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Red Sox Review: Mikey Adams and John Ryder celebrate clinching the ALDS

Oct 9, 2013|

Mikey and Ryder react to the Red Sox winning the ALDS in four games over division rival Tampa Bay. It’s now on to the ALCS to face either the Oakland Athletics or the Detroit Tigers.

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This is Red Sox review on the WEEI Sports Radio network. On the field wondered though it is ticket let's get to win here to fall back step up -- -- art and help. Heard what one that's all are out very good running and I think that it's cracked it open to home. It's a recap of mail DS game number four between the Red Sox and -- spears. We think that it can shortstop is the replenishment. And let's take that. How Barry stars are already more. Red Sox revue with Mikey Evans and John Ryder. One more strike again -- he fears over the loan he rocks and attuned to. Messi struck him out it's -- -- and a Red Sox are headed to the American League Championship Series. They had defeated the Tampa Bay Rays three games to one of the division series and now they're out of the dugout. There -- out of the bullpen and have quietly on top of both equally are the Red Sox. Warming up massive pile right around and everybody still on their feet mopping up and down the Red Sox win the game three to one. And they have won the series. And it is on the the American League Championship Series. Now Mikey Evans and John writer with Red Sox review on the WEEI Sports Radio network. Just watching and champagne drenched Jenny calendar view it Jonny Gomes is wearing a helmet -- goggles and I did it to me you know if you have the sound down you don't know baseball looks -- is a felony about the integrity and it. It's who you know somebody's gonna -- what is it you know held just you alone saying to be Dell does -- -- -- kind of from those. What I wouldn't it one night and -- and -- and -- and now a Red Sox get -- finally host. One of two American League team but they get to vote to most crime -- cities in the country. For the next round while the -- -- have Cisco the -- US takes so I would think so Red Sox with a win tonight and by the way. A 34 sweep. Of your Tampa Bay Rays and it's actually three out of four sweet every three out of -- -- uniform at triple we have. Right right I know I understood you know red sex is a thought I was in a pitched for Tampa Bay right now -- -- round nine of Damien. Joseph Maddon was gonna pitch of the night the Sox fans that are there appearance and feel right now stick and hands weighed down into that touch -- to try to. It is maximum pleasure of -- and official eleven I don't know the difference. What celebration going on its champagne nepalese are not there so they're shown on this in the rose at their happy you know to Serbia NATO. Agreed bands of Spock goes down. On to the next round -- we and we don't know see that's the thing we don't know I'd like to ask you the radio listening audience. If you're a parent and you are. They give us a call let us know who you why next you know it's like actors agree that no hitters and struck out next last guy points to -- -- who is that in America. Now Red Sox got to feel that kind of cocky right now and real feel real good about themselves again. Five days off right through Saturday Saturday -- game one at Fenway who sort of travel whoever they play. Is gonna have to -- series travel because as we know they're heading out to Oakland right now for game five which will be Thursday right. That's correct so so then they get -- -- 51 way or the other. Travel the East Coast no matter who it is all right. Not as bad as what the rays had to endure but still. Not a heavy travel and posted most traveled to because they're go to Detroit Oakland Oakland back to Boston whichever team wins that thing and that's. You know they've. That's -- section meanwhile sitting there are low low bowling on the chaise lounges a tell you what Oakland's been -- the time I tickets are stat where the ease money he since 2000. And and his sons. Errors one and eleven and elimination games. -- -- -- -- good. The -- -- -- they've got a funky -- dude is similar nor are they playing loose they are the Red Sox of old they've got Coco Crisp they've got a jet lauer read they've got dad Brandon Moss right. Model hostess to more on that -- out to Redick. Well yeah and and what more -- former red -- that they have one starting Bartolo colonial artists are right -- he counts it counts former residents even though. He's eight. Mystifying. Steroid -- Illegal operation. Fire plug of a bag it was smash what the the tigers are great team I'm afraid of the tigers ended they Oakland actually it had Hideki Okajima and camp to make the cut the budget but yet know the tigers -- -- before everything started I had