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Sebastian Vollmer: Saw Saints D' celebrating after Brady pick

Oct 14, 2013|

Sebastian Vollmer joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the dramatic Patriots comeback win against the Saints.

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Joined by Steve DeOssie who's in the house stuff the next hour would not load on a 37 WEE -- give back in the Red Sox beginning at new and Campbell are. -- join us at 1215. Also something about comeback victories it has taken the Red Sox split this weekend and a huge win last night it all started. In Boston sports yesterday with the patriots trailing with three and a half minutes ago. Getting the ball back not once not twice but three separate times and eventually. Ready Tompkins your game winner and offensive -- Sebastian -- part of a patriots Monday covers joins us here on the AT&T hotline. This do you ever sit back and -- Sebastien after game like that to see what Tom Brady was able to do. In that final minute losses ever get old in a -- of a quarterback is one of the best ever play the game. There are definitely good old you know -- While while you -- well traveled Columbus city can't think or anything else to topple like to welcome back and you don't have anybody else. You know behind you orchestrated that trust so you know we all trust in the world is on -- -- taught in the career and don't want to get a further slow. No -- you know. I don't want anybody opener. So best you guys go down to -- to Atlanta and not many give me give you chance connecting to come back here people think this can be tough one and as well go up against New Orleans and undefeated Drew Brees. How much is that played up by no Bill Belichick will motivate him maybe he'll he'll use that little bit how much of that really does resonate during the week. As far as you guys in that locker room during practice. -- -- -- know you -- so what will -- you know what to expect especially -- -- you know they're good for alternate and you know that program yesterday you know the real -- -- Physical game and who. We knew we have a chance but Alton who we are being be manipulative -- -- -- all of you know again that we build better are going to better but I don't know call on March -- -- the other spoke. More director of central middle of the -- trailed only one group. But is it talked about what is it is it from the coaching staff as far as you know. But people think they're gonna come in here and do this to us and is that motivate motivation there. We'll talk about that too much conflict coming here on July the immediate -- work. On these -- old good it'll happen and every player motivated obviously don't wanna. I'll beat the guy. That it became fully cooperate the motivation comes from itself that. He came in there and play earlier and -- great offense and and did you feel the pressure of of being. Part of a lot of great offense -- -- referring to pretty much the rookie receivers right now. Is can you feel pressure on them. Maybe some of the pressure you felt was as it is a rookie player. On the outbreak occurred it'll all you can almost are not including matter I'll. Along he's been in the legion and ever ask all of you you know what you need to deliver and the whole team is counting on the boat -- -- that -- struck you know. Calls counted on to make it past you know the belt about a counter and arm to protect -- receivers. Correct on the right -- look at also it'll ever want typical structure. Well but it only you know a little better once you have experience and now you know I've been through bolt struck couple but it preferable -- -- We're talking isn't fashionable -- a big win for the patriots yesterday beat the previously undefeated New Orleans Saints big stories the first half Sebastien was the up tempo offense we've not seen. This -- go go go offense as much as we've seen it last year. -- How much did how early in the week did you know is part of the game plan you guys were gonna try to play up tempo and try to catch the saints on their heels throughout those first thirty minutes. -- I don't know what the real reason we know that could -- and think. I'm not sure. You know it can't come to him on common and help. Coordinating. Don't look like always ready or but that depends what changed about our people what to do it so it really not up to local. Our home we know we can. All I think you'd -- in the game. Do you think that more to do with -- -- -- showing you or is it more to do with. Trying to get this offense going after difficult week before. From. Roger -- for additional both a home. I really can't they had to know that to the plate or like or better occurred and what the got a phone trail Motorola. What. What is what is the conversation before that last drive him in the huddle with Israeli conversation between the old line between them. Talk to you guys flew -- a conversation was there. On what sort of drop out of a little slow to looks legal company it's all the war. Not so much -- and we knew -- had a pretty it would get the ball back and -- almost playing good and mitigate all the sweet arms. And so we're confident and then we do you know where to deliver and I think that's what -- what they want to concentrate on the -- critical through. -- -- practice before and you know all of those -- -- commons. And what you have to do what I think we're all you know quite confident that we knew we had a chance. After don't -- that pick with a vote to have minister goaded. Did you guys notice the north saint sort of celebrating with the ball up as a defense almost thinking at that was it that the game was over two guys see that by chance. Our -- Yeah -- a little bit while walking off the field let. Amid a finger on new governor -- at least rhetoric -- field -- that we gonna get the ball and you know during the period. So we knew we ridicule and what Nabil was there. It early and -- in or some pressure on -- did the saints and up with five sacks was there something that the rob Ryan's defense Sebastien did that. Surprised you well I haven't watched tape get I guess but it looking back on it was a more physical errors and they surprise you what they did defensively yesterday. I mean yeah they're national ownership that there really good deeper and Rob -- helped electric coordinator. And now they're giving. All of those problems there in -- about about it. And molecular Austria and emotional that will find out what happened that let -- so we know we have to be better. Let alone. In -- and sort of agree that -- them at all closer look what happened. He's a fashionable or five and won the patriots now it's jet weak jets in New York this upcoming weakened to bash appreciate the time we'll talk next week. Sebastian Vollmer joining us there he was Sebastian -- brought to you by Verizon stay connected. To your patriots at -- and on the go files -- Internet and NFL mobile from Verizon that's powerful. Are brought to you by air rest restoration specialists and Toshiba business solutions and by Boston labor Lazar Steve DeOssie is here.

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