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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - 09/04/13

Sep 4, 2013|

We touch on four topics we otherwise would not have talked about today. Today we talk fantasy drafts, cryptic references to older steroid users and more.

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-- Now word excel -- Ali swollen painful rate roller board or the. More fun cleaning. -- -- Lowell police I'll get -- -- and Sports Radio WDE. I do agree. First of -- -- back there are some funny you realize you're felt they were from little experiment that's pretty obvious. For the first time in history degree assault and in the person it just takes that in balls. How -- it is time to pick -- -- on the back of mobile phone group that. Well the good from the situated. Now here. Now there's I don't know pending underneath it all through all of us don't you guys -- we'll see this is -- -- hairy legs and a woman I can handle hairy legs and I'm not really but I don't think that does not gross me out the way Harry RP dot. Occasionally my wife will be -- down and her regular like her head hair will just calm all the way below the shoulder and it make it look. Like she is really weird because of the illusion. Is a huge turn off discussed what some tattooed woman. -- things and I had an headgear and accused. Would be great that's just what I mean thank you obviously that question number one. The official start there's Megan's rookie quarterbacks in consecutive weeks EG field followed by you know meant so which rookie quarterback the better season. Why that's funny. Because you know you try to break it down. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They're broken dysfunctional. Organizations. Historically dysfunctional organization but the jet -- more historically dysfunctional and buffalo. Boat that teams. Quote -- Maybe maybe manual have a better season. Doug Maroney is not on the hot seat as much as Rex and there's just some craziness going on in New York so. I think god just by default -- go with EJ with no. No what if he has no did your daughter your -- -- -- -- is eject it and Stanford are going to be. And -- two and that's subject header off. About turn on or turn off a lot of don't know would you say would -- Jack like initial I'd like chicken goes by initials a perfect road maybe there was a period where it. Had a good at this particular period tonight I'll feel that I prefer other ballot stuff that's appropriate -- out there probably are ready for that. Okay. Deaths -- hero who had a better year already very. I don't geno Smith College you know Smith I actually like them a lot. College I like a guy can run around a little bit as a rookie quarterback and as I told you earlier I've never been all that impressed with the EJ Manuel. Drop back passer who I don't know it was accurate enough to really do the job at this stage so. EJ Manuel. Played for buffalo place for quarterbacks go to die it's not that I think -- -- be incredibly impressed with Gina Smith. In the mess of an organization eighties in the but I think with his ability to run around he has some more of a chance of surprising for. On around here one wrote sued nobody pay real quick my country miss this I have four questioned him. Do you want a thousand well I do a 1000 dollar and her what you were gone nobody said Sharon was like I don't know well I like. He wasn't sure whether he wanted to ask you all you Smart they're chase is too Smart for his -- good -- yes but I don't try to try to pull one over on him or something yes thousand. Go to WEEI dot com slash cash into the code word branch. And you got ten minutes to go into the -- branch at WEEI dot com slash cache you -- right now you're next shot will be at seven. Okay. As we talked about earlier the Pittsburgh Pirates clinched their first non losing season in twenty years last night. The pirates the most doomed team in all of professional sports I mean do movie but I mean do like are they gonna be retracted. But no I think I don't think they're the most doomed team they're not going anywhere. Bought out on that case -- be in Sacramento Kings or somebody always right you don't like the -- with their future you have no idea what's gonna happen but I think. Before Doc Rivers got there the easy answer with the clippers. They used to be the Arizona cardinal and a lot of doomed it rejects. Actually it's not look back forgot everything else erase those we're going with the New York Jets their animals do today. I think it's the raiders deal. Quite frankly in a way that's terrible stadium the raiders at the a's Oakland allows the CD they both play in this god awful stadium for what they're trying to do. Ownership is bad in one case and over ten and another. I would say that both Oakland team that's why guys are and we're doomed. As well guys that run this time last year. In this conflict Oakland coliseum had the -- stupid. No love for the unity toward winds. Now now I got it got Calvin Johnson they're not like a harsh about it they're gonna do you like a commercial I don't think you have synagogue. That that did he Calvin Johnson commercial comes in very well done checking out is it better than the one where he gets dressed yes. But no the commercial all last year you know when Johnson gets stress disorders and help it out and Johnson and music commercial it's pretty good is it similar to like -- -- Chris Paul. No no you don't feel like New Hampshire are mostly. Speaking of Oakland Eric -- foam formerly the Oakland -- do wish came mountains and hall of fame player from the seventies and eighties. It was a huge steroid user group but recently has been crying foul on all the current players labeling them as cheaters. Since we don't know who is referring to. Who comes to mind. Well before -- tell -- comes to mind and it's unfair to somebody does but. We'll get that. Eric -- -- TV