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Red Sox Road to Redemption Round Table Discussion - Hour Two

Oct 3, 2013|

Mike Salk, Michael Holley, Kirk Minihane, Dave O'Brien and Mike Mutnansky preview Rays at Red Sox for the AL Divisional series starting Friday at Fenway.

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Our part to Howard -- the Red Sox road to redemption roundtable with a different group Michael and I stayed here. Continuation of salt and -- I don't hear that we have not added some new some new players to work -- here. We got Mike and asking. -- Linehan Dave O'Brien all of us together hi guys how are you what's up tremendous. I expect you essential don't give a look at your basement hand. Yes so then to say I know you're you're talking like about five year old yeah. Did your back pocket I'd do it I was sorely to our. You're you're you're first -- -- well yeah. I know it was you know you talk about the red -- the first hour it was so lovely don't you know I think once you guys -- well be -- -- this -- it was a sure. How they'll tell you who's not -- and that's Joseph Maddon. -- that does not with child out that our I was just may never be made it very very clear how he feels about -- the wizardry of -- I don't think he should spend a few minutes and -- his office. Which is really an education decision -- the first thing you'll see if any of you were basketball fans is John -- -- pyramid of success of course and -- and it goes from there and then you do notice the bottles of -- all of which -- -- dramatic -- days as well -- rules but -- -- Annika I know that there -- you sure about that are -- sure he's pulled the wool over -- -- you know -- why first of all the Doleac he knows his stuff. Nobody nobody really -- John -- you're never people just put that up so people can say all while yet he believes that in the yet he believes that in the jump when everything is just -- your garbage is -- is go look good for business so -- -- -- with Jacques put it. I way to get the wrong is that -- as the -- -- assess. Involve -- got other players -- That's been an -- talk about great you Alou -- Joseph Maddon. Call out John Lackey this year like nobody else called body hit -- And it comes off the field after the game it's as bad teammate that he may -- I was in the Red Sox players agreed I was up the Red Sox players. I think they felt the same way as it is terrible -- Red Sox here for the success as they call out other players in the -- -- as I don't care. What goes on on the other -- us I'm talking to my -- guys through the media and if I need to crap on someone else then Soviet -- why you're here I thought -- good time to talk about those world -- Cleveland Indians that you were so afraid of what were you thinking last night watching the Indians completely unravel. Well -- unlike the morning show feels like they flat fell flat on their face they came up a couple of short bases loaded can't score first and third nobody out can't score. First the second one out. Can't score. They were all overcome throughout the course of that game ever give up with a big hit and that doesn't mean they got dominated in that game. -- they beat up on that team down the stretch but Ortiz who gets away from. Winning the game that you got to Wrigley you can just say you're making excuses for the Indians -- let -- they did a couple of big hits but it IP dominated backe did they really. L.'s top grateful they lost for a million base runners that can get the big hit that's. A failure for the Selkirk -- hardware problem W. Had a bloody obvious -- -- -- -- -- you thought they failed -- like Mike really watch that game winning the game ended for nothing another going on the other -- move on so yes I think they're brilliant runners -- position to -- letters all by an -- probably hit as a team that failure yes wow I hate to say this I -- assault on the -- you mean with me you know much like your -- this -- up -- to the Indians failed last -- that's a fairly. -- -- -- Outfit all what I thought what a lot -- I'd like Ron -- was there watching presidents cup highlights and instead I gave up. I've I don't care but got it up you watch the game point outlets that it's not in my you have to say like I -- It's over the odds. Could shape the head to a solid favorite the -- -- well do you know and it goes tomorrow gaining pretty run up the road -- deal I could use the road -- deal backyard that we're able to. Put -- back I think we all agree although I know all I know you are gonna solve the rail at the -- -- I couldn't have hurt I would go back don't they aren't colonel Dave agrees. That hip was gonna win the series. That are yet to get a win the series in five games up it's gonna happen I meant to beat your second. I believe the more. I believe the price you gonna get those guys retirement this if it by the draft all the pitchers start -- -- a -- -- and those guys -- I -- so Reynolds I -- so close to agree with you. I'm so close to picking religious in his -- I -- -- I can't quite. I agree with you on on one thing in that is it will go five games yeah that's that's my -- the pitching is too good -- every game was to -- 12 to nothing. Three to 243. But ten of the nineteen games were decided by two runs -- so it's gonna it's gonna be that kind of crunching series but. That home field advantage