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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Perk arrested

Oct 11, 2013|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane, today the guys discussed the arrest of former Celtic Kendrick Perkins.

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There are three heart goes in this room where the hell out and I. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- third into the studio. President let me back in -- -- -- all -- -- shot she'll. I thought that took away years she. Better we're always talking about having parties can approach two life right now. She was that it should be one big party for all happy people and you show. We're still here that have to be here -- come back I mean all the people who were fired or chased the -- the last two years shouldn't be one big party yes would that make the most sense agree. I'm just waiting to put off and put -- -- to puzzled people that'll of people who were fired coaches the -- at the garden of the we need the idea regardless -- you -- -- Foxboro if there. -- how are you well you know are you dress better. Or grape and on one of the other phone here. Purple purple pretty yeah. These -- hours and can be bought known Iverson weren't exactly. And it back on. Product placement can grant sunglasses as one of his client that -- the only one looks normal and natural awareness and glasses in -- -- it -- -- -- -- candidate didn't do it in Georgia and -- does -- look as bad -- it -- Randolph sunglasses. They're based in grand. In the USA by coincidence guest celebrities such as Jon Hamm on cruise and Johnny Depp. Gerry Callahan and Kirk in hand and he shot she'll and deal. Where rip -- quality unless you know diesel -- -- great on that celebrity cruise won all elements and you don't drive you now are Chris out while did you get shots on the ball nova. Ripped off USA dot com check it out sunglass -- where 04 and a I'm not sure -- know you released today well don't -- -- -- outlawed yet John Adams where. Monopoly -- -- yeah right I don't agree -- headlines. I'm site that was the athlete news editor and on went -- recently there -- here minute cancel isn't in the right. It was a mean. Just it's it's just joint problems come about everything really monster or maybe because we have a game plan every day and someone like to throw it off mid segment yeah. These are -- I hope you are Eric Castro the Cleveland and we all know it needed to Whitman. Everybody not everybody -- -- we everybody closer look at how they don't stuff he kidnapped three women in kept them in the basement for ten years correct. Correct -- different increments -- three women tortured them and prenatal. Babies killed himself we found out what is good great -- was good we publish your basic. Guard ordered suicide well turns out it was auto erotic asphyxiation. -- which. -- up with a belt around your neck while masturbating dressed up like bad manners something and you pass -- from lack of -- and apparently it makes you orgasm super. Cost them right. Subs he did this in his cell in his -- -- to the -- himself. Will tell you do it you know. Would you have some deals to it went today whose values by himself from the -- yeah auto right right yeah yeah. I need I don't know that I do not need clarification you got -- becoming a master basic questions Brigham your answer honestly don't know like he's five how well did he die. Pleasurable. And I -- suffered yet he thought well he's he's dead that's good he's a hell. That's good little -- -- -- for his last feeling was you know. That's a good point good I don't like that -- charity thing doesn't make you believe in hell to think that -- mean it has to be worst place for him man for all things he did. Is that worm treatment and to think offering I think he died I do I don't think he went -- -- guy on the we've done that is soul being so guide to kill himself right. Jerk jerk. Chauvinistic if he gets it Erica Erica. I was all the room he dies and then. Is what happens is I don't know under the ground and all the way down this big place weight under worked really hot. Always body and bodies of around this area is will go someplace I mean you are really reasonable idea yet you don't well I mean nothing if not -- -- are you don't believe that you believe that's an -- yes. Old school debate I believe it I believe there is life after. Yes I do organic avenues to -- yourself and -- get it down a what is would you I would say he's in that really there really is when he's in that I'd like to think there's -- -- at a ski yes yes Hitler. All disorder. -- That really. Truly -- a liar prudent and yeah how bad bets as to why why. I'm getting cancer is innocent places -- now and I'll go out rings yeah I'll talks. Different rings of fire correct while skating is on Detroit next week with Paul that's for a strike not invited. Us as a whole. Dot com -- Well I get to that later combat it was at this is getting this respected at this is not the nice down on the -- the -- ran like hunting launched only and companies to Huntington Beach and yet the critical -- in the morning gonna get up in the -- and fish and hunt and golf and -- to eat and likely. And it raises the chance of Detroit it's not like it shot. Itself. -- everything. Hillary you go there again that story of the different manner. Know what happened that summit next Jerry sees this we'll talk about your movement that would remove -- -- good about duck hunting expert who did this for like fifteen year I thought we were doing a whole segment. On the Detroit at the windows me different in shows like oh yeah. If you like all of them we talked about that backstage and out John -- columns. And bickering when you -- coach at all no -- shouted you know it's hard shot to probably do is he's coasted to trial time is -- -- California which say I read those cult like the fine they're -- supposed to one who's pitching in the seventh inning. I like those columns. Give the edge in anything to Detroit. The city itself that memo. This is all I -- music I did struggle musical edge pocket now -- Historically Michigan I give the historical musical it okay what else. Give Detroit. Of great -- -- auto racing is are registering yes and yes. Right now but once a year -- like. Feral dogs -- the other eating corpses and stuff and -- prostitute cheaper to -- to -- means something yeah yeah. More value crack yes all right our crack team that helped ushered us to carry that. Not terrible. All kidding aside. Terrible news