the tigers vs the Red Sox. And ALCS we'll see you know scherzer they had to use him out of the bullpen right so. You wonder if he would be ago if Detroit wins it'll be Verlander pitching game one it'll probably be -- -- -- Verlander pitching a I don't know I'm saying it won't be burly right on said they'll probably be on a ball on the bells and out of Sanchez. If they look at what will -- we're getting -- yet. Always liked it although from the radio listeners. Is personal high field and a and B I feel about food and who you want to win. I the American League -- the Red -- next opponent will be on Saturday it will be wonderful the -- game Saturday the -- -- Sunday at Fenway. That's right dead Tuesday Wednesday there will be much jubilation of the land and people are excited they should be as a very very. Lovable. A ball club have been tweeting my ass off and I am pleased that few plans to -- -- easily from my fingers lead to a knowledge -- -- yoga. You know before the show -- I'm sure bring up. As you need to do on occasion now Joseph -- probably back in that -- -- -- sells wine drinking it there quietly by himself -- in you know it's gonna be terrifying for him as effective Fernando Rodney drank it all before the game answers not to be able to get to have been -- -- ass -- Ask -- Rodney yeah are number 617779. Seven. 937. Excuse me we don't know where you're what you're doing why you're there we'd love to hear from -- which your mood is all about right now. As we -- -- into the wee small hours of the point of to a camera -- that's correct that's with schedules that I follow the schedule. Stephen Connecticut would triple -- -- -- you first on this very very short bites at Boston Steve -- jubilee. They won't -- bloody what do you got. What I like I'm glad diplomatic mouth shut his mouth than not these that are out there at that ball. You can shut his fat trap is now that genre but for now it says the pressure and I know. -- almost -- until next year. Well -- -- -- look at he Joseph Maddon and all I like -- here's the thing about his team and let's just. Let's let's call what it is so. He's got a good pitching staff and a crappy bunch of hitters on the team. He was saddled with a team that couldn't hear it yet again we want to run tonight and it. 13 of the line up against a Red Sox full line up. -- -- You know what I know it's finally got to kidnap the kid will Myers let him down big time didn't produce score had the -- Yeah you know what he's you know we better and he'll be better coming up. And this year. I'm sure he would let him. That's grammys an absolute star though David Price that we got up. -- hope Beijing we can take it to warm now seven games maybe. We're going all the way. -- -- I would say -- -- I was. Whether -- -- score -- runs tonight were almost reminiscent of how the rays score they were yes scratch scratch again bought a biting and clawing you know web wild pitches and stolen -- This was very -- but you know what can you say some wrote -- song. We by the way we flipped over on the feet. You don't know how -- you know greatness lately but do we have that song because I like to play a few bars. Of the song that I think we should devote to. Maybe one of the guys that made the most difference. In in this year's Red Sox team as a as an unexpected. Guy you know -- tell you -- -- -- on the -- It clubhouse. And it. From the bottom and just -- troubled by others -- this is Drake is in this sounds like these phone lines right Kanye West has been we're gonna get to every single one of these phone calls right now because. But I just want to hear this on his -- he closes out again tonight. And anybody that criticized last -- and -- Bag okay. Yeah. -- -- -- just needed dose of that -- miss. When on the radio here on W yeah I met him making -- -- you feel pretty good actually for his that are haven't drank anything. I think David Price is still warming up to the camera back on the bullpen and I think he's still warming up yeah there's this light. -- win the -- played her Herman Munster. Howard does -- got to give the front office credit for the -- and they pulled up to trade. And then they've used that money to buy the right players. Everybody made fun of victory notion. Are signing all pleased that guy he has won me over you don't see that and writer I've talked about this this is a classic example of a guy you don't appreciate that you watch every day when you look at the you can Dustin Pedroia. Really has had a tough time hitting. In this series and when you have a guy like Victor Reno. In the number two spot right to pick it up form. He takes it for the machine literally by pitches literally taken -- for the team Moore wants it right when you look at how the assembled this horrid look how much playoff experience on this team picked arena and I was yeah. Three