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WrestleCast with Scott Sudikoff and Ben Kichen - Episode 3

Sep 19, 2013|

In this edition of the WrestleCast we break down the events that took place at Night of Champions and Monday Night Raw. We are also joined by the great Dale Arnold and he shares his experiences as fan of the business and some of his favorites from the squared circle.

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-- -- And. Yeah. Tony WEEI arrest of cats dying here we come -- nights hanging team partner Daniel kitchen anything. Yeah and again in we're coming up today -- Reviewed the night of champions. -- review in the WW week as well as the Monday night brawl following that so we have a lot to talk about a little bit later on we'll have a special guest Dale Arnold. Will join us here on the -- look at so we're looking forward to that. But let's jump right in because people lot to cover in this week's podcast in. Not -- champions ending. To me a very big surprise in the way that ended Daniel -- walking out as the WWE champion. No extra shenanigans after the show -- sought. You sat there you watching the -- state -- black for about three to five minutes after Bryant won the title here expecting it Tripoli to come out. Do -- someone to come on do something because the match ended. What's the referee Scott Armstrong who by the way is the brother of the road -- Jesse James. That's out there clear fast count on it -- no room for interpretation. On that Dan O'Brien -- Randy Orton becomes the WWE. Champion. Which I will admit I was completely wrong that I thought Orton would leave. Leave the night of champions still have to champion. During that match -- Bryan Norton. When Armstrong gets bumped out of the ring and the second -- comes down. You know I am assuming something's screwy is gonna happen -- that I was wrong about what -- -- this was going to be. And I liked it it was a weird. Surprise finish like -- just ended -- right. Well we'll sort -- sort of like Brian Sina. Yeah you were expecting that -- and got the first time -- -- -- running. The dead again I haven't checked them names -- yet -- conditioning wizard the -- committed that Minnesota's it is the -- was they're petitioning wizard again are right. It kinda shameless and kind of happened to Miller and the -- -- -- rights of the failed to resign others from like -- no mercy and WC WW. The video -- case. And Seth Rollins Utley takes that the best that he did not -- again. And it's going back to that champions not sure I mentioned this on the last Russell Katz but. My thoughts for the main event was there would be some type of obviously shenanigans. And I was thinking oh you know they'll have. But at the wrong -- count the three count. The -- back up -- that's what it's about what the new referee coming up on out it's going to rapid economic account Tripoli because they're not the refereed a match dust. He can't so but. You know good for them in the essence of at least a few thoughts that we had they went a different direction. -- Scott Armstrong too fast count. So that you think obviously Scott Armstrong has something against Tripoli shore you know -- a friend of Daniel Bryan. I just read something. Time for our zone I'm not a -- too much and Tito with it can't remember most of it just maybe mentioning. Maybe Scott Armstrong as part of this to him as being fired on draws well knows. Earlier ploy because in the ring in that opening segment on one and Iraq. In the ring he says to Danny O'Brien off Mike were. Not assuming nobody said it -- -- truly is going and playing it and saying. What will what you just say you just said they -- caught us. They found us out. You know it's gonna be interesting and it's. You're looking at -- could be one big conspiracy. One thing that did remind me of as well is back in 2000 when Chris Jericho beat triple H. Audited are Ron -- for that WW asked championship at the time Earl have -- With a fast count but out as clearly because -- hated triple H and then had to give the title back so -- thought there may be going -- that sort of direction as well. It's weird I mean I like what they did but if I didn't think it was executed. Terribly well. It is our -- can't talk. And he proved it immunize the rest I mean that's. He should not he should be able it's not if she should be all Mongolian -- on him yes it makes sense it does put -- the same time it's at and I don't know I highlights the angle. I really did I thought it was well done it made triple -- even more convincing as the -- boss. Com Stephanie obviously getting involved later on. -- I have mixed feelings about Stephanie. But I like the angle like what they're doing there they let him get a bite of the care in the Republican aerial. -- continues the story line for at least another month if not two to three months you mentioned Stephanie. I think she's I think she's gold right now Randy Orton comes in the backstage. Starts screaming at triple aides saying that the titles should be his. And Stephanie steps right in with that. Primal. Hey she's like an. That's why I'm I have mixed feelings -- so shrill that is sometimes for me to listen we just like nails on chalkboard but. She's getting the care across and the only really well rips into warns saying. You deserve to lose. You should have been in that's. Not I like that and then the line and it has we've been talking about. Thinking about the past the relationship between McMahon and radio or. They brought it up -- she brings it up in full saying where's the radio and 34 years ago they handcuffed my husband to the ropes. And then DDT me. And I just I love that says at least now they're not just completely brushing aside that passed -- it's business. But she wants to see that Randy Orton and later on Randy Orton had a match with the ms. which to date book perfectly and is in Cleveland is parents who act I think that's -- That's his -- that's awesome but it -- son and his his dad yes on their phenomenon. End. If that was really his mom I -- it really was his parents. Because girl he just asking for too much trouble it's not like his people figured out pretty radically. -- is mom it's such a good job of selling for them. Her facial expressions and that would look of concern on her face and that was great. The dad. -- stone face the entire time -- Zealously as much -- and he's thinking good autopsies Mike -- and whatever and those early in his Adams's and his -- is not awesome. But. Build one time -- Tuesday -- -- an expression on his dad was -- -- you're like does that date back into the room like all right I'm taking hit you yet. And and Iraqis to attack and -- of -- -- them is dead and has this like who grew. Look there's really just for a second late night at eight net real but I thought it was really