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NFL week 2 makes it hard to make any definitive statements on the direction of the league

Sep 16, 2013|

It's a quarterback league! You need to run the ball to win! Defense wins championships! We hear these catch phrases all the time, but in a changing NFL landscape, it's getting harder and harder to put a single finger on the teams and trends throughout the NFL.

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And volley on a patriots Monday at once again in Foxboro today at Gillette Stadium Bill Belichick will join as early strange week schedule wise for them -- as -- today. Not a day after game patriots of course as you noted in play yesterday and despite Michael great sports weekend. Are you worried you said you're gonna miss the patriots yesterday it was going to be hard at this -- like. This is a great sports -- -- -- at the Red Sox sweep in the Yankees got Rivera's -- -- yesterday thankfully the Red Sox had to -- such class and dignity in style so that they can think -- of the greatest person who ever lived that's sarcasm off we'll get governments are vulnerable get. To a little bit. My friend I promise you got to -- great NFL action throughout the day I know you watch the fight on Saturday night I did not but I do wanna ask you about it I want a and then you have you know that that culmination last night with a -- socks and beat the Yankees -- one channel. And a Sunday Night Football game what might be the two best football teams in the NFL going after each other that's a pretty damn good sports we can. Yeah plenty going on -- mentioned Boston College USC didn't now now the lowest what they say it was the lowest turnout in the coliseum and like over a decade two decades -- disrespectful. How does respect and always know what -- your -- is this and that's -- -- -- somebody is it. I don't know and all of -- pleasure and analyze Alabama and Texas Alabama Saturday and and to support a candidate can seem like a closer game and actually. As important I want to completely flipped the other way but that Alabama was in control of the game after they went down fourteen zip early and then you -- -- them in the first. You know 510 minutes -- -- away from Alabama -- possible. And Alabama to control and no doubt like Alabama and -- what he says I like -- -- Alabama people they get a good save good. Like the man I think they're fun to watch I love the defense a punishing it was kind of a funny weekend football wise and no one talks the Red Sox here we have Belichick coming up it just 230 but. Funny weekend watching football wise where is there was a ton of passing this week and -- all the quarterbacks throw for three and applause some thrown for four -- applause. You have a college spread offenses of the crazy offense all over the place. But the two best teams that I saw over the weekend. Was Alabama who wins the defense and big powerful pro Mac Pro style running game. And the Seahawks last night who do some different things but ultimately. Beach you now with a core equity 225. Yards or so last and how much about it not a great not a great. I'm night for either quarterback. They threw for 250 combined yards I mean they just didn't throw the ball at all but the Seahawks ran downhill and played unbelievable defense your boy Richard Sherman when you like so much just to book -- and I -- -- old and -- -- storm familiar with him now does it play in the -- might have seen him waving those problems with the cheerleaders last -- -- picture. Eric serve another -- yet they let go -- so quarterback I don't know I think he deserves to be called every once we call that he was. He's pretty -- so it's interesting you every time you wanna make a case that football is one thing. The quarterback -- -- -- to court correctly quarterbacks matter more than anything else. But is a passing league does it have to be that the only way you can win the you have to throw the ball all over because I'll tell you out of your patriots fan right now. You better hope that he could go to quarterback league it's not necessarily. A passing Yardley -- that. Because federal are not capable right now today of winning shootouts like that we can know -- A -- -- there's no game today nor tomorrow. Or the next -- so. Where they capable of playing like that the first two weeks of the season obviously not no wait. They weren't ready or work in progress and -- kept saying it before the season started I don't know how many people believed it. Because you go put that hole that old playbook yeah with the patriots aren't you expect them -- -- Tom Brady is. And how many references that we have in the past month to 2006 like that it would Reche Caldwell not really. Really. They got body with Reche Caldwell got I would Jabar Gaffney. Doug Gabriel and make the entire season there was some frustration that from Tom Brady but it was. It was it was good enough to get to AFC championship games I think people just glossed over a lot of glossed over. What kind of struggle it would be early in the year so I agree with you if they had to play against these great team like Denver. And they scored forty points yesterday the patriots had a -- -- when these great teams and the first couple weeks. They wouldn't be too and now -- it'd have to act like a completely different story on Sunday while. And I expect them -- I'm not saying I think they're gonna be a bad team or anything like that I think