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Ben Volin on Brady's rage

Sep 13, 2013|

Ben Volin joined the show to discuss the Pats sub par performance last night. He said he was surprised to see how demonstrative Brady was towards his teammates.

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I don't want credit I regret like as the team leader -- should be -- -- be acting orchestra and he can be a leader of the team and it -- goes on behind the -- so hopefully he -- the -- -- more positive reinforcement. Plus he wanted to and just parading these guys and then getting grandchild Payton and you know will. We need -- more on the field. Look at it it's been an illusion injuries right now or the patriots and endorsed on it would and it all going out an agreement broken wrist and Kyle -- start spell her last night. And brought her. And it's pretty clear how how much they're getting error and it right now I'm that kind of forgotten story line. Like I was a big party are you want to let Wes Welker though it might help -- comparable -- brought. At this surgery. -- -- have air and it is pretty dynamic football player you don't just plug in a map mode here are my old man expecting that to replace his production. So. You know they were caught by surprise and then -- probably -- all the injuries it's just that kind of the perpetual war. So what they do bad I mean you know it's of the Cayman dolby offer a wildly across coast back but for the short term for the standing in terms they bring guys in or. You know when we see Tampa pages in the same guys. -- he snaps it wide receiver. I think the good news yet and gays and you know that for men and solitude she suite that basically the entire window for further groin injuries are much are out. Put more specific we got. With that report he could be back at camp that you were not really sure at this point. You know -- that I would I would put the bat signal do you bring -- -- at least he -- the offense. If you Bergen another veteran like Michael Jenkins. I'm shocked -- -- brigade held in the that's legally get a caution in the creek you know all that article is matters and but I think you have to bring in some reinforcements even -- thirteen cat in the jet rental auto lot so much that. At seventy yard earlier security catch. They don't know that every play makers are open right now you're not sure you're gonna get these rookies actually -- the they're about that in turn on and do -- -- -- -- But then it is not consistent enough. -- short out there there are mean you know two week to week three now and any -- decent players that step up our roster for the most part. Aren't operating got the street. The other worked out a guy like -- Robinson the former jaguars in an outward or maybe they get in mullah. Much or where you can do at this point but it you know ultimate -- in which you how important it. Operated the other saint Peter's receivers are bringing in it I'm not sure if he can really have -- actual Brady and what he's being your wallet a brand like. Better as far as you can tell are -- young guy his receivers that Bill Belichick kept where they noticeably better. The on the once he cut and let go. Part -- part yet. You know I really didn't see anything from Michael Jenkins Lavelle Hawkins. In Martinique in the it and how much in -- might yet work seeing that because. I didn't and Tompkins. Were clearly editors got. And now we're seeing gains that you know there so rookies in and they're brought along slowly and in Italy so much bill. So yeah acting patronage on her upper and I think they wanted to give radio or over here and -- it kind of grow it next three years. I'm that it could mean they're just getting started without -- opt in. That this might end up being a very frustrating and maybe even a lot and beat them that it that it often can't. Generate huge sport that maybe open on a road that a fourteen -- eighteen. It really well and I look forward this core of receivers Danny Amendola. So you guys that aren't say that there work. Incredibly that would better than pilot Michael Jenkins I didn't see any purpose keeping guys like Michael Jenkins progress stopper. You're playing and the he went into a decision to have this type of receiver core interest right groups eager young -- questioned whether create an issue that made. You know a little bit more of an effort to look at me. From Bill Belichick we wanna get younger we want this to grow into a you know all the of the old expression as -- work in progress growing pains all that sort of stuff do you think you surprised. With how bad it has looked in the first couple weeks is is built taken aback by what he's seen on the field. It just seems like obvious. Dot -- that -- structure that it probably could listing comedy I think they've been taken aback by. How many injuries that has simultaneously at how you know looting Amendola and losing green has to be parts. Will it be your offense and we saw on week on that drive picky when it -- those who don't you got to football and now they're both her and her vote out. And that -- you know brought out -- and sought help out electricity lost Hernandez. Yeah I think Belichick they're predicted a -- Campbell pumpkin there and doubts as to their posturing weapons in and then they don't they got shivering as loud and a lot of care blunt. Yeah you you to -- struggle you know and he and the fact you talk to Beijing Games. Butler's defense recorded about Mike and -- the solid unit the jet that very stout front -- I get acutely differential for it to. It lets you eat certain public plan a bunch -- out there. But I really question you know they've. Yesterday in -- -- -- some are here it will work on them -- apple and -- -- real quarterback Peyton Manning injured -- I don't see it the fire parakeet. What