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Buster Olney, ESPN: On the Red Sox and the AL playoff race

Sep 11, 2013|

Buster joins the show to discuss the great position the Red Sox are in, the rotation, and the importance of a strong bullpen as the season heads for the playoffs.

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-- joining us here on the eighteenth the -- joins every single on Wednesday at this time -- their friend -- only of the ESPN. We got series ago Boston which on the Spock had this debate last couple of days you can pick your rotation you want right now. For the playoffs Detroit or Boston which one you take it. While. I mean obviously be looking at the back of baseball cards you probably taking Detroit. But just the way -- just to berliners thrown this year I think he probably has some questions about it. What they kill myself and Clay Buchholz let's try to be expanded out to become the seventh inning option. I think you take the Red Sox rotation but I I got eight. I say that we did it basically. It is admission that I mean basic points swept. You know what I mean that he -- make a strong case for either side I don't think there's a right answer that question but right now. Based on how they're throwing in the confidence that Lester hasn't been that big game that he pitched against Detroit I take the Red Sox. Yeah I think it's a coin flip if if -- continues to progress obviously you know I'm going to last night as I got to see it first before. Not put Boston in there with with Detroit but -- We're just it's amazing boss who sit here now mid September talk of all the Red Sox have just as chance as anybody to go to World Series I mean it's. Well we we worth six months ago seven months ago four months ago it's amazing that it might. Everybody really has you know they I'm actually -- seven and spent some time -- got to write a piece. Force sports center and you know it's sort of put the red section of perspectives that you I had been thinking big particularly that he -- How my goodness but you know we always go back I remember talking you guys feel -- you're saying. These guys are gonna come this year and -- and they were going to be like and he's also -- in the because it's -- I really think that last year framed. 2013. To them and really good way I think they're all excited to get to work from John Lackey. In a drop in the wade did Jon Lester probably feel like it's something to prove. You know on down the line John Ferrell probably happy to leave situation that is increase and become dysfunctional in Toronto. And and it's really been amazing. Especially out of pitching staff has progressed because. If you would -- and that he again you go back -- whole thing of interviewed. It bought back six months ago that instead they can lose to all manner and the loose Andrew Bailey. You know to -- not going to be as effective at times today and hoped. And Ali -- -- you car's gonna turn in a Mariano Rivera and you've -- no way that -- -- -- evidence they have achieved a World Series. Let's starts with -- is the buckle start last night and it was surprising to a lot of people and just that. In my up mustard based off the outing is heavy pitchers like that you've got the ace out to match whether insurers or whether it's Yu Darvish pick here. Your legit ace and other team it just sets everything up right when you've got that one guy at the top U rotation at best driver best of seven series. I agree would you -- you know and that's. That's been turned this stop that they think bill is -- they've always felt like he's gonna escalate felt okay about himself to be guy -- You know match up in a big game but what what I like about their rotation now is that you know let's say that there raise. Play their way and they have to based David Price the less than the regular season he comes back and he pitches in -- game to your game one. You know what the wage down Lester is pitched. You feel comfortable with -- match up -- you know knowing Jake -- track record. The fact need he's not gonna shrink from that moment. You feel good about that matchup but that's what that is. It and you know that's why I think he's sitting in their shoes. Thank goodness you have so much more depth that we thought they're gonna have in the middle of July. A bus ala the war game plan but I do like the extra -- cart is when he looked at this American League right now if there wasn't one. There was kind -- teams out west but that's second while cardinals hall plays out he started 2 teams in the central and especially look at Cleveland schedule. I'm off to that good right now but they don't play anybody is there somebody give the advantage to what it's still be -- because they have their lead. -- -- totally -- -- -- -- premise about Cleveland I I think he Cleveland or can't see your teams we should not lose sight of that I'm watching the game they just started. Alex Gordon the first stage of the game for a home run. -- really about a Fazio had this single misplayed into triple. And they're up two nothing in the top of the first inning against Cleveland. But after Cleveland gets done these I mean they're playing and -- have -- schedule product but they got a whole lot of Mets Astros those type games. And -- I think it can't buy -- the better team -- and Cleveland is. But Tampa