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Salk and Holley's Four at 4 NFL Edition - 09/22/2013

Sep 23, 2013|

We tackle four topics, today all about the NFL... Kapernick vs Smith, Broncos have issues, NFL coaches and MORE

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Now. Word excel -- Ali swollen painful rate roller board or the. More fun cleaning. Mean -- Well we solved it Kelly and sports radio and WB. -- -- -- First question Doug and Michael can you please finish that story -- and at this address. Listen guys I'm John. I am not. Afraid. Of being slapped around. I am not afraid of looking silly of awkward pauses I'm not afraid. I will ask questions. That you wanna ask. And you can't. Or I'll ask questions that. Should be yet. Right now let me turn to be thought. Always type of these other -- Question call me irresponsible whatever I'm gonna do that that's what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna do it. Ever -- ask you to explain to him how to coach that way on -- a social exploding all let me tell you exactly however do it well are you. You got the point we've gotten to the point where the Bill Belichick interviews where. People are thinking of questions. And they don't ask him. And I think I don't think people are afraid of Bill Belichick I think they're afraid of those moments. That I just how could you coached team like good news and ultimately you you explained mainly because -- coached him like that and which talking about. Michael. I mean it can't be afraid of just -- you got -- baby. Out there I had my enlightenment. This is like -- I am liberated item three. And boom from the oh. It was stupid questions that it is. Well you know what involvement. I'll let your performances. -- performance. Bill Belichick. Talking about -- -- I was trying to be. General but let's be specific for example. Question has -- -- that. And anyway. The first image you like of what's right and journalists. So what are you -- your questions like for Bill Belichick. Rector. Of mine hasn't been blown yet. -- It's a point where questions you know not stupid ridiculous. Ever think what were able moral. And then next. -- record what. -- According to Ron Jaworski telling -- nick is going to be the greatest quarterback ever burn. He has struggled the last two weeks yet Alex Smith has played very well leading the chiefs to a three -- record. To the 49ers had the wrong quarterback. Think they treated their young quarterback. But. I do think it Alex Smith is better than people give him credit for I think -- -- -- Smith. Is the right kind of quarterback for what Kansas City is turning to do a good fit within you read it he should be able to minimizes mistakes uses -- in which he's done so far. And he'll turn the ball over very often the people criticize and a column what do checked down quarterback or game manager quarterback. Those are all the same things they used to say about Tom Brady before start put up monster numbers 2007 and beyond that. I think can't predict is a good -- -- capita is gone through a rough stretch of a couple of games gonna happen with young quarterbacks. He's got a strong arm he's fairly accurate he's incredibly quake he's got that breakaway speed it and I think things will get better for him. So I don't think they treated the wrong quarterback but I do think it out Smith is a good quarterback. Yeah Alex -- Alex Smith is a good quarterbacks college operatives who are struggling right now is not just him. Do you look at that vaunted defense that you keep talking about this -- Cisco the last two weeks. It. Looked pretty average and the other thing is with Carol Burnett. Isn't this expected. This this this first four year as a as a starting quarterback. I'm really what I told you this in the pre season wasn't ready to anoint any of the guys. -- top five top ten quarterbacks of the rookie class because I haven't seen enough yet so. He's struggling now there has to be expected. Forty yards you'll read. As has been talked about the last couple days Von Miller's been given to additional games through suspension and Ryan Clady is out for the year. Does this change your prediction their perception of the Broncos for tonight against the raiders obviously -- Miller's not gonna change perception for tonight he was already going to be out -- It is an interesting story and I agree with -- Maloney said earlier he was a baseball player instead of -- NFL player -- to be lighting of the phone lines -- -- Sports Radio show in the country but the football player so no big -- those guys he's -- -- the people here -- -- wherever they need to do no big deal. -- ask for not having frankly those affected them tonight. I think that you'll lose to the raiders if they were in Oakland I think I might feel. Some nervousness of fire or Broncos fan but in Denver at home with the raiders still don't press you I don't need Ryan Clady and or beat the raiders well. I'm really a big picture with the Broncos and you you have lost your second best player on offense that's what Ryan -- is to -- man. And you lost your best player on difference. For. Three more games after tonight. I think it's gonna have a huge effect now bond millers gonna come back and everything will be fine and -- -- -- -- The fans we'll celebrate he'll celebrate we'll all forget about this little. Switzer route that he tried to pull with the urine test or grind lady yet it's something that gonna have to deal with all year. And I think it's gonna is really gonna show up in the playoffs. -- Moving over to the head coaches who is the most overrated and who has the most underrated coach in the NFL two day. The most overrated it ultimately. Was overrated that's -- I would say I would say the most under rated guys go. -- -- They are not highly re I thought I thought Rex Ryan in a written about him by. It is a look at his record and look at what he's done with the jets. And I think most of the time Rex Ryan gets the maximum. Out of his