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Red Sox Manager John Farrell with Salk and Holley

Sep 25, 2013|

We check in with the skipper of your AL EAST CHAMPION Boston Red Sox and get his perspective on preparing for the playoffs, Dustin Pedroia's injury, some key decisions made this past week, and the return of Jacoby Ellsbury.

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While barrel joins us right now as he does every week brought you by -- -- insurance town fair tire and countless hockey John I don't today. DuBois Mike Michael there pretty well good to -- just a couple of a new Z type items. And starting with Jacoby Ellsbury is he your lineup for tonight. Everything points to that being yes we'll check and once more before you don't -- come in today but today every point and start that sort of feel like. Starting in center center field and leading off John. He has -- and will look to get on probably three at bats which. You know hopefully that gets in five innings on the field we travel after the game tonight and look -- to get us more bats over the weekend Baltimore. Do you wanna get him into as many of the remaining games as possible or get in get out let him rest see our response what's the plan there. Well with them. Ideally we get as many of perhaps as soon as possible. What will go on how he responds to the work every night but they're getting points in being more upright which is the most important step today. I'll ask you about clinching and is second and your thoughts from from Friday night at Fenway but as -- get you were -- your take on. After clinching and you guys clincher very early. The division is wrapped up you rest the next day rest some starters next day how did you determine. Who was gonna arrest and how long they're gonna -- me theoretically you could have had told everybody -- get ready for the post season but how did you come about making that decision. I don't think -- don't think anybody in our clubhouse and wanna rest imposes no doubt about it there's there's still some things were planned for. And and consistent with the approach you've taken every -- -- To do we can wind night. I felt like on that Saturday there were a couple of guys that we're first and foremost we get some rest smallest Pedroia. Even though he ended up in that game late in the game. And then as we've given Mike Napoli -- time down to just rest that's what we we did that as well he's been available last or last night and will be available to -- pinch hit. -- in the order and getting back on the field at the Baltimore as well so he got to prioritize. The situation Garza deal with that and work off of that. You mentioned the beat the the willingness in the desire in the ability to get Pedroia that day off. A rob Bradford wrote today about the thumb injury that -- -- deal with since the first game of the season. Impressive is it that he's played through this all year. Well I think he's set the tone for us -- in many ways and whether that's the energy in which -- Plays. You know the sacrifice that he makes you know on the field and certainly now -- you know what with what he's dealt with physically. If he were thinking back to the extension he signed -- this is a very easy one to bet on bet on the person as much the player and doesn't set the tone for that in many many ways. We could have and he could have surgery on the stop -- Ross is about any week recovery period if you have surgery on it. And you know he he's been really really good this year the power numbers are down a little bit which is it's suggested that that's because of the injury he's dealt with -- was there any conversation about and looked Austin I know you agree your way through this buy and sit down for eight weeks we'll get you back and and get to -- percent we'd prefer that. Well I don't know that I go back to the second day of the season and and you know. Well whether those are dust and words that there was going to be that links Siva or that. Defined period of the of the shut down if that were the beaten path chosen at the time. But it was clear that you know. He felt he was not only important -- this team. Put you know he's dealt some things in the past physically and he's got a tremendous high pain threshold matter and we seen -- so. I prefer not even to go back to that point in time and just know that he's what he's meant to us is no less than anybody else to listing. Or let's go back to Friday night then tell us about what you were thinking. Before the game that he had sensed then look at this is going to be the night we're gonna wrap up wrap up the AL least here. Just your thoughts from from what turned out to be really fun night at Fenway. It was a fun night and I think more than anything it was is how we've done this all year long with a group of guys that are committed to one another it it's. About a team coming together as a group. It and not a group of individuals and that's not be critical of anyone it's just to be reflective of the team that we have here now and you know one of the things that I think in that moment prior to that day you are part of my game to Friday night was going to be the night. You know there was some thought to look back to some -- first conversations with -- -- and not only what we wanted to. Or how we wanted to -- to define ourselves as a team. But how we wanted to make this come to life and that goes back to setting some expectations finding the right people that fit what. -- envision was -- what we wanted to carry out every day and and when that last -- was made and knowing the significance of winning the American League east. It was it was a couple of hours. Really wanting to celebrate with every guy that is. Worked their tail off for nearly seven months. And all that are all that are shared -- it from front office all the way down to the guys in the clubhouse and I it was a really fun night. Did anybody I don't -- anybody seem to be enjoying it more than anybody seem to really. Really excel in the celebratory process from your from your vantage point. You know I think probably the best way to describe it is it was a time and and a and an appropriate time for individual. Personalities to play out there and then -- huge way as we've seen -- certain glimpses guys are more willing to do some things and others. That. You know any time you get guiding goggles champion sprinter on the there's there's