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Mike Salk, Lou Merloni & Michael Holley get you ready for Game 2

Oct 5, 2013|

Salk, Holley and Merloni recap last nights big ALDS Game 1 win and discuss the outstanding offense by the Red Sox and the impressive pitching of Jon Lester.

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By the Red Sox road to redemption free free game show. Sports -- then moved. Might -- hi Michael -- -- -- -- -- guys realized right up until free and right around this time of day is when I start I'm sitting right now. But I'll stop walking around a little bit -- I issues when it gets mile get a loan who have found a little fire in the belly get shot. All right well maybe I'll rejoin us from the dugout right now to tell how likely are how. Where are we get the sounds of the game in addition to the sounds of us here in the perfectly quiet studio like us it's like I feel like I'm on the -- music partners it's like in the background during a football game and say hey. Let's take a listen so you can hear the hits. You all are looking live the good may have an open Michael C without compromising we commit to close that for you back -- you know music. Our -- definitely BP get a crack of the bat right there are and I heard. Is that if this that the Peter -- microphone and -- Peter -- and I -- man you know high heels right out of there I came right into it I got here a little early the first person -- see you know the first person. From the Boston media the field was that I. -- -- -- won't hurt her purse and I saw right down in the dugout when -- talk and everybody. It's like come downstairs think are kind of go -- do you lose top into may be whatever. I didn't realize that. -- was actually in deeper than all -- and minority -- and -- went -- we had his arm around John Farrell -- having an -- -- -- -- -- Version of the baseball show she'd done it fall so I came Nina -- -- lunch walked in and I saw Gammons I mean it was. 1 o'clock I saw Gammons so yeah that I thought -- stroll down a little bit and that's -- Mike came over there we go BP's over the artists get beat that man field. -- -- It was well when TO is here. There's there there were time great damage would be in the clubhouse long before media analyst and overcome a knock on his door and Ivan Cabrera. She'll say like come on marriage and. What a trip it's got to -- better -- -- -- the guy that bad. No -- -- theft auto charges the men have let but don't have on the -- and tonight he -- make the pitching change today announced that it. The man today and now we have Peter Gammons going out to the mound he's calling for the lack I -- uninteresting movie in -- Hulu are armed fired up. Fired up about right seeing today. Price vs magic party about -- policy that got him no good are -- most guys like that we. We go -- to get into for today we'll do that here coming up in a few minutes I wanna start with the yesterday because that's what gets you psyched up for today Red Sox scored twelve runs winning twelve to two. Let me ask you this question to start off and we'll open it up for people as well 6177797937. To the Red Sox win the game yesterday that Tampa lose it now I know it's one of those things are obviously both happened and you can take -- a point of view and it sounds negative if you're saying temple lost the game. I think personally that the Red Sox won the game but it's interesting when you. Click on just the EP story of it and the headline is Tampa rays miss -- lead to Red Sox game one romp. Did the rays lead to the Red Sox lose that game yesterday or did the Red Sox take it from. I think the reason miscues led to the final score twelve to 20. I like to believe that eventually they'll get the more he wasn't right. -- 53 pitches after after three innings you could -- who missed cues from Jon Lester I thought early on he made two miscues. He made two bad pitches and -- made him pay so it's about taken advantage of opportunities did did what Myers opened the door absolutely the Red Sox walking and it. -- -- storm April that thing down. Yeah I'm with you I think the Red Sox won the game and the miss cues -- no errors amazingly. Right it and that any unity government -- to laugh at it. And are among them up and I am not that. It and all I got an error so if you don't ever complain David Ortiz is a famous clip of him saying -- and get -- breaks from the from the hometown score keeper but no I don't call that I mean I don't -- I know you -- 32 at thirty ball I know you can't call an -- although well guess you can but they don't it was. But this is this is the question I have for you know and and you unsolved our question for you guys. Even after the disastrous inning the five runs six hits no errors mean -- and so now it's five to -- You think the game was over. But the game over not the fifth ended. Eight to two well -- and got my point so it's still a private -- of the game is still. It did this Tampa think the game is over. Because it -- but doesn't think the game is over. Maybe the players didn't I have a feeling that Joseph Maddon did because really if the way team. It seemed like he wasn't managing to save his bullpen for game two. Because if you if you look at our five to two. So look at the bottom of the fit the damages over there will -- play all over new Ortiz grounds out grounds out. Napoli doubled to left. Know what you do in a situation that more pitch count already high. What you do you're gonna have Matt Moore pitcher Jonny Gomes now been intentionally walked Jonny Gomes you still have that warned the situation. Shouldn't go to it shouldn't go to your bullpen instead you have -- to Saltalamacchia. Games over. Because he doubles brings in two runs and want to bring in their right. And that's the that's the human white flag right what did you tell you what why what -- thinking even. Even before the fifth start for the Red Sox