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Clay Buchholz set to make first start since June

Sep 10, 2013|

Mut and Merloni preview Clay Buchholz's first start for the Red Sox since June.

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-- alarm Butler and ID 37 WEEI gets doubled to 2 o'clock salt -- holing. The -- victory lap slows down a little bit today. On Danny Amendola -- that you might not play on Thursday at all of a sudden -- turn now now listens to be -- on salt I did is we -- Is where examined all Jersey today which have been all around the office but I mean when you stand up until. Midnight tonight to do weigh a Bruins. Training camp opening show Michigan do whatever you. -- assault and -- come your way at 2 o'clock your phones until that at 617. 77979370. In Texas here on the AT&T -- -- -- 37937. I like as we got a Joseph Maddon. Text mirage don't hear Joseph man's gotta be on the hot TV does not is -- in the playoffs we all -- they were the team to beat in the AL least they're gonna finish fourth. What -- needs to get real like down the stretch. Feeling they're gonna -- the road trip and still dress up and still be the same loose team. They always are even with this twenty games in twenty day stretch beginning tonight that they're gonna need to finish out get a playoff spot Billy Joe's always the same. Well you know you talk with the Red Sox right exit right now that would look what you've got seventeen left. He got a seven a half game lead on Tampa Bay but I still think -- a big series. You know because he would David Price going to Vegas late buckles -- what's gonna get from -- reason anybody -- any idea. What he's gonna look like I mean I expect them to be off. And -- on an album he could give up four runs you know five minutes for ransom might just be shocked if he goes up there and just looks like the guy we start April. -- in total command the entire time of five pitches. That tomorrow -- get out cobbers Ryan Dempster. So you know that's. A Sharif -- one and -- finally get Alex has been struggling against JP he's been very good but. You know I wanna put these guys in -- rear view mirror the negative at the Yankees to three out of four these -- the guys I wanna take at least two out of three from. Of all the teams in a fight for the while current. This team I don't want any part of you know for the simple reason if if they have a with the way this whole thing is spread out the playoffs at this team gets in the post season. I mean -- the last two days of the season they need to go more in price just to -- in there. You know you could still come back. Because it's Wednesday if you want. With Matt Moore in the one game playing and if they -- opening day. In the first round playoffs yet still have David Price the deal with that meant more combat game three -- at a pace that. So all of this the team that I won on I don't know what the hell's going on the west is about gives his -- thing about Texas. And their top three guys whether it's Holland Garza or Yu Darvish. But to Tampa Bay please -- take two out of three and a lot of eyes are going to be likely buckle your tonight well. We'll talk about buckles here a second the first time he chancellor thousand dollars right now gonna WE -- dot com slash cash. And of the code word finance you've got ten minutes to enter enter finance -- WEEI dot com slash cash right now. The pages mobile friendly to get -- with your Smartphone to your next shot is at 4 o'clock WEEI dot com slash cash. And the cohort finance last time we saw clay buckles was June 8 and I went six and two thirds two runs four strikeouts in 872 win. Over LA that data and it got -- -- -- lastly summing it's Tampa Bay. Even better and you wanna argue is his best start of the year I would probably agree. Five -- shut up -- middle of April 8 innings Q it's eleven strikeouts he walked war against Tampa Bay. I think it's unfair to say he'll be the same guy out of the gate the first start tonight. But I think the next four starts he is the most important thing the Red Sox have to figure out and I say the Red Sox have to figure out. You know he his performance or help them figure it out. You what is Clay Buchholz is the anywhere near. That nine -- know guys that eight inning shutout against Tampa Bay in the middle of April. Is the some is he somewhere in the middle of that. What his worst start would be but I guess Minnesota -- four runs in six innings. Against the twins. Now Israelis were study still struck out nine in that -- Red Sox the 11965. You know to come back as a control their stamp an issue with -- -- that there is a question about. Remain not the stuff but the seminal. Like how much he really build up that arm strength. With those rehab outings and then eventually these four starts the Major League level before. I start somewhere early October. How much can nearly strengthen that arm you know can -- really be expected at any point to be a guy that. Can he get a hundred plus pitches or result it is he going to be around 85 or ninety's. No matter what happens in these. I have four starts for the