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NFL Power Rankings, Week 4

Sep 24, 2013|

Mut, Merloni, and Zarbano discuss the latest edition of the WEEI NFL Power Rankings and the latest news across the NFL after three weeks.

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But -- not 837 WEEI top of the hour our buddy Sean Casey former member of the Red Sox MLB network. Where you currently see him he'll join us we'll talk some playoffs with -- this final week of the year the importance. The Red Sox. Six bodies Oakland a's where they've come from here. It happens every week. It just sits at the right of the NFL season our producer -- our bottom multi talented here. Runs the station Bruce's our show and as the NFL power rankings. He's got his latest rankings out and not -- an -- their route I an angry tweet what you get -- I'll start with the quick top five and 0531 on this. 49ers won in -- stay in the top five. That is a balls he called showing the way they're playing right now organizer five gutsy while he's got the bears -- four. Pumps up marked Pressman is little bio here. Saints three no number three. Broncos three no number two there were two week ago and the Seahawks three you know. Number one out home they would definitely win there a role it's great home field there in Seattle. On a neutral site. Not sure wouldn't take the Broncos over the Seahawks without that home crowd there in Seattle. But I would say that the biggest knock would be the 49ers have five space in the way they're playing right now. Rough start to the year for them near a major problem the top five their -- like to critique you always work. Out with general like to put this the niners there. That was a real disappointing loss roof and all of a different coral pissed off from Harbaugh. Right all the Smith and his weathered the Garrity two yards wonder why you know he didn't touch the ball more my fantasy all -- Smith chaos in July 2 I don't know I think. And he used to putting year. Jesus -- niners' offense out of sync that's the Seahawks can do voices that there's like he's got this delicate carry over. Yeah I've done it before those -- over I think that foreigners and you find their defense is too fast it's too good. Now with Smith play the sport that they'll be final totals that we rehab like a month. You care -- I don't know I mean I think it's real hard right now because you. I think you disrespect to the Miami Dolphins. Fall. -- right now -- element to all this week Adam attend. That went to Indian one. And they beat Atlanta. Has -- have to give more respect now with the -- going to be there and not the end you absolutely have to give more respect and number ten. They moved up through spots I know pretty. I don't know I just and I think you gotta you gotta get him up their little bit tighter I mentioned that was the that was the for the tweet I'm really solid the second these rankings are posted. Well what -- the final Teddy gets -- six yup. You get into went from ten to six off the win against green Bay Area patriots at seven -- -- -- he wanted to carry. Ravens that 921. And dolphins to their Reno the colts Marino dolphins barely cracked the top ten. They're some hate there which a problem Miami laid down a little like instant wins. Just I didn't give Ryan -- -- credit he's got a 66 point four completion -- and that's better than Embree and robberies. But I'm just I'm not buying into the dolphins. They've they've got -- -- got a couple big wins against playoff teams top ten is pretty good for the Miami Dolphins. Well you must think very little them because they beat the falcons your falcons went from fourth to twelfth Joey. The falcons lost one game and dropped eight spots in your rankings the 49ers are now one and two they went from three to five falcons wanted to go from four to twelve. Falcons have been very disappointed boy you're down. Now so Miami's -- the money and -- who wore it ought to great game and get the ravens at home before thereby. Born one. Who they beat the ravens I get there and they're happy and sings no no. Saints -- loaded right now that it's. What's what's at Miami sent. On Monday night at Miami or new loans it's no bones -- -- Miami's not going to new loans when no saints when they go to for no. -- good you know that all people are more I did pretty good right now. Are limited to pretty good a look -- I mean the saints again and off they looked unstoppable. Be the dolphins are the patriots. Right now yes. Right now absolutely. -- a look at I'd love to have wins over Indian Atlanta and -- right now rather than the jets buffalo in Tampa yeah. I do. Maybe not by we twelfth week fifteen. But what -- we three power rankings Jeff I got a bit right now neutral site. That the players that are healthy healthy -- take the dolphins to win we do pick and certainly take the dolphins neutral site like over patriots. Jobs by the -- that that's ridiculous I'm just saying I would lean patriots I -- it seems. -- put a tougher schedule. There's no doubt about that and on and some hot. I guess the way I think it's a -- a low scoring game and I could see this patriot defense we've gotten after quarterback so far. Get -- deride him who always been good that I thought to what 66%. He's ahead of ties when their Rodgers ranks and had a Drew Brees and Tom Brady the terms of the -- percentage so you build a better. I don't think it's not a slam dunk either way -- it's a good it be good argument to have I would -- patriots. Has -- a defense as their offensive line