Bay got to go through all these American League east teams and on the other Cleveland -- he's weak teams. And I'm in a kid city. A month ago they were why they even have night games got a wildcard it's possible that by the end it today. They're going to be two games out and I don't think I don't watch them play a lot the last month. But not only -- has gotten back to what he was doing in 2011. And Salvador Torres is you know one of the great. I didn't underrated players in baseball -- catcher. But their bullpen is light out and that would be eighteen. Where you know change shields Ervin Santana with the way he's strong this year that would be an interesting team and they go get it on defense I like that seem a lot. You mentioned Tampa I had the same fear you do -- month ago there right there with the Red Sox -- represents points ahead on August 24. The rest of the way they play thirteen of their nineteen games against teams over 500 they're going to be whether Red Sox that the Rangers for four. The -- of four New York for three I thought the pressure. Maybe get the -- man a little bit last 96 will miers and I don't schedules and issue and they get a in nineteen games now in nineteen days and I if there's going to be odd team out that Tampa team with that schedule and their offensive issues. I think did you know like give bumped for losing audience here. Yeah I'd really view and I hate you know I loved the strength of schedule stuff goes I think it's very underrated in the and he -- to GM and they look at it all the time and I'm kicking myself -- site. No dignity and -- with the schedule -- had he'd be and. The Indians within the easy schedule the second half among the American League contenders and I that raises the topic but I -- the -- to find their way through that. But I I -- think it ultimately you know to come into play out who gonna look back at some of the early season -- out the fact that it took away some of their off days. And the fact that and I think -- Detroit 37 games in the last 38 days. And little you can speak to that a lot better than I -- the -- day after day after day after day. And not having any kind of a break. I think I underestimated certainly impacted that. And on top of that let's face it they they didn't and I do you know we all compliment Tampa -- rightly so. Pretty addition they'd make I wondered. In of people that front office might be kicking themselves saying you know what we could have gone and all gone and gotten an Adam Dunn. We could have gone out and got one more bad in addition to guys who have because let's face it benevolent or is not. In this type of player that we knew we normally see in the and -- -- -- I think this thing has been the bends over us. -- a -- that one day off they had to was falling for clock start -- Seattle. Was the other day they get it probably 2:33 in the morning that that's not exactly a fun off -- know I want to ask you about Detroit because last time they were in here. He'll make you only played one game weekly she's left left that game I see that they're both back in but is that pretty much. There won't be concerned just make sure these guys are healthy. Pretty much that's what it. Dad and I and I do I think it's a huge concern and Cabrera and you know -- he demonstrated he can with whatever -- abdominal issues and I think it's a sports hernia. You know based on everything that I've heard they have an -- -- exactly. And I think -- have to figure out you know -- Eight Jhonny -- going to be guy that we should be playing third base. Gave -- rescued general manager came out yesterday said flatly Iglesias is the shortstop Peralta has been told that. But they did change their plans. Would Peralta he initially not been working with a team and I -- it sort of thought. You know what we're gonna do is move on without him but I think after watching Cabrera they have to seriously consider the idea of playing pearl the third base and having Cabrera BT DH in the postseason that would take Victor Martinez's bat. Probably out of time and that would be an issue I think that's one of the big things but I think like the Red Sox every one going into the postseason. He's going to be watching their bullpen and saying okay now that it's prime time how good these guys really could even to even talk eye doctor and evaluated today it. You know I don't know -- you -- Dylan and and I think that's -- a lot of the sentiment about the Detroit bullpen in big games in big spots they going to be good not to get it done. The Yankees -- stuck around there we talk wildcard here in the Yankees have found a way -- mentioned teams that are just a couple of games back they win again last night they get within two. Can they hold on hear -- talk about the story that would be you know we're talking John Farrell manager of the year -- Terry Francona of the year he's -- if Girardi gets this team man. That's a mile consideration right sponsor. And I think he should I mean he's done a tremendous job dealing with dealing with the triggering a situation like I don't -- -- -- -- know that. You know it didn't get the truth serum I wonder if he would go home. In the wintertime and it and say you know what I cannot believe that I was sitting here defending our extra trick it's. Did territory with a guy with a big memory the union had a lot at