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Dave and Joe after the Red Sox advance to the 2013 ALCS

Oct 9, 2013|

Joe and Dave do an extended postgame with Joe down in the clubhouse for the Red Sox celebration as they advance to the 2013 ALCS.

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Downstairs in the our clubhouse the champagne spraying has begun and right in the middle of all that is -- Joseph Castiglione -- Hey John Farrell's got bottle of champagne spraying David Ortiz in college -- really are or hockey yet. I'll walk by the trainers room and get splashed a little bit -- and day it's quite a scene here course of lockers are all covered. -- Nolan added then Stephen Drew right in the middle of what they got goggles on Jonny Gomes has the helmet on and that these guys are -- Really -- a blast here. -- if we can catch up with Jacoby Jacoby congratulations man that I never -- you as happy when you scored their run. -- on I was excited and I do love you know what's it take the lead. We're gonna win that game but and that led us -- The hard fought game and you know finally you know Cubs have who could veto. Nine hits in this series what you're stolen base I think forced that wild pitch that many catches up definitely do it distracted. Right yeah on the base stolen regardless of the bottom and not let. You know maybe try to again you know we're just. It it was tough get a run tonight though you know at a press the issue and I try to get that run across certainly in constant series -- you -- course you have to make compare with you've been here in 0708 and nine but -- this little different. Yeah this. I mean from where we were last year the right now -- -- and in a suburb -- restaurants though -- All right thanks very much -- OK -- -- very. Who was set to take back their offseason and of course in this series with -- minds today with nine base hits. And the big stolen base now what. Jacoby went to join his teammates they're more -- less -- it's Brohm in the middle of the clubhouse. And here's. Juan Diego squad. At spring in the Red Sox pitching coach job but I want. Unbelievable. I think I think the guys have been grinding out all year and now I'm so proud of them. We -- still planned we we had just doing the game. This guys are. It stated it well all I have to say. Is that. But it's nonsense we start at the bottom -- we here and that job is not done yet looking forward next. Mr. Davey did a good chapter five and two thirds -- what about -- he was awesome. Unbelievable and he he's been he's been. And most reliable. The -- did this strike -- for us -- he's a -- Along with everybody in the open so I'm very proud of these guys. Well he came back strong again yes there's still does -- over again. RI the you don't care the Tigers -- the you know helping whoever deserves to be here. Will replace him whoever it is. All right thanks to watch -- that such a big part of things here won the Davis the Red Sox pitching coach they have -- guys -- so right now. And that is different fish in a little clubhouse for the TV to located all covered up. Now I see what's going on in this drama here RI. David and teaches -- to Buchanon somebody I had done that apology OT and then the coaching is absolutely felt. He is in the middle of it. It's getting it he's really loving you know yeah absolutely not -- the bullets out pouring it over the head John Farrell so is David Ross. Just that your man this scene here that's great -- great Jack congratulations man. I know they want. These guys veteran. That Tippett told -- if you're not staying still. You know what that was and that was an -- game and you know they -- available -- so many times we had to stay patient we -- we're gonna get multiple looks multiple different guys -- We kept grinding -- we've finally broke through and and you're working with him. Exactly -- in the ninth inning and how about the gap -- as well did you went to quickly in the sixth inning yeah we did you know we we felt like. This is the game to win obviously you know you're in a situation with -- wanna go back. Well and all the wanna keep them out moment about what Bravo did commitment striking out or gravity -- just tremendous and and that's it's a big strikeout rejoice and ended up only turnover -- we would all prefer to go for four -- save it and it did just that he would ball aren't as a pinch hitter in the big kid that showed tremendous quite working to walk and scoring two huge runs there's no doubt you know and and you know we had -- -- Steven. Prior to that you know this series this thing today there might get an opportunity there where we got to take a pitch hit an Olympic about a out of hand but you know ball -- dimension to come up with a big. One out walk and started that two run rally. And then as -- said he gets the other walking and I think the run through so. For a young kid coming up the bank job a whole lot of exposure it the next job. It's done that's so great were so happy -- let's say get wet twice more champagne this is one step right all the way all right -- all right John Farrell. When he manage your -- some very bold move here tonight. -- you really did Jill and I think that'll be written about talked about he had one of the best games. A Red Sox manager's head I think tonight and in the future situation. You know it's not surprising that he did that. Hip hop they even do that is gonna make the move him and also