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Fantasy Football Podcast: Week 4 Starts, Sits as well as buying low and selling high

Sep 27, 2013|

Jim Hackett and Pete Davidson tackle Week 4 of the NFL Regular Season in this week’s edition of The Fantasy Football Podcast covering this weeks’ “Starts & Sits,” as well as offering advice on players for whom you should ‘buy low’ and ‘sell high.’ Also, Jim and Pete analyze the changing environments in both Cleveland and Tampa Bay and how that will impact your Fantasy Team.

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This is the fantasy football. Thank -- and Pete Davidson in the world. Does he flew home. Presented by a Mohegan Sun Bowl and don't. Welcome to week -- NFL season and this week's WTI. Tennessee book. -- podcast. Presented by our friends at Mohegan Sun the whole world to play I'm Jim Hackett and joined as always by. Pete Davidson the chief fantasy football writer for roto -- dot com the fast track to Tennessee football that it domination. -- all. Uncle Leo -- I need to execute perfectly with the fact that the so here we are another Friday Thursday that this Thursday night football is beyond just. And yes sets it's of that. There was an interesting not so someone interest in the images and second half but. Looking back. It's a last week there have been some developments this week there were interesting and obviously we'll dive into this week's games. -- views on starts and -- for your lineup this week. He wrote a great article on rural -- dot com called buy low sell high like to -- that talk about it a little bit. In terms of thumb Tennessee or is -- frustrated players that they might wanna trade you might wanna just. Sit sit titled -- an innocent people on the flip side you can go for but before we get into into all that there -- a couple of thumb. Interesting developments this week in the NFL and has a direct impact on fantasy football rosters. Obviously we talked a little bit last week about Trent Richardson dealer in depth actually. And -- how that affects players on the browns so I'd like to talk to a little bit about Josh Gordon what's happening with him. And now the state of the Cleveland Browns backfield and may be is there anyone there to target is just stay away from it. And get your thoughts on that to start off. Well I mean destroys Gordon goes I think we just. You know I hopefully people saw what I was talking about. In terms -- you know -- -- -- to -- this guy out -- -- in Yahoo! leagues even go to this week he's still there and -- It experimentally -- -- -- and -- guys got. As I I believe are referred to in the article you know it's. Wide receiver one talent. You know I'm really he's a really tells a guy. Yes and you know lawyer was mediocre. But he made enough good throws where gosh Gordon just a monster day. And you know barring injury or another. Off field incidents disguised it would be very good. He's just so -- well naturally athletically and he runs well he catches the ball. You know it gets open downfield to make people miss -- to -- -- April you know ball screens and wide receiver screens too as well because he's so good ball -- cancer he's the very top players defend you know and and. So so even with we've known and I actually like -- -- from what I seen of him in his days in New England I think he can play quarterback in the NFL so. Do you see. How has your enthusiasm lessons at all in terms of -- backup quarterback being in there are you still as high on him as you. Always have been sort of value it is talent. You mean Gordon with this quarterback switch yeah. I don't think the quarterback. It's a huge factor for him there because I agree regular order I think he's the its. You know what a functional quarterback depth I think he's quick from the -- Gupta makes agree it's. But you know he does have a bit of a body what farm yeah. -- immediate -- he's got to not farm yeah but. You know I did personally I like we I think they would do better overall what we meant to Wheaton takes a lot of -- and those rumors now that he's gonna get benched for lawyer EU. And you know I generally don't get in the fairness with these things they -- do whatever the right thing is. You know what they're -- Dutch when you're likely to this coaches get fired. Up America deserves you fired questions can lead to a better yeah. Tell you got a day and you should be coaching -- a -- -- a coach. You did okay but we're gonna take those guys that are not such a decision should be made tiger so -- you know. Until we -- he deserved to get benched uplink I didn't you know it can never got to play -- You know what he did the sit there and then throat at best and an injured Benjamin north and a little and they -- -- bad guys wide open and he didn't have -- after the catch. So I think from a fairness standpoint we deserve another shot but by the same token you know. I I would give them you know -- if they actually made that switched. To a lawyer but did it but to answer your question the bottom line is I don't think. It has a huge impact on Gordon Wheaton does have a better arm to you you know he could open up some downfield routes but as I said the recorder has enough. So that's where uninteresting thing to watch has played out I think maybe the under sold aspect is. Once they get a quarterback entrench their latest offensive you. -- no -- -- into the into what we're talking about last week with with the Richardson trade. You know as I said I think you know as the grounded and all of that trade. You know the colts. May have done well I don't think there's any way to say the browns didn't do well. And what's interesting is is in the -- getting rid of Richardson you think they -- it might get the -- to blow it all up but the Cleveland plain -- I think an article this week and coaches quoted him and can only leave them so far but -- the coach's -- of Josh Gordon is going nowhere. Well they would be. -- little bit -- to trade Gordon at this point just from the standpoint of how much -- -- and you wanna throw away right did you -- literally Pritchard and based asleep in the in September. So I can you know what you move Richardson to move court -- on top of that would be. Again I would suicide I would give him credit for guts but I'm not sure it's a very Smart move. So early in the season's week. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know substance abuse program and so forth. I still think it's better for them to rehab and over the course of the year it is value lay up and then make a splash move. At the end of the year if they really want to move Gordon. You know that's one thing in Cleveland that you did you couldn't get a -- on less power than what you know what what's the new regime. Feel about the old -- players and I think we learned some direction so that's my question they they didn't think he was as good as everybody else didn't. Give credit for having the courage of their convictions and -- totally disagree I mean it if you recall last year robot. Appreciate and so we said -- -- bush said we would put more and more intrinsic. Have you did capsule look -- is to enough so NASA speaking speaking of Richardson and his loss and opens up. Opportunity. Maybe maybe not -- -- in the browns backfield that certainly does from an NFL standpoint from a -- standpoint. But he thing. I decided I don't think I think the problem having liberal but the browns backfield right now that I like -- three guides. I mean -- I've always been a guy like but I but at the moved to fullback was more about keeping him on the field. They like them more so than in being fullback -- knocked. But he is the kind of football player who plays hard he sketched these contribute. I'm not those guys -- he's got more strength than you would think yeah because he's a good sized back but he really has a lot of natural strength is controlled sport clean them. We're just you know he just has more strength and it looks like he has. He's just one of those kind of players. If Brandon Bolden is sort of like that to do you know ours is like wow he makes a lot of strength plays -- attitude when he comes back but. Cannot support a limited to -- -- and experts. Is that the backs in Cleveland they all look good you look really grainy at the talented kid by the Iranian but he looked pretty good. Yeah -- as a kid that you had Durham for a while until I talked about. -- -- go back and McGahee looked. Like McGahee looked like a guy wearing a weaker to what she really -- his legs under him he's in the scheme he can do some good things