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Mike Reiss, ESPN Boston, sets the table for the Patriots' opener

Sep 2, 2013|

Week one is just around the corner and Mike Reiss guides Butch Stearns and Gordon Edes towards kickoff. Reiss takes a look at what Patriots fans should expect in Buffalo on Sunday.

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-- time to talk some more football in the final hour of Dennis and Callahan I'm -- Stearns Gordon needs of ESPN boston.com. Is alongside Gordon is gates -- -- patriots season. A lot of change. For a veteran football team I mean. You still Tom Brady back is quarterbacks the Vince Wilfork back on the other side of the ball and -- you got a lot of young veterans alongside -- -- to Broward Mayo you got. Second year players like Arctic -- Chandler Jones of people expect a lot -- -- sold to the left tackle is a lot of building blocks in place but as far as changes. Commented to a season as most people believe there -- one of the top contending teams still in the -- right. You don't have the top five receivers that Tom Brady -- last year to start the season. Take the field. With a rookie tight end -- -- felt militia believed drugs can play the guitar guess that second match. You're gonna have an undrafted rookie in Tompkins another rookie and boys are Dobson. Out yes Steven Ridley back and then on the defense of side of the ball. That's probably where they have the most experience I mean it's. What's your take is -- covers teams and not down on the beaten Foxborough. What's your take on this patriots season and into. No I mean it is startling. In in it's it's been a story line from the time that Wes Welker left here that that there was going to be this dramatic change over. In Brady's receiving core in. I mean as an outsider. With nowhere near the understanding of this thing is as Mikey Reese has. You know it to me it's indicative of the of the tremendous trust they have in Tom Brady ought to make any receiving -- work. That said. There seems to be a roll of the dice here. That you know it's is going to you know it probably was reflected in some of the up and down performances that we saw. During the pre season in you know leads to. As. Our previous guest Mike Radek who covers of jealousy which is why it may be they're. There's. Some cautious. Optimism that may be the bills can give the patriots game on the Sunday was go to our guests Mike -- of ESPN boston.com. Mike as we all know. These guys will not. -- playing for the patriots this Sunday Wes Welker Aaron Hernandez Brandon Lloyd. And Danny wood had four of his top five receivers and despite we saw yesterday Rob Gronkowski is not gonna play this Sunday using. Now while the morning but it's good morning Gordon I don't think we'll see -- out -- certainly the first two games but still. Are what are important yet it is. Her full pad practice. With his teammates -- you know to sort of build an -- -- on all -- change yet. Receiver mean. Obviously the Welker seeing that didn't go as as did -- that you will but I think. And Hernandez he couldn't have you know projected that going down -- Aside those who won't. Received a huge issue in terms of I think they have much more upside but this group there's going to be -- really growing pain and let. It really could just brought back Deion Branch and Brandon Lloyd and -- be happier to. Discussion. And they have more upside but it might just take a little longer to get there. So when you say upside of the three young guys Tompkins. Dobson and boys they have different -- -- Toms can undrafted. Tompkins. -- the speedy guy a real pro from what I've read you guys write a -- already at the start but Dobson -- higher draft pick. Who you most high on NY. But it from the long term perspective which -- dogs in because I think he has the biggest upside 63200. Pound. Is that outside presence they can go well. Get the ball could move deeper could -- -- red zone presence. Not to compare him to -- in the mosque but he has that type of presence on the outside potentially. Public interest income and he is as we look at the present picture of those three guys you mentioned he probably has the furthest ago. I think -- pumpkin. Probably projects that you're number two guy right now receiver. But they always might be your -- for adoption would be down right all of the sites. Yet just the sort of vague and and that's in burst from the way they came in -- bring -- in the second round export support and content undrafted. Like how much of a dog and pony show component was here ten gronkowski. Appearing in in in the full pads and in practice yesterday particularly since I think you noted that it really only lasted a brief time that once the media. Left practice. Essentially sewed it can -- koskie was it just. To send out some kind of positive vibes here about current koskie and and where he may fit in in things in the coming weeks. Gordon maybe 5% that it would need in that -- in one category that take more than more than anything. It's really just part of the progression basically trying to get. Gronkowski that that's full speed this is the next step which is put on