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Rob Gronkowski vs the New England Patriots - the rift reportedly widens

Oct 11, 2013|

We discuss the ongoing situation with Rob Gronkowski and his health and availability for the Patriots, after new reports have surfaced that the team and Gronk's camp are further apart than ever concerning his injuries and availability to resume playing.

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Welcome back to the guys you work what are back at Red Sox here in just a moment we'll get back to them about ten minutes. I do wanna hit quickly here we'll spend some time on this later on in the show -- about 245 and on on this Rob Gronkowski report all the credit to our very own Mike Petroleos WEEI dot com I think it's. A huge story that Mike reports late last night -- read it today if you haven't go over to WEEI dot com and read it Mike. Really breaking down and and reporting what is happening with the patriots and Rob Gronkowski and bringing new information to bear there are three. Quick paragraphs from his story that I think really tell how what's going on me read these to you first. -- he says WEEI dot comes learned from multiple industry sources. That the arm -- initially in November 18 2012 against the colts might have healed properly on its own with no surgery necessary. But the team and gronkowski perhaps looking to -- His return to the field decided upon surgery to use and implement in hopes he would be ready for the plant that inserting something into was right. In SS one out too. One source of knowledge of the initial -- surgery told WEEI dot com Thursday night but there is quote serious concern and quote about the integrity of the bone. Where the implement was plays I think this is the biggest thing. And the surrounding nerves nerves. The source indicated that if the bullet had -- on its own without an implement there might have been no infection. However there are now concerns that an abscess developed causing infection and likely weakening of the bone. This prompted three more surgeries -- finally all of this led to a decision this week to bring in noted orthopedic specialist doctor James Sanders to sign off on whether gronkowski is indeed ready to play taking the decision out of the hands of the patriots gronkowski and doctor -- Those are the three main points and Detroit reports and they they show. Disturbing. They paint a disturbing picture what's happening but really the leader Richard brought with Croat army in general are absolutely. And at first -- as you said props to drags for forgetting that story it's a big story it's a national whenever one that's following up on on what he initially reported so. Good job tracks but in terms of this -- situation vs the team now we've got to. We got to face off year. Really if your Bill Belichick you've got a doctor in Thomas gill. That you have to you know placed your trust in him you're you're listening to his advice you're listening to his. Yeah you're leaning on his expertise. That's helping to team where it's helping you make decisions what he asked the same and then you've got ground. Yeah most of make a plane then trust -- -- doesn't trust and that's what doctor James Andrews is part of the party now. So it's Glock. Even though they're not allowed -- are you saying. My god and he could just gonna practice -- who's on the Youkilis oh my god thank you so you could. NFL teams. Teams across this league. Do things that are not supposed to. Yes yes. So I don't know I don't know about the good enough. That's -- good enough reason you know I haven't taken on a roster spot you know how Bill Belichick feel it was rough ride on when he said to us on Monday will play that sound coming up by I was surprised when he said in a Monday. Because it didn't seem like enough of reason and obviously what you just said if you really needed him to just practice is on UP how hard could that have really been in when everything is done in secrecy anyway what other parts of the report this comes from out of chapter says moreover there -- less optimism Friday that he would play Sunday against the New Orleans Saints than there was earlier in the week -- Also still has not been cleared by doctor Jesse Jupiter who perform the latest -- surgery on gronkowski. Inside according out of chapter members of the tight and inner circle would like to ensure that he is fully healthy before making a return to the field. Will those who watched him in recent practices during which gronkowski even been tackled. Don't understand. Why he has yet to play game to really you're looking at at almost the re separate issues here one is what you just said eight -- a stand off. Medically between the patriots and Rob Gronkowski that's one wins I have no idea I mean right now -- -- one place not comply. And the patriots are losers because in this situation -- bring him out he's he's valuable. To. However is this -- He's going to be hurt for a long time when you hear about nerve damage and a weakened arm and surgery that didn't go the way it was planned and an abscess. You know I I worry that that. He's never going to be 100%. Of what he was that you're never going to see the same ground out there that you once on the in the final part is just this idea of the -- inner circle and then going back and forth with the patriots and whether or not that's even it's not even about doctor deal anymore it's just about are you ready to play yes -- -- You know ever was published. Knocked out if it's actually got about a deal anymore when it comes to imply he's going to be clear doctor -- but that that I I think that is nothing from everything I've heard about doctor and personal take is do you want to play -- -- -- you know -- not okay you're not my understanding of the late doctor -- or is that it's very. Your center may be players centric but that's the case. Call me doctor holly. Gotta get -- but he has and that makes that okay there's got to be something else behind not to negotiate doctor Andrews since yes the title. He says oh you can play ignored this -- -- -- -- -- and you -- the three and yes. Got to fort what's -- -- says he's gonna play. Is very very much unnecessary. That is a cheap shot and is unnecessary Michael -- I think your off that. -- While also John Clayton says he might play but he up you left a couple hours opera house he's an apples to he's not going to play this week I'm -- that's. And just -- -- that we were in our practice. And these things were. We from the -- And it's so. Patients -- in the -- things this week and and the excitement and they Gergen thing. -- Rob Gronkowski get ready he says. Sort of for New Orleans pitcher to definitely get ready for them will he play it sources telling Adam -- here that. The likelihood of that is decreasing. I think we thought just a day or so ago that it looked. Like it was all systems go would finally get a chance to see -- out there starting to have those conversations about what he does for their red zone offense for their passing offense for their running game all the things that have been problematic for the patriots this year but I -- specifically the red zone with 31. In touchdown percentage of -- been a gigantic problem and you're not going to be. A team like the saints by just -- field goals against them and now all of the sudden things have gone badly arrived here last 44 hours and credit Mike Charlie. Right here in WEEI dot com Mike doing a great job. Reporting what's really going on and it's it's really an ugly man. That's -- that's if it's such an ugly -- this is what I I can't figure out. What's it like for grown at practice. And why is he practicing. So the patriots are having him practice and they don't think that he's gonna play. Because it's his call. Then why would they have them practice. We're taking reps from somebody. And if you -- -- this guy is there's an impasse here between the patriots and their medical people. So much so that it's moved on the somebody else can we -- now we've brought in we brought him a third party because you know you guys just aren't gonna see at the same way. But in the meantime. He's if you don't think he's got to play and he's practicing why why -- -- practicing that's one for from patriots perspective from ground perspective. I'm not sure I trust you guys Rochester Medical people. So why aren't practicing. What I do not the. If the whole thing is weird isn't it right -- -- -- you know tried to report. Gives you some some great insight into what what a conflict is between these two sides to your questions are what continue to make this whole thing as confusing as it's been what we now know is that if he doesn't play this week. It was at least in theory a mistake to have not placed them on the PUP list right. And -- UP meant that he would have returned to practice next week after the saints game and you could use them at any time after that -- if he doesn't play before then then what do you really -- he didn't have a you didn't have that extra roster spot which may be could have used to carry another tight and it might have been helpful for you. And instead all you got was Rob Gronkowski practicing a Bill Belichick told us on Monday but that was part of the decision making process. None of these and we've been taken -- dated today for error a lot of days now. I think that one of the most important things that decision was just that he had an opportunity practice if we had. Put on PUP and he wouldn't camp practice you know if it's at the meetings but he can't Walters that he can't. He can't pretzel the team to champion patents can tornadoes things. It will -- so so it did you buy them I mean when he said it I remember thinking. -- Telecheck -- who who sold sex with the last couple spots on his roster does Rob Gronkowski practicing when he's a veteran. Really mean more to him -- that it it seemed awed at the time. Whenever it is he plays he'll be a lot more ready to play now than it would have been. Feed that suspended and so Epson I don't know working out with the way coaches. -- So -- in and then all the here's another question. You know I've listened to an answer from Belichick on Monday another question is. Are their practice are are there restrictions. Are -- placed -- placed on him by himself or by the team. They're practicing things and and they say we're gonna do this in the game this is how is going to be in the game he's later. I don't do that. I disputed this kind of practice but if there's if there's going to be somebody around me I can't be hit it can't be -- -- The the show after report says that he was tackled that he's been -- -- practice hoping there's been at least some level -- close -- tackling in practice and let's remember that the way he injured his arm the second time was not gonna tackle right it was diving for a ball audience of coming down on the arm right and so was -- non contact play anyway. Where he ended up getting hurt for the second time -- if he's practicing anything -- -- it easy entry you know really involved. Caught up but it is the possible that he would do the exact same thing without ever being touched and it really. Our reputations charge state you know medical reputations this is not not the even play games with views is that something I know much about in them you know the medical community. A medical insider but I don't know if you're Thomas GO doctor Thomas GO. And in your being. Even a -- way you're being accused of of of