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Former Sox skipper Terry Francona with Salk and Holley: Oakland potentially the tougher match-up for the Sox

Oct 10, 2013|

We preview the ALCS with former Sox skipper / current Indians Manager Terry Francona... we get thoughts on his friend John Farrell, the Rays series, who the Sox might want to face and much more.

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While certainly the city of Boston coming together right now watching the Red Sox and what this. What this last couple weeks of man's going through the AL DS beating Tampa if there was one disappointment -- For a lot of Red Sox fans and I know a lot of members of the media it was that the road did not have to go through Cleveland. That there was not the easiest story line of all time Red Sox against Terry Francona. In his Indians a disappointment with them unfortunately losing to Tampa. In the one game wild card playoff but Terry Francona kind of take a few minutes with us here today on salt and -- How are you. Could -- Don't pretty well how do -- deal with the recovery down that was written for you guys really wanted to win that game I do you deal. That there were a lot of people really trust looks just so we'd have to come to Boston. Home on -- directly under globally on our organizational. And down to Tucson now finally Neal picked up float off the capital for a little while. This surprise you a little bit I mean that team and you always always wanna win but -- gone into a team that. I think lost -- -- -- 95 or 94 games a year before right there with the Red Sox not very successful and then. Yeah you wind up in the post season it was was that maybe a year ahead of schedule for him. You on all we had a schedule Michael we've we just wanted to I mean. It all we shall open we want to do the best we could and I don't think anybody don't -- waters myself included. And then I will not just water won't succeed who started a -- just to get the September with a chance you know because who knows. And we got to September our schedule -- report record played eroded baseball. And we why people are well in awhile are now that's not the rally in the early wanna go. Lot of it beats the alternative of not have a chance but also we embraced a game there will be to spare square. They don't see it -- on dope boy Austin. Almost like be careful what you wish -- can also -- -- -- process like -- the beginning of this year you take over in new team a lot of young players and it'd been a long time you data you know out of the game for a year but more importantly had been a long time since you do. Coming in mutual place where you weren't already pre established. What was your process like at the beginning. You know what it was actually kind of kind of foreign arm because I'd been one place for a while sometimes you can go to. -- stagnant or maybe underway use ups sometimes even stubborn and it'll give -- your -- kind of reflect on I can do maybe do things better and forever but he was a fresh start myself included. And I think -- the content of the stance we all took the player like salt. The coat and look who we are going to argue better to do other -- kind of fought and we had a lot of challenger and we will continue to. -- it doesn't mean that I didn't thoroughly enjoyed it. And that's a good way to go into -- -- because even on the good days -- making it matters not a long day. Soul to be able to have that. That constant you know people round you -- -- that I loved and respected and you know level Brad Mills coached I'd like that. Kevin Cash got around you know be you know terabyte you ruling mean. You know we're talking with John Farrell I think it was a a couple of weeks ago and I said to him. Terry Francona -- -- what are your best friends in baseball he corrected me signal it's one of my best friends period first of all surprised that somebody who wanna be your friend. -- -- To quote -- -- I did I did you know it had to take the first shot and are you gonna take a shot at some point so I went to get the personal name. Well you know. He's right -- army you know we became friends because baseball. But -- we've we've maintained that French -- all use you'll survive what -- -- based or not and that support special person to me. -- mean to build stand in the dugout next to him. You know was pretty much. Shoot I would say it's an honor and then you know for him to kind of branch on on his own he obviously that is don't spots and I want some things. -- he would going to be Everett walk through it was weak a cup of sports talent for years as a pitching coach. If you you said a while ago we were talking and you said he's the right guy for the job that was a while ago you said it. What what do you think it is -- well why has it blossomed like this and how we all know he was a good pitching coach for you. But I don't think anybody really saw outside of the organization don't think anybody really saw it coming together like this. Well I think to walk the perimeter a lot of reasons but the wind was there was instant buy in from from the players and promote core group of players. Pedroia Els birdied Bockwoldt Lester. Middle Brooks all these guys -- new job. Wendy got a job all the sudden you -- last got a -- full again to these guys in a war so