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What do you expect to see from the Patriots this Sunday?

Sep 4, 2013|

What are your expectations for opening day vs. the Buffalo Bills? We discuss it with you.

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Expect the plants and I'm preparing every single day. To maximize ability to defend every day like. To do the best I can and when it's on my number's called. That's when I'll play. And tell him a bit. I'm all about them and seems like him I don't like to wait yes stopped it short hop. There it has -- a -- -- the bad part. Sounds like a guy in my playing will say -- -- -- directorate. Matt Chatham said very specifically. That for all the talk about valuing each team the same and all that that the real truth he found it was that they really did care more about the division games even if the division was bad they really did care more about those games if I -- if I believe that. First two games against division opponents approach is any way capable playing. My feeling is will be up their plane. Okay short they take care about the division games but I just think for Glock. I don't think he's quite ready to play. I did this despite bite my gut says he's not quite -- he's getting he's working his way up to it so. You're doing all these practice doing these drills now your practicing with the team preparing. We -- you're not quite ready we suite 20 you're not quite ready but then. After you play that Thursday night game against the jets on the twelfth you've got ten days to prepare for your third game at home I think that's when UC drop. If you think he's not ready do you think it's the arm or do you think it's the back. I think it's the arms the back and conditioning. This conditioning the magazine is he is physically ready to go into a game right now. How pretty pretty. Pretty -- about how. But all the all the surgeries that he had. In the last calendar year. All the rehab that he had to go through I think. I don't know man after what Adrian Peterson did last year -- for my money at that point everything is on the table right I mean once you guys -- Peterson come back the way did it. I know everybody's different -- -- aberration absolutely but everything's on the table. The idea of how could he be kind of goes out the window for me because they Drew Peterson by every measure should not have been able to do what he did last year he asked me how it was possible. My gut feeling is that probably involved. HGH or something along the lines and he likes you -- -- quote he likes -- -- -- OK I can't help but feel like and it's not that I it's not that I think anything negative about him have credit I just anytime in sport somebody does something superhuman. My mind is now trained to believe that he didn't actually do something super human. He had some synthetic help. In doing something superhuman if not his fault it's not an anti him thing I just -- that I can I not think that. Sort of self worth what you just said it would Adrian Peterson think anything's possible and then can anyone or anything either I wonder if he's going HUH or something so. If he's going hat trick rock that you think rockets doing it you don't. Think he is but I don't think he is I think the same thing and whatever and that's not a specific thing to him you can ask me that same question about anybody in the NFL my answer will be the same you think he's using HGH terminating. -- -- -- yeah why not could be that I think a lot of guys are the clearly the testing isn't really being done for yet or could they be using HH -- Corsica. I would try to come back but he's been close in Africa. And I don't know. How he's coming back game. The thought of a performance enhancing drugs has crossed my mind. Where it would Gradkowski. Gore or Adrian Peterson -- -- the apparent that the name across your mind. If there's no but it costs are really -- guy comes back from a huge means catastrophic knee injury is in no way supposed to come back when he did and then sets nearly set the all time rushing record -- but -- -- -- thousand yards. Well but you make it sound like that's a timeline and the -- -- time. Now you look at Adrian Peterson felt like he was some joke of a back court like straight back so. Adrian Peterson is Adrian Peterson capable of a threatening a rushing record in any given season absolutely. Coming back from the coming back from that injury. We've seen. We've seen a number of things here in the last couple years some guys who have responded well at all. Like Derrick Rose and some guys who have come back fairly quickly from from the surgery and. I don't know either an and that's the problem we don't know and end its man may be silly to speculate I'm not trying to accuse anybody of anything I'm really not it is that's where my mind goes of course because. Because of everything because of every -- all the pieces of evidence that it can't happen in sport because -- people of dumping super humidity return