not. Malpractice not doing at the right way everyday -- bailed out just -- it is just out there are reports. You're being doubted your being called out to -- caught out by. Grants people. You've been called up before by the Red Sox. But what do you do what do you know say something do you do you. Big Bill Belichick come out and give you a stronger endorsement the. Really didn't give an endorsement today came out said they had the full company that Thomas -- I mean what else you want does that mean he didn't. I don't know what else he needs to do in order to give him an endorsement of credit as he could come out and said. Gil got this went absolutely correct in the ground house -- campus lying. Well I don't know like educate African to do that affect our medical people do to get our medical people do a good job -- I mean that's not. That's not necessarily filling up the paper there I think you think you've got it done fewer than 250 words that the bill on the net sort of what -- you're -- hundred while the other part of this in this it'll last you guys you guys -- -- -- 61777979837. You -- gras you blame -- Or do you have complete sympathy with him and saying look they screwed up the first time. Why shouldn't he wait until he's a 100% confident that he feels good that his own doctors feel good in the patriots feel good before he. -- objective -- six or 777979837. Last those questions hear from you guys next alcoholic WB as if it's not enough to try no go up against the saints offense. The cruises up and down the field one of the great tight ends in the game Jimmy Graham. One of the great quarterbacks in the game you're supposed to be able to match that you one of the great quarterbacks in the game you know one of the great tight -- in the game. -- -- You're tight end. Maybe wants to play David doesn't wanna play maybe can't play navy can't play or you're talking about the -- relative. I'm not stalking her -- that you're supposed to have to Bob I'm not talking about the one who seems like he's an even bigger trouble today. If he's on the Fox25 report it to the eyewitness the double homicide drive by shooting from a year or so ago was saying that Aaron Hernandez pulled the trigger on -- talk about him it was an eyewitness last year well when he said that when he saw her name and his in the news connect the other murder he realized that I don't know that it -- him -- little -- still problems for -- -- gronkowski thing is is so strange in the back and -- year great job in my petroleum over WB -- dot com. And read the report that he broke late last night. That they really are at -- here and back and and -- some of the details but. It's it's an it's an ugly situation between the patriots and Rob Gronkowski witches. Which is too bad in that. It's bad for them that they're not getting along bad for Rob Gronkowski -- -- he's not comfortable but ultimately that because. The guys that out of the field and that really is the goal like your best player out on the the. And it's something that according to the -- story that the patriots expected by week three I'm so glad that he broke that. I was thinking that the entire time he just put it to get it's it's just common sense. It's common sense it's watching Bill Belichick for all these years like we have. There are certain things you just know that Bill Belichick believes you know how he's gonna look at a certain situation you guys have listened to him. You guys -- appraised -- you complain the bottom you know though. If you're -- your rarely surprised by a Bill Belichick reaction to something so. When -- to Rob Gronkowski was not on the pup list he's on that active roster he's one of those 53. And he's not playing in bye week for week five week six now. Yeah it it gets your attention the -- there's a first time you read some of the paragraphs before you -- three paragraphs before. Only three paragraphs written first paragraph personally you're talking on the office the first paragraph. Injured on November 18 2012 against the colts might have healed properly on its own with no surgery necessary yeah. Now I guess you can't say this but if you change that word might. It be changed might -- would. It would have healed without. Without surgery I got a real scandal. But I guess you can't you're talking about medicine you can't speak in and such an absolute -- Bryant -- They made a mistake but is it going that direction. It's as if the first time I've heard anybody suggest that this could have been handled without surgery. So if Rob Gronkowski believes that. -- it helped me. Get I had I had surgery right when I didn't need to have that and as a result I've had three additional surgery. About that I I understand that that would be 11 sided in the players' side in the hindsight being 20/20 -- but the other part is. Yeah look there's plenty of injuries that you could rehab without surgery. Right baseball goes through this all the time -- You wanna have you wanna have season ending Tommy John surgery or do you wanna try to rehab your way through it in baseball players make that decision all the time maybe Tommy -- not a good example because it takes -- long to recover from but there are other examples -- could try to rehab this or you can try to have surgery he had the surgery. You may end up -- back quicker and beat these issues come up all the time the patriots tried to get him back as quickly as possible. My assumption is that Rob Gronkowski wanted to be back as quick court as possible the fact that something went awry and that -- ended up being an abscess and a and infection. Does not necessarily mean that they chose the wrong course of action. Right well this -- here 860. You need to go to WEEI dot com pronto -- go pronto because I