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Patriots being called the worst 2-0 team in football in some circles... others aren't taking the bait

Sep 19, 2013|

We discuss Rick Reilly's over the top comments about the Patriots, a flip flop move for Pete Prisco, and more on how the WR position can make or break this offense in 2013.

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Our -- all Leo WEEI WEEI dot com as well. They're really weird story for four. Like and others often weird stories in port four stick around for an hour. One of the stranger for four stories that come up in the five -- wouldn't you say stranger or -- surprising. Caller one of the more surprising for force or not I don't I'm not sure and I'm not going to give away yet but. I'm not sure I'm surprised. For the right reasons but maybe I have. Judged this person to be someone. Who well that's coming up at 4 o'clock it is a it is surprising -- talk about that it was bizarre and what we're talking about the same boat out it's a very very odd story anyway. -- personal what CBS ratings CBS all bluster but I CBS ball -- figured blockbusters last picture okay what's. All I've heard for the past week is how that the New England Patriots passing game has it always includes this line the receivers game. I beg to differ. The passing game is not working like it normally does but there are signs that tell me it'll be just fine in a couple of weeks to may be a month. So if you're gonna get the patriots. Now with the time. Comedy first saw -- times do you think in his career -- the personal was written -- line I beg to differ. Many probably about 25 at least 25 I mean that that's got to be a starting point to maybe you can build on it from there. He Crisco begs to differ should not be the surprise but it is an interesting line. Okay the receiver staying. I beg to differ. The passing game is not working like it normally does that there are signs that tell me it'll be just fine in a couple of weeks to may be a month. Took you're gonna get the patriots. Now is the time to do it is that right what now's the time I guess it is my guess is -- is -- right. Well wouldn't know he's he's wrong guess it depends on what the data that article when you write that. Because today -- aren't well he's he's they're yesterday's easily. That is the article to -- at the beginning of the season. That's what that's your article you write when you are trying to explain why the Buffalo Bills are gonna upset the patriots didn't happen or why the -- to gonna upset the patriots didn't happen. Because everything was lined up. Tom Brady trying to get on get on the same page with his receivers rob. Danny -- -- one game -- the other I don't need to smile and I apologize for Shane -- Alfredsson and I hear you say the name Tom Brady with his whole name to start a sentence how -- like -- -- -- -- to -- it and it's not your fault at any time I hear his name now yeah I think of his could keep -- I'm ready they'll Bonnie Audrey. And it and it had fun fun I can't not think that's gonna have to Oregon. Let's go to Chicago. I think they got through -- that they got through their roughest packaging the first two games of the season. And this schedule makers helped them out tremendously. Ten days to figure it out for game three against Tampa. So it's not a time for Tampa. In and I don't think so. I think that jeopardize our own problems. And Donald -- Schiavo is gonna make it through the season and -- Darrelle Revis can can continue to fake it but he likes the guy. Josh Freeman can continue to fake it that it's no big deal that he was the captain the pre previous two years and now it's not a captain I overslept or temperature. That's our guys they got two guys is good player they got I mean it is not a bad -- not a bad idea other into I don't think there about -- point two -- going on the road to play the patriots were almost always went home. Now is not the time no it's not there was couple weeks ago you kind of -- opportunity just now but as first statement of the receivers gonna get better I think you and I both agree that they will. The only thing that keeps me from feeling really confident and that was the conversation we had yesterday with Christian Fauria saying look. It's not really whether you're rookies are veterans are not unique like you -- again and you don't because he's no way to learn. -- and keep talking to Brady but if you're gonna just listen Josh McDaniels and do whatever he wants you to do you may not be in the right -- to Brady isn't always care -- mcdaniels is saying he wants you to be where Tom Brady wants you to be and that's it. That's the rule be we're right tell you to be with than anybody else and forget about it I am your god you job no other gods before me I and that's I am Tom Brady. Listen to me. Forget Josh McDaniels he is a false idol please don't call me at all or not that golden calf. You will listen to me I am Tom -- studying how good studying -- -- -- biblical reasons -- studying scripture where it's gone head to read daily transition when I was in high school we had a book -- there's often a we have we have a book called the the Bible has slash in literature that was as literature and in literature that