all donated was don't dwell on them and it it is Atlanta Orton. Turn into that crazy guy wants -- look like they're gonna go. Take ms. out of commission for a little while in the break maybe revamp his characters on. I think there's a little movies or maybe they're gonna they're gonna. Milk the injury Angolan mobile TV for a -- which for me great against him. Yeah don't you and I differ on the. Not so that it now it's not that I. I can tolerate him but it just has no place right now the problem is. He used to be dividend -- champions and you thrown back down the intercom Natalie how Michael it just he doesn't he's kind of the stock now that -- that being champion actually hurt his career. Yeah I don't way because it was so early so again I don't know it was to go but down. And that that will just one of the teams we talk about that's why it. That's the problem with the wrestling landscape today as oppose the eighties and seventies when. You could have a run with a belt or have a run pursuing the -- you lose eventually. And the new you goal you go to another territory. Where is now you can't do that did that that option doesn't exist anymore. So. Your characters has kind of gets stuck in limbo which is worse to me then being off TV. Talked about Bryan Norton which beat Michael on for days and days site about that story line the other main thing to happen and that champions which for the most part was a throw -- paper view. That you could probably missed the first three quarters of that and just watched the ticket to watch you can watch the -- The -- match and the Bryan Norton match and gotten really what you needed out of the paper views so with punk. And its axle and -- you had what you expected it you know in a way. Now forgetting how match actually broke down poll will probably its axle yet payment has to get it becomes in the rain. Pass to try to use to beat down by -- quick to attend -- tennis day in and I thought a great twist what a great twist -- it revive. It it it breathe breathe life into the feud. The punk had continued its thing so I had to continue and it's. Which car's -- Max it was gonna continue anywhere rooms they're making axle now look kind of -- and that brought back comes out just. Picks up punk and slams and their table I loved it I'm not a right back and. And -- have you read some Debbie Debbie does such a great job production and camera angles. In the way they had the camera set. I think data camera one of the corners kind of veering through a table that was the table that was set up you see came in the icy pond and then just popping up from behind. Punk is right back obviously here in the arena you see right back come out what -- but. Most people are watching us are the only TV in Israel and bright prospects pops up continually -- I admit I was waiting for something to happen and -- back probably was my first -- and -- that was something you were thinking back. When they brought out the New Haven guy when it was Axl you are thinking right back. Now the way things have gone I'm happy that's now right back at this point. Arrive back it does make -- look back that's right that's coming -- saved because Axl can't do the job but now makes -- backlit period. In New Haven speaking for ride back. Is what he needs is was what he needs sort of knowing brought. Lesnar going into that they had that segment on brawl where axle wheels out and hey man and then leaves. He's just live right back and I am thinking. Two thoughts crossed my -- one. Payments gonna turn on axle. And they're gonna try and make -- -- or something I don't know. Into why was some. Just trying to shut up let payment talk for just let him speak for. Because he started to talk you know of punks a bully but hopefully things little silly but. Right back could be a great that that could be great. That he instantly updated to the team and he and -- -- guy. -- had that sort of thing back. One in the early nineties so the couple that dangerous a line yes exactly and it just keep building of the members sort of like how -- last. Just real the -- and left -- like that's your Intercontinental champion Suu Kyi will. When he's here IC chance do you think they're setting up now -- salted. Terms babyface and then. Or just get destroyed Barack back that was my first thought which I think is stupid build up a faction. Stable if you -- that well. -- -- they'll track back -- -- in this matchup you believe you can believe the matchup you can believe right back and beat -- And let's see how much of the year ago story that they bring into it whether they talk about. New numbers this time a year ago were right back was was on was on top I mean he was. It was not usual chasing you missed chasing punk -- gave him the match for held a sell out in the real chase started. And it was never been a big fan -- -- can't speak very well on the Mike he. And it's interesting because when -- listen to him talk he's clearly an intelligent guy he says things that showed -- his intelligence or maybe he's reading from a script and -- Which is. Probably the more likely the -- but. He's not good on the -- but he's a big physically imposing presence. And he -- a perfect wrestler body in terms that the big muscles that looks like the bad ass guys that you don't you would never mess with -- a million years. But I am excited to see this new chapter in punk ride back it's easy for right back to poll. Hope that he'll card and just talk about getting screwed -- the job out upon him all that so often. Memory and payment was up part of making sure arrive back didn't win so now it's reversed. It's no title is involved but it is it's gonna be some type of way that year ago is brought into this and then. The thing that popped in my mind obviously is the association of Lesnar and payment now arrive back in Cayman. You could look to the future and think that Lesnar -- right back is a viable. Is a viable match at a wrestle mania it's viable. It's done the right way and I think. What's interesting is I could go either way. In terms of babyface -- Because it would -- with fans buy into the idea. That's Lesnar came back and came in was sort of -- you know I don't really care about you anymore is right back guys my new guy. And then you know allow right back to attack -- from the back -- up -- with the chair and just destroy him woods' fans start cheering Lesnar. It do you think that's possible it didn't I didn't Haywood came and I still like it is possible. I think fans want to like us. They want so when he is a -- It's almost like a -- grudgingly boo him. And it's more more the heat is always been direct debt payment right that Lesnar because Lesnar is so damn good. He he is that goody Kentucky -- -- he needs payment. But you turn him face fans love him he's he's good as a unit but you