going to be that the boycott in the guy and we were able do that. You you had talked to us last Wednesday and said that they probably wouldn't you guys prior would not celebrate just the while -- claimed that it would wait until you until you have there -- to -- a private celebration of the league you said for the wild -- in the something a bit. Larger scale. From yield to that come from the team -- and I think it's something that a lot of people around this town really liked and respected in. And and and really enjoy the fact he did it that way would that come from. It came from the guys in our club policy and and I can say that was all honesty that there was there was nothing scripted I didn't say anything to them. I think you know in the thing that still stands out an American is the day after we've we did clinch a spot getting in the post season -- After coming out of the media might typical walk through where guys are hurt -- in the post game meal and it was. Business as usual it was the same is you'd rather than. Games prior. On the same twelve or fifteen guys sitting around having that -- -- and what was ever on TV where there was it the finishing of the Tampa game. Or or football -- whatever might have been on it was the same as it was the day before -- and that to me was pretty powerful spoke volumes of where their minds work. What their goals are. And it'll all the way we'll take your opportunity to celebrate those those stages of those steps. Which Friday night was one. And hopefully there are more to -- You can play a number of teams in the post season is not clear yet who your opponent is going to be. Are you comfortable -- if finding that out at the end of the season and go from there or. Did you guys actually prepare for a number of opponents right now saying all it could beat Tampa could beat Texas so on and so forth. Give Michael there's there's a lot of preparation going on having you know what with the teams that are in contention whether at Texas Cleveland. Tampa. Detroit every team -- dinner and still alive you know we're we're we're we've got teams of people. As I'm sure every organization does you know you get teams of people gathering information. I'd -- their scouts -- out preparing those reports. And in the moment we can respond as needed even if it's a one day. Change based on. Believe it's a wild card winner or to someone else prior to that. -- job last time we talked he said you knew who that game one starter was going to be but you're you weren't gonna tell are you any closer telling or is it. Is it solid in your mind there's no doubt you know that guy's going to be. Now I'm not on the us. Upset but it said it this the next ten days kid could determine some things do you know. Has anything changed since we talked last week is is what I'm asking about who that top -- going to be. Probably not but we've still got to get through the weekend and I say that -- maybe my safety belt because. You know things can happen and I will tell you this that we got decisions yet to be made on the final. Couple spots on the on the postseason roster. Part of that will be depend upon. Who internally -- the here are the choices and and who we play what's the best match up. -- when we begin to look at rosters and how they might stack up against us so. We we can't fully define that. Postseason roster and until all the information gathered so. I'm not trying to keep your arm's length just what we know exactly the conversations that are going on we've we've got a number different scenarios as far as the the 25 man roster -- It end in time that will come more polite. -- the high leverage spots in your bullpen. Well clearly we were back in Koji coach Jim -- have been you know extremely consistent. -- last night's. You know after giving some Brandon -- some down time. You know he looked like he had personal while and we've got to get him back about -- couple more times before Sunday or the regular season is out to. And to get the best and most -- read we can. Franklin Morales continues to throw the ball well and he's a guy that will probably take on. Added responsibility as we go forward. So and you. I know this that you know in that seventh and eighth inning will continue to look to match up. Obviously Junichi going to be in that mix. So that that's kind of where we are right now to say that we've got to you know an exact seven the seventh inning guy is an exact seventh or eighth inning guy. That's gonna probably be based on match -- -- we get -- Do the home and road splits for John Lackey influence where you got to pitch him. Well to be a factor that will look at them you know that that's one thing that you know we're well aware of you know the home and road performances and all those things will be taken into account. Could you tell us your game one starter will be. My -- I thought maybe I don't know I thought they we came -- I just a few minutes later. More importantly -- in new York at Tulsa I would look to crawl inside your head though for a minute and no you don't wanna do about it just for a minute. Between a problem and it wouldn't matter you might get off. -- -- -- your head in terms of how you handle some of the. Managerial decisions that you make during the game not not the big picture ones the more the strategic ones near the end of the game and Michael I have a lot of conversations last -- when we did on Friday a spirited debate again after after the Thursday night game against Baltimore. Which came down to a couple of decisions you made -- the decision to -- first not pinch run Barry and then to pinch run him a couple of innings later in the Baltimore over. What's the thinking there in terms of bunting him as to pull it which leads to drew against the lefty as opposed to having him try to steal back. Well it in that situation at the you're referring to the ground ball that. Drew hit to Davis on the on the front and the double play a rather than bunting in that situation and a -- that was against. Tommy Hunter. If memory serves me correct. That's a no out situation Stephen Drew is a very good pull hitter. With that whole being open -- possibly in the first and third situation rather than. A man at second base and one out. So that that was the decision let him swing away at that point. That a couple innings later you have the situation with a lefty. We -- -- and in that situation when McFarland was on