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Tom Brady on the growing pains for the Patriots offense

Sep 16, 2013|

Tom Brady joined the show and discussed the offensive struggles last Thursday against the NY Jets. He said that there is room to grow and that he has confidence in his teammates to get where they need to be.

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Are you with -- is brought to you by northeast electrical distributors the cancer center at Beth Israel deaconess and crescent credit union. I'm joins us on the AT&T hotline the nation's justice and now most reliable or GL TE network morning Tom -- If it weren't they what does Tom Brady do on a NFL Sunday where you're not playing football the -- to be targets of potato chips and -- on the cultural they law already justly dealt with this I don't see any pictures of your -- and -- -- -- next to the park right what do you do. There was blood effectively -- and so that would that was coming -- of Davis and and watch some football of course you do -- the ball. Yeah you have there was blood -- gains on them. Yeah I watched the yeah -- -- match given -- you felt. What effects say they have now been game on Saturday response so there are a lot of good supporting reform. How -- watch football do you watch it as a fan -- do you watch it as. A a -- scouting. Future opponents does that work. You know it's hard to tell with the TV copy a lot of time to scouting now. And -- government tools so. Mostly of the fair and just kind of -- A lot of guys that probably I know our team play over the years you guys that I really like what you play and so. He goes through the fund David Harris at that there's a lot of games are meant that read so. Channel. It's pretty amazing. Who what impressed you yesterday I suppose Aaron Rodgers -- for starters. Yeah he's he's an incredible player so he's. And it seems like he has those types of performances every single every single week. You know the Seattle -- -- game was. Within the you know obviously great -- first Seattle and they play really well when they play at home in their environment so. Very. In other off the saints -- -- that was developed a great game. -- -- eroded -- You know which if it's a week weekly felt. The one week. You know look like San Francisco's. You know unbeatable they've decreed bit -- great. Unstoppable offensively and also in the play another team in Seattle about Seattle but. -- Seattle played great and what it really shows me as far as the players that you just have to bring whatever we can if you don't you're gonna get beaten and that's that's. The reality because every team has so many talented players and you know and anything can happen I think that's excellent for instance in the -- also. -- you may not know this but Jerry refuses to watch pre game programs so he didn't see what I saw yesterday. Three people wished Dan Marino happy 52 birthday yesterday. Two of them were very very nice to him. Rodgers and Brees were both mice and sort of you know you still goodies to walk around the ballpark and then pop goes up and says man I was a kid watching you you wanna -- the -- -- I've known him for a long time so I figured. You know thirteen years I've known him -- he's either a really nice guy and I got to know pretty low over the years so I just put them as well. All right let's what do you think he'll do that when you're done would you I mean that's a pretty cushy gig that Marino and boomer have to sit there. Analyzing games talk about watching games go and analyze them break them down it could do that right couple million a year. It's the Big Dig -- that -- I'm sure it's fun for them that -- I don't know I'd. Who knows -- it'll be hopefully I don't have to decide that for a long time but it's but I loved it I'd love of the game it's it's hard to ever. -- pay attention to the game and since it's been. Such a part of my life for so many years. You know would be really nice to enjoy it stress free. If if that could ever happen at some point you know many years on the road. Could you ever see your self coaching at any level -- because you'd be screaming at people all the time I suppose in your note that. Still. The belated but you have that's definitely something. I'd love that aspect of -- of football too it's such. You know the more you learn about football. The more you really realize you don't know about football so he constantly evolves and changes from your new year with. Even so -- -- in I think that the really great coaches and that's why you know I'd I think coach go -- the best. You know coach Evers the -- he's very little wolf is dial. Over many years while still maintaining. The principles that the game was really built -- it's not. It's not like it's saying you know them. It's not a gimmick lead they have so ultimately it comes down to relish -- fundamentals of blocking tackling you know the running throwing exceeding a -- critical -- being tough being disciplined. That's what didn't win over the course of period of time now how you can employ strategies that gain an advantage every week. You know career dramatic planning and so forth. Third shouldn't we tweet but they also all year to year and you got to try to keep up with the trend that all the kids with the kids are learning college football. Is now becoming a little more what pro football's like. Not sure that will continue to ovals or the no huddle offense for example and never went instead of normal. So and a lot of that. Kind of was started in college and then another kid in college actually learn how to do it probably better than some of the program and event. When -- search -- profile for you know those guys are pretty good at this point so. That's the that's a real suffering part of opportunists of these states. -- a lot of success obviously is predicated on corrections and adjustments when things go wrong so I ask you this are the mistakes that you and your young wide receivers are making that we saw the last two games. Are they physical mistakes or are they mental mistakes from. -- other -- that its overall execution of our offensive that's not. The receiver position and it's it's