in the world media bad news. Magic Johnson's odious and at all man element -- -- there is a hell I'm done that's he's out one of the greatest games I've ever saw. Now is this what we pretend that he brought to the table now well you know hit it 50000 watt smile. Oh that's right and charming and great chemistry yeah the other panelists. -- you're trying to be the process. One of the the best right now you just Hughes Simmons did get a law. Didn't get. If I have any respect for Sims do and they didn't 'cause he was boo who who brought polls showed I wouldn't oh yes how could get along it is looking like they're like ESP -- can do the right thing looks like -- Davis. -- Doug Collins in for magic off to -- and Doris Burke occasionally coming in as well as a good pretty good that's not a bad joke about broad. Then -- awesome yeah. The pilot doors would just loves. A great lesson please -- -- every witness again not hindered them that you dosage and he was on the last -- everything -- -- but yes sources say that Simmons pushed him -- not like now we just blew out. That and I respect that torture was exposed to go on air every week says once a week went -- a couple times with apple does that we yeah and -- that -- And and try to give the show some sense out of what they kept magic show would not to the show now looks at is -- Davis Bill Simmons Jalen Rose Doug Collins that's not bad. -- -- -- -- -- -- Just under them just terrible that's better than as a big -- magic and will answer. -- bonds and hopes he was a good host he hosted on a good host. The most recent -- Davis that's enough diversity here. It's important in the rose is black this sentences. -- -- And Doris Doris gentlemen right yeah she's good reason davis' bitches and get it in your head at all that's fine yet and you're done. All right Washington Redskins controversy continues. Sorry did you do we that you. At that stage Washington football Washington -- -- football with DC football the BC football team everybody's -- and finally are now are but he Howard stark. Is waiting with his state department's -- that it. American Indians have had the worst. And live with the you know where the land of the free and the brave where the good guys -- Obama meanwhile we came over this country -- -- still lives. Dynamic kill the mall yeah and and and rewrote history to make -- -- -- they were savages him real one enjoyed. Send -- a symbolic get rid of the -- in -- ready. Tennessee is what happens so far everything Soledad again this used to be the most politically correct guy in the world. And now he is is aligned with Peter king and builds gas and now he's Long Island how we are the only Hamptons -- how we when he tells people that the dinner parties you know the PP the crew there and he you know the -- -- -- Aniston's. Don't laugh and drug champ in about -- -- so all I wouldn't -- Al ball once occasionally Spielberg comes to the East Coast and -- how we get together. I'm never he is the single biggest -- ministry sir -- And stern is going to pretty soon I predict as it's going to get a cowboy had built a ranch project plus is he is -- -- now is much worse than Imus ever was a driver's problem I'm sort of the politicians rest guys sex with a glittery body. You'd think -- torque and finish -- and head they have fundraisers to saint stray cats his wife on in studio the other day unbelievable for 45 minutes -- a stray animals -- you have no -- in all the activity in -- -- he used to be insane and not they still -- -- from -- -- Suppose -- house because he used to be nuts. And just as politically incorrect you can get him now he goes on the air and supports Bloomberg's ban on big sodas just completely. One way back. And -- -- -- still so funny -- I still apparatus I'm your king -- -- threat -- us but he's beautiful people. Like that Perkins green trade. Your -- -- lo loves KP and obviously today not us. What -- Perkins is arrested after allegedly punching a woman in the face outside a nightclub in July. Officials say the tornado Perkins and his brother in law were outside knocks nightclub and Harris County Texas when they got into an altercation with a woman named Nikita cotton. She claims she was driving her -- from the club and got a fender Bender. And cons of the woman that factor in it she said Perkins is 610. Entered the fight in punched her brother in the head and then smacked her in the face with a closed fist. Low quality human being. What she'd do him. See any new -- new -- -- it was in jail and a fender Bender so you went to broaden the face that's that's. If removed now all we know he does not use. Diego that's him on its way to save them money laurels though you that's the mayor mayor this is -- -- those last stand -- His last real. World she had a chance at world champion yet has may. And he's already fired -- -- across the -- Detroit he said the -- blow the place and he's right but there mayor Dave -- got offended. A real man of Detroit's room there want to get sentenced to twenty years in prison now. And it wasn't up at. So they need them in the Kwame and and -- you know a consultant have a bad yeah I -- shout -- -- -- rust. Would you bet rust on us that we are -- Detroit. Yes all meth amphetamine that's let -- -- what -- -- imagine the mayor impediment. -- Back at Powell. How many. How many methamphetamine. Would equal like one quarter and I'm you know rule policy on -- my breaking bad like what they want to -- one -- cooked back. On verses -- gallon clinch -- -- good. Lobster I love and it badly thank god no it's a big enough so I don't really look. -- Detroit Boston. And new guy takes over. There's no matter what whichever one dribble the ball here I don't get Baltimore I thought could be I don't believe -- -- good to see you will see you bullet thanks for the -- action junkies are -- -- and -- -- -- originally admitted there and now an Obama referendum passed the rescue mission here now. I miss you guys know about it. As of now the wake up you know not the you know on the -- now there. Thousand as the -- -- up at 530. Yeah go to the gym you know most days ago it looked lately is that mindless know I'm thumbs up guys out -- yoga to seal. Up programming note somebody beside Dennis and Callahan. It's getting to respect them on the radio station could we not allowed to give tickets we're gonna give away some stuff. What that is somebody's just I don't know I don't know I'd be upset if I were dispersant on the other show. You're back.

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