WEEI>On Demand>>Net gain or loss? The Patriots Defense looks very similar... did they do enough in this past off-season?

Net gain or loss? The Patriots Defense looks very similar... did they do enough in this past off-season?

Sep 5, 2013|

We discuss the Patriots and get your thoughts on whether or not they did enough on both sides of the ball in this past off-season.

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Before I made homeless that I I was over NASA ran into somebody over there. -- -- nobody you know -- -- this -- talking about -- be so sure about that -- -- little. It's just talking about this patriots team as I was sort of thinking about was that night and peaceable people pretty angry at the patriots right. This would remain. Is -- that they've had this awful offseason people there are really upset with -- -- four. Not not doing enough -- and really having not just the tumultuous offseason but one in which they didn't do enough to address all their needs to get better so people are pretty upset the patriots right. And I said not I don't know like I don't think so I said what we really haven't had a lot of people call our show. Or text dust or whatever and tweeted us and say that they are upset -- the patriots really haven't done their job this off season that there are upset the way it's gone that. And I don't know that I've ever really specifically asked that question but there. They have had hit it in one case with Welker. The Wes Welker offseason move toward that that contract breakdown. Really really got a lot of people riled up and pocket the patriots -- -- Wes Welker they -- they lost from from that. That's what he went to Denver and are one thing him in this that it was and that it was really the over arching a whole offseason I guess what was a pretty okay -- -- -- -- -- -- and you -- -- -- -- -- Or what he had to say earlier his his take is a universal take maybe it is. Who would you say is the face of the the patriots Nazis. Four -- probe. -- minutes guys coming up a pro it's got to -- -- -- -- the two people that come out and you're gonna really look at her image -- and I guess Tommy Kelly individuals -- -- -- he's gone right -- and even by even by the time he went to IR there are questions as to whether he was you've got to make the team. So pro is Danny Amendola but just in this economy is -- Wes Welker right. So that brings it back to all season you have if you have to match it up I would think now. You're in a minority you think. Danny Amendola is a good sign. And you think he can be as good as Welker if not better use -- and I think it's possible. Well I think that's a minority view how it probably -- think mostly pulling no one could ever be as good as Wes Welker who run -- line there. That has ever let these dreamy. It doesn't -- an -- out I am done I well I I think most people are upset and don't troll hey Wes Welker had a Wes Welker. They -- had Wes Welker and they lost them unnecessarily. And picked up Danny Amendola who was west light. The problem is I don't know the Wes Welker there it is truly the east negatively the patriots offseason because that probably belongs there and as even though -- let -- -- -- -- on the field about I mean liberal regular overall coming here he is the negative phase of their offseason so. I -- appointees -- and I'd be curious if you guys could jump in -- 61777979837. Do you do you do you have a positive or negative take away. From the patriot -- and I guess it's that simple they were couple days away from seeing them actually in live action. -- you have the opportunity to see port for pre season games a few of which actually featured some semblance of what the team is really gonna look like. I have come away saying aren't -- You lose Welker what you getting Amendola who's younger and maybe he's not quite -- proven. But he is four years younger and I see -- now I see some value there. You lose Aaron Hernandez. Not because of football reasons but because of weird off field stuff. Why you know he is at a position that is so unbelievably necessary it's so. Important to what you're trying to do that you can't survive the loss of him and replace him with accent -- Whomever and Stewart says -- you can -- -- Hernandez -- -- and -- -- -- forget about the the hard off the field stuff for a second just turn and look in terms of -- just on the -- you're losing a tight end of -- the caliber of Aaron Hernandez right. Well even if you're you're disappointed. That -- losing a player like that you can't go back to the patriots and say. Package not replaced because they're they're ordered about figure Ryan right it's not but if you look at it that way right. -- that's that's a that's a huge loss that's that's. Opposition that they did not they did not replace. Because Eric Hernandez and Crocker different kinds of -- and the -- of different things well. So they didn't replace. Hernandez. Side of that rock. -- curtain and -- to indicate I just think. Right I think what what there is a group out there though and and maybe I've sort of accidentally fallen into this at times to review site. Eric and Aaron Hernandez -- they got excellent delegates is gonna slide right in -- You almost just kind of