don't think you understand the gist of the story. It is -- it without reading his entire Texas it takes a two or three two or three yet text here. He says well what why don't we learn why are we questioning rocks tough. No no no no it's not the story. Maybe somebody will do that today question to stop this. But the story is there's a problem. There's a problem behind the scenes we have. We have got a glimpse behind the curtain and behind occurred over here to elect what got Rob Gronkowski or we're here to the right we got the doctor. They're not really talking to each other. -- doesn't really trust the doctor and so now they need somebody else. To settle this does it is is not grunting I don't feel like coming back this is not a question I can't handle the pain in his questioning you've just been diagnosed and I screwed up the last surgery necessary -- trust the Doctor Who was operating like -- 77797937. Go to Joan -- -- GO. Gentlemen. I love that topic itself fighting and utilize -- -- You know this doctor consider that -- it's so that almost like a trial with that defense expert has warned that in the prosecution expects that something totally to the contrary. I'd like to bring up what it's nobody's touched upon I do I do believe that. He shouldn't be on the field actually at a 100% healthy I don't have any problem with that I don't have any problem with our parties agree that the right time. But one thing that no -- mentioned that I have a huge problem with that that. The original injury when it happened at an extra point was a result a rock lotion yet. Not doing his job. Can't even leave his job and blocking of the excitement and Daugherty was supposed to do -- There were you need to do that it wouldn't -- couldn't get in the first place I don't really get people -- or we -- -- that that's an extra. Let he without -- -- pretty good spirited bill that's sitting responsibility that's why is that got broken because he wanted. Doing his job. He was doing his job and especially if I'm not an exact. An extra point and he looked at in Egypt stood that's -- You are so he lofted based on what base in your film study American appetite domain -- do you want do you watch that you watch guys on that plane. I I I I generally don't you. And I saw the reply it was clear and that would let. Him if he didn't -- the -- and I'm just responded -- what you said. In particular blocking assignment and for the last time about quote unquote patriot what do you do your job you know Max. I suffer -- isn't confused Joseph if he is if he was locally and not do his job how to that it if he wasn't hitting anybody out of that -- -- -- because he got himself that he wasn't protecting themselves. Average common throughout the play Joe's. It was definitely a good question I usually now. It out -- in the replay a hundred times it's like you have like we all have and I don't think that was the issue I think it was a it was a fluke injury. That's what happened as much out of really saying on Twitter at at somebody's having -- -- -- on Twitter this dark country and that will be talking about. Matt -- what are you talking about this is a huge controversy. How did not. There's just not a big story play. Of course it is and Rob Gronkowski and the patriots her dogs -- whether or not he should play it's been six weeks he might not play this week and at that point it becomes foolish to not put among the onto by the PUP list. So yeah of course it is and especially if he's going out to see doctor James Andrews and bringing him minute that's not made up at all on this is the patriots. Having a problem with their best player in terms of him trusting them. As an organization honest and there's any other way a look at six or 77797937. Jerry and Sam charger. They guys I'm. By the beyond just a quick update its if you remember that hey you know like all of obsolete. But out. Every tournament I'm sure it don't show let me on that blocked the -- your victory at that by Trulia. And market patrol was not not he's not in a good block in position. To shoot down a really big gap Mike would not Jewish. Outside Anchorage area public got and again but I I -- I don't remember me the extra point play. Natalie I don't think I don't think Favre for the most part I don't think on on extra points we really. I'll look at it closely and study who's missing -- but c'mon man. It was. Real quick look at it again but I -- to get your -- Howard Carter and other important. Everybody. In the stressed out. -- -- -- you -- -- that not true you know I can't get yes I. Yeah contract hell yes. Yes. You know. -- -- little -- to screen for manager after an earlier read you again this is this is. I want -- I want a local guy that Elena. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This sir -- she says contact drills -- Jerry go ahead so he says he says they gronkowski has been tackled in drills okay. Now we don't know Jerry Ritter an -- wanted to best reporters but I didn't want to get your point to hear your big point is. Yeah well in track and I knew that contractor post and that you know I'm. -- that you might -- -- running on the sidelines ornament. Well he's he's obviously do are you have you listened to the story army Jerry that there's more to -- -- that this is not trying to figure out whether or not he's gonna play commerce station. The pitchers don't even know he's gonna have to decide. Along with doctor James Sanders who whoever won is trusting now on the spot. You brought up Matt Chatham and a reach Hewitt at Chatham 58 -- a couple of hours ago Michael he says the -- a complete thing it is saying no controversy and -- non traversing. Had a choice chose the riskier play now fixed wasn't put in. Without knowledge now everyone is