you know still pretty high on them and what they're capable I just think. They may be winning in a different fashion when you see what I think the consensus two best teams in football last night. Just beat the snot out of each other physically dominate each other from the defense side of the ball and with running backs. To me that that's that's showing you that there's another path to success. That it doesn't need to be spread him out throw for 385 yards in the game and what you're defense hang on for your life. There are other ways to win football are you don't like it might have been trying to send our. I agree with that what you gotta be really special to pull off an we saw it happen last year we look at Stanford Cisco -- -- it was a team last year right. They were. Do you look at their -- look at their attack and look at the way they have their their passing vs their running I think they ran the ball more than they they passed it last year. And they were play or two away from winning the Super Bowl so it can be done but. Sampras has also had a lot of things -- report last year -- only have a good running a good running back and a good running game. It -- out quarterback who could run impasse. -- had a phenomenal defense and you had creative a creative play calling. And -- head coach Gergen had a good team though before they got -- I mean that's the one thing that that still should be pointed out. There are good team play off shore and maybe even a team that gets to the Super Bowl may without cap maybe -- we didn't get to see what happens Kyle Smith. But there are good -- -- -- -- -- -- cabinet and I'm not surprised by it Al Smith is to an already with kids outstripped the decent quarterback and those things are pointing out -- do all the things they don't just have a good running game right saying OK well we don't need -- an elite quarterback they generally good consumer and and that's what was so interesting last night as those two defenses. San Francisco's very heralded you know almost all the players by now and Patrick Willis stud at. Seattle not quite as heralded at least in the name power on this and a on the defense side of the ball and I was I know a lot of -- and watch them closely the last few years. But other Richard Sherman I mean you know a lot of the players on the defense. Mean to bring in meetings stick out he was a guy that's KJ -- it rolling no doubt write much about those players right. Did you watch them play they're big they're physical they're nasty the the big quarterbacks. And and I guess. I want the patriots to turn into the Seattle Seahawks I don't I don't want anything like that. But if you're if you're looking for a model for how -- defense can be the leader instead of just hanging on those two teams last night probably show you. How -- defense can lead the way. And the -- to bring you that at the beginning of this year while the offense continues to -- it because it was. Absolutely and -- and they continue to need it as they play against better teams they play against Atlanta in two weeks. They gonna need them. Probably you don't think so you think in two weeks the offense will be enough that you don't need the defense we are. I expect to see me a big difference in the office on Sunday this Sunday that to the 22. Against Tampa because I'm not gonna blame it just my receivers what we saw against the jets and in that and that that was definite -- people talk like it was a loss was when we saw against the jets. Wasn't just on the rookie receivers he had a lot of things breaking down in that game and you still were able a lot of Wear and and one of the big ones was was Tom Brady. You know Tom Brady was screaming. And a lot of the receivers but he also spent some time yelling at himself rightly so -- And -- talked a lot about it today mr. broad level plays -- -- -- -- like this has got to continue no I don't. What will give you some of that debt coming up about 245 after Belichick plays some of the more important lights. From radio and Dennis -- in this morning because he was hard on himself on the team in general a pretty open pretty honest I felt especially for Brady. From being a patriot really relieved and gave you sense as to where things are right now if you missed any of that interview will play the most important parts coming up about 245 this afternoon before Belichick does communal twenty minutes. Wanna address the Red Sox and a couple of different front -- -- get back conversation circulating. As well and and before we get to the -- stuff which is the soap opera off the field drama stuff which is very interest thing. You got to give them so much credit meant for on the field the Yankees -- in your rivals used -- the ever living crap out of them. And just move right along -- thanks for coming in but I. We're going to -- you were going to pitch we're gonna do everything right and see you later at the end of the weekend at the magic numbers for three to clinch a playoff spot. This team is absolutely go into the playoffs are all likelihood it with the best record in baseball and now enter in all likelihood as the favorites. As the favorites. In the playoffs along with Detroit and I guess Oakland would be the next two after them. Tell me that right now you feel better but any team. In the American League in the -- Take is taken a step further about any team in baseball. Would you say they're the best team in baseball right now have a nice stuff