gloss right over the fact that Aaron Hernandez was an excellent player who's now being replaced by an undrafted free -- -- look pretty good in in camp. Yeah you have to -- -- -- -- look pretty good in in pre season games Arafat's a couple of great. But is he going to be Aaron Hernandez never. Maybe not -- and immediately probably now. You lose Wes Welker can do any Amendola beat that they got him but I don't know. I mean on the other side that you lose Lloyd and one of the few guys step up and and and be calm. Next bring in -- what will cities catches a year ago -- -- in our help is through the bottom I think it yet the numbers but but. You have to see it I I know the numbers don't tell I know that but he did still have the numbers right and -- you're gonna act I can take a rookie and they just catch the ball. Well maybe they're going to do that maybe they're not it. I'll I'll tell -- this I don't know which rookie is going to be. So while we -- three candidates. Dobson. We've got voice and Tompkins one of those guys will be better. Will be better. Then then Brandon and he may not have a variety and -- -- but -- had a battery and I think that's the common you'll get better receive I think that's absolutely the I don't gonna pass to ten yards. Nobody's around and he has not averages jumped for the ball I think that's the carnage wickedly -- and then fall down. And have a -- of like point 75. -- -- going noise around you were jumping catch for. You can start -- originally -- only restore but that we find there but I think it's a legitimate criticism if you say. They had -- Aaron Hernandez who. And now they've replaced him with whom -- of the agreement with the patriots we think it can be so you won't know you had glided javelin you have to go on May cut -- When he could be back as yet to be anybody. Well you also you lose Danny wood head who is not exactly superstar but he is a reliable player you believe that Shane Vereen is going to be a step up. Or the very least not a drop off but until you see it week after week the consistency. That would had brought you don't know that it's there and then on the defensive side of the ball. You -- the only thing you've now done to get better. Other than drafting two guys in the later rounds and to run Harmon and Logan Ryan -- accounts -- How Collins right agricultural water earlier actually going to see on the field at least to begin when the money. He did not look impressive specifically in the pre season. Okay. Chemicals and we are. Yeah I mean exactly he didn't flash. You didn't flash over and over again. He didn't he didn't jump out to me Tommy -- the one guy you look at okay. He he's the thing you've brought in in the defense aside the football plus you're hoping that the guys who drafted a year earlier have made the jump from year one year -- and is all that enough. To make you -- defense better than it was a year ago. Well that's a question and the question is is does the majority of the guys that you you moved up four last year does that do enough. That the different time of year one year to an NFL is that enough to push the Patriots defense to another level -- -- -- -- right Tommy Kelly. He's a good player doesn't have to be their best player on defense and that to be their best friend on the defensive line but he is -- -- play is helpless totally see you -- situations that have yet to Vince Wilfork okay that's. But it's Chandler Jones grow up to -- eight K eight pass rushing a legitimate pass rushing threat that you even think about game planning for. Or. -- -- as high power become a three consistent three down player. If that happens maybe you don't maybe they need to do them. Isaac keep to leave enough in the secondary guys -- to you got him late last year he made the defense better you have him for a full season. Is that enough to make them better they better without even making much defensively so I think those are the reasons why I was surprised the guy said this 'cause. I think I kind of body -- to all of those ideas that the patriots are going to be just as good it without necessarily having the greatest offseason of all time. But I guess I'm curious if you think the same way 6177797937. A lot of your calls go with Chris in New Hampshire first micro -- -- played the bunkers. It's so I'm a little surprised that you're not Cohen called Leo for blossom over the argument when it comes well good verses them until. Meaning one call me out maker Chris you call me out -- -- called up. And I've tried let me get this he everybody's talking about what will go was and what. M and dole was that the gamble is what are these guys going to be the next two years and I think the safe gamble. It is -- -- -- that. Well he's younger it. Kamal whereas I -- that didn't -- -- and new hair naturally argument are wrapped in. The entire granite state and what you got for me what you have your all. That. Is that any Amendola is better -- Wes Welker is because the younger. Note note note note note that. Your -- and New Hampshire backwards. You broke up obviously I didn't use a cane and well and he's activity hands he can run routes Jesus slot. Can run -- your favorite supposed to do now he brought them when I think of the