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Salk and Holley's Answer The Question - 09/18/13

Sep 18, 2013|

Just ask... we will respond.

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It's time or answer the question -- answer the question which -- Alex is the big question. So would you be years not answering anything and everything I'll answer that question it's answer the question what. -- have bad news story of Michael. Bad news is that a bit into the phone call -- up. Bad. News -- you do it's bad news one dollar -- tickets are sold out. I don't know how many tickets they have I don't know but I know they're -- damaged the police are Mikey. You -- that -- -- -- beard growing this beard for seven years so looking forward it is very day dude you better you better watch yourself you're gonna get in trouble after what happened yesterday could sit here and complain about the beard thing which you better be very careful answer the question Roger by -- restoration specialist. Your property your facilities manager or insurance Brokaw heiress to injury of a disaster restoration gave -- -- place. Call 8774611111. Or go to -- serve dot com today what did you do and careful of -- -- what did you do. Our ultimate coach you saw you know what you did Koji or -- -- -- we -- just a little bit of the song you played yesterday that -- after it ruined Koji didn't -- squad and with that you're you're you're believing in some kind of falls jinx and -- people to believe that you -- -- that make money don't sabotage him -- Did you call on purpose if it sabotage anybody sabotaged victory don't want that now and -- didn't make did you do it because you're afraid of a little monster -- -- -- It's not because there's probably. It's. How old are you -- -- -- We everybody's different -- Hey. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So it was not my it's my coach walked up and -- all -- victory and will that don't come up with a song about him -- Hawaiian punch it was negative when he force. You were negative 24 yards on the mixer. And you'll sensitive -- in -- notice out their dismembered cemetery. And I I was education. It was awesome just -- my favorite athletes. I saw. Fuel your favorite Carlton Fisk was fantastic Jack gold here Jack Nicklaus. Vince Wilfork. Derek Anderson Derek Sanderson -- -- and did you meet Jack Nicklaus Douglas Lute he did you get to meet Jack Nicklaus. I didn't celtics' ownership group did he say Michael we hope we thought we we we we traded from Ohio State story rather Mi Jack Nicklaus or Jack Nicholson. Jack Nicklaus rather Mi Jack Nicklaus -- actually. Nichols alone and you'll have to -- talked about to talk about -- remember watching him -- lakers -- -- what I wanna know what what don't wanna know from technical I would like to like I would like to recreate the final scene in a few good men with technicals but what were you thinking there how did you -- and I know like I just want him to play him and I'll play -- brought to you want to -- -- -- attitude that was always -- black in bed. Yes -- Jack Nicklaus was talking about 86 in winning the Masters Tournament eighteen majors -- All sorts of into designing golf course all sorts of interesting things I would much rather what does he tell you about designing golf courses. And -- right he's gonna he's the underdog. Governor -- -- first Russian allotments slant on lakes and trees. Our listeners he's sitting here make your credit Jack Nicklaus policy is. Guys look at better movie goodies they're standby. State and what about me my next question. Do you believe in -- next question spirits yes yes do you really yes -- kind of -- How well like do you believe that but people being hunted bike though I know I wouldn't say people being haunted by ghosts but I think I do believe there's some places you go to. And I bet -- experiences and you didn't OK -- industry and a freak. When you're looking for houses and places to -- can you -- went to a certain house there's an energy in the house if he. It that you feel -- into the beetlejuice edit either the places happy are you don't like somebody died there. You don't just feel bad. Tibet Georgia without doubt that -- has the spirit and runs. -- -- if you -- not leaving -- once you lose Travel Channel to something you know the guys are huge bags. To mr. Which. The New York Post. Hunter at the demonstrators have nightmares that -- -- like I met a more like our -- to see juicy I haven't seen. I would -- people in the room really. But my brother and sister you don't die but music I don't wake up -- can -- that -- -- screaming and that I would hear it laughter you don't do that anymore sometimes. It's a standard should not just that drove that really weird in this household where Michael has vigorously in this kids room -- he's afraid that it felt that it -- kids respect what would you stop. Your own tactic that's right the -- next question Africans and a you'd though do you split ran to the interim single guy and the guy and a girlfriend in the other bodies -- -- and thirty. Well what -- it doesn't seem right -- yeah I think it's 3034. X three and outs. Actually the were staying one. Is over you can if you had to use the appetite is it. It's -- 303040 you gotta put in 40% if you've got the from -- him right now it is sixty the other they -- they got a bigger room in the master bedrooms what at the master bath. And you're stuck with themselves