means something here it has the Red Sox since 1999 a particular division series in particular -- dominated as a whole. I think when he got Jonny Lester go in game one. It doesn't matter so much to me who's pitching game two but that's where it starts Lester has tremendous numbers against the heart of that lineup. I love the way they gonna get off to a great start in the series and for me game one as -- -- Caracol what what does everybody mention as you said sorry you draft in the Red Sox or the rays pitchers or the pitchers in this series. The rays have more than you would draft once everybody talk about the great pitching. We're not talking about -- what you do have to hit baseball right it. Well we have yet have a lineup you do you do Carolina is very very average to extremely extremely average -- -- -- if you -- by the stadium. What's the most important element when he five game post -- Sixers were detailed how they pitch again starting pitcher but did you know they got it to everybody and we've been talking about it for five or six years. And no hardware to show -- so -- important but it's not enough to get them over the top it this year. I've seen better raise a lot of ups and that's what that -- nobody you know they've had they've had better pitching now that I've ever said that they're pitching now is better than it was 2008. I would beat the Red Sox and that but -- -- -- a little better a lot of dialogue Carlos. Pena at that point do what you -- out there still and they had -- but we'll Myers at the numbers are pretty damn good over the second half I mean it took him a little bit to commit any re energize the team you guys mark you guys are talking about it today some his numbers in the second half I mean he's put up the kind of numbers -- he -- -- -- over the whole year you'd be talking about him as one of the better players analysts fifty. If you can work around now part of the order your James Loney I just don't believe I saw his act it it for Boston he -- for a full year at Tampa. But I take my chances with him I Yunel Escobar great defensive player but I take those at bats against him. I feel like that's that part of the order of the Red Sox starting pitchers can work around those two Longoria and will -- the issue with this year. Longoria to twenty career against Jonny Lester. And as hot as he is coming in the Red Sox have figured this guy out I think of it will find out right away but he used to be a Red Sox killer. The last two or three years his numbers are pretty dismal against Boston they have -- holes there there -- holes with wil Myers. There are holes with Yunel Escobar. If I told you take a look at the Saint Louis cardinal out of watching it right now against the Pirates with a dodger lineup not many outs in that lineup but I think you get a guy like Lester and Buchholz of some other guys who are really good numbers against this Tampa Bay Atlanta. They find those holes and they exploit those. Product until about we we talk about this -- throughout the year and we talked about it last -- John -- he's a our rookie manager but he's a rookie manager in the post season always won championships the Red Sox as a pitching coach. He has been there in the post season as a pitching coach. Do you think that will be a factor in a post season I mean he is taking on. You know coming back here in this series and in Joseph Maddon -- will he be able. Match -- with a. Are you thinking then there's a possibility that John got dom. Between 162. And. Friday and I'm dumb but still get a post season and -- it either elevate you to put it to the next level or it exposes you know was -- by John Wooden. Not putting -- World Series that your success. I definitely had three of the I was thinking yeah I like the highlight chill -- I'm off I'm really sorry to mention -- Just tonight has -- I don't know -- -- listening LA terrific manager we don't accelerate our dollar helped push off of that it Gardocki is perfect managers is he's been trying to but don't. Think barrel is gonna do everything you did during the regular season not much is going to change -- I heard the debate about Stephen Drew not out there right now that Steven who's gonna play tomorrow. As Stephen -- is going to be your shorts. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Hostility that's your weak spot align right this will little books I don't think there -- any easy -- so that all you could argue David Price against against drew certainly is by the way I think if the Sox dropped game one and it's price. Against drew in game two. That's where you may see Bogut start. I agree over ten lifetime here against. David Price and -- to show what he came -- It would hit left handed pitching middle Brooks is the guy that is most important series that we are not talking about. He's one of the guys who helped this team hit lefties the second half Padilla this expense OBP gets lefties since the all star break you were talking about that we were talking about Ortiz. Will little Brooke's gonna face lefty lefty -- of other lefty David Price comes back or that or get. That -- what you get what you guys are little Brooks has figured it out but he came back from Pawtucket. I don't your -- what has spent more time and finally I literally how would rather be in the minor league in the Major League I don't that's the most god