called. Good or bad matchup -- you know. So -- you know I don't -- -- caught up in that stuff so much about what I would break a tie if like if I'm sitting there looking at it. I can't figure out which players started gonna find out if player X equating it -- present. You know given -- to the position look at maybe -- you think about it but I like to feel real reason. You know. You know Revis. Peterson right Joseph -- -- those guys create matchup problems sure you know arm you know if you're if you're running back is. You know not elusive power -- runner and he's going up against San Francisco. That's bad matchups that you guys on the role. -- -- His example OK -- we talked the last three or four podcast maybe more. About what's happening in the new in the background backfield it's it started out with Bradley is at the drop sees someone else -- emerged -- last week really has a huge game. Create huge -- and now they're going into New York to play the jets sent a pretty good run stopping defense. Pretty good decent. Now you have New England you get -- little roll. You've got Bolton whom you and I agree if all things are equal. We would make the guy you've got Blount -- of anger. And I've got a pretty good. Probably is that when all things equal means -- news. Also like kind of got to me were what they'd really like leadership and don't promote the answer right. Even if all three were perfectly healthy at this stage. He might -- so. Today as well example number there's a role of 11 overall. -- but they've got a division opponent it's to -- a thorough right it's typical typically tough opponent that's typically pretty good against the run. How anyway. Will depend too -- -- against. You don't say and we agreed to a lot of -- you can show me a reason not put him in there that these you have to be an option B I like more yeah. So you know that's the actual actually you know I mean I got a couple questions like that the chat on Sunday -- and it starts Cecil shorts today. Yeah trip let's -- -- kid rather than start nobody yet has stepped up. -- -- -- but not as you have Dez Bryant maggots on right exactly so you know it's it's that the more. And out just for anybody listening to political -- -- -- on Sunday the more context you give me that the better and answer I can view. Yeah and it doesn't take very long just you know lay out to lay out the scenario you've got you know. -- time did your question and it's a live chats 11 AM on WEEI dot com yeah I -- promoter all morning get the questions and early. Format them and shape the rights of people give you good answer. -- -- keep -- in this funny names whoever's doing -- that whoever whoever did trying to have a last week he'd -- but what we have frank try to approach I didn't have a comeback let's accept that. I. Love the eighties references you can webpage to go so I do. So lets -- soaking up Dexter given a little insight on that let's talk a little bit about it and to an article that you refreshed. Earlier this week buy low sell -- was talked about it it's an article that basically is advising people like appease some guys who are under performing now but. They haven't I scheduled as reasons take a look at anemic Gilliam and a good price on the flip side. Now here's some here's some people that are -- well really well right now. Don't so much like their future if you can get a good deal form if you take it. I think and sometimes it's not so much that I don't like the player it's that I just feel like -- injury risk is so -- -- I -- a -- can somebody with a messenger it's good -- notional Marino is probably the name. This week that. You know I think to people who have -- Marino or just. They're loving life right now is the source we've all been in this position we picked up -- guy in the fourteen to fifteen to around or maybe a little earlier opening hole lead. And he's essentially playing like you know but RB one. And he's at the top of the so -- let's talk about anarchist. I don't really order these guys and they they're not -- so much is just. And I don't think I'm your mind right now. I don't even -- it -- that's true but I mean that the EC east. Inside first -- -- signals on just because. Personnel is really not -- but yeah that they'll the higher you are the more value might be able to get. And his injury history is. How do -- freezing here secular rich yeah it really -- yeah I mean it's I think it was. A lot of the 2009. Was the last I need. Completed a full season EU. That's a long time multiple yeah a lot of these seasons were not like -- fourteen games I think more of a deeply thirteen but a lot of qualified for -- -- You know -- illustrated coach Chris Ivory I think people more durable than that yeah. But. You know people who break break and you can't just sit there and whistle in the dark and and and hope. Because they would actually you can but you should at least understand