can see a guy you want us. Estimates right back I think maybe for him it's best to just state something for a while at this point to stay a heel into many things right and don't. And obviously you just have disorders or like happened with punks -- on the -- you're gonna go to wrestle mania match standard at the same thing -- Lesnar -- to have -- back the you know thrown away by DaimlerChrysler's into the -- -- the thing and it Lesnar come into the exact the exact same story sort of so I think -- be interesting to see flipped. The other way around so that is kind of my idea wrestle mania that people are gonna ask was the editor gonna face undertaker gonna face -- -- it is no. Question from prominent champions into raw. -- zig thirteen Ambrose. Ambrose wins at the paper view with the title on the line loses on -- with no title on the line. And nobody knew the title was on the line. All I think half the people in the arena -- Don't need it die because they don't make it clearly they don't opposite and announces title match but. In the you've heard them having to announce it at the end. I'm not sure. My thought on that as I think they're just sort of re establishing that. -- lost the match but he still the United States champion sort of like. -- sand out it loses -- -- matches right now at the and it takes the microphone says but still here on crown I don't like Chad did. In money that they -- -- sand out. And I -- -- out tangent. And you don't want total defense but they had at the wedding. Let's -- Italians and Tyson cater. C. J. Wilson syndrome -- as a real answer. And -- And I and David standout who effort and Israel and so David -- they identified that David sent out. Before the wedding starts he's told he's out the front holding the microphone like he does like like a wine goblet or whatever you wanna collar and -- he announces. These ceremonies are about to -- about to commence -- mica bring in cities like I like this is a lot of running the show. -- was it was puppet as part of that as heroes you know. More thing before we get to hood tale Arnold. The dusty -- segment the whole Rhodes family thing. Will what did you think about it Stephanie parading dusty and making him choose. And you just looked. All old dusty -- gold but he also needs guns he's on skid here who logs in these clothes don't his suit didn't say it. -- -- little too big he's got to get into the rooms of two you know he's got if it is new body gets -- Andy's obviously lost weight. -- -- looks old little beaten down. It is the that she is greater marks on his forehead start to look a little worse and worse as he gets older but. I mean he -- he can still get on the microphone and you know put across a story and make it really is real names and it to mean -- real name is Virgil -- his personal rubble of the Euro -- partners virtual and then he was talking about. It and Stephanie came now -- she's currently called out Stephanie it was like mrs. look back or whatever happens come out here. And with Stephanie I mean again going back what do with Orton in -- you don't big show which is just. Playing that. PI TCH. I know you were so pains trying you wanted to say it. Could say it right edit but that is who's conniving bitch I'll say very gas and you know I'll give him a job backers. Or you have to choose between you in Jesus and then -- going down the line in a good back and forth between. Dusty and Stephanie in that segment. And yet the shield evolve and yet the big show involved that it drags a little bit too much in the big show this crying face and then. Punches. This this should be traded punches dusty and and like crabs and immediately in it is and -- just dead. On -- -- -- since. Let me ask you this so. -- big -- thing wasn't it just like a month a month and a half ago they're talking about pictures ironclad contract. -- -- they did bring it up I think too much weaker two weeks ago that he had this ironclad contract and someone said yeah but. It's still an iron if I get a contract. Can still. The people in charge could still find a way out of it. In -- way right. Which is probably true but it Betty I mean obviously if any contract there's a way to get there's. Out of company never signs a contract where there's no freedom. And it's bad this sleet and it will even John Laurinaitis back in his reign of terror. I guess I was not the biggest fan that. John -- -- at first he was so great to me that it turned me off to that whole angle with him. I think the whole roasting is good because I think when Cody comes back he's going to be an action -- A big star as long as they don't just bring him back and. It buried I really like the idea that -- to us like Cody Rhodes for a job. I am putting on a good matches we sought as a it was a little teaser at the royal rumble. Where and -- Cody does gold -- has moved him yeah it was Friday and be excited. I know that. I mean I don't know how much of this this. It is just all personal personal gold dust on Twitter and everywhere trying to view for last two wrestle mania that they didn't say let's get let's get does you know let's get. Cody Evers gold -- wrestle mania obviously -- they can't. Stream is -- way up wrestle mania but pay delegated match ask -- I'm here is all right that's pretty good. We get the -- have a match with each other and it's probably listen and don't pay it off tees and what other -- what -- things I've read about as the rumors would be to shield verses the family. -- -- gold dust kodi obviously dusty would really be involved too much but. Maybe a three on -- -- Debbie yet does -- unitholders yet that -- and I don't. I don't like seeing 65 plus year old men wrestled -- is not ideal you know and maybe you might even be seventy. I just. He can't go anymore they just can't do it so it's not don't put meddling put him outside the ring and it'll be fine. Gold dust and Cody can can go. And you put a three and to match it feels like it makes it feel like located on the shot against the shields knows. African Ambrose losses that -- still. Annoyed by that. But I I would like to see it three -- too much I've really more so inadequate to seek auditors uncle -- And look at -- look and sort of what they're gonna do with with -- roads are right now and that's part of the show it's time to. Bring on our special guest our guest today is Dale Arnold who you can -- on at WE IDs the posted the critically acclaimed NFL Sunday pregame show he can also find him on -- and as part of the Boston Bruins coverage and has some play by play for all the major sports teams here in Boston and of course as a prerequisite. For this -- cast is a long time professional wrestling fans. All right so we welcome made it Dale Arnold to the wrestled -- first of all -- thanks for us thanks for joining us episode number three secure