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Kevin Millar, MLB Network: On the Sox playoffs

Sep 20, 2013|

Millar joins Mut and Merloni to talk about the Red Sox clinching a playoff berth and how they may set up their lineup plus rotation.

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Butler and ID 37 WEEI talking baseballs -- the show today Peter King will join us. Just afternoon we'll talk to Mike race Michael -- on a 1 o'clock the all your fantasy lineups that more your phone calls as well 617. 7797937. AT&T -- -- 37937. I Allard defend yourself. At all everyone called in upset about celebrations I'm reading. Gore needs peace from 2003. I think shortly after 11:30 PM. Campbell. War over their street clothes sprinted down yawkey way to the baseball tavern. Accompanied by bodyguards they burst into the bar high five in embracing delighted patrons there are gone as quickly as they came why we celebrate the celebrating think upon. -- Yeah you. Like the -- let's keep it Backstreet Gorton a Republican put that achieved Duchscherer over prequel it would forty. We're not strapped bond and -- American Red Sox are. Slight from the stadium straight down yawkey way you looked over the bar counter. 500 people critical to door thrown out free Beers and it put the -- I've never heard anything. Crazy here in my life and correct me if I'm wrong now Willie Bloomquist quote. Being -- police on how to -- celebrations. Up in my mistake here and they division title. There's guys that never celebrated stuff like that. In years and celebrate that -- on by banks need to go ahead and run their lockers and figured out how to look celebration. Didn't whine about how to -- police celebration it's the most ludicrous thing I've ever heard about and doctors congratulations. Yeah within Britain McCarthy's tweets that basically -- which you said we got to find a way to celebrate a pool next year and it right at that I couldn't agree more -- Willie Bloomquist and a that Arizona told that the Dodgers don't stay in your locker room don't come up back on the field a big deterrent procedures up their barely keep my of the pool while. All hell's gonna break loose. That's the same thing it's just a -- as it now we're full unity across the street that rat run up and down the street wasn't after the shot maybe went back later on notes but. Celebration. No well my question and so like I understand it like -- -- back there or greater sport or that they're good guys all good guys the president you know it's like. Good good they're great with the media -- its current eager and all along that there from the big brawl at a blah blah -- to -- a pottery so it would dispense that it big you know don't do that don't do that but workable. You have never heard anybody try to dictate calibrate. There's no such thing and it's Willie Bloomquist. We don't wanna hear from Willie Bloomquist you know McCartney's it exactly right we need to finally had to get your -- What are we have to cardinal went situation -- -- currently the only director really -- the only I don't want to bet it is you know Catholic vague on. Where what -- when it -- common practice -- you know celebrate you brought on Red Sox went there to -- celebrate -- -- -- complete collaboration. Always get embarrassed them -- -- baseball reference page -- and him. Don't need air bombing alone Maloney I look pretty -- or -- little workbook. -- opened. -- Quote -- the -- -- ball that got me they a lot of veteran players on their team I thought they had more class and asks if you break and let me -- -- -- -- little bit differently when we we celebrated. That was the wild card but we were in a three out of five series we do here is equal as anybody else we -- same footing as everyone now. Red Sox clinch a playoff spot but they don't clinch division. I guess it has changed right because today in Beverly won -- you know -- I guess you don't celebrate and to hear it at three out of five situation right. Bright right now one game playoff you're not really celebrate -- -- -- -- -- policy but police can't scare -- -- you. Brett sought to celebrate when they win the division that you know that your at least in the fight each series so I agree with everything to -- like bit and I agree with the -- great celebration is there. It's a celebration but it's still one game like who let's go on try to win that game then we'll celebrate. Let me ask you go to the post season you always like to have your starters kind of you staff -- -- team playing well you pitchers throwing well missing girl India and I can get around but I'll look at. What a -- of -- Lester. Peavy and Lackey by the way -- now the game one starter let's go to employee mark once the home every single night at the last night but. One man rotation you gotta be locked in right now right it's time here to do. It