our not to -- regardless would you go watch this Patriots offense you think they're going to be super human the way they've been for -- years. Or not not a not at the beginning -- just transitioning packaging not happen. A bit of a transition period. Because Tom Brady. Despite having training camp but these guys in now OTAs with these guys still don't know way. What voice is gonna do -- a game you don't know dobbs is gonna do you don't know Kimbrel Tompkins when he faces real defense as we start game planning for unit load up. Took to force unit trust these guys that you really don't know all that well. And Danny Amendola. So I would think there's going to be he's. A little bit of uncomfortable period a growing period with that with the office. Not expected to blow people away early. After saying weeks five weeks six -- -- way we're we're up I'm expecting to see the top five NFL. So how does it change the way you look at this patriots season we can open that up there have been in -- used X 17779. 7937. A minute if if you have a different expectations from Michael please. You know he'd give us yours as well but. I tend to agree you know I don't know that I expect them right off the bat to be one of the top three or four offenses in the game put up by 600 yards every I don't expect. But I expect them to be solid I expect them to move the football. Without great efforts does that make sense I mean I don't know whether to go to bing bing bing touchdown the but I expect him to be able to move the ball I don't expect three and out three and out three and out three and out on a field goal three and I don't expect anything like that I expect some fairly consistent. Movement of the football. Was sure I mean I guess. What what we're talking about with the patriots over the years is precision offense right. Now that the tweet that got that Chad Ochocinco had trouble with Tedy Bruschi. Involved the patriots opener in Miami so that's the game -- Wes Welker had a 99 yard. Touchdown reception Tom Brady threw for over 500 yards. Precise offense looked like. It looked like these guys have been playing together now for just five or six years buffer fifteen. Then they just they just do everything. So I don't expect to see that. But is that necessary. To be a good offense. To be a great office. By the end of the years now it's necessary to be a great offense is not necessary to be. The good offered to think he'll be very good because they have. Terrific talent and they got you know what and top quarterbacks -- -- will be a lot better if they have probably they give -- first when they didn't do what they really get into their group we five weeks six weeks I haven't. Going to be -- -- and car hi Bob. -- our area gets out that big like old athletic and what you're comparison. Derrick Rose agent Peter and I think you hit the nail on the head I mean the question got to be out there that Peterson came back in a much more physical sport so quickly. Rose took its time you have to speculate that somebody got some help and some he didn't. Our social speculate within and then when we go OK I mean I guess is out there. I also think there's -- like there was a period of time. When the Chicago Bulls management was really impatient with Derrick Rose and -- -- that in patient. Stop the didn't go to media already talked about I think it got the point where Derrick Rose and if you remember his brother was talking at the sides of the media. -- set to them. You know keep talked you know we'll tell you the pressure you're but not. On -- for need to take each each. Recuperate quicker I think you know he had some pressure. That's what I said if you thought that the polls -- pressuring him to take a huge. No I I think that's why the conversation stopped when the bulls' management and stopped complaining that report speculating that rose. Was taking too long to come back it is taking too long to recoup. They rose threaten them as what you're saying -- -- -- either leave -- on the only option you're giving me is to take HGH. Or no are Bennett. Tell them the option to take it you're pressuring -- that that was. That's a pretty a pretty big conspiracy theory -- housing -- he got that can't happen ask us as disturbing as it clears territory I'll. How to simple for the and the united here's a simply don't even believe that Adrian Peterson is the likely Kiki is what all other things that Turkey could be I don't know if it's not the first thing about. Now he does not Soledad if that person at maybe ten let's talk about it here for a moment maybe you can and that's pretty gross is that really happening right outside the really you want -- out over the speaker. I don't know whether that's OK -- Mike's anonymous parliament. And I don't want you on the you can do at all. Really don't know is that a bigger turn off on the armpit hair in the head gear and everything else that's pretty discussed. We get the full month bull crap because coming up in the second multi bank and they