season's over just the way it's -- played out now so the first Q I think will be a way to see. And I think that video games three and four will dictate you know. What you have enclave buckles -- for a guy tonight about getting back on the amount and at -- -- price action last out in the give up six. So maybe you can get the David Price I don't know but I don't think this is going to be. It matchup that you might feel like in April in early may they face each other price up calls for coffee we go. This is going to be if you scored two runs -- -- to be over must assure -- case tonight so the next this outing tonight buckles like. Beyond -- a judge -- missed so much time he comes -- is gonna throw a ball she -- happens you know -- expect good things be honest with. It's gonna be that third start. And that fourth start. Forward inducted start Germany where he fits. With this team in the post season if you ask me lazy there's no way you can expect them to come I'll be lights out when this game in a -- go with seven innings two runs wanna run I just don't see it happen gay. Draw a line the starting guess they'll be some things I'll still look for tonight first walls and the velocity are we talked about this with a starts in. AAA and his rehab starts first one back it was. 8889. And -- He's had this issue would want to rear back and throw the only one to be exactly -- percent -- told you that. That he wants to be on -- percent before he really -- Rears back and gets after -- endurance start one that a little bit more start to. It ID 394 that he and his third start they said he worked more control. But to me coming right out of the gate cannot eat in this game against Tampa. He might not have his best control the -- some some roster work that's understandable. But if there velocity is like 8889. And ever quite get back quite get back to yell low ninety's -- consistently. I'll be a little bit concerned. Because that obvious sign that he did rear back and he couldn't get to that or he's still holding back. And my expectation was community came back to Major League level. He was ready to fire you know he is quote the other day about I feel like I'm right there mentally prepared Greg while -- be the pitcher our laws. Well the pitcher he was. He was hit 9394. In April and may -- did you write this was that a guy that was thrown high eighties he. His velocity was right there. And so how quickly did he get back to that that that's well look why I'm not really I don't know the. The way the start rehab thing with the first one was -- Deepak Gupta -- on the velocity was there the third won't it was. You know I'm just working on control. I would have rather seen its last start before it's the big league game to just put it altogether. -- like a big league start -- to control forget a bullion this that to school -- throw with velocity and growth control. Just put it all together about the face big league team and a big league game you know it's like spring training. We always talk it will before the last couple of years not so much this year the last couple years with the starters rate to go out of the gate. And I don't like hearing you know you if you have 67 starts in the first two with three repeat 234 innings whatever it is but what you get up at 67 innings. Those last two starts this spring training should be game ready. Put a whole puzzle together you're not just working on your fastball first start not -- work and teaching -- second start let's work and breaking ball to third. Up brought together before you go to big league games that last start spring training that should be game mode. But the whole puzzle together a pro attack hitters you have a game plan and execute pitches. So is that three rehab start the first one no big deal the sec what vause is backed up and the third one to spark a control. I well OK regarding your first release are going to be put it altogether. Or rather seen that last time so. -- -- and it goes obviously health wise you know you want to get through that game. But huge boost if he can -- appear with velocity. And show the swing and miss stuff. Julia comfortable swings from the other team. You know. What makes clay effective PI -- that last one of the rehab starts in all you know it good velocity and a curveball changeup was outstanding. It's a most of those are two most important pitches I EI -- couldn't disagree more there might have been. His first year in the big leagues is he was felt four -- curveball change opening -- But the good clay buckles the Dominic Clay Buchholz. Is no longer curveball guy to me it's almost like his last pitch it's good but it does with the other ones are. The changeup is effective the two seam fastball cutter what he's all about right now. The two seamer in the lefties the two seamer -- to right he's that pitches controlled that side of the plate the first base side. That's what Clay Buchholz is cut -- ball in all left these two seamer in on lefties and then -- changeup or two seamer away that's easy outs. You know in the same -- to be said about race. So he's no longer a curve ball got to me