WEEI>On Demand>>Injury issues to Vereen, Amendola and more make this Thurday's game vs. the Jets far from a lay-up

Injury issues to Vereen, Amendola and more make this Thurday's game vs. the Jets far from a lay-up

Sep 10, 2013|

We talk Pats and discuss how the mounting injuries are putting the Patriots in a tough spot in a short week of preparation for the NY Jets. Also more Amendola vs Welker talk, its on, and will be on for the forseeable future.

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And good anyway you Michael you know there are times. Or even the toughest human beings are brought to their -- There comes a time or dawned on him tried it comes a time -- going to had their homes that time Michael right. Or even the most off the most physical the most impressive. Somebody USC guy hey whoever you know UFC rule on Gardner was that the rest -- the -- Greco Roman wrestling guy right. Even got a guy like rule on guard and there comes a time. Where it's just too much. I don't know who you're talking about but I do want to say this to you everybody's got a breaking douglas' team likes yes. Com. -- Rappaport doesn't really nice. Country and he's really the first thing you want as they mean today I think it you Rappaport. Local guy kind of I was at the Boston. While. -- -- patriots -- Huntington. So it's tweaked. Now he's a reputable. I don't think he's he's not reputable OK I don't I don't know him to be not comfortable. I think what his latest week is out there today. And a Danny Amendola yeah. Yeah he he doesn't he urged any Amendola who turned in a god a 104 yard performed in the opener. Is almost certain. To miss the jets game according to a source. The -- at the tournament short I don't know her well I don't think it's a family in Chicago now I don't not that I now that I know of I don't think it's a family issue and it felt like a birth of the child I know that -- now. It seems Mickael is if that groin injury which he was able to battle back from. It himself into the game. In order to make some of the biggest catches of the young pitcher. On Sunday. Patriot season. Thursday's game part of that -- well I'm aware -- -- This thing yet he's going to miss. He's just likelihood. Of that -- again it's on Thursday game now okay. Vince Wilfork about this yesterday you prefer your body body. Bumps and -- Divisional apple come back from the -- injury that he did show the kind of -- in his toughness. That he did in in the first game. It was easy to come back on a short week now if this had been a Sunday game and you wonder whether or not might be different but it just so happens. The schedule works against the media Thursday game in week to come off the groin injury that he was able to go back and plea through and probably made it a little bit worse there. So I would just say. Everybody's price and I like that this is apparently -- it was a Sunday game my guess is it would be different but it's not at the Thursday game and unfortunately this will be one game. This this year. It was a Sunday game Ian Rapoport what is it he certainly will not play and how. -- other -- you don't know that is here's the thing that everybody was trying to tell you this I was trying to tell you this. Those who were tried to tell you little something about Wes Welker we're saying to you. -- -- Danny Amendola is a good player -- only question about. The only question -- the big question. Is -- stay healthy and I'm saying he's he's he's he's a -- player softer. -- C'mon. Take the hits that he takes when. I play pro football -- -- caught about a soft. But you got to -- to play in the game this is an important game might. You know -- Tom Brady already doesn't have reliable receivers. In the one guy who wins or who won the one guy who was reliable a couple guys were reliable numbers going to be out on Thursday with a lot tougher. Well we -- we don't know for sure it is going to be a but it does seem likely that he is gonna miss the games so at first -- open it -- -- and I -- receive the text messages all over me not surprising -- tax line it started before even -- the Mike here today Michael you would not be surprised 37937617779. 7937. A jump on the horn for those of you who were happy for those of you were excited that you get to be writes that Wes Welker is better than any in the dull because more healthy at least offer any less injury prone. Nagging issues for everybody -- first Wes -- to the New England Patriots you can all be happy today you can all be excited you can all cloaked in the fact. It looks like -- and -- isn't -- -- I personally am bummed out about it like watching them play. I think he's -- really really really good player potentially an upgrade from Welker. And the fact that this is the first drill nagging injury he's had in his career has had these types of injuries he hasn't had pulled muscles right he had a dislocated elbow. And he had a a clavicle that went the wrong direction. Those two injuries right this is this is now the third and really the first one that is you know they pulled muscle type of variety. You know it it's ironic right that he has this sort of reputation for being one way. And then you