stake. And and I had a situation where Alex is at odds with the union and any intent but. Jim Jordan put all that aside any kept that team really positive. And and it's not often. That you hear managers basically say when their team is losing a lot. They're planned hard and and they're preparing hard and that's all you can ask a lot of managers -- -- you back me up on this. Will go in the win recording that these results and even at the toughest times this year I thought Joseph did a great job this plan. You know what this until I got I got Chris Stewart I don't Jayson Nix I think a lot of guys he shouldn't be everyday players. But they're trying and and that's all I can do and I know we can't make the Yankees out into the little engine that could. Would there'd been a massive payroll whether I was gonna be doling out 32 million dollars this year but they've really done a great job preparing implying on a daily basis. He had -- the Red Sox at this point you know -- playing games if you drop one -- I call home but. Between the race in Baltimore New York intense -- the other night with -- in -- gone back and forth I thought that was outstanding to fund. I did and that's why you know those games now for me down the stretch become must watch it you know increasingly. Like going to tonight's game. It feels like not necessarily mathematically must win game but I think for Baltimore after blowing a lead him last night. They need to find a way where they think the Yankees Derek. I didn't get sick and it sounds strange -- the Yankees with a huge payroll. They are developing this underdog mentality of you know -- -- -- get it done except for the guys in here. And they do have these great relaxed group of veterans that are obligated dedicated to -- that -- to Soriano that much. He really he reminds me that old song you know I don't worry be happy at this personnel he's been a great addition to them. It in terms of how we handle things and obviously with the production and and I and I think they're loosen up now -- close enough where. They'll say you know what we'll take our shot. Would be delayed its tradition and nobody did you know it seems like adding a new body everyday last -- that being Brett and Brian. Shortstop hatred of Portland Seattle. Buster last one for me at the Red Sox yankees again Sunday night baseball Red Sox and yankees we've talked about this over the course of the year. Are we any closer to Girardi company convincing Mariano Rivera. To have this not be his last season seems like that's bubbled up here in the last week or so that mole could goal one more year in 2014. Are open about things that you Mariano. In fifteen years I've known him he's probably dead. Some version of you know what I'm gonna retire after this particular -- may be. Six different times but like I do think that this year it's going to be different that he is gonna retire. And I'll tell your story can forgive me -- I told this before you know he's in May when he was pitching great and it went up culminates today. Is there any chance you would rethink this -- you -- you guys know -- deep faith and sit down -- big question out giving in answer. Now but please don't keep bringing it up committee told me that before this year started. He had for God's blessing and he's dead and I'm getting exactly. What I asked for he's being treated like a great in every city he's been able to stay healthy. He's been able to stay there was one of the best closers in baseball. He's -- these wonderful experiences from the all star game going conceded city. And you look at me that I would never ask for that again so I am gonna retire and they don't ask me again. And I do think that even if he would add some second thoughts that you know what I could still pitched. I think that -- would be one of the handful of guys who would you guys who would say it is wouldn't look right you know all these moments and all these -- these different cities. That they have the all star game. I would look bad if I -- to go back and say you know what I changed my mind and coming back for one more year so I think this is dead. Well I bring it up because then it appears you guys -- last Rivera game at Fenway unless there's a playoff game unless something crazy happens Sunday night baseball ESPN. We'll be Rivera is so final game of Fenway Park -- Guy that's why they chose it -- -- we -- -- when we -- talked -- -- schedule in -- -- -- -- -- last game at Fenway Park and at first you know the reason that we all know it will be an unbelievable moment I I can't wait fort. Buster thanks appreciate double talking next week. Barbara -- Boston this week it would maybe like that myopia playoffs may being the the post season could be. -- only is always brought to you by Toyota of Nashua go see the -- schools he recovery Bob Draper and the all new Toyota national megaplex to see the hot deals. During their summer sell off on going on right now also brought to you by air rest restoration specialist. And Michael space 61777979837. AT&T text line 37. 937 more your phone calls we'll talk to will little Brooks Red Sox third baseman an hour from now. Tommy current at 1 o'clock and sport injury news on and off the year yesterday. More than just a couple weeks for -- entries that as well keep it here.

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