unique close -- -- -- are pretty good runs at very exactly -- our -- are -- any good route -- that he's got good hands and Wes -- does to you said he runs good -- You think he does not belong in the same sentence as. -- on the same sentence. -- the same paragraph. Not the same chapter you'd think -- say look. Columnist Welker -- as Amendola how many years does. At age. -- age I don't care. -- -- Tom Brady. Well the ballot job medical -- Well how can you you are making a horribly nowadays you were being on what fans are dating older you you are being -- you bear hug you -- -- and I'm 31 each of a quarterback who's got to stand in the pocket or a coach who doesn't have to actually run around it not as important the age of a wide receiver and you know catalyst that and I know. You know I do notice but I do also I also notice Michael Jeffrey so. I know that Wes Welker has caught over 100 balls several times and I stayed on the -- in this off. And I wanna see what Danny Amendola is like. In the this offense not in some allowed the opportunity to play only replacing -- to -- Bradford who just think he's irreplaceable I think he is and it and yes yes I think whether he has west became. Underrated here. We the people that -- -- I -- is underrated I think he's over. He's overrated I don't either right -- -- -- -- what else to think he's overrated we get to more your calls or 617779. 7937. I also think Danny Mandel is going to be just fine for Sunday and give you some proof sort of neck sultan -- W -- Greedy under the gun wounds to the forefront kept me. It's. Down patriots. Perfectly executed it's great need of marine freight yards and another half an extra point away from the seventies. Took 31 half lead on to Houston. Brady fell Bonnie I'm not seen a man and a fine they don't have that I haven't seen -- young receivers and Didier young lot of -- -- to make a play. AD and Kate -- -- film making plans on Obama's. He had his own show seems like he needs. -- our football game to prepare for football games he's a quarterback Tom Harkin -- Part of me for a quarterback to compare to prepare for game. Turn and run here I got to turn and run. And the guy at the line of scrimmage and then turn and run these big of a simple answer is that how is the public are going to be. Let's -- for Belichick kept pretty can't seem to find a lot of those guys you can do this very simple I get an idea jam this guy at the line of scrimmage the turn and run with him. Yeah I appreciate the more than that critical to the graveyard of well patriots quarterbacks we could've should've. But I'm sure safeties it's their inability not safety -- security they -- every corner corners corner turn around so easy like our guys just say it's easy to do it run that Palestinians -- -- -- the agility test guys -- Larry -- you know I'm just saying how much preparation as there. Turn around the cat -- and convenience store. He's being chased Titus Young that about those -- picture corner -- not always there's really Jonathan -- Now only will I yes he was it was turner rightly with Jason and -- routed to a convenience store and -- for safety. I dated in an artist is difficult form but. I'm telling. I'm telling you -- all out this year is going to be differ. This year is going to be different. For the -- I think that's what position they actually solidify. I mean take a cue to leave is different that's one of those things where we can talk about the offseason that he gets left off the list is it was a late season trade last year instead of being an off season acquisition but if you look at him as an offseason acquisition. That's a pretty huge help. He he's a legit number one corner who does the things that they want to do and made their defense better at the end of last year when he conversational whether the patriots had a good offseason or not. Unfortunately doesn't include him. But probably shipped six point 777979237. Steve's in the car -- There. That. -- Feel like -- -- you east either Squawk Box as its data screeners there. It's the home. Periscope. Harris Iraq's very Harris was out. Holly out so I gotta do us. I know much. Wolf of upbeat and around. It made it completely like scratching my head. It it in picabo. Share. They think that it walk out of all these they're almost all intrigued about how pretty destructive contract. That a lot of people in the it was stated that a -- baby -- mentally for the picture -- and well off people move. If you passports and now are you really that they Amendola and like you think Gillian had done that decrypt that stole what I'll wander -- there -- well. Particularly -- Cut -- though it's seven million dollars away and it Cassel had so much so -- that we hear why isn't Aybar and here. Why are they go into that they don't little -- now maybe they would even at this game. Talk a little drug wasn't cited the pitches the way under the cap let me. I think -- errors that the cannot question years ago when MAB we we need to talk about different characters. Filling in those spaces for example okay. I don't I don't and I'm glad -- inside Ed Reed Ed Reed -- banged up that Texans signed them and they probably think you know we shouldn't sign this guy he's not right. Hold