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Dave Dombrowski, Detroit Tigers GM, checks in with Butch Stearns and Gordon Edes

Sep 2, 2013|

Dombrowski joins D&C with Butch and Gordon to talk about his club. Butch and Gordon get the Tigers' perspective heading into an important series at Fenway and a possible playoff preview.

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Wrapping up this radio program this morning in style Butch Stearns along with the ESPN Boston dot com's. Gordon Eads. 135 today at Fenway the two best teams in the American League Google that it with each other name and argue that Texas and Oakland Gordon. But the best records in the American League right now belong to the Boston Red Sox in the Detroit Tigers and joining us on the phone right now is not only general manager he's the president and CEO. Of the Detroit Tigers Dave Dombrowski hello Dave how -- you. Are great about yourself excellent court. They gave thanks for coming on -- I was constant stories out of school about how you got your first job at the baseball winter meetings in Hawaii. If I remember the story correctly you showed up in rolling demons. Suite wearing a swimsuit because say it was an unexpected. Timing of the interview did I get that right. You're absolutely. I wasn't at the ready at that time he -- an hour later but he called my room and said. Come on out that well mr. Jimenez. And just got up beat up my swimsuit issue and don't worry about just come out after like that there's no problem. Gordon is also talking about cockroaches in your closet in Florida sod on. Hold out long time ago yes it was they gave something certainly a more recent we just had an opportunity this weekend. With the White Sox in town to see the players that you gave up in the three way deal. With the Red Sox and White Sox and have a silk RCA and and now you've had. Over a month to see first hand. The play of -- shortstop Jose Iglesias. Wonder what you're firsthand. In -- early impressions are of the deal at this. Point well we do here given up their talent in this case but I expected in our situation is moral. Specific needs -- we Jose's been tremendous for -- really changes are for openers as you -- over here. He's an outstanding defense of shortstop. Really changes the middle of the diamond we. Have a a lot of good pitchers and some public with the -- ball so his range also sufficiently so quick out there. He's also hit well enough he's continued over 300 for a sin and has gone through a little bit of a down time period britney's comeback and and well he does a lot of little things for us as far as ponting can move the ball around to steal bases -- still speculative forest. You still work and that with those skills but he can really run the bases well so -- so we really likely -- authorities are now going to be our shortstop for years to come and again we gave up -- good young player and Garcia but we got a good young player took immediate it was worth it in that respect because. You put this guy and injured shortstop in there eagle for the next a seniors. It -- can give us a little insight to making a deal like dad and especially this deal because. You know the other side of a few -- you get a -- he has put the Red Sox were able to acquire a guy like peavy who pitched great. And now you might have to face him in the playoffs what's it like trying to get a deal like that -- give us little insight into that deal done. Well yeah I mean I guess everybody looks American -- like there's differently but from my perspective I'm always more worried about. How would -- going to help us and I guess if you overwhelmingly. Helped another club you wouldn't want to do it. But our situation mound to face could pitch and all the time in NPV helps these guys and helps him in a position to have a chance to win them. Gives him another person and a rotation that they're like a great deal -- in the postseason but it's also situation for us work. We feel we wanna get there and he helps us get there and Iglesias and gives us the chance to win at that particular time -- We're gonna faced Garcia for years to come and I'm sure there's some game he's going to beat us. But in this case it was just wanna Wear all the pieces fell together. Red Sox looking for veteran starter they get some questions that probably with Buchholz is a situation at that time. Which -- -- -- young impact type player we get some Japanese -- we -- have lost objects and young you know. Torii Hunter who's playing very well person right field and some guys playing left field with -- to -- -- but we have a young left fielder buy him a -- -- -- -- Who is going to be just a very very good offensive player he has won most jeopardizes a chance to -- 300 -- server with. With power and so we dealt person's front and I think direct -- they dealt from struck because they've got to not only two point short so now the poker combined. In that case so there was a lot of depth and marinate it just makes -- server involved. Dave I know your time is short perfectly with a ball game not to be played this afternoon. At Fenway two quick questions say eat you mentioned -- on Osama wondered I know you just brought him up. I'm wondering how much you it expect to see him play down the stretch here. And of course the other issue. Of some significant certainly to you. Is the health of Miguel Cabrera. Pulled out of games early Thursday Friday didn't play Saturday Sunday. What can you tell us about where he's at right now. Well Cabrera is cases it's pretty much. There were down two point situation for -- had the abdomen but that looks like it's pretty good shape. But it's the groin. Their work and on that you felt sufficiently better yesterday. They don't want to point do with the mr. Imus who wanna make sure from -- his -- perspective that when he gets back out there. That he's running better than what has in the past we would think that it'll. Most likely play in this series here at some point