he's got it's a great pitch. But it's the other ones that make him effective. Texas says -- wanna wait until tomorrow to judge weeks saying yeah we're gonna do that tomorrow on same expectation tonight would be. The one that they'll be focused on is the velocity with -- Yeah because that's what makes him so effective. It the best case scenario was he comes back and he's the pitcher that was not a no. With a 171 ERA that was that the from analysts for Cy Young before it went down in June. The guy David Ross said today on MLB radio can make SE really scary team via. That's a -- from Ross can make this a really scary team. At that best case air comes true but he's actually the the opening game starter in a playoff series he's so good these four starts he's so not an -- series. -- buckles starts. Well yeah yeah that's the best case scenario I'll agree music are -- to velocity to me it's it's command of his two seam fastball. That that this that that's elevated him to another level. You know we see at the two seamer in a lefty two seamer away and readies to see him in on readies to get the swearing in mr. -- awaited lefties to get the roll over ground ball. That to me I feel like if he has that pitch he connection -- nearby -- everything else that much more effective. Those could be command of that. You know if you see him up their -- and nickel two seamer in any dosing gated in and it's a double in the gap. You know when he's on. That's that's treason he's -- a lefty through and get a punch out he's out of the inning. If he doesn't get it never sit guys over and it's not over the plate. That's the -- has taken it to another level. In my book -- that that's wrong to be looking well if he comes back and -- and I know guys they'll be scary be in the rotation anyone have any questions. The worst case scenario for clay will be he comes back he's -- put together -- comes back and you can't keep deepening games -- is not there he's still -- about his arm and not saying it's worst case right. He's not even on the playoff roster he comes back he's can't put together -- I don't think it's a -- -- think it's a huge probability it all it states in the small. Single digit percentage chance. That's the worst case possibility right he comes back and he's nowhere near the guy he was. Maybe it's part as part of the worst case they re -- himself well he's done that's over on the war with the you know injury wise but. I think even if he comes back. And -- on effective starter to meet the worst cases he's -- -- and helping to open. So TB of applaud him without seeing him -- yes you I'm getting to that point I guess in a way of well which you know. You know widget which you know two or three starts in and they get them a couple bullpen outings if that's the route they go your state doesn't work out as a starter. Usually that would you be okay. Putting on a playoff roster out of the bullpen if he doesn't get any bullpen innings. Late the regular -- yet that they can stuff is just too good. Who's just translated it's it's just too good. You know this questions with Dempster age can get up in twelve pitchers. Right and what is a self like Jimmy comes out he's. No fastball command -- of the panic because -- fastball command we've seen he's just. He's not the same guy. But to -- years in both -- effective for the first 234 innings and installer runs out of gas over a period of time the natives -- -- about it. At -- gonna force starts. I think the first to -- look at. Really the last two was when you wanna evaluating. I'm going to be fun to watch and just give back have been 94 days the long time since this guy -- been forever and a I think there's part of bus and and I'm guilty of this as well that you sort of forget. How good he wasn't -- when you look at those. Those starts and you see eighty innings. To -- against the rays. Is CO 171 DR race off for a wild there all the month of April where -- -- 119 ERA. A good targets to Rollins -- backed now one is he was so good and I look at the other teams -- the American League and this is where you start the Al leads dreaming anymore about this team -- World Series -- okay. Apocalypse gets back to be in that Lester is really turnaround. You know what peavy is being lackeys -- That's that's the best one for one -- the American league for sure I don't have a locket and the National League minimum for shore. If that won their fourth clicking at their best the way they've been this year yeah buckles that I don't know Lester beginning NN not that middle part where he was really really bad. Jake Peavy what he's been since he came over here and then John Lackey at times it's he's been. It was agree on Saturday and restore scherzer in Tbilisi inches Verlander -- yeah I over -- Out of that group I mean for Lander what he's done this year what does he done. He's been a guy that you know Lester get up and down for awhile right terms of what you get from starts rise out of Berlin under. Gavin who's -- Ira L Wendy's in order for berliners are Verlander 'cause he's not sit there with a 25 ERA or two for -- blown everybody away. But you