the you're the third guest on the show. Let's be honest that's about two episodes when it you're gonna get out of this business. Yeah I definitely we haven't been canceled yet that's that is always gets the power of the Internet effect. -- that is true so dale obviously bull maybe not obviously -- a -- you'll probably don't know that you're. Professional wrestlers and you do allude to it sometimes on the air we never get into too much of a conversation about it. Talk about your start is becoming a professional wrestling fan and in how you've grown to love it and how you've been sucked back in recently. I think it started I was working in minor league are you -- me -- long time ago. And WW that would stop by the Cumberland county civics at a time to time. And I would see that the wrestlers gathered outside the window in the office I worked -- the -- mariners. Critique because Santana pushing -- carry -- around in the lobby trying to get water to go to sleep and things like that. Got to know some of the guys a little bit you know they working in the building and I was working in the building and probably get drawn into -- little bit then continued when I was in New Jersey with the apple some. In my my credentialed to actually works in the doubles would lobby to get into the building when. The big wrestling shows were in town and I remember vividly -- time I was in the also the the buildings aren't meadowlands arena and this was about 5 o'clock in the afternoon. They were pre taping some Promos and all that and I actually saw Randy macho man savage knocking on the door. And I can remember vividly his voice or China which went -- -- -- it's funny. They want us to come but the problem now -- macho man. And it continued through the years. -- it it has ebbed and flowed there have been times when they've cattle lost me. Created has done its job I have to admit. Did Daniel -- -- you're so over the last month to me back in again. So you didn't get into it as a kid. You go into it a little bit later. -- -- I grew up in Maine -- -- about three channels and wrestling wasn't on any. It was certainly not something I have -- big fan he was a professional boxing fan and you know we -- -- boxing pay per views of a -- Portland arena and stuff but now wrestling was early I think I got into more -- an adult. Do you go to Lewiston Maine in 1962 to see. -- Listen I did not Ottawa work in there to what living there and we have moved back pain I hit it however work. And -- Eight WW alphabet and ESPN which was televising wrestling and that. And they were looking for a sport guy that was you know somewhat while loans stated main. And they contacted me it's the voice of the Mariners and asked if I would be the ring announcer. -- for the event that the central Maine you center. I kept it simple menus that are -- at this guys from. WS and he took it downstairs everybody was in this one great big world. And they were all very nice he looked just go to talk to the guys find out you know how how they wanna be announced their height weight where they're from all that popular. Very pleasant breeze to deal that and I heard him say okay let's -- -- right gather round. Community be taking your right. We're doing were doing interviews were the winners of the first ever get outs you view you have to. Form. It's. Why I. Made events. -- super -- -- I'm standing in the middle of the ring in the music shipped east coming down on the island I'm only path and I can. And I'm in the whole intro. And that by saying Jimmy. -- -- he's going over the top broke device they snuck a peek at the middle of the ring album one -- hands up in the -- and I. I thought man I -- future in this business it's only concern concern. One. So this is like eighty to 83. Hour. So is there is there one match early on that really sticks out -- that we talked to grandy. And for him it was a Disco. San Martino in the cage at Shea Stadium in 198081. It's a one match for you that stands out from early on becoming a -- Good call by him. Yeah. I don't know that there was one particular match remember. I became an actual weight it would -- our organization. That day anyway. And I became infatuated. And even military police it was -- one point before it became Hulk Hogan and used to like watching knows they'd be on ESP one for a while. Some of those -- -- remember a particular. I mean for everybody was probably the wrestle mania in Detroit. On the Hulk Hogan Andre the Giant body. Sticks -- everybody's mind as you know the moment where it all began. That was for me that was the match for me that really got -- my older brother and my father watched wrestling but for me it was Hogan on. That was such a spectacle a little different than -- match I -- is talking about cactus Jack and Mick Foley. Was what the matches data. They got me hooked up for you dale in terms of so you you've got in. Later in life and turn -- becoming a wrestling fan but what. Period of time it looked back at whether part the eighties part of the ninety's are part of the two thousands do you look back and say. That was your. No favorite time over the golden age for you as a fan you know you -- coming of panic and right now but is there a certain point you look back dad and just love that -- In a Monday night -- You know when when they were legitimate war where there were stopped going on where where Vince would have -- The the crew on and WCW trillion that the Mick Foley just one out and sell tickets that sort of thing where they would tell you what happened. -- the WW we show went -- Monday night wars hot and when it was legitimate. Good stuff going on both both shows at the same time for me that was. Probably. The premier point of a wrestling and and when I really like the follow was the Monday night wars. It just us it's different time with the guys like stone cold in the rock and obviously the end of Iwo and the DX. In do you think that sort of Eric can return to professional wrestling. Or is that just it's the time where it just was a different complete landscape now everything is little more. Geared towards kids in the lot of differences between concussion control they don't have chair shots ahead they don't like to -- anymore at things of that it do you think it can ever get back or is that just all because it's the characters it was all. Just came together perfectly. Yeah I mean that I slept in every time I -- beyond the -- And and I see you know all the shares shot that -- it makes all I think this isn't happening right now. You know dispute probably isn't accepting the there'll be more concerned about health and welfare. Of their performer than they used today. It's funny the discussion about this the other day I really do agree that it. -- -- Monday night wars -- you know everything was Kate crave and and you