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Ian O'Connor ESPN NY on a brutal Yankees loss

Sep 6, 2013|

Ian joined Matt and Dale to discuss the Sox comeback win in the Bronx last night. Ian added that he does not see any scenario by which Rex Ryan is the Jets head coach at this time next year.

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Every Sunday morning. At 7 o'clock -- that Ian O'Connor show on ESPN radio Ian. Covers the New York sports scene and writes for ESPN New York dot com and he joins us now on the AT&T hotline -- it's -- -- Boston how aria. They point guys are used to. -- -- I I described the loss for the Yankees last night as a gut buster do you think this one is going to be that kind of loss for them in the long run. I do I do actually wrote that last night appropriate in your dot com has helped me you know sort of sitting on opening night you know now it felt like an NFL lost one at sixteen that did not feel like one. Of 162. Into the big well. He baseball that's Portuguese so many opportunities to bounce back and right away that happens quite a bit it depends. As the this thing goes on the next flight pitcher but that felt like one that. And -- either five or seven losses like these based policies that feel this way if the Yankees don't get that second wild card. You can look back on last night and day. That might be a reason why to have the ball marianas and -- Two -- one strike away from the great comeback victory with the six run seventh and basically to have the game for the 2004 -- yes -- folder. Once again in in front of a based on Yankee crowd. That one really really hurt I think. Even note tonight certainly independent shots seem to get it back again if they don't make the playoffs I think people point to. What happened in ninth and tenth inning last night perhaps the reason why. You know it's funny because and Joseph west did ball call in my opinion I'm me you know he did was a called third strike on Shane Victorino in the tenth inning but Joseph Girardi to his credit said. Make the next pitch and get him out. Exactly the deal goes for you last time that the yes they give them standing next to nick is part of the globe and as soon as I see Joba Chamberlain on the mound and said that make it over the -- over job and there's no way he's gonna get three outs before the Red Sox score here are. And then of course the I think -- -- -- scored bomb attempt anyway for this to not be over and of course it happened that way and it's a weapon. She's victory you know there with -- on the mound it was going to be something else he was not going to get three -- before Boston scored so. If you could argue and what hurt your party there was that Kelly was not available to him he would've gotten the call and so. A lot people complain Yankee manager this morning and say. You have to go to Phil Hughes in that situation because job as basically a concession speech. But the -- had just been demoted. He was down -- he talked about a pitcher who's four and thirteen this year has been a big -- yankees' problems I didn't have a huge issue. Which using Chamberlain or Hughes in retrospect of course. If it looks like the wrong the wrong decision. But you know -- yankees put themselves in that situation. -- out six blown save of the year -- get the job done. Broken bat he says -- that's part of the game and we've seen that before with no time the Red Sox. It would -- when they had his number and had it last night and and so the Yankees and allies even though Tampa lost. With Baltimore playing the White Sox now next few days yankees have put themselves and they perilous situation. It's funny you shouldn't you should mention that the whole thing about. Mariano Rivera he is. And lock first ballot hall of Famer effective if these about the first unanimous. Hall of Famer in the history of baseball there should be an investigation. And yet for some reason and maybe it's just because they seem more than any other team the Red Sox have had more success against him in those situations than anybody else. -- and I thought of that last night when he was on the mound and and certainly I was there in Fenway for the at 2004 LCS so what happens -- 45 really what it is doing the game four was. And yet seen I think it's simply because. Repetitions. Muscle memory and the Red Sox over the years beyond the familiarity -- -- marianas so many times just because they're they're good players -- good hitters. And so they figured out the Carter to some degree. Uncertainly Ortiz. Little line drive out of these guys had a lot of success against -- now. So I think it's all that but you know last night again he's one strike away. And that can't get there -- I I do think don't back it it really didn't have anything I think had more to do with the red sox' confidence against Marion repair that situation. That it did vote going its third straight night at age 43 I don't think he was that gas to choose to to say it again. The White Sox on Tuesday and Wednesday night including the four out save Wednesday night. I don't really think it. Was responsible for for the failure -- I I do think it was just the Red Sox are a very good indeed they know they they've had a good history -- -- area. Let's turn our attention to the and the NFL team in your town cents a I'm one of the two NFL teams in your town since. They start this weekend and they are the patriots division rivals. -- it has almost been a comedy of errors for Rex Ryan over the course of the summer I'm not -- could have done things. It to more hurt his cause if he'd intended to the whole thing about putting Sanchez in the fourth quarter of the game and and getting him hurt all that stuff is there any chance in your mind that Rex Ryan is coaching this football team a year from today. Now now and and calling them divisional rivals of the patriots at this point hopefully giving them a whole lot more credit than that get this serve. I don't think there's any chance that you look at Lovie Smith last year. In Chicago going 106 -- the GM he gets fired and and Rex Ryan has absolutely no shot at going to am sick with his team. Dot -- yes he is basically a dead coach walking. He's