so. You know maybe we have a Saint Louis situation there yeah well they all have some ability. I guess we got to get quite to this point is McGahee just because he's got the street cred and and you know -- They sure went out of their way to get him and so on and so forth but you know don't you definitely don't want. Count on anything with that back -- at this point we're gonna have to let it play out but all three accept help that much so what's the. No doubt and it's if you have if you're in a deep. Deeply roster league -- have bench days. Anyone of those guys might be a Smart pick up again he's probably gone through what I'm seeing by you know anyone -- not -- -- -- an invention if they get lucky. -- deeply smooth ending really Altria thinking really deeply Jakarta yeah but. I think any of them are good pickups you know you get any of them on the -- and you know you got a little bit of a lottery ticket. All right sounds good. But just before we look at another major switch that happen in NFL which is the quarterback switched out of Tampa Bay com we were just on the running backs in Cleveland obviously -- UT's that you wants uncle of the about the patriots running backs and the backfield what's happening there I'll say -- you preach. Go far. I you know I haven't heard it and again I don't I don't I don't live in the Boston area I may have missed some stories here and there -- -- try to. You know state captive that follow most of the patriots -- guys on Twitter -- and so on and so forth I don't I have not heard. You can correct me if it's it's -- missiles opener but I've not heard a whole lot. On the sides of the picture running back. Yet we are it and you know I think. I don't think it's an accident. The more I looked at the more like you know what they you know they used to use it to east as sort of a tight -- based offense I think part of this new. Whatever you call -- the new idea William is the new methodology with what Belichick trying to do with this group breakdown I think. They have an idea that they can -- people yeah. But you know when your current you know when you're when your third down backs 242 pounds or whatever -- is it about 220 I think. You know you're you're you know you're -- people the 250 pound blunt. That's so weird to. Yeah I don't. And and obviously Ridley now Ridley runs bigger than he is no doubt they -- it would -- to twenty pounders well. And stronger than he has. Absolutely I think when you have these three back if you can keep them healthy and if -- if your. Hitting teams over the course of the game I think that really bodes well for New England in the fourth quarter of games. I agree with you and then they also they had to. It had to adjust. And overcome a little bit right in the and so did the remake themselves a little bit and I think in that position that did well -- had -- they would have had that nice. -- dynamic to augment that but he's out on the -- total while obviously. Clearly Vereen was going to be something special. State help it's too bad but you know what that's what the -- if if there's one thing the patriots are good that we were kidding -- a lot of things are good that. But one thing that I really liked about the patriot true that I respect. Is there it is their ability to just deal with whatever comes up keep throwing. You know do your week to week game planning trying to match up to exploit them they do a better than anybody really -- you know that -- man. So it's it's impressive and I thought while we're on the patriots. You know at all but you know. It's amazing people as they killed port Tompkins and adoption even worse -- after that chipped -- -- I think people looked real good last that -- -- yeah. You know I think that we just saw a lot of the things that people were talking about going into the season particularly Dobson all the talk and talked to said the touchdowns. One of those pure scheme EU entry touchdown get mismatched couple linemen. -- in. -- practically gift doesn't do anything particular yeah -- was well Lexington. And play. And I I can and Dobson god she just missed a couple touchdowns and he made a couple of plays drew an -- PI call on the sideline and I thought he really looked more comfortable this week. So I think that's. That's a good sign for the patriots go forward it will -- You know I have pretty as the start this week which I have respected not a total sheepish but ingredients starts at EU. But I keep hearing about people saying should bench him. Yeah let me let me let me interject informants -- we're gonna -- we're gonna get -- starts since then done you know and -- put up an article. And it's available today on WEEI dot com author -- -- a bond. Fur starts he sits this weekend at the top of the list for quarterbacks is Tom Brady there's a reason Ford and one chip talk a little bit about that. Well I mean it's just. You know it's the -- depending where you are so accustomed to nobody saying anything bad about him but. Others there's people out there saying hey it's you know sit Brady right now players second quarterback in. I feel pretty good breathed. -- to a projector for the kind of -- point I would project and for a few of the full boat Aaron -- -- on the field and -- -- -- was on the field -- -- on the field -- know what. I certainly think that if this current group gets healthy yeah. Then maybe yeah sure why not and I think even -- to the current group even with gronkowski out even with all of dole out. I think priest who QB wants. I do and I think got absolutely it's it's. They have they've had a history. -- -- have been they've been brilliant for so long that they have a history even when they're a little bit off. -- a game in 2009 against new loans and in Indianapolis but. When they step up I'm looking for them to step up on Sunday night and I'm looking from a good solid performance and innocent -- could take advantage of that. I think if you looked at it look at the last two weeks came in and more so last week's game look at how many near misses they're absolutely you know I mean -- those lists fires are very close to being. Fires yeah but I say that I mean they're all very you know the Dobson. One of them was number eighty of the more might have been on -- but you know they were real close and two touchdowns. -- tiger stuffs a lot of credit these kids are learning on the fly -- and do with a coach like telecheck with a demanding quarterback can scheme like the patriots have them with Brady. They aren't on the fly they can do really well positioned to its end of the year. Yeah I think Brady still has to learn these kids -- little bit you know what they like where they like the ball back I think because and then you know. The -- and everybody is talking about the young receivers but Brady hasn't been perfect the last couple days now and I think. He will be at some people think about the people pay attention to -- you know that demand. Ten plus year career you know generally speaking it was better than he has the last two weeks and I think a lot of that is just at the offense being disjointed. Gel yeah and -- but what I've seen over the last three games is the offense disordered it's getting close. And I I have a feeling they're gonna do some good things in the coming weeks. Whether they get -- Packard that's an obviously interesting thing about the united had a lot to contest it is just a matter of waiting for the news right. But I mean I don't I don't feel for him this week he may or may not play -- he did seem to keep may not play him you know. I'm an error on the side that does not -- and the only reason is something I -- that he said this week. Which is rare pictures for as usual say anything ever. But he just sits up and it was interesting is that you know it's not only about getting back from that of the forearm in the back it's getting my body my whole body back. Federer pretty underweight yes physically -- physical shape my physical strength my condition might. NFL shape. You know the that they -- -- a lot of surgery takes I had surgery take a long time that to come back is a big strong guys so literally. -- that my leaping ability is definitely not what it used unfortunately. Splatter paint barrels -- pretty good. And interest and by the -- -- a problem for fantasy owners this week because unless you happen to have a tight end playing a Monday Night Football. You're gonna have to make your decision. Potentially before the patriots -- what's up so for fantasy owners. You know it's gonna have a lot to do with the quality back up your back -- option and obviously