players. Over that marvelous. I'm not a huge Marvin Lewis there one guy I I don't know yet that he's overrated but Jeff Fisher I've always liked Jeff Fisher -- -- -- fan -- Jeff fish -- people think well you know now that he's in Saint Louis in the search. Harder look at last year it's gonna change the culture. Outside the one year's team makes the super -- is really up and down coach he's gonna watch anyway. For being the most overrated but I mean is there but he's on watch I would say that. But really named underrated coach here. Andy -- I know what I mean trust -- I'd like -- and just of the trust hires so much going to Canada. Installing a modern offense is what the cult hit Chicago modern army lovers looking outside the box I thought that was a very inspired. Higher. And -- good about how about. How about John Harbaugh. John Harbaugh underrated because his brother gets so much more attention. Beyond that I think John Harbaugh to alienate people here don't wanna hear it but the answer might be Pete Carroll I know beat -- his reputation is such mullet here because he's PD pomp and around the people who believe he's waving his jumping up and down and looking like a moron on the side led her to her countrywide. Very short amount of time he took a team that was I mean. They or just bad they were early ninety's ladies patriots. They were uninspired. Hundreds and turn them into the best team football and just couple years. A it. The AT&T question of did gay -- he was more comfortable to interview from -- We've seen some surprising performances from quarterbacks this season which quarterback has been the biggest surprise through three games. Eli. I'm I'm I'm just shocked. I'm shocked at the giants. Are -- and three. I'm shocked by that their performance yesterday. Who saw that coming let me pick Carolina to win that game. You ever speak Carolina. Showed that 38 -- nothing. And he's been so bad that team have been so bad I mean that that's the biggest surprise to me that that I think Kansas City would be three you know. And I thought they'd be better than here but Alex Smith hasn't talked about before. He's not really surprising. RG three would no pre season that team being only three. Is that shocking I think Eli. It's up at that stunning to me. But again -- -- an offensive line you don't have time to throw the ball it's difficult to do much -- your guy right -- hill. We weren't too impressed with cumin into the years -- opens at three you know he's completing 66 and a half percent of his passes for touchdowns. Two picks if there's one knock on him so far it's the five fumbles he's had you're just three games that's not grade. -- out -- -- health has been a loss quarterback. In just a second here in the NFL -- only third year playing quarterback overall to pretty good I'm impressed. I got a I gotta give it to the dolphins watched him a bit yesterday. And you look at there. Look at there winds. They got a -- over the colts. And they've got to win over the falcons. You have to look at the dolphins. And say yeah. Yeah not bad not bad a threat to the patriots for the division. You have to consider. -- coming I have to give credit the kind of dismissed them. There's a good thing that they have some good elements of the team other than just the court is funny start thinking about who's going to be good who's going to be bad this year didn't get it. You first just look at the quarterback's head coaches and then sort of think about from there right like a cable that they have a quarterback that they have the head coach can even consider them as a good team. If you don't have those two things. Really up for consideration right. Parents generally -- him but then you move on you move on from there -- -- to have the head coach well first I didn't think Joseph -- was. But now. Kind of change I think you might think he might be good maybe not great but good NFL head coach but certainly believe the Tampa -- the most underrated coach -- finally he might be because yeah. Obama hard knocks last year we don't -- -- -- aggressive with what those guys don't they have to have. A few years. Have a few years right. Of experience before you can say. How great they are or how bad they are. We don't really know enough about open the same lines. Underrated placed coaching is is just coached in his nineteen. Dave -- yesterday but he looks but compared to what I thought he was going to be compared to what he was my first all what did you think there's going to be nothing comic nothing special to come from Green Bay and nothing special again I judged more just not watching for -- last year. And he just getting a jump off the page didn't impress me and you watch them don't just over a year into his NFL career. And now I'm tempted to -- I'm tempted to think he's the second best coach in his division and I'm curious where is -- -- going I think he's got a quarterback that can at least. Give his team a shot to win every week now we added a receiver you know we got some level of a running game -- have a defense that isn't unbelievable but you got two big sluggers in the middle so it's hard to run against them. And -- with a -- blog and and Randy Starks in the middle. We get back this year that it hasn't really been conversations bring crimes. Who's a legit -- has -- big play corner can jump about eight feet up in the air like -- good -- I mean if he'd be heard generally how we got out in a pretty good -- really really good it was good corner there's not a -- and out and -- weeks though. How -- I think they're gonna challenge the patriots yes I think they're a better team in the patriots. But I'm prepared to say that until they prove it I think you gotta go with the champion over the challenger right and knowing that the patriots are gonna get -- -- back gonna get Rob Gronkowski back. I'm gonna get Shane -- back and they're gonna continue to get healthier you would think over the course of the middle of the she. I don't know I think. What to look