most of what I know about it comes from that course which took a great Jonathan mr. Ross what's all I got like doctors that -- did I do remember that classic that took it very seriously. What are what are the map. Isn't that obvious about it and I think I think four he's right he played with -- Brady knows them. But isn't it obvious that -- if you come to the New England Patriots. You do would Tom Brady's is asking you to do or I showed up I would do with Josh McDaniels -- -- -- -- -- -- -- now he would look at Tom -- here -- -- it would Belichick told me to do okay well there are all well -- -- not involved -- -- It's the office but I guess I would still I would what you think. You're a kid out of Marshall Aaron Dobson -- draft pick calling your name of. First thing you think. Oh man I'm a receiver. I'm gonna play for the New England patriot I'm ready they'll but you know he's a man and even play offense and Aqib -- note that -- -- about April. -- but that's the first -- you can listen to ask. Here's why here's why I -- I would I would text about your -- I'm Stacey James. PR guy Jimmy Tom Brady's number I might text him right now camera rookie of the work for us to. Well that sort of exciting have a page innately good that's right. Good -- Executing number. I -- Tom you know don't recognize the number but put this into your phone I'm a rookie from Marshall was just just drafted by you guys -- going to be. And I -- spent some -- in Brazil in the U. Visit with the Pope and you know there's a there's always Fashion -- somewhere in the -- -- with a -- Fashion Week to air. What you wanna do -- why does that surprise here's why that our product -- -- that's not what I'm doing I am I am saying this. Tom Brady and make the decisions on this team. We know that. Do you think Tom Brady would have decided to move on from Wes Welker and bring in the some replacements. I don't think that was a move Tom Brady decided who's -- let's get to decide whether bottom out on the field is Tom Brady. Or is -- Josh McDaniel drove Belichick drafted me in the sec I want it and I wish I wanna -- got -- -- he's got to be I wanna be out on the field I can listen to Josh McDaniels. And Brady will be second. But it turns out that's not necessarily the case the navy's Brady he got to listen to first and foremost there's you can too far too far ahead to really -- -- -- -- about the good decisions and you know Tom Brady has to make the decisions on the team that's why what are the wrong thing but you think about this I think about business. Wes Welker is gone. Tom Brady campaign. We will keep you paid for it not if I can get out on the field. Not a -- get on the field I'm not running and proud like Josh McDaniels doesn't want me to you know why you'll get on the field can advocate and Tom Brady -- that even hit yet. You have to like it Wes Welker to stay here pretty gave up money so Welker could stay here and they still wouldn't bring him back the data helping out. Don't you go biblical -- of a mafia who got a sponsor and I am sponsoring Aaron Dobson he's with me he's good that's gonna make you a millionaire. That's how you get to -- -- that I get on the field that's how you have chemistry. With Tom Brady by as -- Bible verses mob movies is quite the battle by the way six point 7779. 7937. Lets you guys jump in on this because it's interesting you agree with Pete Frisco. -- -- the receiver stink or is Briscoe says are they gonna get better. Are they improving within a couple of weeks to a month as his unit known to be better than it's been a and who do you listen to you show up real sort of Brady. Or you listening to Josh McDaniels. Isn't it weird that those don't. Those don't overlap. Shouldn't Brady mcdaniels have the same idea as to where he should I don't do I think Joseph put so might take -- got a little too far I probably am. It's like this. An M bella and a Bill Belichick talks about has talked about this many times throughout his career where you design a defense. To tell the players go out there in the first quarter and this is why is always -- sitting down and talk with these guys during the game you see -- he's got a pencil there an easier and and he's saying this and there's some back and forth he's got you'll want talk and sometimes the players talking. Is not a defense. And the players will come back and say okay this works. But you know we should change that this is not working for. Belichick will listen to say okay but here's the concept. This is what I'm trying to get you guys to do now could do something a little different UK and if you can tweak it. If you can at a wrinkle you're out there I'm not you're seeing something that I'm not saying you don't. And so that's what I think -- means with -- with Tom Brady yet it may be right in that concept but in this game. Playing it a little differently. They've been in the concept allows -- -- I think the record set there just aren't so before into the coliseum do you think then. We're talking about yesterday right there are some guys. Then it gated instantly some of the rookies some have been veterans right. Deal branch got a right away -- and given seem to get it right away whereas other rookies Chad Jackson others did not. There are some veterans