splatters it will be -- ultimate old. But they also body and and John have a good message anyway and when he talks he means what he says and the recent release of loaded -- And all the sudden you have a group of players were going in one direction. Present post may be beautiful ones. Well you -- spent a year is a member of the media when you're trying to figure out how that all came together for them this year. How do you figure how do you try to determine how much of it was John Farrell what he did it and how much of it was venture Arrington and some of the players that were brought in the who were guys who would want to -- -- -- think that it all final produced over one person. I think our big -- first moment of great selection into on. I think they obviously worked to other per well but there's other people -- me in my case -- a big part of that. -- to -- bridal how -- big part of it let me Kirk. They're they're they're good people and nobody. A pretty good when they brought John in it was another cheap piece but they all -- to go to colonel -- pretty obvious. Our tell me about to ALCS and we're we're hyped up for the game tonight. Hold the Red Sox matchup with the best. You know what guys you knew that or -- you guys should ultimately be seen like 42 Indians. And go deeper into the bowl problems because. No doubt what you wanna -- for you want -- first all. It'll Verlander pitching tonight for Detroit so and they -- sure throw the ball prayer and soul that's an advantage Red Sox. Oakland. That there'll believable on -- they just keep. Bring in pitcher that you and they find ways to do not offense in all the guard Brandon -- hit thirty home runs. In old former -- -- -- police Joseph Lowery. I mean this was -- really intriguing game and and it'll local decides not to export all -- the -- sunny great to hear that the -- their interest in story line -- players. When you watch again I'm into you watch some of these playoff games I assume that you don't watch in the gains in the policies of. I saw him get rid of organizational meeting so you don't like what we're done altered beyond but for the most part we're trying to figure -- -- is still reply and and I'll watch on TV. But and -- don't -- -- who want from me it'll start to search but I certainly can't do much about it. If -- watcher -- you think along with the manager especially somebody like John Ferrell you're so close do what you think along with him and try to determine what you think he's going to do. Now -- leave it -- you guys. Because we're the best that. You -- you can't you can't do it -- the dugout. You hear it in to look for the game and you know your players you know notes don't you know what you need to stay away from. And you've got almost get tunnel vision and I don't think you can do up from the -- box stands. As quote or every drop. It just is -- you mentioned some of the former Red Sox in Oakland. -- -- And and rhetoric and flowery finally playing. -- 50600. About season. Did you think that these guys had the ability to do this. Note interest and Brandon mosque because you know in the the hard thing about Boston is when -- young change Kamal. You don't really have the luxury of what the guys kind of penal -- wander through walk a rookie year you know we're we're postal went right now. -- the old guy like David Murphy branded mosque are -- guys. That's why the guys like yelled buried in the Pedroia is it makes it even more special because they were able to Kamal wonder must win circumstances and produce. So -- got cut at the go to other places get their feet wet it'll come earned her stripes and then they find a place to land and they start to be productive. You don't you won't believe this -- we are the AT&T text line here. And people some people are texting and saying nice try guys this is not a real T go on -- but this is the committee. What do well it'll let you know there's that that -- -- already. I did -- you want to wonder I remember driving down Brookline element but then why would I say that -- -- about been a real little community. -- you prove that this is you how do we prove that this is -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Are emotionally I mean when you watch this Red Sox team or think about them do what they're doing or even in a week ago the -- almost a chance for you to prepare to be facing them in a five game series. Is all that stuff completely gone out of your mind that you're you've totally moved on now that you spent a year in Cleveland. Or are there still some emotional attachment to what happens here. All micro and -- have attachments like that you're spending your little boy to not be attached to renounce. You all -- that'll always be -- -- but I hope we don't want to change. I -- -- as far as the old. I never really got back to -- -- what do we played awesome because. You know anybody who don't -- older we get so wrapped up into the next game. And I was at the time to ample and trying to get the plate to hit -- -- that you know I understand what that storm would print but I never got there. If you think about all the things that that that happened in Boston. And I know there was a lot a lot shed a lot written -- New York Times best seller. Are things an -- is that. And I have relationships been repaired or is that does