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Salk and Holley's Answer The Question - 09/19/13

Sep 19, 2013|

Inquiry? We shall answer!

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It's time for answers the question -- answer the question -- Sargent Alex is the big question. So would you be years not answering any thing and everything I'll answer that question. It's answer the question what. It seems there. Michael W but it is The Black -- problem. Of course I didn't. Saw The Black -- Mike yeah impatient is the lack anything. That's right that's racist that's right. I thought the black crow and easy. Together the scenes. In my you don't have. -- the minute commercial -- -- record it. I couldn't get the show I left the bathroom radio station and were. There. -- -- There that. You need dusty and -- yours. Really giving instantly Bosnian -- -- the hill and -- -- -- -- but he's the 10. Do you think is committed to the National -- for the rights. -- -- I think that be considered a team we -- she appears into the question right to -- -- restoration specialists -- your property your facilities manager. Or an insurance -- call heiress to Austria the disaster restoration please call 8774611111. Or -- or answer. Dot com. Who got his match cool. -- mean that jobs out there magically David copper on the magic the gathering. She excitedly and culture but it does it if you do magic tricks -- the guy asthmatic what could make you dressed disappear. You know that news radio the viewed as to treat it. But nomadic. And all that technical notes in it before match -- -- -- -- -- that in. Your magic in a -- creative. -- what is your favorite ethnic food blow up after mr. -- ethnic. -- do this country it's like it was them. Ethnic -- -- ethnic but that's about it for. Food. It's been decided everybody parties agreed. Oxygen. Out of -- specific food or to say. Italian food in general. Of the adults Mexicans that your favorite sure. -- -- That was a huge debate -- -- maybe Ethiopian food and I -- you like so many different cuisine and I don't like the October -- I didn't like you know smaller port after a paper on the they put it on your plate is actually a -- the -- your back. Up on it so. It's -- the sauces -- into the -- is that the area. You -- that -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- revenues up up up at a grammar question that we're married to ask would you rather hot it is along. Ali answer is that and its user T. It's definitely -- that in the days. It has appealed the question that what you do what you can't sleep in any way early early as. Well. Do. And -- -- tossing and turning red on my phone -- my Kindle. And I have my Kindle -- for the phones that darkened room in the world. To life. And dog also awful for your thoughts our activities anyway. It's been nice. I turn on my own -- and yet okay I read a chapter of the book. -- what what it's sweetheart by -- Which is there chapter. Is that a little bit of background glow. It's. Really the regular so what's the matter is used as a program. The question. And this is the previous question as well on -- or was with. This to him -- and again with. Him. Next question taco bill really is it's. To -- drunk and -- as the last pizza pizza. You know it's good for the student that -- Those little rose in one. The only Vietnamese. -- that drunken. It is really. Number they're really did. -- but it's ranch where they're two different things about -- -- -- -- already -- -- -- report. Mikey he. Talks. Is it's out of -- more excited about Bruins red wings tonight and Red Sox Orioles. Yes yes it's. Over and over the red wings and that's why there over the -- right after here once this is race for the two days. You off as much as he might lose. Just like the last incredibly -- should be for a visual touch some of those movement. It's Bebo this is technically it should. Be away witness. You know you're right about that I've no doubt that they're going to clinch and I've no doubt that you need to play them for -- tomorrow tomorrow -- It's aggravating. It's. -- longest losing streak of the year. There to close -- is continues. It's magic Mike Mike your sister saw record -- Only when I was double dating. I can't like I don't I don't even I got my dad has affected earlier reached out rather read you guys are their cars -- to a hungry kids. The -- reached jerks is fair who was the hottest cougar Hannah Storm Aureus funnels. I should you know and missing yet has got a few -- on Maria's definitely nationals burner or face offers to give us an abstract she's there she's back the answers were wearing a -- It's gonna show -- shout out to Melissa stark who's recently in return is not a cougar now. But -- car itself or shut -- or. But -- what did you who would target date so just she's looking good so is like