immediately. Immediately has the exact type of injury everyone thinks he's always had anything ever ever had a everybody. That's a good point I think remote -- -- most people. And I know some folks say you know he's he saw often you know I just blow on com or something Larry just kind of I go I -- he'll break in half just not who years. But what it comes down to is that. He's not playing in -- just if you look at the games played in the number is is lower than he wanted to be now say this. I don't lie not that I'm a big time gambler might put on the line on the games twelve and. Half you may not be a big time gambler but numbers are certainly. In your vocabulary and right. Yes -- numbers never lie in numbers on for anybody who missed it Michael was on ESPN last hour with Jeff Saturday. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But you know what he doesn't seem that small -- really going to advance to next him there he still don't you know I got to. So he's he's tall order -- thought he would be it would always think of Jeff Saturday is little short and short fat senator. You know getting it done over achieving senator. But he's actually. Such a little taller than than than I thought but. Speaking of numbers won't have points. Patriots are favored by twelve and have him. That does seem I think like you're really -- hi I just an an I don't know anything about -- -- so the gamblers and our audience and we have some. Can probably tell us why that makes perfect sense and all the games at home sort of gadgetry that's supposed to give Hillary will be twelve points better than them. By the time they play in game two. But I think right now. Based on what we saw on Sunday. -- -- Not really knowing the -- not knowing we're supposed to be -- -- being on the same page with him. Amendola Brian big time player for them down the stretch not available -- not available in game one of for green played great. In game one but he's got a broken wrist and Ridley is not is not hurt at least not physically hurt but maybe psychologically. He's a little screwed up the fumbles. You have no rock again for it for game two unlikely. Has that way especially because the jets exceeded expectations in game one no they probably shouldn't of won the game it took a giant mistake by Tampa on the final few seconds or for that to happen but they were released in position to win it at that point right and everybody wants to completely strip the jets of any credit. Because they shouldn't of one of their right. -- -- -- -- What they kept it within a one score game and gave themselves an opportunity for when the other team made a dumb mistake at the end. Actually when it so. -- -- Right and that's a bad a bad win or anything like that they lowering position and they ended up winning the game give them credit. I told you before I like geno Smith I think he has the potential to be pretty good quarterback. And you can see him run around a little bit do some things that are surprising we saw which is the threat of a lesser mobile quarterback meaning EJ Manuel. -- to the patriots pass rush on Sunday and now you're coming off a short week how much you gonna be able to pressure geno Smith. If you can't come bombing after him every single time. And talking a little bit to John -- -- -- brokers and already so we're going to get that win nuclear if our game plan is as good. On Thursday as it was on Sunday and go and -- take your business right. I do think this is one of those situations. Where will we be talking about yesterday a little bit in the defense scary. Can the defense carried the offense. For one more game until they have ten days to to rest up and practicing get ready for Tampa. So question is do you think they can and are you a little nervous and nervous at all about what the patriots are facing right now. Well I mean essentially are you more worried about this game that you anticipated. Right I mean it when you're talking about the patriots at the beginning of the year. It's okay you go to it knowing your crappy division games to start off and then the real meat of the season begins against Tampa and Atlanta and after you really get going. After watching them play buffalo after calling out some of the potential problems. And then after seeing these injuries and seeing what the jets did or at least. You know how the jets more horrible and they are opening week. Do you have any more trepidation heading now into Thursday night's game that you would've just a couple of weeks ago or or even a couple of days ago 617. 