years at that at first it was excessive that in mind for this season. I can understand and I love the guys are not easy you watch him every day. And he appreciated -- and -- and hey how are Farrell's moves all of them worked now use some might say you know you're gonna pinch hit for salty theory yes. Yes the exact right move now everybody loves salty right now I'm looking -- goggles is -- also with champagne. -- he hasn't been having good swings and by the way the right move might be defensively to put Ross in their anyways so every single thing Ferrell did. Ended up making says I think that. All of us should feel like -- marks. For any time we spent criticizing Farrell's pitching to Longoria yesterday could over the course of the year he's been like 99% correct in every move. We think Longoria ended up two for thirteen right around that they can't crawl. They handled and they really handled. On the grenade -- 150 Ford -- in the end you know western -- got to give credit to -- via Tampa Bay Rays for staying in this playoff picture as long as he did with no real hitters Willie Warren. And we just went all the travel and all the elimination games they did a hell of a job I get a tip my cap to them are you have a cap -- I have went on I don't know there. Because there are tough little ball club their -- Yes and I I think really when you look at the next two opponents either one. Oakland or Detroit bullpen pitching. Both have good bullpen though of course it's really -- Detroit does memorable don't know -- a bullpen right -- get tremendous start cause death it is starting step their front four really. They've Matt thanks for the call appreciate dug in Woburn go ahead Doug. They -- they don't I -- you know I think we typically would tie the title of the world the -- and the Rome did I -- in the media to birth to a pitching staff. It's blending in like gap and he took -- thinking ahead. He panicked well not I I don't blame him I don't blame him -- who. Alex in the way that -- he was going he was forced to -- on him he panicked real early go on the because -- you go that early you commit yourself to using nine pitchers if you're always a second -- right I mean you know down one plus throw it to him. What. It came. No well no dog fight -- the thirteen to fourteen -- out the first two games he only he needed better out of price in more that that's where was also it -- it relates to tonight's game Doug he panic for one reason one reason only. Not because in a normal situation to let that guy may be trying to work out and release it to resign -- -- -- wanted to get behind at all because he does -- -- can't hit. Dario is better than anybody that they can't come back from a tour three run -- six again. You put James Gordon -- would we keep sort of sort of -- and I -- what. You know you're in trouble. -- he's been there all season look at that lineup I don't think that it actually. Tampa Bay staff pitched pretty well tonight a look at how the Red Sox scored their -- did they always -- hammer the ball though it's not about to happen it's. Somebody give orders came victory you know look if you gonna handle the place like gap we put them -- -- announce he's. Doing a prism body app at -- and I love it done is he's one big bruise that's for sure will he get he's been -- 520 pitches since the second since he started writing. Reach it would quickly flipped over -- ready Israelis think about it right hand how many different that the hamstring to back. The thumb you know on the in just the entire body basically is he's in the trainers were an ice after every single game and people around Pedroia. He's deal with a neck injury as well I would -- other elements that after that collision withdrew last -- that's what caused it yet while. As a good reasonable fatter shortstop is the collision injury lessen -- impact Steve's and rock for the Red Sox room fuel. Already rolled. To what is that erode do not. What is the roads the -- is just -- the wrote the wrote to read shed. The Joshua and Marines. Who -- that. EP. You know it's great it's it's pure in jubilation. For arts. And you know you guys are talking about it will pay they had a tough road to halt. They did they edit what they had to go through to get to where they get -- tonight. But you know I don't feel sort -- once -- bit. Guy that -- this court. Yes two delegates feel like I'm getting the ball much and I can't spend any time of these conversations the -- congress nation. You just at a target at the mountain in Colorado -- Or a player and player of the game -- -- -- it dips and her. Didn't block twice and scored twice. He scored the go ahead yeah yeah I did you want white scored quite correct yeah. -- gonna make him play of the game. -- -- -- and whatnot I don't come irony game or will always that then I'm giving his salt would -- -- -- of