that there's a risk in doing it yeah. You know so I mean for me personally if I hadn't had -- -- what we're really getting into here's how do you build a great team. Don't build it by hoping that your over performing players will continue to profess not to write what you do leadership to hash these guys -- a high level so when you try to. But if you -- well it's just really risky trading notion of Marino well. The impression I get from that person as a they're not hearing the advice right. There hearing get rid of this guy -- -- don't get rid of him to action hit you'd trade the stock for what it's trading at the right now. And he walked out with a nice deal so when you trade -- radar you should walk out of that trade. Would back you like more right or a combination of the back or receiver that's stupid you think is an okay score more points here. And in doing so. You have you have less risk as you get a guy who doesn't have a long injury history -- and that's the idea. Right the idea isn't you know we are hot potato is up something to be gotten rid of peace something. To adventure your team. That should make yourself better computer you're talking about a guy like we said given thirteen -- -- -- round. If you could trade him for a guy who's performing well with getting drafted in the third. You know it was still performing at that level right. That's pretty -- and right now you know right now Broncos are just. He didn't come for. Yeah and they had their. If you look at various protests or if you Eric Decker or walker while these guys are decent -- to stay healthy right. But Moreno I think to me is the one asset that -- -- -- if I can move given his current value and get something I really like. I I really feel like I've solidified my place and you know these other. Yeah it's great advice and advice pretty much goes for most of the players on this list that our work hard guys to throw away. The -- to cash in our. Sir and I think I think -- -- to -- Iraqi I think -- played really well actually -- Somalia cash is -- exactly but -- -- -- that we need to go like down the listening all the penalties that theory applies to everybody but yet. There is a player here that is a as a perfect. Linked to the watch list article and the the the the buy low sell high article. In its at its Emanuel Sanders on the Steelers because. Amid a Sanders right now is starting receiver in a big touchdown last week in -- yet on the watch list you -- Markus Wheaton whose. Probably the guy to fill the role in the future so -- Probably I probably bring up -- and the self -- Sanders. Yeah -- yes so if you did so to tackle a little bit about you inform our listeners as to. You know what's happening in Pittsburgh and how that might impact your team right now in the future. It's pretty simple I think if you just look six weeks into the future. And we look at Pittsburgh if we can assume that this -- doesn't get back into the playoff race you and I think that's. This guy on gathered at competitive division in the -- I -- -- -- -- -- better now with -- back with Keith Miller backed it -- that was not oh and fourteen to speed up the jets last week good team Steelers are decent team. But at one and four I mean they're really good at the polls and you know what that you know where to get back into the playoff hunt. I think the odds are when you get to about week twelve. Pittsburgh is as concerned about 2014 -- there about 2013. -- you know at that point maybe even a little sooner. Maybe a lot sooner they -- the next two right. Its -- priorities are going to be. OK we need to get -- not to speed you know -- a high draft pick I really like I happen like mark -- a lot -- armed and they're looking at Sanders. -- the negotiators may be worked retaining in a vacuum he might be worth paying. But if you look at Pittsburgh and you look at the deficiencies to have all of that roster and you look at the -- on the offensive line. And -- what they need to. But it is important picture to make this team championship caliber again it's really hard to justify them paying Emanuel Sanders yeah. When they've got -- -- around and they've got markets -- gonna come and Antonio Brown has established yeah it's just. You know it's it's that like the giants for the knicks are they really -- -- Nixon they've got Reuben -- ready to -- then when they he'd like that like. Nobody's business. Plays solid Manningham. They're happening iridium -- mean. And and and continue to give the giants in the -- credit for being so willing to give up our players they're good. Because they understand how to build a team -- fourteen buildings about the patriots are similar organization. So it. I'd bet money. That's Sanders is gonna go somewhere else via free agency eager assuming that is correct. We have a lot to start for them next year and why would they wait to pull the transition on that. You know toward