the mound and keep in mind. That we eaters is probably -- the number one guy in terms of shutting down a running game as far as stolen base goes. In combination with a left -- on -- we wanted to be sure we got some foot speed on the on the base pads in knowing that we looked upon. And when -- put the bunt down. So that wasn't just set up for a straight steal. That wanted to make sure that we got to second base in if in fact it was a hard bunt back to the pitcher. -- it in the situation of living Stephen Drew hit you don't want. At that point this season. Would Stephen -- done for us I'm not looking to pinch hit for him in that moment you know people a proper ball -- hit that spot I guess I get it I recognize that. But at the same time as I've mentioned to Stephen. Don't we get -- games that are a little more sense of urgency that matchup might take over that might that pinch hit situation might very well occur. There's -- game with with a sense of urgency. He may be penchant for. So it in this case. You let him. Tell you what why let him back there who is that game not a sense of or is that are not -- game to. Oh yes but I think there's different levels of there we felt like where we were in the standings and seeing him in that situation and I I recognize fully what is splits are righty lefty. But in that moment. I trust them and I stayed with them. Is there anything to be said for giving Bogart's or another right hander in that case -- probably Bogart's. The experience of having done it's a that if it does come up and higher leverage situation later that he's had that experience. Well the situation will present themselves over these next four days. Makes perfect sense now than the other thing we debated and this is this is the good one to me is that it was a top of the twelfth in that game. And you had done just a refresher on the situation. He had one out and you had he runner on the second and third I think you had party on third Brian Roberts on second after morality and a wild pitch. They had pierce up as a pinch hitter. Appears was intentionally walked in had to go to Machado and Davis I say why not try to get pierce because I don't want to pitch to Davis. A look at her ground ball double play to get out of the inning. And that's it. This that just looking for a double play in a situation. Yeah that that's exactly yeah that was -- that was the thought at the time I Indy we get -- shot at a pop up. And after a couple of fastballs so my Davis unfortunate breaking ball and get the spot for the ground ball to middle. In the school the two runs. It -- but you know you look at pierce and you'll end this is -- you tell me about the chemistry are. If you give pierce I don't and are gonna get a ground ball double play with that you know bases are -- in -- gonna get that but can get pierce who's not really great hitter. And you only have to deal of Machado as opposed to Machado and Davis and. Okay so in that situation thinking three hitters away and knowing. Recognizing how powerful and how. Productive Davis has been -- I'd like and I'd like Morales against Davis. The best of any one of those three guys you mentioned. But the sheer fact that if you if you saw what John Lackey did the Davis and I put forward. Fastballs through Mike Bartrum we we went to a pitch that ended up not one not getting to the spot would have been to bounce in that situation. After thrown two fastballs by him with a two out so. You know -- recognize it ended up being the game winner you know before hopper up the middle. But I was completely comfortable with shrank the strike -- ability. And in the in a situation where. With two outs and he facing Davis I still like the matchup. But interesting to get your perspective on that it's always nice to understand why a manager does what they do and certainly we know these are the kind of things that we're going to be watching and in in October and I think more than anything the fact that we're gonna get to see these things October is it is a pretty good it's. -- from the fun talking about the stuff with us or -- it isn't there are more grumbling about a quarter of its fun or knowing Torrey I don't know. -- from -- and with John -- contest today's question for the manager comes from Daniel McDonald. He's from get about Maine great area he wants to know. How do you communicate scouting information. About that night starting pitcher to the team in -- how do you communicate the same information about relief pitchers during the game. Well -- -- pitcher in our advance meeting with the team. Even prior to the first game of the series and then as. Hitters come through there with your individual routine in the cage. It's followed up as they're going to they're soft toss for the BP on discussions on tonight's starting pitcher so it's given to them at two different points in time. The day prior to the series and the date of that starter so on day three you're talking about the number you know the series three starter as he did on day one. And that is each reliever comes and Greg Colbern is right there as that guy comes in the bullpen. I relay that information what that individual pitcher's out -- is what he likes to do early in counts. Prior to that hitter. -- those. Two or three hitters coming up though they -- reliever so. There there's a system in place. In ultimately comes down I think would hitter one no is just what's droplets would they like to do early in the count. In those two. Bullet points are pretty much what it'll take to the plate with him in that situation. -- I think a chat -- Sox last night you like the high socks in the pitcher. Well it depends body type I certainly would look good on -- this. I do know this he's got a good sinker yeah I think given the number of grumble out but he had last week it's a good game yet this disease and unfortunately you know we will have a whole lot. Tomorrow against him. Like I like the high socks and I don't usually see him on a pitcher final critical -- we certainly appreciated. We will talk to you again next week before the playoffs ago. Our -- -- our courage I got so much John -- is always brought to -- bell insurance town fair tire. And by -- hockey and he gives you the answers -- them and I you know now you know and why you don't everything he did on Thursday night with -- and -- down the second -- -- W --

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