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The Danny Picard Show takes its maiden voyage on WEEI

Sep 29, 2013|

Danny Picard debuts leading into the Sunday night match-up between the Patriots and Falcons. Danny recaps today’s Red Sox loss to the Orioles and gives his prediction for tonight’s game in Atlanta.

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WEEI. Debut. Sounds good sounds great on any god host. Leading in the patriots falcons died Sunday night for ball. Red Sox just finished up not too long ago as well. The British regular season we have post season baseball. Once again -- Boston on jacked up about that. Jacked up about -- patriots falcons game tied at Georgia don't talk -- aren't. The Comcast sports net language gonna join me in the 7 o'clock ala from plant that. I'll get an update on him as the somebody inactives in what is going down on the field for the game. And rob Bradford will join me. I'm in the next segment. We will talk about this Red Sox team and naturally an open and take -- calls as well -- -- she'll want -- patriots predictions. And but right now to open I think because the Red Sox just finish the week -- Conclude the regular season I just would take a look at at who they could play now. The the first playoff game -- LDS. Game -- will be Friday night at Fenway but obviously. You need some of the things that happen in what the wild card game even a tiebreak which looks like. There will be one in fact Texas leading the angels right now six to Texas in. Tampa Bay would play that game tomorrow and then order that game would play the Cleveland Indians how about. Terry Francona and the Indians than a quarter of that game would play. The Red Sox in the ALD. As -- Well today and this this afternoon in Baltimore. Felix brought he had a chance you know we had an opportunity go to them and basically before and John Farrell he said. This -- maturity form and make this playoff roster the 25 man playoff for -- not be in the rotation we know that. Reynolds brought it sounds zip at least come up from Jon Farrell's -- That feel the -- Seven a tough time stomach in the fact that you've got to go to the bull that'd be -- and all the playoff. -- but now John Farrell. This is this -- quote from John Farrell -- -- -- -- noted what Felix brought did. This afternoon when he had a shot to really -- -- company couldn't do it Farrell said. Don't believe in himself he feels like he's worthy of being a stock. What you want out of an individual he's had a solid year plus he wants to be sure that he hasn't been in the post. In the post season that not only is buying into that role but this is about the team at this point wherever. Earlier and you've got the lion and contribute however we can won eleven more games on Friday so it is a question. It brought to get quote right now what you did today and forget about what he's done at the end of his regular season but if there was a question about the mindset. Of Felix brought if you put an -- to the bullpen role to that question. Then maybe you don't have -- setup men in that situation now the roster right now. I would and from everything that we're here it looks like the Red Sox are gonna go without -- they sure it's only logical the goal at seven. Not relief pitches obviously the -- daughters. I don't have data looks like west has got to go game one wacky game though whether it's TV block colts in game's story and Ford doesn't matter the way it's set up if you did it again five. In the AL BS it would be less -- again really on five. The day's rest would -- on the schedule plays out. -- The the options here for the bullpen and a Red Sox are gonna add to or. Put on this roster for the playoffs. But you look at another guy and an opportunity today and then Matt. Somebody this Red Sox went out a quiet Andrew Miller goes down. And -- and Trammell was gonna play a huge role for the steam and it's open a big lefty had a nasty slider when it -- it was on the big -- was what a nasty sliders. In baseball. And they -- and you go out to make a move quick you get Matt Norton he's supposed to be a guy that comes in. I've faced some lefties now in fairness a big big right to an -- to face today in that double switch it. I righty against him. But still a what does a guy that I pick when this when the Red Sox around god and they looked at him when they did get the playoffs to be somebody that -- moment. Against that in that won a one match -- the face that left -- get that out. That is struggling to get that out at times to hit -- In his little run with the Red Sox so how much do you trust him and that's bought it if you don't trust and you put on the roster. Franklin Morales it is is -- -- you we are -- Dissolve Workman danced the doors and you know brand as we're Alice. You know another one marketed to be in somewhat of an O'Brien can't but the other guy is it is it to brought. Do you. Not even -- that seventh pitch he'd need that seven to really pitch ideas stick with six and add maybe. An extra outfielder Jackie Bradley Jordan Clinton very what do you do with that situation like that obviously with the return of Jacoby Ellsbury. You have now what rosters. -- I don't know -- Jackie Bradley junior. On this playoff Ross I'd like to -- to make a decision -- bury Jackie Bradley junior on don't carry out as not that Jackie Bradley junior doesn't have speed and base that. But Clinton Barrett -- me -- company's common avenue -- quite of this situation I feel like urged a no -- honest to be that guy that specifically comes -- but would -- again wanted to be on -- trip to I could care less what Barry did at the plate and don't. He -- the home run out to right field not all the ball did. Forget about the fact that you've got very common and steal bags and -- -- -- that's just but that's his role he's gonna keep on that. I think he's a no brainer I don't think you need Jackie Bradley junior obviously now because of -- in that -- he's returned he looks good with that it looks like he's running around. It looks like he's fine he's mobile enough to be able to play it succeed as this team's. Leadoff guy and then on I think it should be fun with that. So -- pick -- then I think Bradley junior probably out of it to go at that seventh reliever who has. That all Phillips who brought up village abroad they get an up maturity of a British man to -- Alan Webster. And you brought in any candidate or five hits five runs you -- frustrated. I just read the quote from John -- it's said that he obviously has questions about. Fields the bronze mindset in a guy that was in the rotation let's not forget what Felix brought it to the steam in the -- it was as a guy in the rotation. The -- book colts goes down. They literally you know -- Was injured early obviously Lester struggled in the middle of the season eight times have peavy to the trade deadline. -- brought was one more reliable guys out of the rotation. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What what I do and Artest struggled a little bit late in the season but I really do some that run on arm did not deserve a spot they're a patient sure I'm. I'm sure he has he's having a tough time. So all that shall. But reality is that the Red Sox have forced -- -- patient at a better -- and they have forced dollars in its rotation and a more reliable than him right now and have more dominant stuff. -- -- brought six sets it at times IE. I want the holly was so successful holly is so reliable he really mixes up his pitches with a -- -- with his off speed but he doesn't have dominance off. You know he doesn't go out there and and blow by guys and always -- is a big pitch but. I'm not sure -- -- every time he's on the mound I wonder why is this -- unhittable at times all why is he still reliable. Well he has bottom line -- you -- speed and then late in the season on this the second year in her -- now he struggled with regards to. -- Pick it up that that. Number of -- the number of innings and he's picked up as a -- guy and it's really factored in to his lack of success here down the stretch. And now add that into the mindset at that and -- he had an opportunity to this mean much the Red Sox yesterday that clinched home field advantage throughout the playoffs what this gave me. This was a game in which you take -- give a couple guys dressed. You have some individuals that might need to show you some payment of the individuals that we battled -- -- -- -- -- pillaged and brought. I don't know what that would end but they didn't feel like they wanted to show up there I just won again post season dry out. -- -- -- -- Again those those quotes from Farrell about the -- mindset I think I still go Norton. I'm not telling you that I feel comfortable and I'd recommend that he's got to get a big out by still pay you need that seventh guy in that bullpen a god -- comment for just one at that. That god can comment against that one big lefty need that it's a major piece of the puzzle when you break down what this team