it's gonna have a lot to do with when the patriots choose to make gay announcement -- game time decision I think most people unfortunately. They have to err on the side of caution and and -- a guy who may end -- playing it's unfortunate. It is ambush in mid may be -- until you know if he's he's out there is as as a security net. Well that's. You know you could go that way I unfortunately such -- just hasn't done anything yet. You know it's such all the smoke and I think yes that would be that would be the solution. You know it's. It's one of those what do you do kind of things and I've got a ground can lead luckily I've -- Julius -- -- and you know I'll just wait we broke its back Amanda -- double -- definitely go -- was. Anyway we won't want anything -- -- of the second that something's actually definitively announced. And Obama will be tweeting it. Yeah that's absolutely and get -- it takes this opportunities that. You know on Sunday he keep an eye on -- of on its -- -- of on onto a repeat follows everybody has the information really quickly. In an 11 AM on Sunday. Another live chat on WEEI dot com those great activity last week lots of questions so yeah -- gas are being given governor Pete has the answers and you can help you out and get -- and he -- those last minute decisions. Top off of your plate which but the we all want. I didn't and I think you know when it comes about the line up advice and stuff like that I mean that. Started jumping on his coaches that's what I you know I like what -- what I sort of like to be as a second opinion for people yeah. They got my preferences people make their own decisions trust your gut. But what I'm there to do is -- you know either reaffirm that -- or if I feel like they they need that there's something else he would consider elements say that but. You know I -- and it was it was interesting last week's chat I I think I'd have to go back to check but I. During the chat I believe I -- four times where I would say you know our vast cheaply player extra player why. And in my rankings they were literally -- backed. Not right next to sell out its own ticket you know particular play -- 27 frank receiver you're 28 sisters include I mean I thought they had that interest in matters of the coin flip. You know I mean I've got these guys essentially ranked in the same spot so you know I. I tell people have got and then people need to take that to their team and make their -- decision to do stuff at worst and playing some guy. Because -- listen to somebody else right in your gut instinct ended up being correct right so you know -- there could be. You cut your country. Yeah. Right yeah I'm Robert Duvall -- -- jump -- it up. But also to -- on that put in terms of gut instinct it's an important topic with -- football because. You can't take football opinion knowledge of football out of that equation and a great example is like -- Allegheny would editor Kevin -- -- Shane Vereen. -- patriots references. Is that. You know the matchups and sometimes like to -- the bills are coming to town I did the digits over the third down back always has a lot about -- it doesn't always -- really well on these games. Team I wanna take advantage of a player like that so if you're looking at a ranking and someone as you said his 2728. You have a real gut feel -- our audience here. To ever really gut feel about somebody. You know because you know how your team -- that clear on that team plays against -- certain opponent and they and they might ramp up. Throws they're tight end of the third down back of their slot receiver when Dell long guy go for -- the. -- and and and obviously assess your gut. Some people a better -- than others thanks some bigger so I think that -- is -- -- football -- you really know your stuff. Yeah I mean you know take my advice absolutely I mean I'd I don't give explicitly I try to you know give it much thought to each question as I can I try to be as informed as I can't. But one thing about what I do. Is it. I'm trying to stay informed on you know 300 players every week -- -- yeah it is an outside a lot of fantasy football players look at it and yeah. Okay good credit card you know ten to fifteen or whatever so the year you know it's there are times when -- a question of somewhere in after the question can be as informed the players sign. Sure because they're focused whereas I'm sitting here spreading my attention pretty and so. I do my best to give accurate advice I give my best I do my best to reform device but you know there are times when. You know. Then there's the person asking the question definitely needs to get involved in decision making don't just do what I say it. It's understood that the other thing in the NFL it just. Good god I mean how do you predict some of the stuff that goes on upstairs. -- that should I start Brandon Lloyd I can't remember the opponent. But I said -- we can't separate -- a terrible quarterback was on but you know if some normal cornerback out of that week. Quarterback got hurt third play of the game -- really put up the biggest news courier and the things I mean he's. It's sometimes you know so you know we always do the best we Cambrex. That's its knowledge base it's like asking -- damn thing about this in a big. So what you know what it's like it's like Nazi. Let's go to -- you. You -- your guys to keep that you keep Sony put some back in this thing that you make a percentage for each time the right after all the -- guys -- little I don't know that -- come out in the gospel. -- you built a roster that strong enough that you do those those decisions are usually ones of people look at port put them over the top you know and being. The other running against the people with the toughest lineup choices sometimes the people with the best seats yeah because you have that strong bench. You're constantly confronted with guys don't wanna get -- it'll -- total you know aren't really wanna get entitlements which they take -- Roddy White and. Definitely didn't wanna do. Maybe last week been like -- -- you -- Anyway all right enough enough excuse making in my -- That's a good so though the last piece in this quarter and I want to talk about in terms of I'm developments updated developments in the NFL how -- -- ministry roster -- is the QB switch in Tampa. So. I'm very interesting situation isn't it really -- It is not too surprising either for you know for anyone who saw. And that the back of Glen in an increase seasoning a pretty good and and that's been very tenuous between Shia don't -- out throughout the season so far so. She got -- so he's an odd bird and they're not really it's it's part of me likes him. Part of me likes the no nonsense disciplinarian thing. -- boy. I got a play I think for my money I would have more respect for Xian who. If you just started -- and we want to lose because I don't know I like the bureau this is is we sort of wanted to do. Yeah I think everybody knew it is I don't you know we're all reading between the lines here we don't know exactly what went down but if you read all the stories. It seems like he played quarterback he didn't wanna play and I think coach I don't think he can do that. It became a self fulfilling prophecy and you know I think. Typically if you really want Clinton -- -- quarterback let it started 00. Don't bring him down in their own -- I -- less security knows he's back picture no matter what and you know they wanted to bring -- young quarterback along but if you ask me they went out and spent sixteen -- on a number one of Darrelle Revis. This was not a rebuilding year. No they don't that there were making they'll go for the right wing candidate Doug Martin didn't get Vincent Jackson and Brian Williams. Schiavo and if you're just gonna clearly showed no faith in your quarterback cinematic. Right and you don't want it doesn't have nothing to it's that's a bad thing to get benched late you know let's say. Lets say -- then went in there and he didn't do too well week he comes around and incomes Freeman may popular motivated. Well I think you make a good point in that now they've damaged Freeman. Right so they better hope Glenn and doesn't exactly exactly -- Dolan right right right -- I I agree and I you know look. The other thing about it it's been in this sort of it's like that we can think you -- -- is gonna come back -- -- -- -- have a full healthy -- for the first time all year you can use it almost makes you wonder where they gonna play Freeman until they got to where they wanted to and now they're gonna put the kid in in the great. Yeah I mean I'd -- -- But it but it does seem to be sort of a soccer punch element EU what happened to Josh Freeman this year. If you almost wonder if his play reflected a lack of -- That was being put in them by the coaching stats influence yes I mean I know but hey you know what we'll watch the game last week pitchers have watched. Four quarters just -- -- last week without any of them have a whole lot certificates. For treatment. You know who I I I think. And you were speculating that maybe he actually lost his job weeks ago but if you add to that the -- interceptions certainly. And I was turning point. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Relax it. Glad it got to watch it got a bigger army does some things very well I mean you really does do some things very well but -- a little inconsistent with -- ball placement which probably being kind. And -- -- -- I and I just can't get past that I think sometimes. I didn't you know it in order to find out whether I was right but to me. -- -- -- -- And his kids felt like -- he uses it to extremely slow feet. -- neither sort of fatal flaws. And I should should go to -- field -- to me now he went higher in the draft but I thought it was gonna go to these guys obviously have a lot of state and amp. You know Jimmy -- and as a kid where you can really protective. Probably even better than the patriots protect. Yeah you know we don't want him to dealing Blaine Gabbert and Jacksonville. Which -- just not the dedicated to put before ball down moved around it's set back up these you know anything he's got slow of feet. Very easy to bring down I mean unless he's got more physical strength that I saw on tape where he can Roethlisberger guys yeah. I don't know I don't see it but the upside is if they do protect them that they can get the running game going. He does make throws so if you're Vincent Jackson are acting now finally -- meat of the matter here I don't think he kills Vincent Jackson and it's possible. But since this -- has the backing of the coaching staff and hopefully he's got confidence it's possible. I think if you don't wash for fantasy fans or media bump. In terms of what happens the rest of the tip -- cents. -- obvious risk is if he goes in there and stinks yeah. Grew -- a problem. They really do -- -- Martin Doug Martin owners a lot of problems to. Potentially yes there -- is your right I mean to me I think Martinsville solution for them. I and I I was a little bit perplexed last week by some of their early throes what do they they threw the ball on first and second down and it could have been running. I would have made that the Doug Martin's show I was -- until -- -- -- I would try to throw off of Doug -- They obviously -- different. I did. And patriots fans rejoice. I. Don't want it now play out that -- that signals considerate they go to and Smart. Yeah all right so get gas -- yes well we're elected to focus on obviously is what's ahead of us and so. This is that this is the first of the -- weeks is willing to columns first by a week. We say goodbye to. All the players from Green Day in Carolina this week there's some big names there. Said -- that's a perfect way to kind of tease your article about starts in sets for the sweet and is appearing on WEEI dot com. In in that you know you. Are offering some insight to people like Amy -- Los Cam Newton may be lost their Rogers video lost someone on the Green -- back field. Or other receivers or backs in Carolina. Here -- some choices so in terms of this week. For starts and sits. What was deposition league title of the about Tom Brady at the top but you've got a couple guys listed. I'm all of them as potential starts and I think it's a good blessed because. These aren't always people that you would think but now given that Rodgers and -- -- off the off off the radar with a bye week. The some opportunity there Jay Cutler Andy Dalton Michael Vick. Yeah and you know Flacco is another guy I I I I sort of sat and had a lot of either flat or Vick -- you know Flacco might not a bad start. Of the buffalo this week. But I guess to other would be an external list. Since recovered pretty. And yeah I mean it's just you know I've always been a bit of a public defender yeah you like -- out. -- actually it's that he hired had never particularly liked -- Cutler but I think he's just one of those guys -- -- you know everybody seems to make big gift to get a free pass to. Up shakeup is like a girlfriend you can't let go of what the I think next -- let. Don't touch the governor. It -- told. He's just one of those guys I'm one of those people you know region in over a long time I did I like to defend people who get to a degree yeah give it up I don't like -- a cup cup has always been a guy where I felt. You know he hit a bad situation. And now he's actually a good job it's it's funny how things turn around but I mean the bears -- you and -- spoken about this in the past I mean if it's over the worst pass protection how to proceed. -- it was it was tossed that it was dogs loose on him yet when I currently has no -- -- it. It would people would get get down on him for throwing picks and a lot of those games. I think one thing people loose and when they watch football because they're they're so used to you know -- -- receptions Bobble block. There are quarterbacks who have the guts to keep throwing the ball and those of the guys I personally like EU I like Brett -- I like the fact that he's willing to throw four picks and defeat. Because you're gonna control. He goes -- -- the Greg Norman of football. I I respect that I -- like I like that about Eli Manning to highlight the fact that Eli Manning. Also -- three picks in defeat rather than just start playing states. And -- and looking up results stats rather than saying I need to make a play here -- -- -- CU I don't really took. Throw into the keeps its defense because that's the situation where it's some QBs if you watch and of course to a lot of -- the commercials well a lot of talk. You know some guys will just keep Roland I like those guys -- And Cutler's one of those guys -- with a guy -- repeat step three scores and ten minutes left in the game he's trying to find a way against his team back into that football game. I like the guys who depicted that situation. On the -- Tennessee team duke -- may be right and in I mean it. I just think you know sometimes we forget they -- situations will demand high risk play. And what -- quarterback it's criticize your making a mistake in a situation that demanded -- played I think people opportunist and I think you know. Far I think in a lot of situations got back kind of -- that you like doesn't -- -- for sure so I like the gunslinger quarterbacks. Obviously you'll likely you can get them corralled a little bit. You know you don't want Cutler. Throwing indiscriminately around the field we shouldn't be right but I think if you watch the bears and -- you're seeing that a guy like Cutler if you just protect them. And if you give -- defense. He'll start play a lot smarter or. You'll find out that he wasn't stupid as -- -- a little. Except when he's got some people throw the ball to world and it's Bakalar for -- likes him and you know obviously it's similar it's got aren't yet as -- -- Marshall there's so. That -- -- Jeffrey and abroad and Martellus Bennett yeah obviously Forte is is outstanding in the passing game and trust has brought him. You know the trust and scheme to the bears. I would equate a little bit to the morning -- scheme with the jets yeah. Not to go freezing you know. On the jets I think obviously there's a whole lot and jets -- -- did you see what would you bring in a real offensive coach. A good one -- what can happen the route designed really simple -- yeah there's that it has -- about all the pot. And you know for it just look at the -- package such a second look at what Schottenheimer did there for a couple of years. As -- the worst thing the -- ever did. And think about what I just said yeah -- -- the jets have a good finish offensively there. Going to just ran out of fingers and arms like Titanic the Hindenburg in New Coke altogether but but but they expect with -- -- The one of the worst things ever did was when they got rid of -- -- If the worst yet Brian Schottenheimer as OC I've learned to ride you -- A couple last week stupid thing to do and had a lot to do what they did what he. The rest of shot -- contract that is. John it's always the recipe for disaster and you. Matt says he's like that. Hoping we expect in new York at this points. You know in my in