at those guys to those guys I'm I'm confident are gonna return without a problem I think we're gonna seek -- On Sunday in Atlanta I think we -- a teaching very fairly soon tank. What it would have been call Amendola. Had -- And that is that I don't know what to say that -- -- armadillo -- -- if you don't armadillos are. Like armor they're they're very very tough call armadillo they're very very tough and I don't know about it you don't wanna mess of that with -- -- -- Maybe Vince has demanded got a -- underline what he called them. It is to learn from the mayor so I don't know but. Your your -- -- -- coming but how many imports. At least mean regardless of him cola at least gronkowski. And often -- think that. African. -- about prime -- I'm just ringing in your mind you know to be fair Michael that's. Agents and fears of the value waiters were called me and leave the message emailed me. If I was. The EP. Something just wanna go to war. We've heard you saying he gets around we singer songwriter woody and look forward to its base and you know he broke the processor. I -- it could break the process equipment. We processor voice so bad uploaded to be -- There were some predictably some users are ones pursued him. You're making I don't believe were saying we have the first version of the static humor. Though is that I -- -- great. And and and maybe we fool the value you know there are -- long. -- and I thought it was long. It was strange. Sister channel would -- the eighties at like 8% lol at Tennessee -- illegal. Such an earlier. Give the people. That I don't think that's going too far give the people. Others points from from Bill Belichick and the more for back to -- it's comfortable. With the defense that group. That -- -- eight. You know what we're going to be leadership now is going to be defense team Michael. The group knows now that there's going to be some pressure on. That they're not just along for the ride off to put up 35 every game. Cushion for the album to just hang on for your life until the end. This team and nobody wants to. As completely different identity that attacked -- And maybe. He talks about. You know some of the guys coming back from the guys returning. So maybe the offense will improve. When they come back. But you still have for the first time in a long time everything about the last time. That you had. High expectations. For the defense or you look at the defense and said okay this is. When you go to a game. The Patriots defense is gonna happen to win this game for them -- you thought that way about a patriot defense to think that way 2007 no. Even though they were a top five defense. Statistically and talking about 2007. No one viewed them. As a strength of attorney. -- the other the other unit was -- and believe what -- it couldn't look at let me know what they are top five defense I know but the other the other. Offense was like the best anyone had ever seen even in 2000 I think they've set a record. Fewest points allowed 2006. Maybe. Or 2000. It was a Dean Pees defense. I believe it was 2006. Somewhere thereabouts a record for fewest points on the game but still. People look at the teams that it's Tom Brady's team -- really do have to go back to the Super Bowl year Super Bowl winning years. 0304. To look at the patriot defense to say that figure and it. They're gonna have to do they gonna have to get it done in January and February and had to win games were you know. You people always said they'll have to get it done but -- -- bit different now I think you can have some confidence that they're going to get it done and I -- you're saying Miami you know we used to all. They have to get it done but if they don't the offense distress score forty you know try to make up for whatever the defense is doing if the dolphins doesn't have that ability anymore. And you think the defense is going to be the leader are supposed to the ball or all that's great. But it also means the offense has to play it's the same style of ball the offense has the body into that identity and that doesn't mean they have to become secondary to the defense. But I think it does mean that that they can't go three and out with three passes take eight seconds off the clock with three completes and then say 00 well how far up their defense. The opportunity to recognize that they need to run the ball they need to longest drives they need to take the safer play as opposed to the riskier play. And and everything kind of works together to use that word some bias embryonic but. That's kind of what it needs to be in order for a defense first team in order work it doesn't work -- -- failing shoot -- team on the other side. Yeah but there's something there were some events. It may have been after. The Thursday night game he's out -- with -- with Michael Irvin in the guys. On the set post game he says something about finally. As that that's -- the word he used it finally the defense and then whatever -- -- like Iraq well ladies elect Iraq's too bad but but. That there's a window there into the into the thinking of the mail to Vince Wilfork window I think it's not to make if you know Tom Brady what -- -- saw a glimpse in the window. And we talked about the the the defense when -- 31 then last year with their 25. And we should talk about the defense being along for the ride in the it would never acknowledge it but in and that interview he pretty much acknowledged what we've been saying right because it recently. I acknowledging the I'll definitely saying right now we are not a -- not saying he's tacitly acknowledging what I actually occur well if you're looking for a reason why Vince is going to be one of the moment the growth of some of the young players is going to be another. But there's -- character on this team Michael who spoke again after the game yesterday we gonna play a little some of this because he he's incredibly important. In his bizarre that's axle canal WB.

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