7797937. I would say the answer house to be yes it's got to be and that doesn't senior -- But it's it's an unequivocal yes if you feel as good about it today as you did five days ago. I'd be shocked how could private. I think it's a fair point although some people out there in Italy wouldn't go to the extremes for a second. And there are some people who will be right eventually eventually their people out there. I -- -- -- signal -- gorgeous that's easy ones and Steve from Fall River that's pretty easy to put their people like that they have some followers believe it or not. Who who believe what they've been -- not there that eventually. This bubbles got a burst and this this this run of sustained excellence from the patriots is gonna end indeed I have a 798. -- eight and eight season and there. Somewhere. I think they're going to be eventually it'll happen and it is gonna be this year I don't think it's gonna be this year. He in this new general managers seem to hate each other they have no idea what to do when a quarterback. Gina Smith not ready for prime time he -- Mark Sanchez by sending him out to the wolves in the end of the game everybody hates each other there they're squawking like they normally do people are getting arrested at it's a total mess. For the jets in terms of what the whole offseason has been -- and just after one tomorrow and they don't look bad. They don't they don't look as bad as they did before week one because -- they won and be even though it was a weird win that they were in position to win the game geno Smith. Had some electricity -- had something interesting about -- he was not incapable. At least in game one and so with those things on the -- side and the fact that the patriots did not come out all guns blazing. You have to change your. Yeah could you not. Have talked long enough to to get a sense of how you feel about Rex Ryan it it sounds like that you tell me a -- -- A gas line and I can't stand them but to just take that aside your personal feeling right side. Just look at him as a head coach you don't think he's a very good coach but. Do you think Q do you respect him as a defensive. -- yes you're damn right if you. To give you that the whole opinion like mighty my grand scale feelings on Rex -- let you play like deplete the jets. Think he is. A gifted and talented football mind -- absolutely understand defense. While was a good coordinator -- coordinator will probably be one again I just think he's got a short shelf life as. Well. -- do without the drama. If you think the guy is a drama queen what is a good defensive coach that's one thing that they had. They don't have many playmakers on offense and I'm unsure of geno Smith and you like him. I'm not sure he's one of them. I really don't fear I really don't fear their off that's what when you to win but the jets offense in the first guy who comes to mind for me is Nick Mangold. And he's a senator that's a problem but I think that that Rex Ryan. Can muck up the field a little bit. Have any -- -- -- -- -- of feel fear geno Smith I don't really mean purchased a look at the numbers from week one and all they are numbers I didn't watch the whole game -- pretend -- But he does go 2438. Through the year 256. Yards. One touchdown and one pick leads his team in the drive when they have to do and then add on to that six carries for 47 yards nearly eight yards a carry he delayed his team in rushing in the game. By almost double. Community say what you want he's not perfect he's not -- -- now a second game but he's definitely the -- a -- when I. Yes I guess I don't know well enough salt to have any fear of them amazing I look at it from us this one of these special rookie quarterbacks we've been over their names many times. And I'm not sure he's in that category. That lets you talk about a special rookie quarterback I don't look at those guys and say. Second game of his NFL career really have to watch out for competitive -- I disagree I mean you're the guy who was just saying before the buffalo game that this whole era of you know rookie quarterback comes in and he's totally lost and I'm prepared right off the bat is gone. I really it is I don't mean journals is always a little aired. Somewhere in the middle how that he's going to be lost. And that it's just that the information is just too overwhelming formed a process. But but fearing his -- and planning for a guy who just really. Being afraid of what he's gonna do TI -- I I guess how I would have to learn the hard way before myself and back. Gordon brought to me he's the biggest threat they have I mean you know there is somebody that I'm gonna watch out for on that team if it's got to be him I mean he he's. I Santonio Holmes of course can still beat you they've got some other players who were were okay. But all -- gonna watch out sports Gina Smith I mean he he's he can run all over the field he's got a huge arm can throw it all over. He's the guy and I'm absolutely game planning for -- so when I look at when I start to. This really look at what I'm expecting to see on Thursday night. Where is a couple of days ago you're thinking -- Patriots offense to do this that and the other I got to find a way to score some points against now now my mind my new thing for watching this game. Is what is their defense to. If you're talking about their defense being any leadership position in the beginning of the year as opposed to tagging along with the offense. What really needs to begin on Thursday night that. -- if you look at it in and we look at some of the opponents. -- look at the jets in the bills and the Buccaneers. It doesn't seem like there're there are great challenges there. But I can see this happening -- a -- byproduct of this uncertainty for the patriots would be. If we're sitting around in weeks six weeks seven. And it