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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - 09/05/13

Sep 5, 2013|

We hit on four topics we hadn't touched today... would you pay $75 to see Floyd Mayweather fight? Why is Doc Rivers still defensive? And more!

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-- Now word excel can Ali score already roller board or -- for. -- -- -- -- Well we solved it Kelly and Sports Radio WB and -- like this next. -- when there is you know -- the good that's a good sterling. Apple has crushed. By Napoli. You'll need a monopoly. Of -- -- Pretty good you don't like over to Reno clams casino. Now registered. Napoli don't Napoli -- flying Hawaiian has -- opposition grind. That's on much more that that's a multi part behind like for him. But we -- today -- Well we've got the Cleveland Indians and they avenue -- -- And Damascus -- -- That sounds really on the Indians are hoping that Cody the chicken is their version of the rally monkey suit which rally mascot is better the rally monkey -- that chicken. About the -- That that Campbell are counting on our board in the USA are dancing to it anyway yeah chicken. Gotta go with the crowd in Iran it would do so Q. It's so cute. Rally monkeys inferior. Not a big rally and yes the rally chicken you can eat once you lose that's the problem the rally chickens device. About the vegetarians. It's the vegetarian -- against the rally -- that you're nobody's eating the check in with about that I -- property on a leash but to each did you did you see those comments on the story that's the best part. Is that the Indians bring out this. Rally chicken at the beginning of the game these trees and around taken BP you are taken. -- practice them whatever caused them during during. Here it just says all pretty okay as long as we win -- -- formidable. Did you just pictured Tito. Does their form and upper one liner off. -- problem with Tebow like Norman do you like the rallies are. Like I like what they're doing some pictures of things rally animal reached. Picture yeah it does get anywhere. -- got to beat that drum. We are atoms there is values -- beat John -- game -- And -- managed to drumming. And I like the Germans -- much as anybody but. How much you have that seventh inning. And then after war if you're within Iran. Or you're out by more than three or four -- -- work is that guy in Oakland more. Six guys they're really knowing you've been -- to a game in Oakland I have office personalized it. Disgusting that he was discussed it pretty -- just walking in there everything about that ball unpleasant experience Zacks guide to. Really hate the goals and nice people like they're really what am I gonna not run into them what am I drove cross country can. And I want -- -- a third the only way to get you got lost on the way to LA and an open Oakland got is going to I was going out there is gonna. Finish in Berkeley -- ever -- -- days of the hit -- to some of the airport. How's -- -- longer a security. Well for kids or or even talk to girls so I'm I'm not. Just about that are. And what the game and it gets really cold. -- in the site especially -- -- to a game was like the things he's an -- -- -- -- -- -- So. It gave me. You know it is so bad for you Davis comic figure -- apparently it off sharply off a little bit. Referred to a -- to orbit the the shippers news -- gave me. Very nicely you have good memories I have great memories of the stupid Oakland coliseum. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- doesn't mean you can actually played it from. -- yes we are reports came out yesterday that Floyd Mayweather will earn a guaranteed 41 point five million dollars for his fibers can now allow Perez on September 14. It's time anyway. Yeah yeah. 75 bucks for the paper view. Of where it -- No. No it is not now we have a chance story here in twenty minutes to win 500 dollars towards pay per view which you could use. For instance they'll have 425 dollars left over in decades -- definitely boy -- it's free it's broad -- -- but he still. Mayweather and his fights are not worth watching aren't they are not fun to watch as far as I'm concerned he is I don't know biggest comeback in sport -- he's on the list -- -- he got it right there on the list of the biggest scum bags in all sports. But beyond all that he's boring. He might be at least entertaining and interesting with his stupid antics off the out of outside the ring. Fighting with rude Jude city was -- in the right and all the other dumb stuff he's done it is they are pouring. But in the ring he's incredibly boring I. Leader I think it would be worth it if if he's frightened Pacquiao. 75 dollars -- you've -- and not the way he's fighting backyard you'd even go under maybe go on to our don't look down your screen. -- it was fine. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- To help -- so to fight both fighters are undefeated. I don't care. I just I just want us or -- look at I'm going to -- to you to pay money for boxing fight I want to see them punch each other. I don't wanna see Floyd Mayweather play perfect defense he might be great at it and Ron Borges and the rest of the boxing nerds may love it. I don't like it I find it boring to watch him -- Texas does not give your legit Australian website where you can watch the fight for free corporate. Probably about. Stick it back Tyson's AD Tyson fights -- actually good fights right reporting an inflation. -- got more money. That ever raised more money than Tyson I mean that was like thirty years inflation of value it's. -- -- This morning Doc Rivers told -- -- -- quotes honestly I was very disappointed in that part of Danny's press conference. Obviously very disappointed in that part of -- First a little bit of merit there and I have no issues. You know -- OK and apart when he said that you left the which part of the press conferences and talking about -- to support in part. Come when Danny was describing. Everything broke down with. -- did you know just like says there -- the best bachelor. But must not let. This is old stuff I -- and I know you've got to try to do your job. I'm here. And -- in Boston and you know you can you can answer more morbid. There's. Spiritual people I -- Romans gave him