on before you say that let let's just throw it out there and I I tend to agree Cuba for the devil's advocate. What you'd sign it reads that a major Wilson who's now Kurt -- rub up but Eddie read is pretty much in the same category at least he's not on my arm and at least he's somebody that's gonna be on the team probably should probably. He probably should be on our I mean it's it's the same category. In an Ed Reed doesn't -- And always playmaker. -- he's as a reputation of a playmaker. But he is they've got two free safeties as it is in Gregory and and according according thank you very much. That's another -- mean everything is a freeze -- center fielder so I don't know if you really feel the need form. And John Abraham did what John Abraham but her overall point is well taken if not Abraham might not Osi Umenyiora. Well why not somebody else in in the who can who could who is worthy of a big contract I guess they would answer is. Didn't see anybody was really worthy of a big contract. And you know did not feel portable you know every you -- of sweet spirit -- freelance so whatever black. In a play -- remember a couple of days ago you'd you talk about how are you discussed in the blue collar. There on the -- -- this team needs playmaker than Ed -- in the playmaker. Like is that every banged up by. It's hit me if they almost seem like the patriots and patriots what department seat. If they actually they get the what you're the F what are your PO five million dollars I mean. I'll I'll say hey look on the picture of -- -- -- okay you'll meet anyone besides you guys give an update you know -- whatever I'll see anybody other than maybe spikes. It has come and help that you gotta get that might do so why are they that much. It's a fair question and and you don't need to look at just guys like John Abraham who I can understand -- Bill Belichick -- the group looked at them into our hold on he's old he's not what we're looking for his loss to step but there were other guys available free agents and there was Michael Bennett -- with April there was Paul Kruger. I mean there were other guys who commanded higher salaries now. I don't know how they felt about those guys maybe they thought that they were all over -- overpaid. It didn't wanna spend money on them or just didn't think that they fit into their system but there were other guys who play those positions that are there were out there and -- they're the -- residues which the names. I played -- doesn't do because having the larger point is is of airport what are our Paul Krugman Paul Kruger Clifford. I know those guys -- pretty legit players I don't know they fit well into the system I don't know whether either of them is the is the right. You know maybe -- and they're both for three ends when they don't know exactly how they fit into what the patriots do. But they are both pretty good names who were out there and available free agents so was always do over delegates briefly although at that point sort of -- -- your commitments by hate. And he was out there and available at ten million dollars under the cap there might have been some room for. They don't -- that giving April's worth the money. Don't think in the paint them much right if I go back to look I don't think you don't get paid -- he's worth the to say going after a guy like that in free agency in the same. Whatever the numbers. Just saying this is going to be our free agent target. Would you like to see the patriots get -- Croker. Think Kruger is not worth I think both April -- pretty good players yeah but you know but he also opened just Dixon in the back -- -- -- and I'm not saying. Ozzie Newsome is infallible. But all innocent and make a lot of mistakes -- it comes to letting guys go -- -- about the patriots and what we can still say but the patriots. When it until the west well. Except for all of them NBA head unit is not lost on her way then I wanna give up out of it and to calm the patriots. And -- and let a guy go home. Usually doesn't flash somewhere else use and then have repeated success right. In another place. And that's just knowing your own talent in knowing -- will go this far but we market to go crazy on. And I am Ozzie Newsome -- -- grow to Cleveland in the division but. He had hit a weird situation I mean he had to lose some guys he was up against the cap he had to sign Flacco. They knew they were going to have to lose some guys -- I think they wanted to keep -- just couldn't I think they wanted to keep Ellerbe they just couldn't. I don't know they're either of those players are -- going to be greatly you'll never hear from either of them again it's why have I said April's name before I said he is. Michael -- another one who might have been intriguing and interesting and we got hurt but. I don't know whether these guys that I I would never criticize a guy the coach and say you got it wrong. Paul Kruger was available and you didn't get them because I don't know exactly what they're looking for whether or not Paul Kruger has those -- unsure -- it would -- According to their players are essential Kruger has what they're looking for. But look at Cleveland Cleveland doubled down and create journey faced a lot of money. You know they