the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That. Was open. I hit the but the thing is that there weren't like look the Ellsbury when he hit the series' ninth and it was nine music on as armed and given it to the is -- ever audience tonight here in the in the ball public the bullpen sure there was there is warning Hitler -- worried about the press always has -- Rezko was outstanding throughout Mexico Breslow and blow out of the world that I was. He was paint the outside corner it is almost like you expand that in about six inches to the outside of the gets a rating hitting -- hit it in favor of him because -- was so right there with a Paula -- good -- upon appointment the pinpoint control for -- I wasn't -- him what movement. Him or aren't even desirable that got Breslow he's Smart ultimately you know you or maybe he's like wickets he's -- smack. Are you guys in this locker room stuff what Kenny Jenny -- I mean can -- -- yes yes and what not. The Chemical Ali is sound we don't have we have the sound that we're doing a radio show -- of course post we're doing radioed let me it is a little bit you get me away Mario -- Thank you thank you. He around the way it is good -- goodness in happy was -- in Florida. -- -- -- -- Now I'll give all credit you get a break here -- -- that the. -- Vote yes this is the guy that calls after every game killing Farrell. Yet. I mean you can but you can that are putting all that are come are out there and Napoli. Got a lot of ability Colmes at first base. He played a much -- space data is only one thing anyone with a brain is -- when he says some Baghdad and that is why we went to F with something it when it's not broken. -- only had a horrible theory that the puck into an argument that night game but blocked because. Lol what a wild pitches on one game one will work. And it went okay. What is my diet that Tampa loses three out of four games that was pretty good pretty cooperative of them that that -- I have been opulent. I met at the at least -- outlook there OK -- badly. On the on but it all of our wild. It doesn't matter it. Does it matter to me or shouldn't matter to you they won three out of sports -- first home games were so different that it wasn't nineteen runs combined the first two games for the ready and try to pointing fingers at somebody with a Red Sox just won three out of four. I'm in a heartbeat away and -- like the rocket that hit it -- it. What you don't so Dave here's what to do that if you're happy when you -- you just say happy when they -- and it's you lose you beyond happy. Complete -- Okay that they don't loose that's -- -- that I was Johnny -- don't lose that that Red Sox to not lose I'm not even looking up. Jonny Gomes has not played first base at all this season the Red Sox I'm ready mature that's because -- -- stupid -- -- -- -- -- Not much has played first Karp has played per monopoly yet strips and Dorsey not gonna happen because that's a dumb ass idea you know it's. Playing first base I don't -- Qaeda has a tough time playing the outfield outlet for -- we're in the ALCS you know -- -- you know a guy from Florida had a great idea. Let's put Jonny Gomes. At. First it's. We might win eight games. My makes it work and they do need Napoli disturbing and they do it and where are you might. And Karim no no no no I'm not saying that say they need him to death editing items -- -- gonna need -- it Mike. Might say your work when you do for a living network in his late beer or I thought I was the only should vote that works his slate are way up high writer yet. I don't I -- For the past coming years. That guy is what I get my point yes you know this made no mention of the post game. Its lineup doesn't have a weakness. That the bottom three guys like. Out of the rallies and I -- a little more -- Napoli are these guys. Are are having a bad game other guys pick them up -- -- -- the wind up. It -- the different hero every night you to be construed as stated mr. premiere every night you don't have to just -- poppy yet but we want all Vargas. And that's right on -- -- let's look at the Red Sox and tribalism of the forty years. Forty I steals in a row and I didn't -- I'm happy finally ended. Nominee speed speed had him run that was a run and hit yes would have gotten -- into. Right. -- look a -- trying out anytime besides Dave -- stainless steel that this team is just speed speed the Dickinson had the ball. Or they complain. You know what's great about this Mike -- that with a Red Sox tendency to be good at stealing the this year. They're gonna love in Oakland and Detroit were everybody steals everything. -- -- -- But it is also -- vacation. The bench Harrington and all the front opposite that what -- -- the guy. And play up experienced guys and everybody laughed at these three year at 39 million dollar contract what