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Buster Olney, ESPN: John Farrell is best AL manager

Oct 2, 2013|

Buster joins Mut and Merloni to talk about the Red Sox as they head into the postseason. He tells Mut and Lou that he selected John Farrell for AL Manager of the Year.

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I speak to that and we're -- -- here I can I I know he's made his picks. And always talked about responsible get to that -- joining us on the AT&T hotline is our buddy Basra only ESP NL start where he has. And -- in Cleveland for the wild card game tonight buster Kenya. Give us a scene setter for the city Cleveland tonight as the fight and Francona is get ready for their first playoff game in forever. Yeah the -- all fired up everywhere you go everyone's wearing Indians are. Entry got it done it within minutes have to take what you play -- spotted EA when he played between the other day. That they sold out the game the prices on the secondary ticket. The market very close to what they weren't Pittsburg and I think it's around 300 dollars. 350 dollars average ticket price so. At plate and we packed united as as watching that nut house in Pittsburgh last sides agree with great respect and affection. I would think to myself oh my god this group of fans has keyed up Alex job. And I hate that you know all the Indians fans. I'll watch that last -- -- say you know what we're gonna get the same treatment. To the rays and Alex stop and I think he'll be aptly crazy and I know. Now I was in the Indians club out after the Clinton -- the day and they celebrated hard in this means a lot of those guys in. In week in -- Terry Francona especially. Buster just to match and coming out of the bullpen is weakened -- some electric stuff is he the closer for Terry Francona. Yeah ineffective and out some of it depends a little bit on match out there where they are in the course the game but I think their dream scenario and not -- Would be if Danny Salazar who felt he got -- start the big leagues and yet they needed couldn't wait to get in the ball as -- electric stuff. It seemed like he can handle any situation. They're dream scenario that would would be that he pitched six innings and then that thing goes the last three and Gary was talking yesterday and it was really interesting point that. Yeah it would be the time that Masterson went down of course has stepped in May and the -- -- god and. -- a terrible you lose your best pitcher but the way that this is a ball to. Yet this unintended consequence of because he can't start being -- this guy was an all star available to back into the bullpen and guys sit back and their -- is really good. Between Masterson in it Cody Allen and Joseph Smith and and some of the other weapons they have now that they've demoted Chris Perez as the closer job. Tonight these Reggie Cobb goes in this game I don't Matt Moore would -- if they if they win you be able to go on Friday. It is Joseph Maddon talked about using any of the starters out of the bullpen of Cobb does get rattled early are this guy's going to be available tonight buster. Well like I did a few minutes ago -- dot the rosters for the game tonight and Chris archer is on the roster for tonight the only actually -- had nine pitches activated sixteen position players. -- Cleveland has eleven pitchers tonight the X fourteen position players. Yeah -- that would keep teams run -- -- -- basically as the same group of position players because with. Barring injury he likes the extra pitchers for the matchup and on the other hand we know the Joseph Maddon will use a lot of position players but among those guys. On the ninth pitchers Chris archer. Matt Moore is listed here looking at the list right now David Price is not listed so two other starting pitchers. Are available besides it's besides -- cup. That Indians team Terry Francona ago they sent to get tired of hearing about the teams they beat down the stretch to put him in the situation. Obama got a bit of a lecture that in. In a nice -- from -- last night yeah. I've got a few of those -- -- myself laughter. And I say that with all you know he had a modest face when he said he he's not tired of people saying and that's about. You know they easy schedule and -- -- laughing because I think that probably set -- anybody. But I I hit Terry -- -- everyone -- to do everyone should understand that the reason lighter schedule it's easy down the stretch he's played all the American League east teams early. He got a lot of that out of the way. But I also the only two I don't think you take anything away or should take anything away comedians. Because they beat the heck out of those teams to beat the teams you're supposed to be and that's how you make the post season. I thought they did a great job immediately went fifteen out of seventeen down the stretch. When you laughed and fitted the seat in the one game behind Detroit. That's a hell of the year. -- of Basra only of ESP and you gotta make a vote. Manager of the year in the -- it Francona or is it John Ferrell. I -- in my -- the other bag at John -- I I think we can't have a conversation last year about what a disaster that Bobby was. And seeded team improve as much did didn't he Jon Farrell's present. Make it much of the difference I know they added other players as well. Without giving him a lot of credit for the turnaround there because it's clear they had been eight carries. -- been obviously got a phenomenal job in Cleveland but I'd give it to John. You know I look at this Red Sox team I think they are in the best team American League but my concern and I go back to. 06 Detroit 2012 Detroit -- seven Colorado. The -- four day layoff and playing a team and it and coming back and face in May be and Ubaldo Jimenez pitching at a high level on normal rest. Or a Matt Moore and fall by a price and I know how it all before in game one can can snowball as far as pressure goes. How much of a concern would that be for you when you look at this layoff in the Boston Red Sox. It's it's hard to judge which you're exactly right now -- we always look back with the benefit to 20/20 hindsight we talk about you know that the Tigers mistakes in the Rockies in those seven and and teams that have that layoff and other affected by that. And on the other hand if they want we would have said boy that rest relief they benefited from that. I don't know if there's any way -- to know for sure I do know that when I talked to David -- the Cardinals. Last week he'd -- telling me how he thought the Cardinals really benefited. From having basically playing for their lives everyday down the stretch in 2011 and he felt that propelled them. Into the postseason Joseph -- yesterday when he got the podium. In the travel was backed up and he was listing all the travel -- smile they'd