my life by -- -- for a team led by Jim Dolan a colossal fool. So will -- on it and this is just cut and it would be just so this is my life is that you know. I don't have high expectations. But. We do you know where were we who will be but when you go back to Cutler that offenses just helped in the top in the scheme itself the additional weapons that you brought up itself. Did the increased. Quality of the offensive line has helped. And you know bad coaches bad schemes bad results to just watch -- liked -- too -- aspect -- You have to -- -- saying -- yeah -- zealously to analyze a lot of the right now. I mean I think for me it was like watching ejecting him I could I would I would see it in the well. It's it's just it's Brian Schottenheimer offense I -- it where have I seen this movie I almost had to stop watching because it was like bringing my -- my dinner -- But that was Brian Schottenheimer. I would probably one of Bryant shot -- -- offense is clicking it's good. But what you saw last night was when everything gets too much you could see -- I think it in the field three you know men yeah it was like watching the jets in 2011. I mean it was scary. Well for me and does -- concluded. So I think Cutler really is not a beneficiary of quality coaching and even -- he's on the road and Detroit got a good front I think you could start this week. Okay that was gonna give -- question -- in Detroit's -- pretty -- An -- floor did it does that. It's not gonna disrupt. This that's what a little bit. But the thing -- -- that we trust because it. Because she will have the scheme designed to deal with that they will be getting the flawed I would imagine they will be getting the ball out of Cutler and quickly this week. -- -- -- be excellent take him Nolan -- on some unfortunate game certainly your -- that it could make some plays this week. They'll run you know some sunscreens and stuff like that. For the receivers. But I I guess I could be wrong but I think what you see this week in the ball getting out of Cutler's hand quickly a lot of throwing but a lot of control -- A little bit like the patriots -- Smart. Let's just do that better than anybody turning that short high percentage passing game into what the fact running. -- -- in -- with yak with yards after the catch up. Indy Dalton he's he's going up against the browns the browns have you know obviously -- Joseph Hayden back did they treated him a little. Roughly in the past but. Maybe not a bad match up. Well you know AJ green -- it very well right over the years so I think when you factor that in and all the other weapons in less salt goes out there just stinks to join up he should do pretty well. I don't expect that either he's been pretty solid. Yeah I mean -- paper a lot of teen -- inexplicably bad throws at times but he's also pretty Smart quarterback and I think. You know again it lets you that the paper locks he's gonna have opened meant to -- the browns are good but I don't know that they can cover all those weapons. I now no game I'd like to look at in terms -- they asked that of one last potential person to consider starting. It could be a -- -- -- Broncos and you got Michael Dick. And likes to Michael Vick is someone that we may want to. Consider to start this week. Yen because the guy and I'm sitting here looking right now and thinking well you know. Didn't I should additive to so high that it's just it's it's it. Admitting that I blew my own articles on the death of Michael Vick is I'd have to decide it was looked. And backing to just go. Really in any number of directions I -- the -- obviously have to get off to a good start right if they don't then the chip Kelly's converts. But I don't I don't know how much I love the Chip Kelly scheme that Fidel multiple score he because you sit there trying to play fast can you afford to play fast and fail. And then think it's gonna -- a lot of control. Yet in Denver gets negative they have like seventy offensive plays -- on that. Right I mean everybody did such a big deal out of these you know hurry up schemes all the stuff that's all go to like get it there's a lot of value to it. But first -- have becomes huge. You know I mean if you're Davenport first down play early in the game. You know by the time you realize that he'd be down 1420 points -- so open and and -- your defense is going to be tired now so it's it it can be you know it's it's great when the control of the well. But. You know if you get ugly if things get -- and -- -- you blame Peyton Manning so. Yet it could turn ugly quickly yeah. But still well but and so he's he's he's he's the high risk. Disrespect right yeah -- -- -- -- game gets ugly which could cause I don't see how the Eagles stopped mailing. If they're gonna happen you know -- that's a lot of us. -- I could scamper around you some points up and throw the ball over the field so high risk high reward did labeled that way. I yeah I I don't even know how high the risk is I think the risk is injury yeah you know from a fantasy still played I think -- gonna post numbers or it is sixty minutes. Took a very good. Let's its shift over to to running backs is a couple of backs. In your article that are -- as I say emerging situation self two with a running backs that you cite as good starts. This week would be GO Bernard in the vandals who might be subtly overtaking the role from BenJarvus green Ellis and allow Powell who bombed. Hey he's the guy in line right now -- out. Now screen isn't ready. I mean he's got the ball. Yep Palestinian get a lot of -- this week there's no doubt as long as it just block publication beer. Gosh he can be an RB two this week. That's good news for details have been threatened says the right bench depth and if you suffering if you don't who lost somebody in the bye week and that's well timed. Yeah power right now -- a guy you can use is no doubt you know -- into the last. You know I think the worst scenario for people deal with the jet running games and have nobody to help. Then you have. And it's at that that's a good Denver Redskins. That -- the last couple years yeah of course. Just. Sit back and another us another start and sit. A start in this is probably. Happy name for a lot of people that I do your expectations and David Wilson finally on the on the start side of the equation as the giants take on the chiefs. Plus I mean that's you know that's one of those where. You know I I have to stick with my god I have to stick with what -- see and I'm you know actually got to make up my eyes and meanwhile looked really good -- yeah. And I tell you that giant you know there it's also degrade the other thing going down there I wonder what they're trying to do. You know last week at one point they're down about three scores. In the middle of the third quarter first down the runner Brandon Jacobs. I know they should just just but -- chips and it will -- a guy that teach about it. Yeah I mean it's it's it's it's just. You know -- obviously the kid had a rough first week of fumbles he deserved to be. I don't know but slap on the register -- -- -- you know whatever you wanna call it you know -- -- that led for all around the complex. You know they'll think people are trying to knock it out of his hands and do whatever the old school football coaches do with a guy -- stand up before. All make them like private pilot you know like at the end of the Limas to. To thumb in his mouth and his -- that. Does that. But -- against it just wonder what the judge you're doing down there. They're kind of their nose to spite their face they -- the better than that playing and -- -- and they need David Wilson. Who he Richardson. Yeah I mean I you know I watched that game last week very closely at -- you looked very good -- in the football. Army kept the ball pretty secure. Folks don't realize this but it beautiful touchdown wrote I mean a gorgeous start them and it was called back that up. Pretty shaky holding penalty which frankly is certainly nothing that had anything to really to do with the run. And he did another nice that it was about fifteen yard run also brought back I believe was holding penalties so it's been. You know he showed a lot more on the field in the stat sheet is gonna suggest and I just can't achieve -- giants. Going down without giving Iran this week. You know the Cheney's defense is good to have given up some big run games this year on the court what about pretty -- To -- Wilson is you know opinion of as a running back to -- -- of -- exciting initiatives you know. Flex option risk -- but upside lots of -- Ketchup the other