the end of the season there -- -- Wii some game experience we need this -- the rock and -- week one next year. And it and the reason he's -- on the watch those trying to get him now. If you're a keeper league. He'd be ninety nice nice -- for next year. You had to -- right now his his. The main value isn't what it was because she's sitting out with a broken -- but it's actually not a serious injury and they're being a little bit careful with that they'll probably be back next week and he was gaining steam before the injury so he's -- guy. You can make some big plays if he's going to be -- -- is crucial. Excellent excellent. We've got about just just under fifteen minutes left two hits and starts and sits this weekend. -- -- -- -- concert just to put one little cap on that last thinks there. Similar situation out to play it right out right now but. In this scenario Antonio Brodeur who got hurt right Miles Austin. Right and Terrence Williams as we move in this scenario yeah he's gone out and go nuts now. This same thing can happen if Emmanuel Sanders has an ankle injury that just knocked out of practice for a week. Back Kabila takes. -- for sure that that that's a great example that just happened a couple weeks ago like Terrence Williams is helping lineups right now. Isn't it that's same scenario for Terrence Williams like I territory and the cat out of the bag great. But two weeks ago you could -- the same exact argument -- no way they're gonna pay. Miles Austin at the end of this year. He's going to be a salary cap casualty we all know it was coming you can win. For Williams broke up a -- broken out yet but it's a foregone conclusion how -- -- that Milwaukee years and -- -- to -- next year if not sometime this year. Yeah and I think I think there are seeing that silly right. It's and that's what and that's why we don't watch what's guys. Because all worked it takes is just a little. There's an opportunity and the pink and change didn't indifference with Pittsburgh is -- Sanders is better player about to yeah yeah that this industry. Yet except that -- in his younger you know I mean he's like that yeah. A good long term and in short term plan let's look at we got down -- seven you know coming up obviously it's out of last night that the weekend is. Right upon us and keep. Put up an article the week seven starts and -- it's available on WEEI dot com right now. Right now so when you don't listen to the podcasts or if you like crazy. And listen -- podcast as you -- read the article that's a great way to spend your time. Yeah absolutely it's just dead in their -- -- work in and have a good done but also -- let's talk about some of the starts and sent. We must be really boring people it was. I don't know -- guitar right so supply outlook and a -- really articles. Well David. So let's let's look at a couple people on the sides is a zealots always look at some people that I haven't seen on the list before or. Have maybe been on one side of the column like on the sic all -- on the stock on the -- person jumps up to -- people. So -- -- match yeah I know -- and that that's a whole thing but one person jumps up the page that it and. What killed me in this starts at this week is that a lot of my guys don't want to sit or play it last night right. Makes stuff yes sir I so I would I would spend spend all this week. It is -- to drug electorally Smart Heinz Field but just a start this week at running back someone that. I want a -- gas was on nobody's Tennessee football Ross Ross is coming out of the draft Brandon Jacobs at -- -- taking on the vikings. You like him this because of the matchup in the scenario and what's happening right now in New York right. -- part of it is just I wanna give demand respect for what I I'd. What was sort of an epic. Performance because it doesn't turn back the clock to -- out there. I mean he just to really rim of football with some Somalis but I mean -- or Brandon Jacobs and played with that kind of force with that mentality. Forty years ago you probably -- -- -- laughter. Yeah I think that it is highly motivated you know something to prove chip it's hard to keep that. -- -- Conference center itself he says he's got a much more humble attitude -- yeah it's it's not because it's Eric and off the fantasy thing but. It's a shame that a lot of football players can't get that urgency in that mindset. Until they've sort of hit rock bottom. Of shame that it you know -- -- like Plaxico Burress and -- you know. -- we all of the names but it you know it's it's it's a shame at this beautiful own mortality tonight to get that mentality it's it's too bad because he. Did I would Jacobs could have been. A pretty big time player based -- it's so. But he's someone you but he's somebody to play this week right then the vikings are -- Christmas season. He's he's playing the way I always wished you replaced him with force with good