discount occurs everybody that the defense is to strengthen the team. And that they're gonna go as far as -- gonna go based on the defense. Coming at you look at it it it's. Almost overnight. The defense. Terrorists do not need to me and you may disagree with doesn't -- -- -- -- anybody on defense just say. Cautious about football player. That's just somebody you gotta replace that guy and is that. On it other pretty solid across and there's really there's no big week they can't question is that they can't come out leaflets they have enough of the guys that are huge big time play makers. And are we that can be group that can carry this team are we doing that because we think the defense is actually capable of it. Or are we doing that because the offense doesn't look capable of about -- and half somebody's gonna have to lead the ways though. Those questions -- much more 61777979837. Lot of patriots talk Clay Buchholz making his return to mound tonight. -- dig into that little bit in the behind the last night watch and some some behind the scenes Bruins stuff a lot still to come today -- now WB top. -- going to new air against this team now nobody again is gonna expect you to beat them they had a tough game yesterday but they found a way to win. How about Conan to going and against you know the number one division rival you guys have. That they will work more now are. And be a comedian does not help but not a good is gonna put together grid view that a game plan and the goblet of Favre broke you'd want. Patriots favored by twelve and have -- That does seem I think like -- who really -- hi I am just an an I don't know anything about gambling so the gamblers and our audience and we have some. Can probably tell us why that makes perfect sense and -- I don't know anything about him and. Gamblers out there I'm giving you this one thank me later -- the jets are going to be San Francisco. All men. Well Michael. -- it's I have learned it from our mistakes. Do you wanna get credit for that I'll give you cannot give the jets any cramming times they have to get on the same route. Coming -- of the -- talked about trying to get to know your enemy and that's who we're doing here with playing Mohammed Welker then who believes his team's gonna go to Foxboro and win on Thursday and they might. But at times that the jets need to squawk like that like they they never learn that's never gonna happen right well especially under Rex because that's who he is that's like vintage Iraq's. Lawyers questioned as Rex back him up. -- or did they stop it now say the old jets. Or the jets that we know that digestive we've known for many years since let's say 1970. They'll just keep the golf. And they won't slow down they won't manage the situation does make it worse. We'll -- this new and improved Celebrex. Only come out and say I just want to talk on the others. Not all the -- Null. We can't. You don't think -- first of all. I don't think he's capable of like I don't think his mind works in such a way that he's capable of doing that -- -- all our guys like the same -- all the that's different from from actually telling his own guy to stop and it just fits in this past. What where is -- is credibility in telling his own players to not say things like that do things like that when it's all for littered throughout his entire past I think it's very difficult to tell your players to behave one way when you're doing something entirely different ways excellence -- except except he's doing that anymore any more -- it's been what a few months. Any commodity when you've got years and years. Of of -- history of -- -- laid out there and then -- for the last couple of months you haven't said anything wild and crazy. You can't point -- your last few months now when it's your whole career or it goes completely contrary to that. He's been right down the middle he's been he's been conservative this is conservative Rex now now -- -- press conferences. In a very very drab. He didn't look that conservative when he was turning around backwards in order to talk about Mark Sanchez what two weeks ago. He's big he's been afterwards -- were two weeks it's never enough there's no such thing we eggs -- Ryan. Aberration is just returning back to the -- 617779. 7937. Jeremy -- Connecticut I Jeremy. -- -- -- -- I just wanted to -- up a word out about acre up at Eric Burke oh at a in the -- not. Are hurt -- much you got out or I am -- and my one concern although we look at it. Our biggest weapon PD I'm crazy they are not create pocket. Thought that the protection was the big issue. I thought protection that lead you -- big -- They'll rarely had a ball up there are definitely -- -- -- that. And helped -- They're just you know actually. We looked out. Yeah I'm not gonna go there yet I don't think it's an issue if it wasn't a big issue in the game. On Sunday and if it was. The one thing it I think it goes back to not the offensive line but the receivers. In other such there's such a precise. Offense. Is in the details matter so guys are going to the right place and you're expecting in return on a -- and they don't do it. And they're running into each other which would which is what we