why wouldn't -- think in our. More through no fault of his own. Pitch count is tied. Down five to two. We can still win this game I don't we're not a a powerhouse offense but we're down by three runs in the fifth fifth inning and you get ready to go much about it. -- look clearly I think he left more in the game to lol hey no doubt. But did he leave more in the game too long because he thought that more was still the best guy to get amounts or because he was waving the white flag and wanted to save his bullpen for the next game. Art what what you've got a right. Right is not a good pitcher. -- gone -- Like. He -- what we're was archer stepped point but maybe when it was eight to two year. It why would you bring an archer Wright did not up before eight to hear what you think you're about how about the strategy going into the -- -- say okay where I have to assess. Where where my starting pitcher is right now. I believe at that point it's pitch count was on the ninety's but would you have you have to save your bullpen if -- Joseph men much like John Ferrell with the I gotta keep my -- on. This hour and Breslow to go much closer he's got to keep design -- altar and McGee lefty ready to get ready for Rodney. I've got I got David Price going tomorrow. If anything of any use. Everybody I got in this -- game because his daddy's price and hopefully only price corporation Rodney oil price in May be -- per altered Rodney. So what -- shaven his pandemic I can see why wouldn't you just go to archer you know because I figure that this this. The way he looked yesterday right I agree with but. He stuck with a after the game set starting the good you know he. I don't think either Goodman begins while the -- any are more prone to begin -- not the same cat you saw. In July that was -- -- is known 96. -- 95 and I think first time through the order when the Red Sox realize that. It mab was kidnapped at the cobwebs a -- a little bit. This is the powers not there and it's a huge difference prepare for did in 96 mile an hour fastball in the 91 in -- -- All right relax a little bit out to be as jumpy. He didn't have a from the beginning and I don't know auction are. Archer would -- my call rather write our -- and then you talk about 96 but I don't want -- -- it was 72 by the time he went to -- didn't go to -- five to two. He went to right it was already seven -- he still believed it. That that he bit Matt Moore was the best guy to get out and when it was five to -- what -- -- to go outerwear and then there's another question. A wonder why he believes that. I wonder why you believe that. After after what we saw on the -- I mean everything was going guesstimate I mean I just thought that right didn't -- or that -- you -- any more space Ellsbury you right he let more face Saltalamacchia Saltalamacchia hit -- double in the fifth and that they brought him right -- right face drew -- about them out middle Brooks who we walked to -- actually pitched pretty well then Ellsbury off right -- that I. I don't get it yet it is everywhere -- -- laughter I never -- -- the number nine hitter to get to the lead off guy I've never seen it. You this that I know maybe it does it speak to the depth of the Red Sox lineup when potentially unum and final leader is -- of the potential. Hitting it thirty that type of guy -- guy and woman -- shore but he still hit ninth. I never seen walked in nine only to get the leadoff guy. I've I've never seen that has Jokester go for the games that are seen neither did that's a lot of baseball. Did any different if the fact it is not really a nine hole hitter today you see the lineup he moves up to seven out of the way the wind it is today. He he's hitting ninth because that was that's the way it looks with that particular construction of -- lineup but today David Ross comes in for Saltalamacchia he hit nine through -- well to move him -- I mean does that. OK but all it you don't know you still don't I don't like it -- bush today -- number number wind number one he's hitting nine bright day number two this first playoff game. -- -- -- What what what are your freedom's first playoff game. Struggled down the stretch. In in September not a great September -- -- little Brooks. What are you afraid of -- an information all the information he has tells them yeah I can -- this guy not may be. You know you pitch to -- Brooks. He's much more explosive may be madness thinking that this guy can can take it out of the ballpark and will be -- -- what will really be in trouble whereas Salisbury got to worry about getting on -- got to worry about his speed but I'm not gonna be -- power. While listening to you guys and it sounds like based on the way you're talking. You do kind of feel as if the rays lost the game more than the Red Sox won it you blame -- man for the way he handles the question in the bullpen. Blame in math question and you know your request your you're interrogating Rick in my grill or you would be interrogate and investigate you were like Sam Waterston. I'm -- corner you're getting after him or Michael Moriarty if you wanna go old school the beginning of law and order. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know the other end of referee Jeff -- -- he always sort of comes up Iraqis. Miserable to be there and skins do big forum and it's all loose on them fear might lead content can -- Rio. And let him what act where where did this gunshot -- that -- put back to where we brought back to weather out got a court very very innovative targeted by what I that you guys are content you guys listening to you you are blaming Maddon would you lose blaming the rays -- That's happened in news you get very blame -- to -- you you question arose because again -- have always felt when you. Moves it's all ball result make up your mind before the move was made but when you lose and results aren't there today. If David Price beats Tampa Bay beat -- requesting more -- -- most today. Well the ones you made yesterday John -- It's gonna be today -- if what I lose as you -- and Simone you look back and say was that the right move. That's the only outlets it depends how you lose I mean usually you win twelve to two the I feel out of the manager -- -- a couple of moves its will Myers it's Sean Rodriguez look like you never saw the wall before it's James Loney being too aggressive at first the players. Are the ones that lost that game but with in it there's a couple -- I don't like to stick -- to work. Bad idea coaching element and the but then the other thing is who you're talking about. Matt Moore and how we got the same guy go from 96 to 91. Flip it around Jon Lester the last couple years. Velocity velocity went down like two miles per hour. So you down a 93 -- who's consistently in the 95 ranked yesterday. First inning 97. And my first thought and first coming out of the sun and yeah so what's your -- watching on on TBS is it okay fast gone. -- that happen -- your -- got to pass gun that's not -- high play our man I heard that they after the game that he thought it was just adrenaline and so that was a second thought he just fired up. He's overthrowing the baseball he's gonna come back. Any really didn't and he was around what 97 -- -- and -- -- -- -- likely -- I 95 yeah so if you got Jon -- -- 95. That's till after Jon Lester that we saw and in 2008 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The shut down innings right -- on the fifth and sixth at the just put up some runs you make -- five to shut him on the fifth you make its immediate -- -- to whatever was space every pitch. You know top of the sixth it was just shut down right away. The attitude to change it to Rodriguez was a strike it wasn't low Guccione it wasn't it was right there anyways it's 32. The retired but the mistake he made he grooved a fastball right down the middle Sean Rodriguez. That's what I wanted to -- and -- John Rodriguez. He's got five home runs out of been more disappointed if three till he sailed a fastball up and away not even close to the zone. At least he threw a strike goes right down the middle I was more. You know when he came back after the -- when he got himself and is in trouble fall behind him give the home run that he walked Longoria and you like. Theory here we go right and and Delmon Young first -- yet but John Rodriguez. -- -- get the call throw strike. In two off that we saw him just. Lose it and start -- walked the guy noncompetitive pitch up and away at least he came back and I don't mind coming back against him be that much power excellence. The 7797937. Go to Jeff is on the -- idea. They are you guys going to -- subject. It's amazing everything that you just so it was but I wanted to touch on about Lester I think it has mental aspect to after giving up that home run after its and I salute. Strike before that and in the way he handled himself. Is why the Red Sox won that game as opposed to -- Tampa Bay or the white granite. Rodriguez made from that place out left and were different paper out the obvious Myers miscue. But I think it was Jon Lester and he could come back after that that bad call. And even though we gave up all run mentally I was a match after match -- the electric system actually what you would like. In that situation but he showed from Britain granted he gave up armor under sober. But he pitches are out not when -- talked he got about a month ago that's why I want it left for an of the rotation for the sort of. We're out sort of who he's been this year right Jeff I mean he he's kind of been that guy who at times you worry about him at times gotten out of sorts but by the end of the year he turned back around it and once again been the player that you -- that he started off the -- There are you talking to John Carroll during the year at this is before they even clenched as it was obvious that they were gonna do it. Some discussion about who -- the number one starter was going to be in John Ferrell admitted what he made the decision. The Jon Lester was going to be the guy and we asked him there was there any doubt no not really. But the entire time especially in the second half the way Lester pitched it was it was his job to lose starting the. Playoffs and he did not and Matt Howard rice is in now appear if you're John -- you've won game one that and you haven't thrown Clay Buchholz yet -- how nice is that you go out there or do whatever you're gonna do today. Hopefully John -- is able to win the game Korea -- -- being up -- will potentially with with Buchholz -- don't then you're going to Tampa and you know you still have Buchholz is such a weapon to have -- you know -- the guys -- this call today -- -- John -- this involves. I put the split is now lizards now the only people if I was thinking about today even with the split it would have been balls you haven't lost our -- still balls. Falls into -- I don't I'm not coming up 61777979237. The Red Sox win that game yesterday to Tampa Bay. Throw it away more your phone calls -- Michael tell you why. John Farrell is making a balls the call today that's coming up it's the pre pre game show mikes off Michael Holland Maloney here WB. Yeah I mean what was -- -- here we don't want John's going. We'll talk about if they set the tone or relax and come out and do that again tomorrow. Questions were enforcers like this and Johnny said every game is doing. For us via holes -- even more important so hopefully John can go out there and another historic. You know send them home. -- go to -- enough. -- who wins yesterday excited for the Red Sox can do today John Farrell according to Michael -- that's. Has made it all the move Bethea in deciding to faulty -- -- that's our -- yes sir -- this took guts they did that got given what what what are we. -- get it what do we talked about all year especially after the