papers off the as well and it was just. -- game where you know -- the offense was struggling as Johnson had they had they had this pull out all the stops. And they certainly did -- with how well. Or watching. What's going and they're moving around the clubhouse about different areas -- -- -- the -- -- off they you know what a job by your staff tonight. Ultimately it was I mean those guys just kept battling -- battling keep us in the game and in Dolphins game we got the bronze. What a team effort to so many guys contributing off the bench as well as the starter without that it's been value. Different got picked up every night. You know. Well like last night we we it's just countless look where -- India and so tonight we're -- that. And pitching should be -- set up pretty well for the next series whether it's the Tigers -- the -- Yeah I think we're looking pretty good you know obviously got to play basically we got bored -- dollars right now. Opel is doing a great job he's got to continue you know we've been doing. Do this twice more exactly RI Jarrod Saltalamacchia. Thanks so much. And that's right street -- of watching David Ortiz on the monitor. He must be the fastest guy down there as far as getting those courts off -- disease and a lot of practice he's for real evidently is. He's really gone out at poppy pop -- congratulations man. Thank you you're leading that charge you with a chance kind of Manny by eligible and already and advertising. I'm not comment I look at football. I let a team effort as well as -- in invited to a real. -- -- -- -- And it type game they race really played -- in that battle that it was a great game and that you can never. You opened. They play well mandate bottle about a lot of respect for them. Yeah a lot of friends and the Tigers and the -- any preference I'd dog like you have it like we're -- we were -- whatever you know. -- RI today that are days that that. And that they if it is cold and it does being that day. You know. Out of the it'd and and wondered two of them yeah I'm glad I've got that that extra shirt we got to get you some of those fashionable goggles -- and yeah to do joke is that I remember the year those came into -- it's pretty recent. I know I yeah yeah I think they. If you go through it a few times is this franchise has done many times over the last. Ten or eleven years and they use you -- find out. You get resourceful and usually they have let's bring in Mike Napoli Mike congratulations. At what a team effort this was you coming back after last night's tough defeat manufacturing runs and getting up to win. Something sometimes and -- -- thing dollar on the ball mark. You know we had you know manufactured over runs tonight and you know we got a break with the -- -- so. You know tell you what would it whatever way we can you know it's. Their team win this series win and really enjoy this now and not suited playing next and in our game plan and -- -- experience. Mike congratulations that's that's a big part of this morning marte got outstanding moments that -- I think you are right. Mike Napoli and -- Is the individual that he described it play as a past Powell. Exactly as we -- but officially was ruled a wild pitch it counts that's why that's the way they go there -- them you know but I'm -- -- I don't think any Jacoby Ellsbury had a lot to do with the way. Dead and he -- so so. I'm gonna seek covering here because they're all bouncing beaten that and that's not. And Napoli not mikes got the out. -- -- shorts on and he's been he's he's why he took out these shirts -- he's he's not gonna work. It is regular clothes. Sell copies it again he's he's spraying you know shaking up the champagne bottles of a regular season with a pro then. Right. -- -- it David Ross David. Congratulations to. I don't know if you came in and did a great job we're guiding those pitchers that throw with Brad is lower than that. -- with a big strikeout in college background being naked. You know. Guys are making it like it accurately AZ that -- -- to catch the -- if Florida. Obviously fortunate to be part of this team. As a -- do you think that that tells -- they're running in the steal helped cause that pitch to get away and -- -- the camera Ellsbury. You know court on this base -- We got those guys have a victory at Tom -- really thought it would catch in pitching so. I got in our catalyst our our start earlier on so. I've seen him get on base leader well he gets on base. All right there congratulations enjoy -- all right. These guys that certainly having a lot of fun -- Let's bring in state interstate that you've been here before Iran. And of course you'll open cup last year he went to the post season win. Yeah I mean it's this is awesome and all that -- going on it. What I what I've seen I mean you know really came through placement -- play we want him. You know to put out a way to pitch did the fans I mean you cannot go on I mean. You know John making the move right there will be am bogey you know his scored two runs -- it. It's just look at the game off. The course you're almost had a three run hit it -- he definitely could make that catch is probably a three run double or triple you know and I honestly you know it's just that like -- -- I get up on your right up you know right -- the map because I knew it's gonna vote. It was unfortunate you know that we want and that's not it matters. Plus David knew who we move on -- -- Brooklyn