saw on Sunday and in New York that's an extra second an extra half second. The Tom Brady is usually not holding the -- think a lot of that was just. Going back to the inconsistency of the offense. I would have said exactly the same thing I just. To me is is not an offensive line worry that they're pretty good group they've done a good job for a long time of protecting Brady I expect them to continue to do that this year. If there are issues with the pressure getting to Lama I would expect it's because there's some confusion elsewhere and look at the group. That hasn't been together and hasn't had success and is much more of a question mark and that your entire receiving corps. Go to this think about what's gonna happen now right I mean a guy you give -- all agree if you want. And Amendola -- but you know that's almost decide the date but it but it the -- for any of them I -- they do and unfortunately they also needed on the other day and my guess is kind of had to make a choice. Right if you come back in that game your probably get heard it a little bit worse you're gonna have to miss some time before on the back end if you sit out the rest of that game -- maybe you're able to go again by Thursday. But he doesn't do that he chooses to come back in the needed him in order to win the game Michael I think we both agreed that without him they probably don't win that game in buffalo on Sunday the only reason that that might give you pause on that. Is just because they're the bills and and -- enough to say that you definitely would've won without you know and patches. That he ended up having -- seven of them came after he came back from the injury so well I. I could say that they would no one without a -- -- had to deal a fool not to admit that especially if you take that tick -- Amendola out of -- throw the ball well that's my point is not -- that we Baltic especially if such Feld is hurt and we'll find out how badly he's hurt even if he's healthy. He didn't exactly beat themselves in glory in week one Hopkins didn't bathe himself and Laurie Dobson wasn't even able to get out on the field and he was not great price the weakest. Of the rookie receivers in the pre season and Boyce is only targeted one timed it looked very good either. In week one had his problems throughout the throughout the pre season with the exception of I believe it was just before the game. So after think who after all though. Became even if they are well -- -- -- -- -- -- coming out of the backfield don't cattlemen because not. In the back of that you're looking at that moment. Cattlemen. In Tompkins is gonna have to get together middlemen in the kids whom I am. I got trust to a man to be a big party or offenses we have you know break -- to break through to -- will be -- part of your offense and -- Fine you've thrown a couple of times you should program a couple of times he's capable receiver. But he's he's a guy you're gonna count on to be a big part of what you're gonna do against division rival. I keep looking at a Michael saying you're gonna need either Ridley. -- to show back up to put the trust and the faith in him and let him carry you with the running game even though he got to imagine the jets are gonna be stacking the box a little bit more than normal and -- you're gonna need you or your defense to step up and be a leader of this week and you know who. You know what surprised me yesterday couple things surprise me just relating to this topic. Why and it surprised -- the Bill Belichick answered that question about. You know opening weekend and went on and on about it. Though the one in 1975. Right vs the bears and then in 1979 Gary Jeter getting the touchdown on special teams. And the fact that a guy. Who an employee of the Baltimore colts. Worked for a moving company we'll talk about prophetic in six years later it was six or seven years later maybe even later in that. And there on the way to Indianapolis in the middle of the night but the thing that surprised me most the Bill Belichick interview yesterday. Is that he said the coaches have a lot a lot of catching up to do that got to get on their game as well. Any sense that they have to figure out what their strengths and weaknesses are it's just me. Or do you already think that the patriots coaches knew. What they had. -- think that they knew what the restaurants where. Well we're not necessarily well I mean I think they knew some of them I mean but but the one thing we know they had the was a huge group of unproven untested wide receivers and and what that passing game is going to be the new Brady was going to be big part of -- they knew the offensive line was pretty a pretty much okay. But without your top two tight ends without all of those receptions and everybody's talked about all the numbers you've given over and over again. It couldn't be entirely sure what that passing game was gonna look like fish I. -- probably give too much credit to him because I always think that this is happening. You know. That when when the media when when when the people covering the team go away. Just when the real fun starts. And then that's when they that's when they start working on things that