pad level and in the running the ball aggression. By knocking people over the only thing doesn't have a long speak right now so yeah I mean against a fairly. Weak vikings -- you should be. If I'd say he's a solid flex and and if you need or a second running back he can do with this week. Which you might cause a camera in the violence. Has another week. Is another start that dumb it's so nice to see because. -- the rams'. Have been relate. A frustrating team from a Tennessee perspective and a lot in terms of who they are playing that they should be playing -- and not playing -- -- not playing the Hulk it's just been it's like it's been like. Like it. Like some a full -- I would talk a little. Everybody working out for that organization is really lucky I don't own that -- -- Heads would roll. It's crazy so it's it's it's seems like there's some stability there are now they've made the choice we think. -- Stacey has starred as the rams are at the Panthers. And it you know I do I think backstage is a really good start this week not I don't I think it's a tough matchup. However. When you look at the injuries that position when you look at the by losses. For the week yet you end up in the top twenty just barely there's. I mean he's he's I -- remember exactly I phrased it but he sort of low end RB two or solid flex. Yet you could put image -- flex -- might have some them. Yeah I mean he's good he's good he's gonna get the rock 1520 times in. You know as we said if you go back to a pre draft report on this guy he wrote to a wide base is a tough runner he's quick at all. Through these fundamentally sound and any actually underrated all around -- I think you can end up proving to be half decent pass protection and catch a football. Even while catalog at Vanderbilt who it -- yet. In just and so got it -- -- act I can plug in is an RV two reflects this week. That's good advice. And then there into the tight schedule -- I mean I don't do you know for the rest of the into a lot of sex -- not all of you gonna run into a lot of tough defenses but over the next couple years I think. If he stays healthy at the rim. Well quite frankly they get rid of their offense coordinator of the things can can turn around. Now that's an epidemic with some teams in the NFL. I didn't really really give -- -- -- because watching Brian Schottenheimer is offense not just it's it's well for me it's just like oh my god it's the 2009 jets we've been through this but it's it's so unique look at the yeah yeah. And frustrating -- susteren we know we -- know with the names aren't aren't. That there should be get in the. Long Schottenheimer I mean not not been any pitcher faster this year. The -- -- mode but I mean Schottenheimer never should have been offensive coordinator for Rex right he was forced. On retroactive the jets didn't work. Did or eight million dollar salary not have a coaching right there which is obviously genius you stay there. Let's pay him to screw up -- exactly. I would be better to pay millions to have him go away annualized -- like he should always with a coach pick his coordinators OK I'm -- -- Tom another start at the running back position -- Chris Rogers falcons vs the buck Buccaneers and that's -- that's a situation that you know with Jackson out. You remains out. In snow and little things up Rogers Michael Rogers this week. That's it it's not a good match up he'll probably have a lot of plays or get. Stopped by going -- scrimmage but in less so this -- guess it's going to be hard for the biggest selling either destroyed activities coming off a concussion altitude and overuse and so it looks like a twenty plus talk -- to me for Rogers and you know it will be good enough for flexibility to value with that you know the guy who's finally you know he's a guy we like coming out of college and he was pretty disappointing his first years yes. But he got a pretty good right now. Yeah he was he was -- thought he was kind of a guy that people thought it was gonna. Push Michael Turner out earlier didn't happen. -- when you don't I think he was always too small to be like and an every down back but I expected more out of him entrances ability to make people miss -- you know but he didn't really he wasn't as elusive early on as we hoped and he was Denard tackled by everybody. But he can get that done right now -- Linda Tripp had and that's you know people are so quick to write players off. Now if people write often about Austin right now pivot -- it's too early right. I mean it is used to beat to get to -- years before people start really till we get in the NFL. This is a week now it was always three years it was a it was like the thirtieth they should start to get it and it dinosaur receivers yeah yeah but that's a lot to learn. Now quarterbacks quarterbacks throw the ball to receivers let's talk to do with the sudden quarterbacks throw. Reality out -- we