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Andy Brickley, NESN: On Bruins vs. Tim Thomas

Oct 17, 2013|

Brick joins Mut and Merloni for the much anticipated game against Tim Thomas and the Panthers.

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Butler not 837 WE I get is set for game five ALCS tonight. Give back some baseball issues and 1 o'clock including word Zander Bogart's played. If he does play tonight but. It just went for the Bruins is Tim Thomas first off the ice this morning for the Florida Panthers the expectation is. He's in net against Tuukka Rask Panthers and Bruins nanny brick with a great -- Berkeley. Our usual weekly guest on Wednesday is nice not to join us Thursday today three talk Bruins with him. A brick my -- Dario. I'm doing great distraction and a mango tree down here in sunrise. But -- -- a bitch I tell you what that's a couple. -- all the talk obviously Tim Thomas. Maybe even expected back in the league he's out there the different Tim Thomas in three games now five point 02850 -- percentage. It's going to be interesting here today brick. -- the end you know anything you can glean from this morning's ceremony Katie looked good he looked healthy he looked look pretty focused. -- only -- be glad to speak with the media or last couple days but not until. Post game tonight we really haven't had a chance to speak with a -- You can only guess by your observations but he looks healthy and ready to go to a little a little -- RTC did that. Well that Iraq from taking it a year off an inevitability injury part you know -- and competitiveness to be ready to go to. Are all -- what do you think of Florida brick is a landing spot for Hammond and is that an opportunity for him to play. 5055 games this year. Absolutely critical -- are earning the highlights from the -- incorporating a natural part and it didn't play well in -- -- -- -- -- I Colin -- it's so opportunity absolutely. And -- -- placed to his capabilities he will place it is sixty. The -- but the flip here in its second third line Marshal on down the third and -- Smith up in the second nine of Indian. Ericsson played for just a couple of weeks -- together line -- on Dallas but. That seems to be working is that more of Reilly Smith showing well or Brad marsh shot maybe not or both. Yeah a break it down in terms of percentage of our our legal live on the message to Brad marker on more -- -- You know trying to get rather good at accommodation because huge you do -- -- make double that -- unit where I think our message to Brad -- on court let him scoring last year there. Major you know there wasn't enough. From him in terms of all three so they weren't getting -- but lately he's a Brad -- -- -- -- but it deep in his orientation you know we have an opportunity to an Olympian ever present in you know there. Canada the Olympics the ocean so obviously now you're -- very high in the complaint chew a level that he played beat it was more the match director. Torture and the thing to. It's you know make him a little -- little more energy around a lot more. -- and look pretty comparable to play could be he domestic shall -- the technically. Yeah you know it was pretty interest to just got a shock prep because in the off season with a -- taking treaty needed some comments from a is like a service as a wake up call right that. If you don't -- -- perform so I thought he's gonna come in be locked in he's in a tough campers in a tough start. Is it because of the edginess -- good for awhile now it's been a while some juicy does that test you know -- that that we we've loved watching for awhile. Eric -- the fact that -- had trouble that would lead you're kind of but technically it away from him. It almost looks like over analyzing everything that he does and when you play like that he could be your natural salt and allow you how they Colbert. An illegal act election making more reactive -- is -- reactionary sport because. Goes on non. Athletic instincts just played Toledo and play and the only problem or assist the -- -- but it will culpable are just plain gained. I think that we're headed when we get there I don't know. And last fall a bit so I guess you would agree with Claude Julien who said now twice once in the pre season brick and once. Just a couple of days ago that he's been all over the place that's what -- seen from his game when you watch him play these first five. Yeah -- other group that assessment. You know quote as the real him on -- players should. And how we you -- publicly and in his words. -- -- -- -- You know how to use the media in order to register -- without belittling his players are hurt or take him down publicly so. Are -- that all over the place and it well race. And it is trying to get it player -- focused secretly place a more book game -- you eat or talk. You know recruiting good players go five games you know without scored a goal in early in a year maybe there's more pressure anyone get that first one. Which -- -- come here now on nineteen shots no goals one assist in the five games do you see anything different from him was -- just one of those things and he'll break out soon. It's the latter he will break out I don't know he's forty goal in nine NHL anymore. Surely 25 to thirty. The fact that he got a real good look encouraging. You know because he's going to be first all in your particular it'll be seamless transition come and they're playing abroad and having training camp. -- not -- you saw it a little Erickson well I'd -- the rhythm of the -- get more more comparable. I think to roll get more more culpable we hear you. Those these and I'll place you know. -- -- -- -- on the board but you know typical sense that the local pro career do -- like CE book which we don't -- of comedy or get the season. Should book this is a dry bulk of the union want that aren't like comfort level that combination and and copper would Lucci can create TP state there that you see it or. We're talk when -- Berkeley as we get set for Bruins and Panthers tonight the or turn of -- Soderbergh right EC's getting closer and closer here brick every such -- -- misty now for five games you have an idea. A where he might fade in when he does return finally is cleared to not just practice full time to play with this team what that spot on the roster might look like. It'll be. Surely some word that -- -- combination. Watch morning April or quality I'll play as well they are. He was killing finally India was there are uniquely morning skated more token pressure but it only children or under well. But Herbert working real hard work he needs to put it -- to