that the American he's been in the nationally the rates are good team a -- -- a rare look at a price I think the Red Sox and Pristina based welcoming us to imagine was finished is September. Of 2013. This time last year you would have been all laughed in the middle laughed out of New England laughed out of the country. He said in one year the rest of the best human -- because they were on their way to just an awful there's a few just added the beginning of this year or or maybe. Maybe even at the beginning of the beginning of the summer. -- season already starts -- hit at the beginning of the summer that the Red Sox are going to be the best team in baseball so yes tribute to them or you are taking care of -- every night together. Do you have any new conclusions as to why do you have any new conclusions as to why they are where they are. Like is anything because it feels like every game trying to you personally but we elect and are coming up with new reasons. Why it is what it is easy toggle ferry to talk about Harrington the gap -- -- prodigy I. I'm back to the pitching today like it kind of go like different directions each -- man this is really get that your delegate two things jump out to be over the weekend one that. Pitching. In the starting pitching team really is excellent it is it is I think the number one reason why they are where they are able to get the Leicester vs -- for game one little bit later in the show. Inhabit it again haven't last year year and we didn't have any chance we can and you look at news and how they how they -- be able to turn this thing around. It just go out and it in -- great starting pitching. Just in an offseason is gonna pick that up and you look at some of the contributors. You know what there's Clay Buchholz. Look at clay buckles last year and this year. I I had always been out for awhile but that in terms of how pretty good when he's in how he finished last year yet. About a 190 innings last year. -- remarkable 190 innings you look at Jon -- last year you can even say it was a bad year for Jon Lester. You know ERA approaching five. And you look at John Lackey unavailable last -- see -- really didn't think it's incumbent this year in those three guys I mentioned. I think -- come in relying on those three guys -- they all -- question marks the super. All right so I tell you that it pitching and that's the thing that I keep coming back -- now or do I then have to go to John Farrell. Because none of them I mean I guess I. But it was not good in the beginning of his Red Sox career Lester is not been good the last couple years or at least not spectacular and let -- just anger there was was nothing remarkable last year right. So what's the difference because those are the same three human beings that were here -- they didn't change their skin. Just became better pitchers again is that John -- returning to work with them along one -- -- what they've done. And I guess I have to give some level of credit there and say you know Farrow. Says over the week and maybe it was bluster or only after it whether it was Saturday or Sunday that the guys that it. That -- just felt like keeping control of it seems like girls and control of everything. He's just he's such a calm. -- -- -- Present and he knows what's going on in each part of the team and know what's going on in the clubhouse. -- know what's going on in the bullpen I know what's going on my pitcher's mechanics I know what's going on here. He really does have a great control now all that being said. Do you think Bogart to stir and open its eyes a little bit mean it is -- if anything is -- DC defense played yup I don't ought to picking bit and we move into the light. Often it's not what you know and I'm sure I'm sure he knows a Bogart and talented young player but what do you do with that. Do you say I don't know do you say right now women and let the equipment which you raven we we are we're both raving about the -- I don't were raving about this team -- best in baseball -- the favorite. On and on and on they've done everything right. Would you do this image before on a championship team and this -- here -- 2007 yes. But is there anything you've seen from Stephen Drew the make you say he's got to lose his job right now and Bogart has got to take it. I'm glad it was thought he had his job with what he's opened his eyes open or what to the fact that the keep it -- why we know that so -- does he do with of course -- -- -- -- -- Lefties by the way to get him in the in the lineup against left. Can't say it. I just can't get him in the lineup against left handers to wait until something happens to prove that he can't keep doing it. Mis hitting the ball well. I have seen no evidence that affected his defense is ready for prime time he looks fine out there. If anything he's looked better than fine and that's not a knock on -- you know enough I've been a fan of Stephen Drew all year long like Stephen Drew a lot of the defense I think it's it's very very good -- The bat has been great against right handers but -- apart against lefties and you got this kid here. So much fun term like John -- -- having nick as I just said then unbelievable job and as things have seemed to work out. Hot -- just seems to bring such a spark and if the argument is I don't know -- trust the defense. The defense looked really really good right now are small sample size. Well samples and they keep giving I got -- -- -- -- can see