every position included in the quarterback position so it's. Quarterback position you know running backs tight ends receivers often -- while we all have to be on the same page. And you know until we are then we're gonna struggle so we're. I'm glad world am I glad we I'm really glad we won these last two games -- our defense is. You know done such a great job of living in points and scoring opportunities that can get those great field position. We just haven't done much to take a -- and those things so. We have we have to work harder at you know what our job is because obviously what we're doing isn't good enough at this point. You know how we perform through two games as an offenses. There's less than what to the level of expectation isn't there are ways to improve it. You after the game you talked about. I need to work on your body language doable frustration. When young guys and other guys struggling you're struggling is that something you really think you can do and if it is why do you think it's important to do that. Well I -- I think it's just overall important. You know to show poison. And and to really. You know my level fluctuations yet everyone gets frustrated when things don't go rate and I am frustrated in the coaches looked frustrated and other players are frustrated and I think. The pressure is one thing letting that affect how you play at another and I don't really want it to affect how we play so macros for everybody you can. You know reflect negatively for too long. What happened because that will affect what's gonna happen and I think that's more important thing is. They're trying to -- trying to help us going forward what level do we need to be both in terms of our preparation in terms of how we prepare for. -- particular week -- and help our attitude and so. -- don't know all those things. Need to be improved we need -- Improve you know what we're doing over the course of the weeks that we can be better on the weekend -- A lot of world folks will be this week. Do you think occasionally when a rookie. Screws up as a Simon when he supposed to go right and goes left that he needs. To be yelled at a little bit -- in its football they're the it's it's a demanding game Wimbledon. Yeah and you guys a ball but yelled at by coaches and veterans when you're younger you think is a place for that. -- -- -- -- -- looked at me that's how football is that he gave no emotion and the once emotion wears off if you try to there. You know I have even take a clinical analysis of what really happened so you have to take emotion that at some point it's hard take emotion out of it. You know in the first quarter of you know over over a foot forward -- that's propose an emotional game so. No we all have our ups and downs and we've all developed enough trust each other whatever album did happen that shift. -- you know afterward. You you have to figure out the reasons like. We're not excuse went on record that it's a quarterback position to about making all the all the right place he took so. -- like rookies the rookie receivers are messing up all the time no not at all mean look they're I've really been able to count on those guys they've done. An incredible job for what they've been asked to do about it I think we've. We've got to improve in all aspects of our offense the Mets will hopefully removed from the border and that it's fallen on the receiver right now. You know we have we have a lot of veteran players that are playing right -- to that. You know that they were playing in the burden would be spread around to different guys who have actually been able to. Which shoulder a lot of that responsibility -- now formerly of the players and and the younger players are doing a great job and they're working really hard -- their attitude is great and it's confirmed that a to work with and so. Hopefully all pays off for it in November and December when. -- we can ever get to a point where we have you know local guys back and healthy and played really well. -- and -- standpoint what does the absence of crawled mean to you specifically but this offense in general. Well he's a pretty important player. You know it's it's it's like. Losing your number one pitcher in baseball what does that do to a baseball team -- You have and that he's he's pretty good and he's either great player and he's. Yeltsin the right game and the pass game provides a level of toughness for a team and feeling -- really consistent performer when he's been up there so. It's thrilling you know he's it's that it's hard to replace them there's only one quote that I know he's working his butt off to get back in. You know recovered -- got a great attitude about his rehabilitation and what you gonna do to try to get back on the field so. You know when his back and hopefully he can stay healthy over the course for the long season. What are your offense can definitely use -- And I suppose his value is really escalated highlighted in the red zone correct just his ability that have a big body block guys -- and and make a large target for you. Yet I mean he's a big he's a big target he's a big. -- they targeted catches the ball really well. He catches the ball really well and he's. You know yard kind of knows what -- believe he can play with anticipation. And you know he and they -- a lot of those plays. This is up playing at tamper in the pre season helped when you plan them this early in the regular season there's a whole different deal. No it definitely helped. Yeah I mean it definitely helps in that we've had some experience against them we kind of know their style a little bit they know our style to do so. I think fifteen and a little bit experience against them this is going to be a little different. You know. Oh what we're necessarily gonna do is probably different than what we did against sort of pre season on the practice and vice Versa. So what's so I just know their players a little bit normal match up. You know that may help a little bit. Is off installment note image dole it sounds like for months without gronkowski with the guys you have right now for a couple weeks is an offense that can score. 