do they think now. These guys are Walt -- the guys and date they all to each other about every game and will go away guys goodnight thank you. Director or more characters on this team John you right now that a Disney parade. Honest again this it is a very very lovable -- yet is starting with who week. You know a -- -- a unity if he'd finally give up a home run and every Spitzer about all -- hour. It was disbursed already get up in 99 UK are. Oh yes. I mean OK I guess we can forgive you. -- -- -- You know and in the property you know -- its contract he comes back in his years like. After the Achilles that I don't think that's talked about it now signals -- -- side while you're gonna need him to produce one year deal of these skip the security of two you'd want what are your team member how much. You almost forget he missed. Portion of the season to begin duties as he reached did you reach base like. Eight times in a row in this in this series and obviously suggests starting deficit with a already hit yeah the that's right at the game at Fenway right through when they walk -- walk and stayed away from home. And it eventually. Led to a some Red Sox scoring and by the way. But he here and every single penny that he had his contract especially if you consider. What Mark Teixeira got paid this year and how -- how little he played. We're gonna get back to all the phone calls yeah I see all on hold and we're gonna get -- I promise. On this program -- this quick break on the Red Sox review program would John -- writer and Mikey had a. It's the pitch. Your best striker got a lot of changeup away to retire the side wrecked Brad -- pumped his fist. The last speaker trumbull Connecticut history and all four -- in his face and we ought to be eight beneath the Red Sox do the rays want. And he. And -- -- and you victory note attributed to wanted to express is Ryder. Victor -- don't nickname is Maui wild week as a Hawaiian reference. As a lot nicknames Hawaiian punch. He's unbelievably great the red lion Hawaiian and which he's been called since his days with the Phillies. Texas says price looks like -- -- Josh. A Breslow or Josh Connecticut Breslow MVP. It that was in reference toward tiger a new player of the game and I'm sorry Rodney. Through its victory and that's why coach you went up and you know glorious group Tampa. Her the people in Tampa where they -- right now some of going to be noted -- as -- light blue haired bats. The people in and around to -- they don't have that -- actual stand guard him breakfast right now. And to go to sleep at 9 AM. This texture here -- -- treasury -- as positive baseball sauce given this -- reflect six point 77797937. Joshua wave is designed. The road to redemption. Sure oh -- good morning gentlemen how are we how we judge -- very well a big market I wanted to call and just. Yeah and -- voter men. That bat. He had nine he beat down -- that count -- in the seventh inning where he lives telmex Powell worked the count full. He draws a walk yeah. All right and now he's on first base yes L. -- -- basic he had the where we're on the speed take her golf first of certain that this and yes he did. Was run on third and yet our -- That it. Bitching about scoring on a wild -- is looking at if you want to root for a baseball team doesn't score wild -- -- -- for the wrong team you know what I mean I mean to my. Any and -- game like this it's baseball Josh people score on wild pitches when there on third especially when. You know it's out that's where exactly booming that I plus it was terrorism but he's right it is a big -- gap jeopardy young men and is a good DC and you know patients -- adage of -- around it -- playoffs and -- to more than. No -- I think bit. Now that he he ever to walk switched ended up being two runs on the board you know Ferrell got a little bit more confident now. Moving ahead but make sure red the red hot spot even that more potent -- that ethic and commitment hit lefties because you know the pitchers struggled to hit the left and pitching all year. I I don't forward. Yeah but I'm not sure if you see at a -- still I still think he's Dixon drew quite a bit but -- -- his defense he will because that they considered to be very very steady and capable shortstop and he has he's a pro over the airs at shores to Bradford -- -- -- current government -- But here's the thing to hold on Josh you know here's what it is about Ferrell and these all these guys. Is that he has a compliment of players that he can weave in and out of the situation -- situation calls for or rises. And it all works out very well why because these are guys who understand their roles or professionals about it who treat each -- is a very important function on this team. There has to think it exactly the right way that you have to think -- Witten issue Beers -- to assure