scares me a little bit. We can't -- camera wakes also out right camera -- and ruptured earlier this -- -- is Camille for a few weeks he's their best pass rusher. That might affect me a little bit I -- patriots but to be a kind of a field -- -- way. Falcons mention their number twelve. Texas lost. She is that they were all from -- Bahrain's right if you -- -- -- are undefeated fourteen Arizona Cardinals right questions that a fourth portal and they cracked the top ten I think so. But that the team he looked at -- while -- really good defense rather gonna be there at the end. I don't think the Miami Dolphins or the Kansas City Chiefs a mile of Arizona Cardinals you know the beginning and at the year for twelve. You know I think -- both -- can't -- -- to you to give Miami a lot of respect for the way they've played well that to -- anyone have been three you know. -- look at the schedule really look at look at their opening schedule at Cleveland OK at Indy falcons saints ravens and. What about the branch like the browns went this week -- over Minnesota I was doing it. Jillian thinks so 28 the power -- a week ago there was a great way and they beat Minnesota state twenty. So they went AK move up a spot as the bills are giants or anybody. And of course the jags are there at their permanent basement Jackson and his father basement. -- -- -- -- go anywhere. Three weeks and the like how you like my reactionary nature EA fact you'll love it secretly love you. Of the three you know teams patriots dolphins chiefs Broncos bears saints Seahawks. Think videos teams. Might struggle making the postseason at three you know. Struggle. You -- I give you mind if the bears now Joyce got the bears' weapons top five B look at their schedule with a got to play. Green Bay has got off to a bad start that's not a mystic they got to go outside the conference. And their non divisional schedule is not easy that's what initially. Sort of looked at this Joey gave me crap right away they say they'll play the Packers twice. On the got to play. Count the cowboys. They got to play the ravens that at home luckily for them against the lions look a bit frisky inning hapless saints which he talked about. Activision -- the Packers -- Iran absolutely you see Jay Cutler hit on Robert dole of though. Almighty god -- I don't believe in Chico yeah I don't even I don't know anything I have never should have three quarter ago there. Affair and I've never let them a chance to in his face but she's seeking a -- -- this and it's very funny that you write in your suck coal Jay -- seem to hit he laid on reverend golden some and I it was awesome patriots dolphins. Chiefs Broncos saints Seahawks -- feel pretty good -- they're gonna get you know achieves that the chiefs of huge thing is scheduled Sudanese and yet a fourth place schedule created every 71 right six. The bye week -- -- -- dad and I guess the more difficult than on the -- the -- -- -- in second at testing that. A desperate struggle. Someone of the -- threes Steelers jags giants Redskins box. Beat any of those -- -- shot to make -- I'll give you one. But he -- of the giants have an outside shot for for three reasons Coughlin Manning. NFC east. Right I'm hanging onto history -- as the coach and the quarterback any light to recuperate 38 yards in the first half. I actually the first thirty minutes I'll admit that this past week right. But that divisions wacky right now the Redskins could be terrible I don't know about the Eagles all the sudden I still don't trust Tony -- -- They reel off some wins against that division and coaching quarter wrote -- -- I thought the why would you rule Washington. Because like I rob Berger in the third you know is not the same guy we saw last year and while I guess Friday in the mid Ohio here. But if -- -- not -- I -- as we can he can't run it is that a -- all doing -- on that a bounty I guess in the I don't the reductions dead in Washington what were they last year. I'm just CNET divisions wide open what they were Lester the nine games. I don't record from the green sixth and and in what they do they got on the RG three magical mystery tour and he went bonkers on his ticket this is -- in a division to me is wide open Dallas. Looks like the best team but does the Dallas Cowboys are cowboys OK so bill I don't know raji three literally into anything in camp in played a pre season game seven right now. He's off to a tough start. -- they have and throwing the ball lot more than it did last there for now. Of -- radio three but I mean it because it's a talk among the NFC is wide open than I would think you'd have to include. Washington there's while with the giants 241. And 37 on the rushing yards in three games were RG -- -- barely four yards a carry. You know his strength last year is arm was great but he ran the football. 120 times for 815 yards the average almost seven yards to care -- seven touchdowns. First three games a year ago 428274. Yards rushing that's if there was RG three healthy heavy with the I think you'll be healthy this year looks eggs can be Europe. Him in the pocket. T say Redskins and giants have both jumping in just to the division with the giants and thus your reactionary three week recount which Lou loves him. Here in 937 WEP on top of the hour update. Welcome back talks a baseball we'll talk to Sean Casey asking about this final week of the year and in his mind. How important is the Red Sox in the top seed overall in the American League Sean Casey next.

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