what a -- regularly. Do you think you've figured it out coming back but terrible lately eight for fifty yards but do you think part so. Figured out the -- got them figured out again art so what do you think what you think that -- is a liability. I think is a guy like Dave said the -- pitched and we talked the other guys in the plate discipline was really good for a while it hasn't been good and it just one walk and obstruction that was intentional. That's what concerns me when he walks a little bit he takes pitches seems to me. He's more productive he's a guy who's got that you know he's got to take some walks like it's our would be that he does lead when he first came back which couple everything he's gonna play two games -- Fenway Park what he really got good. He started. Drive the ball the other way had that tough hole brought oh opposite field home when he's okay now he's back. Lately if feels like that big so we can't try to hit a fat -- David you know it starts to go the other way this -- hit is that like drive it right setter. You feel like he started to progress past apple were not gonna go until you what's up Laura five. Clocked -- the other thing you know like he's the mystery surrounding Bogart's they don't have a -- book on them it's a small sample. And that could to mess with how they plan for and and by the way I also think middle Brooks defensively. Can be very up and down at third base he can make the great play to Brooks Robinson play. In -- could hurt that intentional. Not having great book on Bogart's that it that sort of -- the -- -- it has worked out that way. It might -- -- and that will be will be calling John Farrell to genius yes it based on he didn't let -- -- -- -- him but I don't know what to expect now look what we're we're college that's yeah. I had a pretty good yeah because Carolina you know I wanna go back to -- -- -- as the continuation here of the Red Sox road to redemption roundtable Mike -- Michael -- Dave -- and and -- minutes he always be here until 7 o'clock in the -- Adams takes over. With the guys are WEEI dot com you've picked the race yet okay. Because of fearless. Replica of the race per I've -- for a -- -- you -- because they're good team they are pitching better I did to repair a bit too. I'll I don't even know -- you know that I got it was after your time in San Diego right. Not done yet the guy who's on who's got this Helio doesn't get silly about it yet again that I picked the race. You -- your victory here and as I said I just think I can almost I can almost -- -- I think they're really good team I think it goes five. But what I what I think about the big picture with the Red Sox and we can talk more about. How they got to this point in the chemistry argument that you guys that haven't on the morning show but. It's the multi dimensional part of the Red Sox that I keep coming back to the fact that if they get there there's going to be a slugfest they can win a slugfest you know if they need to steal back and it's that kind of a game where you can run wild. They can do that that you guys in the topic that is definitely a -- offensively I think they are excellent defensive team. Depth wise that comes down to pinch hitting late -- Gomes and off and the way -- -- those guys sort of in in a rotation edging closer to top it just they have the edge in every one of those things that always seemed to come up and playoff I'm taking a five game series short series the dominant starting pitcher to be wrong. I usually -- a ticket price like that go game two obviously. Don't game five. I mean -- before rest. Not unless unless he really pitches poorly and there's no doubt that Joseph Maddon will have the cachet to say. That or you were good but -- game five on regular rest David Price go on out assuming guys that if it goes to five. You're gonna see David Price like -- -- -- that's what I first came out this series is so what's more important. Then a lot of people or make it out to be -- or we've been out to be Cy Young today Wright has been pretty bad September -- control issues that to get back they need to get to him early in this series with David Price -- it to the next four games. -- want to -- afternoon. Gave one for all sports sports cliche this once or more threats ought to be about or an effort what could be interesting tomorrow afternoon to the shadows here. Given the time of day if it's sunny it could have a factor here. The Red Sox whereas I've done that's why they practice yesterday Larry Clark and and they already know what to expect from their -- goal and we know what to expect two -- because we did. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Its the sounds of and so -- expect. After -- has proved to myself -- Lee and apparently the colors of the uniform means absolutely nothing painting a perfect picture they -- was that Paula has got a couple. Knocked it right till quarter. Who was that and bringing to life all the action on the field. This makes no sense tells Burress wearing red but his playing on the blue team in victory was wearing blue the -- center field in the -- know who's a senator I played -- victory known right in. Well this is very confusing. The play by play is not going god it's assumes that the Red Sox as. So we can only can bring -- to you he. You really don't have a future as a play by play guys at our best I Shane Victorino has Dustin Pedroia they look the same from right what kind of trying to politic featuring against appearance by Jack Edwards David Ross sticks in. He's used to you know some sort of action happening on the playing surface. What an awesome afternoon for baseball to back games this ends in the Red Sox they -- was that from someone and finally. So I learn anything there that could be helpful for you buried a -- or another by the shadows somewhere around there you go somewhere and it. I did learn to you know the most wonderful thing about our business is job security. And tonight I think I'll go and -- are fine. I -- run over so but yeah it was really very entertaining and I would have liked to -- a little more of Jack in there but you know -- letter is Brett thanks I'll Holler first to say. I was wishing for horses of wall or whatever set and a lot could use horses of all -- and -- -- good enough to the summer voice of the Red Sox. -- -- -- -- That you feel he gave us our boys didn't -- -- -- at least at least -- or I don't know if there. I don't know I -- -- and turn it started breaking your outlook while Lewis Michael holly right now. That was an inside yes it was -- to bring him back here. Had been having a debate in the morning show really throughout the course of this season about chemistry in the Red Sox are what are really mean is -- the reason that we're getting ready for this game tomorrow or is it just a byproduct of all the talent that was brought in here -- -- -- conversation coming up next -- got the Red Sox roundtable here on W media. Offensively but I don't take anything for granted with that either there's such a prodigious offensive ballclub so I see that if you look at the the history of this season has been primarily their pitch he's really been tough for us. Joseph Maddon showed off the fifty cent words thought golly. Continuing though the Red Sox roundtable here Dave O'Brien -- and Hanna Mike Komansky. All of -- on that WEEI if you're a yankees fan today you're probably saying -- -- looks familiar first that was last night Nick Swisher or come up with a few big hits and today. -- AJ Burnett just get shelled gives up seven earned runs in two innings. As the Pirates trail Los Saint Louis seven nothing right now and predictably at a thirteen fifty degree ERA in the ballparks oh. That's on up. -- if -- seven -- -- rough it's going up a little -- do that going that's why alike with John Ferrell doing John Lackey and play in the home road splits which we talk about this season. And how he got here how we got to this point or were doing a round table like today -- all -- get excited for game tomorrow here at Fenway Park Red Sox finishing with the best record in baseball after what was. Just a total disaster a year ago chemistry plays a -- and you think it's a huge role do you think it's a minimal role Kirk is sort of -- your deal throughout the year yeah. Well I mean I just don't I'm not -- it to some extent was pregnant -- what do you -- I've by the fact that it's nice not to work with the Eagles I would imagine. No probably are right out of college and I would I don't know how did you ever go to anybody I would have no clue would be nice to find out one -- fingers crossed. But you know I think when you look at that that's part of it is easy but you know it's just the make believe. World where you know the guys grow beards and they start when you win first that you talk about chemistry I think history is littered I'm sure. With eighty -- 82 teams that had -- mystery but didn't have a lot of talent. I think one thing we all did we I'm guilty that anybody is underestimated talent displeased her I don't run for the year started. I thought Ferrell was gonna fix Buchholz and Lester in the by the buckles Lester really good about the Red Sox and good but yet. But they're gonna stick that's that's make any sense I'm a dummy that they are bring them they might have great chemistry that chemistry teacher would back him stripped by. But I think it's like Tooth -- stuff after awhile just -- but yeah I think teams don't -- teams can win with bad chemistry they have. That. That was all those little -- -- -- -- -- always throwback helmets but I that is always read those and it's not your only 86 those guys I want. And didn't get along -- -- -- point that he's Tokyo they had the talent pick a lot of talent was able to supersede whatever happened before that with -- chemistry this team this year. It's accentuated a little -- they had 97 win team with -- all like each other. I don't know what I know what helps that they believe it does it John Ferrell is commit here. And allow these guys not to question every day I got shot -- the ballpark Michael yeah and my manager said something about now is that chemistry is that stability. What are altogether because last year. That was the issue they showed up to what they're gonna be you know. I think -- interest and everybody uses Oakland as an example of that team their talent level was such that. -- three straight World Series. I mean you got that much now I guess you can't hate -- I'll say they'll -- Mexico finished bogey that's exceptional that's an exceptionally talented to let's say they don't have this chemistry at least talk about. What's -- record. Like 8080 they'd -- if they think it's what