needs to have to make a legit post season run. What you need. -- that we just I just mention Clinton parity that's that's a big factor guy you could comment off the -- and -- it aggravates bought. -- to have you dominant starting pitcher. You have your clothes that's reliable -- -- now that you are going to be got to -- -- rely on more on the right and it is well. Moving forward I'm OK with that. And to have a couple other bullpen guys that may have. Done a lot more than I would have ever expected and that one -- Craig -- well I. You know I just don't look at him and I don't always feel comfortable when he's on the loan. But for some reason Craig -- has been a guy who as we move into now this. Post season. He's a reliable confident. And all the pieces it started pitching -- you could come off the bench all the utility players our guys you can play multiple positions in the outfield. Guys in the middle of its order can come up a big hits god you can come off the bench -- a big spot against the lefty and one of the seats when you need it. You got all these factors all these special pieces to a team. I couldn't make take this Red Sox it is all the pieces to make a special run this year. 1 piece that I am. You know -- look at an ounce and they need a little bit some hair and it's rarely that once bought and which a lefty comes in from the bullpen to get a left handed it out of the -- I'm not -- is a guy they -- found -- they are quite an -- guy and it hasn't looked good. A lot of the times but as we break down this final roster spot I'd guess if you give it to someone I don't. Don't think that Matt cannot want ads bought but who else is gonna go to. I just don't -- it to brawn is somebody that. I'd want to put on this roster not just because I he's not gonna be in -- rotation. If you put in the bullpen obviously yet wanna be there and from the sounds of it coming from John Farrell his quote until the brought. He's not really trust in the mentality of -- bra. -- -- So that's really the way this Red Sox roster looks right now and how it's gonna play out. But I'm excited for post season baseball the regular season concluded today. The the loss but meanwhile the Red Sox are records don't -- -- -- so this was a game about individual performances for some. But some certain players that fields to brought Matt Thornton -- -- moment pages. -- did they didn't show they come out and really steal one does get content and stalls bought. Stole post season roster spots we'll see what the Red Sox do they're obviously gonna look at what happens in the rest of his playoff races now. Well we're gonna have. Up playoff to see -- gets that second wildcard spot on Texas looks like it's going to be Texas Tampa Bay tomorrow. And the winner of that game play Cleveland on. Wednesday. And and the winner of that game whether it's not a game one. All of the AL. DS on a Friday night at Fenway and it's gonna be Jon Lester on the loan for that game. It's all an exciting time here in Boston with post season baseball you -- the -- week. So looks like they'll block it looks like black he's gonna pitch game two. Lackey was supposed to go today because the -- don't -- last night the push that back -- fun with that good do it given -- some extra rest but I didn't pitch last year. Obviously now has not come back to his old self John Lackey. And and as we we really look at this team and what's the most important goal post season. It's -- -- rotation. And the dominance of this rotation. Weakened you know did that argument as to what went wrong last year will wrongness of and the before then. And a lot of people hold this. Argument that day you know there was some club policy issues. It would things going on behind the scenes that really affected this club to men would affect this club was dotted pitching was not living up to the high was it live and up to the potential. That's the biggest problem. You know what comes first the chicken or the egg what comes first you know the. Attitude the club those issues leaked it out all the motion. Because when you wouldn't. Pay. A lot of -- to do some things that might not redirect is behind this seems like it might have some pop out and nobody is talking about it. Because all it really matters is. The W 97 wins the Boston -- budgeted 987. Wins academy division champs. -- The difference this season was starting pitcher. 'cause last year and the September before that the starting -- did did not show. And you read guys step in the big spots and I know I guess it sounded like I sort of -- abroad to open the show but I also wanna give him credit. And I hope when this thing is all said Don this season regardless of how it ends and I don't wanna get it did well. I don't wanna get into the hole. This season will only be a success they win the World Series that's what let's let them like game one of the playoffs -- we get a playoff first. Before that it's not having that argument. Regardless of how this thing ends I do all -- fields to -- Can understand what he did this year is greatly appreciated. And Red Sox Nation. Because he was a guy let's not forget that even if it doesn't make the postseason roster. Village that brought was a -- went out for 171819. Straight starts and was one of the most reliable guys. In that room. Ensure 'cause that probably tough pill to swallow appears -- This playoff -- If he isn't on that -- -- -- -- Was you have Lackey -- have Buchholz and got Jake Peavy. And you only need four stars in the playoffs numbers again. And -- that he's gonna go to the bullpen we've seen and that's bought before with other teams he's been good match but he's a veteran guard it he knows what it takes to go out there and succeed. That really is another numbers game because if you didn't have. Danced around and what would you -- -- problem is that what we need a long relief guy for the bullpen in the playoffs and brought would probably be that god again numbers again. Danced his debt to fulfill that role you don't need to those guys. You don't. What I don't think he can have whom many of is the lefty specialist a guy you can come out of the -- and a big spot. In the later innings of a playoff game when you need to. But he got a runner -- score position you're trying to hold onto a lead in the middle late innings to go left at the plate elected coming demo I'm not talented and apple about. Noted I'm confident not going to be able to come and get that out but guess what. That's what they don't have really a -- don't have any other up big guy if they had big guy that would be intermodal. We -- he could ball or dead gorgeous. Lefties. In that spot. But he's not around. Like big -- thought would be that guy and just to sort of round out this playoff roster and rotation rob Bradford. If for WEEI WEEI dot com is gonna join me in the next segment. We will talk. A little bit more about this Red Sox roster playoff roster movement forward. And really look at the matchup they have for the first round of the Major League Baseball post season game -- It LDS will be Friday night again wait and to see what's gonna go down I believe we're gonna see Tampa Bay. And Texas. Play in that game. Tomorrow and then a winner of that will play Cleveland win that put the Red Sox on Friday Nigel rob Bradford will join me in next time out and then I'll get into patriots. Patriots falcons at the Georgia Dome Sunday Night Football that weren't all patriots August 0120. Atlanta. Falcons. -- -- -- some of his teammates a little banged up for this one but. I'm -- knows how that feels no ground Null and in goal for this one tonight on eight aren't. For Comcast sports net win and he'll join me in the 7 o'clock -- on your phone calls and your prediction 617. 779798376177797937. What text me 37937. On Danny taught. Sports Radio WEEI. Welcome back on the post. Danny we got there on WEEI. Talk and some Red Sox before he really didn't the patriots falcons leading into that game it'll. 8 o'clock. As Tom Brady goes up against Matty ice at the George adult -- Arnold join me. Live from Atlanta in the 7 o'clock -- But right now all stick with a little more red sock right -- in to patriots and taking uncles didn't predictions for this one tonight. Our rob Bradford from WEP on WEEI dot com joins me right now in the -- ENT line rob what's going on I don't. -- my producer -- Much like club pro -- in -- -- -- -- -- That's a good parts I'm not so you wanna give your actual patriots prediction I'll before all of our territory. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- some of there. -- take issue issue was a strong word but -- decisions to make decisions is the right word what do you expect the Red Sox to make the official decision. As with regards that playoff roster and I don't really the last 12 spots out what are they make that decision -- don't wait until they know their plan or do you think they might. I give us something before that. Now I think we gonna wait till they know who they're playing and a year -- -- in the rotation the amount we're treatment equipment smell it right and left a Lackey. -- -- And so you might hear that on Tuesday bot I suspect that the roster will be announced until Thursday. Part of attitude your playing -- that is what I get through these work -- -- -- big guy and terms no we won't quite make it seem. If you -- at eleven pitchers -- like Dave said they're going until. That I think brought it to make it seem as well -- what the last guys probably over -- and -- I might be brought them back into brought it done nothing to suggest that you can be effective -- I'm guided by a bit of the stoppage yet so much better. In terms -- position player that he quit they're gonna make it. October Jackie Bradley. -- gonna make it over John McDonald. I don't look at a lot of rhetoric at the ministry did it is. If you're going to be a wildcard in Italy -- here because all of these guys I'm really give up the road trip or are. At all you mentioned I agree with John Paul got so mcdonalds I agree with Dave -- although Bradley junior but to -- brought it. What can man and an opportunity to stay sort of like a one day driving this candidate really mean much except for a couple certain players that. Really needed to to -- something but I -- John Farrell's quotes they're a boat. About two -- mind -- here a guy that don't want to the bullpen so it seems like his mindset is a concern all movement for about pitching on the ball and playoffs. Yeah -- like argued that brought a few weeks ago intent he would he would says that you feel you're really acclimated. But the bullpen and he pointed to these other guys like -- important that the break even those guys they would be better option I thought I'd. Back then it was a night waiting for him to position himself as still a Bible starter candidate. I mean that's what you're looking at that you want to start. Now about what we're gonna become a reality. I don't know how much bigger factor that in they're cute too broad set. Gonna take me a little bit in the warmup so I hope you don't want to be there or they know what kind of hate the guy that really could stop any immediate effect that guy. Good right now -- -- -- -- -- pad I leave you not think I would that I could stop you right I think I can go either way it's certainly. But it firms -- the other spot simply go to Google haven't pictured is pretty locked our you have Lester are cold Lackey PB Dempster. Koji did our. Franklin Morales worked in and I'm forgetting someone I know. And no I think you we are Breslow it is our work men danced the are Ellis and use Santa brought that would make seven relievers. Yeah yeah so there -- nights I think I think I think that that right now and so you know big dog Eric I think it changed and I think the position players are pretty locked -- -- buried can make the team and and I think Bogart is as well. Speak with rob Bradford here on WEEI an AT&T hotline rob. Hey -- what this. The playoff format now we're waiting to see Tampa Bay Texas got to play tomorrow the winner that will likely low on Wednesday when -- and that will play. The reds aren't deep reds I don't I won't come out say it publicly but there is there -- -- good John Farrell goes all -- watch these games and. The -- Nikki wants one of these -- say I wanna play gamble I don't wanna play -- do you think. You know in the host -- they short route for certain team a certain team over another. Well I Eddie and because the way that may look at it it it's not like copper reef today. Well Cleveland at least talents but you wanna play it out based partly driven all these teams you can spend it all different -- I can expect it has ever look at this but -- the starting pitching or could -- Hey you know what we -- -- -- but because we know them so well we know what you're getting whereas you don't like people a whole lot so some of these guys what you challenged her lover. It's legal -- -- and give -- some subscribers. So I think that is that what you come back to it there is as good starting pitching what these teams have in terms of starting pitchers who can walk you and -- it's certainly Cleveland has command as one of the best starting pitchers in the American League. In the second half the year you know you can't buy that has you know what actually happened Darvish with pollen regard that. I think they're very wary of all he's created by the same time effort more than one occasion. That there are saying at least they're notes due in large -- has been the most numerically. -- and so the rotation. It's looking like James who's going to be Lackey debt was again one Lackey definitely -- It would go our way unless they reverse it less -- footlocker blue black. You last year and by the one thing you know a -- -- and outlined a Lackey being much much better all its its. It's striking how much better you got home so I think that you would have -- -- rolling. Which you've been really right now but it did was I still think you'd feel Lackey won the first two games. Is there one injury -- You know dodged what banged up -- down the stretch and we obviously nobody -- very Pedroia had a little something added -- that Napoli put the foot. Is there one injury that we should really keep an eye out for a kid there in the playoffs when maybe there's a guy that. Might need to pay off in the playoffs I mean how -- we talking about it would help Dolan and begin Friday game one. You know again it's a great question because -- -- victory on Friday. And he said -- -- talk about his entry about it obviously answering to the back that you feel like I don't know of those are going to be an issue or at least playing throw it. -- take at least saw the other day is what Jim shot that aggravate the bump and makes being more tricky. By as he says you look at this lineup and you go through almost the entire lineup -- -- guys -- -- Public decrease in other words we know guys who have. Probably injuries but they're not letting not. By oh very we know what -- injury did Victorino Pedroia it was a -- Ortiz we know that. Then you have apple he went to witness I think bill salt yet that the backs saying. If you can call that -- -- it. He's got a good feeling a bit but one thing is they've been able manager to -- asking me what I -- look at I say this could be a real problem -- goes the other way. It's still Pedroia. And you've got a great job of managing this the entire year. By all -- as they've said all it takes is one here shot what one deal and cotton glove or something like that. And then that you have a real problem because he's such a valuable guy that number three spot. I'm rob and finally as I've -- as we mentioned we talked about them the ball and in the rotation. On somebody's injury but what did on Friday night. We know Ellsberg victory no -- the reds still -- like what's going on in Westfield high. Predict what I mean how do you set it up you still need to know we plan what do you think is a set one up just one game they needed to win what's -- look like. Well I I think there is obviously you're locked in a center right yeah I get into really depends on who's pitching. -- and they got some some great options it took -- right here I think you'd be out there Google updated you would probably don't I think it's important. -- rob thanks a lot a great job at. And talk to you soon. Did you go to great job could be here and I'll. Oh all right -- rob Bradford WE DI a dot com W yeah -- did join me on the a team the line as we get some Red Sox and so wrap up this Red Sox. -- because the patriots and I. In Atlanta. Georgia don't Tom Brady Matty ice that three don't patriots against the war in two falcons what are some of the -- on it aren't. For Comcast sports net New England CSN. And the red -- to post season baseball. Donna back game one -- BS Friday night. Phone on the 617779798376177797937. Text me at 379. 