put himself in this situation because he was right there with Mike -- the deposed general manager as far as putting the roster together. Having well. Offensive play makers whatsoever. Not developing his quarterback hiring the wrong offensive coordinator last year and Tony Soprano bringing the Tebow and and you look at that scene right now but certainly -- their -- can be pretty good on direct I think Rex is a very good defense of coordinator I just don't think he's fit to lead -- head coach he's proven that. With his behavior over the past a couple of years. He can't develop a quarterback. Is offense that you -- you look at the skill position players to play makers they don't make a case. And I look at the receivers again running backs the offensive line is okay. It's fine it's not quite what used to be the defense is OK it's fine it's not quite what used to be but you look at the quarterback. Situation. In court deposition is 80% of the sport if not more. And you're going with a rookie who's clearly not ready with the way he played against the giants in the preceding three interceptions. And safety stepping out of the end zone. They have no choice now because -- foolishly got Sanchez hurt. I do think -- that played announcement by. He doesn't it that is and I wrote -- yesterday. That the jets have 511 written all over them but it could be three of thirteen at it as a chance this season to get out of. Yeah where where is this team met with some of these skill position people you reference Stephen hills high pick last year that was a little bit up and down a little bit inconsistent. -- was obviously banged up now I believe he's back is that correct. It is likely to play but -- Santonio Holmes tonight at you don't get that question night. The other day as a blocker I think from the outside looking -- that looks like your skill players are a really -- -- really low on skill and do you accept that characterization he said absolutely not I think. Santonio Holmes as a former Super Bowl MVP Stephen Hill is is coming on -- a big way I believe in an interview currently in Clyde gates but. Realistically. You look at that circle of a wide receivers Santonio Holmes is not that suitable MVPs not what used to be. And at times with his own behavior he's been wake of the disaster with the jets I think he's got a chance to be pretty good football player but. He's got a long way to go yet. And anti -- gates are currently gave their very guys who were just role players that players who aren't difference makers so. For a rookie quarterback who's had a very shaky pre season with -- bad ankle. To be dealing with the and he doesn't have Dustin -- there are tied and beginning with the kind of skill players around him. I don't make plays I think it's going to be very difficult proposition for the jets to win any games this year it's going to be on the defense holding. Opposing offenses to seventeen points or fewer to have any shot at all. I think Regina Smith come out of that I had one. The and it's also worked really close to reject an opposite the other day that he fears that David Card type situation you remember David Carr. As they could be what -- draft of the expansion Texans getting -- I think it was 7679. Times in that season. Going forward as well so if -- -- and you're hoping keynote. It dealt with better hands and that it comes out of this innate in a better way to David carded. About the running game -- again I I I understand that there are not going to be most explosive team on the outside this team general news defense in the ability -- on the ball I haven't had that guy you may have some shuffling back there there's a new -- -- it's -- it's. Suspended correct but what's the feeling their locally about what you -- how precise read some of the new additions there. Yeah I think there's a feeling that those guys are sociable and -- Did you put a lot on on Shawn Green and went went ultimately. A couple of years back they let go. Jones and they. They sort of put it on on green and that that obviously didn't work out the way they thought now you look at that. I agree you're looking at -- And yes serviceable guys got a good it was supposed to really helped. And and that's not going to happen advocates here that's been made it disasters or extra. A four games. It band and so you know power and -- I think a decent players but they're not game breakers and -- difference makers and so. You put that together with wide receivers who aren't very accomplished. And an offensive line that is solid but not what it used to be. And I just think there's so many issues around geno Smith who didn't look good in the pre season for the most part. I -- don't see how it adds up to you to say anything but 888 disasters in your -- season. When John it's it took over as the general manager I had questions about whether Rex Ryan was his guy when he drafted geno Smith I knew Rex Ryan wasn't his guy. Why didn't he make the move before this. Well I need it was -- when he got the job we talk about firing -- Rodney I think he was but Woody Johnson made it. A requirement of the job if you want to be did you -- that you have to take record of the year is ridiculous there's no I wouldn't count should put that on. His candidate for that spot I think that's why a number of people didn't want the job to begin when it Dick. Woods after the PGM. He's been really more a financial -- in the past and I get to be a football guy so he accepted those conditions but it made no sense again if you look at the -- that situation you don't. And six. Doesn't say he because the UN refugee and I probably did -- and I don't blame and -- -- but they want their own people in the -- so. Clearly. What he wanted to save money here. And not to hire a youth coach -- have to pay off Iraq's. So they'll suffer with Rex -- he is a lame duck. And he's dead coach walking you know go five and eleven with and then. Setback for rebuilding process one year. Stated -- -- note sent to I think any right minded observer of the jets but a lot of things -- had to do and have done over the years. Has really made no sense to those people. And they suffer by comparison because the other NFL team in