anywhere else. Whoever comment about where where no one doesn't really know because they weren't in vet who. And that it was mortar one very certain very confident that it would McGreevey. Is -- doing himself a disservice by trying and just defend himself here in Boston. A disservice. Opposite the service there's. Like I said this before. You know situation change that we're grownups. So you know you're you sign up for contract -- -- -- a long term contract with the Celtics. In good times when you had. Players that she wanted to coach are you were very happy with your situation in the situation changed the airport. You wanted to do something else. -- -- Some people understand it's -- people won't but you can't go around. You know tried to make trying to attack trying to recruit people were on a campaign to get people in your -- so people understand -- to come from the people won't. And let it go from there. And I guess I'm in that zone we're talking about this earlier where all the points you make in defending -- I can completely understand logically. -- signed up for one thing in didn't really -- -- -- -- -- something else. Plenty of people would have done the same thing but don't have the same kind of leverage that he did it. And maybe I would have even done the same thing if I were any shoes I can agree with all those points and still be turned off by the way went out. I'm still turned off now by Doc Rivers and that's what I'm gonna go to the Celtics left the -- yeah I'm turned off by the whole situation and turned off the Doc Rivers was the coach of the Boston Celtics. And what a year so after taking that job said now. Well I don't wanna do this anymore this is what I want -- -- -- there are appetite in the big winners episode after the -- essentially saying is what he wanted to do. Stop wanting to do it because he wanted to go to to be the coach of the LA clippers there are headquartered group yeah gets him talking about the job of Brad Stevens now -- But something I don't wanna do I don't wanna do Bret Stephens and it. Yeah well I Michael all the logic is bad and yet it still bothers me when -- got notified -- I think it. I think it bothers a lot of people it can edit them it's emotionally more than it is luckily it's a totally legitimate either way you look at that it would get a from -- perspective work. We get -- from gaming perspective perspective of a Celtics fans. He wanted to do something else he's not gonna convince anybody there's no way there's there's no convincing you he wanted to do something else -- you're doing it and you got more power. In ultimately probably a little more money have a better chance of winning a championship. At a pretty good team so some people like which it is for people say hey you left us your identity. The. Yeah AT&T question of the day the NFL season kicks off two nights. As the pats fan who are you rooting for tonight. Good question I -- who who he really should be rooting for whichever team is works right. He should be rooting for the team that is going to have a worse record -- I'm gonna -- -- Baltimore I can't bring myself to root for Peyton Manning or Wes Welker so I will be rooting for ball. Sporting the windows the national media informing them it's just noxious and I don't think they're really all that good so. I don't think either of these teams are all that great -- and root for Baltimore because I cannot I just you can't get me to root for Peyton Manning. Not gonna say that the more the more I think about Baltimore since the entire operation. I'm surprised that they are not described Moore as favors I just think about but forget about the fact the ones who last year. That's a little chip there that thing called the Super Bowl they want. That is side. They're well coached team very well managed team yup they run the ball well who they win big games on the road. Their big play makers on defense. Probably not described. As one of the favorites in the AFC. I can see the ravens. Going eleven and five. It's being one of the one of the top three seeds in the post season. -- -- on nine and seven dead and six getting to the playoffs as the sixth seed. And going on one of those ravens runs. I got the idea. I have much respect for what they're doing so just from a respect standpoint you amber and Preval -- it was a rule mr. Spooner consumable team. Bradford and yet. Yet figured out by tonight don't you find out why I mean you have to have like predictions in by tonight technically but. I change those prediction I have certainly I have no idea how about you have you thought about his Narnia. Who's gonna win the super quiet who's going to be in it. Who's going to be hello -- you it's a -- you got the teams that are going to be at a return I was gonna -- and when the game has gotten booty got it got that until February -- how he. According got it Seahawks I at Indian -- Okay finally. I don't I don't I -- like that and I -- -- he said. Let's say don't play that they would they might also I got Indy cars I don't know we got to pick and he gets it you know if you've got Indian Seattle. I know he's not your picks. Indeed well here's what you're missing like you know how much -- like Russell Wilson I love Russell but I've told you how I feel one Andrew Luck to. I feel as at some point we will talk about Andrew locked down the road as being the greatest quarterback whoever played. -- and before and that's ridiculous I think they can stumble I think he has the potential. To be unbelievable week. Don't know there's ever gonna get there but I think that he's got the potential to be as good as anybody we've never seen it all -- social. Indian CO -- -- speaking of the ravens last year's team. Where is street Louis president was being big he experienced discovered its common I get there waiting for the season a star right and they do a whole intro thing today were -- shaft or did the whole he did the ray Lewis and it's no mention -- He's really he must he must of practice that four for march after right. I don't think you would need at least some like you have to do a -- like Dancing With The Stars training program in order to do something like that if you're out of chapter but you know got a.

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