that seem to get it right away Wes Welker Randy Moss got it instantly others. I'm Donald Hayes. And Joey Galloway and -- Sharon -- and shadow to none of those guys so it's not necessarily rookie her Taylor drives do you think it's just a personality trait and you think he got me thinking -- keep bringing this up a miracle. You're talking about Jim Craig refuses to the personality test right and that's the thing herb Brooks is trying to get out of -- right the fact you can take the personality test. That's what I wanna see out on the ice is -- element that you need to have in order players wide receiver even just to play for the patriots in general. It allows you to sort of do some stuff on your own the right times that -- you know what the coach does not know what he's talking about here is -- hot does there have to be a moment. Were you just say I know I knowing nobody's trying to totally but I see this out on the field and I've got to go to the right wing of your question Bill Belichick doesn't want me. A short break -- -- -- good question -- -- Oprah breaks down like that but maybe it's a certain guys who needed to be by the book. Okay that's how I would bet there that there's no flexibility there's that you your pocket your told me to run. Two run twelve yard who have. And come right I am keen on this if this -- a play inside I go to the outside he's -- my outside to go to the -- but twelve yards and I can help me it's fluid it's flexible so I think there's certain guys. Who have to be. Gotta have a certain kind of mindset of certain kind of mentality right where it's not just. A cookie cutter thing but you gotta be able to improvise a bit within the concept -- in this. -- her Torre saying that some guys to share Brady's brain Wes Welker Brady seemed to share brain and maybe it's -- creativity but maybe it's an ability to say I don't care what the coach is saying. I know what I need to do and by the -- how much harder is that to do now that it would have been ten years. You tell me ten years ago okay Belichick's telling me to do this or what -- He's a good coach is great defense of coordinator what does he won he's won one championship or maybe none. -- -- for 345 other coach I play for Parcells I played Pete Carroll played for ballot Jack. I -- a bunch of different ways to do this I played for built our. Okay politics on the to do it is -- -- on the feeling no we're right now he's a great outlook. It's great capital G capital G. The great. Bill Belichick and he. If you don't listen to Bill Belichick are you crazy right he's the smartest man to ever coach in the NFL and you're telling me you're not gonna listen to him brilliance of a real -- -- you have to be crazy the most interest him in and that you would have to be crazy wears a decade ago maybe you wouldn't have to beat the kind of thing you can do 6177797937. Jeremiah is in name here. Yeah well what -- military ring okay do turner what's going on Jeremiah. Craig. I got -- -- down a guy like salt in my ear and right across its horrible Jeremy talk or Jeremiah talk. A bit odd dude. Picture by literature hole that's terror and what you catch up the great used national ride now we go to Jason -- Jason let's talk radio down and you'll be -- -- Jason. It on on guys great show today by the lack. Let -- they have receiving corps I think they're going to be all right if you look at last year means different situation it was Manning going to the Broncos after receiving corps you know being brand new. Apparently but you know it took them -- five week they're really get going. You know I think these guys are gonna be okay you know you do have to listen to Tom Brady I mean I just don't see and yet it was in the Josh McDaniels and practiced. But on the field dot mcdannold isn't -- in the quality. Number eight -- in the quality of the hall of Famer -- in the quality Ellison and you know listen to the coordinator. Yeah hall of Famer and and not even got to be hall of fame thing. Or somebody their quarterbacks in the league we've seen we've we know who they are to quartet of a -- quarterbacks. If they tell you to do something you do it. They are de facto offered to coordinators they don't have the title but their run in the show. -- when you're on that team. They're gonna make you better they're gonna bring you to re your maximum level so you just listen everything they say turn -- with them as often as false charge. My homework or my. Hey -- got our our our. I didn't. Personally I are trying to put a lot of what I -- Josh -- sure where the patriots are currently. I wouldn't know you guys agree. The brought acquired Peyton Manning. And actually they're actually -- adjustments and I'm -- great they are much like lady. And I'm out of each week that judgment you annual. How quickly -- I had a timeline is way off when Denver got rated Josh McDaniels and a short time later they acquire Peyton Manning. Yeah yeah -- ever it is Josh McDaniels was fired during the 2010 season right that he -- he was in Saint Louis and anyway as they -- yeah. And then 2012. So if it was like a year and a half space between Josh McDaniels and Peyton Manning in that Denver -- go ahead. -- point -- if they don't forget that -- Are making news Peyton Manning -- on. A lot of play caller as Tom Brady. Tom. Protect its -- the player personnel -- -- Mitch -- like an associate them do and and I write in -- and he broke yeah I give him and brought end Brandon Lloyd. Why you make it yet yet yet Brandon Lloyd had his best year the best year of his career under Josh McDaniels. Mcdaniels drafted Tebow but Tebow wasn't the starter immediately was Kyle Orton. And then Danny Amendola he inherited him in Saint Louis. But that denied that he didn't process. Really any money at -- world events and it was a great weight to. But your favorite I -- over the history that is so your bottom line is you don't think. Josh McDaniels is a good offensive coordinator because they're easy to buy the book. You you don't. Just -- to -- I don't know by the book I'm not dare act you know I'm not their -- and saying let me. I didn't pretty as it there's a lot of leniency acting with Brady and she shouldn't act like Paula played GQ -- diet. -- should be on breaking night. Yeah I guess well but it will take me back to 2007. Yeah does that that's mcdaniels genius I think 2007 and eight -- eight is what got 88 may be more impressive it breaks Josh McDaniels right right. Take Josh McDaniels and Tom Brady I think Brady would listen to this and say on on this guy's got a RO. -- about the same age. The Daniels and Brady amid Daniels was his quarterbacks coach. That it became his offensive coordinator. Brady was very upset and -- too -- but he was he was. Pretty. Agitated. When mcdaniels lefty was happy form but they they were they were close -- a very good working relationships though. I don't think there's anything there's no disconnect between Mitch Daniels and Tom Brady. As far as other point I'd -- -- great point penalty -- purpose but he did proper grip. Tom Brady calling his -- place. I can see Brady calling warplanes. Just too much to me and it's now on and it felt that it. Especially when you're calling a lot of players get a hurry up version of the hurry up offense. And you get some of what we get 85 or ninety plays in the game I don't wanna think about that kid that's a lot of other things that we have a lot to manage did you not just sum up the plays to cut. Get to coach is telling you from upstairs there's a personnel group that they have coming into the game it's what we have this is what they have look out for this look out for that. So you don't need some assistance from from the -- go to a there are times were Tom Brady could say -- had to -- here. It's going to be one of these replace suspect it's like Peyton and then you kind of. Gotta go with -- and a two minute. A two minute on I think he does a lot of animated talking a Brock about it Brock who had whose brother was Damon Huard who played here route you know backed Brady up like act Bledsoe as well enough thank you that didn't get it -- goes wells I really wanted to -- got to be out of there and add -- really much about their life. You talked a lot of he would tell me about that stuff all the time just how much how how. How far and above everybody else Brady and Manning are at at making a lot of those decisions themselves and killing from one place to another. You products Nelson brought with me about not just the importance of the relationship not necessarily with your coach or coordinator. But with your position coach the fact that mcdaniels was Brady's position coaches quarterbacks coach. He spent your time. Spent a lot of time meet with the coordinators they don't spend atomic time head coach. Most of the time they spend is in their position groups with that position coach right and that's the guy who's given you all the pointers who's giving you the playbook who's who's giving the game plan for the week and going over all your questions. So much of the time those guys span is specifically. With that positional coach we'll. Everett talking yeah I wouldn't say. That that Josh McDaniels is such. It's such an ego -- where he's gonna say. What Tom Brady has to conform to what I want them to do. -- -- A lot of history between you got back to note that work on our guest -- what I wanna do Tom and then. -- the same thing with with Charlie Weis Charlie Weis put together a game plan. And and Tom would come in on Tuesday and look at the game plan as the players often but the quarterback's looking at their plan early. Any sale yeah having to drive and around Boston -- Charlie -- you know I'm like this play. Don't feel comfortable with it. Why don't we tried this. Why don't we go at that Charlie let's say OK you're comfortable with it will do you think some of the receivers right now feel comfortable doing that. Unicameral I don't know he'll be -- as comfortable turn him back to make a you know what I don't know other wanna run this play this -- really. Oh you don't do you let them work that way it's like -- at the swim class this is trying to keep my neck above the water Ronnie is in Boston ironic. -- -- -- -- I don't know a little they're able debater and I want to pop up -- it art so back when Brady particularly. The defense was probably had a bunch of stuck. You know the bend don't break you know they came up big plays all the time in in the picture what's wrong on the ball all around -- or untrue. I