was your prediction before the season for the record. For their sixteen game regular season record bad. I went 115 and I believe very valuable. There's no real market can't get there by attribute not a short -- -- When when did you get to town you said -- a new I know you're just arrived. What month. I got here in May or right before all the -- at the chance. I -- what what did you think of the Welker thing you're an outsider we were in the middle of the did -- didn't make sense wheat from where you were said and did the move. Let welcome walked -- and mentally in that makes sense. You know I understood that this new you're younger you router -- guys what evidence is getting into his -- and then I got like Welker who's 32. And only had a few more years left. But you know also you know receivers played well at an early thirties and forties and still be productive and blockers either one of those guys you. You know it exactly sure I'm slowing down. And then you see that that he only signed two year deal for ten or twelve million and burn -- yourself -- and pat obviously you're you're county that there's content something about the relationship cowboys in the there's something going on behind the scenes. For the money that that -- and we I would try to keep them. You know with a lot of tinkering are obviously -- they -- it would at Auburn and it brought up that point and -- at a younger haven't thought it sounds pretty good. And then they average -- particularly hobble around all. I'm place I certainly was pretty surprised that Wes -- -- who in the major walked away over such relatively small our. Re surprised -- and really wasn't great last night -- surprise in the bad weather with Brady struggling with these receivers. The only ran the ball 24 times against 39 pass attempts. That is that is a bad headed up the balance you watch certainly when you're playing good defense and they're playing in the rain. We try to Wear the full although I'm in it situation -- ought to I took acting united Sudan say oh well I can't believe they -- ears -- -- here but I'm. And yet if you. It's hard to run the ball in the jets are stacking the box obviously which they were doing toward respect in the past that they were. They were trying Dirk daring top breeders and receivers to beat that year they couldn't really do it after that first drive us back in the boxed in and -- -- -- And so. Can they can run the ball more when you're running a corporate water object that is. And this may be the more most difficult question we ask you identify the positive from last night's game and -- you set aside the two interceptions by Talib on against the Chandler Jones sacks. Was there are some sort of general thing that you think was encouraging the bill will try to build on. It again I -- and the defense did to -- -- -- you don't there's one game. The object just under ten points I -- -- -- or sports actually -- her ever you look. He didn't step back and look at eccentric pretty darn good night by the defense. The outage does it make you pay early absolutely in and out in the first apps that you are very prestigious in agent wrote that I don't think yet there and the jets got that separation into more -- coverage you're wondering aloud this. He really get away from them. But you know it's front or in a really nice job keeping Gina Smith the pocket heroic battle that this morning out that was their policy against. The rookie quarterback Tim when assume each brought -- kitchen sink in all the exotic -- that really all they tried to do was rushed or how to keep contained pockets. In the you know it's a -- repeat it -- go through agreed in and secure Parton and make the right Soro. And he did occur. Most the first and all the sudden you know the agent find in preparation and he brought in interceptions all over the place they got you -- -- I'm you know that we waiter for that are out here for awhile I think -- -- the haters -- sent one -- baker act at the office of public baucus. And clearly right now they are at the offense and are strong unit at saint. Our final question and I've been asking this question to football experts like you the last two or three weeks and I've yet to getting substantive answer. What are the issues that is keeping Brandon Lloyd from coming back here everybody says well it's kind of a strange guy that's about all we get specific can you. You tell us -- more so why Brandon Lloyd doesn't seem to be a viable option for the patriots. Yeah -- can be pretty goofy of the personality and on reliable in the locker room. It properly Iguodala and around and every day but just from what people who covered the team told me just. Very strange bird overall and how much -- -- someone that agent Cilic and truck -- -- weekly basis I don't trust in terms of you know retain the playbook and in treating it by here and do -- right saying being picked on a lot about. I would say you're better at that I. Are thinking these kind of strange bird. Interest in the patriot locker culture. The 74 you know what they're trying anti catchy it is or any sort of real significant. Contribution papers what do. On the way to bring it back -- -- if we see all concerned at a lot receiver thought I have brought the patriots they know something. Earn it help at brands like what the particular -- that obviously it now. He's been all decorated the Boston Globe on football joining us on the AT&T hotline and thanks for the time could talk India. Thank you handled Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T hotline nation's fastest and help the most reliable Ford GL TE network it was ugly last night when we come back the deal will likely that's the theme today. Ugly and where the guys -- Yeah that's we fare better than we -- right.

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