37. On the there aren't till 8 o'clock and you went -- patriots falcons -- calls. At this time. Welcome back WEEI on the host Danny -- leading into patriots falcons tonight -- and I -- -- To wrap up some Red Sox stock of the Red Sox finished the regular season today with a was -- almost came back but the result of that game really didn't mean much. Paul Lyons -- -- 617779798376177797937. The text line. Re 7937. Steve. Is and full -- topsy. I want you sir you. I like to make one comment about what they just -- the other issue well played out or would it connect to -- -- particular absolutely. I don't think it than that but at the scene at some of the book that I don't want to predict that score of the game but I wanna tell you. That this score over the game compared to it is that -- with the patriots. And you'll figure out an arch. And then you you would at least on an extra -- reachable -- superior opponent in all the while they can't get magnified so it'll be. This quality. And the result of McCain will be to give it a little bit it would. A popular abrupt. It's a good thing that got hit it quality can't even get on the spot and because we had many times. For with not really is not adequate -- What would they. The guy that likely -- political back engaged -- that we've. Yeah you know I don't know what else is Steve you know what else about do -- -- I mean I mentioned in the first segment is that. Regardless of what happens with you brought. Endure in this post season whether it makes the roster and not any but it does. Regardless it's in the regular season what he did how reliable he wasn't and we can't forget power -- -- -- -- -- love the guy and I'm gonna play we -- little bit I look at it like peaceful and Jamie Moyer and the other guy. Give anybody else but back in the data the gagging on each. I would get -- -- how we keep getting guys don't like fish. This guy I'd hate it it's a bit on the -- on the that buckled young. -- devastating but he got. That there's all the trail the way out of what -- Becky called from right handed batters and that you see a lot lucky you committed like. -- it is in the 100 pitches that and I put it came -- in the week it's. In the middle there. Now I want the next pentagon amount seventeen like why didn't that when he achieved that as well vehicles which each. That you really want. And in with what you said let director agent album I'll keep that demonstrate that -- -- political stripes. Like apparently does the does -- -- be glued to the threat -- -- market but. Because he doesn't it. In that -- This episode or basically who lament what you've probably got into the front got within unity. Long. You know somebody blows up on you need a guy for quite -- Now that that situation guy you would try to look at it. Yeah -- Steve thanks to the call appreciated on the I IE big we both agreed that the brunt has been a great job this team this season. Which -- gods of the 162 game season and a way to finish the division ha how big of a fact he was in that. In the rotation but I think we disagree justice to whether or not he should make I don't think they're brought to be the guy even though important is not so when I rely upon. I think they already have that long reliever and dad's style dignity to those guys dedicated. -- -- you put Orton in the -- you take your chances at that one guy that lefty to comment against a left handed in a big spot. Ryan is in the middle girl what's up Brian. It -- going on and so we are committed to park the two part question factually -- it. These are playoff game that they do and I think the reason obviously that you -- it -- -- peace and is being so exciting -- -- looking to -- -- unity at the plane -- But isn't it a little unfair to the -- that they have to put all their best player and focused so hard on this warned game. That determine their position in the restaurant -- And the second question as -- try to bring -- wild card thing into the wild card the right thing to do should we should we stay with the traditional sixteen. On it's almost like if you're not good enough and -- can it -- -- maybe you actually you know. We shouldn't be and and in the playoffs agreeing to get it seemed so close. At this he's -- The wildcard is obviously a good idea because everyone's so close traditionally it never really hit close. And it just seemed like with a lot of stress. On the team themselves because that -- -- you gotta win that one game should be play Italy that played. And last year I mean you can -- look at last year right Atlanta and Saint Louis and in Saint Louis was -- almost ten games behind Atlanta. But at that second wild cards and those dresses the part of next thing you -- the other in the playoffs. You've got you've got to play one again I think it's stupid I look I don't I don't agree with the the extra wild got a one game playoff but. I don't really right now to the Red Sox there and if you're in our -- and a baseball fan I don't know that that's really topic that you care about right now because it doesn't really factor into what you're doing what the effect let those teams beat up on each other and one game used against guys. -- picked a good actor and only because he's won this one game between campaign -- is determined to cool replay and you know. If you have a traditional site in theory you can strategize a little bit -- complete player and you know if you want to paint it doesn't necessarily mean you're out but now it. You know people who -- -- -- -- -- Tina you know Amy and I think it's silly you know an alien in this -- -- wild -- -- And I guess I just think it's not -- not make the playoffs I think most here like you said that -- it was hanging back I mean that's that's great the you know. Yeah saint -- -- Atlanta. Last year in the wild gun and -- and it. And yet and I can't imagine what it's like to be acting like 162 is so much better in the other Ryan thanks for the call phone lines opened 617. 7797937617. 7797937. -- text 1379. 37 as we wrap up Red Sox talked Iran WEEI -- we weren't the patriots falcons and it till 8 o'clock on talk -- -- From Comcast sports net New England he is gonna join me in the 7 o'clock ala. And it the other had such regular season it's all we get the playoffs are jacked up about it but. Also excited about what the patriots falcons game is gonna look like tonight and I instant -- wonder and people I'm not from Quincy. -- reliant people want this is my. First time on WEEI. I work for Comcast sports wing -- a right to the website CSN and I -- the patriots Red Sox and Bruins I've had. I should all. All multiple outlets and a web -- for the last six this seven to -- is rarely and I'm from sell the people. Text and us asking -- front from -- now. Bordering itself Boston's -- and not leaving on there on WEEI right now until 8 o'clock followed me on Twitter to got to promote my own stock back Danny god. All alike. My FaceBook page to do that hit me -- but you can text us 379370. Fault lines are open 61777. On 790%. I want you -- patriots. Predictions but tonight I didn't spread if you want patriots. All. What a lot of teams shorts on the road the -- to get through it -- there at. Reported target -- to this one at the Georgia Dome and all a lot of the talk don't want it to this game has been about. The patriots schedule and the teams that they've played in just proposed -- three and all that doesn't mean that territorial team because David's. They've got a week schedule well. Sure I don't apply while I agree with you that the schedule hasn't been very strong and it's not as if the patriots have had to come out and play Super Bowl contenders. I also want to point out the positives with this team right now given the fact that they do have injuries to serious guys on that offense. You know I look at the defense and then the one thing I've said about this patriots team going into the season. I -- -- her identity is going to be the pass rush and get to the quarterback and I think we're gonna see that night. Because Gemma Jones is gonna go up there against the left tackle for a -- it's Sam Beckett. He's injured. What we'll see what happens and what Atlanta does with that left tackle spot against Jim Jones but. Going to the seas are really -- -- -- Johnson and Bill Belichick says it all the time. Bicycle from -- want you to that would -- it vigorously. Jim Jones Donta hightower with two guys I looked -- on the patriot defense don't -- this season. We're gonna be two guys that helped create this identity not just the defense. For the team. I did this patriots team. Their identity as a team has got to be good defensive pass rush and I -- Matty ice sure Aqib Talib. Not only owed on Julio Jones that's going to be a matchup to watch because what we've done a great job this year. But to help only about help on the secondary out. Is the way Ninkovich Tommy Kelly Vince Wilfork and always a little banged up and Gemma Jones -- -- on -- up inside or is coming off the edge. This is a team that can get to the quarterback can put pressure on the quarterback what that does is. That helps out your secondary. Big on right now the Atlanta Falcons -- team -- banged up Julio Jones is a little injured. Roddy White is a little heart you have Stephen Jackson will not be plan. Tonight in this game. So the patriots even dole is all this -- Atlanta's coming into this game as. This team sure Atlanta's wanted to but they have all these weapons and that people say this will be a short test for the patriots more protest and they've had against the bills. Jets all the blocks. All right I agree with that this will be more to test I don't think that this is a game that the patriots. I could just go out and did dominated with I just I've looked at Tom Brady be in the quarterback I'd look at somebody's all the weapons he's the wide receivers the young kids that did people we get into the season the more they'll learn in this system. The more they learn how to communicate with Brady in a game. They're gonna need to do that as well tonight as the patriots and falcons go at -- -- Sports Radio WEP. Sunday Night Football patriots falcons -- leading up to Actuant. This delay at a clock Sports Radio WEEI phone lines. There -- opened 617779. 