know shields was still travel deals in the woods still travel with basis. And he got -- the kind of like the reality part of Britain and -- -- currently exist anymore we our sports entertainers not wrestlers. You know it is this as a show this as a soap opera. And I heard this discussion about you know what you -- having right now -- almost the -- K okay. Like you don't really know its work you don't really know petition to. Probably started with -- CM punk pipe bomb promo. And even now you know. And I hate these distractions and I almost never watch them but you know HA. Ripping on on -- -- and Nat. And you sit near as an audience I wonder what you this is real and how much this is scripted how much of the work how much is issue. They've almost gotten to the point -- -- it's a different kind Chafee beat -- accounts work through what the real stop and what the -- Yeah I mean for the most part we all know that it in the end it's a story lobby your right it there's a lot of real this coming. Coming into what AJ talking about the the that the total divas that's the show I actually watch. And actually check -- out did you get hooked. And -- she makes and you think about it she makes valid points that these girls are all getting just airtime because they're on a TV show meanwhile she's the champion so there has to be. There has to be some truth in that and then obviously would CM -- we know that. Three quarters of that had to be mostly. The truth and it's a new it's a new area and it's it's different and I'm enjoying it as well and you -- it would Daniel Bryan as well with. People saying oh they don't think Brian is big enough for. He doesn't look like a champion doesn't look like the face of a company it's it's it's definitely an interesting turn the way things have been don't. Well how many times the last month or so have you heard off -- -- -- -- much like it. You know I didn't have to marry the boss's daughter to get my job. And he just don't think guys in the company I think it. Only now there are allowed to say it on Mike and onstage. It's just it's true I mean. You have to think Tripoli it's wouldn't have gone to certain points that Freddie didn't marry Stephanie I I can't blame him for doing it. She's she's an attractive lady uniform and attractive lady and they're. All told she helped with this moment right now. The -- company. But she is she has been we were talking about that. The way she talked Orton on Monday it was great and the fact that she brought up the 34 years ago. With -- handcuffing triple agent DD team here the fact she brought that up him was just like excited to bring it up I loved it like she just I don't care. If you've tried to kill me for years ago just. Beat a champion so. And stop with dusty on Monday night. And then again I I I haven't really much enjoyable big show angle of this whole thing until Monday night. Because there was a connection between fictional and -- right there there is a reason for him to finally get emotional but it it it's almost beside the point she has. In a very short period of time become the popular in the company and of course she works matching membership. But she looks damn good being -- ovals and that -- -- who. So where your favorite perform in -- performers right now. -- is my favorite at the moment. I mean I I would be hard pressed to remember a time. When he's turned in a match that you thought was a clunker and in fact if you. We're sitting here you know in late September if I asked you to list the top ten matches but the calendar year I bet he's been up and up. So you know he's probably my top entering performer right now. I I I like what Brian does and and I mean I I -- he's a wonderful warmer. I gotta admit that this whole you know annual Bryant beat down storyline has on me out a little bit. And I know that try to drag this thing out that the ultimate pay -- -- is wrestle mania but. At some point or another. They've got kind of move this state along because you -- haven't organized beat the crap out of him in the middle of the ring at the end of -- show got real old for me. Who did you like at the end of brawl when finally. Some of those other wrestlers came out to -- created card babies' faces. I was gonna say to take a look at who came out. Zack Ryder was out there it looked up -- party year in your dictionary all of them except van -- would probably be in the but the picture up. Yeah -- writers in the Reagan and daring young. One when I watched it I was glad to see you know at least some groups finally. Changed the story line up to something. But it was nobody really cared about and until we get to the point where somebody you care about it are gonna matter as much. Hey I care about the prime time players. Want I'm the one I think they're they're pretty good they're pretty good -- -- they're entertaining the mentioned Bryant and -- in -- scene right now out in -- probably around. January will guess and maybe make a surprise turn. At the royal rumble what are you what are your thoughts on John CNET. Is -- are you in the camp -- he's he's fine how he is as that babyface who gets these booed by the older fans -- by. Women and children would you like to see a change in his character. I I I know that. After fifteen year run as -- -- Hulk Hogan finally turned heel with BMW OO. I I I feel fairly safe and say you're not -- -- that ever happened with John -- You know nobody on the the box of Fruity Pebbles and he's got a clothing line coming out -- Kmart all markers on I just don't think there's ever going to be he'll turn Pristina. I don't have quite honestly think that it's almost become the in thing to do to rip on Sina. Yeah -- -- as we take great performer. Fact of the matter is if you think about it you know little calendar year chasing. And didn't even have the belt and was -- everybody. The idea that you know he's only up proceedings only operate -- just contemplate. That the character but he. Got a great. We're willing to do the job for people when it's good for business use triple agents grades. -- -- to a lot more than triple -- At -- deployment CNET lost to -- Brian. At summer slam me more so had to but still goes in the Reagan does it he lost a punk on several occasions. -- -- lost to the rocket wrestle mania there's a very good possibility. If he was someone who was a little more. I added more -- -- type of attitude he may have argued that no -- was in the rocket wrestle mania never so it. -- act I agree with you I think. I would like to see it change maybe not so much to -- just changed. Little things sometimes gets a little too corny for my I take these and Barry he's been better though. Little -- which obviously the product has changed he's been better over the last nights a year or two it was like 091011. Where it was -- very much. In