look at it now like you know what we've taken on everybody. And were beaten everybody we're winning all the game needed to win. And and I do think that they'll have some momentum going into that and I think the Indians will as well because they played well down the stretch and they went tonight they carry over that momentum. And I also think the rays have that and I always thought it in regards to the Red Sox always having more success against Rivera. And other teams is that. Because there in the same division face each other so much -- demystified. Some of. TD you know it'd be a perception that that person that team is unbeatable I always thought that in the Red Sox -- familiar with a -- that faced all the time. It became not that big -- big deal and whereas I think -- he'd throw. A team like the Rangers or Oakland. It Fenway Park immediately. Maybe those needs to be affected by the atmosphere there is it's probably the best home field advantage in baseball the rays are going to be bothered by that they play there all the time. You said the Red Sox of the team to beat so I can only assume that you picked the Red Sox to win the World Series in 2013. Now I've picked Oakland to win but I'm telling you I look I you can make a case force six to the eighteenth 72 and I don't I don't equally blunt. Having enough pitching wanted to put on this job I don't necessarily look at them as a team that could win that. You know and I think Atlanta had just not playing very well down the stretch you kind of wonder about them. But I want a picking Oakland because they think they're playing really well down the stretch -- I do think that like Boston I think they have a heck of a home field advantage. Did that park in Oakland and -- -- you can speak -- -- lot better and I could. That that's a nasty place for people apply and it's going to be packed. And and I think that that'll help those guys. And they keep it that way they're playing right now they just they're they're not concerned about convention in -- you know while people perceive them. Days are going really well and to me that's gators team a more dangerous team -- that the Tigers visit the -- bullpen has some real issues. Buster is surprised live and those who shares their game one of those speculation Verlander maybe not sharp but. It's still Verlander. Now I've got to say I'm not surprised to pictures or game one and I thought that Kim laid it out you know he's the best pitcher hears that this isn't it did surprise me. Knowing and I believe me Justin Verlander to me it's you know the baseball's best pitcher in the last five years he's the king of the -- for this period of time. But he also has the Roger Clemens tendency to put a lot of pressure on himself in the postseason. And you guys saw last year he fights and helped the adrenaline you get -- the all star game. Any surprise me that he lined him up to pitch on the road. Is supposed to have in the comfort of Tiger Stadium in -- when you get right down to it you know Anibal Sanchez Doug -- you could pick any one of those three guys the big game too. Along with Verlander in -- -- couple that I thought he would -- just in the pit digital. Is it a mistake to put John April to left field defensively I mean is it that much of an upgrade offensively just. That would concern me. Are we feel -- thank you wanna get this time a year a year to go with the defense. And -- the big X-Factor for Detroit in the post season. Now what happens with a place -- You know when you read to have line. And B you know in the on the with a week ago where legal and talking to police peace about it try to work through jitters. Then that pitcher attention when you read this story's over again and you watch Miguel Cabrera struggling through to get through game. That's concerned he Jhonny Peralta playing left field Prince Fielder played first base. The question to the back into the bullpen that make you look at Detroit and say there -- a lot like those great teams in the nineties where they added that this outstanding rotation. But not a lot of depth behind it and and that's why I don't have. Detroit on -- division series. Up buster real quick do you buying their report that -- is given the at the dog ate my homework routine when it comes to. -- Genesis in his use of whatever their -- down there. Would it surprise you at all Artest. Right at all. Dead did it stayed -- that's gone on I mean let's face it. He's -- mean -- waiting form all year to sort of step up and say you know what I did I'll take my punishment and and move on but that's clearly not elegantly it. -- 11150 people out there holding. The exact same -- looked like it was written by the exact same person in the rumors of people actually getting paid. -- -- breakfast and lunch just to put it on the era Follett gets it before. I saw the outside still -- I noticed the same -- boy did. It did -- host -- -- almost got -- inside they all have been cut incredibly the same -- Incredibly wanna supporters on Twitter and set on getting paid to be here ended the daily news is all over it's now a -- as paying people. To support on the outside busters that -- -- to wrap it. York I -- buster Olney of ESPN he's taken the Oakland he's not the Boston Red Sox win the World Series Barrera appreciate -- -- in the playoffs. A little talk to boss you'll -- tying Cleveland should aspirin it's Ian. This week and at Fenway Park bobbled them as -- -- to lean towards Oakland this in this matchup as well. You build the Tigers and up to you to stick -- Rother left -- -- for an offensive upgrade. You know and 1520 at bats in a post season Andy Dirks two victory under the play better I'll feel you give away outs. And in the post season you lose brawl -- left. We -- played before I think it's a mistake. I'm convinced Jayson stark more than ever convince me when it came down to the Detroit Tigers and and they're gonna make a deep run here but when you look at their pitching staff the most double digit strikeout games amongst the rotations. When he won. Among those Tigers they'd go and gains again they did they have shut me down games. More than anybody else any other pitching staff not in the Red Sox legacy and shutting down the a's for a couple those games in a five game series and he is win one more we don't shut him down you win I'll definitely take the Tigers. -- in that match up 6177797937. That's the number the eighteenth he texts like at 379 B 37 next hour. On now from now we'll talk to Matt Chatham are guy and the Patriots before that -- thought that Tommy Curran also on Patriots football heavy for a little bit including this and we come back. While the Cincinnati Bengals the team you're playing next offer a cold cold truth about what -- might be like post Tom Brady talked angles and.

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