now right -- will be -- are familiar font on TV. Get some -- Eric. Don't tell me they've played in the seventies and eighties and -- go ahead and say I've got a problem with facts. Because he is saying this and I have my questions about the strip. For the first president of the monsters gossage really want them to because those gossage has been one of those guys over the years straight line NRA. Let's not call Mariano Rivera the greatest closer of -- time you know in my day. I was able to do this -- you know players today don't understand what we did back then and copper and. Out of you know we walk to school backwards and -- -- men -- men Mateo accused -- probably didn't do that Eric Byrnes did do. -- quit baseball by riding away in a bicycle down the clubhouse. Hallway. Where when Eric Byrnes was done I was in Seattle when he was done he was there he literally peddled his bike. Down the hall all the Dorsey away or took his bike -- well it was really bizarre he was a strange strange guy we're. That registered you know you -- you love the 2003 Red Sox right right what that 2000 operating. That series with the eighties where some of the most horrendous base running in the history to base running -- was performed right here. By Eric -- and Oakland a.'s -- was once he got up and he pushed bear attacks there's a market pushed Varitek in court you know talking about. Don't act I don't play. Aim at that age is just stupid because if you want to call people out -- whatever. Reason the first name that comes from a minus cal Ripken and it's not fair because a year and play in the seven under certain -- -- 1981 is no evidence -- suggested -- Guess the question who the first thing in the came to my mind I was the first name came to -- about Jack Clark. Influence of the Internet and you've already doing -- -- -- I think it will close but yet Jack Clark let's go and check marks apple but why not just say his name to go through. That's been through enough and got -- fired -- like it did give Jack Clark a break at this point it doesn't need that. Well I. That was real I started rebuilt our doctor about what can be AT&T question of the day we mentioned it earlier. But I wanna know how BS was that fantasy draft. Don't pit dug them I -- Davis playing under protest. Because. Joseph is or bottle. Producer for the midday show the commissioner of asleep at in this -- a commissioner I'd rather have Roger Goodell agree Roger Goodell is like a sweetheart compared to Joey. The first four picks of the draft let's see number one pick but. Mean number two pick flew off court incidents number three pick Jolie. Number four pick. Got me out all their fantasy football so the first four picks. All are affiliated with their midday show number five pick gate capital region which number I'm not that. This is garbage. This -- is this scandal. This is like quick show what you re. Told they get -- it. Patrick Dempsey. With him and could be assessment of its salt participated. Zero when it meets -- -- a month that's right first of all there's a couple of things didn't get to wrestle with respect. Having -- play one game get together as a team. And they're already cracks -- -- -- we have to work on some of our teamwork -- chemistry but here's a couple of things first of -- I don't know that it's BS if Jolie was really raking it there is no way -- -- -- the first -- would obviously have the first caller -- knows where his bread is blotter follow our -- might end up with the first -- of the -- too obvious that way -- -- -- gonna -- it might -- -- all the -- -- Even if you do random draft and ends up being the top five X growth through your show should go to another -- like give -- -- draft that everybody's pretty much even. And yet the number six pick Tom -- also this issue. It really does feel as if we were. Discriminated against here and I think show now but may in fact maybe maybe he thought he was giving Lou the number one pick because. He didn't trust but to take Adrian Peterson who. Maybe his lack of faith in my -- -- your legs and yet where you. Didn't we've been adamant he says that crust some are a whole lot of secular legal back and time -- so first of all. All I was never part of the planning process for win the draft it was going to be photograph that you gave before hand -- -- Giuseppe taxes that -- were drafting tomorrow night at 930. Well as I told you I'd bought these tickets for my dad a Father's Day we have to do pull your scouts I don't know what are you available at -- -- -- are there any gays are -- times that work record trigger a war over over what -- have to do to prepare for fantasy to what I did you prepare for the fantasy draft. Instead. Take -- running backs. I did take running backs at all costs and be there are too many quarterbacks who were all the same now what are we end up with a team with a running that was their first round pick. -- -- -- -- -- -- the full body that are running back and read about it barely he barely and nobody knows when you guys -- quote at the point that I was a record setting running back. And college and yeah yeah. So when we were texting before -- and told. You could. I sort of the past -- And Kate don't. I don't think you're a dad. You really ones that don't get party told media expert we had a Mohegan from wrote a bond today but it was excellent road bond dot com you can follow him -- on. I said. After running backs at all costs always go running backs are to -- quarterbacks this year -- -- even to add the caveat that it's currently for us I don't know what that means I don't know that are not. So he still running around. I don't mean at the and that -- means right -- ethnic and I am happy that we have Danny Amendola and I'm even more happy that we have -- -- and I think he got beat our team connector and guys. Just figure out paves the way what you're going to be like these two. Two person teams if it's