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Buster Olney, ESPN: Sox don't want to see Rays in ALDS

Sep 26, 2013|

Buster joins Mut and Merloni to talk about the Wild Card chase in the AL, which teams the Sox would probably prefer to play in the ALDS, and the Tigers lineup.

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Let's have our Butler and -- 37 WEEI Craig Breslow Red Sox reliever. Trumbull Connecticut native will join -- bottom of the hour 1230. It's a more your phone calls as well we talk baseball every single Wednesday at this time with -- friend -- only of ESPN buster brought to you by Toyota Nashua. Visit the all new Toyota Nashua megaplex see the hot deals during their summer sell sell -- going on right now and by heiress restoration specialist and by -- space. I love this numerically wildcard buster because I want chaos I want to I want highs on topic ties I want a B and C. Does baseball like the idea that not only to make at the one game play and but might get play and before planes. First week the playoffs. I think it would unlike last year when everything was so compressed because that -- they had to arrange schedules league. I think this year because -- a little bit more about her belt and they'd be happy with that because of the attention that would be paid of the games and for example I think Monday morning if we woke up with a three way tie for that it did to a -- but the American League but probably would be throw that but the you know you just get -- it'll sort itself out before them. A bush look at this race right now it's come down probably ball three teams here and you know Texas I know they're trying to hold on -- cleaver with the schedule pulling games out it. You step outside before production or for Boston for associate them once he -- able Bol the one sending get a gold against Tampa and bring Cleveland and here we -- that the team people look for. God I died I don't think there's any question. That you know that probably you would be -- it would Reagan be arranged by Terry. That are -- you guys saw him throw that game last night he was really good. And you're right and then that's supposed to be the advantage it was built into this new playoffs system. By forcing the wild card teams -- a -- -- rotations. To play the one game scenario. You -- on the other hand if you the Red Sox. You probably don't want to see the -- Because they have more starting pitching depth. And and on top and I -- the -- And part of the reason why was that the -- cut that much better success against Rivera than other teams was. Is that when you face it seems so much to think he sort of lose the hall. You know you and he's not -- Now walking into. You know in the race are gonna -- in his series against threats that they know my god their home field advantage is so great -- they play there all the time. And that's why if you Red Sox in your read that and you don't want either the Indians. And the Red Sox are playing for the best record in the American League is could come down to you know his latest Sunday trying to figure out they get at the tiebreaker -- Oakland's waste any to win this thing. By against the to stay in new buster there is there any team in the American International -- you feel like because they clinched earlier because they have nothing to play for. That you might worry about a little bit you in that first round and that divisional series because they have been is their cruise control team I guess my question. There's no question about it and the other day I was having conversation with David -- of the cardinals and he was talking about. And of course this comes from the fact that you know they won the World Series in 2011 and that -- perspective -- that. That's what he knows but he was talking about how he fell right. That once the cardinals got into the postseason a year that year that he felt like. That the fact that they've been playing for their lives day after day after day. In trying to catch the breeze which they eventually did that work to their advantage once he started they started the post season. And when you watch -- Atlanta Braves now you know we've -- from back about two months they're going to be in the playoffs. Being dull really look like you're playing with a lot of urgency needed they seem like. It is still trying to sort things out beyond the questions that I think we're all gonna have about whether or not their rotation is. He's good enough. I think there's going to be a question of whether or not they are able to ramp up their adrenaline and the -- guys. Remember you know 2006 when the tigers had to wait during the World Series. 2007. When the Rockies had the week. Who you know part of the reason why they arranged just one game playoff and said -- best the three. He began the players and the players association basically said look we don't wanna have a situation this situation where where we are sitting around for too long. And that's kind of what's been going -- the Braves I think the Dodgers may be a little bit of that ilk but let those and less so than Atlanta I think Atlanta entity that could really suffer from a. Africa look at the middle teams to -- Atlanta and Saint Louis on the same boat as Boston and Oakland right because the loser. Place LA in their first round side I would think it's the middle -- to be -- LE eighteen that's stuck in the middle in Detroit. Who sort of stuck in the middle as well where they why health wise as far as Cabrera goes and nick -- Oh boy well you know like -- glacier has started hitting and they think he's. You know that he's gonna have a chance to be ready next week. But it's interesting at the time -- Jhonny Peralta was suspended I think it attention to baseball what he probably was gonna have no role at all when he came back. Where he was gonna have a very marginal role and now. And in Miguel Cabrera have a hard time getting through games. And the exactly whatever the nature of his abdominal situation it's not gonna get better and he really is hurting and you do wonder. If at some point Jim Leland going to be sitting down -- -- -- today and boy. He did better to put in Jhonny Peralta at third base in these Cabrera to DH which would mean losing picture Martinez who's been their best terribly. Or putting Victor Martinez to catcher I don't think