they tell me it's 84 -- -- waiting for I don't. I thought I think you have to I think you have to be. Yeah I think you have to be talented but I think you also have to have some that you have to have some things you have to get the same page with your teammates. You have to enjoy the work of -- the -- a barbecue at the toxic we heard that were. Our recently it can't be like that right. So I think that's worth a lot I think you're the reason I like Arizona but I would put -- right and there were 75 win team last year 7576. And had a just a crazy man. Well I'll write -- if there's one person there's been around this team idle for six months debut could speak this better than any of us can't. The way this team reacts throughout each other in terms of impacting them in that clubhouse and out -- field. While fascinated by the debate and listening to you guys take different angles on this because even been Carrington who came on the last day of the season with Joseph -- night. Could not put his finger on what comes first does the winning breeds chemistry which is the chemistry. Read winning but I don't think chemistry is the proper phrase I think attitude. Is the proper phrase this was eight. A seismic shift in attitude and every guy they brought in coupled with the guys were already here -- like minded attitudes and I think that does make a difference in. Any work that is what is chemistry chemistry is whether or not you like each other gel with -- each other maybe it's not that's not quite the right word for it but if this team that had a three game losing streak earlier in the instantly turned on each other guys decide hey you know what I'm not gonna do the right thing I'm gonna swing for the fences because I don't trust this guy behind me or I don't -- coming early to take extra BP because I've been slumping at. Because there's still going to be anybody else there or when I get they're gonna be a miserable experience because I don't like this guy back guy or it'll feel confident or like these guys over there -- my back if I screw up. I have permission to screw up because they all are gonna support me. I mean all of those things I do think factory so if things have gone -- early. Good and events that that down the stretch they didn't win all the games they did does that mean seventeen games -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I -- -- -- -- -- seventy optimizing doesn't. Look at what they win eighty selling -- solid young lady at forty but it's. Ultimately it's improved and that's the frustrating thing for me so much you can't prove something that's I mean argue about something gets in the just floating out there so. I believe they were all clean -- they -- 197 games they're maybe they're brought what do you think -- if the Michael's been in a pair in their face right. In 96 mile an hour fastball from David Price is coming in Annapolis thinking of it right. Changes everything good yet jaded but you don't is that one of the things about how did he ever gonna jump one on Joseph Maddon on this. Public give Greta probably you're arguably had -- -- regrettable that's what all he's do. People always say about that the -- in lose that are earlier he gave Joseph Maddon get the best out of his players. By wet weather at the very odd GB and that was where. And a clubhouse. Whether it's Jack -- -- knowledgeable in all it's a bullet constrictor clubhouse did it all -- -- take all valve has been all that stuff okay it we've we've made a lot of it I've made fun of it all pretty much all day. But I think it batters for the get why does it matter I don't know what really matters for the Tampa Bay ready. Let me give you an example of how that matter this is from Madden you can take from it what you will. The players who were willing to step up and calm within three feet or handle that snake. He felt like that taught you something about the fearless this of that player. And come game five come game six come game seven how I choose to use that player how we may respond. I have learned something about his willingness his attitude. And that makes a difference for now I know why can't play for Joseph Matt I'm not going anywhere near. Well you and I -- at seems you know I'm it's fun at that you that I guess -- miles in the course of toughness of a guy. Baseball player the right snake bit for goggles good disabled list it's -- very little time this an -- is that I'm. I'm here snake thoroughly enjoyed it out and I always -- get two guys that pitch in the spot he thinks. I'm -- he went eating got to snake his goal with the other. This guy I was not afraid of a snake so he's going to hit it baseball. I don't know what they saw a baseball at 98 it to this yeah maybe maybe it while it may or may informed his decision I did right who. As a manager grows grows about printers grab this here -- those amounted to put the snakes oh yeah it was. What shows your logic but the comic strip between mad -- Ferrell would be that their players trust the supreme right now Joseph Joseph that's gonna show that at work every single day. And he may criticize John lack which I've probably -- -- criticized the team's other the way baseball works second criticize all guys. Barrels the same way I think what you show up that you know you trust your boss. You trust that he's not that we over the boss. That sets