typical who's gonna make decisions and who has who has the final say over the roster indeed want to complain. Yes I just quit his job was -- that the complaint general manager he's put it on the field. Just on sort of this anarchy PR guys that take shots at -- -- and to support and just the start CPR. Like John like I like -- -- you deal but he. First rodeo like about your game plan -- You know 12:13. Am I was twelve he that flat. So I went out remorse at twelve at -- with Jimmy Graham. Got late see it run him back and got good receiver. Are darker result he took the -- them with a thirteen. That's terrible at Bagram you're talking about your program your teams on terror you know I -- your team felt awful -- -- Jimmy Graham is your second pick. -- We certainly we have Greg -- Charles amenable -- that probably Greg -- actually thought it would wheels of deliveries and I need him to throw the ball up the probably wouldn't -- -- I'm upset about it. Who's gonna in the -- based on what you saw me what is good about your team. I'm just the best fantasy. -- -- -- just the geeky guy who continues to monitor the waiver wow I don't -- running back not all I can tell you are. Have extra time and I don't really know who's -- it there's twelve teams have never put in a twelve team league before OK so I'm this is new territory for -- You're in this league last year yes -- as a winner -- league yet another absolutely nothing bragging right cool seasonally. -- -- on who Gabe Kepler Peters and but shouldn't Peter King when -- Tom and actually shouldn't. That's too much pressure. The gift of expression he runs the money money the -- reported quarterly writes about football as a means both the railing. You know know about fantasy football now again or be the best and -- adult fantasy guy with the pressure on him to -- a fancy guys who -- To spend do you feel like you're is really you against the fantasy guy for the title already. I I don't I actually came from members of team what do you mean you can't remember just I don't know I might agree. They're pretty glad is that which is -- and I'm very -- in her. I think Tom Brady in the pats defense I'm happy about it after the greatest pitchers deep -- -- the six or -- throughout -- that was Craig why would you do that it was pretty girl the I was shocked that one of -- also. Somebody technically if you what that -- waited like five perhaps -- or does. Opponents just filling up my starting -- you've got them like off a -- director upon like hey anybody waive the Patriots defense the idea and my -- -- -- -- -- donor -- I think that's and they weren't there was pretty -- -- didn't like first second round. Affect our third or fourth I think sort of and that was before we heard the comments about just the transition this into ground because I found at his comments today to be fast and it means like. They go there all the cuts they cut. Onto the other tight ends you find out the ground is going to be at least on the active roster is not gonna need to go on on beauty which I always believed all along he was going to be on the and now the story as well will -- doubtful for the game maybe in a week or two maybe you seem game to maybe -- game three. How can might not expect now to or at least be not shocked if I see him play on Sunday -- -- plants and I'm preparing every single day. To maximize ability to defend every day like. Like to do the best I can and when it's on my number's called. That's -- -- -- And tell him -- a bit. I think he's gonna play -- a night like I know insider knowledge patriot is a -- I guess if he if he doesn't you don't have laugh at me I'll be wrong I mean I have no idea nor -- anybody else but would you be shocked if he plays us -- -- patriots. Because they did anyone win. When bill came out -- saying he's been here every day in training camp. It was almost. I mean was in big hit. At this the focus the questions on crop at why it all on. I'd always been here every day I know he's been president. Had been doing football things in front of us. -- hasn't been working up to this point now suddenly. He's he's practicing the front of the media. Doing -- in front of the media the -- wasn't patterns. Aren't practicing. He's not on the EU PH was that a big -- -- out -- that I don't actually have to prepare for him I don't know but the big break out but that's what I expected it I expect. Have to play in week three. So weak one for the first time or first time. So weak one you've got buffalo up and are you -- if he's out there who don't wanna go the patriot way -- and give respect to the bills and then they play in the NFL -- and any given -- stop. I would say this is a junior varsity game junior varsity upon you should beat the bills. He should beat the New York Jets and other JB opponent and then when the varsity comes here. After a ten day break September 22 -- the Buccaneers. That's -- you bring out that's when you bring -- It is weird that the patriots -- this year like college football team it's like okay we're gonna start off. With us some directional university from upstate New York the remedies ever heard of will do that and -- -- they got some freshman quarterback and he's not very there was Sam Houston's hit this day Houston -- -- some like that and we just like other. Decent mid major team but they're not actually going to be a really good. I -- play them in in week two and then finally by weaker global in Nebraska or something like that's like that's kind of how this season -- all that being said. There's some kind of sticks -- me the match Adams said last week when you're out. Picked it just continues to make me think ground is going to play on and I don't know for shore obviously I won't be shocked if he doesn't play either. But this continues to ring in the back my head matchup that anyone is next so can all -- and Emilia.

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