one you decided is Lamar Miller of Nevada if you can see he's a -- Tibet situation yet he's a good back he's playing pretty well but. I'm just curious sent -- -- I don't know if I would think that he's a great start this we just because of the Santa playing pretty good. Kind of controlling that game a little bit but some -- debating. -- -- I know what does that say is I think in New Orleans obviously has a pretty high powered offense of the -- the ball's gonna be in the hands a -- in the playing good defense and so. You know they're pretty high powered I'm wondering if the running game is an area that they might actually be able to shut down in Miami and that so. Well they're -- looked at play in the rob Ryan's -- so what they're trying to do was disrupt. They're gonna be sent a lot of different things. Can't help you know it's happening a crooked I if I'm joked that until went down there are challenging Lamar Miller more so it's. It's sort inexplicable to me that Miller doesn't get more touches. That said. They're waiting and and and and when you're winning it's hard to really second guess these guys I think the one thing that people might be missing a little bit as a Daniel promises. You know we -- back -- that they knew that I talk about a lot we're perception becomes a reality right and as Daniel Thomas been a good second round -- so far nothing hasn't but he's a pretty good football player. Yeah -- the Indy gets CDC you know ever much highlights right near in the end zone. Joining ESP. In the end zone that it touchdowns -- byproduct of him being fundamentally sound that's why he's on the field and that's quite getting the -- of the goal line because they like to throw. And they like his big body picking up people pass protection keeping guys off -- so what you have there is. -- it was getting more carries but he. Splitting snaps. -- -- -- Is what Miller rips off a gorgeous -- yard run. And you don't seem to security for Israelis one carry over the next quarter and I have to just makes you wonder -- we don't use some momentum when he did. Yeah I was watching that game and yeah exactly did do that -- they were without momentum the entire and I kept looking floor. Our Greg you got that run by Miller may -- now sort Wallace mortar round they just they just couldn't get it going and its interest in that that's coaching to me. Yes you know as good. They handed their tendencies seem pretty obvious and I think that that could come to to bite them eventually link if Miller doesn't play if you -- -- -- sort of target you're sort of telegraphing run lead in the air in your telegraphing passes were not in there. You know I and I mean I watched the pass protection I mean. Yet Thomas does cause the -- -- this year it's not -- -- and perfect. And you know Miller has an instinct issues he's young he definitely needs some work and -- detection but not horrible. I've seen worse with this. So I think it's. My gut says Miller's game against -- the year goes on and can get more and more. Got to Baghdad targeting -- get a -- decent price and and against the saints this week. Again with that aggressive scheme -- -- guidance of the game just because it did it with a couple screens that they try to run a couple of draws you to be looking at -- place. -- and one thing in this article to just two where the Mario is such a good point Segway because he's. Teased and and shown as a start there's an argument from previous sets up a -- a look at guy on the sit side of this equation at running back. Now which he talked about earlier with the changes in Cleveland. And Willis is Willis McGahee but you think it's a little too early for him. Want to bad matchup who knows somebody carried him to get into names so that was several warnings that -- and I know you may have just picked up McGahee and I know you might be itching. To get him in your line up black. Not a good match up and who knows if it's going to be a three headed actually get this week so I would hold off obligated so you see him get more touches and unity some matchup. Sheriff says it just kind of like fire everywhere just in managing their expectations of. If you thought you got this week if you you know if -- loaded up with Green Bay and Carolina running backs and got to play -- the day. Crush your fingers and the black -- you know he's got other options consider. I think that the that's I think that's wise wise advice. And then just a little bit on the receivers and two in terms starts at the couple guys having people be interest today and you like element this week Sunday night against the falcons. I would kill them every week simply put typical cyclical it just public. I'll let Julian -- fans -- the entire catalog are. I'd like people get the ball in the hands and he has a lot. Anything good football player yeah it really is and I hope he stays healthy -- a lot to play this year -- could it be really interesting opinion -- of -- same time. I agree I agree but this week get him in there is -- of the game. So I love love situations like this -- get to receivers both who I really like. TY Hilton. The colts playing the jaguars and Cecil shorts on the jaguars -- cults. -- -- -- -- Yeah I mean are both good place -- in the -- just because. The matchup this week and that's just a good match up but I think he'll make you know make a big play. Cecil shorts -- inevitable for so many people saying he should be benched with -- at quarterback. We've pretty well the last year. What that there's -- there if you look at the statistics there isn't there is some truth to be shorts does better with any. Like gathered has never really been given a much of a look what he's been healthy. So it's I I think it's. You know I think it's more. -- you know it's it's a statistic but I don't know how about it. Yep that's that's fair and that there's a little bit. I'm sure it has a little bit -- bad -- -- -- money when he's when he's going he gets the ball you know quite a bit him but unlike gentleman is a little bit more reliable in terms of what he can do after it. Yes he's sort of pure outside receiver he could play a little slot and it was probably more than natural slot to complain outside. And Cecil just slowly -- just. A really good all around player to everything we said we came out yeah -- nothing's changed except now he's playing. But I -- you know what I. When we gather it was playing the last game and appreciate it will -- place is mean it was we treat the -- yeah I really thought he looked as good as he's ever looked in the NFL side. I would. In -- you're just happy to be loaded receiver I don't look at the bench Cecil shorts which would not because together. Now hey will be out next week -- something and it different do you call via. That's a delicate but now like it's. Was so well this -- seatbelt. So. That's a -- that a good healthy look at the starts and -- and I want to transition the conversation though man and hero you know it's all tied in together but. We're at the point of the year now where some teams of three you know some teams at 21. Teams -- -- into a summer ON three and this is win. People really start getting -- to make trades and it changes that roster improvements some people are desperate some people are coming from -- place of power in the bye weeks are coming. Are right so now that the violence coming this is when you see the trade activity coming out -- and you go to great article this week on -- -- called buy low sell high. And what this does it features. Players who right now. On the buy low side who's. Perception. Might not be an area that perception it is startled but slowly the dynamics in their offense or did in the in the -- Environment have caused them to not play all that well guys -- doesn't want to target situation yeah I think guys might want to target and on the -- high side. These are guys that depicts maybe people laughed dad didn't understand why to come and done pretty well and -- -- -- -- them food -- -- So yeah I mean I just scored we just talked about -- -- problem myself I would as well that means I'm not trying to be a white guy and I'm not saying you should trade Josh Gordon. But certainly. Check -- value yeah because if somebody wants to offer me an established high -- player for George Gordon I would take it. Chair and look let's look let's look at some people on the buy -- sex and this is really interesting to some times. What -- people make a trade it you know people who really don't quite understand the dynamics of finesse football look at it -- look at the statistics let's say I got