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Former MLB GM Jim Bowden with Salk and Holley predicts the Red Sox are headed to the World Series

Sep 26, 2013|

We check in with ESPN/Sirius XM and former MLB GM Jim Bowden about the MLB Playoffs, including a focus on the Sox.

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Are talking all the WEEI WEEI dot com enjoyed talking to Jim Bolden what -- must have been a month or so two months ago as we really reviewing the Red Sox season at that point and now time to start previewing more of this play -- Jim Bolton joins us right now via the AT&T -- course of espn.com. Series sex them enough former general manager. For the both the nationals and the reds that let's start before we start previewing with with where we were the last time. And adventure in the job he's done now that the years essentially oversee -- executive of the year. Yeah he definitely has remained I think Neal Huntington of the pirates is definitely get some votes I think Billy -- will be in the discussion but the job the bench Harrington did. From last July till now is in the best in baseball on the take a last placed team and turn them into a team that I think we paper to get back to the World Series. There's no doubt he deserves credit it's my chest about the -- that he made. It's the fact that he worked really hard in changing the culture in the human beings inside that clubhouse. And the thing that they got going on behind the scenes from all the players that I talked to over there. This is closer clubhouse as there is and the Red Sox to be able to turn that part of the team around. Back quickly adventure earned and deserves the award. You know John you mentioned a pirates arguments in the eighties you -- in the Red Sox. How do you judge manager of the year an executive of the year especially when you're talking about it the team has payroll like the Red Sox. And a team has to -- -- BA's second CAA's stance it. Big Jarrett -- got all that money to spend Archie Archie and can't spend that money and look what he's done. Yeah that's a great question because I take them manager questions first because I always laugh at that award. Because no one's that vote that award ever paid attention to strategy how they handle a pitching staff. That they're not able and a lot of times -- access to watch behind the scenes how to motivate how they discipline. How they prepare for the games how they utilized technology and all of that is and isn't a factor so what manager at the air. If it's really about what manager one with a team that what's expected to win. Or what manager with a lower income payroll one. With what they had to work with and so the -- he has always been a joke now about the instead. I'll tell you might two candidates in the American leaguer Terry Francona the Indians ironically and John -- of the Red Sox. I think John -- was gonna wind based on my conversations. But if -- -- get the second while car like I think they will. I'm not so sure that Terry Francona we -- with that he'd be able to beat teams like Texas and Baltimore and the Yankees. I'm not so sure that he doesn't deserve it. Now on the case of Farrell is the is he deserving -- years. But he also has a great baseball team and the fact that Lester buckled to the -- and -- very big poppy all came back healthy in the court -- dominated. This year that a lot to do do with winning as well Cleveland doesn't have that kind of baseball team that they've won with. So if I had to vote I'm probably going Francona -- Earl two but John's gonna win. -- -- question on the GM perspective you have to factor in the payroll and then that is a factor is no. Doubt about it -- did did the -- Picked up moves like Francisco Liriano was going to be comeback player of the year made deals were -- -- morneau and did it with a smaller budget that's factored in. But when you look at just the playing baseball moved the -- you are is that. The PD that dumpsters all the moves that he made by hiring or the trade per barrel hiring of barrel. To manage the team when you look at the body -- work and even factory in the dollars I think cherry images down into the. Did you -- -- -- I don't have to explain Red Sox yankees what it means around here you know exactly. What that's code for Red Sox yankees but. We're talking about money and expectations the Yankees are gonna are going to the playoffs it's only the second time in nineteen years they're gonna miss it. If you're in the general manager of the Yankees would you feel. Empowered because you have such high payroll or is that pressure is it too much pressure because. You're the Yankees is supposed to be there. -- -- you always want the dollars -- got a better chance to win with the dollar think the dollar all day long look I predicted the Yankees would finish in last this year. So I was wrong I guess the definition board. But you know this is not a very good -- team and it's gonna get worse with the apparent -- walking away. And sure what you gonna sit there and argue and say well they're gonna have a 189 million dollar payroll next you're okay but you know what. You can't go out the free agent market and fix it like it is for five years ago look at most teams. Sign a young players so long term -- to free agencies who voted. Would those kind of players in this is not going to be an easy fix. For Brian Cashman -- happy the dollars is not going to be easy and the main reason why they've done such a poor job in their farm system that he has no trade weapons. They've done such a poor job in scouting that they don't have any players they're about to emerging get to the big leagues but possibly does. So we get the failure -- -- love