3035 points. I have no idea and I think that's it depends on how well we can execute. You know I think that that's the thing that's we have to score more than the other team. And it doesn't let certain to be thirty point that you tested more than what you're looking scoring. You know because it's incredible over the course of the season so we're trying to figure out the things that we're good patent. You know we have the -- many things over the course the first few weeks so what we need to do is find some network that that we can do it and do it really well and use it as a means to score points because. You know -- -- federal level of expectation on offense is higher than what we shall we just got to go out there and do a lot better job. That that requires you know discipline and doing the right thing on a consistent basis so that. You could make enough plays to score points over the course of a long drive -- -- you know how much you have a big play that leads to a touchdown which we were close. The few times the other night if we make a couple plays then you know we did that the score is. You know much difference. But that look that's the difference in the NFL on. You could say that you know over every game. -- today if this happened this happened -- The reality is is that performance basically can we have to make the place where there to be made so. We got to try to find things so we're good at that we can do mormons use them and score points and take pressure -- our defense because. If they've really done a great jump over the first couple week. Our final question for me you said earlier this conversation that the NFL's not a gimmick -- why assume that you don't think chip Kelly's offense in Philadelphia the up tempo with Jordan or stranger. Is not a gimmick. Do you think it may be temporary fad like the wildcat or is it here Tuesday. But they are no huddle up into the -- by any stretch. You know I just think there's. I guess like you significant armed sound football. On things that. You know you're just kind it's like a flea flicker or were first passed by. You know -- -- former football our -- only gonna get away with a few of those here ultimately it's gonna come down. You know they really core fundamentals of the game I don't think -- -- -- -- -- the cubic. At all I think that's actually a great strategy by outfit instigate more plays. On offense and hopefully get more of an advantage on the defensive -- one point because there won't play you can run and we're tired they're going to be even more worn down on the going to be and then. Hopefully the higher level of excuse should you can have an off and so. You know it's great we're able to go fast it's it's great when where excuse and I level it's great were consistent dependable that's. You know what good offenses typically are so when you see an offense like -- agree and say -- to them and their highly efficient they've been out for two -- You know that's that's that's that's that's the kind of offense that you know we. You know that you won the -- that's the one that. Or commitment to score a lot of points. You -- go everywhere it's everyone's doing and high school college pop Warner and on and on teams are huddled up anymore which is great which is why one of the reason the game. Is so much fun to watch -- Tom one question on the I guess the play where you showed that the real bad body language was pumpkin supposed to just stop and turn around there in the third down -- the goal line when he went right was he disposed to stop -- turn. We're excited not a market indexes and now than it was just -- miscommunication by. You know by -- by you know our receiver so we just. And I would think one thing that they can and other than. And that's that would lead support for Q should and so it's not that they're wrong or are moderates just were were wrong together and what we need to be is on the same page. We knew we need to do that on a consistent basis so you know we're gonna work hard to try and do that we have no last week for example. You know we -- he practiced so it's hard to get a lot of confidence. Especially you know for us -- young stage in. Our receiver career and -- got a young team in general but you know where you developer conferences on the game if you. Is that shootings on the practice. And popular practiced the parking lot of confidence so of course two weeks so this week because it that we have a few extra days he can really. Work hard it. You know getting better and make him some solid improvement so we can go that this week's game had more confidence in the things were going. It's obviously watch these young mobile quarterbacks run these high powered offenses do you ever think that may -- 25610. Years from now the standard. Stay in the pocket Peyton Manning Tom Brady quarterbacks will be dinosaurs on the National Football League but it is evolving in that. The way you and -- and others like you play won't be as prevalent as it is now. I'm sure guys will be you know always getting bigger stronger faster I think that's really the nature of the sport itself. That'll probably go for -- positions them and you see a lot of the quarterbacks now are so athletic. I think they've been pretty athletic in the past as well. But you know who knows right you never know how to team's gonna evolve and is it possibly could be and that's that's. You know that's that's the fun part about the NFL I think there's always going to be it's alternately the NFL with the passing leagues you -- be able to throw the ball efficiently but it. Now there's a lot of guys like RG three and captain nick Russell Wilson and -- guy that can run and throw those are the ones that are the most dangerous now. It's it's fun to watch him play believe -- I wish I could move like they treated. No they're they're really fun to watch. Are taught against apple talked to you next week. Bob Brady doesn't count heavily AT&T hotline AT&T the nation's fastest an album -- -- GL TE network a conversation with Tom. Is brought you by north east electrical distributors the cancer center at Beth Israel deaconess and crescent credit union.

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