don't all the mediocre but they are our receivers you know that they had. You know in the likes of mark and welfare okay albeit -- that the defense week in. A -- I've seen them give up a lot of big place but you've seen the offense developed into this very very complex. System and I think basically want to get that I think offenses totally just -- the -- two weeks' sacrifice each parent. And I think it will a little spear or a lot of he'd come and hit it and then you know pretty good receivers and -- haven't -- And come here. -- only the united serious and they've sacrificed all they sacrifice defense or offense so it's unfair to the receivers. I'm just I'm missing and I see that. I think the I think that the offensive playbook has just become so complex. You don't get many cubic Randy marks like it would just saying and -- -- really the only receivers that flourished and it should. Our -- moment Annan branch certainly flourish -- -- Troy Brown did along time ago but other guys have had success -- gap there is a great receiver anywhere else he did well here I mean. Usually don't taste our son to get -- out well didn't have any problems pick up the office -- rowdy. May -- me the Jewish settlement and Danny Amendola seem to get a pretty well say the playbook has become too complex. I think the way we talk about the playbook is probably too complex. It's like any other business and in this sense -- aren't always times you can compare professional sports in the real world. But I think what everybody don't. So that's what's happening with these receivers. I get there is there's been an evolution of this office from Charlie Weis to. To Josh McDaniels to bill O'Brien back to Josh McDaniels and this program progress and you've got to catch up. -- pocket change. There's a dozen -- that's gone on somebody else got a head start on writes Tom Brady you got to find a way to catch up but on the other hand pretty -- running looking behind them saying come on guys let's go let's go let's go at some point they've got to find a way to meet in the middle he's got to find a way to dumb down what he's doing at least enough to that they can complete. Passes that scream at each other. On the sidelines of -- -- was incredibly positive about the about the patriots. We get another guy maybe even a bigger name and I don't know that I would consider in the contrary and who is not a 180 degrees the other way a plea that the next rockaholic WB. It is they -- like it like it doesn't happen like what -- get here instant chemistry. -- popular -- to come through here and they don't get it and they -- at receiver. It's senator -- I mean it don't work well. The W under terrible. But arm has the way of just -- remote out of you if you can adjust. To what you -- you do. What he wants you to do what he shows you to do listen to what he shows you to do what he tells you -- you know on. I think I've read I'm I'm gonna figure this out. I say -- Christian Fauria who was all our show yesterday but I think -- was Christian Fauria from this morning and our rhetoric. All -- So Eddie house on the net my -- but added you gotta give me some background and Christian -- was on our show yesterday yes -- for thirty yes app for their export their -- fourth there was very good very insightful -- And then today Christian Fauria it was on Dennis and Callahan know what he called in they were talking about them. He caught and you don't what happened. Christine got a call from his front repeat. It was a group where rivers are what are of course whenever some recalls you tell you being Tudjman news station to. But -- and sports. The -- said that he was recently somebody called Christians say that he's being ripped just again to turn on the radio that he would then call in now I think somebody told me was being ripped to turn on the radio. Maybe heard a clip. That they were playing because what he said was interesting. And then the maintenance and he just called in Boca friend called and and they did another. Ridiculous and clips from Christian for you this -- -- put -- on the spot start want to -- some some clips from Christian for you on the morning show today I think -- problems. Think it may guess right now it is giving his look like are you kidding me the new York and I got to tell you how old I am now you need to just pull cuts all the sudden. In the middle of the show from the mornings are you crazy in new York and you look. He's given you the look and I'll let you off the hook before we play this ridiculous sound and before you play the program won't -- -- is in Cape -- -- Erica wasn't -- and yet though we're rebukes -- -- the break I got to kind of agree. You said that. Maybe -- without these young receivers and the -- bank -- and mean the receiver that we've been -- out. Marat in the locker streaks in an -- crop also -- and not only dared expect trauma teams -- reps as. Like that it just on the middle. Thanks. Much last week week before -- Brito back shoulder to wonders year's gone on line and obviously got. And bringing that somewhere on library you got to figure out who he's working I'm just as much to -- him. Kind of on him. Actually he got a number I think maybe expecting them. Know where the actual. Or -- -- you