like what I don't know you have to use the public -- abuse -- -- after. If they want to hit lots of its short and sweet. It's simple make it through the support single guys. Put them haven't said -- that enters its 303040 man that's what's there are published. -- your problem that it's it's on at the beginning it's real real quick she's eighty what do you think is the right split. Susan man in the currently pay him. So that's I think they all totalled 60% thirty each. And this and I'm -- -- anyways that's right with the idea go copper or coal and when ordering. Own. Now do you go Sugar -- or those weird group -- like last EU. You know we what does that we articles -- -- entered the little yellow ones -- it is costing among white -- But I dairy -- is different success -- it's nice to know with more -- you can use the Wafer -- to have him. On the on the other ones it has been sugarcoat -- otherwise there was no experience -- -- you still owned the -- I don't read my guest. Philadelphia peanut -- -- play. Yeah you question if you. Have at least eleven hole at dairy queen oh I pull up my wallet. Everybody -- and Mike Adams where they are green for a tourism boot disk and put. Next question about why doesn't some member of the media. Tell -- check. Where he can show next question that's the question here. I think -- boards into an effort twelve years that they got your answer and that's what happens to a free upside you're just doing different jobs here TCU was an adversary. For no reason to get angry about you're just doing different job even if it's personally can't take it personally right there might be personal and I probably is we played yesterday -- made the -- Let's look at what you can and can't get into that get every now. Is if you're telling me and in this is a different conversation for different if you tell me as a sports fan. That that would make you feel better you'll be better served. By. An interviewer saying oh you know screw you are part or your -- your jacket whatever it is. Are -- and maybe got a considerate but. What are you looking for as a sports fan and what are we looking we are we doing our jobs we do yet. Eagles -- much hate is it is just he just wishes to receive guys right which is sort of like. I think. -- the news need to warn us about frost advisories. Question. -- do -- need to know that there's a frost advisory information can that be is it like a remnant of the of the farming age it's the gardeners and answered that they need to noble profit and advisory for them. Like a thunderstorm advisory which would really matter in my life. Whether there's frost on the ground really is an effective chip plants have plant not bill okay I really does affect you can that you. Is it important enough I don't what you don't because of frost advisory put the heat when it's cold every plant since articulate a plan to -- played in the idea. -- farmer and that's it I keep losing points but -- -- -- in thing to do with the with a green though they've added to bring them outside maybe it's not the browser to windows Chernoff for next question. What are you most about doctors. And right time. Absolutely never looked at what point is it okay for you to charge the doctor. Or take off from your bill now they Imus -- a problem all over YouTube to right. And it went deputies when he is the most aggravating thing you'll sit there and it's all. No matter how much paperwork out of the doctor's office every time I don't. Know what else the fact that here's the other one. It's one thing when they keep you waiting -- the waiting room as long as they do -- you spent half -- work by men's magazine that they bring you into the inner office and it went there and you're 45 it that is the worst and is -- to do when there. Usually in the cellphone reception like stuck in the bowels of some hospitals somewhere that's the worst absolutely the worst that issue in an icy turn your car we knew we do though is blowing so that was the easy setup. She she -- out of that purpose. Who is the best drinker you've ever drink. I don't read this I know your -- or. Use it on -- Opt -- Mr. -- rhetorically a member of the media you always dream of now visibility during but. Probably because -- ride I don't know them as employer and nodded when our pastor but he is an excellent. And if he's listening right now he knows exactly and buyers with a lot of thought I'd ever -- with -- I am. In my -- daisy Buchanan's one night. That doesn't apply because in his employer does -- -- -- clear eyed Mike back in the day there any anyone that jumps out. Dick Raddatz of course you know why I asked of what's the most Peters who ever had he said 441 case and I say peaceable my teammates don't we 131 night. Thirty Beers. Wade Boggs sneezes at thirty here the network rather that's two hours Raddatz what's what's expired yes 66 yeah okay 166 yard thirty years thirty years ago. We're helping younger that you got the monster goes under the giants are our best stories about -- like -- that -- put down four cases and two bottles of vodka. In an hour public wants. Sort of him drinking fifty -- -- in a city and then wrestling him later reduced it to 88 a midget he thought it was the appetizer. A pretty much do it for us tonight -- Adams tried not to screw with a Red Sox tonight yes -- we will be back at you guys tomorrow at two till Wednesday.

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