got robbed but what they're not realizing is that. The schedule ahead yields yields great benefit for some of these players so. At the top of the list for me is biz break right now -- Brady. Being you talked about it at the outset is still you know QB one. He's doing it without him until he's doing -- -- marine he's doing it without croc he's doing it was rookies. I'm thickened when those guys come back is gonna do it is gonna do at a higher level. Yeah I mean right now breeze just what you say -- -- lol. There's you know I obviously may be our big market. He's not a bylaw that Shapiro I don't know -- -- -- would often jerk welcome -- but. You know I think certainly passionately Brady's. Current market value isn't what it's going to be in a month. And that's that's that's for the short that I think is worth more than it is right now months. So if you get -- now. You probably will be pretty well the -- now are there a lot of people out there who desperately need QB though probably not QBs -- pretty easy market to deal with. It's not -- QB right now. So. You need to change your life around go to Tom Brady. But a solid offering it to you I'd listen. Yeah for sure. Let's look at a couple of running backs and down to jump ahead a little bit in your article -- the -- one that sticks out is to this story easily adjusting and I think savvy Tennessee owners know the real story of -- Chris Johnson. Who can do OK you know he's had tough these -- tough match has been he's been okay. But I think you see a lot of upside for him as the second half of the schedule approaches in my right. Yeah -- -- -- some I think we've talked on the podcast and you know for not mistaken. His schedules bit hard so far it gets even a little harder. -- -- get to a about week and I believe it is things open up. -- just the classic guy acting. Just goes to what you're talking about we knew we knew we started this this part. If you read your situation. You may be sort of a natural buyer here EU but it appears three adult necessity which is benefiting stereo. -- you feel real good about things but you wouldn't mind improving your flex for the long term regular RB two for the long term. Chris just to be answered -- -- to probably get a pretty cheap in fact. There's people -- -- -- bad -- but right now yeah people what they're saying I read Twitter this morning that if -- coaching goes out essentially the same Jackie battle did better start than Johnson. That's crazy -- I'd I'd I'd get it I mean I do but I think it's amazing how quickly people forget how good Christiane I think. Yeah I see -- who came in 2000 yard Gainer. Well and the fact that he doesn't have a goal line doesn't mean he's talking -- score any touchdowns I can break it some wherever in the -- Yeah actually -- and say you know. -- you know the goal line the red go to different thanks. You know I mean yeah if if if the titans get dead inside the five they're probably to go to one of the big backs. And yet that does hurt Johnson's value a little bit but we get into the second half this season. And played some of these weaker teams leave. Constructed gonna have 150 days a light up the -- -- -- -- they had trouble we're going -- touched him there and at first second back. You're gonna be kick in -- to up against the second backseat lined up against so. You know at some point Johnson liked but at some point we really think starting weak attempt through each sixteenth. He's going to be a player -- big -- that he can. He can really help you through. Crunch time the playoff push -- the playoffs. And right now as values of the lower than it should that. It's slower there should be right now and I think the trick gimmick I sort of mention it I think in the article it -- and it would be patient if I'm not mistaken right. I give it if I don't have pushed out there right now and again if -- -- -- strong position. That's important yeah. Because Chris Johnson could hurt you over the next two to 34 weeks. Yeah just just plain mediocre as he's been. Right so you you have to be in a position to take Chris Johnson. But if you are. And he could really be -- -- for -- down the stretch. So it really gets into the whole thing is you know are you 30 -- the team that has Chris Johnson Owens for a if those two things are true in your league. You -- you might have or not only is -- a good deal for you but it might be easy to do. -- to share. To -- that especially you've got Chris Johnson. No question no question so that that's good that's. Sound advice couple of the backs we -- for a couple earlier. -- the part of the conversation with David Nelson and Lamar Miller so. Off to them about -- you know Eddie lacy and CJ -- ideally seeing in kind of a bit of a complicated situation in Green Bay but. You think he's pretty much going to be the guy and again that same long view he's a guy would serve you well correct. Yes I believe he is I think. Right now he's certain to be sort of that you need to target of opportunity because circumstances is sort of kept him from going off to you know I had a horrible match up week one and then in week two. He gets hurt basically like the second play of the game I got knocked out with a concussion that's a lot worse -- says that the Eddie -- doesn't get that concussion in that spot. It's up to 25 finish its principal. Deputy James Starks had. That police K yeah sure okay so first did you know if you're a guy who likes Eddie lacy the tide is now the iron is hot live on the buy. Whoever's got them built a lot of right now has basically been let down. He hasn't helped and yet in that can't count on this now. And we went win when that would make your ideally you name their reach for the Arabs -- terrorists so I felt. This should tightly guarded by hurting his team need to Mort indicated complain -- so you can sit there right now -- take Eddie lacy out somebody's -- And then starting next week you -- the packers' starting running back. So right now it's about it sorry yeah you've got Franklin who looked great but fumbled and you got -- nursing a knee condition so we make of it basically approached. Yeah and -- you know stocks as the low likelihood is does that sound the last injury of the year that's just the unfortunately who has been. Yes they're stiff there's something that definitely. And you know it's Friday so you get Friday and Saturday -- -- to talk trade with people and become the target. And then -- -- -- so they're scheduled it's better interior designer I think at this point lately she's undervalued I mean he's under rated. And -- -- until he -- running back and everything that we worried about. Which came pre season to me was pretty much put to bed I mean when he was sort of with apple all you really get. CJ Spiller a lot of hype about him and he deserves it he's he's shown a great flashes last year he was easily. A top five pre season. You know running back and ten draft pick overall debt tough got to value. You kind of feel he might be a buy low player at all right now what an excellent. Milo yeah this see below. I think the question is distillers -- question initiative by lava -- And you know from our voting yes one it's I mean obviously the course the what you have to pay zones and well I would give -- BP. But. I think that there's a couple things about it. First of all the -- -- -- buffalo yeah the jets apple may have boarded the jets just. On both sides support it dish Troy -- be in the trenches. Just absolutely slaughtered. And it showed that a project that -- the -- nobody did. So I think that's worst -- values in trouble. The problem lies yeah they don't change a whole lot and so the idea that you're gonna get Spiller is gonna turn into a top to retreat back that's probably not gonna happen yeah. Yeah it we probably have to accept reality with this guy. Broad scheme of the buffalo line. Not wonderful so far. But it does -- this story -- those stories he left by -- game not within me which was largely reportable with a thigh bruise he tried. And you know it's only -- is gonna keep. Running it into the senate that wanted them into the to meet their -- not been a little unimaginative I. I think that'll change I think they'll adjust I think they'll find better ways to use simply ask that you write and they'll find ways to get the ball in its base which is what they need to do and haven't done yet. That's what's gonna happen. An and quite frankly I would buy -- to Spiller even more if it weren't for the scheduled scheduled mediocre and so -- you know understand that you know right now Spiller based on what we've