not gonna happen. You know what Michael Arnold the whole arm there really aren't any relationships. I mean I mean you all the guys I note on and everything but. It'll be some of the relationships. Like what will be older solar I get time on the -- console. It'll upset about exploitative doubtful videos bark. You know it doesn't take away. From a lot of the memories that however that how -- becomes. So many good things happened there and bitter in all regardless of how. How it and it doesn't mean people or bad people it sometimes you'd prefer to -- a little bit for. Yeah yeah well we've we've had conversations in the past about manager of the year your candidate now a very strong candidate between you and John Farrell I think. How they feel about that. I feel awkward because I -- -- you can never -- herself on the -- you know I. And the thing -- former organizational award anyway. And it'll created so I don't really product that about that I. Just part beatle John -- -- won one my best friend so that's probably console or. You know you mentioned -- that you wouldn't have started preparing for the Red Sox before beating Tampa that makes sense but you've seen them play with more earlier in the year that the two series between Boston and Cleveland were earlier in the year. But if you're heading into a series against these Red Sox. How do you prepare for them. Well they're pretty different now than what we -- -- a year like certain within out all autos sell outs when they came at a Cleveland they're pretty much. It'll be -- up. When we came to Boston actually played pretty well they came back twice beat a slate which started to play those -- do -- we played really well. But -- strength may thirteenth so much in some of these young children brought up the good. An -- and that you know they they grind out at absence. Nobody got Pedroia and Ellsbury umbrage all the time and Victor Reno older energy and -- Ortiz smacked the ball well placed so they're back to may be. Avoid the Red Sox used to -- We mentioned Ortiz and he's been a fascinating subject for us this year and 38 years old it was a couple of years ago that it looked as if his career may be about the wind down. You actually have to pinch hit form in a situation and now you see in this year. Leading the team leaves their best hitter this year. How does that happen. Well he's pretty proud guys let me sort of hormonal -- -- a man I may have I may have made mistakes something I -- it caved into pressure -- -- -- Mean it was struggled for sure for a while they're what. -- pretty proud guy and I don't think anybody ever really second -- to work ethic. And the it'll shorten the key point and we're always told him that snapped a walk harder to stay worry was just because -- oil to light Beers. And you get older and obviously done that. Are you you -- got my attention news that you may have caved in to pressure pressure from home. What drives me you -- -- you -- you don't get pressure from all around from group also little whatever that -- and again we had we had different teams and you don't -- Mike Lowell sitting on the bench that. -- -- -- -- -- -- Probably feel again -- I have to do all over again I don't know what else. And again try to probably keep everybody happy on the roster I don't think you can do that and again which you don't get second chances with the same team. So we just try to lower and goal on. The interesting thing about this Red Sox team I've found walks in the mall years just how many different ways they can -- Q are we talked about a lot they can. Come at you with speed one day it's defense the next day its power Wendy it's starting pitching any echoed G. As a manager when you have those different types of of options and ways to to go after a team. How how much fun -- -- -- I guess maybe a manager how much easier is it to manager group like that. While you're talking about a complete team. And and that's what sold out why they're more than -- because over a 162 game -- -- not complete. You can you can you don't -- -- -- shell. And the Red Sox -- -- they're pretty pretty damn complete and that's why they held the record they are not whether to apply it. You know -- in attacks on got tons of people here one election of their -- rooting for you and they wanted to Boston and Cleveland so they could cheer you and all that good stuff -- -- get other people were saying we have the -- -- don't want followed by the realty tax are now I'm not. I'm not sure those people are hearing. Are -- people over but I'll just take one when I was there. -- don't always get to catch up with you continued good luck next year. Dario is Terry Francona takes a few minutes. Via the AT&T hotline and yes that's the real Terry Francona it took them less than five minutes dimensional so you know that's -- -- Under five minutes on mentioning mills the only deal could do that and then a year the one thing at the end there talking about David Ortiz and now. I'm not sure would've done that again if I had the same opportunity but. Or he can talk of the team was built differently than that they had -- holes -- right and a couple of okay fine. But David Ortiz has built differently now than he was then as well as -- I don't mean he just different tees different ballplayer right now that he was a couple of years