the haves and have what a guy chase and he says few corny jokes beats -- the paper view then happens again and you know. Repeat -- repeat I think I think that probably a lot of -- was also seen it and every match. You know where where you know the -- down happens -- almost something like Hulk Hogan called up and you know find a way to win and that this would receive and probably travel for a lot of people. I just say I'm I'm just saying that as a character. He does the child when it's required. You can -- incident an unbelievable. Worker just -- all work but he does I mean until he got hurt in there every week he's -- shows he's on paper abused. He's on Monday -- on Friday I mean you always out there he's always working. That the whole idea of you know so called base of the company. Will be only read Mary doing that story light story line right now because the pace the company -- gullible operated -- -- it -- Right now we talked about we like to. Currently but going back throughout all the time who is who is your favorite wrestler. Of all time get one guy to choose to watch. Reputed dragons -- all -- to the choir baby back if it if people actually like one guy or one match. And that was gonna end wrestling viewing for the rest of my life I've watched while those in twos speaking -- Rick -- actions. You and I had this conversation before debating the merits between steamboats -- to wrestle mania three and steamboat flare Atlantans don't -- town heat or something 198889. In the Karabakh and add another. Program -- them. Why do you prefer the -- steamboat over savage steamboat. I don't I. First all I I. Well I don't like so much now. And then I kind of hope it doesn't perform again I love -- it's a performer -- -- it's. And you know he -- Carolina territory he got he got as much. Positively -- negatively than anybody stepped in the ring and steamboat was firmly he was the first high flyer. She was the first guy and I can remember who. Who you know and and stricker came along -- get some -- line up but for -- in what was the first. Really took everything all the ring. And I just think Blair was such a masterful storyteller. That he was able to marry up the the storytelling ability of slayer and high flying abilities -- -- In which it was magical for me when they performed at a level. What did you think about steamboats brief comeback -- -- Iran with Chris Jericho. Like it. I'm not one of the end and I wondered -- there -- times story line lives. Which -- agree -- but pretty dusty back Monday night all world. How that you lies in what they're gonna do. I hope to god they're not building some. You know coal dust Cody -- the roads -- against shields. We were just talking about the -- how. We listening to things. I wasn't as as I -- I don't know how they think a little bit. And and in and I I don't want to dusty in the ring fracture or help -- wanna see -- not -- out. You know I got no desire to see him try to come out and if you -- -- marchers some open. All have this feeling in the pit of my stomach that that's what they're building towards. And you know this is gonna get the ability to get coal dust and and Cody back into the company if they win and some rather go to. Often at -- gonna impact of the Eric come up with a way to do. I have been on good authority that sapphire will be making a comeback -- -- -- -- But what's worse dusty in the polka dots or hurt his gold -- -- what you winners and reacts. And I missed quite understood what it did that can be as well they do a lot of guys but Lex Luger during. Narcissistic. Yeah. I mean that. Such a spectacular. In the ring perform. I mean Dustin wrote can perform. He could or not. And believe we are liable right now and you had an issue throughout the course of his career but the thing that they did to him with that character they didn't many papers. Now understand characters change and move around shipped. I'm sorry I. I can't look at great Wyatt entering or not. Think about the previous character I can't I can't ride back in the re not think about the -- it used to be you know three years ago. Skip Sheffield. Partner excellence. I think great -- -- at this point has done a pretty good job though just to. Make at different. You know they put to such a different situation with the wife family and eat in for a three -- joint he's good in the ring. He's really sees really so he's selling that characters so much that. Started forget about husky -- in husky chances barely even around so. Hopefully it'll continue to do. Well it's a plaque in memory. It's like ten side and prince Albert you know. Sometimes when you look at Eric revolution of guys -- changed guys around. I will say it's the area in Tripoli -- the most credit and I think most responsible. And pushed to bring up new faces and pushed some of the younger performers. I think he's succeeded in some regards I think they've gotten stale with some guys. -- understand what they're doing with quiet -- and shield obviously. I can think they failed miserably with Fandango. Who it's you know who's a local guy from Maine I remember right. You know in the ring of honor guy worked his way up through the ranks. Hot as a pistol -- that stupid idiotic stance and just started the physical and I don't care -- human race. It I hate that character -- that characters since the first vignette I saw my first thought was this guy who -- movie tickets. That horrible on the team -- angle. And from time to time it's it's pretty bad and he's got right back as weird. Still don't know what that means yeah RB back. Strong. Neither can I actually had to match last week and the winner got the trucks. I've heard I heard -- BD in a shoot interview talking about that and he he is no problem with that apparently. He it's the same guy that makes his -- makes -- acts he has no problem whatsoever. Revenue problem but -- Exactly. -- -- -- We thank you so much for joining us here on this edition of the -- wrestled cast stand though we have to do this again real soon they don't cancel us bit soon but I think will hopefully have you. Back on the showed Yemeni. Wrestling events in the near future that you're looking to go into may be survivor series at the at the guarding gonna make your way that. I will say this about a month ago. I caught my first ring of honor. Of that -- -- went down to Providence my friend brutal pop haven't had invited me down. And I went down they do it is like for our show -- -- TV -- down now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I mean they're doing some spots. For WW we would even. And end it worked great was off the charts and I gotta say I was pretty darn impressed. I. And all the it's neat to meet some of these guys. Eddie Edwards some of those guys -- -- -- to a chance to talk to I'm a huge Mike Bennett I -- I