are aware of -- air nights. Start I there's a name other than never the stylist I think our listeners are gonna shut the podcast -- -- -- -- talk about it. Which was Eli Manning by all accounts. Can I mean I I put color analyst I didn't I mean I think it is what most people know Cutler's a start I think. But he's so universally despised yeah I felt like one more week for Cutler just for the haters just in case you don't know -- playing really well. I don't think we'll put him up there again. But yet you life. I thought twice about that would but it is significant that I kept looking for another player to put -- this place right I didn't anybody we'll do you really obvious. But okay Phillip rivers yet thanks -- on the red hot start starter writers just weeks. Are you talk a little bit about Manning them lies unless this week particularly. It's Minnesota can't stop the -- -- online -- -- don't you don't Linux receivers that. They're so they're going to be a Mattel apology doesn't set up big plays downfield won't. I think -- look at. 35 to thirty football game basically start everybody got a decade says to lose your vikings' starter giants. You know probably don't start Josh Freeman right but I think Freeman is because quite possibly could open things up for the vikings over the next couple we could. You know as much support it gets killed the better quarterback Christian Ponder any of their quarterback in the -- Yet no doubt. Bottom line yet in his we've been talking that's gonna happen at some point I don't it was -- to hate him right -- -- chair but Ahmadabad -- He's looking basic offensive kid. And that might not be a positive but the reality. So if you have a sort of a sensitive kid is clear progression got a don't beat them down the policy that's just you know that that was -- that that was true very true they want. Drive a Q1 one more quarterback in the went one to hit a eight a receiver in the we'll talk a little bit about. Some good news and patriots nation maybe without rock on the back but. Maybe need me death but I don't know how it goes back and objective that is a fact that create. -- -- -- But yeah at some -- jumping off the pages this as the start. On the WEI. Starts this it's week seven is Nicole's. That looks like it to be really entertaining game Eagles cowboys. It you'll you'll like you'll like them the seal of nick pulls out there against Dallas. Yeah I mean I like the match up in. You know for those people who bring -- bonds since last year and I like pixels it is a good player yeah you know I I I don't feel I I actually thought it was going to be pick out. For that job this year but I mean I could -- -- see what Kelly -- in -- great athlete and certainly -- -- system. But you know full -- -- -- Smart kid. Good good good strong accurate arm and it's you know I think when you get those quarterbacks conceivable field. I think it makes the difference. And you know a guy like Mike Collette and. Don't have the basic and kind of thing I think you know he's -- -- since Jack -- got eye contact with them all the time -- But anyway yeah I think falls. And no reason that he wouldn't have a decent week this week so and you know if you if you read that it took QB one -- go to one does this week. I think he's just on the fringe of the other side I want these -- thirteenth ranked quarterback yeah. But it's your curtain for a QB I think -- less options we. -- may be a breeze on the -- breeze and prior both on the buy you know I used it's our quarterback. Boise sports you know -- as it is harder -- Not colder weather in the affirmative as -- casino -- troubling because some people assume vehicle get that job back it's been picked up it. -- Blagojevich scrapped. Yep he might be out there. One bullet one receive grow to receive as I wanna talk about quickly want. This is just a question being with with Julio Jones out for the year Roddy you know really been struggling with injuries battling through is a tough guy. How can they actually misses the game this -- yeah there's. Yeah so what do you expect from Harry Douglas is Veronica the year isn't. -- plays but he's kind of at that speed he's he's got he's been there he's kind of an interesting player never really done much for offensive perspective. This is his is break out party tonight this weekend. Yeah I'd I'd I'd like Jerry Douglas as a -- dedicated talented player I think she's potentially a guy who could break out a little bit. But in fairness she's also a guy where in the past when he had chances to step up it didn't happen right now some of that has to do with the year he's coming off the ACL injury. We've got some playing up to a that -- it was sort of like Palestinians like any -- -- laterally. Coach I didn't really want to disrupt and -- and -- through this quickly. So I think that might be part of it. I'm gonna be honest I don't have a big feel for how well -- is