what job. And you also have you also have your your everyday shortstop. It's Stephen Drew who hasn't done anything to make you think how we got to get him out of their defense only thing is done is not be able left. I know I have zero problems with any other part of -- and none. None zero zip zilch and -- he's been an a plus plus defender shortstop I think he's been an excellent hitter against right handers. I think he's done -- mean he's come up really big clutch hits he has a role model here is a lot of I am not talking about Indian a bad player and by the way if you're starting Bogart's against some lefties are more lefties. But doesn't preclude drove from pinch hitting later in the game when you're gonna bring a right hander intimated. Went right handers in the game. So that there's plenty of opportunities for stale and he's one of the more important guys in your team. -- -- -- more the kid I'd like what I see and Chile shows -- -- -- -- another week and a -- -- for him to prove that he's got issues when we see -- you don't see more -- it. You know it's too bad though it's too bad that nobody's watching this team. Is because. I think I heard somewhere. That everybody was there Donald ownership right they -- down on the players. John Henry is more concerned about soccer. In the globe. And making Dan Shaughnessy is life miserable. Many years with Andy's probably do very well anyway you really and other soccer are -- arrest within the shuttle is definitely a better there while -- -- hit it about the latest from there today about how I enjoyed and join us very much. Latest from day to -- -- You know it's a very complicated situation going on with you know John Henry owning the globe and it's gonna make it like. Like that -- on the tape it which -- you know carrying the Red Sox water but this team is so good how did you meet negative that job. And -- it. York and critical I know of answering the -- -- her entire career has been made answering the question how to write something bad that a body really good team. That's your kind. Not. Right now and -- And and and and trade marking the curse of the band John Henry has your -- or his mind right now. But we we've heard so much of -- and people were working area so they're not watching. Where they -- They just disappointed prime they kind of spirit is given the parental thing. -- -- look at money and angry at the Red Sox I'm just disappointed disappointed in them just I'm just so disappointed at the way they've let me down in the way they don't Carol. They were all angry at a -- and I know there's a group of people and the people we talked to the beginning of the year who were saying. Root for the Indians. I like Terry Francona better -- I like the Red Sox aren't gonna root for the Indians and most people get a call back in a couple of weeks from both these teams make the playoffs and play each other. They get a call back -- be rooting for the Indians but -- people kept that promise. -- one of the things people say it but they don't actually keep the promise that like and moderate for the indians' night. You're gonna call Sports Radio station and say you're gonna root for the Indians but you're telling. You're gonna like go get the MLB package and likes danger you're gonna like. Read the Cleveland plain dealer -- -- job thank you like that's what you're gonna do come on you're talking to do that. You're gonna go find my guy. What's his name in Cleveland one -- on our Josh arron and open your mind -- ran in the I'd like listen to him after every single game as threatening criticizes everything that's going on is ridiculous the way you're not. You're still watching and rooting for the Red Sox you liars or -- cool and clear in our room in form and showing. -- attendance after averaging ten -- 28 in the league 20000 yet again. Not get if they did bring electric into the game and I'll let me stop you bring a live chicken everything is -- you know it's it's a circus get alternative is something -- to people who -- -- a lot of questions for winning Davis is is is not quite a lot of questions for Belichick today we think that that is. That the chicken is that the actual -- that is that job and you tracked him down and I knew which match. -- -- checks coming up here in a minute or get a lot of a lot to get to today. After that play the Brady sound wanna get into what the patriots are right now and how much responsibility. Falls on radio -- -- -- calls on that 61777979837. Red Sox -- topic all day long as well as their on the verge of clinching and I do absolutely. Wanna talk about the league ceremony. For the greatest human that ever lived last night at memorial park more -- it's so great thankfully all the writers have been justified because classed as a reigns supreme nobody's immortal judgmental about it in baseball writer for the grace and will get grace and class and all that is good in the world existed on that that would amount to the Red Sox. They did they were then they're not dark yet but. I think they're very unlikely to be the wild -- to. Giving Cleveland schedule and how well they're playing and given the other teams involved I don't know man I still like Texas better team in the that losing it. I still think Tampa's got some then. I'm not willing to say the Yankees are going to be the team just yet anyway all that stuff coming up Bill Belichick up next. We'll talk to him just.

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