would want to say 61777979837. Top compatriots here in W -- -- kilometer back there. Vienna toggle the woman was doing as discussed were here on land down street. Beautiful WEEI location in Fenway Park windows the winds down street. Great energy although all kinds of news crews out there investigating the Molly oh -- he's. People are being -- Molly left and right -- that's right it can happen to you even if you don't take that you -- -- -- that's a big scariest has the past few minutes for what you guys are back in health class that has been strange listening to YouTube and what you both know a boat got there are a lot about them. The drug. I have a whole lot of -- -- what do you know about that woman that was outside of what the hell was gone -- I would do wanna get to these calls lot of patriots talk here in the final Aaron -- what was happening. There that was utterly disgusting and a higher last segment there was the short little troll looking woman. Who use our window as -- so she could pop pimple on this he's got to be done it she could not this -- is in the room here but we can all see her. It was discussed that is so vials of -- did you see possible and how to beat temple. I probably have to clean -- windows are you serious as they're like gone a couple of window now are hurting and that's legible let guys got -- few. That's not what we would do anything it's Oxford policy. -- Hey hey -- -- that they exaggerate about how discussing it was a sort discussing this they have took a video bit. Are you gonna put that did what do you have can you find that video. You you're young and hip -- you find is finding it hard find that video and then I'll -- tweet your tweet about it and I do that. -- like weird protected tweets or something. I'm -- attended the ban and then mobile will will do it that way. Well let's see if anybody wants to see this short -- -- popping pimples against the glass you don't see the connection pump yes protected tweets he knows a lot of regret that a coincidence pitchers I think not since -- thing how this is going through -- more about you wanna tell us. Now do we have to find I'm gonna do you figure out to watch NBC news later tonight you'll thick thick -- blasted out there on the screen judge in the. Our hi John. -- good god what's up. I was great and energized. And ready to go side it. You know Jolie. Is accountable football I want to talk about -- a -- I got a proposition. I'll bring a baby sitter or sixteen year old -- football. And I bring up budget boot into -- I watched the opening to it as a pair. Compound in an outlet. Talk about the -- then there's took all the city -- Not O'Reilly now back as the volume they don't call in Orchard Park I know that. -- -- you look at -- join us now I'm good thanks and Chile now -- and you you know you're talking about. Adrian Peterson and TH DH. Can -- it slipping about what Welker. Same thing about any buddy John that is the problem for the would joy or whatever it is a little earlier and obviously that's not our problem and because -- our that you would be naive to think that. That no one is doing it but I kind of hate suggestion that everybody's doing. So I mean that's that's our problem with it. But -- because you know you're looking out but it -- and how are you are gonna be this great -- -- -- -- you know top. 20% of the league maybe even better than that. I want the defense to get to that point where they're at least getting into that discussion of being in the popped out of the leak. This secret department once everybody back to playing. Boldly Amendola and a nagging injury all year but. They've got to make that point to -- that played got a they're going to be in that prop 89 obsolete I want this defense to be mentioned in something besides. 28 overall. And we use semantics -- well don't give up a lot of points but -- on the deal but could. Let -- straight -- with Jon oh Jon you. A -- to play makers give it up quite a defense where. It's 36. And they're not given that there shut that down and you more about. About or if it's is second in six and somebody comes up with a five -- six -- back to get a third and long situation in your defense if you out of it. But I guess the question is -- for the patriot defense. -- is -- player on defense that scares you as a weak link. Or or you flip Europe flipping around if you're a player on defense. Besides the obvious from the obvious is that their player on defense that you can now count on. To be that playmaker having that -- Jerod Mayo is a tackling machine. But you wanna see more. Pics from -- plane makes you wanna be more forced fumbles from Mayo. Fumble recoveries. Whatever it to -- Their backfield -- their -- -- make that play bedecked I would tell you that other than -- right now there is no one on their defense that I have confidence in that they're going to be that guy but certainly don't but there's a bunch of candidates to become that player. Chandler Jones to be on my list of candidates Aqib Talib