cautious. What else. To match -- -- -- Okay this is why it's a controversy. I'm gonna say this from from the perspective of gronkowski. Now -- say this -- this next part is totally fiction. Matt Chatham is right. But the controversy comes with the treatment. The doctor tells him this is the best thing for you but it turns out to be the worst thing for him that the controversial. Obama and what that would respond I'll play all play match Adams role here OK just by reading his tweet when I think he would respond but general full -- do it justice but I'll say what I think Matt would stay back to you is know what happened is in not to belief is the doctor said look we've got two choices. You can sit out longer and try to rehab this thing or can do -- surgery to put a plate in there right it's a little bit riskier but you'll come -- -- is riskier because what. Because you you you can incurred nerve nerve damage. Because there's an abscess. Because you could have three more to her anytime you have a surgery there's a risk the risk of infection there's a risk to have three more search you're at a time of surgery there's a risk for infection listen and of course. There's a risk to have. Three more surgery but -- I got an infection which is why you have the three others are okay and at doctor's gonna tell you that you you are looking at this thing is going to be. So risky. That you you may not be done with with surgery that's not that that's not the case that's not what happened what that is the end of contracting. An infection but happening inside is looking at it this side says right. Wait a minute. It wasn't supposed to be this complicated. Ethic and my guess is daughter still returning by saying actually this was a fluke thing. These things happen when you have surgery I told you that they were risks you signed off on those risks this was not what we four saw occurring at. But you know when you have surgery these are the type of things that occur 61 or can occur 61777979837. Guardian took Kyra. And -- guys as a parting them. I don't is great on the button I did I don't think is on the Greek is big everybody's turn to make out the I'd think -- happen is is that he took the the the metal in his -- because. Gonna give them Tom long term protection against that nearly a fraction again. And what that risk is you'd actually. How -- I -- debate I think the reason why you can still on the practical -- is because he's close to be. Being able play but I think -- Basically unable play advocate time and cannot wait I did it -- forty what was it what do you think that based on the well wait a day and on -- because if you notice in all pirates using him at practice. Computing -- on -- and other people no home like -- Is that he wouldn't read quad cab BE two and I will be made contact. -- a player or -- lips he not doing now are. -- -- I think I don't know that that's really the story here I mean nobody who's just been practicing hasn't been playing in a game is going to be a 100% in game shape but I'm not sure that's -- worried about what's good to let's go to Mike is drive around in the car I might. Our men in Ohio hello Ali. The elevator Ollie -- expert Ali everybody is an expert and I -- I'm -- -- -- real quick or I just don't understand the one point I want to -- out John -- my neck you bought it helped to offset by -- about it. But the one point that hurt the -- and I would I don't. We understand is. Are you know that it was fortunate patriot if it does not -- it we gotta keep it -- and they -- all for the -- not put them on on the -- I only really are you that it. Well it actually so number one is. Last spot each day I mean it's it's it's a model public school district is third on the roster knew that it was the same people are gonna like it would. I epic chronicler I would on the public key welcomed -- -- that we know Mike you're right it's. It's a guy who would be at the end of a roster but I -- the point back is those things matter to -- ballot Jack and so if if he didn't choose to go with a 53 man and his roster. He -- really believe the ground that there are some value and -- some likelihood he would he would play. What an and that that kind of thank you had upheld my second point which is it was a gamble obviously we're. A common culture convention I'd rather take a gamble beat him off the top left little -- and maybe hey maybe -- can use them. In the third week what -- -- -- But he hit the chip and -- in the -- early comedians better and described rental -- is that ticket -- for the better part spot at wildwood where I want there are more. Benefit to channel coming out there are you okay Mike I think and you know just based on of the Texas line. There are a lot of people are are writing that what do what do we think that. The patriots did something wrong. But let's make it clear I'd just before it's -- him these stories sometimes get out of hand and like who's saying what. I don't know. If the patriots did something wrong what we're doing is commenting on a family squabble is is not a better way of saying it. But nobody in the media is saying. The patriots. Did something wrong they absolutely did it wrong and they should be ashamed of themselves. What we have here is a story initially reported by tracks here from WB -- dot com. It says -- some insight as to why Rob Gronkowski is not playing right now. -- there are some people on his inner circle feel like go way to -- you need to be cautious. On your way back because they let you down the wrong path last time they think. They think. The patriots. More specifically doctor Gil did something wrong are they right who knows. That's what they feel the patriots feel like they did nothing wrong doctor Gil feels like he did