the same stadium. Is so well run and so well coordinated in just the machine the jets look even worse by comparison of the giants. No question about it you know and and what's really kill the -- here they so desperately wanted to take the marketplace away from the giants. And you go back to the Christmas Eve game of two years ago and see where the jets work and the giants weren't Rex Ryan spent the entire week talked about how we're the better cheap. We've taken this market away from the time we had more success since I've been here two AFC title game. The jets -- 86 at that point giant to 77. And Rex Ryan spent the entire week talking smack. And Tom -- quietly coach that week. Because Justin -- out of the great practically to get him back playing from all his injuries and playing at a high level. And that gains achieved everything the giants win that game embarrass -- in the second half. The jets all part they have been sinking since well disenfranchised. The giants go ahead and win the super ball their second. With -- obviously over the patriots. And and both in the giant missed the playoffs last year they fell apart on the road against Atlanta Baltimore but it was OK -- -- they sort of got passed last year. After winning that second suitable. To check it. They get those such as they would say content. And they have won a Super Bowl since then stepped on the moon okay so. They're not gonna go to another coaching change another lost season here. And then it's up to it that defined the right guy because it seemed -- -- -- to rebuild the trust. So what happens if they play great defense but can we expect. And there are actually -- and I am I'm just curious because. Right I know that they're not at the patriots level but in this particular division. If you play good defense and they -- on the ball OK I see how there could be ones out there I'm just curious from your perspective. Is that a job keeper for -- or is this sort of predestined that anything short of playoff type stuff. I really do think that anything short of playoffs or 810 and six non playoff season. -- correct I don't think nine and seven get him back. I just think it it is gonna be itching to pull the trigger. And get his own coach in the if you look at the personality of John is that person -- personality of Rex Ryan now. He emasculated -- -- -- some degree -- almost had to go to Rex -- press conference now want. And so it's just not a comfortable fit. If they can get right now they do it because Woody Johnson force John hit it to do this to keep on it just doesn't make sense to continue this relationship. Again if it is it lacked somehow someway it is defense somehow -- carry this. This fairly blame them they cannot -- to the playoffs -- it's a different story I just don't see that as a realistic scenario. Ian O'Connor writes for ESPN New York dot com you can also hear a money SPN radio Sunday mornings at 7 o'clock -- we appreciate time to catch us up on the New York sports -- thank you. Don't have -- budget. Take care that is Ian O'Connor joining us on the AT&T. Hotline AT&T is the nation's fastest now the most reliable orgy LTE network it really is a disaster. For the jets. And and Ian was right to put this blame squarely on the shoulders. Of of the owner Woody Johnson but to wonder about any -- general manager so desperate to take the job. But he takes the job knowing that he's got to have a coach but he doesn't want and that he doesn't think is the right guy to beat the coach. But I'm gonna live through it anyway. I'm I'm still and that's sort of TB the scenario -- public the -- at these -- going to play out I'd having played government that market for a while. It's I am always little reticent about the idea that the circus says that it's a circus. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The competition that we thought it was a relief well Wimbledon now wasn't Rex is call. Because and everybody who's watched. The jets this pre season has said Sanchez for all his faults have clearly outplayed -- geno Smith via a -- and a and a one that if there was a competent and he want. I heard that as well and I think that. In the event that you had steady more not mistake prone mark and you had a running game which they have the pieces in play good defense. This whole it's a circus down their thing probably wouldn't bear fruit of the they're gonna make the playoffs are like that but. I think it's sort of war -- -- kind of situation to play. Let me just -- correct one thing real quick and then we'll go to the break I promise and -- world. Just have to lay out the scenario between the Orioles and the ravens this a year ago. The NFL moved the season opener to Wednesday from thirst for a they did that intentionally so that they would not conflict. With president Obama's acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention. This year Wednesday night the the Baltimore Orioles were playing in Cleveland. I could have moved the game -- Wednesday night. In like they did a year ago they didn't wanna do -- even last year but they did it out of respect to the president of the United States. This year the Wednesday inflicted with Rosh -- So they have that issue as well the the alternative. For the Orioles here. Would have been not to move their game to the afternoon Wednesday because it would have been tough to play in Cleveland. Wednesday night get in at 3 o'clock in the morning and ask them to play at 1 o'clock Thursday -- -- and nine game road trip well yes and it was hard. -- what they could have done was play a doubleheader today. That was the alternative that they -- had the NFL could have had the Thursday night platform to themselves for the ravens fans. And the Orioles could have just played a doubleheader today a day night double -- separate admission. And I can promise -- they would -- had more than 171000 people in the park today that would have been the answer they could have gone -- Angeles refused that you just got hired as Baltimore's marketing period ago bill will take quick break we'll get back the calls and our buzzer beaters in just couple minutes Sports Radio WE yeah.

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