7983761777979370. The text like 37937. I want your predictions for tonight's game obviously no ground. Obviously -- and and dole out just how banged up for the Atlanta Falcons we read reports obviously that Julio Jones a little sort. -- -- our skies and so don't these games I would like anyways I don't know all the always injuries for Atlanta got to play as much of a factor as maybe. On the left tackle situation -- will be tried to god Jim Jones and keep him forget the Matt Ryan I think that will be the one key but his game for the patriots because. I think that's his team's identity and all. Offensively today this morning Harrison's story is that titans a report that the titans -- going to be shopping Kenny Britt. Around and we keep getting to his receiver. Argument with patriots that he need to go get somebody. What do they wait till grunt and -- come back at what they need to do I know some people frustrated that that. You know the patriots have not surrounded Tom Brady with -- An elite receiver certainly -- is racking up the receptions OK the yards on public embodies. This is -- it any reliable guide for Andre I covered training camp. This year as they've done the last couple years for Comcast sports at Wentworth the CSN -- dot com and the one thing I did notice -- training camp I thought was fairly obvious if you watched it was Tom Brady going to jewel in Andelman what it just looked right. It was just something you saw that looked like they felt comfortable. Tom Brady felt comfortable don't -- -- and -- Tom Brady needs the needs to happen -- down the stretch without romp without an adult. Is that pretty needs to. Feel comfortable with the other receivers -- used to feel comfortable with Dobson needs to feel comfortable with pumpkins needs to feel comfortable with Boise got to throw -- felt. Into the next some wanna thank. At the tight end spot maybe got opens up for him more rockets back. But I think the only way to build that comfort level is don't let this group continued to it to gel with Brady is still. Let this group continued to. Play with Tom Brady in game situations. And -- mistakes -- gonna happen. The -- -- -- communications there's going to be situations which Tom Brady's going to be fired up yell at somebody on the sideline. Look at like at times. Analysts boil that our quarterback primadonna spoiled quarterback and I don't. People are up and honest about that but I don't I've seen -- -- -- but I don't see anything no -- always been like that. Ember is rational and Brady welcome used to -- legion post dodged the show each other up on the field all the time all they ever day. That was that's a new way Brady reacts -- -- a miscommunication. Brady last week he was. You know he that is inaccurate moments where I don't think I was. Watching that game saying yet that's on the receiver. Last week there are a lot go on -- but most things are gonna happen. As you try to take this young receiving group and you try to turn them into -- offense that we. Do we know this team can have with Tom Brady at quarterback -- you go out and get a receiver. But if Tom Brady at the beginning of the season or in the off season. Before the regular season against a pick up probably. I think probably -- patriots. Don't get me some big goal -- In a quiet summit trades and draft picks bring receive an here or -- -- the British god I'm used to playing with don't go to -- All Deion Branch only come back up with Brandon -- something. Talk Brandon Lloyd it to get out of his acting career. Whatever whatever happened there but and the reports last weekend at this model that already actually reached the guys like that. -- -- -- ready right now. And -- with three weeks an -- week for you get ready now for big -- against Atlanta which I agree is going to be the toughest test. I think as a defense don't. It'll be their toughest test I believe in the statement I am confident that this defense. And it's going to be the identity to -- for -- but to stick with yup that's right now and to the report earlier that Kenny Britt was a guy that might be available here. In the next couple weeks if Bob Tom Brady right now here a week for. Don't know that I want to bring somebody -- -- You know you got to realize that grunt is gonna come back and I know that the reports that Ron damper on. And the patriots than not on the same page with regards to win the gronkowski should come back. Look I don't know all that. I don't know that it benefits the patriots the rush rock back. Does the other pictured really trying to rush. Rock about how does that benefit. Can he make the argument well the patriots. Yep they have this investment and ground they know they need to add you know. A big time receiver to this offense and they need to do that soon. Com. And they don't Brady wants to throw a guy like that so they wanna bring it to benefit the pictured by -- impact and -- and hundreds of you convince me that the patriots are trying to rush. Ground that you can't do it doesn't make any sense to do that. So I just don't. I don't know why they would do that. I don't see that that would be a case apparently Ron. I guess whether it's an end Tommy -- bring him on in. Bring on the next segment and I -- his take is that you know the person may be leak in this from the ground camp seems like seems to be a family member may be. And maybe -- does think that hey you know maybe we shouldn't try to rush this. And let's make sure all the 110%. For -- back to the we don't have anymore setbacks. Regardless of what that is as you look at the rest of this receiver group on his patriots team if -- Tom Brady. I'm not sure that I want the team to go and acquire someone I'm really I'm really not sure -- want to do that. Because I want to work with this group with three weeks in you know we've had training camp again we've had no appetite you know will be -- be looking at -- five. If Bob Brady we have seen improvements. You want to continue those improvements if you go out and bring a guy and. Well he's gonna still have to learn the system he's gonna still have to learn to communicate. With. -- -- This Tom Brady in week five want to begin on new communication processes within a receiver or does she want to take young guys that he has now. -- might still seem like a work in progress does he wanna stick with these guys. I continued to build on what they already have. I just mentioned improvements and you start last week. There's going to be some bombs in the road there's no question it's gonna have more -- I got a -- -- -- there's going to be some tonight. Atlanta is going to be it's gotta be set odds with this offense and what it's got to look ugly. Might not be for for a full half might only be for -- might only be a couple of possessions there will be -- you're gonna have those moments no question about it. But I don't think that you know at this point of the season I don't think that Tom Brady at least if I've put myself in British use and how I feel sure. It would be a beautiful thing to have a big time receiver in this offense that I've been able to work -- since training camp but -- would pass that. Yeah -- many great one at -- but put -- -- again with four weeks into the season here. A big game tonight in Atlanta I -- -- Brady probably have at least if I'm Tom Brady and you're asking me to put myself in Brady's -- I would just wanna continue to work with these guys a woman I am when I am like Kenny Britt comes up and you know will the president already is. Apparently -- the titans. Making him available. And it's certain -- I don't think that that is the move. That. Would help estimate that the next move for this patriots team as. -- ground healthy enough to play debt and a dole healthy enough to play. When you get those guys -- -- play make sure you get him help not not just got to come and belong weakened and the Alpert resent that. Get them back to the point where -- They're back and -- back for the rest of the season. And we are now going to be that elite offense to go along with what I consider it to be a defense that has all the potential in the world. -- -- -- And I think go to -- got tonight Atlanta. It tests you mention who detest for Patriots offense and allowed the home with a young receivers that has obviously seen -- communications. Or is that that's going to be more for the defense against Matt Ryan. And the weapons that he has. I think that the weapons. Matt Ryan has. Hard. Stephen Jackson is not plan. But still -- do receive is that they -- it's funny because -- believe this week he said you know this used to be the Roddy White she'll. Now -- Jones in the next you have Gonzales back for an audience not the same guy but obviously Gonzales is still extremely. Talented. And with Matt Ryan -- -- -- dangerous it's dangerous offense. We know how good of a shut down guy Aqib Talib is. There's a reason why. All the coaches around the league every week in a conference call with the