last year would you like to meet them or. That matter it doesn't matter now I'm -- Ramon -- All right congratulations. And now hopefully couple more of these -- -- thanks. Our rights they've endured -- that. Look around -- if we can. Let's get that maybe -- -- -- soap -- And he broke my left knee and that is absolutely soaked in champagne he -- and I agree that exactly graduated venture. So -- it's unbelievable group the guys that's. You know you saw all year they just battled the last that it ministers would be a very good team. You know -- very in the history so so. They're Hindus say definitively your last out. Guys now they executed executed really well we you know we got to do in the and speedy base running so critical to this team and tonight it really decided. The top of the lineup we again that's what they're nine and you know just didn't catch it early and it. Top line up bills victory you know this they -- on base solid all series. Creating Havoc in. Is it just agreed to a great great job bubble and to get the coach in the eighth so. Is that -- place to play when it's -- as you know gets loud that's a really good team on the other side and proud of these guys in the another step so move on. And I have three days to get the pitching. In order and the Oakland -- -- winner's going to be a little bit tired they got to travel -- back to Oakland back east and use their pitching. Yeah we'll have no law that we'll have our guys lined up are starting our stars lined up when you get guys knew little rest lined up and you'll enjoy this tonight and get ready for the next -- thanks so much congratulations thank you for his next general manager bench Jared. Today and the next one Joseph is real low will be on Saturday that'll be game one of the American League Championship Series against the winner. Of the Tigers and the -- I don't know who it's going to be to -- 95 -- we do know that game one will be at Fenway Park Sox at the home field advantage all through the series. And World Series how -- I want. See if I can get -- Because he was such a big part of this tonight. And I think they're planning surprise attack on -- -- of their teammates here. Little back door. They are really going out and I I think is much if not more than during the year out and attack that. That's all right I got at Franklin morality you scout me. I would I would love to know how many bottles of the campaign have already been forward. -- such -- begin our right. It has to be several doesn't -- now let's see a change got ice bags on. -- She's going in the trainers room is yet but yeah -- -- -- nice back on his elbow. And one on its way. And he's heading into the trainers do for treatment. So fortuitous throughout actually have some additional days off here. Advantages went in there too so. I didn't see that there was any accorsi he might they had a rug burn the way get the right. -- that turf diving for the ground ball -- he's walking gingerly and he's got his ribs bandage it is well. So. Of course he's played that way all year I don't think it's anything new although. Usually as we said he managed to manages to avoid getting hurt when he gets hit by pitches and the I think tonight he got -- -- twice. In a big one in the ninth inning in -- also got drilled in the visiting a Red Sox have won three to one that knocked off the Tampa Bay Rays eliminating Tampa Bay from post season play. Once again the rays. Facing an elimination game this time the Red Sox with a better team the Red Sox actually won their 100 game of the season here tonight. And as they knocked off Tampa Bay 321. In game four -- take a break we'll continue to more just a moment here and Shaw's WEEI Red Sox radio network. I Jack McCormick were standing there with a nice lime green shirt. Dry as a bone and he just got absolutely doused by David Ortiz and and this guy help through Daniel Nava Daniel congratulations that. Your first postseason in your reach base that tonight. Couple walks and hit and a big part of it -- -- -- -- in this clinching win. And it was that that that's a lot of funny part of that. Then what's going on in there is one of the reasons why obviously play the game and you want to keep moving on and fortunately that's what we did. How about that you your first post season and they had such a good year at 303 such a big part of everything with the on base in the OPS in the really characteristic of this club working counts and getting on base. Plus I think. Civil anything a lot of we have we have a lot of guys that though you have the presidents that from. Els normally down and and to be a part of that lineup is something that you want to keep it going you know it and I think that what the whole season. We you know we were picked by anybody to be anything enough for us to be here. I think says a lot about the players and you know what has transpired. Being from my northern California you wanna play Oakland after a you know I don't think any of us really care who plays it's a long flight there horses it's the Detroit. One of the ways we're going one of those teams that we've played both of them record this season. We'll see they gotta play Thursday and travel a long way so that's an event is certainly -- that obviously it is of Dan congratulations so happy for me yeah. RI Daniel mama. Winning this series and helping the Red Sox -- in his first post season. And and that killed minorities and slid it