gonna do he's just a guy who's gonna get the opportunity he certainly has the talent. He has a quarterback who. You know if there's one thing Matt -- stood at its understanding. His receivers right he knows the strengths and weaknesses of the receivers who knows which got to turn around for explains the so if Harry Douglas is the guy who's gonna get it done I think Matt Ryan can help. So yeah I think this weekend and I -- -- shot as the as the third receiver if you need help. And you know he's a player you know next week but I get into the film he's a guy who dispense apartment for sure from the very it's going to be -- to see what he looks like of the number one receiver potentially. Yeah -- it needs it I mean they've been struggling -- long -- just haven't gotten. And I don't -- -- yet and also you can obviously this is stating the obvious but the look for the big game from Tony Gonzales it's if you can make a trade for him you. Good call and I don't -- I don't know if it's true all the things they say like that it also will be treated and they won't consider trading him but. I. You know if I will live on totally of the Austin potato. That decision last year -- -- -- -- Tea Party with us for the next -- weeks and all the parties toward the end of the year that's fine but. You know we wouldn't mind taking a fourth round pick to put you on the team that has playoff for the social you know -- I think that's a win win for everybody. Yeah I couldn't agree more -- mean look at look at it seemed like he -- you know that is that the pats have such a great history in terms of you know collecting picks. You know they could Davis. I did the patriots could recover. Draft picks and in the upcoming draft -- future addressed he -- to give up a second round pick to get Tony Gonzales you know promote the top. Yeah I don't know. I'm not sure I agree if his condolences for the patriots that's a little crazy as well. Well he's more of a pure tight end. I don't know if you exactly what the patriots are looking for I think obviously help. I don't know an antique golf and edit you know it's considered nice. The nice -- option for -- guest. Little too conventional for the patriots for me but -- I don't see him as being a Bill Belichick. It got you know -- think -- -- carpet coming back yet then -- see it. But for him to come in and maybe be more in the Hernandez were a lot of maybe I think yeah obviously took it ought to be good but. I don't know. It just ecstatically I don't want that interest and great players and the -- but I think there are other teams where he could be you know more they desperately needed. Peace yeah you know I mean gosh if you're back I went to Seattle. Oh my work to do with -- -- If you think he'd be huge for -- -- -- a couple other teams to -- so easy to loose. But I would say it would mean -- it just it was really have playoff aspirations well I don't know if they do I mean I don't Gonzales -- course to go somewhere. Comedian make the playoffs and -- is that -- -- label that's why we just try to win not railroad here LS yeah yeah. But if you went to a team that's a -- playoff team. You know how the colts. Yeah then yeah you did it because it's on there for sure. You know itself. You know and -- don't get me wrong it's but yeah I do with the patriots over the remember the patriots game is different and all other schemes I don't know if it's. I don't know if that's -- and also extra player not you know which he which you know would -- would you -- going -- the adjustment period with Brady the way a lot of other guys have you know. I'm not changed Chad Johnson. But you know. Miami might be a place that does -- limit -- -- for the playoffs. It's that's exactly. What they see that we're talking about tight ends we've got literally like two minutes to touch on -- -- -- some news came today that. From the -- and men and brought us to Brock. From a medical standpoint. Find out Sunday ends up to a medical standpoint is cleared so -- It. Stupid as a whole thing is that -- -- these these these are these Reuters I could get any respect for the -- of these guys are like and what I I'm rooting for. You know. Dissent in the patriot locker room I want all the rest but but but I don't mean. And as an editor anonymous players anonymous players don't understand like gronkowski can beat their you know what practice and doesn't play in the game. -- -- I I would challenge that later. That is why. I don't think I don't think there were people in the patriots locker -- saying things about her casket I just don't see it took an extra yeah why don't you don't get. Because keep your teammates don't jump unpopular view. I mean that's why I think the practice of the whole other -- to get -- -- -- where people are looking -- for your best interest so. I think it's just it was such and it's absurd. I mean you're talking about right I saw several articles