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Herm Edwards with Salk and Holley: Players like Gronkowski getting second medical opinions is a part of today's NFL

Oct 11, 2013|

We discuss the Rob Gronkowski rift with Herm Edwards of ESPN, who had the experience of both a player and a coach in the NFL. We also talk Pats vs Saints, go around the NFL, and even get some travel advice from ol' Coach Herm.

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Well as the pitchers Friday. Interspersed with a lot of good Red Sox conversation today -- -- and WEEI. And WEEI dot com is the appropriate two hours from now Michael. We got some Red Sox tickets to giveaway. Fenway Park game to Sunday night's prize though there are those are good to losers keen to match so jurors are eight may take place Buchholz should be good one. For Sunday night 815 start courtesy of Budweiser here in the home. Or Red Sox playoff baseball WEEI wanna talk to our guy Herm Edwards part of our great rotation of ESPN football guess every single Friday. He's brought -- by DCU digital federal credit union -- in DC UC view. Permit you would imagine the big story here today is as Rob Gronkowski report in just the the squabble between the two sides the patriots and their medical staff believe and one thing Rob Gronkowski and his people. Apparently believing another -- a run across an issue like this is a head coach. Well obviously players in today's world it's second opinions -- you have to realize that in. And I think that. You know -- I've -- now it's becoming a distraction a little bit and nobody would pay to have the last thing they needed distraction because in all of a sudden it becomes a question -- to players and locker room. And local Belichick SO musicians don't like that. If that becomes an issue morning using the availability of rock hey they played without -- thus far and obviously struggled with -- stroke was -- we all know that. But -- the world we live it and what do we do know if he's not rated play mentally. Regardless he's clearly not you should put him out there. There -- such an interest in relationship I mean the team doctor and the player you've dealt with that from the perspective of a player. And you dealt with that as a head coach. How do you handle it and in both cases. Well -- -- toward player -- volatile players' side and maybe that's the former player and me understanding that. Me personally at football player I always felt I had an obligation to my teammates. To where I understood the difference between being -- being -- Now brought in to situations but is expected this -- has had multiple operations. In you know he's probably worth about his career right now right he should be because he is injured again. This becomes. Problematic for. And it's and it's -- -- can view more get injured more you sit there trying to. He's like -- he's trying to get well. You're not the players used to be because you're not available. And that's never good so he got a big decision to make whether it's this week next week next year whatever it may be. And he worried about right now and obviously get the second opinion. That's all great but habitually -- have to make it. You don't think that it had pulled out of the players the doctors and they would have -- doctor Davis what you know what you feel. In the middle you have to be ready to play you're not it should play. Listen we're all guessing I don't think regarding what the Celtic great school and -- with -- -- become a doctor. So we're not we're not doctors put on -- wondering just go with your -- based on what you read. You think you'll come back can be the same point. You know I don't know I hope so I know obvious when you when you've had multiple surgeries. That a 100% that you used to be. That's never never the same anymore. You know I just believe you know that it would -- more -- you have. It becomes mental. Because you're away from the game. You question yourself and the only way you're truly find out skeptical -- but I do what you'll think you'll be forced to mislead absolutely no doubt. -- Herm Edwards as we do one every fourth Friday and always good to catch up the term let's get into the game that will watch on Sunday patriots for one. Scenes five and though the saints have one of those other worldly offenses that you see every you know easy two or three of them. Every year how do you stop. Well because Belichick in his defense. You -- you know it they're all about situation football -- they do very well not like score a lot of points. The ability to all the way. And I think the two things that you have to deal -- -- right away is Jimmy Graham died in the sports. -- stop him special third down they're dynamic players on third down Jimmy Graham is very very cute obviously in the red zone in the you got to find a way -- in the war in other words we in tight I know quote go check. A lot of different release up the field probably have a lime -- -- somebody's sitting over you know. We gold outside outside the numbers I would be surprised at times certain situations you put to Lee -- because one thing to lead can do. -- -- You know in the in this speed he has great ball. He played the ball in the year and you and you see -- always -- -- Jimmy Graham what I called jump -- small -- They feel he can jump up when he contested by a defender and can jump over -- -- ball. Well to -- has unique ability to play in the ball in play demand -- in the years so. You could see some of that and find a way to brackets polls will be in the back field you know these big guy coming -- back to catch in his little screen so. A gold Bluetooth things we don't want to go about increasing solicit the pocket you're gonna have to Russian in fact due to -- more. And a play football that way. You talk about those jump balls for Jimmy Graham I know this isn't true term and every time I imagine Jimmy