would definitely be on my list of candidates. I had not have a well not not for another one who who just doesn't -- Enough respect because of bouncing around the league a little bit before finding hope -- of which make -- rich is a playmaker. Nik Richie playing Mickey -- He just comes it. It appears a big play he walked on Sunday I'm content right now I'll come back in a prediction. If there's a big play on Sunday and -- security Rob Ninkovich who have something to do. He will. He'll come around the edge fuel -- he doesn't he doesn't. Eat eat you know you don't think of all that sexy football player that pass rusher he's not Tuberville he's not Von Miller when he got on. Performance enhancing drugs he's not sizzle. One of these guys. But US. He comes up bodies so I think -- gothic that -- 177793. Standing ready for football on Sunday -- in New Bedford I might. I'm like they I just wanted to wisdom on us. Should -- -- Google should I maybe get or because the six months old. -- when I'm in my eighties or fall down comfort myself. There's just throw my wife and her braces. What is his -- my wife and her braces she needs braces now into the while I think here's the thing she has some what I have to imagine is some sort of a quack orthodontist. That it cannot -- terror -- that some things that -- happened with their teeth have only happened and are gonna get significantly worse over time. So by the time she's in her sixties it's like in India a rotten mess in the original British. So it's so let's start -- as good as you stop it with -- Been real spirit of course and outcome of what the neutral. Well that's that are worth an honest things may go talk to this guy because he he's got some grand plan which not surprisingly cause a whole lot of -- that are -- -- -- -- -- -- -- goes directly from my -- it is. People falling -- do vote on her part to. If this -- -- preventive medicine. You get all you can always give it a shot I'll give you -- is north and onto its name will she got on the pats might. I -- Our men alive appreciated thanks for the comment they go. Well I don't that works etiquette it's certainly given his job there's another guy. That that we we could mention I don't know if you what you what you think is potentially is what you think of so far high -- So they moved up from both of those guys last year in the first round. They -- they draft a linebacker in around one. It's something you know Bill Belichick hasn't done. Much any that it would -- -- get over hyped hour. And there are many times you look at the patriots with the market -- -- more linebackers is that something that they did. Very hot. Passed on now was it David Harris was one of those guys that they seem like -- would have been a good fit the Pentagon and I think I was in a Meriweather -- -- -- guy you get the jets yesterday which can -- but not a good player. So David Harrison and it was one of those guys Clay Matthews was one of those guys. What do you do you believe that hightower has the potential. To be a three down player. Well see here's the thing in my that's why I put him in the second category not the first of whom we have this conversation about him a couple of weeks ago our charity if if a -- like high -- Jones are going to become the players that we think make him beat. This defense looks completely different than it did but I don't know that he's become that player yet. I don't know I mean what we didn't do that last year he didn't become a a huge big time play maker last year guy you trust to make that third down play when you need -- Pre season is what it is you can make some supposition based on what you saw. But yeah he's on the list of candidates don't think but but I I. I don't know but I can sit here and say yeah. High towers gonna be the guy that this year is going to come up with a big plays and changed his defense take it from point a and bring it to point B which is where they need to be a play making dominant style defense. I don't I don't know yet but that's the case was a week. So those those that got the on the defense -- you just cringe and I bring up the name and you say. There is no denying these are not really not a I don't have back guy yet so your your your file at the corners. Think I am I mean you know I am watching what is bitterly for the last few years as you have probably took some time. I'm very quarterback like that you really got to watch second week in week out to really know what I wanna get ahead of myself I'm not I'm sure all all regret whatever I say right now -- -- watch. I'd I'd like to leave though I mean I like him a lot. I like him when he was in Tampa -- like him now and I'd like him as a player and -- really good. Sob raised all my -- -- -- like -- That Tom Brady in my team. I doubt -- do not know he's -- I don't. Some people dispute that but he did he he he solidified their defense last year. Really. It came and they took a chance on -- and -- The Buccaneers were all set with them. Came in here