went after Kruger and I think he gave them. The soft top man at the threat is -- -- -- -- -- a second their contract is fifteen million but Arnold at the guarantee of warnings 49 million I don't know what the guaranteed portion is. I'm just guessing the patriots -- wanna go there in and get into that kind of bidding war with programs are put -- Abrams it's time for them and send fifteen million dollar contract that's 15. We -- in front -- one year fifty million dollars of the disarmament I don't know it was one year. -- we just a thing. Two years fifteen million -- -- Not much money via a man and I don't think he's the perfect fit I'm just using him as an example would you feel better about the pitchers right now with April's on the team. Subbing -- is another one of their defense and -- along with -- in Chandler Jones I would okay -- you feel better about I think about it I feel better about their off -- and make him better too -- I feel better about it feel better about what you just said -- that that's -- -- and I -- -- But it is salary caps sport so if you're talking about subbing in. And he's getting seven happened out -- we think of it just citing that target and maybe it's Ninkovich is coming and exit can do more now. -- rich can do more than just parliament if you have more good -- -- rushing off the end I mean the more guys you have to get after the quarterback. I think the better I have to have two goals this year after Eagles -- okay this season. One. Moment that you hate inhabitant well I don't. Then I'll get back again today Danny Amendola want to get cute to have some love and respect for Rob Ninkovich I think. Allen might happen you just don't you know you're not buying and I don't buy it now -- by the he's a great player item by the he's a big time -- -- might -- -- -- -- -- great player. I by the he's a better player I buy the I I would be restricted to these guys these pass rushing yards it's a tricky. There are some pure some great pure pass rushers who you put him anywhere. By Abraham and Williams at the jets great pass rusher here with the falcons is great pass -- until the -- alphabet and and some guys are just. Just on this planet to Russia to get the quarterback you know how to do it they're great at it. I'm sure -- that. That's who were -- I'm not telling you that easy years and he's not getting great player money yeah it's getting good player money and if they have that money available that they -- spent on a player like that. I guess I would feel better about their offseason they added another pass rusher coming off the outside even if you'll use them on third downs where I can tell my money. 6177797937. John can I jump. John hello Johnny. Jungles and causes it was going -- John's got issues will go to Roger west -- What's -- man. Are you deposit. Wanted to -- weigh in on the pro and con about the Peter Tutsi in. I had way where you anyway -- -- I think like most people probably agree that the consulate commanders issue. Put on the positive side are pro side I was happy to see that. The minute the patriots were swift and just saying you're all done and thanks. And -- -- to too many. Too many would -- -- -- every -- a lot of liberties. When a couple of things like this sort of goes glad to see that that an interpreter and swiftly. While sure I mean I don't know what that I mean this is really more conversation about on the field when I appreciate the phone call Roger I mentioned up before you back your calls here. I mentioned. Why I feel good -- LaDainian mental. Playing this week I mean I forgot about it ger require. But -- feel good about a plane as we did you see the quote from him you read any guest Michael yes you can't read this and think there's any chance to not play. -- -- -- Receiver Danny Amendola held court personal right there I believe he's. -- the moment he didn't score much I believe Danny Amendola play -- a -- you've got one of the topics brought up that was the -- -- -- -- -- the bill as all teams do but they play a lot of man coverage at single IC in the pre season it's gonna come down to beating man coverage catching the ball making plays he says. The guys. That's a guy who feels just buying his name might be in the injury report but because you're giving me grief about yesterday just to read it. I'm gonna be it will be a challenge for us you know it's a it's a great place to play. I'm excited about it and excited about. You know getting out there and journey you know there. That's not a guys like well you know my groin is bothering me so we'll see what happens when an economy able to get out there he's gonna -- -- -- and he's got a -- he's going to be great. I don't know nine catches. Through nine catches -- done on Sunday I write it down Michael Barrett. You go ahead you maker predict write it down I would say I would enjoy. I -- enjoy the first game the first weekend of football. I don't wanna be sitting there. Late in the game where he has like six or seven catches -- -- group against the. Why would you root against out of understands this because you want him to have why don't you want -- all right we want something bad for a week or what are you done to you that makes you bought something that