nothing wrong is he right who knows that's the dispute it is not something that has been. -- -- By some angry medium on. I agree I I think you're right on it which is why I think that's second thing we read from -- Detroit almost stands out to me as the biggest thing here yes all right that. This agreement between the patriots and Rob Gronkowski. His sexy the soap opera there but this should be the thing that worries everybody quote -- source with knowledge of the initial forearm surgery told WEEI dot com Thursday night. That there is serious concern about the integrity of the bone where the implement was placed in the surrounding Europe's. Shouldn't happen not to me is still the biggest part of our story -- I mean Garrett the patriots doctor -- and James Andrews -- Jupiter all these big names are fighting OK fine that's interest. Rob -- how ski there are serious concerns about the integrity of his bone. I mean that that is a question mark about when he is ever going to be a 100% if he's ever going to be a 100% that's the real question that cannot. Beat the patriots without Rob Gronkowski. You could survive for five or six weeks especially with a week's schedule at the beginning of the year but we talk about what they're gonna need to do down the stretch trying to beat teams like New Orleans and Denver and then eventually get into the playoffs and battling against playoff teams you need Rob Gronkowski you already don't have Vince -- you already don't have Aaron Hernandez you already made the changes to -- wide receiving courts that are -- your -- in the defense of line you wanna if you -- overcome those things how many of your best players can you be without. There that you there's only so many. 61777979837. Go to Mike who's in Medford -- Mike. Tiger is doing this Mike golf and going back too weak to. But all of them at the break here's to break the second break. When he came back last year was broken because of the plate I believe it's happening -- spot. So and then go back to -- through that first. The Pakistani media had that I punk rock. That -- story wise he's a long way from being Betty because he's -- -- -- those skinny. Then it is that is back and be here because it's it's on the war. And then analysis report now week five now this story and it comes in and all the time he's on appeal practicing. Contact practice through the what bill said Belichick. Could be true. And you know I don't know what they're controversies between doctors though it you know what's going on Everett if you get upset. And it could be worthwhile would be practicing at all. -- as I -- my question -- -- there that's my question in my gets a great question I'm wondering the same thing. I have no idea that's a it it's it's a very awkward if it must be at the -- at this story is true. -- -- all resources check out -- -- must make for very awkward situation in -- -- do you think these conversations are like between the wrong in his and his inner circle whether that is agent his father -- our Brothers our friends have been what what do you think those conversations are like protect yourself that the organization will go on without you -- -- united. He only have a limited shelf life in this game in this league. No this is -- -- you got to maximize earning power right now. They'll be they'll they'll move on the show goes on as you've seen. So you gotta do what's best for you and your family a restaurant guests in their -- What do you think he's thinking I mean do you think he thing -- just go out there playing yes I don't know what their play football and that's hard to imagine Rob Gronkowski. Thinking anything other than I just wanna go up their play football wanna go help my team win. They need me look at them in the red -- their disaster without me now I guess if you really -- think that there's nefarious plots out there. That that his circle could be saying hey the longer they go in the more trouble they have in the red zone without you the more it shows how valuable do you really -- Right hey look at what happened when I wasn't there you were 31 in the red zone without make you wanna go back and -- not I don't think so you better make sure you pay me. I just kept hitting it. I mean it's not like he's coming up on a contract he just got paid. So it's hard for me that to go all the way to the to the complete cynical side and say that that's all this as six point 777979837. I GA in Connecticut hijacked. -- I don't you don't subject. A -- -- yeah you know at what point -- the patriots start looking at me MB I mean. I mean -- they mean it it's almost -- over the keys into what we were Biggio reached where we reject -- so. He you know they're rumor got it back in college you know could be -- -- -- you know. From my Arizona are -- for that matter Roddy White ordered -- actually I mean we are we have to give Brady some sort of big target right now. You know without without it crocodile pretty ideal number three what we age. I mean this -- contribute over. I was surprised. -- -- eighteen days keep keep this date in mind. 29 -- -- out -- relentlessly team. That way and I went in -- -- -- October 2 organized. That that's an -- -- 11 -- I -- the map was reading adventure that today was the -- -- -- got so everything -- -- -- problem -- -- -- -- with also I just don't know the stage and in you know not always up and opens on over yeah I did I knew that Friday -- I just not Kosher with the -- okay well that's the NFL trading deadline. We'll see if the picture's going to be active and now they're more things to be concerned about the going to be actively looking for another tight -- American for. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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