in the only question about him there was no question about -- question what is -- -- -- supposed to do. Padilla could fit any -- and he played great depth. Now so again he's he's one of those players I've looked to make a difference. Candidates QB play maker sharply Ninkovich on the list and -- he has to a point started. High tower if you can take his game to the next level Chandler Jones if he can become the player he was drafted -- and those guys you know I like Tommy Kelly a lot of think he brings them a different element that they haven't had that I can bring a little bit of the speed rush from the interior of the defensive line. Is he going to be out there every single down no but when he is in there to expect him to have an impact I really do and I think you know as. He's the only real acquisition that they made on the defense you know within their defense is exactly the same last year other than him. We may not know. Anything about the Patriots defense I mean legitimately -- -- you say okay this is who they are with me I know until. Week four. So -- start with the sorry I just I can't get anybody to -- hard way sometimes that's the way it has been stellar and heart so maybe the Buffalo Bills in EJ Manuel come out in the teach me a lesson and they just destroy the patriots. Tom -- Obama he like -- team -- man and a fine Heyman Heyman. So let's get out of this gonna happen with buffalo I don't think it's gonna happen with the jets. I don't think it's gonna happen with Josh Freeman and the Buccaneers. Now. We go to Atlanta. And take on Matt Ryan. Julio Jones and Roddy White Tony Gonzales. And they got Stephen Jackson they got him. To quiz Roddick -- a lot of big a lot of weapons there -- that's I think that's not -- you're really talking about four games into the season before you find out. Of course by then you know if they do have a couple of really good games couple of big plays the beginning will be over the moon that when -- air defense but you know you can't because. What is your plane to rookie quarterbacks Josh Freeman has been up and down. Right -- are they do start three you know against those teams and the defense is the leading group as Teddy Bruschi predicted they would be. You're really gonna have to wait for week four against Atlanta to get a true sense that we can take something out of it. But to really get a sense against great passing competition a great offense and I think Atlanta. If not great is a very very good offense that a fair assessment of who they are. Yeah I -- I've got called it off we will look on other record they're -- they're not great they're there right there about patriots you know last year were great offense and you know you look at that look at the numbers they put up -- plan that would Matt Ryan yeah they agree -- -- so so at that point Sunday Night Football in Atlanta. Really get Chester road game here's the other. Competition -- your teeth your offense also needs to have hit pace probably by then as well if you wanna win that game. Because as good as your deep that even if your defense is significantly improved you're probably not gonna shut down Atlanta. You're probably not going to jail but you can you can certainly do something against their defense that is not a great defense that's fine it's adequate it's it's not a bad one. But you're gonna need Tom Brady -- that offense sort of in -- zone in its flow within its timing by the time you get to that Atlantic game in week four that would be my guess there. And -- you know what to expect from their defense to you know Mike Nolan. Like a lot of pressure you know some of the personnel. On the team they're pretty good they're pretty good he says that defense is not is not great. Breathing much of the additions that they may. I picked up human Euro in the offseason and so. You think about the swap known John Abraham good volume -- -- and. They get faster -- -- -- -- that definitely makes them better so my guy. We finally -- found out what's wrong with Danny Amendola patriots practice report coming out and just a little bit ago few names on it though -- like fight -- he's the only person who did not practice and everybody else he's got a knee injury. Everybody else at least was a limited participant in practice that includes. Brand emboldened with a knee injury Aaron Dobson hamstring -- -- and ankle Rob Gronkowski. Limited participation with a back in form as we know to Ron harmony hamstring injury in my guy yeah who's gonna be just fine Danny Amendola -- A grind -- that exact score right. He's got a groin injury Michael you'll be just fine to fluke injury that's right but it's -- -- we just I'll find out about Danny Amendola who got all the injuries there just fluke injuries is not that. I think he's not to -- has he missed the regular season game because of his groin issue at all not have you seen him miss the game you've got Carolina play on Sunday because of the growing the he is going to be like ours Crocker Danny and and -- premium -- -- that is going to play well in and Paula. And maybe drunk at the same time -- on the field the same time. To get the push your player who's gonna play more games mr. Crocker and you know. -- dole is gonna play in fifteen games. -- of the bill it will play in it regular season games this year I mark it down now mark it down. Danny Amendola it will play in fifteen regular season games. And I just feel good he's got the stat right last night I got it right I said that I said that errors there was and others -- -- the -- I'll feel in my notes a little bit today. Mark it down right now Danny Amendola will miss only one regular season game this year. And that's because they don't they won't want to know I want to play I don't have one injury that'll keep them out of one game. One game. Other than that Michael the guy is gonna be just fine and he's going to be stud he's going to be the only good player on our fantasy team Meehan and he. He's going to be the only good player we have. We may go down every week but will go down swinging and what I -- until you have we will go down swinging with Danny Amendola all legislative Russell Wilson. Have -- here you won't even let me play -- you wanna play Drew Brees. Well they're in and intelligently I think he wants to go down breeze and a -- Russell. Wilson probably shed about all of this for the fact that this is this is gonna start. Tomorrow. The NFL starts to Bobby. Howard how are you even able to compose yourself right now. How are you guys out you're able to drive without it. I was starting to get excited but then I was brought back down to earth by the woman popping your -- outside I don't care sort of load off my level I'm so excited that you know she can pop those samples in the in the window and it doesn't bother me that much because football's about the number one thing that you're excited to see on Sunday what's the number one thing you wanna -- and you got 2617779. 79 threesome with a number one thing that gets you excited for some. Policy Brady in these elements see who was receivers. Let's see who he who he gets into like a little rhythm with it only has what he's gonna -- who's who does he trust what he -- that guy who has nine receptions on Sunday. Doesn't have. What you just think that there's there's a curve ball coming like we think it's that easy answers -- Tompkins but it's going to be it's -- -- -- Josh points. At that as -- it's got to be some. Heidi I think it's gonna be the most obvious answer honestly and no joke now I think that he's gonna -- an -- Wendell. I think that's the guy who you're gonna see the two of them come out and they are just in -- bing bing -- you're gonna see nine or ten completions and and only targets and thirteen times and he's the guy -- Brady just finds whatever he really needs it Tompkins has a few receptions Saud felt as a reception or two I still think Brock is gonna play maybe not every down but I think he'll be out there. But I think given all of this will be our gamer you say oh hold on a second Danny Amendola pregnant maybe we're maybe -- you're. What obvious let's make even more obvious maybe that guy on Sunday we talk about buffalo. -- that guy is is Steven Ridley. A store called -- still require -- -- -- -- -- what -- we're in now Orlando I think I like Larry Ridley rushed a little. What -- call Steven Ridley a very rich but. Steven Ridley. And Goldman. Remembered I think it was the first time -- played buffalo. Last year with a one of two and they just ran in on them inland and on and they ran in on them so. The buffaloes got to prove that got the run defense to stop with the patriots wanted to know how it's gonna run for pot. Tell you this man you know the NFL is huge when this is the first answer I -- in my screen from two different people. Text message what's the number one thing you're most excited to see on Sunday. Answer the red zone channel I can't wait to see quad box on the red zone channel -- are two different people immediately text that and that. I -- -- Scott Hanson went -- take a look at your gonna go to Cleveland to Trent Richardson. Like you did hear her garage around Hampton in my house voted for huge problem that. I don't get Scott -- -- -- taught how to direct TV guide the other red zone channel. So I get what's his name Anderson silly on now I don't get Scott it's like it is a disaster. I love Scott Hanson. How could you not -- I I I think he's one of the most talented guys in our big guys did like I did unbelievable how many how many turtles shots before. But if I were back -- -- sort of starts to straighten all of brutal way you can get you run -- -- -- -- Molly and that's how we all but that guy Molly and he is good done. An entire red dial list and made it 61777979837. Phone lines pretty much -- trying it and what are you most looking forward to seeing what's the number one thing that you're excited to see on Sunday it is rockaholic W --

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