everything get a place that's why talk about who deserves more credit I don't -- to -- is grades you get fairly plus chart today. I agree -- deserves more credit for the way this team has played over as I disagree I don't know if he's in Atlanta and I'll let it. Thought that I would I would take it change that I disagree I would give it to Jerry did over Farrell a spot and knock on -- dorsett to give one guy anyone and a plus but. -- to broaden the guys who who fit with that system he brought in the guys who were going to -- they're not the best out of every single they would show at the ballpark and I say this you are I think. The people to get short changed frankly of the guys in the office next to jobs and and that's the coach's office. I think -- would Torre's done and what would butter has done it all those other guys is ninety days from what we saw last year under the Bobby Valentine -- when no one spoke to each other. And it was open dislike in contempt for each other. Now all the message goes through via the manager's office to the coaches to the players and everybody loves and trusts each other there. And I think the winning his built on all of that but I think. You have to give credit to the guys who are hands on communicating insider club -- every -- that's a coaching staff has done an incredible -- Incredible did you guys would get coach Hugh harm and we know what got a regular season had you would give him. Going into a postseason game and -- hard -- once coach gets the ball. Whether it's the what with that out in the words if they go conventional way to implement and I. You feel like it's over why -- yeah trust him to that point was almost like what Dave said earlier ball Farrell. Don't think he's in the gets stupid in two or three days now that he's in the starts thinking two or three days in the didn't seem like the kind of guy who's in the overwhelm. By that spot note if you was the guys I would trust from top to bottom. It be right at the top. Well you've seen too much of it too big of a sample size now right -- it it would be a shock to see him. Just spit up all over so well in the NFC so whenever I am I wonder about that I was in the Everett -- role before me just like that especially because it was just the -- that's. It doesn't -- he was a really good pitcher everything was great except to give up a lot of home runs and he really level we talked about it right it began to get here are the guys are -- and graphs the release of our people a fair harassment but he gave Cameron has said look. You're gonna love this guy he does everything great the strikeout to walk ratio is crazy never walks anyone the only problem is he gives up a lot of home runs there they're -- hasn't come up -- There were other issues -- 38 years old and the the ability to come back on Tuesday night Wednesday night Thursday night -- very much an open issue. With coaching end of thirty -- he doesn't throw 95. As a typical closer does so he didn't have that make up in someone's. Idea. But they were wrong a. But it's amazing how much he he the Rose like -- full command of it not identical but if you're looking for for a similar type of a closer to him. Relying on instead of a change to splitter from him but they're very similar kinds of pitches and 8890 mile an hour fastball that is is sped up because of the effectiveness of that change in this case the splitter. And who has the record for most most innings pitched in a playoff season by a closer. People well he also -- the. The record for -- -- references to fans. During his tenure here. The other guy besides -- by the way we -- talk about his progress all right because. If you double that you guys you trust Turkey talk about the list Jamaica -- just -- -- coach you want it and Breslow was put up. -- numbers without the Koji big glove coaching high fives he's going to be so war because there's going to be games where. He can't go six out with -- so -- gonna have to get to three. He's been so good the second half and he has the exact good again because that's not the one of those two -- a weird thing I don't either I or rationally do not that. Although -- are reduce our dollar seats knots. Look at the splits -- -- -- right handers well -- and he's tough spot on either side of the plate equally but I I'd like he's got some gumption there. The heat doesn't get rattled same coach he obviously but those are the guys you got to use in the eighth and it's been a problem for this club all season long. And still lives in my opinion going in the post season. Now that the differences coach he's probably gonna work a lot of the cynics a lot of -- -- ninths and John will not think twice. That's the -- -- Dave O'Brien messed up -- made a hand -- -- it -- is with us as well the Red Sox. Road to redemption roundtable we are right across the street from Fenway park at Jerry -- upstairs on the roof deck it's been beautiful appeared today as Michael can test has just been perfect weather they got the the date on things out now -- now offering him on I think this is for you who they do he can vegetarian came gluten free menu here John now it's not well not we Cheryl -- -- that. It does yet just -- out -- I guess six guys six of those over airport -- -- Other hockey night in Fenway 50% off all lap aside appetizers tonight and every Thursday every time -- -- these game. During Bruins power play you gotta wait for the power play and then order whatever it is you want if you don't why do you think. Think chemistry is impossible. 