they don't want anybody to see and that's how they figure out -- behind the curtain. We know what we have been Dobson we know we haven't voice and -- you guys see them. On the big stage we saw this in practice. -- -- Chip Kelly did to everybody. Not you they were gonna do which you -- -- and -- come onboard the onboard. Yes you jump on that train Amman a monitoring how much you love Chip Kelly. Seriously and we come back the patriots in the holding on them but how awesome mr. -- I love the whole -- like it is a loss seeking gifts he gets the secrecy thing too he's and he's a secretive. And if we -- told you we that he is offensive Belichick man he is so unbelievably similar to Belichick and he might be a little bit more. Charismatic in in his interviews and press conferences and stuff. But he's no more forthcoming immediately always guy with the same his -- sports science coordinator working for I've totally believe in this guy the guy used to train Navy SEALs. Simple piece their sports science coordinator and they spent. I like a million dollars upgrading their era -- from Charleston and all that's harsh. You know he has. He's open minded as what my favorite thing about he's got a ton of ideas he's genius he's creative he has he has all kinds of different new ideas awful -- he's open minded to stop. Remember everybody thinks he's just a running guy when he was -- UNH his -- led the NCAA in passing every year that he goes to our viewers then of course because he's incredibly Smart he's open minded he's willing to think about problems creatively. And then he goes out there and find the best way to use the talent that he's actually got. He found that the ninety after watching that that Nicole's was gonna start seems sort of crazy but if it falls had started instead of Michael Vick I -- that offense would look complete. Legally different. Last I think it's just as effective so it show you said that I think Belichick and the patriots were gonna come out with a Chip Kelly well. Not necessarily. That's that style of offense but yeah right -- the question yet something that was -- -- secret how are back from all yeah I thought that they were gonna come out and oh here we go. Others voice wouldn't see him much -- pre season but he's really a big part of the offense. I didn't think it would look like such a work in progress I guess that's. I guess it would come I've really seen that though was 2007 right when Randy Moss was unleashed for the first time. And nobody really knew exactly what they had and it turns out they have this high octane offense that we hadn't really seen before from them we see them throw the ball lot. But nothing like they did in 2007 right I mean that that was sort of held secret from all of us. I was expecting anything like that at least offensively the question is whether or not. This defense is really the thing that nobody wants talk about nobody wants to. To give any credit to them because they've -- on the downside for so long that but now they're all veterans or at least in the second year and up. You -- really seen rookies getting a lot of playing time what -- gene called -- two snaps and he was the only rookie we've been -- field if you're looking at a team that debt that is a little bit more veteran has grown into itself. As you said Michael doesn't really have any weak links on it. If if you if they were hiding anything it seems like they were probably hiding a defense that is better than people thought I was gonna. There is probably more to come anatomy and how. How do you feel about the the story that we see today I think field gates. Wrote for ESPN Boston Andre Carter got a tryout I don't know we talk we've been talking about this. They have their little thin on the on the defensive line right who's gonna rush the passer. The head basically that Ninkovich and and Gemma Jones out there for the entire game in two defensive end that's unheard of just playing the entire game. Or close to it and then Buchanan they were terminal. But them when they did they moved Jim Jones inside so what's it like I think -- played -- it's not yet so hot how do you feel about. Andre Carter do you think that ship -- -- I think I think you just need a body I mean they I think that is bringing bodies in -- I forget my bride and just try to make sure that you got somebody who can go out there probably run your system. If you need him to couple your text messages 379837. What about freshman he's also pretty innovative I like that -- -- I look at the bears went outside of the Norman higher trust and I think it's a much better higher then that what's achieves in ski. In Cleveland or dog moron I mean these these retread or you know -- and -- admiral does. He didn't have a great journal and no he didn't let the idea of hiring -- Rome for for for buffalo like whenever I I I I like I hear it's just. -- -- Too -- buffalo code exactly I really I don't I don't like anybody buffalo would have -- I think you just give buffalo once you you probably aren't that good a coach and that's the way it goes by. -- a great hire and for the person near says oh it's just a gimmick. They were junk in the second half 'cause they got