Graham it in my mind's eye I see him grow and going up and -- -- and over somebody I don't remember committee situations where. People have knocked it down so I want to ask you who has done the best job against Jimmy Graham that you seen or what strategy has been most effective again for Jimmy Graham. Well does that fit you know that the strategy of this is is that in the in the in the National Football League as well because thing I learned abruptly position long time there's certain guys that have the ability. To play he characterized. Not looking at the quarterback. In the have a six instinct that tells them the ball is about to arrive a little play ball. In golden unique it's it you can drill it. But it's hard to do. Because it's not a natural instinct would be -- to player to -- has that. When you watch him play if you watch him his eyes are always on the ball what it once it its goals in the area are volatile because players that. One thing -- do know about the National Football League. When the ball -- thrown there's only one name is commissioners. Don't belong to the office. It you can jump -- kept -- away if you like which you gotta be Wi fi. And that's -- bit because he can make some plays on the ball. Over the patriots offensively I mean obviously they have not been the same offense we've become accustomed to. At times they've run the ball well even more of a grinding it out type of an offense and then all that seemed to just kind of completely go away against Cincinnati. On Sunday Tom Brady is not really looked like himself. If you were called in as a consultant what would you offer some advice to the Patriots offense. Well I would -- this is Howard you're gonna attack. The saints defense in when you look at him now. And I think coach Billy -- -- he's won more games I ever thought about went in in the they know how to game plan of people their opponents. We speak about the saints defense and in the -- ran as an excellent job there bringing back a defense that it was. Not very good last year Atlanta to -- with believe they play on multiple sets of dig -- to back to work sometimes five and six. Well we apple got little football field you know the basic plan -- when when when you spread them out. I would see that we -- run the ball screen to. You'll force still got to tackle in space forced to do so they don't wanna do they want their their -- passing Iran. But think they'll mix it up but they'll run the ball slump. They'll take advantage of votes to match up problems that they haven't Bakken that are secondary. They'll get to receivers -- support guys in drastic guys. As far as the performance of the team is concerned there's one shocking story to me in the NFL I can't believe. This team is performing this way and it's not the Denver Broncos. -- -- and if you if you see the same way the most. Shocking performance. This season you've seen from a team. -- -- Well in terms of their records. Well obviously you would you would say that this. Is way anybody even years you know -- -- you -- Leonie -- lies he initially now if they're acting in this debate descent into. This team and the expectations obviously. When you look at them one -- you know what has happened and it's on all fronts at home both sides of the ball in this team you guys know historically has -- what is. Offensive line and defensive -- we only half but back to get to the quarterback got exposed Specter -- into this game -- the seat belt light. They were going to be a little weak linebacker anyway. One out there we get the defensive line everybody gets expo to give up a lot of points kicking off field on third down -- effect quarterback offensively get what happens. Oh get blocked it right can't run the ball kept acting -- left let us also glimmer of hope. -- not offensively and defense. In this that. Brandon Jacobs brought back to. In my in my my opinion I'll watch it got one last night that's what you expect out of guys running. Big physical let him back if not -- dot he's goal when he entered in the public gesture -- he really attacked. Hopefully they can be alone. They have the ball out in the fourth quarter and be Latin -- -- it might if -- up. So there's. There's and -- I don't know upon Tom Coughlin basically I got a ten games scheduled. And at that developed the six game we just like that. Our -- and ask you who we talked about baseball tickets before you came on you you follow baseball. -- animal bit back way back with you know early days. You'll went Dave how -- One errors that old. -- last year local mom made up old guys like object. You any advice for us are headed to Detroit. -- -- -- I mean it. Well you know the Boston they're they've they've got great passion it's one place. I mean is it on the watch. Out watch baseball on wow you people part time but I love the passion and -- -- beat. You know when I heard though all I heard you say is do you have any advice in Detroit and you basically said no you're on your own go enjoy yourself and Detroit when -- went. Or talking about a -- of the Red Sox -- talk about it vice premier Michael actually going to the city of Detroit argue where where. I don't know that's -- thing is that your first season advise. Be careful. -- like old glory -- you don't want alive it would report Diop who don't agree. Are much always good to catch up -- the -- always on my favorite people Andy and anywhere but doctor -- appreciate him and we'll do it against him but aren't there he appears Herm Edwards. What was that don't walked into the lion's den. The workshops the report jobs suit is that an expression yes I don't think have ever heard that one yet support gritty by airport jumpsuit that company to fund. -- the midlands site that department confided to Torre does know how about. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A W yet.

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