your pad. -- your teammates are basically the warm ups and agility. Part of practice. And then when we get to the team drills and working on eleven on eleven. Seven on seven. If you're off on the sides still working to be athletic training that so as reporters I think people know this can only get watched as agility warmup -- part of actors so essentially -- down the -- a quick attendance. We're not there to see which players. We're going you know -- -- athletic training staff to continuing their rehabilitation. So. I don't actually think they say hey -- go Pritchard has once I'm there and in the media so they think you're practicing you know over the finish. More than backward meticulous it was the next step to try to get you ready. You know let's say for weeks three weeks four weeks five -- six cents a progression. So the tight end situation without -- however long it goes bills jets box and you on ESPN boston.com. Speculate that may be back for the box came but -- felled the rookie starting point man. I guess all questions wrapped into one Mike I was little surprise that cut Ballard but I'm not down there may be you weren't and what do you expect of such held as a rookie starting. So -- can't -- -- -- I think it's really any time and that changed between that -- scene and the week six game I think that that. I'm in the -- might end up being too early but in terms of the plate and positions. Until this sort of your new Hernandez. He beat me because on the move tight end you know not. Not the guy you -- -- right next year -- apple. And have been blocked the defensive and didn't feel pretty good about the matchup that's not weird he's actually more of a receiver tight. Playing tight -- so he sort of what Hernandez was but comes in a different package. 6725560. -- civil. You sort of a move guy and then you have. Michael are open -- what -- we. Yeah like. Direct -- -- And I just say -- man to make it easy that it go the more you're you're in line guy right now. But he's going to be obviously a couple notches below what should get some gronkowski and cut block -- the ones shouldn't so. Think the sum up. You know until until he comes fast. We'll probably not gonna see a lot of those. Cute tight end packages that we saw. Couple years ago when it was gronkowski and Hernandez. They were just human somebody dynamics and out of that grouping and what others thought in the back now on the roster of pure OPEC. We're told that it and so then they haven't done that in recent years that's sort of ties into that position. Well I was. Or should I not been surprised at Ballard was cut. Well I can that's all I had to -- a little surprise there he clearly wasn't running as well as he had been before the injury he would never ask. Guys but you know the first three pre season games which is starting the game and playing it. I'm breathing for when Brady came off the field Ballard came off the field which is sort of an indication that they reviewed and -- -- First unit type guy and I think in and there are guys that probably tailed off since the end there. He Mike. Butch and I may have set some talk radio history this morning we've gone three hours and twenty minutes. Plus without having a conversation about ten tee ball. I'm gonna break that. Streak right now in askew. Eight in USA today this weekend that. Steve Clarkson -- quarterback guru who had worked with Tebow I guess in February. He said that it's sitting it's not an option for Tim Tebow he's ultra competitive. I've his recommendation is set that Tebow go to the Canadian Football League now he's cleared waivers is -- correct he is a free agent. In the Montreal outlets still own his rights. We're what do you think is -- likelihood. That that he pursues -- course. Well that's a good question Gordon I don't know I I would say this. If he does that it it would close the door sort of potential. Opportunity to return to new England and I have not. Ruled that out for him I am watching this closely the patriots have kept just two quarterback. On their active roster for the fourth time in the last five years. And it Tom Brady right now go down you have to figure people would be called to the top of the list. Players they would call it and in the event of an emergency and. You think about -- quarterback position which they greedy you know god -- for patriots followers got hurt Sunday in buffalo. You know you've got to bring a guy and to help yeah that could be active in the next game which is in this case of course I'd -- later. I mean you can't just pick a guy that hadn't known her options are and it's a long time. Understatement to learn and master. For the fact that Tebow had two months. In the system and he still makes him an option in the event of an emergency so people about the Canada. Also how does he sort of closes the best chance he has the -- -- to be in the NFL. But it all that being the case and Mike why couldn't the patriots. Have kept roster spot number 53 for Tim Tebow white. -- cut him if there's a possibility that you could use you might need him in some kind of emergency scenario. Probably because they felt Gordon debt by cutting him. That that