know on the opposite there's -- a guy -- 364. Not exactly -- Verlander like. Now let's the most you have Lester is get as you are -- not back down that number here from 45 down 38 they got a Cy Young award winner who's not even number one year I think that's in a bill Sanchez by the way he is number one in the Aaron. He cut. It's it's up and at Detroit's output right there with Detroit I get -- can't look at me tell me if. Buckles cut back and he's the ball both the first half that that's there's some discernible difference. Between the tigers and the Red Sox you'd have the other guy there at the top in ball colts insurers are. I guess that it did it 34 would be get the Red Sox manager to you'd like say well handle Sanchez is done. I knocks them of that spot but the hole one through four. I wouldn't go into a series and it ALCS in the -- they -- the tigers. Having major advantage there I'd say it's neck and neck. And I'd say take my chances if uncle goes back and I know that's -- that back -- the conversation pretty big yeah. -- -- he's in a combat can be once and for Peoria pitcher between now and the October 4. That's the biggest thing for the Red Sox is figure out what -- -- buckles. You say it's that if it's a possibility right was not know the 17. And and you get there it's a spin Verlander has sucked this year. Insurers there's lost four row it's funny because mixtures as 193. So. I gave up some the other night last night we lost. He lost that game against you in Boston. You think you're pretty good it was awesome it was awesome. But I mean if they have buckled oh that's a lot of heart but O nine and all the -- 71. -- got hurt here. That's why I think between now -- October 4 the most important thing this team has to do and and I say figured out but it's it's the biggest. It's the biggest domino is my way to put it. What is clay buckles and begin to find that out tonight. That's what's so fun about this series -- violates the race and it's Madden and three weeks ago on August 20. This was a flat footed tie -- the American League east you led to fewer two more wins but you are too few -- Q losses. And according to cool standings back on that date August 20 three weeks ago today. Rays are 782 and 52 you're 74 and 54. You've gone thirteen and four since the race six and twelve and all the sudden you got a seven and a half game lead and they are holding on for dear life. And they're gonna do every old John Madden thing possible to romantic possible. They're gonna -- they're gonna eight -- they're gonna steal. They're gonna shift. It is going to be all hands on deck and six or 7000 bands they'll put -- that it that building will be cheer on their ass off. That's why this series itself on on talk to Josh and JP on the Red Sox rotation or get the break here right Josh. Again it's a mental. Let's send it got to go it alone -- that -- you're talking crazy that the the tigers' rotation that key. Would early candidate -- and certainly into a way better and that the but I mean comparing her lender to buckle and now senate. Why why -- is not -- all the -- 71 -- very buckles to scherzer but all their pitches during a rotation right now pitching. And you're hoping one guy comes back and is on top of his game -- I said if he comes back -- he's that guy that was that the -- -- saying it's what you hear -- Thank you look at you saying that the tiger that they're top in stock at the top docs to better. And that's a chain given especially early and track record that Spain that -- track record is not let Verlander it is. And even she in America late lacking in the track record in the. Talk about this year in and -- it setting on track record for second obviously Verlander he's not having as we said a Verlander year we're talking about. This year and how these guys have pitched as a hole in 2013. By outlook lights out literally back there -- picked up the fact that he's not going to be I can't imagine -- -- -- that it was no way it can detect and strength back. The deep pitching you know one point 12 year -- that. Meaning they'll be announced it no doubt but. That was incredible run. Yeah I mean he was the leading candidate mean it's can be scherzer he's gonna win the Cy Young now but we rejuvenate -- if you -- baseball executives. It was a Cy Young award winner I adding buckled his effort exact which -- numbers -- -- -- -- Yeltsin more. But that are reeled off all those winds -- -- -- buckles nine and -- with a sub two ERA -- beaten some pretty good teams there at the beginning. You know I I guess. It's it's a may be over a bit of a long shot to get him back their bit -- ward get there. I put them right there you know with Detroit. 6177797937. A phone number 617. 77979837. AT&T text line is 379837. All talk about this series. As a whole will talk about a guy I think has to be -- appear tonight. -- in addition to that baseball's released their schedule. For 2014. Wear your Red Sox opening up -- their home opener against an -- -- outside the country. We'll tell you about that pleasure call snacks.

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