what I do with injuries this year we all understand that. But the reality is they do a very good job in scouting and development and then -- start to pay the price -- that they started this year. They're gonna pay a bigger price I think over the next couple years as they try to rebuild that team in the meantime the Red Sox should be celebrated. And not just because of the deals in the free agents signs of the insurance and but more importantly the job that they done in the farm system and be able to have the weapons to go trade strategy -- to be able I have. That type of -- didn't get that type of flexibility that. I could spend another hour just on how the Yankees are gonna stink for awhile but I will have to move on we have to talk some Red Sox as they head into the post season Jim -- joining us here on WEEI. Let's start if you if you let's put you in the position of being a special assist assistant debenture Arrington you're in the meetings over these next couple days. What are you advising this group when it comes to their pitching rotation heading into the policies. Lester came on -- colts came to Jake Peavy game three. And you guys tell me who's better in game -- it Lackey is -- -- you tell me who goes game. But it's it's been documenting the one question that I attended raised here is lackeys homes blitzer so much better than as -- road splits do you try to get him into game two in order to get him to pitch at all. I don't. Now I'm I'm -- my big boys games 12 and three. Because I can win the series in games 12 and Korean in -- way Lester vocal took throwing. You could be up two games to none I'll take that every day of the weeks I'm not. -- worry about that Jake Peavy is gonna surprise everybody bought them. Cookies -- -- best start for the playoffs that that's what he has this guy's makeup is one of the best that I've ever met McCain is competitive as. Is off the -- he's he's gonna win his games and his talent. So I like -- look I said this two weeks ago the Red Sox are gonna get to the World Series and play the Dodgers that's where we're -- that's going to be the collision course. And for me how much fun is that going to be being growing up in the Boston area now living in Los Angeles having -- bi coastal World Series of -- that it would be better. Price of the Red Sox get to the World Series -- by the Dodgers. How to they get there tells the ALCS as it is it. Red Sox and tigers. You know what the Oakland days -- and upset the tigers inside games and it's gonna have one's going to be shocked -- say I have had to do how they do it. Because on paper in Detroit is is one -- behind Boston. Because of the rotation pictures and Sanchez -- early and it might be game three who would have thought that and Doug Fister. But I have questions about the bullpen of the tigers getting the -- law. And we get these playoff games the sixth seventh inning giving are important -- your starters on able -- -- goes in which to traits are capable. But there's something magical about open this year. I think their pitching has a lot better than they're given credit for. All five guys in irritation or -- winning these games they're good defensive team in the outfield they cover a lot of ground don't worry about the stats. Josh Donaldson is is an MVP candidate he's gonna end up top five and BP. Voting probably -- to fit with Beltre. After course Cabrera Davison true when the -- but I I really believe in Oakland is in India going to be one of those surprise states this kind of getting the play Boston. So you're worried about the tigers get to their closer. Howry and not worried about the Red Sox get a coach. Yeah I just I just so much space for. States right now in the top three starters and I'm I'm not sure I think they're gonna get his seven and keep -- -- and I just think Lester vocal. And PD had every intangible they have to stop. He just let him pitch deeper into the game and and that type exit. I'm I like the Cleveland Indians story more -- I like their team let's say he lets say as the Indians in Tampa. And that and that one game playoff. It Tampa wins are you. Do you think Tampa has any shot and they're playing good baseball right now they have any shot a surprising people like you think Oakland well. Yeah they do AM and a and again it's because of the rotation I mean you know with David Price Matt Moore Alex Scott and Chris archer can do. But they can run the table they're capable and that's what happens that you know in the post season you know the years we've seen wild card teams in the World Series like the Marlins -- with. Former Red Sox Josh Beckett on the table at me. Politics in October you get hot and you get starting pitching which shuts down the best hitters in the game and and you can win the whole thing so. Can't make it dangerous to you might think when they get in the playoffs because of the rotation they have now their lineup. It is -- able to compete with Boston's or Detroit's as we now. And they don't have disputing that they used to have them and they really missed. You know -- up and speed in these post season games which I think will be a factor so they're capable of doing it. I just interception differential between Boston Detroit Oakland. And the wild card team felt that I just don't see I don't think I don't think Tampa Bay is going to be able to beat Boston. Yeah it's funny how things sort themselves out over 162 right there's a reason those three teams finish by winning their divisions and somebody else and went wild card hey Jim we really appreciate it always good to talk you hope to do it again real soon. I appreciate that surround it are Jim thanks.

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