a non sequitur just kind of -- to like that whether -- shields 45 era rule Lou skiers who. Right now on -- Such a -- She's good at whether Sunnis and source -- next what you do whether it in the back -- to -- Next question. She concentrate our rights would you rather lose your wedding ring or your wall. Next question it's definitely the -- at all. So easy it's mostly a ball a big deal anymore let you -- how much cash do you even carry with a record very little cash it's all credit cards disease called retarded into one eternal -- -- have cash. I mean I have a tornado ever happen here right. A task -- younger and -- dollars so aggravating to when Unita. And I like that I've now gotten to a point where the cafeteria down here I'm annoyed when the person in front uses cash because it's gonna take longer than using the credit -- That's how fast it is -- Craig -- to sign it was easy now to despite everything on -- general spoiled gen -- I don't wanna wait another thirty seconds what was he needs change but come on strife which the old -- about the -- -- the worst anything with the checkbook is you know worse especially when that person will let you go by when you -- what one thing. That's -- DD BT -- professors that are there. This is the easiest one got an easy one which actress. Regardless of time period I think it would be you're all time -- it. Regardless of time here it is is is the easiest question in the world isn't -- Raquel Welch. Partly so I'm thinking EC so easy -- here you got. -- -- He set up before we know Lauren. But the late great Lena -- when she was 75. -- five -- 85. Not now -- -- -- cost per second considerably now on how she's. But the anymore but she is so many names in my head that I like him having difficulty Basinger. -- days later in the day your budget regardless -- the time period those prime -- that is what I think I'm here is basically you guys are united speeches was the best I don't that's that week she was awesome -- that I just what you young inventor of Smartphones grew. And Michelle Pfeiffer circle like ever ever -- The time you go willingly Hillary would tell him agrees to who -- -- I'm talking about -- scarface. Dangerous liaisons and -- listeners. Michelle -- at that point. Net catwoman -- whatever it is up next question. Gena Davis and Peterborough county fair time what is your favorite -- food. What are fair I think it's mostly just try I don't -- -- Missouri you know India's cabinet got up real golf via the zone it's disgusting. And I kind of know eventually my daughter's gonna wanna eat it somewhere and I'm grossed out by the top recruit enough you can even oysters. It's continuity now and ceemea they have it in stores dynamic refreshing -- it bag. That's also you know children are rare but rare food and still is still fried though it has gotten too hot for all of its rise. Critics. Is house funnel -- different from Franco. You can use depleted gas tank salt are you scared of your wife. A little you please let me ask are you scared of your wife a little bit. Next question at least a little -- of the dollars Marty your idea to think you should have a healthy fear of your wife. How about this. Final question when that question this is semifinal what substance has quickly. When it -- got to bring back the -- and have race. -- -- interests that your Mr. Big difference in the next question you had -- Vince Wilfork Tokyo and -- trying to he's Allred is -- that the people that guys have breeds that -- guys entering the Brady Bunch. -- -- Us that account has raised yet. Next question. I don't like any the other questions -- you know like -- and then there are sweet pickles and dill pickles and sweet grow up and a deal yet however it is the last Vermont and yes I was from values and after -- o'clock tonight my commitment to work off topic at the worst cover of a popular songs were -- Popular so yes it started that's really really bad public Tiffany's cover of I think we're alone. You can talk to James in the -- on -- greats -- and ruined it. Yeah that's hard -- -- -- -- reported fires get to graduate in my life that was a tremendous but it's article I try to forget I think Tiffany's as the worst government and its members homage is one of my favorites to fix it. Our Mikey -- coming up next yes. Get ready for the Red Sox tonight SA Yemeni -- -- -- -- -- will be here to celebrate after the game -- stick around for Mikey will be back tomorrow at 2 o'clock we -- on tomorrow. We've got Chris Carter at 330. We've got its. Chris mortenson at 515 we've got Mike to Rico at 430 she and the debut. Of an old. Right at 3 o'clock you won't want to miss that it's coming up tomorrow start to use it. He. Isn't mentioned here. It's managing. Somewhere in the ancient history community.

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