treat every morning in every practice it in conditions again -- it ready so that was good to see movement really well so. You know he's not up late at night east around at that -- it'll work with -- -- by the way I expect the -- -- at the plate tonight. Up that he got an absorber it will commit to that third unit somewhere. I expect them to take. All the -- as it would launch elderly the young guys continue gaining Jordan caught coaching change or. Britain go suck what this power play came out of the gate strong it's not two for nineteen -- last twelve but. It does look a little different rallies to controlling the puck that just not seeing results. What I feel like this this sharply and even the numbers don't say is still going to be better. I think -- reflect duke right now Lou just roll call our efforts you know they they deserve -- Mostly lower against Detroit. Maybe they didn't deserve it against Colorado because that that struck president wasn't as good as to what against the wings but. A power player that you indicative of their offense right now in an opportunistic and look what crew brought I'll like. There -- tremendous in sole possession time on their I'll play. But they are great looks although they were trying to score in front -- I wrote they had I want three or almost two minutes. Think you're the one time which are the one -- I'd like it worked out a little bit lower close at all. But I think it's just the fact Eric Berry street -- saying. Well what they're dual demand advantage in the weapons they have I expect that outplayed at B percent to be much and what your. The brick you mention maybe the three young rookies or young defensemen all get an opportunity tonight what he thought about the rotation so far and the way that. Yeah those guys have been in and out and their performance early in the year. I think it's the -- They decided to be -- years the rate of -- You know they didn't want you look at the province they want implying. But his seat and other toxic night in night noted -- not when you have that certain kind of rotation. Aren't -- expectation was that a guy like -- wade would take the next step in its progression as as. I -- we're challenged -- top alternate -- or church has done throughout his career. But that hasn't happened -- see sort been kind of a rotation. And you look at the -- we plan to file the report. How much speed they have up front and -- dictate which I wanna play on the back here and the good news is that they do have somewhat shocked the complete the right side. If they didn't have that you know they need need to have re right -- and -- and and night out because you are bullet -- we can play the right side given options and and worry -- here. And -- the try to figure out there or. The brick last year eighty planes four games a week in the schedule five game sort of just ridiculous and and -- we saw it took a kind of coming in and out when you expect to see Amanda Ochocinco Chad Johnson. And a house that rotation or a. Well Ellis the school of thought that he might get one of these two games here at Florida what schedules are able to play every -- to -- it's back to back next week political alt -- Annika that all the platelets you know there and I never POL when -- read out that such. That's probably what you -- aren't in yet an opportunity and trust me. Who -- the Bruins have ordered out to play like -- neutral yeah. You know. It's interesting because you're gonna play Detroit only four times this year and you're gonna get you guarding gotten to those games out figure played in the home naive -- racist. Those home games already and I feel like. You know -- that's got a chance here he talked about having a team like Detroit here in the east in this division I -- I get the early feeling is that has a chance to be really nice rivalry here in the Eastern Conference based on maybe the Bruins saying boy. We got another really good team now we got to raise our level would play the red wings here all conference Enron division. -- -- as a chance to be a strong rivalry to. In terms of our quality play I don't think you'll have that same intensity that ought to Montreal stories Serbia need up Austin -- Ronald series Mike. Might develop into because so the Iowa lately pretty distant. Some of the personnel in the Detroit is not that type team you know we start their opposition team and opportunistic team. Still think but because -- Detroit. Because they stand for or maybe even a role model rechargeable -- and had to be competitive year in year out win championships. I think that is without rival -- and yet it makes it more difficult day when you division. And beat beat top eighteen because of the fact they're more change. Mortality into your conference now. -- last -- real wanna circle back to Thomas for second you know this team as well as anybody and they're saying all the right things in there they're going out of their way. To say Thomas is a teammate what he meant what is indict the go up against them. Other guys on this team that then holed some animosity towards Tim and feel like that he bailed on them they all say it publicly but it. You think that that attitude permeates it all behind the scenes with this roster. I don't know I would. And that I would term it as it marks the and the general sense that I get from being ironic and certainly this morning that this is again that they want to win or whatever personal reasons or whatever ceiling or they have in Thomas. Right yeah this is not this well logging and reciprocate great to see you're in the you know. Are we this year there's not that at all they're essentially. The guy that. We love them because each stop virtually up the -- -- championship. He's not here now is not part of a group Aaron. This is the guy in eighteen that we wanna eat -- eat real. Reminder brick suntan lotion and hydration down on the hot in order okay. Very very Zandi Brinkley one of the best you can see him. -- and along side Jack Edwards and in brick joins us on the eighteenth the outlining eighteen -- the nation's fastest now the most reliable four GLT. 61777979372. Texas on the eight TT tech 5379. -- 37. Right it's Thursday about the time you wanna start seeing your patriot players -- practiced the gonna play. Couple guys who want to see were not available this warning not a good side for their availability on Sunday and Rob Gronkowski agent. Has taken the radioed up in his client's status and where he stands and appear pats fan. Not great news a patriots injury update including gronkowski will do that next.

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