still have a chance to bring them back they probably felt that there was going to be another team that would pick them up and they did. They were willing to live with that risk and at the end of the day. He was eleven of thirty passing in the season so once came down to a football decision in terms of what he could -- for -- 2013. But the dynamics. Would change in the event of any injuries so right now we're looking at a picture wearable and healthy. You know in the event of an injury every team has an emergency -- and I would think he would be very hot on the. So Mike you wrote about a lot of this so people can go to ESPN boston.com and read your notes column which is always fantastic. But a couple of nuts and bolts questions will Josh voice be returning. Punts indoor kicks and because only on washed him being cut. I think that -- in the big butch and I I think the other got to watch -- it would care at once which is sort of interesting because he's so big right. You don't seem to me 250 parent kickoff -- I think that hatred like what they saw from him in that third peacekeeping game. At Detroit's let's say boy and what would be your top options says kick. And as far as blonde. Do you see I mean. I'm interested in the red zone as I know a lot of people think this is going to be a story line early in the season without wrong with inexperienced guys -- Brady whether dumps it doesn't emerge. I mean again this field gets a lot tighter down there. What happens in the red zone was blocked automatically in part of the package to the eagle two running backs they start doing some different things without -- there. Yeah -- think -- -- -- nonsense would be this like it's more about pure stack up to Ridley I don't think this necessarily take. You can really opposite field which in the red zone. That has an option and one thing we we saw from -- it's time we can't say. It's just because he has the size doesn't necessarily make him a great red zone -- goal right type option actually sort of struggled in that role at times. The Buccaneers I don't think it's a slam dunk that he would necessarily be their goal line back and -- me. Runs hard he's a big back here and I did because blog. I think Q would be more like a rotation guy for them let's say you wanna give -- a breather on the third force period. I think one would be the first -- to get the call. And then a little surprised that the Mascoll -- thing did Allen clearly when the job was this just a money move and are you worried at all that in December when it's cold we knew what -- could do. That a kid like Allen might not be able to kick in this way. Well I don't think Allen clearly won the job but I would really -- competition analysts found creepy when you're talking about punters but I I really enjoyed. Watch out over the course of training camp and Alan. Very impressive I would start I -- he as much as he I would think he won the job more than Masco watched it but not even in the last pre season game. -- we're very cute. Money that after I don't think it that rotten factored that yes it would do to make a 1000003 this year in the last year of his contract so it's not just. The one point three this year -- -- shot you can sign in again next year. Vs Allen and so on her 405000. Dollars a year. The first year that three year deal at least four years -- will be able to control its rights in the -- year so put all that together. And why they went with Allen and and ask your point absolutely -- -- some concern because you're going with a little bit of an unknown here. Or is that guys at the last. Received. Which was pretty solid -- and that directional. Between the situational. Thing that the patriots. Are really good high value on. So and also now go with the holder for -- right about the role that Allen have to take so. Lot of those factors -- this year dimension and something that definitely watch Conan -- Mike one of our techsters opposes. A pretty good question here he wants an -- if you think that Ridley has ball security issues. Well I mean that is the result for the results right I mean he's put the ball on the ground before I would say that I wouldn't. Necessarily. Say that that's. I -- Kevin ball. When he was a rookie year in the -- -- movie. Yet major issues he works through and so I do think it's fair to say Gordon that -- has had issues in that area. And I think that if you put the ball on the ground. Probably has a shorter -- out that he -- -- the court. I think -- guy has strikeout issues until we stop striking out at a you know what I mean -- Bernard Pollard of most of the guys keep -- -- Ridley everybody's gonna have ball control issues ago that's the case they might great stuff. There's always another football -- get ready to kick off to do great job covering the team we always love. Following your stuff. -- Michael thanks for the early morning brother appreciate it. I mean are you guys have a great holiday. Are you -- Mike that's Mike -- of ESPN boston.com quick break we come back quick segment and then we give Dave Dombrowski the GM the Detroit Tigers. Gonna join us on the line.

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