know. Here's the thing what Brady told them and that's of one of the other things Aureus or yesterday Ali just I don't know why they're mad they would over ten times in practice they knew exactly how to run it and then the receiver didn't run it the way they'd gone over ten times mean. I'm I agree with the beginning of it Brady's gonna have to find ways to to not. Think at a at a hundred miles an hour while these guys are thinking at forty but big over the ten times during the week and the guys don't run it. I mean I don't -- say this I'll just say Chris to kind of discounting practice and they practice it. -- you expect guys to figure it out you expect those guys to know. And yet that's down from my Christian for you this morning mr. -- Dennis you're telling my why would you do with Dennis and Callahan morning Joseph you're only going to end of feeling the -- later and we're always gonna do you know how this ends. It doesn't and all along with -- and -- -- -- when he got your parents from this morning. Yet been built to play calling is pretty much -- -- it is indeed. It made -- do -- under indisputable -- third there's a couple different a route. You know. And that they used for the most part it's Spain but they might call the same protection group yeah we you can add new stuff -- -- the shell for a lot. How difficult is it on up you know you use that you've played profits is that are more difficult -- this is it is this one of the difficult ones or just -- the -- Or do you play an example would -- a quick -- after I left. New England and it -- Al spotters and that whole opportunity he's been around and advocate that you may have altered except. Belt it's our offense people -- fact that they were like it's the -- picked the -- ship. We do for the ball even snapped so there's twenty -- vehicle at all before you could snap the ball. That would -- because. You need to figure out what you need to ship to the -- that you had that you need to figure out what the heck was going all the defense was a little linebackers are going. What secondary to how they were adjusted viewership. Good -- -- -- with a flat out nightmare that for the ball you that you needed to go. -- -- facet of pressure for him and I felt myself just analysts the net with it or -- and he very interesting guy and his knowledge of what goes on the intricacies. Of the Patriots offense I think is passed. Others -- there's no trend. I would try to figure out what what if it's this or maybe it's like a previous callers should allow you got no physical freak like Randy Moss and and Wes Welker and ground game Hernandez but -- -- guys weren't necessarily physical -- but figured it out yeah. Football players -- it's sort of like throughout the -- great round -- -- sharing a brain with Brady Anderson and if so why did you do so instead -- instead of going to a whole bunch of questions when -- draft somebody to sort of -- -- just to put a little Roman Brady. They would you guys both -- series need to do to get it they'll get to arrive and you forty. To Iraq -- the food drive a forklift just. What a guy in a room with Brady and has that they see the play the same -- and if they do that he's -- the -- if they don't -- just say forget about it. How hard is this team there's a mind meld between them are -- On the patriots this week did you happen to catch any of your boy Rick Reilly. Did you happen to hear any of him. My boy regrettable use your -- as a writer you both writers are right columnists. Write to you aspire to be Eric Reilly -- writer for Sports Illustrated and they went -- that back page column on they don't I thought that can't that be pretty -- house that's right so is it live right here that you that he should have no higher now but back in the day. He was he was he was in past time really is now I don't know what he's going through right now -- -- -- trying to. Police -- -- believe what he's trying to do we'll take a listen on this -- is this is this is bizarre strange. Let's play game loser has to shave an eyebrow. Who is the worst to note team in the NFL. Because there's lots of back to windows team to choose from the chief Sergio now. If you believe in them need to click your heels three times and go back and dolphins or two ago. Think they're going to the Super Bowl. You must think flipper and actually speak to human. The bears are two entirely. That'll make your hair stand -- but there's one more bat to -- team you probably haven't considered. The New England Patriots. Yes. Those patriot. They've won two games over two and easily teams led by two rookie quarterbacks. While walking. Five point vote. Yes against two of the worst teams in football and I'm including NCAA division one year. Patriots scored only 36 point. Couldn't beat the patriots are. Just not good this year. When you lose the leading pass catcher in the league the last five years the past tight end in that game. One of the best I've tight end in the game your most dependable running back. Your favorite little guy. Your best new freeagent replacement receiver. And you're throwing it to rookies who have so many dropped and so many mistakes it might cause you applaud your private affairs. And you beat good what Tom Brady's supposed to do. Throw it