22. To determine what want autograph to quantify you're going to hate when I ask you about next because I think it's almost even harder again it's a question for the Red Sox heading into tomorrow that's coming up. Here -- W yeah. All the credit there to anything -- And of course the good people white -- providing that final soundtrack. Straight out of the eighties was it your suggestion it was not that was Augusta but I appreciated. Like -- but -- -- North Carolina and has bigger download it if they were able to run we'll do some for when the -- very appropriate and those were you always I'm sure want -- to do you play by play over eighties hair band like battle a little bit on doubt about it absolutely out of game. Bryant is you can tell us not able Brian when did you go. That Bobby Valentine was when did you know that was a disaster at -- long before September of 2012. Yeah it was it was pretty early in the season in -- Joe's year Jokester united -- -- -- Bobby. Early in the season now wanna see it was the second week of April things are just starting to you know dip. It was a ball quite a wonderful meal with Bobby to rest rumble were rated tight spot that you picked up. And everything was great he's a wonderful storyteller. Rackets or get a couple bottles of wine had a great meal. And it was it the next morning when next afternoon walked into his office it was like that never happened it was like wow. Here's -- the manager of the Red Sox but. He's answering questions that I'm not asking him he's answering questions that somebody may have asked of hours of like. What happened here I literally walked out of the office looking at my recorder to give the Dudley and are currently at my animals we use that sent. -- -- answer any questions that I am just worried that that happens I don't know and that's what I try to figure Routt for that not to bury Bobby any more than anywhere parity hasn't -- there's a lot of things I really liked about Bobbi bit. That was strange to save the second week -- April misses the second week well yeah so then I figured. We are -- it queries stained glass and we are in sick or do or is it. Not that far from the whole thing with Youkilis and not that that was it right what I have read before barrel on -- are but I am -- right yeah -- and a ticket right. What do you think the momentum. That and if you don't like the idea of chemistry what do you think -- momentum this Red Sox teams that sit here sit around hanging out plainly that your squad scrimmage -- the rays every couple days have needed to win a game in order to continue on -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Momentum. Is important as they starting pitcher the -- level you are Ricky Gary and Eric nurture -- -- well I'll. Well -- pitch as well tomorrow they have momentum pitches like crap they don't have moment it. I it again we can't quantify something it really drives me nuts president absolutely. But you know you wanna say -- -- to be as focused at that moment. It jump around all of it puts the Red Sox have momentum they've won 97 games in the year with really no stress. So which one comedy -- consecutive games to the Indians win going into last night -- I don't want to be a big how well at Texas flying directly out over time like this I believe it more in a game in that there are momentum shifts. That occur in a game when you see a crowd affect -- team what you put everybody kind of heat on and enter Johnny you wait till I believe I believe in that stuff and I don't know that it carries over to these these long off days and stuff like that. But these these -- gonna have to sit out there for awhile you get cold you get you get out of the rhythm of playing baseball you talk to any baseball players and all you ever hear is as long as it did my routine as long -- -- in my rhythm -- -- -- -- can't pitch in the seventh because that's not part of my routine that. They've been out of their routine for a couple of. But doesn't this team. -- terms the way they've gone about it this year. And the leadership they got a certain guys doesn't it. Make it less likely their fact about a five days off and by the way the crowd tomorrow which you a question you -- Abraham on Twitter question describe -- 7UP please get Iraq and made it it's what it wasn't worth it or what it what it -- Pete Abraham question what was his ways that we get a little bit this it's Burke doll don't that it's over here at Fenway -- they get. Talk yeah it's a big just below that it might not be that fever pitch. But opening first pitch for Jon Lester tomorrow they'll be on their feet and Fenway Park this crowd gets this crowd. Understands it -- have a chance there David Price they'll just delegates about. Don't steeler fans it got to play the tour -- steeler fans. In the desperation of a forty years out of the playoffs since it was the -- like a football hockey crowd at a baseball being able. They are cheering the game right here in years at the image of Pete Abraham another globe. Writer -- between did Ryan Dempster started tomorrow. -- just -- surprise me holly had a Hawaii -- between -- and another source that says that -- They gave it to get