patriots media why they always rave about Aqib Talib and they call him. By far the best cover corner no question there's a reason I do that to fact. But one thing that helps him out and these coaches who come on -- conference calls they always say it is the patriots front seven. And more specifically that defensive line. -- I -- remembered training camp we're talking a Tommy Kelly. And a guy obviously call this is golden opportunity. Loves being next events will -- loves being extended to bitch who creates Arnold was like a machine. Gemma Jones who's making Utley hit in his second season as being that would jet. Guy you can not just rush from the -- you get the quarterback but can also line up inside due to. But I can remember Tommy Kelly Telus. Saying okay. You know great defense is begin with a great defensive line. And this patriots defensive line has all the potential. To be. I think the best in the league and what that does is that -- stressed it helps sell -- a secondary will be imposition tonight at the watch this game and see. How they can get Matt Ryan I think they well I think it's gonna change the game. So I know you'll be able to hear him drop the falcons of the public still I think that this one night. At the Georgia on the patriots we will see this pass rush and we will see it. Really big time help us help the Patriots defense I think what we'll be talking about at this game. Is this Patriots defense -- week this is their biggest test. I think will be called it ball will be looking at his defense at saint pretty close to lead at this point to four weeks. 61777979837. 6177797937. Fault lines are open I want to patriots predictions are -- the up of the text 37. 937. Mom hit me up on Twitter as well activated the economy at 8 o'clock leader -- win. We do in the patriots falcons Sunday Night Football Tommy card from Comcast sports net New England. CS sent an. In the next segment -- at the Georgia -- get an update on him as to what's going down there on the field. Armed with a inactives and what eight paints is going to be the difference in tonight's game you -- you look around the NFL today and right now the Denver Broncos in the -- this games. Pretty not this stand is Altman put her on the Eagles Broncos 52 wanted old -- the game. That that sticks out to visit. Isn't even -- awful. And Baltimore. That the bills beat Baltimore wanted three wanting. It's the real giants. Allred full wanna begin its season 31 to seven -- was close at one point and I thought it. Did this city. Don't sleep on the chiefs it's an easy thing to do I get that going into the season but Alex Smith -- a damn good quarterback if you remember the whole. Alex Smith -- conversation. Last year. When Alex Smith went down and Harbaugh decided to go to tap -- I can remember at times a -- -- and all the year before Alex Smith was a guy that was a couple. It off Kyle Williams holds on to a couple kick offs -- And doesn't fumble there on the returns. The 49ers at that moment that's too -- to the Super Bowl. That's it has played a major to usable and that's an Alex -- -- offence. At that point that they don't -- again. Instead it ends up being the giants that year and then you look at Alex -- season. And I really got the patient went back to him now you look at the way capita. I came out and led that team. Almost. To a Super Bowl championship and led them to a civil and you saw how good he was. And and how good is on the is going along with his mobility and is -- lettuce is on its electric watch. I know he's got his fair share struggle so far this season but I think he'll be fine. I was wrong with that I was wrong with the fact that they. That I didn't know what what capita would be. I don't think I was wrong with Alex Smith is an -- is a damn good quarterback that probably -- the ball all the areas of the Kansas City Chiefs. And dig -- don't sleep on them they have a good team of the giants not so much own forehead to begin the season and you -- in this division. As well buffalo. They beat Baltimore and Tennessee. They beat the jets -- right now all know people always have their eyes on Denver -- -- situation and now the Broncos. This one's pretty much all the 5220. Right now over the Philadelphia Eagles but just take a look around the league. There as we get set for tonight Sunday Night Football patriots falcons are my prediction the close -- the shell hit -- 8 o'clock the patriots at three point dog -- a three panel team. Three point dog on the -- as a three and -- team. And the falcons wanted to. Other don't want to team now. It's not the falcons they just have the bidders were loaded they really don't -- and it gets promoted to be 12 putt on Dave. They've had a some issues and -- -- still have some injuries as well I don't guys will be -- tonight and on and on offense Jones right -- put. Not pay those guys are a little banged up at least that's when parents are going in to this one might sell your phone calls I wanna get your predictions that's 1617. 7797937. And the text line 37937. At at one paying to keep an eye on. As we go into this game not I am getting some tweets and like every goes off as well at Dana because. Is. Well I'll -- ten. Non. This was someone that was before the game what Tom Green at least on what he was being worked out before the game on -- people. We're keeping our eye on him going into this game how healthy is she didn't need. They're gonna need all their cover guys to come out tonight because this obviously is we set as a big game for those other guys it's a big game that's secondary. But one thing I'll be looking at which could help the secondary is that defensive line and more specifically. Chandler Jones and what he can do against the falcons offensive line and -- -- -- -- Jones is going to be able to get the quarterback and get Matt Ryan that will. -- the difference in this one tonight. I'm -- mention ground obviously we know he's not planned realignment -- not plan at -- have 33100%. Right on rock honestly. I'm thrilled that he's not playing that three at all. On. I want yelled -- fiesta helping in December January. I agree with that and when you. Look at -- gras camp -- situation. -- a lot look confused. Because I just brought obviously conference on his campaign feels like they're rushing him back coach -- to rush him back. If the patriots. What's the benefit Russian brought -- why would they -- -- back. So other Russian brought back. What I mean I just don't get why you want because it doesn't benefit you at all. Really doesn't. Honestly at three at all. And I'm not trying to say that this game is important because they all law. But if you restaurant MacKey gets hurt his misses you know 34 more weeks because of a setback. Just because the patriots have a big investment and -- I don't understand. How would rushing him back and rescued him jet engine putting them all how does that help -- investment. It doesn't. Which makes it -- For me to believe. That the patriots actually Russian ground back. So why -- -- I don't know how strongly does he feel. That way reports are that damper on compatriots. Not on the same page but I agree with chocolate three to me I. Obviously great don't like him on why was he watching not on the new people maybe he's got to be open up the play actually. If you put on the PP don't see you have to miss the first six weeks. Don't. I'm OK with -- -- -- I'm okay with them not put him on the PUP. I look at this offense. And I have my concerns and I know you do too. Clearly we have seen major miscommunication. From Brady. With these receivers but I thought they were from its last week. All I think they'll be improvements moving forward. And I think that this offense. Will be fun. I think those guys we'll get back I don't think the Russian economic back and -- when they are backed by what this -- its albeit maybe you won't believe. It will be a good enough offense to go with. A defense that I think. When it's all said Don will be looked at this patriots team at the end of the season in -- that is their identity and not just to leave in the secondary being with this team for an by yet. But this pass rush medical see that and I don't need it. It's Matt Ryan in the Atlanta Falcons I -- here until 8 o'clock taking your phone calls. Frictions that -- patriots falcons game 6177797937617. 