they would do that in the postseason but who knows we work you know it is better to put you on April the shortstop. And get a little extra pop. 88 pinch hitting I think the tigers you know if you look at their rotation. You look at the start new line of -- say that the team that again -- to go back to the World Series. The man they do have a lot of uncertainty about them going until it. We're talking to buster only of ESPN it's been. Close to the Red Sox situation because of the schedule they play two games here this week buster against the Rockies. As you know the tie breakers are very American League intra league based and so these rocky games overall have an impact but when it comes a tiebreaker is really don't. Can baseball do anything to avoid -- in the last couple weeks last month of the year. Having to play against you on National League teams that went really not affecting. Those tiebreaker it seems silly to me this last month playing these games. Well there's no way you can go around it is going to get fifteen teams in the league because you're always gonna have not -- you never necessarily going to be able to predict. Whole we will we -- that he isn't going to be in the race and on top that I'm sure that if they did try to predict had been always had. You know it came right at Seattle. T mean you know like Toronto it's -- maybe you know who knows like Chicago White Sox. Having been playing a lot of nationally teams in the month of September both painted go crazy. It internally and last week was complaining about the fact. That he -- he met the play nationally teams in the final weekend. And he scared to death of the pitcher you're breaking a finger trying to bunt a ball he think about. Hey you know all they could -- -- they could go wrong went down. But at the same time I just don't think there's anything that they can do is -- you have the number teams in -- He missed -- -- Nelson Cruz earlier in the week talking about him take his suspension. And given information that they were told he's gonna appeal local for a hundred games and said the decision was taken out of his -- CD did indeed it did tell texas' go to appeal. It is agent make. Now I aid it is part of it definitely his decision he fired his agent actually right in the midst of that process. You know he had 112 Brothers and he's moved on. To another agent that I I kind of laughed. One night. I mean with all the respect to the Rangers the other day but when -- and read -- he can he can read heard in. -- in the words from the Rangers about well you know we expected him to be available -- stretched are you kidding. I I mean anybody who -- this so much irony in that could anybody who's taking pain he's doing it obviously for selfish reasons. And the idea that upon her and who at. -- -- -- initial decision under the terms wouldn't say you know what it's much better from eight to do it -- would net you just accept it suspension and that way. My free agency on board and not have this hanging over me is -- in the off season of course that's what they accuse. It was a no brainer what the whole time. And -- still the raiders actually thought. That he was gonna follow through it added an appeal so he couldn't make himself available for the good of the Texas Rangers and that was just naive. This seems to be more drama with the cruise -- situation and with Detroit and -- that does it he said that they can have actually. Activate this guy any shot at all the Rangers get in that they say okay Nelson will welcome you back. Well it's probably a lot like. You know the tigers would Jhonny Peralta with the initial thing was. Well you know -- we're not really pleased if you he would gladly trade for shortstop week we use an -- and we're ready to move bond. But when you start getting into news that the practical needs of the team. Absolutely they could bring him back in at the Rangers and struggled for offense. Do you feel like they could benefit from having the lineup I'm sure they would find a place. Up buster beginning of the year you'd talked about on the show ending your column the Houston Astros and he talked about. The other losing out teams and keep -- because basically they cut payroll lost on purpose and they had a bigger goal in mind as a fan I hate what they've done this year because I feel like they have benefited from strip that thing down. Lose in a bunch of games getting good draft picks make a lot of money. And really doing a service to their fans of some of the teams they put on the field. But these final six weeks how concerned -- Major League Baseball about the 2013 Houston Astros going forward. Well apparently they're not -- before the season started Bud Selig was quoted as saying. That the actors are doing at the right way in terms of going to drafting and rebuilding. And when he said those things they just made me cringe. Because. It wouldn't be the baseball community. It's taking is as accepted fact. Dad the Astros that I don't wanna use the word tanking but I guess that's really what it is. Have built a strategy to lose in recent years because. He that this that they haven't played now where obviously get the higher graphic but on top of that of the draft dollars. Because you have the higher picks in the slotting system that that are etc. You know among baseball decade they've watched it what the F is -- that you know they're trying to hide it got an eighteen right now. They're -- one point 15 million. Know what's scary about dead is he and baseball should be scared. That -- of people and other -- -- saying the Astros given the current rules they're doing exactly the right way they're they're managing it. For their own -- that's a Smart strategy to take. Until more and more you ye hear people talk about well we think you know that he's doing and we think -- -- doing it. If we end this situation where you 4516. All basically trying to compete for the top of the draft by losing in -- their payroll and not trying to get better. I'm having a hard time trying to figure out how much you know how far deeper -- -- From the 1919 black Sox trying to compete and that is big too dangerous situation for baseball. Old one they go lottery buster and make -- a worse record doesn't guarantee the number one pick and that extra slot money you get in the draft. I had yet been active