him. They're lined up -- bears -- twelve red size guy have you ever show appears yes as you get so draw -- What would you shoot a beer -- only hitch is so vast Mitchell wants all the alcohol gets in these blitzes and the same time. And when you -- I've won in New Year's -- I shot some of those little mini cans but tandem of Thomas broke a crumbling appointment through waves but diesels do enough I don't wanna. You gotta love what -- loaded and also you know PD had a tough time at the plate in this series. But in the top of the ninth inning where that runner up would Bogart on third date he did exactly what he needed to do you popped up on to right field to get that run across the. Yeah well that's why I mean that's -- it's a team helping each other up hit by the way he had some key hits and in the in the -- -- -- Henry first two games answers when he hit off the wall late -- game. Two -- who you know that was key to so thanks Justin calls code Dan and behavioral. Holiday. Toy guide yeah. ALCS and -- wanna make a note about the type game he watched the night. -- could be Gaudio yet but not only that actually the type of game we played it was a pitcher's -- could -- what they're going to become a game we're gonna have to win. Going forward. You diseases that are both teams you might face -- says have good pitchers -- right and I hope I have always seen this or sixteen win and so many different ways this year or you are everywhere wouldn't -- what do you wanna see from because he neck stand. I would like to see the Oakland -- okay why I am I'm I'm very. Well the only true. I think they that we -- can't mediate but if you look at it with tigers. The tiger I mean this stacked obviously -- at the picture out there. Well they're hitting can be very formidable to try to not say what this but it down relative down year for Prince Fielder. And Cabrera is not a 100% right now he's not blasting the ball like -- -- played on one leg yeah every you know or is aussies on to play a series not have it really much to do with the outcome. You know offensively Victor Martinez and Johnny Peralta today and right. Moon pie face and who's back after his steroid doses -- -- broke the with a more high face. Agree that would enable the tiger game I thought Cabrera can appeal to our ball club and over to go -- he's right these -- in the -- now. Yeah well I think. That's series -- with a Triple Crown again is to -- -- in the cesium all kinds of problems there. Apple absolute. I want to cut 11 about being here I got the listing all week and actually toward the end of regular season. You're called on and about the EU trade -- they don't like it here and all the things -- elect. I don't got illustrated all the rebels say the guy -- true yeah. And I pitched great tonight and thank you did for the call you know this is -- is good the radio station is very very exuberant about -- obviously because we are the Red Sox station. Have been for years always will be as this is a very very good thing for all of us here but it's also a legitimate fan involvement. Episode this year with a recession because. As people will watch this team the guys like Victor Reno. And who Horrow. You've fallen in love with the the personality of this team and it it does have its own distinct personality. And there are no capable guys on this team that's the most important thing. About what they're doing and how it feels no note no question about it up and down the roster you look at who is usually root for guys you -- -- -- there's so many news stories he used mentioned to a you know so many new stories on this team and familiar one good stories yep -- too old and Jeremy. -- Until that it doesn't get any better in this you know that's -- or -- Because you know after we go through last season they sit through the loyalists that moron. -- get any better that the team come back and the dark Specter really show us what it played against so. Couldn't be more -- the outcome that I am I you know -- -- -- who you gonna play next early don't -- you don't need. It builds to a very nice first of all I think Oakland and Detroit are both very formidable. -- excellent baseball teams. Who have gotten you know a lot of winning -- last couple seasons themselves in their own way. One of them with some star a star -- team I mean a pitching staff from Detroit this brutal unity with the young guys. Sonny gray to Red Sox cast offs and all the guys like Redick. Coco -- -- they -- -- -- Christmas season 42 home -- this year -- our resembled that of his vocal with 22 Saturday at a big squandered a -- That bases loaded. Nobody out they can't score ushers are created a gym and donors and bounced back in the bottom billion but this is very very fun baseball this year's been great and I'm really looking forward what happens next -- on Thursday with the the the -- in the tigers -- -- by the way. I love the pirates. And -- -- I want them to beat the Dodgers I want that to be next so -- pirates Red Sox as I predicted right divisional ability I care about wife is being right now I would mind. -- either one and yeah I know that at Dodgers and all those story lines are it was a million -- it's a really fun colorful. Playoffs. Episode it's about to begin as we go to the ALCS starting Saturday. And all the action right here on the W realized it was an outward joy without sugar beat two weekends ago you know. Yeah and I admit Europe that rumble seat again crumbles he was saying -- without you making noise -- -- of the corners but I get -- it that's enough. -- real quick. If I don't want to see even through cabinet -- elect the again this year -- I really think now can have -- -- I look at how. Happened because. -- -- -- -- -- -- The -- credit be loyal to players. And that same way that print -- it and I think that a lot of the reason why he's credible do anything form but. How important it was to get -- the reason that things are going predicting that take those. Well he you know he's one of the reasons I -- -- discredit -- -- patients rivers -- you're -- you're sitting you're telling -- that no one else -- drawn a walk in -- and extremely important -- out it was great and you know what it is is a normal yet but people are on the -- board -- because you know what it's the newness of it all and it's also -- still. He gets killed because of his last name. You know -- drew -- tiger David heroic but -- occurrences -- -- he's -- he's had an excellent season I can understand yet and I can understand the move to go to -- against the tough lefty and I agree with that but. Pilots and it drew his had a very good seat he's had a good season and may be better than most people expected in spots and again in eight triples on nine I think I -- like him for that. But he has been streaky and yet particularly streaky against left and it's no question but and -- with a glove he's been so steady with a yes he has Nixon Flagstaff. Arizona for God's sake. Another arm you know I did through Flagstaff Arizona neck and a bit through Winslow Arizona to. You know I -- blacked out -- and all of Columbia College. Did you know effect once I was state of the corner in Winslow Arizona had seven women on my mind. Content -- I was just trying to break the record the Eagles had a what are you got nick. Wanna play. Yes are so. I was out militant about all the sports talk them on the side of that Donald WTI out right away and after meg in. Yeah and down Christmas ball. I love this red -- -- almost better than it was last year and he has no say. Superstar players they'll play with fundamental Smart play and do what they gotta do to win. They really do I don't -- that it with a bit of honor that the walk and after. Called grizzly bear out of the dugout doesn't matter they do what they have to do to win. And the manager knows how to use all the weapons he has in his arsenal. I think to their maximum capability he's been very very yet steady and in control of the ball very good feel for the team no question and tells guys their roles even told drew denied the news championship form -- came -- beautiful. No one at a -- it doesn't happen what I have to go. And hopefully that continues in command in the play. You gonna have a tough seven against somebody and may or may not be seven maybe the Red Sox win it and fewer than seven. But you got to plan on seven and the good news for the Red Sox is that we haven't seen an horrific start from any Red Sox starter and a long long time. Well I get a set up they're gonna set up the same way they're gonna Lester in game one on Saturday and and Lackey probably in two writer was -- we saw a real. Bad blow while awful start by a Red Sox starter but he was it to a Dempster may be back in September there's coupled -- -- -- like that you know I don't. Well this has been a lot of fun -- a course of the best fun has yet to come for all you loyal Red Sox fans. And loyal WBA I listeners we thank you for check in and out tonight and -- -- hours after this. Long and wonderful -- evening of baseball. Right you'll be here tomorrow right. I will be as will you be I'll be here tomorrow -- be I think here tomorrow 6 o'clock. I believe so yes I've got to get home now Islam sleeping and eating to -- Have a good evening and Craig -- which are real -- saw which becomes saying which is the you know because he likes him which is. Is up in our producers tonight. And now of course pat Patrick -- days around summer contribute to a -- of all the baseball stuff on the baseball side of the baseball thing have a great. -- everybody and. -- -- -- About 45 seconds -- lead to live at Boston and have a happy playoffs.

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