I'm not sure it'll be today. But I would think that would be the case but he's coming along well we want to make sure that he is healthy and ready to go the rest of the season. Without an idea suspect's apartment dissipated so so he'll be fine. And costly -- cases to situation what -- makes up the lineup card -- really never talked much about that with him in a sense other than to say that. We're all anxious to stadium but we've got to platoon in left it has done pretty well -- yes so post it well vs left handed pitching and and -- status knowledge -- -- right and it pigeons are Jim decides to work command will be interesting the world anxious to seek out and -- Dave another two part question scherzer and Verlander what switch has been flipped there has won with insurers -- this year. And wise have been seemingly such a struggle for Verlander this year. Well it scherzer case time he's been a good pitcher that's continue to get better at it and had a curveball to his repertoire this year. Something -- year -- as evidence for pitcher along with the news with a slider. And his changeup but of course it does several plus perhaps Favre has said that consistently over the years with respect that curve ball just the maturity of a guy that continues to grow with the Major League club made a difference it's really helped them -- left and pitching in particular. On the left handers are given them that extra -- Hughes and he does use it forces left handers with that in Britain while. I'm Andrew Landers case. It's hard to say I mean it is like yesterday you respect -- needed it late in the game. He threw all of us and dial it up that 99 of the velocity there might be down a -- from the past but he still a mid ninety's consistently gone. He's he's really struggled more consistently come hand in his fastball and his change up. At times you see at other times you don't do it wouldn't surprise me at any point Obama's let me put it together and -- roles so well. But he has not been the vintage Justin Verlander but he still been a very solid pitcher that you look up dirt and chipped out on any particular time. They gave last question. Did you see this coming with the Red Sox this -- did did you anticipate that that they would be in the position they're in now. -- that's a hard question I think what we looked at it we thought they were better than they were last year his first of the plate and sometimes you get on the rolls. Negatively or positively Regis don't play quite as well. But we thought that their personnel was better than what they performed and so we're in a position where anything can happen when you're going to look at kitchen. That's the key -- -- -- as output -- on the ball better. I'm in clusters a better picture and performed last year and so you look at debt. The rotation with the tenements much improved -- from their perspective it it does not surprise me that they have a better ballclub and you know you're gonna battle from an offensive perspective from their -- they always comes with -- -- so now I think that that we ought to supposed to be much better. And David final quick comment on the job bench Harrington has done in his first year at home. Well -- really solid I I enjoyed gotten all better. And really work with them very much -- two years because that worked with the other people that front office people like Theo and of course it has been the general manager but as it got an open and it's understandable quite successfully very intelligent straightforward. Has a pulse of what's taken place sort of really enjoyed him I think -- good chance with. They gave thanks so much to a C at the art. Thanks Dave Dave Dombrowski the president CEO and general manager of the -- tigers you know 10-Q when you look at that Iglesias trade. And you talk about the prospects for the White Sox and you talk about a glee season talk about -- everybody got what they want three years from now. If TV's not sign -- moves on. And if you get a decent year out of the next here three years from now people will be clamoring about Iglesias and giving them up no matter what happens well we need it's just -- way of war. Except for the fact butch that the Red Sox are dealing were dealing from a position of strength as as David noted cases they were dealing. From a position of strength and giving up Garcia because of currency analysts. If Bogart's is a player we all expected to be. People say you know what peavy gave the Red Sox a chance to go deep in October in 2013. The Red Sox had an obligation to try and do that they gave up yes they gave up a good player. I mean Iglesias could be star in this league for the next fifteen years as could Garcia for the White Sox. Peavy is not gonna have that kind of run because he's already got a an awful lot of mileage. On that arm but in the end if the Red Sox gold deep in October I don't see how you can knock the -- Yeah it's just I mean look if irrational about it -- years lady you'll do it and it's rightfully so you should judge it on what type of player -- -- becomes. But in hindsight we tend to forget that it's the Beckett argument. People conveniently because of the way to end it forget what he did know -- Write anything they look at Hanley Ramirez right now it's that was a wasted trade colleague Mike Lowell and Josh Beckett. Ankle and did a rescue in the best that it is when you look no argument from me butch. A great hang and we -- Gordon yeah it's been a good morning yeah we'll see at the ballpark coming up hopefully more this month while I'm headed right now -- gets an athlete. Gordon needs of ESPN boston.com. Critics -- -- outstanding job today rob Bradford and Alex spirit coming up from Fenway leading into Red Sox baseball. Be safe enjoy the rest of your holiday everybody. And I'll talk to you Sunday after the patriots game with -- Burleson Steve DeOssie on the real post game show coming up this Sunday -- great week everybody.

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