in other way and I had -- GMs and media the day that he thought India had it right. And I and I thought they do. After the comic -- you know what if you -- to tell he's OK you get the number one overall pick. One time and then we're gonna rotate to back to like the tenth pick so you're not to have this repeated incentive time after time after time. To be bad and again to repeat. People are not saying the Astros are are. Are you know not handling this isn't Smart. Strategic way. People think that they are stockpiling a lot of talent but what they're really scared out. -- the whole idea of organizations. Literally not trying to win instead trying to build a team to lose my god. It now lost eleven consecutive games with a run differential of minus 45. A day that's -- -- -- to gain. Over the during his losing streak they're not competitive. And that and it would -- at 314 start to get into that it would be a travesty. But should be a fun final weekend of the year with or without the Houston Astros buster next week we talked and playoff baseball with he can't wait to do it. Enjoy this final weekend we'll talk to next Wednesday at. Night cluster only be ESPN RAT and T hotline eight TT nation's fast is now the most reliable forgy. LTE network and really what it is it to me. It is is kind of a scam with the Houston Astros are doing alligator a couple of examples here it's one thing. The build a crappy roster but the most expensive players they just kind of moved on from Carlos Pena Rick Ankiel. On the trade of Bud Norris Jose Veras Wesley -- Justin Maxwell all flip for draft considerations. Or for prospects mentioned -- Darby in the final piece but. In a year like -- step up our best players got to come up right what's the one thing hold onto I get to watch prospects get the wash my guys come up and play. George -- 24 years old. Made its AAA this year with a 425 on base percent by most evaluate yours he's the best prospect they haven't AAA level and ready to play today. At 24 he never got a shot did not get called up at all to the big -- -- -- from Intel not get a sniff -- we ran into this earlier in the year. With Jackie Bradley junior. You bring up -- September the clock starts. -- arbitration. Free agency in name. You springer's one at one of the better prospects in the game he probably won't be an -- next year until whenever that cut off its. Right more arbitration number mimic that we've seen with -- on this -- they'll call a guy that was the first second week of of June. In that range to keep him from being a super two arbitration eligible or so again next year out of it's just. We're that team is that and number one pick is always a guarantee but it is different now only to mention the slot money you get more money to spend yeah. -- with each and every picky where -- you don't want to give more money to spend in your draft and other teams do. No idea to to keep -- is interesting you talk about some of these teams is. In the top ten picks are protected the draft. Right so in other words next year if you're a top ten pick. You can -- sign -- Qualified offered what used to beat Taipei freeagent enough -- for trump pickets -- -- it's huge so let's run the Red Sox last year was protected director was so bad. He -- ten you don't want eleven exit through eleven. You go out there excited Josh Hamilton you give a first round pick which eleventh overall in right now look at the standing GQ cut. It's our bullet cluster you got four teams in San Fran Philly Mets -- on all the five losses at and a nine to twelve range in your -- for Colorado 86 that he got to some teams that also might be looking at at CI. And 85 wins team like Philly team like the Mets too -- San Fran maybe some money to spend. No we get the eleventh pick about the death we go out there -- and -- that big time free -- make quicker quicker jump -- actually do this over the course the next four games keep an analyst teams you just mentioned. The teams that are Colorado City -- 886 losses so the -- they don't win. That's -- Kansas because you wanna be in that top ten right now Heidi humidity worst record in baseball. You don't wanna be eleven you wanna be a topic this bad. You'll be it's a lot -- of where your pick is protected in ghost signs of body numbing effect your team next year and a and I -- -- -- to see how teams. How I'll baseball looks at this I think you have to go to some -- lottery system guilty to -- Astros didn't get four versed in baseball history. Three straight years the number one it would when you talk about the Houston Astros right rather article that was Forbes. -- maybe about a month ago. Their payrolls like twenty million dollars when he one million dollars. And they've got to be one of the more profitable. Teams in baseball. Because their payroll is so low. They're actually going to be making more money than most teams. In baseball. Because they just don't have any costs. So the owners -- -- -- -- -- record sucks. It the first pick overall -- more might spend and addressed the public Cuba take no more money than most teams. Hopefully hoped to baseball and other owners -- -- gonna -- us. Is maybe why they getting Nielsen rating of zero point zero which they pulled for game coupled it was a last weekend they pulled a zero point Europe and the fan of the Houston Astros I'm with -- How do you root for a team like that. A war one thing distinct but the but really noncompetitive team. Not money into it it's still not bring up your prospects and not give your team anything -- four to -- 304050 bucks a pop. Who knows what club seats costs amid a major goal one of those games and support -- -- -- you get that is garbage garbage. -- baseball looks at that and -- this is not becoming nor more teams as well we can't win this year let's -- Houston Astros. That's bad for the sport and something to keep an eye on the next couple years. 61777979837. -- text messages all day at 379 B 37 more your phone calls. As speaker of the Red Sox and Colorado there in the Colorado from one more while -- league game tonight. That's an off day Thursday Baltimore the final three. We'll talk to one of the bullpen arms in the talking about all morning Craig Breslow. Of the Red Sox say -- of trumbull Connecticut will join us next keep it here.

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