still think. You know that -- PW we should look at bringing both here Maria end. But it was a last libel and I went to a ever been to borrow each event and that probably do it and I was pretty impressed. All right -- at the acts members hear about that event and that. Little bit maybe spot heavy at times -- Because couple weeks ago that showed Navarro each event where somebody got -- drove driven on the eight -- it was not good in the -- and that is dread it. Right yes that's assessment of it'd be just. Does he didn't they don't allow Al Travers and nobody punk. Gave -- -- cloud cover once a few weeks ago two months ago and they were upset about that. Well as I say it's probably Smart in that regard yeah it's probably better that they do take better care of their athletes that. Anyway well we'll discuss it another time longer it passed the audition here. I think you passed dale thanks so much -- Thank you -- So great to talk to Dale Arnold about the world of professional wrestling in getting his takes on its instincts and to note that mean I just I actually disfigured that music fan growing up as a kid in. Actually didn't really get into it until he was working as a professional. It was in the seventies so. Interest -- -- but that was different from -- grandy who was a fan as a child and you and I -- both fans as kids so. Always interesting to get that that difference. Different viewpoint. I've talked to him many times about wrestling him you are times we would agency -- last night what did you think of punks. Great match best match of the year we've had these conversations many times but I'd never found out until now. How he got into it. And I'm pretty surprised that he wasn't a fan as a kid as most people -- there and you're an adult you were fan as a kid. And it's kind of missed outrageous thing and he still enjoys some of those aspects of it. It was interesting to hear how and why he got into it. -- favorites are. He's he's a mark for steam though I'm mark for steamboat that of those critical. Mark for steamboat and Joseph is CM punk. Which I think at this I think most people and enjoys the upon it's hard to find somebody -- Doesn't at this point basically what we're saying is still has great taste in sales sales and that is sounded weird pre -- taste in. Professional wrestling you brought up just one topic before we -- the road here in this third edition of the wrestler cast but the white famine brought operate Wyatt and how he thinks obviously that's still the character changes things of husky terrorist. And I say it needs I think he's doing a good job of kind of a racing -- for you know making people forget about that. Really just a nonexistent run he just was part of the group. Com and I don't think I I I disagree with -- little bit -- and I don't think about. Husky Harris media wasn't watching enough at the time when prosecutors whose. In his tiny little run with the nexus I was the it was the new as the second next -- on the axis axis you know I wasn't paying attention that much -- nexus was running wild. So I remember seeing husky Harrison being impressed with him and thinking. Yet he doesn't have the traditional body but there's something about this kid. Who has the charisma and in -- ability to really sell match. I I'm a big fan of the white family that promo was creepy as hell as always I I really look forward to seeing them. On broad and seeing what -- -- Leaders things thing is they haven't been up hearing. It's you know on Roddick had the promo Lewis and it was a couple weeks ago. And I can remember the promo for this past Monday may have mentioned the saint at the same where they talked about going against they're trying to bring down the machine. Which just makes threats and you've talked about the idea may be a bit unusual feud between -- corporation and I think it makes perfect sense right now because it this way you're kind of keeping them. Way off you know off to the -- I wonder what's the wife -- doing and part of it. I believe past -- with -- as well it's Cain is filming a movie or whatever see no evil see no evil sex. Hands I could very well see the -- family plus -- Together the noticed randomly appearing during a I triple H -- you know something going on. I think -- the tough thing about the white family is there so obviously heels. But they're so good that it that they get pops for their entrance -- entrance is really good to. So. It it to me it's an eventuality that they have to become some kind of he'll face where there doing he'll tactics but everyone loves them for -- right so and and that I think will be. Would make for great few wins whomever with the corporation. We also another faction in the the payment family. And I'm interest to see how that evolves and no broccoli has so many dates that he can do per year. But I don't RC Curtis accident lost Max. You know what what what is next for him what can you do he's the Intercontinental champion -- just. But I think it is fully -- is -- sometime and Intercontinental title futile what she's going to get over on. Yes and I'm not -- and plant he's got a he's got to pick your opponent. That he can beat down leading up to pay per view match and then -- convincingly in the paper -- and someone that's legit. It can't be Kofi Kingston you know real kind of like watching -- Kofi Kingston Russell -- that'd jump around the ring and do amazing things you've never seen before. But you need to see him be but if you had him in a few weeks. -- Jericho -- back for a little while and go over Jericho. -- huge for them but they have kind of losing to bigger name talent. Yet he's he's right he he was stuck in the thing with payment in punk he's got us. Interact with -- can you can't he just does not gonna go over on CM punk. If you go over on Kofi Kingston. It just says. Work is and you put him in another match later in debt -- -- whole thing is just weird it smacks of we don't know exactly what -- do we don't have a clear direction for this guy and there's only three there's really only two -- story lines right now. And then Paul Sigler again just continues to be a question mark and loses at the paper view of the title that the winds are not title match. On Monday's what does that mean is when a busy that is the -- -- -- -- back up or they just the Romo win because of the non title match. I think. Two things with -- one from reading that they're cheats that he's being punished for openly. Not on TV but in interviews openly criticizing brand New York in the relationship there. Which when I read Lego is just playing into the storyline -- I was sick -- but then he's legit losing. And you put that view is that new cases it's weird. And but on the other hand Dolph gets this lukewarm reaction only once and I ever seen him get a mega pop and that was. That