now that your brother and I -- you know -- it would let me cynical society we live -- do you remember an AMBER -- right now do you remember bonus man John Lackey and you don't crook out divorce and he's going through can't get anybody out people -- giving up on me but getting -- He's cowboy up and warrior out their particular happen elbow and arm. An angle of the surgery -- Lackey. What a remarkable guy Eric I never -- this year marked on the give -- -- record I've never stop the ship. But all the like journal accurate are beatable automate compete all the time with the Angel -- -- through the struggle with the -- -- So we'll see him -- keeping his head on straight go to a lot of stuff. Feel personalize. Injury lies and and being in the -- here now -- dominating installing all year. And and I'll tell you whether he's the one led 33 that you but I know one thing let. You Egypt jumped out Leicester where you're onto brought click -- -- yet I'm not sure that brought on the roster and elected or part -- the number two. You get easy yet -- he -- and get hung up policies that. We went to our rosters earlier due bronze actually off and brought -- the rate has not -- lately tell the media -- -- -- the media I'm not that cultural pitching out of the bullpen that. What's the nail in the coffin for young kid and he'll learn -- has Dempster your guy. Had a much better answer saying you put in the bullpen I'm ready to go I can help this team do brought. A little bit different but you mention all all those guys fit together to me Kevin we'll start as you mentioned that. That group before much of his team in baseball may 13 for every 13 -- -- the better 12123. 13 of four is while Lotta people think this team -- strongly called us the other day they had a team to beat right now. In the rest of the tournament to get to go far to win a World Series do you feel that way about this Red Sox team. Yeah I really do not mean homer I really do that buster drugs contract you look at this club. You look at this club and the matchup once before with anybody in Turkey -- got a matchup with Detroit Tigers. That's the Detroit Tigers are still the best team on paper when you go -- trance Cabrera Victor Martinez and rocket ship plot. You look at that 345. There's not a better report live in the major -- -- -- three quick Kinect you don't want and they shall I get from ground guy. You've got prince of that evil guy you know and you've got -- market what he's locked -- is -- -- right so. Look at pick up and that's excluding a guy like Torii Hunter and the stuff that he done. But -- squat when he got Max -- Justin Verlander Anibal Sanchez in the legal sister so. Now you look at the Red Sox they can compete with don't want -- starting rotation it's not their court better because -- and a cook off. So that's wry look at a look at the Red Sox. Camaraderie I look at that beard I look at that line backer and I don't sleep on any of that stuff. That plays a big part -- Clark being a -- but that goal that all who -- these guys. That's our look at this club right now the best team in baseball or at least American League excluding the allotment of doctors. So tempest -- Baltimore Texas playing Kansas City Cleveland plain and nobody pretty much the rest of the year you know Houston this weekend I I thought that Cleveland in the post season here's the matter of who else. I do see this thing played out on a stretch. I am not gonna give up on memorial -- about the schedule that everybody -- the most athletic still think I think the -- -- -- most dangerous. You know -- scary offense you know -- like programs you'll play -- -- -- because I'm not the when he left by you know they'd better mark we year. I like that club level that you do a little because they are scheduled soak up the only rate -- -- the you know I think the blue -- that they really don't have anybody. And and remarkable that you -- the Iranians -- so it better but -- you're probably right schedule opinions. -- -- -- I don't dispute the Orioles and an hour ago -- -- -- might use their partner on their side get you know who knows. But I Arctic oil and accused him. The other one that group though that is -- that that Rangers team Kevin the way they've fallen apart here mandate. The -- like the Red Sox in 2011 amended their pitching has just gone by the wayside. Is that a point where if they don't get in no final -- in the playoffs Ron Washington can look at her job after this year. He hit it's not fair it's not fair I think what warlock is done through that netstat that organization -- years he's been great he's not answer. They want they went cold ostensibly. At the wrong kind right now now they still can make -- play out they still probably going to be in the playoffs you know it's just they want her completely your daughter -- back that acts are you one last