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Joe Castiglione talks with Craig Breslow

Sep 24, 2013|

Joe talks with Red Sox reliever Craig Breslow about his nomination for the Roberto Clemente Award and his charity, The Strike 3 Foundation.

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Why Craig -- congratulations on being the Red Sox nominee for the Roberto Clemente award did such a prestigious honor and that I know we're all rooting for either. Went through baseball. -- Baghdad's it's a tremendous honor incredibly humbling. You know considering obviously. -- equipment you know you know wonderful work that he's done that he had done and also. Other than number of qualified potential nominees from the Steelers have guys that are selected in the mean that to be recognized among them is. Is -- it was special for. Well for several years including your first tenure with the reds accident. We both touted the strike three foundation for pediatric cancer which you started day and he continues to grow -- grow you have a new plan a year announcing today. That's right now we're launching our first community initiative called play it forward which is call -- action from the kids that Red Sox Nation. To think about what they can do to us to help other kids with pediatric cancer. You know via the -- -- foundation raises money for pediatric cancer research treatment. And my sister was was diagnosed with cancer when she was fourteen I was eleven at the time and it wasn't until about twenty years later that I really started to look kind of but my footprint on the community in and start district refoundation and I realize that you know while there was it was time that had elapsed. Between my -- diagnosis and the time I started doing something there was plenty of opportunity for me to do something immediately and so that's why were. For calling out kids to. Got to kind of take you take on there their -- entrepreneur awards. And values creativity and innovation come up with their -- idea. To help kids battling cancer and you know today what were asking kids to do is is -- just like our FaceBook page which is. FaceBook dot com slash strike three foundation and that'll be our our best way of communicating with kids and giving them information on the project kids of all ages them. Yes yes. We're we're calling kids of of all ages. You know the -- the FaceBook website will be the kind of our first contact. And beyond that that that strike three fat guys strike three play it forward -- door will be. Program guidelines an opportunity to learn more about the program -- -- -- -- -- they did you know wanted to see -- -- help us of an adult a teacher parent. And a submit their ideas on line. We were there for the groundbreaking -- just had your first event at the Woodbridge country club several years ago at the whole thing has grown so immensely and they still controlled by you would. You and your family know outside -- public relations up or anything like that. That's right we were able to to run and actually able to grow with. Very very minimal overhead. That we maintain -- financial transparency throughout our existence and when he when he takes a look at our tax returns we'll see that are. Our expenses are are typically the one to 2% and that's what enables us to do such great projects also actually at this project -- -- an incredibly successful venture capitalists in Boston guy by the name tied to interest me. Who's let kind of an educational -- over the last few years. With with the idea that that we need to encourage our kids to become leaders. And to use their creativity in addition to -- to do things like this great place or project. Are certainly a wonderful endeavor and again now looking kids do immediately. Possible so the first thing I can do is it's like our FaceBook page and next thing is to go to historically plays or doesn't work. And you know submit your idea what we're gonna do is we have over a reward structure there. I'm anyone -- of submits an -- and autographed picture of me and then went to project is executed submitted through our website -- receive an autographed baseball and finally. -- that the top project is going to be eligible to take an expense all the expenses paid trip up to Boston to visit my game is my guess to be on the field and visit me -- -- hospital -- Well that's great great wheels here in uniform and receiver Brooklyn anywhere during the World Series but they yeah I appreciated hopefully it'll be a short commute for me that our guys let's go back to job.

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