7797937. Or text me. 37937. But this time out Sports Radio WE yeah. Welcome back WEEI -- the host many regarded. -- aren't from Comcast sports net New England I should be joining me shortly there on the show. In the meantime phone lines to be open point 61777979376177797937. Text me at 379837. People text -- not from the 207 Steelers -- own for Pittsburgh now own four. Texas a -- it's time for GM Belichick call ask about Emanuel Sanders. While we know that the patriots obviously were interested in Sanders then there's another text. That. Basically. -- asked for ask for a couple other receivers are told what I think about. This patriots team what if -- -- publishers -- -- what I want right now airs week we get ready for week four and his battle against the falcons not the Georgia down. I don't know at this point and I want to add favorite new receiver to the mix it's still gonna take time as good as you might be it's gonna take some time a couple of weeks at least. To get communication down with the new receiver I don't care how good luck. So what will -- these names pop up knowledge we. Get into this you know week in between weeks four in weeks six. In which is a couple teams at a dollar and how you get some guys that are going to be free agent after the season and the patriots we know what they could you don't that we know that they could use. A receiver. Right but. -- wanna get that guy. Do you wanna get a -- just make it short tour of your best receivers get help -- and you bring him in their -- you wanna go out and bring somebody who has no familiarity with this system. All we're playing with Tom Brady and you have to know that. Big backed by the -- go get I don't care how good he is he's not just gonna jump and the N and know what's going on is not just gonna jump -- and gel right away were Tom Brady. It's just not happen you gonna need a couple weeks. So yeah Tom Brady wouldn't want to just work with the guys you have not sure at the beginning of the season he Brady probably wanted to -- get that -- but now you didn't. And you started the season with this group and you stopped to build much stick let them continue to build what this. Is that it may be changed some things up and taken some reps away from one of these guys that you'll build it where it. That's at least what I wanted to. 6177797. 937. Ed is in the call it's up that. Okay yeah I'll play -- -- 1516. Weeks left in that seat belt -- are bringing their receiver Adam. -- use of that yet. What is what I heard earlier this week and -- giants we're talking to Detroit about and the parking -- out there are. He's in the last year of his contract if not every item they did the -- with a lot of money there a couple of -- receiver. He is a much better -- and Kenny -- Stole my question if you -- are all in the -- how it even Wrigley. Because they accuse of running back in May have maybe even -- So you tell me that -- you tell me that the pats should the patriots should trade for a team next. That would just sent. CNET and I'm asking you are are based -- and even Ridley. We -- be adequate compensation. To trade away Ridley I had to be honest I don't think that's gonna happen at to be honest I don't think the major -- -- -- forgot. I think it didn't main priority with this receiver group is not going to be from the outside. I think it's going to be for from the inside in house and that's Ron given dole and I don't world. And believe me add on you know we're all frustrated that he's does not back 00 we don't know when they're gonna return -- get the whole camp Ron Paul they're frustrated they -- the patriots a Russian ground back we know all the stuff but. As frustrated as we might PI I think that the patriots I don't think they're gonna build this offense. From outside and not at this stage of the -- I just don't happen. My readers edit via the do we know for short pick in two weeks or three weeks -- dynamic Dolan are going to be back -- we don't. If you created for hockey -- now YouTube though. Then in two week. Three weeks with the work with Brady you'd have a cobalt how well wideout on your team that played the position that gets beat are different and -- and -- -- different and then not back out. And if they welcome back healthy you have an embarrassment of -- Yeah I just think it's -- the call and I just think it takes away from. On the bill that around the guys that you currently have and I know what you say that you don't know when those guys to be back but I also -- I don't know if they went -- next. I guarantee the pats don't work is a good what do I guarantee that they're gonna -- -- like it or Jack. Is in -- Boston its subject. He any first time longtime loyal. Lipton it is my dilemma is -- that it's been widely people did at the patriots some crazy number under the cap something like 1011 -- in his debt. Is that some weird. Some which -- around that number up. I'm not sure the cap right now -- where you don't you want and you're obviously a talk -- -- you wanna go out yet I want to tell you the guy it is. And may be somebody could convince me of -- player that's out there and I would say yeah I get -- I know I know. Maybe you bring up a guy like Larry Fitz. But I don't I don't know you don't get him. That we already have the I 83 welcome my question that if they had that much money -- cap. They put away went out and go to him and development -- -- kept Welker -- even have a little bit left over Europe I don't know people think I'm crazy about it but I would have brought in TERRELL OWENS for a cup of coffee just to see. You know he's a big guy he's been in the league a long time he knows the game I just put a product mentioned you know for the second bit. So I'm just wondering if they've got this this much money hanging around. I edge I still don't get the welcome thing. Yeah I won't touch it Jack that's the call I think that you brought to yell and for a cup of coffee I'm not sure he wouldn't finish that. Cup of coffee before he would be already sent odd pounds still. -- yeah I just think that when you look at what they could bring him in and again this conversations got to come up because guys will become available to report to go to Columbia. We just heard the call mention McCain Mexican got to be a free agent the end of season I mentioned -- -- But I'm not talent that they should go out and get these guys I'm telling you that the short on talent that I don't think at this point of the season. But if -- a quarterback in and out of help him a bill of something as a 30 club that has. Pretty damn good player is it just trying to get help to come back no we don't know what week rocket and don't come back we all. -- don't believe that they will come back right. That they welcome back this season. And when that happens they will help open right knowledge Brady needs to build around the guys that he currently has bill is inroad on what's up. They've built that this built from the -- Kerry got all good how -- you very good thank you. -- -- go back -- -- yeah. Welker and and a politics in a -- -- -- Brady and Belichick or on the opposite beta Brady and -- on this same music. And and and Welker has already establish a Archie or -- that. So make it bigger -- There -- one mistake. But that there aren't that was beat guaranteed contract that they gave to him and bill. -- -- -- -- -- -- And you only have one sheet and more plate -- partner he -- out in late in game. You never played. The game or eight point five million or ten plus million guaranteed. Over five years. Well. -- go look at injury crawl -- that's a mistake OK given that. They wanted that perhaps they still had drawn out -- and Hernandez. They drafted pretty great. Or what they go great looking more than a -- and they they put together -- putting Amendola a good secret don't get me wrong injury prone or not. They had a tight end and make -- the good. Right yeah. And pound Hernandez obviously. Keeps -- Shepard murder. Gradkowski has been a second and third surgery that they didn't expect. An AMBER -- comes up and get hurt again. And -- like. -- why would you want to. In the short term disturb that -- that -- trying to create a long term ability. -- -- -- -- I agree completely I don't sure that he from the outside right now. Now I mean. -- is not on the management belt checked -- -- or anybody else. They thought they're gonna happen -- And -- and then they -- -- on Internet. -- sit there okay. All of those things and it just. It would injury problem. They're not dealing with personnel problem dealing with the injury problems. And everybody -- need to get off the dying here and quit talking about bringing other people and you don't bring out people in this foreign embassies and it ain't gonna work. I'd actually called ally I agree I don't think they should go laden and bring him that big -- it did I mean obviously -- has wanted to guys that. Yeah yeah you have to bring in a -- is available for the right price but what's the right price and what guys available that. Not sure that guy is available I tell you what the names that we dessert. From the listeners a team next. And we heard today. Kenny -- -- guys that I wanna go make a move for it is not. 61777979837617. 