acquisition. Jake Peavy that the strength of the Red Sox won their strengths are many -- -- -- is. Lies in their rotation they've got four guys that you can rely on the fifth guy. Ryan Dempster out of the rotation to the bullpen. Not terrible but OK he is he's dispensable because of what you've gotten those first four guys. So that's the case and John Lackey splits are so dramatic you know it's got to do you don't just say. While -- split for dramatic. I'm gonna start -- game to another opera and another option that you have is. You go. Lackey for game four. On the road for game four because you have an -- to go -- the -- to give me the opportunity to win the series maybe we never get to game but what he's been regarded good and click total -- first we -- OK so your fourth so he can make them your fourth quarter wouldn't that have been more gutsy that would bitty ball right that we have been more defined balls before you here in baseball terms. When I have stats that tell me one thing. And I goal against them that's balls on the agony of only one thing and -- go at them that's not what you know my stats that second pitch year economic that's also charming. I buckles on games he lives and -- 11 get. So that guy's going to gain during -- -- so -- it you have to play game three either way you've got to placate Hathaway played you don't like couldn't why couldn't. Jake Peavy be your game three start I think he believes that John Lackey at home is a better pitcher than Jake Peavy. Okay John Lackey at home is right Don and I and I would put jump right in only makes sure that he's got lucky with the NRA the second half I believe was rocked for four. -- in a Dana Rhoden and enrolled reversed similar to a little bit bigger they are all year ended September different September -- -- So we do a complete game show on here. And a bomb to Colorado so it's it's it's consistent with the home. And the role when when I pitched John Lackey at home. He is a a well above average starting pitcher in his league dreaded 204 ERA. When I pitch him on the road he's just average OK are you don't why don't wanna just. Average -- you're absolutely right but what what we're saying another way of saying mrs. This does not the rotation. The setup of the rotation this is why it is very. A bold move from John -- The rotation does not hinge -- on on John Lackey. So if if he asked if the F a split situation. That he's much better home idiots and -- we will take that in consideration we'll think about it but I got three other guys. Who can do the job and then we'll get the end I guess I guess what is you know I've ever played -- I understand where you're coming from the win this Michael but I gotta disagree I think it's just aren't just trying to maximize your resources. I'm trying to match and I'm tournament or that is why exactly everyone I team in the best position yet to win their. And going with what you've got the best that you. Wish you guys give you the best chance to win right one through four I think you would go Lester. You would go Buchholz. You go to why would you go Lester one and based on year mean buckles only lost one game. Well and buckles go one and at the well because in this case. In this case you want me to go one you want to bottles what not there was an argument form to go for it to go game when there's a very good argument for. I -- missed eighty games so. Yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Really wish that they hadn't bothered with the whole home road thing it wasn't real well lifting -- talk about some of the differences of the way he -- not just the final results you like to -- but how he bring you those results what he can do against left handed hitters in this park. I think you're just trying to maximize your resources knowing look if you didn't know that you're gonna get to a game three I agree -- you. But either way you've got a peek played game three also can't have very definitely get a seat buckle in and buried in a very strange way. It's really Jessica said it's Boldin involved it's a complement. To John Ferrell when I don't let the guys going to be the manager of the year in the American League. He's gonna beat -- by you know a couple of votes he's gonna win yep okay I'm gonna do much Jim -- are definitely gonna look good out there really gonna happen yet he's got to win the managers and he's made a lot of good moves this year. And he's made a lot of bold moves and I think this is one of the problems then I mean I think the more conventional move. May have been what does that I'll agree -- that it is let it is not conventional mean it it it's. Bull though I I would think his is again not looking at the numbers not trying to maximize it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Fine line between those -- -- about a guy like John Lackey and I do believe that if -- ZR -- home. Was at 34 in his role was at 36 movie probably pitching game three. But you just you can't ignore the Q4. And in this in the numbers from left handers at Fenway Park. And what they do against him compared to every -- lefty righty on the road Fridays at home the lefties at Fenway. They hit like they get to ten with a 550 OP yes. And that's just a very low number the success he likes to cut balls in -- lefties he doesn't have a traditional changeup. You know there's certain things he can't do against lefties that's a Clay Buchholz can. So here Fenway Park. Makes a couple of mistakes it's 390 its 400 its 385. Dollars on -- road eighteen home runs and wrote only near Fenway I think the big right field. Turns him into a different pitcher than he is and road. A point it's amazing we're even having this conversation. And October 2013 about John Lackey because this time last year it is amazing I know it wasn't bitter laughter but this time last year most people want them I would.

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