ago there's. The followed a pinch hitting for him -- anybody wouldn't make sense right now lefty righty you wouldn't -- after all up front when you're talking about 2013 day. But he made a reference to it and in there was it's an important point we said we told them. Baseball operations people everybody that the coaching staff. General manager everybody we told them that if he's gonna continue to be good at this age you may have to work harder without -- -- and it's a nice way of saying it was out of shape. And he did he did get himself into better shape. That may have helped me get healthier too I think it was a combination of of a a wrist injury. And being probably 20/20 five. What do we know wrist injuries are brutal for baseball players for hitters image -- -- the of inability. To snap your wrist is a baseball player is it it makes the game essentially impossible. And we -- that so many times or even just in Boston -- forgetting about even the rest of the league. The Nomar injury will always be the one all point back to because he came back. But he wasn't the same player. It seems like without injury almost more than any other guys are able to return. But they're not able to beat themselves for a lot longer after that and I think maybe it's taken that long for David Ortiz the questions will come up -- -- we sort of started our show talking about him. And play in the caller from yesterday said he won't root for this Red Sox group because David Ortiz is still here of colonel -- are adverse probably clowning ultimately ponying. Leave my belief that I don't think I when I think he's just I think he's just wrong. That we had a camera on him after that second home run in the game jumping up and down I don't think he was he -- where I really. Have to happen. Did you scoff that haven't I don't if like yeah homer on what -- figured out your Red Sox fan you deal with that. I know you were gonna sniff by the way you have the good you've got to Tito and -- a good lying you didn't wanna give a -- -- -- director for. He can do it but I won't give a sniff I usually you have little -- and there are so I had to had to get a resources shot in the preemptive airstrikes that it was open for -- -- if you're gonna go out and good which you've got to really get get him with him surprise you fight fire with fire. -- I was open for that but it's good to hear Tito and and to see the text messages your right 379837. Just plenty of plenty of love out there still for Terry Francona. For Ben's question earlier that he has the support for who would you rather have. I still I still. I'm a huge fan of what Tito brought to the to the manager's office I thought he did a great job. Remember the climate that he came into. I think that's the thing that did. Can't be forgotten with Terry Francona mean you know the climate that he exited Boston under. But the climate that he came in -- was so bizarre got away and I mean you have to you have to win the World Series he was coming off of Grady Little being fired after losing -- out of ails the jazz right and he'd only been here for two years. And -- relegated to an eight years and finally they couldn't overcome and yet to move on it had only been two years he'd screwed up badly. He was coming into just the most rabid desperate -- you can imagine a point not really any ex Red Sox managers working anywhere. Right -- to -- couple years to get a job to Jimy Williams a couple of years to get a job mean. It was like almost the end of of a career Kevin Kennedy I don't think ever work again. Which -- and obviously didn't work again. A woman missing on baseball right nine baseball ran -- and guys. Of the previous few managers it was. This was the end of Joseph -- Joseph Kerrigan was the last stop man once you came here that was going to be yet and he took over team. I managed to get -- World Series that year out of the mandate to decree out of the mandate to command is that you're not coming in and taking over rebuilding team. It is not a nice story to get to the ALCS like it is now -- I've had done that. Now -- with the Red Sox in the ALCS in 2013. Thursday that it's a completely satisfied but there's a great deal of satisfaction that this team that you had low expectations for. Is now playing for the ALCS for the chance go to the World Series. 2004. Not good enough -- did that last year. And we should've been in the World Series not for the for the manager and the fact now you got to come in and not only. You have to get to the healthiest yet to win it and you had not only get to the World Series but win it right and you had to go -- yankees again image -- everything worked out so perfectly and he was the right guy for the job managed to quash every single. Story line and and big time. Big time distraction no one better at making sure that those became less though than Terry Francona in his day. I six or 77797983. -- wanna grab some more of your calls we get ready for Oakland and Detroit tonight. Who do you want that that question is out there for everybody would talk a lot today about Jacoby Ellsbury and whether or not he's a necessity going forward whether or not there's. A what you're willing to spend for a guy with his skills at his age it's all still to console -- and W.

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