down the. Crowell here -- -- looking we can see in your mouth and did they just did they stick inside the great big bucket of ice there -- just down -- champagne -- and then that -- That must've -- cold. I'm more to this side by. I know they got that Jack McCormick in and got a guy that. No it wouldn't be awhile before we take. I think he had the sun will be out -- a couple of hours might and we get home. Today I think it's a pretty good and it's just before 1 AM here Victor. And outside. The clubhouse still the the players' wives and families made the trip -- many of the staff have gathered right near the Red Sox dugout. And there in the stands are actually seated there and they're going to be waiting. On their husbands. To come out eventually after the shower we opened. And maybe some of the -- said yeah I really come some of the Sox are coming out to address them. Here's Ryan Dempster then congratulations. Thanks -- is fun isn't -- doing this second time we get two more ago so. It's another step along the way you're ready tonight almost got the call I'm -- will be plenty of opportunity in the ALCS yeah absolutely you know that's that's the thing all hands on deck all the time and you know you can't say enough about the way everybody's kind of stuck together tonight it was a battle and you know what a great job at -- men coming. Wasn't that awesome. Well what Harry Carey had said. I've only every block you lose an exciting news group. I don't know looks more exciting of the plant that the Red Sox won or that. There's like well how Budweiser on -- What could be better. -- you are right -- congratulations. -- it's unique it's crazy. It's not get Jack Jack you're not you we're standing there innocently in this beautiful lime green mountain eyesight that Sheridan. Brand no -- this -- the jag off the line. And they got you your ambush. -- open -- well. 00 but it was a great day great night and we prevailed thank god what about a rather than. Were you -- the had a plan for next this Cleveland Tampa Bay did and I got all political stripe 2 o'clock bus we're gonna get an idea. At some point be home by 6 AM I hope. Let's -- before the sun it was just a joke that's a guarantee a. Our guys thanks so much at the 2 AM bus. As the Red Sox director team traveling actually at 1 o'clock now I'm -- that's kind of active and I have a hostile would do that. One hour you may have some. Some. Red Sox players and family will be a little groggy running at the Boston but could care less at this point. And some of the Sox have made your way out of the clubhouse and they they have come out there is give hugs and kisses to the family. New ceded the in the box seats is the right the Red Sox dugout out here. And meanwhile a celebration continues inside. Not a Red Sox have won three don't want over Tampa Bay and the sacks of advance. The the next round of the 2013 post season against the winner of the Tigers. And the Oakland Athletics -- series it is going five games and -- a course can only help the Red Sox now have a chance to rest some people are a little banged up. As a result of a very hard fought series and line up the pitching which is once again in great shape Johnny less you'll be ready to go game one. John Lackey can pitch game two. Both of those teams will be at home just like division the division series was and but -- know Red Sox get off to a great start winning the first two. With that alignment -- and anybody else you want to knock you down there. All I think a great coach he went in the traders are Omar's hoping he would that be coming out in the moment. And Garcia under Bogart's. Who had so much to do well with tonight's win during those two big walks in and scoring two with a three runs. But it's starting to compound just a little bit. Here -- good Q for us to to say goodnight and say goodbye from Tropicana Field the last time Joseph great job down there -- -- did. Dallas to significantly but I'm sure. It is all worthwhile. As the Red Sox have won a post season series. It always first time since go in. If you sit with me out of play tonight -- I can't apologize for the when he ICI. I won't apologize for the way I Smallville and how much you look. Know how are you were yeah no no problem all of the other a great job done new Joseph. -- the guys just don't celebrate than not getting ready to lead yet by any means but you know we'll get there sooner than later. I think that that two way M -- to the airport here in Tampa is very hopeful. But thanks so much Red Sox win 31 lead. Celebration continues with the -- champagne still pouring down in the Red Sox clubhouse. When he pitcher tonight Greg -- that's very appropriate the way Braves came up big time here in game number four. And McGee takes the loss the saved goes to coach you we are. In -- time three hours and 49 minutes Weller buddy John Ryder standing by back in the studios. To -- get the rest of the way for my partner Jokester Leon I'm Dave O'Brien thanks so much for joining us tonight and the next time we speak to Ian. Will be game one of the American League Championship Series. It'll be the Red Sox against the winner of the Tigers and the a's on Saturday. At Fenway Park we do hope you'll join this is this magical run of the 2013 Red Sox. Continues. In the month thought of October thanks so much for being with us tonight the Red Sox win 2100. Time in 2013.

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