I mean I would. Crude format -- want to be like hey I really hope this works out for salty and out of a limb here he really kind of put his reputation on the line this guy granny and Angela and I really hope it works out form instead it. You're sitting you're rooting against me why do you do that now a vulnerable as a sport millions who were not just the sport maybe maybe -- over. Over exaggerated there's a text -- brings a great point musical for April something -- -- happening earlier not a good use of resources. But this texture says and it's a fair point I feel better about Dwight Freeney. Subbing -- for a million couple million dollar and that's the guys are just like Dwight Freeney. I was I was I was hoping they signed him. Not just because he's -- the Connecticut guy and all that -- not just because. You know they know very well from his days with the colts and he has something left. And you put him in a situation where he doesn't have to be out there -- even. 50% of the snaps up here for 30% of the snaps but I think it does it say ten years back maybe a pass -- you know he can do more than that. I actually disagree America's I think anytime you don't sign an. And for I'm not gonna sit here and try to judge after delight whenever it is that he's being asked to do -- mean to rush apparently just to see these guys -- just fall off so quickly the end in the NFL we hope maybe get warm or a year -- -- unique and I would try to limit it to the guys who just a guy who we're still on their prime. Broker benefits -- are -- are still in their twenties well you look at you look at Adrian Wilson. So based -- he's a guy right same reputation. That he his reputation as a safety is equivalent to. If not less than a Dwight Freeney reputation as a defensive and probably lessen. And -- is going to offer Dwight Freeney reputation I think is bigger here than Adrian Wilson's but I would guess. I don't you could be up yet he's -- -- is pretty well respected cleric a lot of troubles just happened play in the worst place to get recognition is in the literal and figurative desert rights are if that is exactly what it but -- but the white training. If you bring him and just like you brought in Adrian Wilson and it's a million dollars -- company in a couple million dollars. See him in training camp just like he's all right -- idea as to -- the same determination that's what can happen anymore. Don't -- what -- are a lot of I think that's fool's gold I think that's one of those things where you think you're having a better offseason because you know the name. Right you know the guy you know the name you've seen him that that teachers play against him for years and know what used to be capable of anti get fooled into thinking -- off seasons going better than it is. I was trying to think you guys who are still their prime 6177797937. Text message your salt what reputation great point or your calls next rockaholic WE. I did learn the passive aggressive dot dot dot the last few years while understood about -- it in my arsenal. Are you guys are dating ourselves. With this so bad you guys are dating you're dating yourself -- and I bashing of fantasy football. It is the future it is -- present it is the future. If you do not like fantasy football you are a dinosaur. This is what it's all what are the guys that I love our market effects aren't built right Eddie they're architects out there right now designing. Stating yeah I was. This signings -- With fantasy football and -- -- -- every second screen we -- nerds and yes but gets everybody out there everybody were on the earth. 90% of you -- -- in astronomy since that's what -- don't. The last time made reference to dirty fantasy football taught that you called it's our murders of school. That's. A the government got is that when you got him up. Or knows that -- got him to produce a while but dale. Don't just drove up to get -- while still. It would give give dale an explosive yet buckets that -- -- -- rough if you will he do that to brick at some point this year because I'd like to see that I got like Justine -- try to rough breakup NASA and set. And see what happens. Golf lyrics. I'd be the first thing I do I wouldn't miss that the upper body percolate if he paid -- Jews between the boards he told you right. So the legs. From my experience between the legs the legs are vulnerable and by dale remembered text message here guys anyone remember -- Thomas big name free agent signed for big money and ultimately failed miserably at the end but he -- the beginning wasn't. The bad player at the beginning not the beginning was Roosevelt called it a bad player at the beginning Rosevelt Colvin was never replicates exactly I mean I'm getting hurt so jealous Thomas was a at the club. At the end wasn't -- that player in bad attitude but not -- -- -- is for kindergartners. I'm -- -- in the beginning was very good. Action I've it was the second game I have a long that interception that hundred. Interception and touchdown maybe if you are -- -- -- you were gonna lined him up on the outside against wide receivers the way lessons rumored to be you as well as give her everything but he was the guy good player. Four year. -- well it's football