and said Rappaport is one of the guys who wrote well. And it's just been beat articles that are just clearly designed -- that. To drum up controversy continue to break. Media break so I think if I -- to meet gronkowski if you waited another three weeks I wouldn't blame him one bit. You're lucky he's got he's mean he's got to a policy and career atom bomb it -- and stay healthy there's no. I'll pats now I -- others -- -- -- it out yet he you can look at his strike me is that the guy that will that doesn't wanna go out there and I don't. Actually it's got a ghost chomping at the bit yeah. But he's got Smart people telling him no wood to the bone skin comes back right. We're not -- the break that thing again common food. I great -- and see you know you know Belichick is gonna be mysterious about it on Sundays so. You probably. It's Sunday. The mysterious about it this morning. Now I -- but is -- even even it's 11 AM live chat on Sunday were probably still won't have any answers so. -- could play I don't know yet possible -- just told us you're gonna blacked out that your. But that's -- -- -- look what are reports Catholic but having said that there was a -- having said that a couple guys that may be -- our listeners could. -- picked up. Makes sense to take up heading into the weekend has just in case. Just in case. We're about Timothy Wright guy in ninety. Timothy -- yeah I mean anybody that was you know on our list let's say look -- -- -- is actually in that game and Cumberland. Yeah that's. Just after one time or only 1 o'clock I'm sure. I'd type my memories -- 1 o'clock but. Yeah right would be one Cumberland it would certainly be one Jordan reed is no doubt there is a leader. And by the way. Our guy out sort of some connections you know like you lot are not out there -- It's unfortunate that they put on Thursday next you can't go get them until next week and is going to be he's gonna do to prevent. People about today. He was a watch list guy so you -- tell you want to go back to -- a bond still yet check out the watch -- you can really really. Help yourself if you've got the bench space that just keep an eye on these guys because it when they emerged. The press gonna go up. It's funny when I started doing the same -- exactly sure what it was gonna look like an out of we've done it for -- You know we've -- for a vote. It's it's sort of a cool exercise to go through seeing which guys go up which guys -- down monitoring the rates of ownership and it's a graduating players of course it into the upper part that's that's interest to start getting to what we're gonna have to start not lifting the people. Get your coverage of the out of the you'll see at the bit at the beginning -- all the people warm previous watch lists and their guys are going to be surprised that there universally owned in Tennessee football leagues though. We appreciate it -- -- tech thanks a lot for all the insight as usual. Good good show good contact and to our listeners out there make sure. That you bombed come come on over to WEEI on Sunday a live chat with the chief Tennessee football writer for. WEEI and for wrote a -- dot com you listening to right now Pete Davidson. He'll be there to answer your questions -- an early on Sunday 11 AM start it's a live chat. It's just try to get you as prepared as possible. For the 1 o'clock games in the in the games that follow itself. We'll wrap it up -- Another addition week seven of the NFL season. For the WEEI fantasy football podcast it teaches our weekly conversation with Pete Davidson who you just heard who's the chief Tennessee football writer for -- dot com. Check out wrote a bond that's spelled RO TO BAH and -- a -- dot com. There are lineup rankings there every week. The receivers the quarterbacks the running backs in the tight ends are already up there they'll be updated over the weekend I'm sure as we get more information about. Injuries and in different you know nuggets at the coaches will launch if you. And all season long you can get updates for the waiver wire free agency. Articles like the watch list buy low sell high to give everything that you need to make the right trades the right decisions pick up the right -- to make the best last minute roster decisions on what that said. Again 11 AM on Sunday live chat WEEI dot com check it out join us. And thank you for tuning in a text to a presenting sponsor Mohegan Sun. A world that play. Last bit of information if you're Tennessee football player which probably are still listening check out WEEI dot com slash play it's WEEI dot com Tennessee football league. You connect to -- win a free weakens their Mohegan Sun I say this every week it's a great place and -- their budget times of gold level class that thank you very much to our friends at Mohegan Sun and people do it again next week. Thanks a lot.

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