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Depressed Tigers fans call into Detroit sports radio

Oct 16, 2013|

Mut and Merloni play back some phone calls from upset and depressed Tigers fans to Detroit sports radio station WXYT .

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One more strike together here -- rocks in the three twos. Messiness over the Red Sox wanted to wonder and I think and a Boston Red Sox take a one nothing. Victory out of game three. And they had taken a total one lead in -- best of seven series they knocked off the Detroit Tigers in a great pitching matchup here today. Which ends in the October chill. One nothing the final the Red Sox bullpen. Off the charts in this -- There it is the call yesterday Red Sox winning an afternoon game in Detroit power went out did not matter Lackey out -- PV Napoli went deep. There's always struck out Cabrera it's been all happy to Austin here on 937 WEEI. I can't a man like out there. I can't imagine it's -- all happy talk let's check in with our friends in Detroit WX YET. The ticket 971. In. Still think sounded today Joey they. They do it okay today in Detroit. Walsh roster they don't I believe we're better than -- the question to where repression we should be Kilmeade got. For Richard Richard good to go away from being 21 or 30 but we're determined on. In in my opinion and 63 years so watch this was good. Mr. early on is getting help manage to be over manages he makes this. My frustration what Leland there's tigers -- and she is back here. If had a -- terrible approach the play at a terrible approach the play let's play wacky whatever he fell behind. He went -- the curve ball. If they bail them out all -- to pick her hall was never in the strike zone. Not one time did any one of those hitters layoffs and force him to throw the ball replace or take a walk. And they -- Every year and he's back here and and it's just frustrating I'm not blaming Lloyd and they're blaming the manager. I think we're all looking one big factor here they're the kind of payroll. Is supposedly an assistant coach the hitting coach. I don't think he'd do his job. How fast is it ought yeah actually not on base you not agree that he's singled leading off it's not a matter to -- not getting on base. You wanna live by the sword you die by the sword all you here we have an advance runners. We have been scored runners in third base less than two outs. You don't want runners don't -- situations with a guy on third less than two outs and again we don't score. We have an experienced botched post season. Six what prince and I'm wondering. Yes. It comes down to. That way he played a lot. I think he's worn out. And I'm just wondering if our friends. We'll be. Much more effective -- just -- -- but I pretty pumped up by -- not gonna look like a plate he has. But I just think easily blocked some agility and he's he's war guy. It looks like he's got to bed -- of the living -- And swing and outward looking and I think you can lose the weight jump from a 33 as bad thirty but I. He's got to lose that weight I I've watched it over summaries he's -- way to fight it right now. I know you're stressed out because of his marriage was spent on Iraq so. Maybe as a factor and it got a history sincerity. So you put the blame. Or scapegoat so they could prince still miraculous you -- -- Westmoreland -- it is it. I mean. -- capabilities in this book. I didn't do that old -- good. This ridiculous the way they eat yeah it is. Oh -- it can feel good at first they came into the but on among. I look at -- team -- -- -- grit grind guys I don't blue collar people who work what what you know kind of guy he got it back with a three run homer. Now he's going to come back. There are unemployed here you -- who couldn't. And that was we've let Burton and it'll walk we did we scored three of the -- we let all of baseball in wondered what are basically -- -- It's going to be -- where and one hole. That's that's really good drive everything comes out. Guys fat and get it done. 97 on the ticket in Detroit I got a couple thoughts wanna sound like the same guy. Over and over and over again Detroit sports -- is 57 years old. He's white. It's got that Detroit accident. Over and over again thank you get that bad but definitely good yeah in swing and -- elegant ago. The caught the guy really like -- -- taken a million calls of -- bill that is. -- -- you're appears. Couple things I noted one you know your teams' notes frustrating. When they go hitting coach you heard that call right hitting coach vault me up what -- -- hitting coach is getting pay what to get paid for is doing now than. They can't hit hitting coach's fault they have -- It's not that there's little edit Red Sox after hitting coaches. It was called the shots over there for God's sakes. Get used we when he allows us to get those calls is -- Victor Martinez this oil out -- -- -- Rodriguez right. Doctor Rodriguez big role as a Greg Colbert what's Colbern dueled over there wasn't Victor Rodriguez more involved. The number one it was the hitting coach number two was Jim -- is getting shredded being -- managed then of course number three prince fielder's -- Prince Fielder overweight and by right. You know we're rhetorically asked buster but that the lineup change at tooting Vick will be in there delivered to -- the squad and all the cramped up on me not -- Speeds not his thing never has -- its doing in the bat if you get a ground ball he walked the first base albeit it's about India Knox and will be out there maybe public. Yet you if Cabrera out there maybe Holland. You know Ambien as a runner while they don't really run that well but the line -- absolutely make adjustments. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And it would put fielder to. This is not a -- anybody in but he still had 280 to get on base like at 330 -- just not produce. Sophie did go to -- and then Princeton and Nagy and victim and brought that up again. For a little better but you self on and ultimately instant mix changes on eight and a busters and Austin Jackson you know may -- out of line upper ball down he's one of the guys that success. One of the guys -- success against Jake Peavy doesn't matter he's nine for 28 against peavy -- 321 there's only one other player in the Detroit lineup. Who's got a better batting average now against peavy at -- honor. -- honors crushed them seven for sixteen lifetime home run seven RBIs. Torii Hunter is Jake Peavy numbered limited sample size Austin Jackson. 321. Couple walks cup of three RBIs and I struck out nine times but Austin Jackson always strikes again 93. -- PS against peavy. Just wanted to get him down tonight it depends on where you quality team you get a guy like Napoli got -- Gallic Ortiz got a guy like the joy you know -- guys -- impact that he sometimes you just it -- all the numbers out and you know at Napoli. -- for wanna you know you see any struggle lately like it's deviate. But they often set up the fail. But the reason -- but Napoli out there -- -- a bad numbers against Verlander is answering a wells because he's an impact guys Austin Jackson impact guy wouldn't. Where it it it doesn't matter. Rising impact guy. If you need Austin Jackson in there you get the numbers against them you put a minute play him. But he's not an impact guy. You know you can have great numbers against a guy if you just don't -- over at the plate doesn't mean anything you know if you're. -- it in and vice vice Versa I mean if you if you're you can't get a guy yelled -- for Altima. -- -- brought those up there right now is a bad numbers against a guy doesn't matter because he's just kind of locked in. It is Austin Jackson one of his guys I think he -- and on the order I'd be surprised if he's out of the slot to be -- but I would move around a put fielder to. And Vick -- for brought the five that's a lot of mixed this thing up pilots this will get a break we'll come back what you hear from Jonny Gomes embassy yesterday Gomes. Had some great stuff following that game you know but his team and talk with the disrespect also went here from Jake Peavy was gonna go on this game tonight. I'm out fired up he is for the start for peavy and Doug Fister and of course what's on tap are all that for you next you're not going to.

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