including more than a year adamantly and got guys like a pretty good pretty substantial contract I guess my point here is more just. There's no such thing as this is the only way -- the patriots have done it never works when you do this it never works look it worked when they brought in some little known guys like Mike Vrabel and it worked when he brought in Roosevelt Colvin who is a much better known guy Ted Washington who everybody knew or Corey Dillon -- everybody I mean it in the -- -- everybody knew I mean. It's worked a whole bunch of different ways -- six on 777979837. Roberts in now western mass -- Hey -- own desires are almost first time -- long time listener but -- our question what do what do you like about Aaron Dobson for one. Opt for the patriots in the integrated goers. Are -- hamstring injury. Am you're -- going to be there aren't any ever dole. Aaron Dobson. This year now. I wouldn't say this year is it's hard -- -- on a rookie receiver never did just that and no one will ever be -- sometimes sometimes rookie test sometime as for your receivers. Get the job -- I don't know if Dobson is who is ready for that right now. Are excited -- 63 I mean you were Iran like four spot or or right Andyaat. I got a mama spears CTO it's. Course sinker ball lately started against the bills that means I who I'm not a lot later. It's interesting is federal Bill Belichick is thinking about starting him against the bills like I know you are I don't know whether Belichick he has. Like he might be thinking about it he's like may be I wanna start him maybe I wanna start boys may be I wanna start -- maiming and go with -- one ride receiver set to start things off he's thinking about it that would make me a little nervous fiery. All right well we -- you like I ain't like I'm a reserve depth chart but I -- hear about mobility and I mean you've got to talking like. Predict -- -- like thirty or at least some -- -- gonna be scored tomorrow and attribute -- and I don't. So yeah. -- -- where we were telling. -- -- I appreciate him directly or are we talking about now we predicting the scores yet I don't think I was. I was predicting the game until at least nine cats you -- that's easy. That's that's maybe even in the first three quarters and he really get to go and in the fourth quarter or -- -- has turned to yeah that's because the games out of hand holes and having to live next to him -- A a good afternoon gentlemen before I get to what I call the -- -- and she questioned or -- Wes Welker starting tonight -- -- questionable. I don't know anywhere and I don't know. -- I told his face looked very very apology in the offseason so maybe the extra wait is finally caught up to. A and it is a party as a mention its opener duke players that play great -- their crime are well into their primer. At an old age or whatever the deal. Did you get in almost in the right now Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. Last year many defied all -- I would never -- you'd ever come back from especially in injury around his neck area. To ever be able performing at a -- again nevermind at -- -- in their. This year I'm looking at Denver is being in -- and -- -- like call to go to the patriots the last few years. They they should on paper put forty points a game -- third thirty -- that I think they should be. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Why is that why should be monsters it's because they got three receivers that's current. They've got that the topic is now that -- you know I'm. Getting at our new programmes I -- fantasy about the actual guy. In various -- just a regular player who's turned into a great player and fan I think. Mean there's times -- player may be a very good care but I don't think he's AJ green Andre Johnson mega -- not in that category of guys. They don't have to be all what can you got three guys who won't surprise -- they all get ninety plus -- -- He's not. Matt and that's great but you know -- We've seen this before me this is YouTube viewers you're making it sound like this is something that we've seen this before with Peyton Manning in a different city right. It's not an Emmy and you got a little Peyton Manning and he he intends to throw big picks at the end it. That tend to hurt his team ought not kind of focusing it doesn't all a matter of focusing on -- picks on the same Peyton Manning. Has had has has quarterback some. Pretty impressive offensive juggernaut teams before and those teams and our team did win a Super Bowl. Teams have figured out how to beat. An explosive offense up and. What are hole. I seem like a pretty decent amateurs there but he's getting excited with a home run after home run after run leaving the art. But I had a question for you about Michael and I need you to put on your thinking cap a moment. -- need you to put on -- such a great imitator like average do I hear all the imitate -- Jim Rice. It caused B but again. What you want to already. If I could get -- to doing the Fort Worth a pound Jackson again Tom Jackson with -- need you to put on your imitation -- OK you that you can do that. Well it depends notice I don't want to be shot next alcoholic WEEI.

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