seen so far the schedule looks a little tougher than it looked initially. And his line looks a little bit worse maybe that we thought initially so his. Huey definitely galore. But I think people are starting to think that. Maybe he's still gonna stink it up earlier and let's get hurt the second -- connect they're going to be weeks -- goes off again be retrieving big plays. So he's still a -- OK so let's let's lightning round no other Arabs aren't sure what there's -- -- to talk about Spiller and a lot of people don't know this hidden. I I believe it's grandfather -- step grandfather. Committed mass shooting. Well the a couple of weeks ago. It killed the couple people and himself little boy yet so CJ Spiller I believe it was going into week one in the and you know that something really incredibly awful the absence in this -- I don't. I we don't normally get into this kind of stuff right but that's pretty major yes sure killed a couple of people and Anselm. And as a guy it was a big part of CJ light hit yeah so. You know it it's just been a little bit out of it mentally the last couple weeks understandable. It's understandable and you know -- AT and you know what we're talking about a social less important right so -- pride. Peace a chance for tickets this stuff together. Yet spoken Milos said -- there and yeah I think enough fun that but. But yeah good Smart to bring it up and those are those are factors right now why can't we can't act like that's not the right exactly and in those. That could be part of one of a few factors that's keeping him kind of where he has. Yeah I wanna do a lightning round on a few players who were running out of time so if with the bi -- Let's give me a quick collects 32 son Larry FitzGerald and Roddy White. On the Fitch -- I thirty each finalist. -- this -- -- I think it's a good buy low. And it's again it's -- -- to pay I think that is gonna come around. He's not going to be you know lead. But he going to be pretty good and I -- the good news with the children that he's been practicing for this week. -- and and Roddy White. I think he's a good by -- -- -- to -- actually very similar don't expect the big return necessarily this week. But certainly in the coming weeks I think -- concede the norm for most players. I wanna weigh in on Ron right -- -- really quick and contribute to the thirty seconds which is. I watch a lot of falcons gains in Matt Ryan loves him I mean it doesn't matter if he's on crutches and. Ryan really wants to get in the volley trust them the night. And you can see it when a quarterback really trust someone even with Julio Jones being the guy there. In turning into the guide their last year do you watch some falcons he loves them. Well we -- -- distrust for the great hands great routes -- And I think they made a mistake letting him play. I think sometimes with these stupid game active start streaks. The cloud our judgment body which is -- at a game couple weeks ago. And no doubt that it probably slowed down his recovery process should be playing what I ankle sprain -- don't go. You know. I think a lot of people start. Forgetting that he was playing -- It is no they put him in line up and spoke. But the reality is he's a guy should be getting healthier in the coming weeks and if you can afford to pick him up now at a discount to probably reap the rewards for them to treat its. Excellent Smart. Couple -- hi guys. Fred Fred Jackson and buffalo in Ahmad Bradshaw I think it's pretty obvious but it. Yeah I -- the -- thing is he's started off pretty well he's over thirty and he hasn't made it through full seasons since this was in the twenties so -- -- I think right now. -- before is that declines starts. With Brad Shaw and I believe I said -- the article this way you might have one more week to wait yeah. But right now he's an extremely high quality -- option you could occasionally use flex option. And if I'm the guy who owns Richardson. I would be very excited about getting bachelor's bankruptcy my ability to deal go there. Excellent two more. In the did the waiver wire craze of the sad the least Garrett of the of Indiana -- singer Eddie Royal OC a. Oh my gosh tiger be so. But note that the scare. Yeah I did Eddie Royal that -- -- May we may do maybe we should on this last week when he was really gotten. But you know they royals' payroll so I mean he's gonna have some good gains it has to back games is if you've got a guy out there right now -- says hey royals on pace for ten. Twelve touchdowns. He should be -- intrigued. Yeah absolutely. No way around and last but not least well woody podcasts and WEEI dot com you and I talked about Danny Amendola. And you know much like -- answer is executed -- so -- but. How -- I put it in the article I mean basically if if I look if I'm a guy who's got economic team. As soon as he completely game healthy public in a deal. Yeah yeah exactly. The good news is if he leaves the game healthy probably got a big game it's. And you know I think the good thing about him it's for some reason to -- it really excited about it in the bill they -- catch all these balls and which speak. They buy back you know of finally stay healthy take it as America. So you have so -- always healthy when he's healthy for any -- -- any lights it up. -- Right that's that's -- that's what I would do I I just like. It's gonna be -- I should ask the hard part right now I don't want to -- eleven Dolan you look for somebody the other would take off your hands humidity goes off your brains of the switch to bring flips. Override that split its -- talking -- -- -- is yeah and I have both been there yeah okay. -- -- broiled goes off this week. It didn't look crazy you know try to try to Michael -- if people don't know that I just -- a ton of money right well it's. But anyway. You know this deal. You have to hit you have to have. You know that is the will power. To deal it guy when he is coming off a -- game -- and though would be to me the perfect example the guy. Andy graduates get rid of it you're doing it because if you deal with the right person you can cash it no doubt. Yeah that's the -- Great advice what's coming up from -- Von today on WEEI dot com on roads up the -- -- on dot com. Needing to keep our eyes out updated every -- -- it did the rest of today have little to build a slow and actually did daddy for the rest -- today it Islam we do you have obviously the bylaws so I would that the current rankings up. I will be updating all of the rankings. On Saturday and I'll be -- comments for those people who are missing the comments I apologize to everybody actually been. -- -- -- -- extremely sick six over the last 72 hours feel a little better today. So yes there will be a lot of player comments. And updated rankings going to be some pretty big player jumps to some of the rankings as well. At all and -- data tomorrow sounds goods and obviously get to chat on Sunday morning from don't you media folks. That sounds great so let's wrap it up that's the -- week four addition. Of the WEI fantasy football podcast and W -- dot com and always -- our weekly conversation -- fantasy football -- you just -- MP Davidson. The chief Tennessee football writer for Radovan dot com so make sure your perfectly ready for this week's action you go to brutal bond dot com right now. On the updated lineup rankings -- there in the be up to lead again on Saturday starts in sets her up on WEEI dot com right now. And you can check out Rohrabacher RO TO BE HN dot com. And check on WEEI dot com each and every week as you look to get your best line upset. That's happening all yearlong check back for player roster updates rankings. Freeagent waiver wire targets. Exactly it today as Pete said a lot of rankings will be up and develop problem but on tomorrow on radavan dot com. -- Sunday come back and join us for the WEEI dot com live chat at 11 in the morning. Pete is their only answer all your questions in terms of last been a lot of information he was humble earlier -- -- a good job with -- in the right stuff and down I guarantee of that. And we want to say thanks for tuning in again -- out. The WEEI Tennessee football podcast is presented as always by our friends at Mohegan Sun. A world that play and you can check out WEEI dot com slash play. The neck is an opportunity to add to the Mohegan Sun Tennessee football league and get a chance for you to stay in the state of free weekend and Mohegan Sun its worth and it's a great place. And that's a wrap -- up people talk again soon. -- care.

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