it right it's a lot can happen between now 307 -- you were surprised Jack -- -- yeah. Yeah. Talk about what the -- I think I think the -- and a regular trip. -- little -- -- the layoff hurts a good team last and I don't let some sort obvious but if you go back to back Colorado team in 07 at. That would that -- All that moment -- I -- -- to -- they just kept winning -- -- -- -- and then they have to see it and they got a little time to kind of think about where they were -- also that same season Cleveland up 31 against the Red -- young team on the precipice now all of a sudden. They have that off day there were everybody had to sit around and think about it. Manny made the comment about how hey if we lose it's no big deal and it seemed almost free as teammates up to go out there and win the that's where I think the momentum shifts are a little bit more pronouncement. Is just not that good team and they're relying on something beyond just their. -- but that series the Cleveland series our member while if momentum means any thing. They'll win the series in Cleveland Josh Beckett is going goal in game five that Josh Beckett said we're -- back to Boston so case closed what do -- do we stuck it up. Should have put his ex girlfriend up there's -- match and I didn't know that it -- mistake they made you know future. There's over the line I thought I'd I. Don't they look at their overly -- it out let's just talk about it in terms of that the big picture outside of raised Red Sox. Just again the American League. Most of the year I thought Detroit was the best team in the league that for a while I was Oakland and violet hill right -- the best team. Record wise is the Red Sox but he got Kirk who's who's the best team. I think the Red Sox the best. I guess that if you play the players for this long so I would say the Red Sox equipment it's not the shorts or it's my pick in Tampa they play Cleveland I think that might sweep winning four games. I'd say Detroit to close second -- had -- been up and down but those pitchers though. Those guys that lineup I'd say they're probably the second best team. That's a Detroit lineup that would I would say if Cabrera is healthy the question right now I guess with that growing because if he's not I don't think they're better than Oakland if they. I think if he's healthy they're Brett a Red Sox you know that the pitching staffs are are are so close and I think the Tigers right now and they they have a pitching staff they keep going to a game they led the American League playoff teams. It double digit strikeout games they're the team that cannot three different occasions scherzer Sanchez. Verlander 123 and anyone of those guys complete game got a strike out 1112 guys I give them a slight edge. Over the right here's the crazy thing a lazy -- is hitting they're 20. -- it and does does that surprise you but I thought it was a let I was still a great deal. Yeah you're you're essentially able to trade a guy who was blocked and you organizationally had a long term plans for Clijsters. For a guy who could start a playoff game for. But I'm shocked I thought Jose Iglesias I thought 240 Max fifty. I think the the book is still -- -- and I think Minnesota's nick next year at this time if he's hitting 310. You've got a story he had a lot -- and I loved Iglesias but it a lot of infield hits 2535. Infield hits before he ever left the reds -- Now so that's his old ability he gets out of the box -- that side as fast as anybody in the game. I'm not saying he's a burner I'm just saying mini explosion right out of my ball. He just loses he'll get -- but he hasn't hit the same level and he's -- than -- -- -- -- to dedicate yourself is that -- ball right -- hit 330 while we was here this year he had to sixty in Detroit and -- on base percentage goes down seven in the -- we'll call it -- -- -- play averages -- ridiculous how they don't make that trade they probably about the number one -- the American -- I -- look at our -- TV starts -- -- it was second beat. Steven Wright. Make it -- start Red Sox brain to work -- that's the reason they're not like prior wood or. Would would all of you guys agreed that the Red Sox are in the best shape going into the -- post season round. Of anybody and I'll go out including saint Louis the Dodgers anybody over the nationally because of the rest they locked it up early. Napoli -- -- time arrest L split has said time there everybody you headaches and. To win it all along with being in Oakland to an. As it I don't the complaint is really -- throw in the fact -- -- Dodgers are playing a team coming in here that had to play a million times right well so it just a couple better to look at that we do you know -- helped. Boys thank you so much for comedy here at -- we have -- -- -- pick which is a reason five. Red Sox for. Sox have five. Of great support comparison nor are gonna go Sox and five as well if I don't forget tomorrow morning at 830 with Dennis and Callahan -- hand another pair of tickets. To give away for game two of this series that's at 830. Tomorrow morning I'll put those guys stick around this roundtable will continue Mikey out of his joke at -- -- the dorks -- WEEI dot com Alex and probably on as well thanks hospital lot of fun thanks and good holds. Dear Jerry -- here WEEI.

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