night. It would richter but he got back to back starts before that I won not one not that. I'll tackle you know it worked on August 15. But it has to extract up before last I mean we know what opened strikeout so. You call call. Authentically black out totally you wanna -- plan that best at the right time that the team that was the World Series. An armed force lead -- right now are not collect and -- you know what the product electric plant the bigger the game nearly every week after. Umpire and that's just the way the game go to go up and -- but Ron Martin. No check should he be fired. What Oakland Missouri at your thoughts on that team because you know Billy -- puts his team to get a lot of Red Sox ex Red Sox players on there they haven't. No big huge impact years and yet. It just seems that you don't get the respect I don't know which because throughout the West Coast of the just the open haze there of the big names but it. He won whenever she did you want them to Detroit play one another would we not give them enough respect. You don't get enough respect remain here and it will spent -- big -- free agent you know we talk about him but we never talk about red mosque which went six almost culprits when he home run to mean. -- -- -- We don't have any back here -- -- You know they're just solid can be with a double ear flaps. You've got a lot of guys that we don't even mentioned Star -- and -- -- -- Josh Donaldson me now the most of -- -- talk about him but he's got a problem. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And yet he and Palmer so these guys they're big name guys -- not make it fifteen million are here we go talk about -- and K right now and that team hit. It would make it we don't expect you can ask anybody that lately who don't want club they don't like they know -- like 22 year old statute doesn't. -- -- -- -- -- They're almost unbeatable -- got a great open and bigotry starting pitching they catch the baseball player back. You hitters park but they know how to win at Oakland and allow this stadium. On that let's go get over it I'll only start all black green TARP would actually name up there and third level. We banner Lou it's a loud loud place and trust me old real bad -- up there. Given real quick yes we talked when I'm -- -- potential talk it seems like any Pettit and announces retirement again today officially to walk away from baseball. Are your thoughts on him and and his career and and what it was like facing him. Boxing retirement though this summer and he's had a couple of these as lice say I'm I'm skeptical to say it's officially had a couple these -- -- Sox are actually -- ways and I really officially -- you retire for a third time. You know what a little while in class act I mean you won't -- many years. All we would make it. All that snapped and in fact most of my career in a lot of -- -- -- season -- -- all the act like all you digital artists and it's like it's smaller animals -- You know I'm. -- -- -- also it's all of it will wind that's apparently didn't. While while we wait you know that it I don't know smoke more on the problems. All things I don't in our car last week. Now to any credit you know Mario the big -- carrying that's doing this thing so I'm a big an independent bank graduation and a great career. All right will keep the celebration to minimum would you please when you will pop on Chris droves whenever discussion we have -- -- show -- You who don't only don't we run out on -- W I -- -- okay. You guys write your model you're sure about. No threat of that today we go Kevin -- Kevin thanks a puck in government. Campbell are joining us here in the AT&T hotline ATT the nation's fastest now the most reliable forgy. LTE network when he's on the program you know Campbell -- brought the buyer friends. At the border tractor corporation -- insurance and balls at the only one. -- -- -- Remember blow up there after a -- truth somewhere but. Full -- -- got -- -- record on the way it Jim Calhoun get your facts straight Indy back to -- -- maybe I don't know. Seven years later still wrong gore oh come on. Get it right full -- have you checked your notes who would go full year and he sure over the closing anyway so I remember -- I don't jockey Alex likes. In my spikes going to you know and dirt Moyer and the -- -- -- a blow out over your room and cement. Sierra street seem like more has something its utility players to voters about the sale Willie Bloomquist embarrassed would. I don't wanna will -- -- that he did. And he bat cleanup and out of the that's. A bear is easy to get let's do this scattered update here John two delegate yup that'll come back talks of football -- Peter King old Jonas -- Peter what. But it Chip Kelly. The offense is gonna revolutionize. Football Peter King next.

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