tired. -- it was a gimmick man. I think he's a really Smart guy who will even if he doesn't have ultimate success this year. Continue to find ways to fix what is broken and adapt his system to work in the NFL he's not stubborn. These -- tests -- stubbornly low sex thing I'm not gonna make changes. Point and that's the point that -- there and AT&T text line but Chip Kelly did. Last night. Would dug around should've done in the second half. Okay you've got this high flying right fast paced frenetic offense all look at this little run 53 plays in the first half and saw Michael Vick said afterwards after the first quarter I thought we were at halftime had never. Gone that fast but in the second half. And you've got -- on the road. Vs a team that supposed to be better than than they made the playoffs last year and you've you've lost twelve games of the response to better team got the dynamic quarterback. -- loaded down. And maybe he slowed it down too much but he's trying to insult to waste some clock he got a big lead you're up 33 to seven right. You don't wanted to get out of hand and he probably went a little too conservative put that to show he is not so you're married to his right and he's gonna -- gonna go -- The idea judge and as persons -- what he's a genius because of one half. Always a genius for what he's done throughout his entire career and the fact that he came out as explosively as they did it. That's what's exciting Michael Vick is probably knock in a -- sixteen games this year. Beyond talk about a guy's injury prone forget the Iranian and -- the Michael Vick. And there's a reason that it puts himself in harm's way and and and he's gonna keep getting hurt quarterback that's what happens when you put yourself in harm's way he did it again last I saw once again. It's okay he's not gonna last the entire season even if you assume that I think I have enough faith that Kelly's got -- For his backup quarterbacks for nick pulls etc. that will work. And I don't think they even meet Michael -- to be healthy all the way through so I I I I think the guy is genius I think he will ultimately be one of if not the best coach in the NFL. And I was always sort of hoping that that he would last in college a long enough. 21 day replace Bill Belichick here 'cause I think he would love to come back to New England. Where coach -- UNH -- local flavor to -- thought he would have been a great guy to one -- technical know what's gonna be doing -- eight years from -- years by then maybe he wins a couple of rings in in -- retires for a few years -- decides he wants them here will -- but they're also -- -- 6177797937. Talk compatriots talking NFL from last -- wanna get into some baseball coming up in a -- as -- -- alcoholic W -- All related on can he stay healthy I think super star I think he'll lead the league in receptions. All related on can -- stay healthy. All related on can -- stay healthy all related or at least they -- -- I don't that's quite as good as the montage did yesterday and -- -- I still like them huh. I was shocked to USA today and numbers never lie I didn't go huh. You know what's gonna -- -- -- Jeff Saturday got well I thought -- -- -- did all the former offensive guards and centers interior linemen. Or maybe -- have Hulk. Maybe this is gonna happen. Maybe all the receivers in the league rules will not catch passes in game two and so. Danny Amendola will be imposition ticket to legally. In receptions now. It has been such -- -- -- -- -- excited for the -- excited ever since the -- for -- First came out earlier today in -- seems like him Angela. Is unlikely to play on Thursday night ground some likely to play we know isn't gonna play an interesting evening for shore for the patriots -- the -- -- due to its perception way. Just. -- -- Go for what went for it what if what if -- first of -- what he does. How funny -- that the animal as he doesn't plan on Thursday night everybody eats roast. Pork. -- seventh seventh ninth and actors -- threatening -- policies start with. AJ in Connecticut I -- Right I want to pick Jake Michael. They saw got a little back and work out Friday Obama ordered -- mental and I certainly don't clutch usability but. Are you aren't sure hey you know I think lighter so what exactly John I think you might -- -- I'll take it a law. That's not true you know that's not to -- Ever make you feel like he's had all these nagging injuries you know to injuries he's had. -- good old old dislocation. At NA NA crushed. Topical that went in the wrong direction. He didn't he does not a guy who just weeks things. Just hope -- there you know it isn't at its inquiry can stay out of fuel it's the -- -- -- -- don't you're not going to be a great player. Get elected if here -- AJ AJ I gotta gotta gotta step in here. You comparing. Danny Amendola and Jacoby Ellsbury is a disservice. -- -- Asserts that -- all over the place on tax board this guy plays football for got you focused. -- Barry has achieved more in his sport than Danny -- definitely that is -- each there's no doubt I totally agree. What do you think that you need to be. The most healthy to go play baseball that's the sport that requires you to be the closest to a 100% the -- in the position. A pitcher it's probably true right Richard -- and I'm sure we'll talk about him a lot right -- -- -- do that here coming -- and time and probably anything involving an armor shoulder for anybody's gonna throw the ball. But -- specific injuries the clearly need to be pretty close to a 100%. I just think about last -- what is the sport where you need to be the closest 200% nor. This this is the point where in 321. Steve Buckley calls and it talks about butch Hobson right in 1978. I hope we know who -- readjusting his elbow every time value through cross from third base because Don Zimmer would take them out on the line. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Guys do a lot of time first time -- -- thank -- I'll just got a question about mobile quarterbacks in the league and a quick question about -- vocal tonight. I'm Brooke -- should be a rule change what they're running QB easily I don't think they should be if they're mobile QB elected RG three year -- captain. I think it should be able be tempered as they are all over the. -- -- But the but they're not -- that's. Just talked about this. Hey James this is the what would you just mentioned this is the crux of the argument. With with tapper neck -- you know the whole packers' forty -- and. What exactly am ED percent Packers urged -- that's like bring it up. But it's a little bit -- issue you know. Well but the issue did the problem with a James is the reason all those rules are in place is not because quarterbacks are more fragile anonymity else it's because quarterback to more valuable than anybody else the NFL owners wanna protect their best assets which are the quarterbacks and it doesn't matter whether those guys are running guys or not you're right it might be more fair to treat them differently because -- has an ability to run. It is a little -- but they still have the if the if they -- slide in the open field they can still do that and they still have some of these advantages that other players do not and that and you can take those guys those -- read -- guys can smash them at a certain point -- -- they're -- is running -- now -- you're getting are now getting exactly what you -- -- now waltzing along now classified in this league has done anything in the past it's always found a way to protect its best assets and these young quarterbacks the Russell Wilson's RG three's all these guys. They are the best young assets that the league -- they're gonna do everything in their power to make sure that they don't how of major crippling injuries because watch and RG three last night sat. He's the most he's potentially of all these young players Michael. He's the most electric. And I was real -- they all think they'll have like a different thing that's great about them but RG three when he right can be -- electric as anybody we've ever seen since Vick in his prime. I would say that and you know if I hadn't seen if you just answer this question last week the forty games or play right I would say yes RG three but I just saw Colin -- he's he's a wild card to some reviews he's crazy he's crazy -- -- but I just I think RG three is just when he's right when he's a 100%. It's hard to remember now is -- almost a year we saw last night was so different. What he's really right he's arguably at the very least arguably the most electric of any of these young guys and he's -- And they are gonna do everything in their power to make sure that that kind of the resource for the NFL what kind of an ascent. Isn't -- hobbling around in the backfield and how to get this thing how to Eliza hobbling and how hard can prevent hobbling around and don't run so much there but they won't let us I think. But he's exciting. He's a really exciting when he's running around in the NFL. Has the love the fact that there's all these young players that people wanna watch. Wanna watch RG three I wanna watch Russell Wilson you wanna watch the league you wanna watch it I'm really wanna watch those guys having to -- -- wanna watch them. Or distract -- try to come up with another team they're like two -- both teams around and watch them in Tampa not just because they are better -- How about this tour three teams out of 32 that you just have no interest in watching in Jacksonville who heads the list are but but yes that's -- -- -- Maybe Cleveland Oakland should be on the little swollen but now account or watch them to Terrelle Pryor and because he's a running quarterback. Because of what he's capable of under and ten -- 112 yards and ever was in week one. I all of a sudden kind of wanna watch Oakland again even -- not and no they're not very good. I just I think the NFL will find a way to protect those guys they always have in the past they spent so much money on -- try to find a way to protect those investments. -- Clay Buchholz is making his -- return tonight. More of your patriots calls more football calls but I also wanted to again. To what we're gonna see at Fenway tonight a great pitching match up and Clay Buchholz is a part of it any surprising -- Michael. On the timing was gone that's coming up talk -- WE.

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