7797937. Lead annual into tonight's patriots falcons. Sunday Night Football. Hit me up on the text line 37937. At 2 o'clock. Back at this time out WE. -- they Samuel and active for the falcons tonight. Patriots falcons and I'll have a test it is there. I think more so for the Patriots defense with all the weapons that Atlanta has offensively. Falcons are hungry for a land. So why -- football team they -- Randall patriot two or three point dog. In this one -- and phone lines are open for his 617779798376177797937. On -- host Danny caught here on WEEI. Always -- Westfield which couple. -- he went there yeah I'm good how are you. -- we have to have a quick session -- in court because the last element mentioned. And as that term strategic maneuvering you know go out in the middle of the season and in terms of looking back -- predict he'd never would have we have. No Hernandez no Amendola. And no where are we really need to do something to help -- -- Tom Brady with the sixth worst defense in the -- of where we got to do here. So so you're saying that they know just say that the patriots when they didn't know that they weren't gonna have. A -- -- offensively that's what they should have made the move is that we atomic. No -- we know we knowing how we had no way to know well there was some. There was some things obviously got you know I I was in. House I'm not in the room when they talk about when they ground can be back mom you don't and a dole -- -- one. After the at the end of that -- and came out and obviously finished what he did but after that I was in the room and -- talked about when they thought he could be back so. I don't know what anal about those guys Hernandez we know that situation. Are you telling me that you -- you want the question is do you wanna stick with the receive did you have a you wanna go out and get some what you wanna do. I think that we discovered that the slot receiver is the number 21 target was -- huge impact our. Stay healthy and not have a secondary player. Is it gross negligence shall repeat all the strategy. Okay not Paul thanks for the call appreciate that now Vinny is an East Boston with a very. I don't much reason I'm on the -- yet at all. I'll what do we do have happened in Cleveland they -- way to running back because they wanted to. Opt for a strong pitch it to go to the quarterback and the paranoia and always doing very well right now is to describe -- chance. You'd think they might want -- and backed you'd think that the chance that we might like go these guys they might turn out very well they didn't get picked by just because -- not. In my language it's gonna give these guys chanting people cannot -- hesitate or let's go get this guy go attack how old gradient on. If he came onto the field Coleman's first -- -- three years of totally general under very good quarterback and a very -- Nobody and I also I also think through that and the last caller mentioned the defense. I think that the patriots are expected Jones hi Paula to make that jump from -- one you know I'm no judge says -- all time. Guys in the NFL they make the biggest leaps and progression from you want to get too I think they expected both those guys that. To be added to the mix that -- note at the -- would be different for a full season. I think a lot of confidence in the way this defense plays let's forget the fact that the patriots at three at all. How we can have -- and we can have this conversation about you know who they should get and who they shouldn't get what moves they should make. I keep bringing up the defense of any that I think the patriots what they saw what people wanna focus on what they saw offensively what they should have done or should do. I think the -- are a lot of his defense that they were gonna make major improvements and the only defense which means they don't have time to build offensively and obviously do they do that original. Well maybe we don't have a lot of things they keep talking the way they -- the season it will be. I agree that took Albany I I agree completely that bikini that look they've given -- some time -- in the win against the jets. Was a pretty. Right but but if you look you wanna. It all up and honest about the offense and at times it be an ugly -- you wanna. Maybe look at defense and some of the key turnovers they had at the end of the first half of that jets game went. You know you attack the quarterback and and and to put him into the into the grass a couple of times. I mean it on those big play uncle Rick what is Ninkovich comes up with a big believer what a couple of plays I don't -- point those -- shortly offense. If it doesn't look British don't get the wind don't have to look at what the defense of. And if you can win with solid defense. I mean isn't that what isn't that we should built around. I missed the phrase that defense wins championships and they don't just say that say they say that 'cause it's true. And the patriots are they cattle widget defense and I gonna have their biggest test. With Atlanta's offense at -- all the weapons that they have. And Matty ice in his Bill -- you'll be able to orchestrate that offense to be able to hear -- pin drop in there on the noises. Obviously a topic of conversation going into this one. And it won't just be. You know Atlanta's offense. Eleven advantage. Patriots offense well -- at a disadvantage so tight and don't you're gonna see some more miscommunication it's it's gonna happen and and tomorrow to stop this topic is -- don't know -- Either patriots win. This topic won't go away only because you're gonna -- NFL name's now on the next couple weeks. You're gonna hear some pagan man receive is that could be made available you know teams leak it out. He's going to be free -- in Riviera may -- will listen. What bush and all you want. I'm not sure that. The patriots. Should be in a position we have right now all four weeks of the regular season you wanna make that major move. And any move they make to bring a wide receiver would be major but does not only you tried to take that receive and get him to. Communicate with Brady and get him to learn this offense and get them on the same page during the season. But you're also. Take it away may be some reps from one of these younger kids that. It seems as if that chemistry over the last couple weeks has certainly bill. I don't if you're asking me if I think the patriots blog gets on a tonal and competition. And if you're asking me if I can Brady right now would want I'm not saying at the beginning of the season he would want to why would you want with your Tom -- to begin the season why would you wanna bring someone. Of course you wanna bring in a big name receiver Braylon had given final worker to -- -- training camp get this guy. But right now. I just I I think that. Has -- three NL team. I don't think that it's necessary I -- what you look at the next moves offensively that you make. I'd get these guys back to help the ground -- and a bowl they will not play tonight. We've all we've known. They got an active. Right renewed us per couple days I think we heard the the reports but then today was made official. And but as much as we sit there and talk about offense after each game and some of the issues that we might notice. I've always looked at this at least rope this season so far this early season I've wanted to look at defense and say let's. Not forget what his defense has done. And you will come back at me and say hey -- haven't played the Matt Ryan. Type offense they haven't played an offense with. All these weapons -- Julio Jones the Roddy White suit Tony Gonzales the elite tight end to go along with elite receivers they have an elite quarterback they haven't played. That team yet. And you're right they have Iraq. But I still don't think that you can just roll all the window the fact that the teams that they did play they made big plays again. They may pick what is against those guys in big spots. And -- that's part of the building and I think this patriots team as we talk about bill than. And make ensure that this team down the stretch. Is gonna be championship contender I think Nobel -- in the boards behind the scenes don't into the season regardless of what the offense look like. I think they'll look at this defense to say we can have an elite defense and if we can have if we can have one of the he -- the fences in National Football League while we still have Tom Brady is our quarterback and we're pretty confident that. Tom Brady is one of all we may be to what three guys they can make. Receivers around him better football players than they actually -- and I honestly I think that's. That -- what -- room. That's what's gone through the process. And against some unexpected things. -- -- the patriots couldn't control don't want an offensive would vote what they wanted to control was this defense. And this pass rush and tonight. The patriots. In Atlanta. Not what IDs gonna happen the pats are three point dogged. -- goal with a -- on allies say the patriots win this 1187. To seventeen. And I think that will look at that. Rob Ninkovich. Player of the game so -- go. -- -- -- It's been a great to wallets they're on WEEI. Wanna thank everybody here for a while in the comments studio tonight and -- you went to his big. Son and I football and special thanks to rob Bradford joined me earlier -- -- Red Sox. Not sure I'll talk enactment hopefully I'll be talking you soon see.

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