to himself. -- to do better that was my body language and significantly better. Into the real strength in my right now the patriots. -- exactly the last in the red zone touchdown -- Their quarterback is 27. Passer ratings being. Our first in light schedule he's capable of you -- wish they could. We'll know after next -- they played Tampa Bay would have a hard time winning -- -- blocked by himself. And he stayed aren't. Whether -- thought. Let him Andy I'm sorry that's all I have in me maybe give me some more judge males laughing well I got at the end he said -- like another patriotic and I tell line yeah. Yeah Becky I have no idea these different -- that he believes it. Believe it or if it goes all the before we get to whether anybody believes that what's what the awkward pauses in the way -- speaking. It's like somebody took that whole audio and slowed it down on the machines something he's talking but there's like a half a beat pauses. Baxter before he says the next thing -- -- trying to match it but the video that's all that is trying to match tonight I see the video won't see it all makes it won't seem a noxious if I watched the video. I don't know it's not a pretty -- -- you believe you don't know about do you believe him do you think he believes what he's saying -- or just some I don't know. I told you earlier because I've waited for you though the last time I watch one of these Rick -- the long form. Video things was after after Rory McIlroy won the US outrageous and he gave him -- the biggest slurping of I've never heard anything like we just he was it was eight minutes or however fell eight minutes of how wonderful roar you heard that. Mean it's it's it's. He has the swing Newton. He goes on -- Ever -- every great golfer who ever played the game and compares some part of breweries game to him since that is how many wins. Not having that the last the last time I heard anything that ups that I've seen my college roommate was -- problem with what happened. And how restricted the latest there please let it stop please write a letter in my time. It has gone on and darned. About not roll out and play some of that here if I -- Augusta he's he's he's Palmer east player. He's necklace -- tiger were to get Sam Snead and there I it gotten any. All in all and so he's got the humility of -- -- I think that that Rick Reilly with a little bit of their mother Teresa's charitable work believe that the patriots are going to be bad team -- he can't. He can't believe that but maybe that's what you do -- just rehashing the same all crap I mean do you think he's watch the patriots. That's really what it comes down -- -- -- have you watched the patriots -- may be -- our -- -- he -- -- that game with four days' -- lead up to a whole thing -- -- OK here's my opportunity to rehash the same crap that you -- since the beginning of the year and it's -- true I mean -- is losing all of his top receivers -- replacing them with other guys. And this is like the easiest thing -- being at least Briscoe getting credit. Tried to figure out how things are going to look in the future instead of taking a quick snapshot and making a large declaration about it. While I don't know the picture's gonna be a bad teams talk. I may have to softened my stand a little bit just don't know. On the AFC's. I don't think it's going to be. Just. An abject failure. It's like holy terrible division here because Miami is. Better than you thought they were right yes -- there are a little better than I thought about if I make another flipper referenced is that timely something. You know I picked Miami to win this game. On against Atlanta I didn't have I didn't have that. I was trying -- tried to get -- couldn't get Miami going to three you know yeah I don't know I don't they can be a home game but it's not that fortress all testicle -- is coming around here. And the jets and bills double better than you thought they were rattled matter jobs especially on defense Mike's an -- time. -- under my parents who are on station. -- normally go for it the reason they're late in the a debate about what Rick or at least as an encouraging that stupid act they're the key to what he's doing. I didn't want it to go up to him about hey Rick you know lack. Not a good idea should probably stop. It's like Justin Bieber -- -- -- -- yachtsman that are at their idea who need that at the end and you know -- We put -- on the air. You are illegal look up and put them oh my god I'm here although they know is that -- Obama and wheat. He's seen that he -- Smart urgent but it all. Getting eight million. Yen is yen. Today and I didn't even know that you doing it because it apple watching European -- stupid stuff like that anyway 180 don't let the man. I'm not saying Portugal and -- at a new job. I don't know man what what what it will play of Mike we'll play you what he did with with -- not -- may change your tune it may make you decide and I got Rick -- some point we'll play that coming back here in just a minute. As I said a bizarre story in 44. And up next the new take on the red sox' latest scheme. To make the plays a little bit more comfortable for two players talk coming up salt at all to -- --

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