night he surprisingly cashed in on the champions. I I think he's getting the lukewarm now because the fans in a way -- to say it will what's going on yeah we're used. I I think when he got the mega pop. Around that time he was getting -- to pops he was getting even though it was a -- he was getting people liked him they want to see him. Do well nobody wins that happens then a little time after. And you have to think that concussion he got from Jack swagger really derailed thing. Is it really did as he was he was on -- -- -- -- them is gone and can you can't be gone when you're in the middle of archery and I -- we got a concussion had to be off writes the road -- Just announced which is unfortunate -- that exactly -- one of those breaks. It was Andy maybe he's being punished and that happens. But I can't I I have to think at triple H has as much power as we think he does some pretty short he does I don't think he. Doesn't see the talent that -- passed in terms of hindering navy. And at times ziglar kinsella a little too much as such as a baby face a little too much -- little bits which yelling in the and it just. Sells it too much at times but I think is overall in rain performance. And I think is Mike skills aren't good enough that I -- feel as if they know that what they haven't -- they're just. Don't know how to execute yet. -- was ziglar to is that he still does some you know which things in a match. What I said that he when he does the Rick rude. Hope it thrusting. That's a huge move no now pianist at some elect that you as a maybe -- -- a -- first but yet. I knew it was them that such an interest in care. Is that Haiti faced that but he was he was he was just a a jerk. Baby faced at the guy who he was killed my cousins like I'm gonna -- -- -- choppy choppy and a but. What you do to recruit and start the only reason you. A face should do that is to mock the person actually does it. But he'd just flat out doesn't himself so it's kind of and that's one of those things it's like that's on the face move and I think that that that's also part of the characters. That people. Were enjoying as the -- -- -- yet it's so I'll -- junior girls don't you just can't it doesn't it'll -- with Austin because Austin was just. What you did was just straightforward to get middle finger drinking beer uptick -- -- a sticker rhapsody just keel or -- base not much changes he didn't. Do -- weird things in the rain. Just straightforward brawler so it works and it's a polite that sit there -- little more parts to the hole. Who was -- to together. -- I think the stone cold Steve Austin character is. I've really legitimately think that's the best character mr. -- and how much of character really is that not much apparently. Just pretty you know obviously we don't know him personally but from everything I've heard and seen men and red. That's that's as close to him as you can get it and it was. You know a lot of things you'd. He -- at the right time. Late ninety's when things were really changing rapidly. It was the best character it was perfect food I mean -- Austin doesn't get made unless. Vince isn't the greatest -- -- Yet that is also -- I did it and each other particulars are -- to help make events PR Steele was really popular. Before him but he was kind of stuck in this mid -- the kind of okay you're gonna have a real run with Bret Hart and then word game and you're gonna run with -- Which you know. Owns great talent but that's a step down from Brett on the totem pole. And then you're gonna -- -- the -- get back at them into this whole American angle where he didn't really fit and the Canadians -- the Americans and then. -- Michael's going to bow man the man. It's -- and greatest deal of all time comes in and helps. Make that character. Go to that upper -- on the next level of just pure great. Just really just magic in the particular attack at a a before we wrap wrap things up there's 11 story outside a dividend he -- I've been reading about here about. -- couldn TNA his contract is up. -- today October 1 or somewhere in that they have their TNA has their mega paper view October 24 -- believes. First of all that brings one big problem because. The -- and a much much of the selling points still have to probably is probably Hoke -- -- anybody gonna show up to its CNA event if Hogan isn't gonna be there now. Do you think did today I doubt Obama does anyone Charlton winning events now enter into a -- balance that -- the -- cursory show. In Boston -- it was there. There about 3000 people that's that's granted again it's doesn't fit you know sixteen but he -- got five or 6000 that would be great success rate. Was but -- I was at the again as for the Charlie Sheen standup things. I -- I think because I don't know what the -- laws and the places though. Yes so it's understanding it who knows might see him back. BW we and it Debbie WE capacity. And the other thing is the interview comes -- -- you can review comes up really quickly. Their three weeks they have battleground. Other paper view and then three weeks after that palace cell. Too much right. Way too much and you know. You can't act I don't know anyone barrel by both. Yeah you'll -- some people will buy one probably -- Mel so am. I don't really know at some point of battleground is yet. May be a target for the championship. That be cool actually I was so I don't I don't think that I don't think that's happened. Well thanks for getting my hopes up in them. Crap and all of that was the that was the thought when it's whose thoughts and they made that paper view the well was the war games type of thing battleground war games. Clearly not happening is that would have you would know that might now be would know it for so they'll have now less than three weeks for a paper view. -- Think it's just they just want to change the name from what it was then it just dot. But David Ellis Ellis so you get held a cell matches so probably yet people are probably gonna save and wait for that paper view or -- -- waitress actors. Now Colombian singer and this is a good time right now -- there's some good story lines that just once and developed a little more with the white elicited developed a little bit more. Some of some of the under card stuff policy developed a morbid there's some really good stuff going on right now are good product. All right -- great showed today and we spoke to -- Dale Arnold here on the WEEI -- -- -- we think you for tuning in. Be sure to check this out again hopefully out next week we'll have another edition of the rest Caster can find us on Twitter site if I'm Ben that young Ben WE I could find me. At -- costs end. That will wrap things up so think sports shooting enable top -- next time you're the WEEI or wrestle cast.

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